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US  4/7^"^" 

^arbarli  CoOege  Itbrar? 



One  half  the  income  from  thit  Legacy,  which  waa  re- 
ceived  in  1880  ander  the  will  of 

of  Waltham,  Maatachiuetta,  it  to  be  expended  for  books 
for  the  College  Library.    The  other  half  of  the  income 
it  deroted  to  •cholanhips  in  Harrard  UniTereitj  for  Che 
benefit  of  descendants  of 

who  died  at  Watertown,  Massachusetts,  in  1686.  In  the 
absence  of  such  descendants,  other  persons  are  eligible 
to  the  scholarships.  The  will  requires  that  this  announce- 
ment shall  be  made  in  every  book  added  to  the  Library 
under  its  provisions. 

'"^V    v         ^  / 







.  6.,.,  .   H,  a  X>o.w^^    c2  n3  -/^^yJ- 

(£3— ^-^^^>-^j^  >^:<^t^. 

< — -rft — (^ 



January,  1900 

No.  I 


Historical  and  Genealogical  Register 


J.    R.  B.  Hathaway,  Editor  and  Financial  Agent 


u.s  ^xn^^-'^ 



t  ,  -^ 



:'^^    '-  ^ 

J  ^    C  t.  I  /^ 

"  Like  leaves  on  trees,  the  race  of  man  is  found. 
Now  green  in  youth,  now  with'ring  on  the  ground ; 
The  foirwing  spring  another  race  supplies, 
They  rise  successive  and  successive  fall ; 
So  generations  in  their  course  decay, 
So  flourish  these,  when  those  are  passed  away." 

—  Pope's  Translation  Homer^s  Iliad. 






Vol.  I.  January,   1900.  No.  1. 


(Taken  from  the  Secretary  of  State's  office,  Raleigh,  N.  C,  for  Shaftsbury 
Precinct,  Chowan  Precinct,  and  Chowan  County.) 

John  Varnhara.  Book  I,  page  143;  250  acres  land,  on  River 
Albemarle,  near  what  is  now  known  as  Skinner's  Point,  formerly 
Moseley's  Point.  Issued  November  27,  1H79.  By  reference  to  the 
*•  Colonial  Records,"  Vol.  I,  i)age  2')3,  it  will  be  found  that  this 
prant  is  a  reissue  of  one  grantetl  by  William  Berkeley,  Governor  of 
Virginia,  25th  September,  HU)S.  It  calls  for  the  same  boundaries, 
Siime  number  of  acres  of  land,  and  calls  for  the  mile's  end  of  Roger 
Williams'*  land.  While  this  is  the  oldest  gram  that  has  been  found, 
there  were  bevond  question  settlers  on  the  north  side  of  Albemarle 
Sound  prior  to  its  issue,  and  verities  the  statement  of  Bancroft  that 
this  section  was  settled  as  early  as  H\6S. 

Joseph  Gilbert.  Book  I,  page  141r,  March  29,  1680;  176  acres 
land  in  Shaftsbury  Precinct,  on  the  north  side  of  Mattacomack 

William  Lewerton.  Book  I,  page  145;  94  acres  land,  north  side 
Mattacomack  Creek,  in  Shaftsbury  Precinct,  adjoining  the  lands  of 
Thomas  IL.skins;  March  29,  n;80. 

Robert  Windley.  Book  I,  page  146;  280  acres  land  on  southeast 
side  .Mattacomack  Creek,  adjoining  lands  of  Edward  Smithwick 
and  John  Taylor;  March  29,  1680. 

Anthfiny  Slocum.  Book  I,  page  81 ;  600  acres  land  on  north  side 
of  Mattacomack  Creek  and  Mirey  Swamp;  1684. 

Jose|>h  Slocum.  Book  I,  page  81  ;  2  H)  acres  land  on  northwest 
siile  of  Mattacomack  Creek,  at  the  mouth  of  Mirey  Swamp;  16S4. 

John  Slocum.  Book  I,  paije  82;  400  acres  land  on  the  north  side 
of  the  creek  called,  Poplar  Neck;  16S4;  adjoining  Joseph  Slocum. 

William  Wilkinson.  Book  I,  page  82;  412  acres  land  on  Albe- 
marle River;  1654;  (now  known  as  Sandy  Point). 

James  Blount.  Book  I,  page  86 ;  660  acres  land  on  the  north  side 
of  Albemarle  River;  1684;  (now  known  as  Mulberry  llill). 

Roger  Hall.  Book  I,  pajre  98;  450  acres  land,  adjoining  Lewer- 
ton's;  16SI;  (near  Edenton,  N.  C). 

Edward  Smithwick.     Book  I,  page  104 ;  200  acres  land  in  Shafts- 

4  North  Carolina  Historical 

bury  Precinct,  south  side  easternmost  branch  of  Mattacomack 
Creek;  1681;  (now  known  as  Hayes,  just  across  the  creek  from 

John  Cannon.  Book  I,  page  104;  150  acres  land,  joining  land  of 
John  Taylor,  on  the  south  side  of  easternmost  branch  of  Mattaco- 
mack Creek;  1681. 

Edward  Smithwick.  Book  I,  page  105;  350  acres  in  the  precinct 
of  Shaftsbury,  on  the  southeast  branch  of  Mattacomack  Creek; 

John  Taylor.  Book  I,  page  105  ;  100  acres  land  in  Shaftsbury 
Precinct,  on 'south  side  easternmost  branch  of  Mattacomack  Creek, 
adjoining  Robert  Winley's  line;  1681. 

Edward  Smithwick.  Book  I,  page  308,  January  1,  1694;  380 
acres  land  on  Mattacomack  Creek  (now  known  as  "Edenton  Bay), 
joining  upon  his  former  grants. 

John  Jones.  Book  I,  page  1,  March  14,  1693-4;  200  acres  land 
north  side  we^ernmost  branch  of  Mattacomack  Creek, 

Edward  Smithwick.  Book  I,  page  9;  200  acres  land*  south  side 
easternmost  branch  Mattacomack  Creek,  adjoining  lands  of  Cannon ; 
April  1,  1694. 

Jonathan  Jones.  Book  I,  page  9 ;  350  acres  land  on  north  side 
of  Mattacomack  Creek,  joining  upon  land  of  Slocumb. 

Col.  William  Wilkinson.  Book  I,. page  22,  August  12,  1694;  412 
acres  land,  duplicate  of  bis  grant  taken  out  in  1684  (which  see). 

Smithwick  Warburton.  Book  I,  page  23,  August  22,  1694;  300 
acres  land,  lyin^  at  the  head  of  the  westernmost  branch  of  Mattaco- 
mack ('reek,  joining  upon  lines  of  David  Morgan  and  Mr.  Slocumb. 

Thomas  Stacey.  Book  I,  page  24,  1st  September,  1694 ;  100  acres 
on  the  sound,  joining  land  of  Nicholas  Simmons. 

George  Dear.  Book  I,  page  25,  January  1,  1694;  124  acres  on 
the  sound  (Albemarle),  joining  upon  Vines  Cropley  and  Anne  Sijn- 
mons's  lines. 

Vines  Cropsley.  Book  I,  page  25,  January  1,  1694;  400  acres  on 
Albemarle  Sound,  adjoining  Geo.  Fordyce's  land  at  the  little  Cove. 

Argyle  Simons.  Book  I,  page  26,  January  1,  1694 ;  400  acres 
land  on  Yoppim  River. 

John  Foster.  Book  I,  page  24 ;  200  acres  land  on  Yoppim  River, 
joining  upon  Thomas  Stacev's  back  line;  September  15,  1694. 

Leonard  Loftin.  Book  1,  page  25,  16th  September,  1694;  120 
acres  on  Yoppim  River,  running  through  Albemarle  Sound,  joining 
upon  John  Foster's  line. 

Anne  Simons.  Book  I,  page  26,  January  1, 1694;  124  acres,  join- 
ing upon  lines  of  Vines  Cropsley. 

rficholas  Simons.  Book  I,  page  40,  September  6, 1694;  360  acres 
on  Albemarle  Sound. 

George  Fordyce.  Book  I,  page  41,  January  1,  1694;  244  acres 
lying  on  Albeniarle  Sound,  at  the  little  Cove,  adjoining  Nicholas 
Simons's  land. 

Francis  Wells.     Book  I,  page  53 ;  200  acres  of  land  on  Chowan 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  5 

River  or  Sound  (afterwards  sold  to  James  Beasley,  and  lies  at  or 
near  Athol) ;  February  25,  1696. 

George  riercey.     6ook  I,  page  26,  January  1,  1694;  187  acres 
land,  adjoining  Robt.  Winley's  land. 

Wm.  Charlton.     Book  I,  page  54,  February  20,  1696;  240  acres, 
adjoin  in  o^  land  of  Mr.  Porter. 

John  Porter,  Jr.  Book  I,  pa^e  69,  February  17,  1696;  470  acres 
land  on  Albemarle  River  (Sound),  below  Sandy  Point. 

John  Porter,  Jr.  Book  I,  page  69,  February  17,  1696;  298  acres 
on  Albemarle  River  (Sound),  below  Sandy  Point. 

Thomas  Gillara.  Book  I,  page  76.  April  17,  1697;  560  acres  on 
the  river  on  Edenton  Buy,  sold  by  Gillam  to  Edward  Smithwick, 
and  by  Smithwick  to  Jeremiah  Vail  (Collins'  Point). 

Edward  Smithwich.  Book  I,  page  76 ;  270  acres  on  Mattacomack 
Creek  Swamp.  (Appears  to  be  on  the  north  side  of  the  creek); 
April  17,  1697. 

Col.  Thomas  Pollock.  Book  I,  page  68,  April  20, 1697 ;  640  acres 
land  at  the  mouth  of  Old  Town  Creek.  To  same,  I3ook  I,  page  69, 
640  acres  land  at  the  mouth  of  Old  Town  Creek;  April  20,  1697. 

John  Hopkins.  Book  I,  page  69,  February  17,  1696;  300  acres 
on  Yoppim  River. 

James  Fisher.  Book  I,  page  74,  February  1,  1696 ;  225  acres  on 
Yoppim  River. 

George  Dear.  Book  I,  page  72,  27  acres  known  as  Batt's  Grave ; 
February  17,  1696  (mouth  of  Yoppim  River). 

Thomas  Luten.  Book  I,  page  75;  220  acres  on  Mattacomack 
Creek,  nearTanvard  Branch;  April  17,  1697. 

William  Walston.  Book  I,  page  77,  April  17,  1697;  223  acres 
land  on  Mattacomack  Creek  Swam^p  (near  Green  Hall). 

Cotton  Robinson  .  Book  I,  page  77,  April  17,  1697;  300  acres 
on  the  Pocosin  of  Mattacomack  Creek. 

Cotton  Robinson.  Book  I,  page  78,  May  15,  1697;  500  acres  on 
Old  Town  Creek. 

^  John  King.     Book  I,  page  79,  May  15,  1697;  324  acres  land  on 
Bennett's  Creek  Swamp. 

-  John  King.     Book  I,  page  79,  May  15,  1697;  150  acres  on  Mid- 
<ile  Swamp  (now  Gates  (-ounty). 

Thomas  Garrett.  Book  I,  page  79,  May  15,  1697;  500  acres  on 
Catharine  Creek  (the  present  boundary  between  the  counties  of 
Gates  and  Chowan). 

James  Blount.  Book  J^  page  80, 15th  May,  1697;  200  acres  on  the 
Pocosin  of  Mattacomack  Creek. 

James  Ilibbens,  and  Ellinor,  his  wife.  Book  I,  page  83,  June 
10,  1694;  284  acres  on  Yoppim  River. 

Henderson  Walker.  Book  I,  page  83,  April  15,  1697;  428  acres 
on  Chowan  River  or  sound  (Moseley's  Point  on  Albemarl^  Sound). 
Lewis  Williams.  Book  L  page  81;  640  acres  land  on  Chowan 
River;  Mav  15,  1697.  (This  tract  was  conveyed  by  Wm.  Williams, 
of  Isle  of  Wight  County,  Virginia,  to  Peter  Parker,  of  Nansemond 
County,  Virginia,  October  26,'  1706.) 

6  NoKTH  Carolina  Historical 

John  Blount.  Book  I,  page  84;  640  acres  land  on  Albemarle 
Sound.  Reissue  of  a  grant  taken  out  in  16S4 — date  of  this  grant 
Fehrurarv  25,  1696. 

Ilentlefson  Walker.  Book  I,  page  87,  February  25,  1696;  250 
acres,  adjoining  land  formerly  John  Varnham's,  and  land  formerly 
Dorothy  Ming's. 

William  Wilkinson.  Book  I,  page  97,  February  25,  1696;  580 
acres  land  on  Yoppim  River. 

Thomas  Clark.  Book  I,  jiage  98,  July  10,  1701;  627  acres  south 
side  Yoppim  River.  (This  river  is  the  present  boundary  between 
the  c(»uniies  of  Chowan  and  Perquimans.) 

Thomas  ('lark.  Book  I,  page  111,  July  10,  1701;  640  acres  on 
south  side  Yappim  River,  joming  upon  Argyle  Simons'  land. 

Thomas  Clark.  Book  1,  page  HI,  July  lo,  1701;  270  acres  on 
the  south  side  Yoppim  River,  joining  upon  land  of  Wm.  Charlton. 

Thomas  Clark.  Book  I,  page  111,  July  10th,  1701;  5o3  acres  on 
south  side  Yoppim  River. 

William  Walters.  Book  I,  page  112,  July  10,  1701;  140  acres 
(boundaries  indefinite,  probably  located  in  territory  of  at  present 
Girtcs  County). 

Benjamin  Blanchard.  Book  I,  page  113,  October  16,  1701;  455 
acres  oM  Beaver  Dam  Swamp  (at  or  near  Gates  County  line  on 
Warwick  Swamp). 

Thomas  Maiks.  Book  T,  page  114,  February  2,  l702-'3;  550 acres 
acres  east  side  Rockyiiocrk  Creek. 

Jam*»s  Farlo.     T.ook   L  page ,  January  9,  1702-'3;  216  acres 

west  side  ()l<l  Town  Creek. 

Wm.  Woodley.  no«»k  1,  paire  119;  131  acres  on  the  north"side  of 
norse[)ool  Swanip,  May  16,  1703.  '^^  ^^^-  -        ^"w^-T*^ 

George  Sutton.  Book  1  patre  120.  May  16,  1703;  130  acres  on 
Racoack  Creek,  joining  upon  Richard  Lewis'  line  and  that  of  John 

Thomas  Luten.  Book  I,  page  121,  May  13,  1703;  126  acres  on 
west  side  of  \e  main  swamp  of  Mattacomack  Creek. 

Dennis  McLenden.  Book  I,  pas!:e  100,  2Sth  Februar\%  1704-'5; 
226  acres  north  side  Albemarle  River,  joining  the  lines  of  Mark 
Ashburv  and  Edward  Williams. 

Thomas  Martin.  Book  I,  page  108,  February  2S,  1704-'5;  300 
acres  west  side  Chowan  River  (now  Bertie  or  Hertford  ("ounty). 

Thomas  Ilorton.  Book  I,  page  121,  March  30,  1701;  52  acres 
Drummond's  Point,  at  the  mouth  of  Yoppim  River  where  it  enters 
Albemarle  Sound. 

Thomas  Ilorton.  Book  I,  page  122.  March  30,  1704 ;  196  acres 
on  Beaver  Cove  Swamp,  joining  the  lands  of  Samuel  and  Thomas 

Thomas  Snoden.  Book  I,  page  122,  8th  November,  1704;  200 
acres  on  southside  Yoppim  River,  joining  land  of  Wm.  Beihetts. 

Wm.  DiickinHeld.  l^^ok  f,  page  131,  25th  March,  1705-6;  585 
acres  in  Rocky  hock  Neck,  on  Rocky  hock  Creek. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  7 

Thomas  Pollock.  Book  I,  page  153,  January  28,  1705-'6 ;  640 
acres  land  on  Old  Town  Oeek. 

James  Farlow.  Book  I,  page  171,  February  26,  1711--'12;  280 
acres,  joining  upon  bis  own  land  on  ye  Beaver  Dam. 

John  Yelverton.  Book  I,  page  192,  March  4,  1711-12;  400  acres 
on  TindaTs  Swamp,  on  Mattacomack  Creek  Swamp  and  Pocosin  of 
Chowan  River. 

John  Jackson.  Book  I,  pa2:e  172,  March  4,  1711-12;  490  acres 
on  Indian  Town  Creek  and  Mossv  Swamp. 

William  Walston.  Book  I,  page  173,  March  4,  17n-M2;  530 
acres  on  3'e  east  side  Mattacomack  Creek,  in  Chowan  Precinct,  at 
the  mouth  of  the  Tanyard  Branch  in  Greenhall. 

John  Turner.  Book  I,  page  176,  March  5,  1711-12;  400  acres  on 
Mattacomack  Creek  Swamp,  south  side  Tindal  Swamp,  joining 
upon  lines  of  Samuel  Patcheit. 

Thomas  Gilbert.  Book  I,  page  176,  March  5, 1711-12;  540 acres 
in  Rock V  hock  Neck. 

Daniel  Ilalsey.  Book  I,  page  176,  March  8,  1711-'12;  630  acres 
on  Rock^'hock  Branch,  and  Spring  Branch,  and  Tottering  Bridge 

John  Patchett.  Book  T,  page  177,  March  8,  1711-12;  180  acres 
on  liockyhock  Creek  and  Tindal  Branch. 

Nathaniel  Chevin.  Book  I,  page  170,  May  22.  17<»7;  100  acres 
land,  joining  the  lands  of  John  Goreham  and  Th<»nias  Petersr»n. 
(This  tract  was  formerly  granted  to  John  Porter,  but  lapsed  fur 
want  of  seating.  So  held  by  a  jury  at  an  inquisition  held  at  the 
house  of  Thomas  Gilliams,  May  22,  1707,  Wm.  Dnckintield  acting 
as  Deputy  Escheator.  A  part  of  the  town  of  E<lenton  is  built 
upon  thistractof  land.  The  court  house  and  other  public  l)uil<lings 
connected  therewith,  stand  upon  it.  The  first  lots  sohl  at  Queen 
Anne's  Town  were  cnuvt'ycd  by  Nathaniel  Chevin,  and  Edwaid 
Woseley  became  tlie  purchaser  of  lot  No.  1.) 

Thomas  Jones.  Book  I.  page  180,  March  5,  1711-12;  423  acres 
in  Bear  Swamp,  adjoining  land  of  widow  Lewerton. 

Richard  Lewis.  Book  I,  page  181,  March  5,  1711-12,  416  acres 
on  Barrow  Hole. 

Eichard  Lewis.  Book  I,  page  181,  March  5,  1711-12  ;  272  acres 
on  Cowhall  Swamp,  adjoining  land  of  Ilenry  Lisle  anil  Nicholas 

Thomas  Jones.  Book  I,  page  184,  April  17,  1712;  330  acres  on 
Chow^an  Kiver  and  Tindal  Swamp. 

James  Farlow.  Book  I,  page  184,  April  18,  1712;  638  acres  on 
old  Indian  Town  Creek. 

James  Farlow.  Book  I,  page  184,  April  18,  1712 ;  237  acres  on 
ye  Indian  Town  Creek. 

James  Farlow.  Book  I,  page  184,  April  18,  1712;  196  acres  on 
Deep  Run,  and  ye  main  branch  of  Rocahoc  Creek. 

Charles  Barber.  Book  I,  page  185,  April  19,  1712;  160  acres  on 
Horse  Spring  Branch,  joining  Thomas  Jones'  line. 

8  North  Carolina  Historical 

William  Charlton.  Book  I,  page  207,  April  1,  1713 ;  600  acres 
known  as  the  Dogwood  lands,  joining  upon  lands  of  Charles  Wilkins 
and  Edward  Standin. 

Thomas  Hoskins.     Book  I,  page  208,  October  9,  1712;  769  acres, 

1'oining  to  Mattacomack  Creek,  and  lines  of  Capt.  Nicholas  Crisp  and 
Sdward  Standing. 

Patrick  Lawler.  Book  I,  page  209,  October  10,  1712;  300  acres 
on  S.  E.  side  Bennett's  Creek. 

Joseph  Gilbert.  Book  I,  page  211,  October  9,  1712;  150  acres  at 
ye  head  of  Thomas  Hoskins'  land. 

Robert  Hicks.  Book  I,  page  216,  February  4,  1713-'14;  80  acres 
north  side  Rockyhock  Creek. 

John  Jones.  Book  I,  page  233,  August  27,  1714;  190  acres  in 
ye  Woodyards  and  Timber  Branch  pocosin. 

Thomas  Stacey.  Book  I,  page  237,  August  27,  1714;  52  acres  on 
northeast  side  Chowan  River,  adjoining  upon  lands  of  Argyle 
Simons  and  John  Volney. 

William  Privett.  Book  I,  page  238,  August  30,  1714;  250  acres 
near  Albemarle  Sound,  joinmg  upon  Vines  Cropsley  and  John 
Volwav's  lands. 

William  Fallaugh.  Book  I,  page  238,  August  30, 1714;  440  acres 
northeast  side  Racoack  Creek  (Rockyhock  Creek). 

Henry  Lisles.  Book  I,  page  239,  August  30,  1714;  600  acres  on 
east  side  Racoack  Creek,  joining  upon  lines  of  Major  Luten  and 
Matthew  Bryan. 

John  .White.  Book  I,  page  239,  August  30,  1714;  200  acres  in 
Bear  Swamp  and  on  Sandy  Run. 

Martin  Charles.  Book  1,  page  240,  August  30,  1714;  166  acres 
west  side  Racoack  Creek. 

Thomas  Muns.  Book  I,  page  240,  August  30,  1714;  100  acres 
southwest  side  Racoack  Creek,  joining  upon  lines  of  John  Robinson 
and  Martin  Charles. 

John  Parker.  Book  I,  page  240,  August  30, 1714 ;  376  acres,  join- 
ing upon  lands  of  Thomas  Parker,  John  Jordan  and  W.  Copeland. 

Thomas  Parker,  lapsed  to  Peter  Parker.  Book  I,  page  241,  August 
30,  1714;  387  acres,  joining  upon  lands  of  Thomas  and  Peter  Parker. 

John  Robinson.  Book  I,  page  241,  August  30,  1714;  220  acres 
on  south  side  Rockyhock  Creek. 

John  Robinson.  Book  I,  page  241,  Auscust  30,  1714;  630  acres, 
joining  upon  lines  of  Daniel  Halsey,  Richard  Skinner,  Wm.  Wood- 
ley  and  Henry  Lyles. 

Henry  Warren.  Book  I,  page  250,  March  7,  1705-6  ;  361  acres 
in  the  fork  of  Old  Town  Creek. 

William  Lewis.  Book  I,  page  242,  June  10, 1706 ;  390  acres,  join- 
ing lands  of  Henry  Warren  and  M.  Lain. 

Thomas  Garrett.  Book  I,  page  112,  September  14,1701;  411 
acres  betwixt  Catharine  Creek  and  Stoping  Creek. 

Thomas  Garrett,  Jr.,  Book  — ,  page  — ;  510  acres  land  north  side 
Warwick  Swamp,  March  1,  1718. 

AND  Genealogical  Register  9 

Andrew  Barron.  Book  I,  page  236,  August  27,  1714;  266  acres 
on  Poplar  Run. 

Richard  Berry  man.  Book  I,  page  279,  August  6, 1719 ;  200  acres 
on  Bennett's  Creek  swamp. 

Francis  Branch.  Book  I,  page  281,  August  6,  1719 ;  124  acres  at 
the  head  of  Mattacoraac  Creek. 

Francis  Branch.  Book  I,  page  2S1,  August  6,  1719;  230  acres 
northwest  side  Mattacoraack  Creek. 

Thomas  Williams.  Book  I,  page  3,  August  30,  1714 ;  415  acres, 
joining  upon  lands  of  Matthew  Bryan  and  Nicholas  Blackman 

Timothy  Taylor.  Book  for  1713  to  1716,  page4,  August  30, 1714; 
620  acres  on  Warwick  Swamp. 

Richard  Williamson.  Book  1713  to  1716,  August  30,  1714;  175 
acres  on  Little  Town  path. 

John  Blount.  Book  8,  page  261,  2Jth  October,  1714;  627 
acres  lying  back  of  the  land  where  he  now  lives  (back  of  James 
Blount,  his  fathers  patent,  on  Albemarle  Sound,  known  as  Mul- 
berry Ilill). 

Isaac  Lewis.  Book  ITI,  page  29,  March  9,  1717;  520  acres,  join- 
ing on  lines  of  Richard  Williamson,  widow  Smith,  Jacob  Lewis,  Wm. 
Keels,  Thomas  Wiggins,  Stephen  Williams. 

George  Walston.  Book  III,  page  33,  March  9,  1717;  284  acres 
on  Deep  Run,  joining  upon  lands  of  Wm.  Newland,  Phillip  Walston 
and  Bear  Swamp. 

Daniel  McDaniel.  Book  III,  page  40;  410  apres  on  Beaver  Dam 
Swamp  and  the  sprino:  branch. 

Lawrence  McGue.  Book  III,  page  2 ;  100  acres  on  Racoack  Creek ; 
April  5,  1720. 

Edward  Pagett.  Book  III,  page  8,  April  5,  1720;  —  acres  in 
Bear  Swamp,  joining  upon  lines  of  Samuel  Pagett. 

John  Arthur.  Book  III,  page  8,  April  5,  1720;  630  acres  at 
the  head  of  spring  branch  and  on  Tottering  Bridge  Swamp. 

Thomas  Bray.  Book  III,  page  9,  March  9,  1717-8;  640  acres, 
.  joining  upon  lines  of  John  Watson,  Ralph  Bosman,  Robt.  Hicks, 
James  Farlow,  Chas.  Jordan  and  Isaac  Willson. 

William  Haughton.  Book  III,  page  10,  August  10,  1720;  400 
acres  on  the  creek  fork  at  Yoppim  River. 

Thomas  Pollock.  Book  III,  page  11,  August  12,  1720;  580 
acres  on  Chowan  Sound  (Albemarle),  beginning  east  side  Sandy 
Point  (this  grant  inclmles  a  former  grant  to  Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson). 

Ira  Smith.  Book  III,  page  48,  December  0,  1720;  92  acres  on 
Yoppim  River,  joining  upon  lands  of  Edward  Ilarington  and  Fran- 
cis Pettit. 

John  Heron.  Book  III,  page  49,  December  6,  1720;  380  acres, 
south  side  Bear  Swamp. 

John  Lewis.  Book  III,  page  50,  December  6,  1720;  130  acres, 
north  side  Mattacomack  Creek,  joining  upon  lands  of  Richard 
Lewis  and  John  Jones. 

John  Falconer.  Book  III,  page  50,  December  6, 1720;  200  acres 
on  north  side  Yoppim  River. 

10  North  Carolina  Historical 

Orlando  Champion.  Book  IIT,  page  52,  December  6,  1720;  424 
acres  in  Green  Hall  Swamp.  (Orlando  Champion  came  into  Chowan 
Precinct  from  Isle  of  Wight  County,  Virginia;  sold  224  acres  of 
this  patent  to  Wm.  Thompson,  and  200  acres  to  Wm.  Lewis.) 

William  Ilaughton.  Book  III,  page  53,  December  6,  1720;  90 
acres,  joining  upon  the  land  of  John  Porter. 

Robert  Lassiter.  Book  III,  page  61,  December  6,  1720;  610  acres, 
south  side  Bennett's  Creek,  and  on  Watry  Swamp. 

John  Jones.  Book  III,  page  54,  December  6,  1720;  210  acres, 
joining  upon  lands  of  Wm.  Fallow. 

John  Charlton.  Book  III,  page  58,  March  30, 1721;  500  acres  on 
Yawpim  Pocosin,  joining  upon  lines  of  Wm.  Charlton  and  Edward 

Samuel  Patchett.  Book  III,  page  58,  March  30, 1721 ;  200  acres, 
adjoining  lands  of  John  Blount,  John  Harlowe  and  Wm.  Charl- 
ton, Sr. 

John  Lassiter.  Book  III,  page  61,  March  30,  1721;  530  acres, 
south  side  Bennett's  Creek,  joining  lines  of  Mary  liountree  and  the 
Indian  lands. 

Thomas  Luten.  Book  III,  page  363,  March  30,  1721;  100  acres 
land  in  Green  Ilall,  adjoining  lands  of  Capt.  Henry  Bonner  and 
Edward  Champion. 

William  Farlaw.  Book  III,  page  63,  March  30,  1721;  322  acres 
at  the  mouth  of  Cypress  Branch,  issuing  out  of  westernmost  side 
.of  Mnttacomack  ('reek,  joinincf  upon  lines  of  John  Jones,  Wm. 
AVoodlev.  David  Ambrose  and  John  Harris. 

JnhiVBI(»unt.  Bot.k  III,  pnge  64,  Manh  30, 1721 ;  GlOHcr^s,  j  .in- 
in^  upon  lands  of  ThoujHS  Luten,  Wm.  Hau^hton  and  Siiuuel 
P.  ^et'  (lits  near  Albemarle  Sound,  back  of  Mulberry  Hill  and 
SmikIv  Point). 

J  .fin  Blount.  B  ok  ITT,  p^ge  64,  March  30. 1721  ;  0:^1  acre«,  j  in- 
ing  upon  lines  of  Rchard  Lewi-^,  Nicholas  Blackman,  Wm.  F41I  ows 
and  Matthew  B«yant. 

Wm.  Charlton,  Jr.  Book  III,  page  65,  March  30  1721;  00  acres 
adj<)ihing  lan<is  of  Colonel  E  iwani  M  »seley,  John  II  uloe  and  John 
Binunt  (^old  to  Wm.  Benbary  and  Thos.  Luten,  Bjok  C,  Chowaa 
Rtcords,  pag:e  J^i7). 

L  zirus  Thorn  IS.  B^ok  III,  page  75,  March  30,  1721 ;  640  acres 
on  south  side  (►f  the  swamp,  running  to  the  Horse  Swanu*. 

John  Bl(»unt.  Book  III,  page  76,  March  30,  1721  ;  5(')0  Pcres  on 
Con* ball  Swamp  (rhis  grant  was  renewed  by  M  s.  El  zibetli  Blount, 
widow  of  John  Blount,  April  17,  172S;  for  the  identical  lines  t^peei- 
fied  in  this  grant,  f^ee  Book  III,  jwgH  2*»9) 

John  Alston.  Bo^k  III,  page  81,  1711;  270  acres  land  northwest 
side  Bnnnett's  Crfek. 

William  Daniel.  Book  III,  page  82,  1721;  450  acres  northwest 
side  Bennett's  Creek. 

John  Alston.  Book  III,  page  82, 1721;  265  acres  northwest  side 
Bennett'b  Creek. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  11 

Edward  Standing.  Bo  kill,  page  85,  1722;  200  acres  on  Chin- 
qu;<|'in  Ri<lge,  on  tl»e  norihfa>t  sifle  of  the  ri  ^e. 

Jam*  s  Fcirlow.  Book  III,  page  8*.*,  1732;  280  acres  on  ye  B  aver 
Diim  Swamp. 

Miles  Halse}'.  Book  III,  page  93,  1722;  G40  acres,  joining  npon 
Jam*  s  Farlow's  lines. 

Ralph  BMIard  B  »ok  III,  page  98;  528  acres  'tuixt  Chowan 
River  and  H  li^i  Poco-in,  on  eMsi  si'le  (»f  the  river;   April  r>,  172 J. 

Wiiliiun  Hunter.  B  »f>k  III  page  98.  April  G,  1722;  3)5  nire^on 
Cahiii  Branch.  \u  IlelTs  P»  c<»sin,  joining  npm  laiid.**  ol  Jo.  a  lian 
Ri>berls.  John  Porier,  John  Wnibum  nn«l  Jnines  Spe:.!s. 

Heiider^'on  Lnten.  Bock  III,  pnge  99,  April  6,  1722;  2t'0  aero 
in  Burnt  Poco.-in,  on  I^^r>^(h^e  Swamp.  j<'ining  up(»n  lami  ol  Tlus. 
Hopkins  (now  owned  hy  Wa'son  White,  Emj.). 

Patrick  Lawyer.  Book  111.  p;«ge  29,  April  G,  1722;  170  acres  on 
norflieast  side  Bennett's  Cie*  k 

E:>hraim  Blinchard.  Bo«»k  III,  page  100,  April  6,  1722;  232 
acr  .s  land  in  Meherrin  Ne(  k  (Gntts  C<  unty). 

Thomas  Ilnr  vey.  Book  III,  {age  1 15,  OciOber  18,  1722  ;  G40  acres 
in  Ro  kyliock  Neck. 

Thomas  Harvey.  Book  III,  page  115,  October  18,  1722;  434 
acres  on  side  Ghownn  River,  at  the  ll^rse  Landing,  adjoining  hinls 
of  Caleb  Srevens,  Djvid  Ambrose,  Elward  Paichett  and  Saiuuel 

James  Bt^apley.  Book  III,  page  116,  Octobpr  18,  1722;  378  acres, 
adj  lining  land.s  of  Thomas  Ciark,  at  or  near  Yoppim  River. 

Thomas  Pierce.  Book  III,  page  117,  April  9,  1722;  3G4  acres,  ad- 
joining lands  of  Edward  Porier. 

John  Alston.  Book  III.  page  127,  Mareh  2G,  1723;  202  acres  on 
Benn«  tt's  Creek,  adj  jiuM'g  lands  ol  C\»l   Th  ii»n    II-'ve\. 

John  Alston.  Book  III.  page  127;  200  acie>  i  .lu-  In  ad  of  Ben- 
neti'.s  Creek ;  March  26   1723 

William  Elgerton.  Book  IIF,  pnge  148,  April  1,  1723;  300  acres 
at  the  head  of  the  creek  foik  on  Yoppim  River. 

Adam  Ooikburn.  Book  III,  page  h'O,  April  1,  1723;  GlO  ncres 
on  Miry  Branch,  joining  upon  lines  of  D.ivid  Amhro-e,  Win  Wi»od- 
ward,  Geo.  Wyatt,  Col.  Edward  Moseley,  Thomas  Muns  and  Daniel 

Edward  Moseley.  Book  III,  page  155,  November  15, 1727;  640 
acres  on  Indian  Town  Creek. 

John  Lassiter.  BtK»k  III,  page  157,  April  1,  1723;  80  acres  in 
Benr  Swamp  at  the  head  of  Bennett'^  Cretk. 

Wm.  Yntes,  lapsed  to  Henry  Bonner.  Book  III,  page  158,  29th 
January,  l730;  113  acres  at  the  head  of  Mattacomack  Creek  swamp, 
adjoining  lands  of  H  nry  Bonner  and  John  Jones. 

Thomas  Pierce.  B  'ok  III,  page  208,  1727;  119  acres  on  Yawpin 
River  and  Albemarle  Sound. 

William  Steward.  Book  III,  page  229,  October  7, 1727;  144  acres, 
adjoioing  laods  of  Thomas  Stacey. 

12  North  Carolina  Historical 

Henry  Bonner.  Book  IH,  page  260,  December  1, 1730;  320  acres 
on  Deep  Run  and  ye  Tanyard  branch. 

Joseph  Champion.  Book  III,  page  263,  January  1, 1730;  160  acres 
northeast  side  Qaeen  Anne's  Creek,  in  Green  Hall,  adjoining  land  of 
Wm.  Sadler,  near  Well's  pond  side. 

Henry  Bonner.  B)ok  HI,  page  268,  October  28, 1730;  403  acres 
in  Green  Hall,  on  Deep  Run,  adjoining  lands  of  Francis  Branch 
and  the  Bridge  Swamp. 

Samuel  Pagett.  Book  HI,  page  269,  October  22, 1728 ;  1050  acres 
at  the  mouth  of  Tiudall  Swamp. 

Simuel  Pagett.  Book  HI,  page  270,  October  22,  1728;  400  acres 
on  Old  Town  Creek. 

Robert  Hicks  and  Wm.  Badham.  Book  HI,  page  270,  October 
31,  1727;  605  acres  on  the  Long  Branch  and  Indian  Creek  Swamp. 

Edmund  Gale.  Bor)k  III,  page  274,  October  2S,  172S;  1300  acres 
on  west  branch  of  Mattacomack  Creek  (now  known  as  Pembrooke). 

Thomas  Holladay.  Book  III,  page  274;  250  acres  lying  in  an 
island  in  Chowan  River,  nigh  the  old  Indian  Town,  at  the  east  end 
of  the  said  island;  July  17,  1730. 

Andrew  Barron.  Book  III,  page  6,  April  5,  1720;  266  acres  on 
Poplar  Run. 

Orlando  Champion.  Book  III,  page  380,  March  9, 1736;  120  acres 
northwest  side  Mattacomack  Creek,  adjoining  upon  his  own  land 
and  that  of  the  late  Thomas  Matthews. 

Francis  Pugh.  Book  III,  page  380,  September  13, 17S7;  200  acres, 
east  side  Chowan  River,  where  the  Ferrv  is  kept;  (Gates  County). 

John  Hodgson.  Book  III,  page  409,  February  21, 1738 ;  312  acres 
below  Emperor  Island,  on  Emperor  Pocosin,on  Chowan  River,  join- 
ing upon  lands  of  George  Capehart. 

Henry  Bonner.  Book  III,  page  420,  November  22, 1738;  400  acres 
on  the  upper  end  of  Cow  Island,  on  the  east  side  Bennett's  Creek. 

William  Lewis.  Book  III,  page  168,  August  14,  1723;  100  acres, 
adj  )ining  lanrii^  of  Capt.  John  Alston. 

Richard  Skinner.  Bjok  III,  page  235,  November  27,  1727;  356 
acres  in  Bear  Swamp. 

Christopher  Gale.  Book  8,  page  237,  December  1,  1728;  185 
acres,  adjoininaj  the  eastern  line  of  the  town  of  Edenton  (now  known 
as  the  Rope  Walk,  where  the  cotton  factory  is  located) 

William  Jones.  Book  III,  page  235,  1727;  640  acres  in  Bear 
Swamp,  adjoining  land  of  Richard  Skinner,  James  Thigpen  and 
Samuel  Patchett. 

John  Jordan.  Biok  I,  page  261,  Mirch  9,  1717;  640  acres  on 
Mos3y  Swamp,  joining  upon  lines  of  Elward  Moseley  and  Moses 
Fox  worth. 

John  Evans.  Book  I,  page  264,  December  29,  1718;  400  acres, 
joining  lands  John  Jordan,  Jr.,  and  Samuel  Pagett. 

Richard  Skinner.  B  >nk  I,  page  261,  December  29,  1718;  400 
acres,  called  the  Punch  Bowl,  near  Bear  Swamp  (now  Centre  Hill  in 
Chowan  County). 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  13 

Rich«rd  Skinner.  Book  I,  page  265,  December  29,  1718;  400 
aer€>:«,  adjoining  lands  of  \\m  Woodley,  on  Bear  Swamp. 

Henry  Bonner.  Book  I,  page  266,  February  10,  1718  ;  350  acres 
east  side  Mattacomack  Creek,  joining  upon  lines  of  John  Jones,  and 
on  Poplar  Branch. 

David  Ambrose.  Book  I,  page  275,  April  3,  1719;  140  acres  on 
Rocky  hock  Creek. 

Joset  h  Btnnett.  Book  I,  page  275,  April  3,  1719;  150  acres  on 
Rockyliock  Creek. 

Samuel  Patchet.  Book  I,  page  276,  April  2,  1710;  200  acres  at 
MattacomBck  Creek,  on  the  head  of  John  J(»nes'  line. 

Ge:>rge  Bromley.  Book  I,  page  276,  April  3,  1719;^1^0  acres  on 
Timber  Branch  Pocosin,  near  Rockyhock  Creek. 

Robert  Stacey.  Book  I.  page  280,  August  6,  1719;  120  acres 
head  of  Matlacomack  Creek,  on  a  branch  that  runs  into  Edward 
Standing's  swamp. 

Peter  Jones.  Book  I,  page  280,  August  6,  1719;  170^acres  on 
Yeopim  Creek,  the  head  of  the  Spring  Branch. 

Wm.  Charlton,  Jr.  Book  I,  page  282,  August  3,  1719;  430  acres 
near  the  head  of  Mattacomack  Creek,  joining  on  lands  of  Charles 
Wilkins,  Edward  Moseley,  and  John  Blount.  (This  tract  was  sold  to 

John  Lovick.  Book  I,  page  283,  November  11,  1719;  378  acres 
joining  upon  land  of  Thomas  Clark,  near  Yoppim  River. 

John  Pagett  Book  I,  page  290,  November  11,  1719;  113  acres 
bead  of  Mattacomack  Creek,  joining  upon  lands  of  Henry  Bonner 
and  John  Jones. 

Edward  Moseley.  Book  I,  page  294,  November  11,  1719;  1,285 
acres  between  the  lands  of  said  Moseley,  John  Taylor,  John  Blount, 
Jeremiah  Vail,  and  others. 

Edward  Moseley.  Book  I,  page  295,  1719;  400  acres  on  north 
side  of  Chowan  River,  joining  upon  lands  of  Thomas  Gilbert. 

Charles  Jordan.  Book  I,  page  297,  March  19,  1719;  640  acres 
adjoining  lands  of  Samuel  Pagett,  Thomas  Hicks,  John  Jordan,  and 
James  Farlow. 

John  Porter.  Book  I,  page  307,  April  4,  1720;  300  acres  on  ye 
Creek  Fork,  in  Yoppim  River. 

Richard  Moore  Book  8,  page  236,  March  27,  1713;  130  acres 
northeast  sicle  Chowan  River. 

Matthew  Bryan.  Book  8,  page  225,  April  2,  1714;  360  acres 
east  side  Rock v hock  Creek. 

George  Morby.  Bjok  8,  page  225,  April  15,1714;  south  side 
Bear  Swamp. 

L<»wrence  Sarson,  lapsed  to  Thomas  Pollock.  Book  8,  page 
225,  April  9, 1714 ;  408  acres  on  south  side  Bear  Swamp. 

George  Smith.  Book  8,  page  227,  April,  1714;  312  acres  on 
Peter  Blade's  Branch,  called  Gilly  Cranky. 

14  North  Carolina  Historical 

Thoraas  Johnson.  Book  VIII,  page  227,  April,  1714;  157  acres 
on   Poly  Riilge. 

FiHneis  Thornton.  BmJc  VIII,  pa^e  2:53,  September  9,  1714; 
640  acrts  head  of  Bear  Swamp,  and  on  San<ly  Run. 

James  Waid.  B  ok  Vlll,  page  240;  108  acres  on  southwest  side 
Y«»pi»im  Kiver. 

John  Norcombe.  Book  VIII,  page  253;  450  acres  on  southwest 
side  Yoppim  Crt^ek. 

C  .nrad  Eichhorn.  B(M.k  VIII,  page  255,  7th  October,  17J4;  245 
acren  east  siiie  Cnowan  Rvtr,  joniinji;  upon  landot  L^wis  Williams. 

Jtihn.  Jon^s,  la[»sed  to  Thomas  Wdlianjs.  B  »•  k  VlH,  pa^e  25H ; 
24S  acres,  j  ining  up(»n  his  laud  and  tliat  of  Sam  Paine,  July  27, 

Robert  Ilieks.  B  )ok  VIII,  page  262,  November  19,  1715;  237 
acres  on  Indian  Town  C'n  <  k. 

Rot)ert  Hi.  ks.  Book  VIII,  page  2G2,  November  19,  1715;  196 
acres  on  D  ep  Run  and  a  branch  of  l\« ckyh'  ck  Cre«  k. 

Robert  Ilicks.  Book  Vlll,  page  2*3,  November  19,  1715;  490 
acres  on  Indian  Town  Cn  *  k 

Samuel  P.iiciitrtt.  Bo^k  VIII,  page  2t>3,  October  19,  1715;  500 
acres  in  the  fork  of  0  d  T<>w»»  Creek. 

Samuel  Patchett.  Book  VIII.  page  274,  October  19,  1715;  300 
acres  on  the  Pocosin  of  M^it  leomack  Cre»  k. 

Samuel  Patchett.  B  (►k  Vill,  page  204,  October  19,  1715;  200 
acres  j  dning  above  grant. 

Jeremiah  Symons.  Book  VIII,  pHge  2»»4,  August  16,  1716;  563 
acres,  part  whereof  is  the  land  whernon  Jt*remial»  Symons,  Sr.,  lately 
lived,  begins  at  a  stump  bv  t'^e  cretk. 

Thomns  Williams.  Book  VIII,  page  265,  August  16,  1716;  3.S7 
acres  on  Deep  Branch. 

Thomas  Woodley.  Book  VIII,  page  265,  August  16,  1716;  68 
acres  on  line  Perquimans  and  Ctiowan. 

Henry  Clayton.  B  .ok  VIII,  page  266,  August  16,  1716;  178 
acres,  joining  Uf»on  land  of  Thorn  is  Clark,  near  Yoppim  River. 

James  Thigpen.  B.>ok  VIII,  pa^e  2()7,  August  16,  17  6;  640 
aor^^s,  adjoining  lands  of  Nathan  Newby,  Richard  Skinner,  and  Thos. 

Hobert  Wilson.  Book  VIII,  page  267,  August  16,  1716;  546 
acres  on  the  Indian  Town  Creek. 

George  Haughting.  Book  VIII.  page  269,  August  16,  1716  ;  364 
acr^s,  adj  dning  lands  of  Edmund  Poiter. 

Wm.  Haughting.  Bo>»k  VIII,  paije  270.  August  16,  1716;  160 
acres,  joining  upon  lines  of  Louis  Williams,  Col.  Pollock,  and  Wm. 

Thos.  Lewton,  Jr.  Book  VIII,  pBg*-  270,  August  16,  1716;  388 
acres,  joining  upon  lines  of  Robert  West,  John  Blount  and  Wm. 

Daniel  Atkins.     Book   VIII,    page  271,  August  16,   1716;   340 


AND  Genealogical  Registeb.  15 

acres  adjoining  lines  of  Jno.  Jones,  Devil's  Woodyard,  and  Richard 

John  P.ttiver.  Book  VIII,  page  271,  August  16,  1716;  640 acres 
at  the  head  of  Indian  Town  Creek. 

Thomas  Bray.  Book  VIII,  page  272,  August  16,  1716;  610  acres 
in  Rnekyhock  neck. 

WilhMin  Walslon.  Book  VIII,  page  273;  640  acres  on  Bear 
SwHOip  Creek. 

Joiio  Petiiver.  B  xik  VIII,  page  282,  February  18,  1711-'15 ;  263 
acies  on  Rnckyhock  Creek. 

John  Williams.  B(H»k  VIII,  page  284,  April  15, 1714 ;  600  acres 
on  Hor-e  Sr»ring  Branch. 

Thomas  Rountree.  Book  VIII,  page  285,  March  29,  1716;  320 
acres  south  side  Catherine  Creek. 

ThomHS  Boyd.  B.»ok  VIII,  page  286,  December  29,1714;  278 
acres  next  ihe  lower  creek 

James  Hooper.  Bo(»k  VIII,  pape  291,  January  19, 1715-'16 ;  300 
acres  at  m«iuth  of  Haw  Branch  and  Long  B'ancli. 

Henry  Bonner.  Book  VIII.  pnge  2^2  Januurv  19, 17^-16;  520 
acns  on  north  Mde  ot  Mat'iicoinack  Creek  and  Filherd  Crei  k. 

Richard  Lewis.  Book  VIII,  pngc-  293.  Janu  ry  19,  I715-M6;  433 
acres,  joining  up>n  laids  ot  Maj  >r  L  utnn  and  Sunuel  Patchett. 

Ddvid  J^^ne».  Bn.k  VIII,  page  294,  July  19,  1715-16;  340  acres 
lanl  on  TindaJ  Swamp. 

Ellenor  JSHdIer.  Book  VIII,  page  291,  January  19, 17I5-M6;  252 
acref-  on  Mattacoinack  Creek  8wamp,  joining  upon  lands  of  E  Iwaid 
Cliainpion  and  John  Chandler.  Parker.  Bo  k  VIII,  page  295,  January  19,  1715-M6;  96 
acren,  adjoiniig  lands  of  Peter  and  Tljomas  Parker,  Samuel  Berry- 
man  and  R'chard  Sh«  l^s. 

Thomns  Jones  B.»ok  VIII,  page  296,  January  19, 1715-'16 ;  540 
acres  in  Bear  Swamp. 

Thomas  Gi  heit.  B  »ok  VIIL  pape  297,  January  19,  1715-^16; 
200  Hcres  <»n  Chii  kapin  Swamp  and  Flat  Sw»mp. 

Samuel   Patehett.     Btmk   VIII,  page  297,  January  19,  1715- 16;  ' 
323  Hcres  on  TindaPs  Swamn 

William  Page't.  Bo  .k  VHI,  pagp  302,  March  27,  1713;  250  acres 
on  Chowan  River,  a«ij  »ining  lands  of  Charles  Gavin  and  Patrick 

William  Pagett.  Book  VIII,  page  302,  March  27, 1713;  50  acres, 
ac^j  ining  above  tract. 

William  Ci>peland.  B  >ok  VIII,  page  301  December  9,  1712; 
1,010  acres,  adj  dning  to  Sandy  Run,  Braver  Dam  Swamp  and  Bear 

Richard  Sowell.  Book  VIII,  page 304,  December 9, 1712; 400arres 
on  Indian  Swamp,  joining  upon  lines  of  J*hn  Jordan,  John  White, 
Jr.,  and  B«llards. 

John  Jordan.    Book  VIII,  page  304,  December  9, 1712;  604  acres 

16  North  Carolina  Historical 

on  Indian  Town  Swamp,  adjoining  lands  of  Richard  Sowell   and 
Cotton  ^Robinson. 

Michael  Brinkley.  Book  VIII,  page  305,  March  27,  1713;  175 
acres,  adjoining  lands  of  Thomas  Rountree,  Francis  Rountree. 

William  Thompson.  Book  VIII,  page  305,  April  1,  1713;  100 
acres  between  lines  of  Thomas  Garrett  and  Rountree. 

William  Hall.  Book  VIII,  page  307.  December  3,  1711;  325 
acres  between  ye  said  Hall  and  Francis  Hedrick. 

Robert  Wtst.  Book  VIII,  page  115,  January  24,  1716;  500  acres 
on  north  side  Albemarle  Sound,  adjoining  Sandy  Point  on  the 

Henry  Halstead  and  Henry  Lawly.  Book  VIII,  page  115,  Octo- 
ber 9,  1716;  87  acres  and  40  poles  on  the  F<;rked  Swamp. 

Joseph  Wicker,  Peter  Parker  and  Jane  Wicker.  Book  VIII,  page 
115;  346  acres  and  27  poles  on  the  Beaver  Dam  Swamp,  and  Juni- 
per Swamp;  October  9,  1716. 

John  Reynolds.  Book  VIII,  page  117,  October  9, 1716;  180  acres, 
joining  u[)on  lines  of  Azaria  Parker  and  Timothy  Joys. 

Peter  Jones.  Book  VIII,  page  119,  October  19,  1716;  150  acres 
on  the  head  of  Yoppim  River. 

John  Swain.  Book  VIII,  page  122,  October  19,  1716;  300  acres 
on  the  creek  fork  of  Yoppim  River. 

Daniel  Ambrose.  Book  VIII,  page  136,  December  19,  1716;  175 
acres  and  12  poles.  No  points  given  by  which  the  tract  can  be 

James  Blount,  Sr.  Book  VIII,  page  139,  March  18,  1716;  440 
acres  in  the  pocosin  of  Albemarle  Sound  and  Mattacomack  Creek. 

Edward  Pagett.  Book  VIII,  page  139,  December  18,  1716;  640 
acres  in  Rocky  hock  Neck. 

Edward  Howcott.  Book  VIII,  page  143,  February  15,  1716-7; 
400  acres  in  Rockvhock  Neck. 

John  Blount.  Book  VIII,  page  143,  March  30,  1717;  415  acres, 
adjoining  lands  of  Matthew  Brown,  Richard  Lewis  and  Nicholas 

James  Halsey.  Book  VIII,  page  145,  March  26, 1717;  630  acres 
at  the  head  of  Spring  Branch. 

Edward  Mo^eley,  lapsed  to  Samuel  Swann.  Book  VIII,  page  146, 
November  2,  1716.  November  11,  1719;  640  acres  on  Indian  Town 

James  Farlo.  Book  VIII,  page  147,  April  17,  1717;  3fj0  acres  on 
Indian  T<»wn  Creek. 

James  Farlo.  Book  VIII,  page  147,  April  17,  1717;  640  acres  on 
Indian  Town  Creek. 

Edward  Moseley.  Book  VIII,  page  150,  April  15, 1717;  400  acres, 
joining  upon  Thomas  Gilbert  lines. 

William  Branch.  Book  VIII,  page  150,  April  23, 1717;  292  acres 
on  Mattacomack  Creek  and  Bonner's  Cove  Creek. 

ThomasTates.     Book  VIII,  page  153,  July  20,  1717;  240  acres, 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  17 

adjoining  lands  of  Edward  Cockrel,  David  Atkins,  Richard  Lewis^ 
Major  Luten,  on  the  Beaver  Dam  branch. 

William  Bonner.  Book  VIII.  page  153,  1717;  580  acres  at  ye 
head  of  Filberts  Creek  (north  of  Edenton  and  adjoining  town  lands). 

Wm.  Yates.  Book  VIII,  page  154,  July  20,  1717;  520  acres  in 
Bear  Swamp,  adjoining  lands  of  Samuel  Patchett. 

John  Marks.  Book  VIII,  page  154,  July,  20,  1717;  520  acres  in 
Bear  Swamp. 

Moses  Foxworth.  Book  VIII,  page  154,  July  20, 1717;  240  acres, 
binding  upon  lands  John  Jordan,  John  Parker,  and  Thos.  Parker. 

James  Bates.  Book  VIII,  page  155,  July  20, 1717;  490  acres,  join- 
ing upon  lines  of  Francis  Priggens,  John  Burketts,  Thos.  Speight 
and  John  Ward. 

Mary  Porter.  Book  VIII,  page  157,  July  17,1717;  264  acres,  bind- 
ing on  lines  of  Henry  Clayton,  William  Privitt,  Thos.  Clark,  near 
Yoppim  River. 

Samuel  Patchett.  Book  VIII,  page  159,  July  20,  1717;  620  acres 
adjoining  lands  of  Henry  Lilse,  on  Cowhall  Swamp. 

Thos.  Bray,  lapsed  to  Wm.  Badham.  Book  VIII,  page  163,  July 
20,  1717 ;  640  acres  south  side  Chinquapin. 

Thos.  Bray.  Book  VIII,  pHge  167,  October  8, 1717;  617  acres  on 
the  Horse  Pool  Swamp  and  Gallberry  Pocosin. 

Thomas  Bray.  Book  VIII,  page  165,  20th  July,  1717;  640  acres 
on  a  branch  of  Chowan  River. 

Phillip  Walston.  Book  VIII,  page  168,  October  8,  1717;  640 
acres  on  Bear  Swamp. 

William  Jones.  Book  VIII,  page  169,  October  8, 1717;  308  acres, 
adjoining  lands  of  Mary  Jones,  and  Thomas  West. 

Lazarus  White.  Book  VIII,  page  174,  March  1,  171Q-'20;  250 
acres  on  Holly  Creek  Swamp. 

William  Bennett.  Book  VIII,  page  183,  March  1, 1719-^20;  235 
acres  at  "  ye  country's  line,"  and  on  ye  river  side  "  and  meanders  of 
ye  river  to  first  station." 

Patrick  Eggerton.  Book  VIII,  page  198,  March  1,  1719-'20;  300 
acres,  adjoining  lands  of  Wm.  Horton,  and  John  Porter,  on  Yappim 

Cath  Carlinton.  Book  VIII,  page  198,  March  1,  1718-'19;  380 
acres  on  ye  Creek  Fork  Swamp,  near  Yoppim  River. 

Wm.  Bonner.  Book  VIII,  page  204,  March  1, 1719-20;  130  acres 
on  Wallowing  Root  Swamp. 

Thomas  Hoskins.  Book  VIII,  page  204,  March  l,1719-'20;  300 
acres  on  northeast  side  Wallowing  Root  Swamp. 

Robt.  Warburton.  Book  VIII,  page  209,  March  1,  1719-'20;  420 
acres  binding  on  land  of  John  Smithwick,  James  Frost,  and  Hicory 

Henry  Bonner.  Book  VIII,  page  212,  March  1,  1719-'20;  340 
acres  in  Green  Hall,  joining  upon  Deep  Run,  and  land  of  William 

18  North  Carolina  Historical 

Henry  Bonner.  Book  VIII,  page  212,  March  1,  1719-'20;  590 
acres  at  head  of  Tanyard  Branch. 

William  Havet.  Book  VIII,  page  216,  March  1,  1719-'-20;  519 
acres  at  the  head  of  Yoppim,  joining  lands  of  Henry  Clayton,  and 
Wm.  Privitt. 

William  Horton.  Book  VIII,  page  217,  March  1,  1719-'20;  640 
acres  in  Yoppim  Pocosin. 

William  Woodward.  Book  VIII,  page  217,  March  1,  1719-*20; 
640  acres,  adjoining  lands  of  David  Ambrose,  Edward  Patchett,  Ed- 
ward Woodward,  Caleb  Stevens,  and  John  Wyatt. 

Samuel  Woodward.  Book  VIII,  page  217;  640  acres  in  Rocky- 
hock  Neck;  March  1,  1719-'20. 

Thomas  Williams.  Book  VIII,  page  219,  March  1,  1719;  415 
acres,  joining  upon  lines  of  Matthew  Bryan,  Richard  Lewis,  Black- 
man,  and  Fallaws. 

Edward  Moseley.  Book  II,  page  281,  October  29,  1725 ;  300  acres 
north  side  Albemarle  Sound,  joining  upon  said  Moseley *8  lands,  and 
John  Benbury  to  the  eastward. 

Edward  Moseley.  Book  II,  page  315,  April  4,  1720;  400  acres  in 
Rockyhock  Neck. 

Edward  Moseley.  Book  II,  page  315,  April  4,  1720;  678  acres, 
adjoining  lands  formerly  Thomas  Guillams,  and  Arnold  White. 

Wm  Skinner.  Book  IV,  page  64,  March  11, 1740;  600  acres,  join- 
ing upon  lines  of  Ephraim  Hunter,  and  Robert  Rogers. 

George  Ribits.  Book  IV,  page  68,  March  11,  1740;  500  acres,  ad- 
joining land  of  Patrick  Lawler,  on  Bennett's  Creek. 

Jeremiah  Mitchener.  Book  4,  page  76,  March  11,  1740;  143 
acres  on  Deep  Run,  near  Francis  Branch's  land,  and  W.  Bonner.  (Sold 
to  W.  Bad  ham). 

Henry  King.  Book  IV,  page  104,  May  28,  1728;  541  acres  on 
the  Cypress  Swamp,  at  a  poplar  in  the  branch,  etc. 

Timothy  Truelove.  Book  IV,  page  86,  March  10,  1740-'!  ;  250 
acres  on  Yawpim  River. 

William  Arkill.  Book  IV,  page  52,  March  10, 1740-'l ;  250  acres, 
joining  lands  of  Wm.  Charlton,  and  Hoskins. 

Joseph  Small.  Book  IV,  page  200,  March  21, 1743;  100  acres 
adjoining  lands  of  John  Lewis,  near  Cowhall  Swamp. 

Henry  King.  Book  IV,  page  65,  March  11,1741;  400  acres  at 
the  head  of  the  Flat  Cypress,  in  Holly  Island. 

John  Ward.  Book  IV,  page  66,  July  10, 1741;  400  acres  in  Bear 

William  Harris.  Book  IV,  page  171,  March  1,  1742;  109  acres, 
adjoining  lands  of  Wm.  Rice,  John  Haslet,  and  John  Sparkman. 

Samuel  Johnston.  Book  IV,  page  177,  March  21, 1742;  400  acres, 
being  an  island  in  Chowan  River,  next  to  Joseph  Parker.  (Holla- 
day's  Island). 

John  Campbell.  Book  V,  page  219,  May  17,  1742;  300  acres  on 
Heart  Delights  Pocosin,  Turkey  Swamp,  and  Beaver  Dam  Pocosin. 


AND  Gbnbalogical  Rboistbr.  19 

Francis  Speight.    Book  IV,  page  198,  July  27,  1743;  640  acres  on 
"west  side  Gum  Swamp. 

Francis  Speight.    Book  IV,  page  198,  July  27,  1743;  200  acres, 
adjoining  previous  grant. 

3am^  Craven.    Book  IV, page  201,  December  24, 1744 ;  494  acres 
at  the  mouth  of  Rockyhock  Creek. 

Peter  Adams.  Book  5,  page  218,  November  15, 1744;  500  acres, 
adjoining  Timothy  Truelove  and  Ming's  lines. 

John  Alston.  Book  V,  page  219,  April  11,  1745;  400  acres  on 
Sarum  Creek  and  Troy  Swamp. 

George  Walston.  Book  III,  page  33,  March  9,  1717;  284  acres 
on  a  branch  of  Deep  Run  and  Bear  Swamp. 

Mary  Johnson.  Book  III,  page  56,  August,  1720 ;  350  acres,  bind- 
ing on  Thomas  Johnson's  line. 

John  Jones.  Book  III,  page  46,  December  3, 1720;  600  acres  on 
Timber  Branch,  near  Rockyhock  Creek. 

Adam  Cockburn,  lapsed  to  William  Havett,  December  3, 1720, 
August  1, 1727.  Book  III,  page  47 ;  390  acres  south  side  Meherrin 

Thomas  Brown,  Jr.  Book  III,  page  30,  March  9, 1720;  640  acres 
land  in  Chowan  Precinct. 

Ralph  Ballard.  Book  III,  page  98,  April  6,  1722;  528  acres  east 
side  Chowan  River,  'twixt  the  river  and  Heirs  Pocosin. 

Richard  Barnes.  Book  III,  page  118,  March  29,  1723;  160  acres 
on  the  Pine  Swamp  on  Chowan  River. 

Thomas  Jones.  Book  III,  page  337,  April  2,  1726 ;  503  acres, 
joining  upon  line  of  John  Griffin,  John  Paine,  G.  Hobson,  and  Hill. 

Robert  Rogers  and  Montfort  Langston,  Jr.  August  4,  1723;  598 
acres,  near  Rogers*  Pocosin,  joining  upon  John  Pipkin  and  Thomas 
Peylant's  land. 

Robert  Thompson  (by  authority  will  of  his  grandfather,  Robert 
Fullerton).  December  30,  1749;  340  acres  laud  on  the  Beaver  Dam 
Swamp,  joining  upon  lines  of  John  Jones,  the  Timber  Swamp,  ihe 
DeviTs  Woodyard,  and  Richard  Lewis. 

Orlando  Champion.  Book  IX,  page  114,  March  9, 1736;  120  acres 
north  side  Mattacomack  Creek. 

John  Champion.  Book  IX,  page  251,  September  17,  1737;  300 
acres  south  side  Stoping  Creek. 

Joseph  John  Alston.  Book  X,  page  63,  April  11,  1745;  400  acres 
on  Sarum  Creek  and  Troy  Swamp. 

Peter  Adams.  Book  X,  63,  November  15,  1744;  500  acres,  join- 
ing upon  lines  of  Timothy  Truelove,  and  Ming. 

John  Cam{)bell.  Book  10,  page  64,  November  17,  1743;  300 
acres  on  Chowan  River,  opposite  the  lands  he  holds  in  Bertie  County. 

Jacob  Odom.  Book  IX,  page  233,  February  21,  1738;  640  acres 
north  side  Gum  Swamp. 

Jacob  Odom.  Book  IX,  page  233,  February  21,  1738;  212  acres 
on  the  River  Pocosin,  joining  his  own  lines. 

20  North  Carolina  Historical 

Galium  Ross.  Book  IX,  page  233,  February  21, 1738  ;  2,003  acres 
on  the  north  side  of  the  Gum  Swamp  binding  on  Adams*  lines. 

Joseph  Winn.  Book  X,  page  69,  April  10,  1745;  95  acres  at  the 
mouth  of  Muddy  Creek. 

Christopher  Butler.  Book  XI,  page  99,  March  25, 1749 ;  55  acres 
called  Thomas  Williams*  Folly,  near  the  Albemarle  Sound. 

Christopher  Butler.  Book  XI,  page  100,  March  26,  1749;  130 
acres  called  White's  Old  Field,  on  the  side  of  Albemarle  Sound, 
joining  upon  David  Pratt*s  land. 

John  Freeman.  Book  XI,  page  101,  June  20,  1749;  898  acres  at 
the  mouth  of  Beef  Creek  and  Bennett's  Creek. 

William  Hoskins.  Book  XI,  page  102,  March  25, 1749  ;  225  acres 
on  Wallowing  Root  Swamp. 

Charles  Haughton.  B  )ok  XI,  page  102,  December  20,  1748;  22 
acres  joining  upon  lines  Charles  Wilkens,  Col.  Moseley,  and  land 
formerly  Pearce's. 

Robert  Knight.  Book  XI,  page  103,  January  5,  1749;  133  acres 
joining  upon  lines  of  Kalh  Langston,  Mr.  Skinner,  and  Jacob  Odom. 

Jacob  Odom.  Book  XI,  page  103,  March  25,  1749  ;  262  acres,  an 
island  in  Cypress  Swamp. 

Robert  Hardy.  Book  XI,  page  102,  January  30,  1755 ;  408  acres 
east  side  Chowan  River,  near  Francis  Pugh's  Ferry. 

George  Piland.  Book  XI,  page  104,  February  2,  1753;  930  acres 
on  Sarum  Swamp. 

John  Wallis.  Book  XI,  page  106,  March  25,  1752 ;  321  acres  on 
Poly  Bridge  Swamp,  joining  upon  lines  of  Luke  White,  Samuel 
Woodward,  and  Capt.  Heran. 

Charles  Rountree.  Book  XI,  page  104,  December  5,  1754;  120 
acres  between  his  own  land,  and  James  Sumner's. 

Evan  Skinner.  Book  XI,  page  104,  September  7, 1761 ;  381  acres 
in  B^ar  Swamp. 

William  Simpson.  Book  XI,  page  105,  September  7,  1761  ;  251 
acres  binding  on  Evan  Skinner's  line. 

Jesse  Bunch.  Book  XI,  page  100,  May  11,  1757;  720  acres  on 
east  side  Chowan  River,  joining  upon  lands  of  Thos.  Hubbard,  Wm. 
Lewis,  and  Shadrack  Bunch. 

Robert  Lassiter.  Book  XI,  page  103,  January  5,  1767;  563  acres 
between  Watry  Swamp,  and  his  own  lands,  joining  lauds  of  George 
Lassiter,  and  John  Mizell. 

John  Benbury.  Book  XI,  page  99,  August  21, 1758;  270  acres  on 
both  sides  main  road,  joining  upon  lands  of  Beasley,  and  Butler. 

Epaphroditus  Benton.  Book  XI,  page  9^,  December  16,  1758; 
175  acres  on  Moses  Hall's  Pocosin. 

Moses  Mizell.  Book  XI,  page  103,  January  2,  1759;  470  acres 
near  Cypress  Branch. 

Moses  Mizell.  Book  XI,  page  103,  January  2,  1769 ;  420  acres 
on  Horse  Pool  Swamp,  near  Cypress  Branch. 

Abram  Hill  Book  XI,  page  101,  April  4,  1759;  174  acres  at  the 
head  of  the  Loosing  Swamp. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  21 

Edward  Trotman.  Book  XI,  page  105,  January  3,  1759;  240 
acres  on  the  drains  of  Meherrin  Swamp. 

John  Warhurton.  Book  XI,  page  106,  August  8, 1759 ;  123  acres 
lying  in  the  Pocosin  on  pouih  gide  Perquimans  road,  adjoining  lands 
of  John  Blount,  and  John  Harlow. 

Edward  Arnell.  Book  XI,  page  98,  September  11,  1761;  123 
acres  joining  upon  land  of  Epaphroditus  Benton. 

Ann  Anderson.  Book  XI,  page  233,  May  27,  1762;  313  acres 
southeast  side  Mattacomaek  Creek,  between  Filbert  Creek,  and  a 
small  branch  joining  Thomas  Burns'  line,  and  McWrath's  land. 

Julius  Bunch.  Book  XI,  page  99,  September  7,  1761;  383  acres 
on  Beaver  Dam  Swamp,  adjoining  Samuel  Palchett's  line.    . 

Mosco  Eason.  Bi>ok  XI,  page  101,  June  14,  1761 ;  (acres  not 
stated)  on  the  White  Oak  Spring  Marsh. 

Robert  Powell.  Book  XI,  page  104,  July  30,  1762;  298  acres  on 
the  swamp. 

William  Walton.  Book  XI,  page  105,  22d  January,  1763 ;  341 
acres  on  Stafford's  Branch. 

George  Bains.  Book  XXVIII,  page  365,  March  1, 1780;  54  acres, 
near  the  place  called  the  Creek  Fork,  on  Yoppin.River. 

William  Boyd.  Book  XXVIII,  page  366,  March  1,  1780;  187i 
acres,  adjoining  upon  lines  of  Julius  Bunch,  and  Thomas  Newby. 

Joseph  Creecy.  Book  XXVIII,  page  364,  March  5,  1780;  600 
acres, on  Yeopim  Pocosin,  adjoining  lands  of  James  Ming,  and  Ward. 

Evan  Skinner.  Book  XXVIII,  page  367,  March  5,  1780;  130 
acres  in  Bear  Swamp. 

Thomas  Ward.  Book  XXVIII,  page  363,  March  1, 1780;  65  acres 
in  the  fork  of  the  Beaver  dam,  adjoining  lands  of  Charles  Wilkins, 
at  the  head  of  Bonner's  mill-pond. 

Thomas  Bonner.  Book  XLVI,  page  326,  October  28,  1782;  38 
acres  near  Edenton,  joining  upon  lands  of  Wm.  Bonner,  Liles,  Cof- 
field,  and  Wm.  Badham. 

William  Badham.  Book  XLVI,  page  327,  October  28, 1782 ;  640 
acres  joining  upon  lines  of  Thomas  Bonner,  Henry  Bonner,  Blount 
and  Standin,  George  Bains,  and  Wm.  Hoskins. 

Richard  Hoskins.  Book  XLVI,  page  327,  28th  October,  1782; 
116^  acres  in  Green  Hall. 

Abel  Miller.  Book  XLVI,  page  325,  28th  October,  1782;  164 
acres  on  Tindal  Swamp. 

John  Price.  Book  XLVII,  page  306,  August  18,  1783;  372  acres 
in  Green  Hall. 

James  Price.  Book  XLVII,  page  307,  August  18, 1783;  332  acres 
in  Green  Hall. 

William  Roberts.  Book  XLVII,  page  306,  August  18,  1783;  259 
acres  in  Green  Hall,  on  Cowhall  Swamp. 

George  Bains,  Sr.  Book  XLV,  page  277,  October  11,  1783;  100 
acres  in  Thick  Neck,  at  the  head  of  Yoppin  River  Beaver  D  im. 

George  Bains,  Sr.    Book  XLV,  page  277,  October  11, 1783;  800 

22  North  Carolina  Historical 

acres,  running  along  on  the  Perquimans  line  on  Yoppin  River 

George  Bains,  Jr.  Book  XLV,  page  278,  October  11, 1783;  300 
acres  joining  on  lands  of  VVra.  Hoskins,  and  Standin. 

John  Webb.  Book  XLVII,  page  308,  August  18,  1783;  66  acres 
on  south  side  Yoppin  River. 

Shadrack  Buncb.  Book  XLIX,  page  306,  1782;  553  acres  in 
Green  Hall,  joining  on  lines  of  Julius  Bunch,  and  Bond. 

Charles  Haughton.  Book  XLIX,  page  303,  October  28,  1782; 
238  acres  in  Yoppin  Poco3in,  joining  upon  lines  of  Jonathan  Haugh- 
ton, Charlton,  Paget,  and  Blount. 

Charles  Haughton.  Book  XLIX,  page  304,  August  8,  1782;  640 
acres  in  the  Tussocks,  adjoining  lands  of  General  Benbury,  Norcom, 
Pettijohn,  Jacob  Simmons,  and  Joseph  Blount.  ?^  f'ifl 

John  Norcom.  Book  XLIX,  page  305,  October  28,  1782;  520 
acres;  ancient  survey  by  Jacob  Butter,  begins  at  Jno.  Norcom's  and 
Argyle  Simons'  corner,  a  red  oak,  joining  upon  lands  of  John 
Baptist  Beasley. 

Zachariah  Webb,  Sr.  1782.  Book  XLIX,  page  305;  173  acres 
south  side  Yoppim  River. 

William  Boyd.  Book  LVI,  page  261,  November.l,  1784;  65  acres 
in  Rockyhock  Neck. 

George  Bains,  Jr.  Book  LVI,  page  262,  November  1,  1784;  500 
acres  on  the  head  of  a  branch  of  Queen  Ann's  Creek,  adjoining  lands 
of  Henderson  Standing,  Wm.  Hopkins,  and  Wm.  Badham. 

Joseph  Creecy.  Book  LVI,  page  261,  November  1,  1784;  60  acres 
southeast  side  Yoppim  River. 

Jonathan  Haughton.  Book  LVI,  page  261,  November  1,  1784; 
173  acres  south  side  Yoppim  River. 

Jacob  Simons.  Book  LVI,  page  262,  November  1, 1784 ;  42  acres 
adjoining  lands  of  John  Baptist  Beaslev,  Halsey,  and  Pettijohn. 

Thomas  Ward.  Book  LVI,  page  262,  November  1,U784;:113 
acres  at  the  head  of  Yoppim  River  Swamp.  ^^      r;:^ 

Edmund  Blount.  Book  LXII,  page  144,  November  15,  1787;  lot 
121,  old  plan  town  of  Edenton;  escheated  property  of  Thomas 

William  Bennett.  Book  LXII,  page  314;  lots  Nos.  16  and*  17, 
town  of  Edenton  ;  escheated  property  of  Benj.  Ellison;  April  15,1794. 

Michael  Payne.  Book  LXII,  page  140,  November  15,  1787;  lot 
No.  98,  new  plan  town  of  Edenton;  escheated  property  of  Clark  <fe 

William  Littlejohn.  Book  LXII,  page  141;  lot  204,  new  plan 
town  of  Edenton;  escheated  property  of  John  Henly;  November  15, 

John  Mare.  Book  LXII,  pages  147  and  149;  lots  119  and  120, 
old  plan  town  of  Edenton;  escheated  property  of  Thomas  Wright; 
November  15,  1787. 

Dr.  Frederick  Ramcke.     Book  LXII,  page  143;  lot  201,  new  plan, 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  23 

and  lot  202,  old  plan  town  of  Edenton;  escheated  property  of  John 
Henley;  November  15, 1787. 

John  Pous.  Book  LXII,  pa^e  146;  lots  50  and  51,  town  of  Eden- 
ton; escheated  property  estate  Henly;  November  15,  1787. 

William  Roberts.  Book  LXII,  page  146,  November  15,  1787;  118 
acres  on  the  edge  of  Mattaeomack  Creek  Swamp ;  escheated  properly 
of  John  Henly. 

William  Borritz.  Book  LXII,  page  148,  November  15,  1787;  lot 
No.  205,  new  plan  town  of  Edentoo;  escheated  property  estate  John 

Michael  Payne.  Book  LXII,  page  148,  November  15,  1787;  lot 
No.  97,  new  plan  town  of  Edenton;  escheated  property  estate  Clark 
&  Wier. 

Josiah  Collins.  Book  LXI,  page  23,  December  14, 1785;  1,120 
acres,  adjoining  lands  of  Henderson  Standing,  Wm.  Hoskins,  Joseph 
Creecy,  Ming  and  Ward,  George  Bains,  Charles  Wilkius. 

William  Cahoon.  Book  LXV,  page  352,  August  10, 1786;  250 
acres  in  Green  Hall,  adjoining  lines  of  Richard  Hoskins,  Benj. 

William  Boyd.  Book  LXIX,  page  201;  154  acres  joining  upon 
lines  of  Bunch,  John  Bond,  George  Molton,  Wm.  Boyd  and  Gundelow 

Ishmael  Bunch.  Book  LXXIII,  page  282,  December  10,  1790;  42 
acres  between  Sandy  Ridge  road,  and  Bear  Swamp. 

Ishmael  Bunch.  Book  LXXXI,  page  262,  November  27,  1793; 
300  acres  near  the  head  of  Cowhall  Swamp. 

Micajah  Blanchard.  Book  LXXIII,  page  283,  December  10, 
1790;  567  acres  on  Warwick  Swamp  (3u0  acres  held  by  patent 
dated  October  1, 1713). 

Elisha  Parker.  Book  LXXIII,  page  281,  December  10,  1790; 
292  acres  southeast  side  Ballard's  Bridge. 

Malachi  Halsey.  Book  LXXIII,  page  281,  December  10,1790; 
176  acres  in  Rockyhock  Neck. 

William  Jackson.  Book  LXXIII,  page  280,  December  10, 1790; 
59  acres  in  Bear  Swamp. 

Josiah  Jones.  Book  LXXIII,  page  282,  December  10, 1790;  66 
acres  in  Rockyhock  Neck. 

Malachi  Miller.  Book  LXXIII,  page  283,  December  10,  1790; 
195  acres  on  the  east  side  of  Chowan  River,  beginning  at  Lake 
Branch,  joining  upon  lands  of  Samuel  PopheUton. 

Benjamin  Coffield.  Book  LXXIII,  page  280,  December  10, 1790; 
150  acres  land  in  Green  Hall,  near  Cowhall  Swamp. 

James  Roberts.  Book  LXXIII,  page  279,  December  10,  1790; 
125  acres,  part  Bear  Swamp,  part  Sandy  Ridge. 

Josiah  Small.  Book  LXXIII,  page  280,  December  10, 1780;  70 
acres  west  side  Cowball  Swamp. 

Nathan  Parker.  Book  LXXIV,  page  252,  November  24, 1790; 
50  acres  east  side  Chowan  River  at  Stumpy  Creek. 

24  North  Carolina  Historical 

Jonathan  Boulton.  Book  LXXVIII,  page  421,  March  4.  1793; 
490  acres  near  Rockyhock  Creek. 

Isaac  Bains.  Book  LXXVIII,  page  422,  March  14, 1793;  500  acres 
north  of  the  Long  Bridge,  and  west  of  the  oak  lands  on  Perquimans 

Henderson  Luten.  Book  LXXVIII,  page  422,  March  4,1793; 
250  acres  on  Chowan  River,  joining  Miller's  lands.  , 

CuUen  Bunch.  Book  LXXVIII,  page  608;  299  acres  on  Rocky- 
hock Creek  Swamp;  November  27,  1792. 

Charles  Powell.  Book  LXXVIII,  page  518,  November  27,  1792; 
35  acres  on  South  Branch  Swamp  and  Reedy  Branch,  near  Warwick 

Samuel  Hoskins.  Book  LXXVIII,  page  519,  November  27,  1792; 
150  acres  on  southernmost  side  Mattaeomack  Creek,  a  little  above 
Long  Bridge. 

Henry  Champion.  Book  LXXXIII,  page  44,  July  9,  1794;  664 
acres  near  Edenton,  on  west  side  of  Crisp's  Creek,  and  known  as 

Richard  Hoskins.  Book  LXXXIII,  page  47,  July  9, 1794;  60  acres 
in  Green  Hall. 

James  Jones.  Book  LXXXI,  page  262,  November  27,  1793;  41 
acres  on  Chiuquepin  Ridgp,  adjoining  lands  of  Henderson  Standing. 

Masun  Miller.  Book  LXXXI,  page  262,  November  27,  1793;  108 
acres  on  Tindal  Swamp. 

Reuben  Small.  Book  LXXXI,  page  261,  November  27, 1793  ;  88 
acres  in  Green  Hall. 

George  Bains,  Jr.  Book  LXXXIII,  page  42,  July  9,  1794;  395 
acres  northeast  side  Chowan  River,  adjoining  lands  of  Michael 
Wilder,  and  Stephen  Cabarrus. 

George  Bains,  Jr.  Book  LXXXIII,  page  43,  July  9,  1794;  300 
acres  near  Chinquepin  Ridge,  arijoming  lands  of  Lemuel  Standin, 
Joshua  Johnson,  and  James  J  mes. 

John  Norcom.  Book  LXXXIII,  page  187,  January  1, 1795  ;  1,000 
acres  in  Green  Hall,  at  the  head  of  Paradise  Swamp. 

Dr.  Andrew  Knox.  Book  CXXII,  page  102,  December  30,  1805; 
80  acres  on  the  north  side  of  the  ea«t  prong. 

Benjamin  Small.  Book  LXXXIII,  page  42,  July  9,  1794;  100 
acres  in  Green  Hall. 

Edward  Welch.  Book  LXXXIII,  page  45,  July  9, 1794 ;  69  acres 
joining  upon  lines  Jacob  Cullen^,  and  Josiah  Copeland. 

James  Roberts.  Book  LXXXIII,  page  46,  July  9,  1794  ;  6  acres 
in  Rockyhock  Neck. 

Benjamin  Small.  Book  LXXXIII,  page  46,  July  9,1794;  165 
acres  at  the  head  of  Cowhall  Swamp. 

Lemuel  Oreecy.  Book  XCV,  page  46,  November  27,  1797  ;  2,000 
acres  on  or  near  the  Perquimans  line,  joining  upon  the  lands  of 
John  Norcom,  Thompson,  Ishmael  Bunch,  Shadrrtck  Bunch,  now 
Wm.  Ford's,  Samuel  Pagett's  patent,  now  Jackson's,  Jacob  Goodwin's 

AND  Genbalogical  Rbgister.  25 

patenty  Parker's  grant,  Bennett  Butler  and  Branch's  patent,  Job 
Branch,  George  and  Isaac  Bains. 

Nathan  Lassiter.  Book  LXIX,  page  348,  November  1, 1786  ;  216 
acres  easternmost  side  Chowan  River,  adjoining  lands  of  Job  Parker 
and  Michael  Bond. 

Selby  Harney.  Book  LXIX,  page  348;  lot  No.  1,  town  of  Eden- 
ton  ;  October  24,  1786. 

Henderson  Standing.  Book  XCV,  page  47,  December  8,  1797 ; 
449  acres  at  the  head  of  Queen  Anne's  Creek,  250  acres  of  which  was 
granted   Will  Arkill  10th  March,  1740. 

William  Winslow.  Book  CXXII,  page  331,  June  10,1805;  58 
acres  on  Old  Town  Creek. 

Nathan  Jordan.  Book  CXXH,  page  331,  July  30,  1807  ;  8  acres 
on  the  Mill  Swamp. 

Edward  Blanchard.  Book  CXVH,  page  67,  November  21,  180S; 
136  acres  adjoining  lands  of  Jacob  Cullens,  Widow  Welch,  Elisha 
Hunter,  and  Mary  Smith. 

26  NoKTH  Carolina  Historical 


(Taken  from  the  Secretary  of  State's  office,  Raleigh,  N.  C.  Executed  and  pro- 
bated prior  to  1760.  All  wills  probated  before  1760  were  filed  with  the  Secretary 
of  the  Colony  and  recorded  by  him.  Not  until  after  1760  were  the  wills  recorded 
in  the  counties  where  the  testator  lived.  This  list  is  alphabetically  arranged  for 
the  convenience  of  the  reader.) 

John  Andrews,  of  Rowan  County.  October  3,  1756;  wife  Agnes, 
children  James,  John  and  Janet. 

Thomas  Andras,  of  Bertie  County.     March  31,  1737;  Robert  Bell. 

James  Ansell.  September  12, 1738;  probated  April  1, 1740;  John 
Ansell,  daughter  Sarah  Roberts,  grandson  James  Roberts. 

Simon  Alderson.  Probated  December  Court,  1740;  eldest  son  Levi, 
daughter  Sarah,  son  John,  daughter  Elizabeth,  wife  Elizabeth ;  men- 
tions a  sawmill  in  his  will. 

John  Allen.  July  9, 1736;  probated  August,  1736;  wife  Elizabeth, 
son  William,  son  Richard,  daughter  Martha,  daughter  Catharine, 
daughter  Margaret. 

John  Ardene.     1712;  kinsman  Wm.  Duckinfield. 

Lawrence  Arnold.  December  14, 1690 ;  son  John,  wife,  Lawrence 

Joseph  Abington.  January  2, 1734-5 ;  probated  July  Court,  1735 ; 
son  William,  daughter  Mary,  Henry  Wood  executor. 

Richard  Asbell.  Executed  September  15,  1695;  wife,  daughter 
Mary,  child  in  essBy  all  my  children,  Wm.  Privett,  and  Wm.  Charl- 
ton.    (Note. — Chowan  names.) 

Jabez  Alford,  of  Chowan.  July  9,  1705;  George  Taylor,  Esayah 

John  Arnold  (Perquimans  County).  April  11,  1735;  probated 
July  21,  1735;  son  John,  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Sarah,  wife 
Elizabeth.  • 

Elizabeth  Anderson.  November  5, 1732;  probated  December  24, 
1733;  son  James,  son  Carolus,  daughter  Elizabeth  Pitman,  daughter 
Elizabeth  Anderson,  Elizabeth  Pitman's  son,  Wm.  Anderson,  daugh- 
ter Sarah  Anderson,  granddaughter  Elizabeth  Anderson,  grand- 
daughter Sarah  Anderson. 

Abraham  Adams.  December  18,  1734;  son  James  Adams,  son 
Joseph,  wife  Anne,  daughter  Sarah. 

John  Baptista  Ashe.  November  2, 1731 ;  codicil  October  16, 1734; 
probated  November  15, 1740;  son  Samuel,  son  John,  daughter  Mary, 
brother  Samuel  Swann. 

Peter  Avelin.  March  14, 1710;  probated  November  1, 1712;  sons 
Henry,  Peter  and  John,  daughter  Anne. 

Dr.  George  Allen,  of  E  lenton.  Son  Arthur,  daughter  Ann  Allen, 
Wm.  Buck  wood;  probated  March  3,  1734. 

James  Adams.  February  17,  1733;  probated  July,  1734;  son 
Abraham,  son  James,  son  Emanuel,  son  John,  son  Thomas,  daugh- 
ter Martha,  daughter  Rachel,  daughter  Mary,  child  of  Rachel, 


Abraham  Adams.  Son  Abraham,  son  Richard,  son  William,  son 
Willoby,  wife  Barthia;  March  13,  1733;  probated  March  27,  1734. 

Mary  Albertson.  Son  Albert  Albertson,  granddaughter  Mary  Al- 
bertson,  grandson  John  Albertson,  my  granddaughter  Eh'zabeth  Al- 
bertson, son  Nathaniel  Albertson,  his  daughter  Elizabeth;  January 
10, 1720-1. 

William  Armour,  of  Pasquotank.  Thomas  Armour  son  of  Eliza- 
beth, my  wife  Elizabeth  Armour,  Ashley  Evans,  son  Theophilus 
Armour,  my  mother,  Robert  Armour,  John  Armour,  Ann  Meads, 
Wm.  Brothers  youngest  child;  December  13,1719;  probated  Janu- 
ary 25,  1719-'20. 

Simon  Alderson.  January  9, 1712-*3;  son  Simon,  daughter  Jane 
Averidge,  daughter  Elizabeth  Martin,  wife  Elizabeth  Alderson. 

John  Askew.     October  18,  1712;   brother  Nicholas  Askew,  son 
William,  son  Joseph,  daughters  Sarah,  Nelly. and   Mary,  brother   ' 
Nicholas  Askew  executor. 

Richard  Barefield.  May  1,  1754;  probated  January  19,1755; 
son  Henry,  son  Jesse,  daughter  Mary,  granddaughter  Eliz  Taylor, 
daughter  Ann  Grady,  daughter  Catharine  Taylor. 

William  Benbury,  of  Chowan.  April  Court,  1755;  wife  Bridgett, 
SOD  Edmund,  son  William,  (brother  John),  son  John,  son  Joseph, 
son  James,  son  Miles,  daughter  Sarah. 

Thomas  Bonner,  llth  November,  1755;  April  Court,  1756,  pro- 
bated; son  Thomas,  daughter  Esther  More,  son  Henry,  daughter 
Elizabeth,  daughter  Anna  Byrde,  daughter  Sarah  Wharton,  wife 

John  Baker,  of  Bertie  County.  April  23,  1756;  daughter  Mary, 
daughter  Jude  Baker,  daughter  Selah  Baker,  son  Joshua,  wife  Mary. 

James  Brent,  of  Currituck.  February  7, 1753 ;  April  Court,  1753, 
probated;  son  Richard,  daughter  Ann,  child  in  esse,  wife  Kesiah. 

George  Boswell,  of  Perquimans.  Son  George,  son  Isaac,  daughter 
Ezebel;  January  7,  1741. 

Henry  Bonner,  of  Chowan.  Son  Henry,  son  Thomas,  grandson 
Richard  Lewis,  daughter  Elizabeth  Lewis,  daughter  Deborah, 
daughter  Mary,  granddaughter  Sarah  Lewis,  granddaughter  De- 
borah Lewis;  September  1,  1738. 

John  Boyd,  of  Pasquotank.  Eldest  son  William,  son  Thomas, 
daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Winnifred,  wife  Ann  Boyd;  January 
29,  1741 ;  probated  July  Court,  1742. 

Thomas  Brown,  of  Wilmington.  Wife  Fortune,  daughters  Eliza- 
beth and  Isabel,  brother  John;  July  16, 1748;  probated  May  10, 1748. 

Edward  Bryan,  of  Bertie  or  Hertford.  Eldest  son  John,  son  Wil- 
liam, son  EJdward,  daughter  Penelope,  wife  Ann  Bryan,  loving 
brother  Hardy  Bryan,  brother  Lewis  Bryan ;  speaks  of  lots  in  New 
Bern;  January  28,  1746;  probated  May  9, 1746. 

James  Brickell.  April  22,  1746;  probated  June  Court,  1746; 
daughter  Ann,  son  James,  daughter  Mary,  son  of  Elizabeth  Grey, 
daughter  Charity. 

28  North  Carolina  Historical 

*Simon  Bryan,  of  Bertie.  Wife  Ann,  brother  Edward  Bryan,  son 
David  Bryan,  property  to  my  children  by  death  (f  their  brother 
John  Armour,  if  child  in  esse  to  share  equally  with  others. 

William  Bryan,  of  Craven  County.  December  12,  1746;  proba- 
ted June,  1747;  wife  Ann,  children  William,  Elizabeth,  Lewis,  John, 
Anne,  Jesse,  brother  Josepli;  son  William  and  wife  Ann  executors. 

Lewis  Bond,  of  Chowan.  February  22,  1753;  probated  April 
Court,  1753;  son  Richard,  son  William,  son  John,  daughters  Sarah 
and  Elizabeth,  wife  Rebecca;  brother-in-law  Richard  Bi»nd  executor. 

fSarah  Blackall,of  Edenton.  January  29,  1754;  probated  April 
Cburt,  1754  ;  daughter  Sarah  Rowden,  daughter  Penelope,  daughter 

Henry  Bray.  September  20,  1745;  probated  June  Court,  1758; 
son  William,  son  Christopher,  son  John,  son  George,  son  Henry,  son 
Daniel,  son  Jeremiab,  son  Caleb,  son  Jacob,  daughter  Mary  Shaw, 
daughter  Sarah  Squires,  daughter  Elizabeth  Forbes. 

Richard  Bright.  February  20,  1733-4;  probated  1st  July,  1740; 
son  Richard,  son  Hanson,  son  S <)lomon,  son  William,  son  James, 
son  Samuel,  daughter  Ann  Cox, daughter  Elenor  Etheridge,  daugh- 
ter Edee  Bright. 

:t:Henry  Lawrence  Bate,  of  Bertie.  12th  May,  1740  ;  son  Augus- 
tine, child  in  esse^  wife  Martha,  brother  Humphrey  Bate,  sister  Ann 
Bate,  honored  mother  Sanders,  wife  Martha  and  brother  Humphrey 
Bate  Executors.  Witnesses,  Will  Cathcart,  Henry  Hunter,  Sarah 

Inventory  estate  of  James  Blount,  filed  September  16, 1751,  by  Har- 
man  Hill,  JExecutor. 

*  Note  by  Editor.— Simon  was  the  son  of  Lewis  Bryan  and  his  wife,  Elizabeth 
Hunter,  wlio  came  with  his  father  into  Bertie  County,  N.  C,  from  Surry  County, 
Va.,  in  1713.  Whom  he  first  married  has  not  yet  been  ascertained.  Married 
second  Elizabeth  Armour,  widow  of  John  Armour  and  daughter  of  David  Bailey, 
of  Pasquotank.  He  lived  in  Pasquotank  until  after  the  death  of  his  second  wife, 
and  then  married  Anne  Jacoeks,  widow  of  Charles  Worth  Jacocks,  of  Bertie 
County.  She  was  Anne  West  before  her  marriage  to  Jacocks.  There  was  one 
son,  Simon,  by  the  first  marriage ;  three  children.  David,  Joseph  and  Winnefred, 
by  the  second  marriage,  John  Armour  being  a  half  brother  to  the  last-named 
children.  Have  not  been  able  to  find  the  names  of  any  children  by  the  last  mar- 
riage. Can  any  reader  give  me  the  full  list  of  this  family  ?  The  brother  Edward 
referred  to  married  Martha  West,  daughter  of  Thomas  West  and  Martha  Blount, 
his  wife  Martha  being  the  daughter  of  John  Blount  and  wife,  Elizabeth  Davis, 
who  were  married  in  1695.  Edward  Br^an  lived  in  Bertte  County,  and  died 
there  in  1762.  His  will  is  on  record  at  Windsor,  N.  C,  and  was  executed  March 
14.  1761.  Mentions  wife  Martha,  daughter  Mary  (married  George  Lockhart), 
daughter  Martha  (died  unmarried),  daughter  Elizabeth  (died  unmarried), 
daughter  Ann  (married  James  Ryan),  daughter  Sarah  ( married  Thomas  Baker), 
son  Thomas  (died  unmarried),  daughter  Janet  (married  Hardy  Hill,  son  of 
Michael,  son  of  Nathaniel,  son  of  Isaac),  son  Edward  (died  unmarried) — child  in 
€88*" — Winnefred   (married  George  Durant  Reed). 

f  Note.— Widow  of  Dr.  Abraham  Blackall. 

JNoTK. — Wife  Martha  was  the  daughter  of  Thomas  Whitmell,  and  his  wife,  Eliz- 
abeth Hunter  Bryan,  daughter  of  Lewis  Bryan,  and  his  wife.  Elizabeth  Hunter. 
Martha  Bate  married  second  John  Hill,  of  Bertie  County  who  died  in  1762.  His  will, 
recorded  in  Bertie  County,  mentions  the  following  persons  :  Son  Whitmell  Hill, 
daughter  Elizabeth  (who  married  Jonathan  Jacobs  II),  daughter  Mary  (married 

Pugh),  daughter  Winifred  ( ),  daughter  Sarah,  son  Harry,  child 

in  esse ;  Wm.  Gray  and  Wm.  Williams  Executors.  Witnesses,  WiU  Cathcart, 
David  Standley,  Elizabeth  Whitmell. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  29 

Benjamin  Blount,  Sr.,  of  Tyrrell  County.  February  13,  1739 ; 
probated  Juhp,  1740;  wife  Elizibeth,  son  James,  son  Jacob,  s^n 
Isaac,  daughter  Esther,  son  Edmund,  daughter  Mary,  daughter 
Sarah,  son  Benjamin. 

Samuel  Bundy,  of  Pasquotank.  January  6.  1T37;  probated  July 
Court,  1740;  friend  Thos  Nicholson,  cousin  Samuel  Buiuly,  wife 
Anne,  son  Josiah,  son  Gideon,  son  Abraljam,  daughter  Jane  Pike 
wife  of  Benjamin  Pike,  son  William,  son  Jeremiah. 

Francis  Branch,  of  Chowan.  November  14,1739;  probated  De- 
ceml>er  4,  1739;  Phillip  Maguire,  land  in  Rockyhoek  N^ck  100 
acres,  son  William  Branch,  son  Issachar,  daughter  Sarali  Donovan, 
wife  Ann  Branch;   Will  Arkill  and  Wm.  Luien  Executors. 

John  Battle,  of  Bertie  County.  April  22,  1740  ;  pro'mted  May 
Court  1740;  son  William,  son  Jesse,  daughters  Priscilla  and  Sarah, 
child  in  esse,  brother  Wm.  Battle,  wife  Sarah  Battle,  John  Brown, 
brother  to  my  wife. 

Joseph  Bellman,  of  Perquimans  County.  July  10, 1740,  October, 
1740,  probated;  wife  Mary,  daughter  Sarah 

Henry  Bright.  Probated  October  Court,  1739  ;  son  Adam, 
daughter  Levinah  Upton,  wife  Elizabeth. 

William  Badham,  of  Chowan  October  28,  1736;  Ellen,  daugh- 
ter of  Martha  Dunston,  relict  of  John  Dunston,  born  at  E^lenton 
August  1,  1733,  land  I  bought  of  Wm.  Willson;  240  acres,  adjoin- 
ing Orlando  Champion,  to  her  sister  Mary,  born  June  6,  1735,  wife 
Martha,  Barnaby  Stetz  Dunston,  Richard  William  Dunston,  Arthur 
Laporte  son  of  John  Laporte. 

John  Ballard,  of  Chowan.  July  12,  173^;  probated  November 
26,  1736;  wife  Mary,  daughter  in-law  Sarah,  daughter  Ann  Ballard  ; 
John  Lewis  and  Jolin  Jones  Executors. 

Robert  Bond.  Son  Francis,  daughter  Mary  Goodall,  John  Good- 
all,  daughter  Sarah  Bond,  daughter  Elizabeth  Bond,  daughter  Mar- 
tha Bond. 

*Henry  Baker,  of  Chowan.  January  9,1737;  probated  May  1,1739; 
son  Henry,  son  John,  son  Blake,  daughter  Mary,  daughter  Sarah, 
son  David,  daughter  Ruth,  son  Zadock,  wife  Ruth,  brothers  Will- 
iam, James  and  Lawrence  Baker. 

John  Boyii,  of  Chowan.  October  9,  1737;  July  Court,  1737,  pro- 
bated ;  wife  Lydia,  children  William,  Anne,  Marion  and  Lydia. 

John  Bonde.  Wife  Katharine,  son  Charles,  brother  Thos.  Bonde; 
18' h  May,  1738;  probated  August  25,  1738. 

Thomas  Beezley.  April  15,  17o3;  probated  July  3,  1733;  son 
John,  wife  Elizabeth,  son  Thomas. 

Samuel  Beesley.     November  13, 1735;  John  Beesley,  Mary  Bees- 

*NoTB. — Ruth  Baker  was  the  daughter  of  Edmund  Chancy,  of  Pasquotank 
County.  Division  of  his  estate  in  1750,  between  his  heirs  as  follows :  John  Ba- 
ker, Mary  DeGraffenried,  Blake  Baker,  Ruth  Baker,  Sarah  Baker,  Zadock 

30  North  Carolina  Historical 

ley,  brother  Francis,  grandmother,  brother  James  Beesley,  Jamee 

Richard  Brown.  April  8,  1734;  probated  May  Court,  1736;  son 
Daniel,  son  Richard,  son  William,  son  James,  son  Stephen,  daugh- 
ter Elizabeth  Howcott,  daughter  Margaret  Brown,  wife  Margaret. 

Stephen  Burgess.  January  21, 1735-6;  probated  April  13,  1736; 
son  Thomas,  son  Stephen,  son  David,  wife  Elizabeth. 

Walter  Brown,  of  Bertie  County.  October  17,1735;  February 
Court,  1736  ;  son  Josiah,  cousin  Jesse  Drake,  wife  Mary,  child  in  esse. 

William  Boyce.     August  30,  1688;  wife  Ann. 

John  Barber,  of  Pasquotank.  June  11,  1692;  Ann  Boyce,  wife  of 
Wm  Boyce,  Executrix. 

Nathaniel  Batts.  Dead ;  no  will ;  Joseph  Chew  married  his  widow 
and  administratrix;  James  Blount  surety;  November  5,  1679. 

John  Bentley.  October  15, 1695;  brother  Richard,  cousin  Eliza- 
beth Leary  daughter  of  Cornelius  Leary,  and  Mary  his  wife;  John 
Williams  and  Roger  Williams,  sons  of  my  brother-in-law  Jenkius 
Williams;  child  in  esse;  brother-in-law  Wm.  Barrow. 

Edward  Bays.  August  3,  1696;  wife  Mary,  son  John,  daughter 
Elizabeth,  daughter  Mary,  daughter  Ann. 

John  Bryant,  of  Edgecombe.  September  14, 1734;  probated  May, 
1735;  wife  Elizabeth,  son  William  Bryant,  son  Arthur,  Daniel  Hop- 
per, friend  John  Pope. 

Thomas  Blount,  of  Kendricks  Creek,  Tyrrell  County.  August  4, 
1701;  "wife  Mary  Blount  and  all  my  children." 

William  Boyce.  December  1,  1703;  Robert  Bradley,  of  Prince 
George,  Maryland;  gold  ring  to  Mrs.  Juliana  Laker,  my  Executrix; 
Col.  William  Wilkinson*s  wife,  James  Stoddart,  of  Prince  George, 
Maryland;  his  wife,  John  Coble,  Peter  Godfrey,  Mrs.  Joanna  Taylor. 

William  Bryto.  June  11,  1703;  mother  Mary,  of  Yarmouth 
County,  of  Norfolk,  England  ;  brother  Robert,  Mrs.  Juliana  Laker. 

John  Buck.  June  27,  1710;  sonsin-law  Samuel  Barber  and  Ja- 
cob Barber,  wife  Ann  Buck. 

Richard  Bright.  No  date;  son  Ephraim,  son  William,  wife  Eliza- 
beth, my  daughters. 

John  Brothers,  of  Pasquotank.  November  28,  1733;  probated 
April,  1785;  sons  Joseph,  William,  John.  Samuel  and  Thomas, 
daughter  Elizabeth,  son  Richard,  wife  Mary. 

James  Bright.     March  27,  1735;  wife  Ann. 

Thomas  Batters.  November  29,  1733;  probated  January  11,  1734; 
wife  Dorcas,  daughter  Mary,  daughter  Diana. 

William  Boswell.  1st  day,  12  h  month,  1734-'5;  probated  Feb- 
ruary, 1735  ;  wife  Margaret,  daughter  of  Christopher  Nicholson,  son 
Thomas,  son  John,  son  Ichabod,  daughter  Mary. 

James  Burns,  of  Bertie  County.  January  8, 1733;  probated  March 
31,  1735;  wife  Elizabeth,  son-in-law  John  Wynns,  grandson  George 
Augustus   Wynne,  son-in-law   CuUiner    Sessoms,  daughter   Mary 

A*ND  Genealogical  Register.  31 

Wynn,  daughter  Elizabeth  Early,  grandson  James  Early,  James 
Barke,  William  Burke,  John  Askew,  goddaughter  Martha  Davis. 

Moses  Baros.  January  7, 1733;  probated  March,  1733-4;  Mary 

John  Browning.  29th  April,  1723;  probated  September  4,  1733; 
wife  Margaret,  son  John,  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Dorcas. 

William  Barclift.  July  25, 1733;  probated  February  19, 1733-^4; 
son  William,  wife  Sarah. 

James  Bryan,  of  Bertie,  north  side  of  Meherrin.  All  my  children ; 
May  2,  1733-'4. 

John  Bass.  January  18,  1732;  February  Court,  1732;  son  Ed- 
ward, son  William,  grandson  Aaron  Johnston,  daughter  Judith, 
daughter  Sarah  Anderson,  daughter  Lucy  Bass,  daughter  Mary,  son 
Aaron,  daughter  Patience,  son  Moses,  son  John,  wife,  last  wife's  chil- 

Joseph  Ballard.  July  21, 1729;  probated  October  14, 1729;  wife, 
SOD  Joseph,  daughter  Martha,  daughter  Susannah,  son  Elisha,  son 
Elias,  daughter  Hester. 

Stephen  Burgess.  December  19,  1729;  probated  January  13, 
1729-'30;  to  eldest  son  Stephen  Beach  Ridge,  son  Thomas,  wife 
Elizabeth,  rest  of  my  children. 

William  Barecock.  5th  March,  1730-1;  probated  July  Court, 
1731;  sons  Thomas,  William,  Daniel,  Peter,  son  Joseph  and  Luke, 
daufijhter  Ann,  wife  Jane.     (Pasquotank  County.) 

William  Bastable.  March  19,  1727- '8;  wife  Hannah,  daughter 

Benjamin  Bundy.  October  5,  1728;  probated  October  26,  1728; 
wife  Hannah,  brother  Samuel,  cousin  Mary  Jones. 

William  Bray,  Sr.  January  18, 1725;  probated  August  23, 1725; 
eldest  son  Henry,  younger  son  George,  Wm.  Burgess  Executor. 

Paul  Bunch,  of  Chowan.  November  16,  1726;  probated  Novem- 
ber 16,  1726;  son  John  Bunch,  Fortune  Iloldbee. 

Ross  Bell.  February  21,  1726.7;  probated  November  10,  1727; 
eldest  son  George  Bell,  daughter  Mary,  wife  Martha,  son  Joseph,  son 
Ross  Bell. 

John  Burkett.     February  4,  1728-*9 ;  sod  Joseph. 

Thomas  Boyd,  of  Bath.  December  17, 1725;  probated  April  court, 
1726;  wife  Katharine,  son  Thomas  Boyd. 

Thomas  Brent.  January  1,  1726;  probated  January  26,  1727; 
wife  Ann  Brent.  Witness  Thomas  Williams,  Robert  Heath,  Charles 

Thomas  Bagley.  January  23, 1727-'8;  son  Thomas,  son  William, 
daughter  Hannah,  wife  Susanna. 

Moses  Baker.  Probated  July  Court,  1724 ;  son  Moses,  son  Ben- 
nett, son  William,  wife,  my  three  daughters;  Richard  Minor,  Ex- 

William  Barry.  December  14,  1721 ;  probated  January  Court, 
1722;  Marian,  brother  David  Barry,  Theo.  Morris,  Mary  Meads 
daughter  of  John  Meads,  of  Little  River. 

32  North  Carolina  Historical 

Samuel  Bond,  of  Perquimans.  12th,  8th  month,  1721 ;  probated 
March  26,  1723;  son  Samuel,  son  Luke,  daughter  Elizabeth, 
daughter  Mary,  daughter  Susanna,  daughter  Jane. 

John  Bell.  March  1, 1720 ;  probated  March  29, 1721 ;  sons  James, 
John,  William,  George,  and  Nathan,  daughter  Mary,  son  Henry, 
son  Joseph,  Fon  Benjamin ;  wife  Mary  Executrix. 

William  Boge.  December  20,  1721;  probated  April  11,  1721; 
sons  William,  Josiah,  wife  Ellendor,  daughter  Elizabeth  Hill,  daugh- 
ter Jane  Boge,  daughter  Miriam  Boge,  grandson  Wm.  Hill,  daughter 
Rachel  Boge,  son  Robert;  Wm   Bt»ge  and  Janet  Hill  Executors. 

Anne  Barnsford.  April  23, 1721 ;  probated  July  18, 1721 ;  daugh- 
ter Anne  Combs,  granddaughter  Elizabeth  Riogal,  daughter  Eliza- 
beth Riogal. 

Caleb  Bundy,  of  Pasquotank.  20th  day,  1st  month,  1721;  April 
Cojirt,  1721 ;  brothers  William,  John,  Joshua  and  John  Bundy, 
sons  of  my  brother  John. 

Caleb  Bundy.  25,  2d  month,  1721 ;  February  19,  1721-'22;  son 
John,  brother  William,  son  Wm.  Bundy's  daughter,  my  grand- 
daughter named  Lydia  Bundy,  son  Benjamin,  brother  Samuel, 
daughter  Mary  Bundy. 

Thomas  Ball,  of  Chowan  County.  March  28, 1722 ;  William  Ball, 
Anne  Ball,  youngest  daughter  unnamed,  wife  and  three  children  ; 
wife  Executrix. 

James  Beels,  of  Pasquotank.  November  3,  1721 ;  wife  Ann,  sons 
John,  Jacob  and  James. 

James  Brown.  April  5, 1721 ;  probated  July  11, 1721 ;  wife  Mary 
Brown,  son  William,  grandson  to  Gov.  Marcum. 

William  Branch,  of  Chowan.  November  20,  1721 ;  January  20, 
1722 ;  wife  Margaret,  brother  Francis  Branch  Executor8,6on  William, 
Henry  Bonner,  William  Bonner,  and  Paul  Palmer,  son  Issachar, 
son  Solomon,  daughter  Elizabeth,  and  an  infant. 

Richard  Bounds,  of  Perquimans.  November  22,  1720;  July  11, 
1721 ;  wife  Abigail,  son  Edward,  daughter  Elizabeth  Horner,  daugh- 
ter Abigail,  son  Samuel ;  wife  and  James  Ming  Executors. 

John  Browne.  November  28,  1718;  probated  October  21,  1718; 
Jacob  Pritchard,  son  of  my  wife  Anne,  wife  Anne. 

Thomas  Barecock.  January  14,  1721 ;  January  27,  1741,  proba- 
ted; daughter  Elizabeth  Upton,  daughter  Sarah  Sanderlin,  Priscilla 
Gregory,  daughter  Margaret  Gregory,  son  Wm.  Barecock,  daughter 
Rebecca  Forbes,  daughter  Martha  Forbes,  granddaughter  Margaret 
Davis,  grandson  Thomas  Barecock, grandson  Caleb  Gregory:  Wm. 
Barecock  and  Priscilla  Gregorv  Executors. 

John  Billet,  February  29,  i719-'20;  probated  May  11,1720;  son 
Daniel,  son-in-law  James  Bell  and  wife  Mary,  grandson  Nevell  Bell, 
son  of  James  and  Mary,  wife  Alice. 

William  Brice.  November  16, 1718;  probated  May  1, 1719 ;  Ann 
Brice,  sons  William  and  Francis,  daughter  Elizabeth  ;  wife  and  Thos. 
Harvey,  Executors. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  '  33 

John  Berkeley,  of  St.  Giles'  Parish,  county  of  Middlesex,  England, 
and  Elizibelh  his  wile,  and  Sarah  Catchmaid,  of  ijaid  Pari>h,  daugh- 
ter and  co-heir  of  Edward  Calchniaid,  who  was  sou  and  heir  of 
Thomas  ('alclimaid,  late  of  Nanseniond,  Va. 

Winnefred  Boyd.  June  15,  1720;  probated  July  19,  1720:  son 
Thomas  Boyd,  son  John  Boyd,  son  Beij  imin  Wt-st,  son  Ctjas   West. 

James  Basley,  of  Clu»wan.  loih  April,  1720;  probated  August 
6, 1720;  son  J;nnes,  son  Francis,  son  Robert, sju  Samuel,  wife  Mary ; 
wife  and  son  James  executors. 

Thomas  Brown.  Octoher  21,  1718;  probated  October  26,  1718; 
wife  Chrisiian,  son  Thomas,  daughier  Sarah,  son  Edmuud,  son 
Howell  Br«»wn,son  James. 

Francis  Beasley.  April  17,1719;  probated  May  18,  1719;  son 
Jamts,  son  Robert,  wife  Mary;  brother  James  Beasley  and  John 
Smithwick  executors. . 

John  Barrow.  March  1,  1718;  probated  August  2,  1718;  daugh- 
ter Joanah  Williams,  son  J«dio.  s<»n  Joseph,  turn  Jam«8. 

Jolin  Barrow.  June  11.1718;  wife  Richel,  son  John,  daughters 
Sarah,  Rebecca,  Elizabeth,  and  Margaret;  wife  and  brother  Jos.  Bar- 
row executors. 

Jara-s  Birrow,  of  Chowan.  Probated  October  11,  1719;  dated 
January  17,  1718  ;  broiher  Joseph  Barrow,  sister  Joana,  wife  Sarah, 
daughier  Sarah,  cousin  Sarah,  daughter  of  Jidin  Barrow. 

William  Brown.  July  21,  1719;  r.robated  October 21, 1719;  wife, 
Bons  John  and  Thomas,  daughier  Ann,  John  Carrier,  daughter 
Mary,  daughter  Sarah,  daughter  Man  ha,  son  Jacob. 

Willijim  Bray.     Died  wiilmntn  will;  Wallis  Bray  administrator. 

John  Burruss.  Dr^cemher  12,  1715;  Wm.  Sigley,  and  Joanna  his 
wife,  late  widow  of  John  Biirru>s,  jtdmini-lratrix. 

Daniel  Brown  is  dead.  No  will;  Peter  Brown  administrator; 
July  17,  1716. 

John  B.^rry  is  dead.  No  will;  Henry  Speller,  greatest  creditor, 
administrator;  20? h  June,  17 1 7. 

John  Biiley.  Probated  July  Couit,  171(5;  friend  Henry  Clarke, 
wife  Mary  Bailey. 

♦James  Bloufit.  February  12,  1710;  probated  April  22.  1717; 
wife  Elizabeth  Blount,  danj^hier  Anne,  daughter  Elizibeth  Yelver- 
toD,  grandsons  JanifS  and  John  Yfclvert<»n.  my  son  John  Yelverton, 
and  (1  iughter  Mary,  pranddan^hter  Sairah  Phillip"-^,  son  John  Blount, 
son  James  Blouni;  Wm.  Nearne,  wife  Elizabeth  and  daughter 
Mary  executms. 

AViliiam  Barrow.  January  8,  1715;  probated  April  27,  1717; 
sons  William,  John  an<l  Richard,  sons  Samuel,  Jose[)h  and  James, 
wife  Elizibeth,  daughters  Anne  and  Sarah. 

Williston  Britt.  <A'  Bertip  County.  June  2i,  1711 ;  daughter]Mary, 
Sarah  Edwards;  Tho^  West  and  Robert  West  executors. 

*  Note. — Son  of  James  Bl  junt  who  settled  in  Chowan  in  1669. 

84  North  Carolina  Historical 

Williana  Benbury.  July  13, 1709 ;  son-in-law  James  Watch,  wife 
Jane,  son  William,  son  John,  daughter  Martha,  daughter  Hannah. 
Witnesses,  Henry  Bonner,  Ann  Moseley,  and  Edward  Moseley. 

El  ward  Bonner,  of  Currituck.  July  29,  1711 ;  son  Joseph,  wife 
Sarah,  daughter  Sarah,  daughter  Mary,  daughters  Jane  and  Susan- 
nah, my  brother  Benjamin  Tull,  and  my  brother  Williams,  assist- 
ants, friend  Joseph  Wicker  also. 

John  Buruby,  of  Pasquotank.  February  8,  1705;  son  John 
Burnby,  Jr.,  granddaughter  Margaret  Burnby,  granddaughter 
E  izibeth  Cobb,  grandchildren  John  Mason,  Sarah  Mason,  and 
Mary  Mason,  wife  EI  zabeth. 

John  Bennett,  of  Currituck.  December  10,  1710;  sons  Joseph 
and  Benjamin,  cousin  Wm.  Jones,  of  Northamptonshire,  wife's 
grandfather,  Richard  Nescut,  of  South  Pedecton  in  Somersetshire, 
adopted  son  Sampson  G<»ldard,  wife  Mary,  executrix. 

Thomas  Brent,  of  Curriutck.  January  25, 1712-*3 ;  son  Charles 
Brent,  son  John  Brent,  son  Thomas  Brent,  wife  Alice  Brent. 

John  Brown  dead.     April  7,  1713. 

Jacob  Bodeet  dead  and  no  will.  John  Brock  in  right  of  his  wife 
Mary,  widow  and  relict  of  said  Jacob,  administrator;  May  4,  1714. 

James  Bryan,  of  Bertie.  1731-2;  son  William,  John  DIew, 
Richard  Braswell,  James  Bryant,  Thomas  Bryant,  and  Matthew 

Thomas  Brent.  July  26, 1727;  probated,  dated  11th  May,  1727  ; 
son  James,  wife  Ann. 

*  James  Blount.  July  9,  1685;  proved  July  17,  1686;  son  James 
Blount,  son  Thomas  Blount,  two  daughters  Ann  Slocum,  and  Eliz- 
abeth H>iwkin8,  grandchildren  James  and  Sarah  Blount,  children  of 
my  son  Thomas,  and  Ann  Slocum,  daughter  of  my  daughter  Ann 
Slocum,  John  Hawkins,  son  of  my  daughter  Elizabeth  Hawkins, 
son  John  Blount;  wife  Ann  Blount,  sole  executrix.  Witnesses,  John 
Railey,  Jane  Miller,  Wm.  Di)bson. 

John  Blount's  will.  January  7,  1725-6;  probated  May  18, 1726; 
wife  Elizabeth,  son  Thomas, son  John,  son  James,  son  Charles  Worth, 
son  Josef)h,  daughters  Mary  Jacocks,  Eiiz^beth  Pagett,  Sarah  Lovick, 
Martha  Worselv,  Hester  Worley,  daughters  Ann  and  Rachel.  Wit- 
nesses, Sam4  Warren,  William  Benbury,  Magnus  Plowman. 

♦  Note. — James  Blount  came  into  Chowan  Precinct.  Colony  of  Carolina  in  1669, 
from  Isle  of  Wight  County,  Va.  There  is  evidence  to  show  that  he  was  living  with 
his  family,  in  Ible  of  Wight  County,  Va.,  in  1660.  A  deposition  made  in  a  suit,  in 
which  the  witness  stated,  that  she  lived  in  his  family  in  1660,  in  the  above- 
named  place.  Mrs.  Anne  Blount  his  wife,  was  Anne  Willis,  of  Ipswich.  Massa- 
chusetts— married  first,  Robert  Rascoe,  of  Rownok;  second,  James  Blount;  third, 
Seth  Sothel ;  fourth.  Col.  John  Lear,  of  Nansemond  County,  Virginia.  James 
Blount's  son,  John  Blount,  was  married  to  Elizabeth  Davis,  daughter  of  John 
and  Mary  Davis,  of  Henrico  County,  Virginia,  11th  June,  1695,  by  Capt.  John 
Standall.  ^ 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  ^5 

♦EVzabeth  Blount'a  will.  February  8, 1732;  probated  March  12, 
1732-'3;  son  John,  son  Thomas,  son  James,  son  Joseph,  son  Crmrles 
Worth,daughter  Ann  Worley,  daughter  Rachel;  John  Lovick,  Sam'l 
Pagett  and  Jonathan  Jacocks  executors.  Witnesses,  Robert  Hicks, 
Mary  Col  ear. 

♦Note. — ^The  above  wills  were  executed  by  John  Blount  and  his  wife  Elizabeth. 
His  wife  survived  him  about  seven  years.  They  lived  and  died  at  Mulberry  Uill, 
about  six  miles  from  Ekienton,  on  the  Albemarle  Sound.  The  land  was  be- 
qaeathed  to  John  Blount  by  his  father,  James  Blount,  who  patented  the  same  in 
16S4;  it  is,  however,  probable  that  he  occupied  the  land  several  years  before  he 
secured  his  grant.  The  court  records  show  that  James  Blount  was  in  Shaftsbury 
or  Chowan  Precinct  in  1670.  Tradition  has  it  that  he  came  into  Chowan  in  1669. 
The  Dam«>s  of  John  and  Elizabeth  Blount's  children  are  as  fcdlows :  Mary  Blount, 
born  1696.  (married  Jonathan  Jacocks  I ;  they  both  died  about  the  same  time  in 
1735,  at  or  near  Scotch  Hall,  in  Bertie  Tounty)  ;  Eliznbeth  Blount,  born  1697, 
(married  Dr.  Samuel  Pagett ;  they  lived  and  died  in  Edenton)  ;  Sarah  Blount, 
born  1699,  (married  John  Lovick,  Secretary  of  the  Colony  :  she  lived  but  a  few 
years  and  died  without  issue,  her  husband  marrying  for  his  second  wife  Penelope, 
widow  of  William  Maule.  and  dausrhter  of  Gov,  Charles  Eden) ;  Martha  Blount, 
born  1702,  (married  first  Thomas  West,  who  died  in  1722,  leaving  two  dHughters, 
Martha  West,  who  married  Edward  Bryan,  of  Bertie,  and  Elizabeth  West,  who 

married  Col.  Thomas  Whitmell,  of  Bertie  County ;  Martha  married  second 

Woreeley) ;  Esther  or  Hester  (married  John  Worley),  was  born  in  1703;  John 
Bluiint,  born  in  1706.  (married  Sarah  E.  Vail,  daughter  of  Jeremiah  Vail ;  they 
sacoeeded  to  the  Mulberry  Hill  estate,  and  lived  and  died  there) ;  Thomas  Blount, 
born  1708,  (married  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Pollock,  widow  of  Major  George  Pollock,  and 
daughter  of  Thomas  Whitmell  and  his  wife  Elizabeth  Hunter  Bryan  ;  two  chil- 
dren were  the  fruit  of  this  marriage — Whitmell  Blount,  who  married  Amelia 
Bryan,  and  was  probably  killed  at  the  battle  of  (German town,  during  the  Revolu- 
tionary war ;  the  second  child,  Winnifred  Blount,  married  her  cousin.  Hon. 
Whitmell  Hill ;  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Blount  married  Col.  William  Williams,  of  MaVtin 
County,  for  her  third  husband ;  he  was  the  son  of  Wm.  Williams  and  his  wife 
Elizabeth  Alston,  daughter  of  John  Alston) ;  James  Blount,  born  1710,  (mar- 
ried   ;  left  two  daughters— Nancy  married  Dempsey  Connor,  son  of 

Dempsey  Connor  and  Mary  Pendleton,  great-granddaughter  of  Governor  Arch- 
dale,  and  left  one  daughter,  Frances  Clark  Pollock  CJonnor,  who  married  first 
Joseph  Blount  IH,  and  second  Wra.  Hill,  late  Secretary  of  State  of  North  Caro- 
lina; James  Blount's  second  daughter,  Betsy  Blount,  married  Jeremiah  Vail,  son 
ot  Jeremiah  Vail ;  they  removed  to  New  Hanover  County).    Anne  Blount,  born 

1719,  (married  Worley) ;  Joseph  Blount,  born   1716,  died  1777,  (married 

Sarah  Durant,  daughter  of  George  Durant  [grandson  of  George  Durant  the  elder] 
and  his  wife  Hagar  Crisp,  daughter  of  Nicholas  Crisp  and Wilkinshis  wife- 
only  one  daughter  survived  by  this  marriage,  Sarah,  who  married  Wm.  Little- 
i'ohn ;  Joseph  Blount  marrieid  second  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Scarborough,  widow  of 
fcRora Scarborough,  her  first  husband  being  Wm.  Reed,  of  Pa^^quotank  County, 
the  son  of  Governor  Wm.  Reed)  ;  Rachel,  born  1717.  (no  record  has  been  found  as 
yet  of  her  marriag**) ;  Charles  Worth  Blount,  born  1721,  died  1784,  married  Mary 
Clayton,  and  left  Elizabeth  Blount,  born  1747.  died  1880 ;  John  Blount,  born  17C4. 
died  1836;  Edmund  Blount,  born  1745,  died  1792;. Martha  Ann,  who  married 
Joshua  Skinner ;  their  children,  (I)  Joseph  Blount  Skinner,  married  Maria 
Louise  Lowther ;  (2)  Joshua  Skinner,  married  Elizabeth  Blair ;  (8)  John  Skinner, 
born  1794.  died  1810,  unmarried  :  (4)  Elizabeth  B.  Skinner,  married  first  Wm. 
Wilson,  second  Exum  Newby ;  (5)  Rev.  Thomas  H.  Skinner,  married  first  Emily* 
Montgomery,  second  Frances  L.  Davenport;  (6)  Margaret  H.  Skinner,  married 
Wm.  Spence;  (7)  Sarah  Skinner,  married  Baker  Hoskins,  and  died  leaving  one 
child.  Thomas  S.  Hoskins ;  (8)  Martha  A.,  married  Baker  Hoskins ;  (9)  Benja- 
min S.  Skinner,  married  Elizabeth  Leigh ;  (10)  Edmond  B.  Skinner,  married  first 
Emily  Wood,  and  second  Eliza  A.  Curtis ;  (11)  Charles  Worth  Skinner,  born  1784, 
married  first  Mary  Creecy.  second  Annie  Squires.  A  full  table  will  be  given  in 
a  later  issue  of  these  families. 

86  North  Carolina  Historical 

Edmund  Chancy,  of  Pasquotank.  18th  July.  1753;  probated  July 
Court^  1751;  grandson  Edmund  Chancy,  son  of  Stephen,  son  Daniel^ 
son  Zichanah,  grandson  E  Imund,  son  of  Jacob,  grand:>on  Edmund, 
son  of  Zichariah,  daughter  inlaw  Richel  Chancy,  granddaufrhter 
Mary,  daughter  of  Jacob,  granddaughter  Hannah,  daughter  of  Zach- 
ariah,  grandson  John  Baker,  daughter  Ruth's  children,  viz :  J«»ha 
Baker,  Mary  DrGraffenreid,  Blake  Baker,  Samuel  Baker,  Ruth 
Baker,  Z«doc  Baker. 

Dempsev  Connor,  of  Pasquotank.  5th  December,  175*';  probated 
January  Court,  1754;  daughter  Ann  Letitia  Connor,  child  in  etse^ 
wife  Mary. 

John  Connor,  of  Pa^^quotank.  5th  day,  lOlh  month,  1753 ;  daugh- 
ter Ruth,  wife  Eiitibeth,  children  John,  Mary,  Kader  and  Ruth. 

James  Craven.  8th  September,  1755;  wife  Penelope,  my  brother^ 
Dr.  Abraham  Boulton. 

John  Colhns,  of  Bertie.  March  18,  1752;  son  William,  grandson 
John  Collins,  son  John,  son  Daniel,  son  Joseph,  s^n  Michael,  son 
Jesse,  son  Dempsey,  son  Abraham,  grandson  John  Keen. 

Matthew  Caswell,  of  Tyrrell  County.  Son  Matthew,  son  Samuel, 
son  Elisha,  daughter  Joana,  daughter  Eliz  ibeth,  daughter  J-  mima, 
daughter  Tabiiha,  wife  Elizabeth;  March  24, 1745;  probated  Novem- 
ber 16,  1750. 

Elizibeth  Clayton.  February  2,  1737;  probated  January  15, 
1737-*8;  daughter  Mary  Clayton,  beloved  brother  John  Stevenson, 
and  John  Bardift  executors. 

John  Collison,  of  Bertie.  May  3,  1736;  February  Court,  1736; 
sons  John,  Thomas,  Jacob  and  Jo-eph,  daughters  Martha  and  Mary; 
Thomas  Blount  and  Thomas  Whiimell  executors. 

Wtn.  Crawford,  January  15,  1735;  eldest  daughter  E'izabeth,  wife 
of  Alexander  Oliver,  Mary  Oliver,  their  eldest  daughter,  daughter 
Honor,  wife  of  Henry  Dilday,  wife  Mary,  grandson  William  Craw- 
ford, and  Thomas  Jenknis. 

John  Cox  (  f  Onslow  County);  April  18,  1713;  son  Benjamin,  wife 
Christian,  daughter  Martha. 

Thomas  Cox,  of  Currituck.  July  5,  1743;  son  E  ^ward,  son  Solo- 
mon, son  Marmaduke,  daughter  Mary,  daughter  Dinah,  daughter 
Ann,  wife  Ann. 

Dennis  Croney.  March  21,  1735,  probated  at  Pasquotank  April 
8,  1735;  wife  Anne,  daughter  Ellender,  daughter  Sarah  Woolard, 
daughter  Mary. 

Williatn  Chancy,Jr;  18th, 2  1  month,  1736;  probated  May  13,1736; 
father  William  Chancy,  brother  Jernmiah,  sister  Ann  B  )yd.  sister 
Mary  Chancy,  sister  Deborah,  cousins  Joseph  and  Deborah  Sutton, 
children  of  my  sister  Eizabeth,  cousin  John  Symons;  brothers  Jere- 
miah Chancy  and  John  Boyd  executors. 

Henry  Carter,  of  Bath.  February  3,  1735-^6;  probated  March 
8,  173*>;  wife  Margaret,  sons  J"iin,  Henry  Solomon  and  Walter. 

John  Charlton,  April  15,1736;  probated  May  13,1736;  wife  Sarah 
Charlton,  sons  Job,  John  and  William,  my  five  children. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  37 

Henry  Compton.  January  11,1735;  February  Courf,  173");  son, 
Henry,  daughters  Elizibeih.  Jane  and  Ann,  friend  Samuel  Peacock. 

Ifivenlory  estate,  Edmund  Coancy  relumed   November  "z9.  1680' 

Elizibeth  Crcssland.  October  18,  HiOS;  father  Richard  Shirell. 
John  Corslau;  6lh  May,  1G93;  goddaughter  Constant  Jbhiver,  Ann 

Richard  Craig.  lG9o-'G ;  friend  Patrick  Bailey,  two  sons  of  John 

Richard  Chappell.  March  5,  17{4-'5 ;  probated  8th  Oct(»ber, 
17:^5;  sons  Moses,  Micajah  and  Richard,  daughters  Judah  and  Sarah, 
wife  Elizabeth. 

Richard  Collins.  September  23,  1701;  Joseph  Poiner,  son  of  Ed- 
ward Poiner,  Ann  Molls»n,  John  Benton,  R  iger  Montague. 

Thomas  Cullett.  Dead;  no  will ;  Arthur  Carlton  administrator; 
July  17,  1706. 

Martin  Croman,  May  1,  1733;  probated  September  11,  1733; 
brother  Thomas  Croman,  in  Limrick,  Ireland,  daui^hter  in-law  Eliza- 
beth Frost,  daughteriu  law  Elener  Frost,  son-in  law  Thomas  Cope- 

John  Chester.  December  18,1733;  probated  August  30,  1734; 
daughter  Leath  Adams,  daughter  Rachel  Hocking,  son-in-law  Benja- 
min H'cking,  son  John  Chester,  daughter  Chester,  daughter 

Mary  Chester,  daughter  Sarah  Chester,  wife  Elizibeth. 

*  Levi  Crtecy,  of  Perquimans.  October  21, 1731;  probated  October 

28,  1734;  son  John,  daughter Creecy,  son  Levi,  son  Joseph, 

daughter  Sarah  ;  John  Creecy  and  Zichariah  Chancy  executors. 

Thomas  Cook.  November  20,  1734;  20th  January,  1731, dated; 
Grizell  Bull;  Edmund  Gale  executor. 

John  Clemmit,  of  Bertie  County.  January  31,  1734;  probated 
January  7,  1734-5;  Penelope  Bell,  Archibald  Bell,  George  Bell, 
Robert  Bell ;  John  Bell  executor. 

Willam  Cartwright.  January  15. 1733;  probated  April  19,  1734; 
€on  Thomas,  son  Joseph,  wife  S.»rah,  son  Robert,  daughter  Hannah, 
daughter  Tamer,  son  Caleb,  son  David,  son  John,  daughter  Elizabeth, 
daughter  of  John,  deceased. 

B'lijamin  C»ins,  of  Pasquotank.  January  14,  1734;  probated 
November  29,  1734;  son-in-law  James  McBride,  daughter  in-law 
Esther,  daughter  Bdtsy,  wife  Bridget. 

Thomas  Creasy,  of  Bith.  October  28,1730;  probated  August 
Court,  1731  ;  sons  John,  Thomas  and  William,  daughter  Mary  Po- 
hagon,  grandi^on  James  Reynolds. 

Mary  Colson.  July  'lO,  1732;  probated  May  2,1734;  son  William, 
-dauohter  Sarah  Lundy,  wife  ot  James  Lundy. 

William  Cain,  Sr.     3.1  March,  1732-'3;  probated   May  2,  1734; 

*  Note.— The  founder  of  the  Creecy  family  in  North  Carolina ;  he  was  in  Pas- 
quotank County  in  1714:  moved  thence  to  Perquimans;  the  ancestor  of  Col.  R.  B. 
Cr€»ecy.  editor  of  the  Economist  at  Elizabeth  City  ;  one  of  his  daughters  married 
Arthur  Mabson. 

$8  North  Carolina  Historical 

wife  Elizabeth,  eon  Hardy,  daughter  Patience,  daughter  Unis,  eon 
Williaui,  son  James,  daughter  Sarah,  daughtt-r  Rachel. 

Joseph  Claphara.  Son  Samuel,  son  Josias;  March  25, 1733 ;  pro- 
bated May  8,  1733. 

James  Collins.  Father-inOaw  John  Relf,  mother  Elizabeth  Relf, 
Anne  Mary  Borde;  March  23,  17l9-'20;  December  23,  1723. 

Joseph  Cannings.  Wife  Kebecca,  Jostiua  and  Mary  Turner;  Sep- 
tember 22. 1729;  proved  September  22,  1729. 

Mary  Chapman.  September  2,  1728;  probated  January  9,  1729; 
son  in  law  Thomas  Davis,  granddaughter  Mary  D.ivis,  eldest 
daughter  Elizabeth  Lonwell,  daughter  Sarah,  wife  of  K  »bert  Davis. 

William  Cariwright.  February  2, 1731-'2 ;  probated  June  7, 1732; 
friend  Hannah  Stafford,  godFon  Joseph  Stoakley,  sister  Mary  Reas^ 
brother  Robert,  Owen  Reas,  brother  Thomas. 

Ann  Chesson.  January  3,  1727;  January  17,  1727;  sister  Isabel 
Garrett,  son  Joshua  Chesson,  son  John  Chesson,  sou  James  Chesson^ 
brothers  Daniel  and  William  Garrett. 

John  Cotton,  of  Beriie.  Sons  John,  William,  Samuel  and  Thomas, 
sons  Arthur,  Joseph  and  Alexander,  son  James,  wife  Man  ha, 
daughters  Priscilla  and  Susannah,  son  inlaw  John  Thomas,  son  in- 
law John  Spears,  daughter  Mary  Holland,  daughter  Martha  Benton, 
widow  of  Francis  Benton;  probated  Mav  Court,  172S. 

Samuel  Charles.  March  12.  1727-8;  proved  March  18,  1728; 
sons  Samuel,  John  and  Joshua,  Sarah  Maudlin,  granddaughter 
Eh'zabeth  Overman,  daughter  Lydia  Charles,  daughter  Mary  Over- 
man, daughter  Hannah. 

Joseph  Cross.     October  30,  1728;  Joseph  Fulford. 
Zachar>  Chanry,guardian  to  Judith  and  Priscilla  Sanders.  May,1728, 

Alexander  Cambril.  February  25,  172t>;  wife  Ann,  daughter 
Sarah,  Jrimes  Farlow  or  Grav. 

♦Nicholas  Crisp.  March  22, 1720-7;  proved  May  23,1727  ;  grand- 
son Richard  Crisp,  daui^hter  in  law  E'izibeth  (Jrisp,  granddaughter 
Mary  Durant,  granddaughter  Sarah  Duranr,E  izabeth  Crisp,  widow 
of  my  son  John  lately  deceased,  grandson  George  Durant,  grand- 
daughters Ann  and  Elizribeih  Durant,  children  of  my  daughter 
Hagar;  Edward  Mos^ley  and  Jeremiah  Vail  executors.  Witne^ses^ 
Wm.  Williams,  Humphrey  Rubinson,  James  Bnth. 

*NoTE. — Captain  Nicholas  Crisp  first  appears  in  Chowan  Precinct  about  1693» 
He  was  selected  as  one  of  the  Vestrymen  or  St.  Paul's  Parish,  at  its  orgHnization 
in  1701.  Was  a  church  warden  for  a  number  of  years,  treasurer  of  the  patish^ 
member  of  the  court,  and  one  of  the  first  commissioners  of  Queen  Anne*s  Town, 
afterwards  Edenton.  His  name  appears  to  many  of  the  deeds  for  the  first  lots 
sold.    He  was  a  merchant,  and  did  business  Ht  lot  No.  12.  old  plxn  of  the  town. 

He  had  but  two  children.     His  wife  whs  Miss Wilkins,  sister  of  Charles 

Wilkins.  John  Crisp  married  Elizabeth  Sanderson,  daughter  of  Kichard  Sander- 
son of  Little  River.  Perquimans  County.  The  marriap:e  tooK  place  July  25. 1725, 
The  issue  of  this  niarringe  was  one  son.  Richard  Crisp,  who  died  before  reaching 
manhood.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Crisp  married  second  Thomas  Pollock,  son  of  < Gov- 
ernor Thomas  Pollock  ;  issue  Thomas  and  Cuilen  PolltK^k.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Pol- 
lock married  third  Samuel  Scolley ;  no  issue.  Her  last  husband  was  from  Boston, 
but  lived  and  died  in  Benie  County,  N.  C.    Hagar  Crisp  married  George  Durant, 


Samoel  Cbeston.  May  19,  1727;  wife  Ann,  son  Jaraes^  child  in 
esae,  sou  John,  daughter,  all  my  children;  Win.  £gertou  executor. 
(Perquimans  Precinc-.) 

Hannah  Clare.  26,  6th  month,  1726;  probated  January  16, 
1727-8;  daughter  Hester  Winslow,  granddaughter  Mary  Jones, 
daughter  Hannah  Bundy,  my  former  husband  Israel  Snealing, 
Rachel Snealing,  bis  daughter, grandson  Wm.  Jones,  son-in-law  Benj. 

Henry  Clayton.  January  20,  1725-'6;  probated  January  26, 
1725-'6;  wife  Elizabeth,  daughter  Sirah,  broi her  Richard  Clayton, 
of  London,  brother-in-law  Samuel  Person,  of  London. 

Robert  Coleman,  of  Bath.  July  9, 1721,  September  25, 1721 ;  wife 
Mary  Coleman, son-in-law  Christopher  Runnels,  son,  grandson  David 
Dupuies,  wife's  son  Dennis  Odier,  daughter  Elizabeth  Ller,  grand- 
daughter Mary  Isler,  daughter  Marv  White. 

Joseph  Church.  February  28,  1722-3.  April  9,  1723;  daughter 
Ledy  White,  daughter  Ann  Church,  son  Richard  Church. 

George  Clarke,  of  Bertie.  February  5,  1723-4,  July  31.  1724; 
Thomas  Taylor,  son  of  Jonathan,  Jno.  Swain's  eldest  son,  wife  Eliza- 
beth Clarke. 

William  Copeland.  October  23,  1720;  probated  July  21,1724; 
sons  William.  John,  James  and  Charles,  daughters  Christian  and 
Sarah,  wife  Christian. 

Ephraim  Coste.  November  14,  17J9;  goddaughter  Elizabeth 

Garrett  Cowan.  July  16,  1720,  April  Court,  1721;  eldest  son 
Daniel,  wife  Hannah  executrix. 

John  Corp.  20,  lOih  month,  1718,February  10, 1719;  son  William 
Corp,  daughter  Eiliner  Corp,  brother-in-law  Richard  Brothers,  my 

Vines  Copesley.     Estate  returned  by  Robert  B'^asley. 

Eliner  Corp.  John  Corp,  son  of  my  brother  William  Corp,  uncle 
Richard  Brothers,  mother  Eliner  Corp;  May  10,  1720. 

Thomas  Clarke,  of  Chowan.  Peter  Jones  and  Charles  Wilkins 
executors;  wife  Mary,  son  Samuel,  sister  Miles'  children  in  Mary- 
land, her  husband  Tobias  Miles,  brother's  children,  in  Brantry, 
Essex,  England;  November  1,  1718,  October  20,  1719. 

Henry  Cogwell.  Wife  Mary  Elizabeth,  Bettie  Cogwell,  daughters 
Sarah  and  Elizabeth;  February  26,  1716-7,  October  13,  1719. 

John  Clark,  of  Perquimans.  Wife  Ann,  sons  John  and  Thomas, 
in  case  of  their  death,  property  to  go  to  Simon  and  Thomas  Trum- 
bell,  Sarah  Trumbell;  September  3,  1716,  November  14,  1717. 

ion  of  John  Durant  and  his  wife  Sarah  Jooke,  (John  Durant  was  the  son  of 
George  Durant  the  elder).  There  were  five  children  by  this  marriage :  Mary 
marned  Christian  Reed,  her  twin  sister  Sarah  married  Joseph  Blount:  Elizabpth 
married  first  Joseph  Reed,  second  Thomas  Jacocks;  Ann  married  Tliomas  Cor- 
prew,  George  died  in  his  youth.  The  two  twin  sisters.  Mary  Reed  and  Sarah 
Blount,  sleep  in  the  Blount-Lit  tie  John  graveyard,  on  Cheshire's  Hill,  in  the  town 
of  Edenton,  N.  C. 

40  North  Carolina  Historical 

Henry  Creech.  August  16, 1709;  son-in-law  John  Daine,  son-in- 
law  John  Dailie  and  wife  Francei?,sons  Thomas,  William  and  Rich- 
ard Creech,  wife  Joyce,  son  Henrv. 

Francis  Cambri«lge,  of  Upper  P>»rish,  Maryland.  Wife  Elizabeth 
Cumbrige  executrix;  February  2.  1710. 

K'-ndreek  Cumminfort.  July  9, 1712;  daughter  Margaret  Jenette, 
son  William,  son  Andiew  Cone. 

William  Coulson.  November  18.  1712;  my  wife  Elizabeth  Rob- 
inson, David  Henderson  and  John  Boyd  executors. 

James  Coles,  of  Perquimans.  Daughter  Elizabeth  Coles,  land 
whereon  my  father  Jame-*  Cole  lived  ;  my  wife  Mary  Coles  executrix. 

Nathaniel  Chevin,  of  Risquotai.k.  March  8,  1719-20,  March  17, 
1719-20;  son  Nathaniel, son  of  my  late  wife  Judith,  cousin  William 

John  Davis,  of  Pasquotank.  March  28,  1753;  probated  April, 
1753;  sons  John,  William,  Joseph  and  Samuel,  daughter  Sarah 
Gordon,  (jaughther  Elizabeth  Wood,  son  inlaw  William  Gordon. 

Arthur  D  'bbs.  July,  1749;  snn  Conway,  Richard  Dobbs,  younger 
son  Edward  B.  Dobbs,  second  wife  Justina  Dobbs,  child  in  esse^  first 
son  by  my  fir^t  marriage,  my  brother  Rev.  Dr.  Richard  Dobbs. 

Francis  Delamare,  of  Beaufort.  May  15,1739;  probated  March, 
1741;  wife  Susannah,  sons  Francis  and  Thomas. 

I-aac  Davis,  of  Currituck.  March  21,  1742;  probated  July  5, 
1743;  son  Cornelius,  wife  Rachel,  and  the  rest  of  my  children. 

Richard  Davis.  9lh  day,  4th  month,  1737 ;  probated  June  14, 
1737 ;  son  Joshua,  daughter  Alice  or  Alee,  (laughter  Abigail,  Eliza- 
beth Hall,  wife  of  Moses  Hall,  and  daughter  of  Alee  Baker. 

Maithew  Dwight.  February  20,  1737-8;  probated  May  8,  1738; 
wife  E  izabeth. 

Henry  Davis.  December  8,  1737;  probated  March  Court,  1738; 
wife  Mary  dead,  sons  Richard,  John  and  Thomas,  son  Henry,  son 
Pritchard  Davis,  daughter  Ann,  brother  John  Pursell,  and  wife. 

S  »lomon  Ddvi^.  Januarv  12,  1737;  probated  January  Court, 
1739;  daughter  Margaret  Forster,  daughter  Dorothy  Davis,  grand- 
son Daniel  Kain,  daughter  Elizabeth  Davis,  grandson  Daniel  Roen, 
wife  Sirah. 

Sarah  Drummond,  widow  of  Gov.  William  Drummond,  to  son 
John  power  of  attorney  ;  October  10,  1679. 

George  Deane,Sr.,  of  Chowan.  Son  George,  daughter  Christian, 
wife  Elizabeth  ;  April  10,  1700. 

William  Downing,  of  Tyrrell.  April  1,  1739;  probated  April  6, 
1739;  wife  Dorcas,  son  William,  brother-in-law  Ebenezer  Slade, 
brother-in-law  Henry  Slade,  son-in-law  Thomas  Lee,  friend 
Stephen  Lee. 

Owen  Daniel.  March  7,  1700;  son  Thomas,  daughter  Mary; 
Thomas  Jones  executor. 

f  Joseph  Darden,  of  Bertie.  February  18,  1732-^3;  probated  No- 
vember 24,  1733;  sons  West  and  Joseph,  daughters  America  and 
Rebecca,  son  Henry,  wife  Alice. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  41 

Penelope  Dept.  March  5,  1735;  probaterl  August  27, 1735;  sons 
Peter  and  John,  daughters  Ann,  Jane  and  E.izabelh. 

Stephen  Delaraare.  October  2,  1732;  probated  November  1, 
1732;  nephew  Joseph  Stoakley,  son  of  sifter  Ann  Stoakley,  widow 
of  cousin  Edward  Mayo,  nepliew  Isaac  Stoakley,  sister  Ann  Sioak- 
ley,  brother  Francis  Delamare. 

Robert  Dixon,  of  Bertie.  April  4,  1727;  probated  October  13, 
1727;  wife  Christian  Dixon,  son  James,  son  Tobias,  daughter  Fran- 
ces, son  Robert,  brother! n  law  John  Low. 

Peter  Divis  (Manwaring  River).  April  29,1719;  probated  May 
Court,  1723;  daughter  Sarah  Davis,  cousins  Arthur  and  Henry 

John  Dunton.  September  21,  1726;  probated  November  10, 
1726;  wife  Martha  Dunston. 

Hugh  Davis.  December  1,  1724;  probated  January  14,  1725; 
John  Harman,  Robert  Harman,  Mary  Harman,  Ann  Longlad  ;  Mrs. 
Juliana  Laker  executrix. 

John  Deipt.  January  17,  1723-4;  June  17,  1724;  wife  Penon 
Deipt,  son  Peter,  son  John,  daughter  Anne. 

James  Davis.  Sons  WiUiam,  James,  John,  Robert,  and  Henry, 
wife  Eh*zal)eth. 

William  Davis.  January  21,  1719;  probated  October  21,  1719; 
sons  William  and  Eligah,  my  daughters;  Wm.  Baker  and  John 
Brown,  Sr.,  executors. 

Francis  Dawson.  Dead;  no  will;  Eliza  Dawson,  administratrix; 

Elizabeth  Dereham.  July  14,  1716;  sister  Ann  Clews,  sister 
Katharine  Dereham,  Patience  Leigh,  Elizabeth  Lee,  Joseph  Truett, 
Elizabeth  Dereham,  daughter  of  Joseph  Dereham,  John  Leigh, 
brother  John  Dereham,  father  in  law  James  Leigh. 

William  Duckinfield,  of  Cheshire,  England.  Brother  John, 
coo<in  Charles  Barbour,  cousin  Nathaniel  Duckinfield,  son  of  my 
brother  SitRobert  Duckinfield,  Mary,  Anne,  Susanna,  Jane,  Katha- 
rine and  Judith,  sisters  of  Nathaniel;  May  17,  1720;  February  27, 

Ann  Durant,  wife  of  George  the  elder.  January  23,  lG9o;  Geo. 
Durant  ring,  etc,  Isaac  Rewden's  wife,  her  daughter;  son  Thomas 
executor — non  cupative  will. 

Richard  Darling,  non  cupative  will.  April  8,1702;  son  Thomas, 
wife  Elizabeth. 

William  Eaton,  of  Granville  County.  February  19, 1759  ;  proba- 
ted March  20.  1759;  son  William,  daughter  Jane  Elwards,  wife  of 
Col.  Naiiri.  Edward?,  daughter  Annie  Hnynes,  relict  of  Andrew 
Haynes,  daughter  Mary  Jones,  wife  of  Robert  Jones,  daughter  Sarah 
Johnston,  wile  of  Chnrles  Johnston,  her  former  husband  John 
Thornton,  son-in  law  Daniel  Weldon,  son  Thomas  E  iton,  daughter 
Bettie  Weldon,  son  Charles  Rush  Eaton,  grandson  Eaton  Haynes, 
wife  Mary,  daughter  Martha,  Daniel  Weldon. 

42  North  Carolina  Historical 

Jeremiah  Everton,  of  Pasquotank.  July  3, 1738 ;  probated  Octo- 
ber 2, 1740;  wife  Hannah,  son  James,  daughter  Rachel,  eldest  son 
Solomon,  daughter  Sarah  Forehand. 

Henry  Elheridge.  March  14, 1742-3  ;  probated  July  5, 1743;  sons 
Samuel,  William,  Richard,  John,  and  Henry,  daughter  Mary,  wife 

Marmaduke  Etheridpe.  February  3,  1734;  Caleb  Bell,  son  of 
Sarah  Bell,  Caleb  Bell,  Mary  Bell,  and  Maimaduke  Bell,  children  of 
Sarah  Bell. 

Luke  Elheridge.  (No  date )  Wife  Christian,  daughters  Elizabeth, 
Ann,  and  Sarah  Etheridge. 

John  Easter.  27th  Octi.ber,  1732;  probated  April  8, 1733;  wife, 
son  Thomas,  daughter  Strah,  daughter  Dinah,  child  in  esse, 

Elinor  Eirly.  2d  November,  17<2;  probated  2d  May,  1734; 
grandson  Thomas  Sutton,  grandson  James  Curlee,  granddaughter 
Sarah  Sutton,  granddaughter  Mary  Dale. 

Henry  Ehorn.  October  '20,  1732;  probated  March  Court,  1733 ; 
Nathaniel  Eborn,  son  of  Htnry  and  Elizabeth,  son  Henry  Eborn 
wife  Elizi»beth,  son  Littleton,  James  Eborn,  son  of  Nathaniel  and 
Ann,  daughter  Rhoda  Layson,  daughter  Mary  Eborn,  daughter 
Anne  Jones. 

Thomas  Elliott,  of  Perquimans.  April  2, 1729;  probated  Decem- 
ber 16,  1729;  son  Caleb,  son  Joshua,  son  Isaac,  son  William,  son 
Thomas,  daughter  Mary  Brown,  sou  Solomon,  daughter  Wesly,  son 
Joseph,  son  Benjamin,  wite  Margaret  Elliott,  son  Moses,  son  Jacob, 
eon  Abraham. 

James  Eaton,  of  Chowan.  January  27, 1728 ;  December  11, 1729 ; 
wif*'  Mary  Eaton. 

George  Eubank,  of  Bertie.  March  2,  1732-3;  brother  James, 
sisters  Elizibeth  and  Isabella  Eubank,  Thomas  Whitmell,  Jr.,  Eliza- 
beth VVtiiimell,  Jr.,  Martha  Whitmell. 

Thomas  Evans,  of  Chowan.  Ft-bruary  9, 1731-2;  probated  No- 
vember 4,  1732;  son  Thomas,  daughter  Alice  Wilson,  daughter 
Sarah  Broney,  daughter  Elizabeth  Walker,  wife  Elenor. 

GnorgH  Elliott, of  Pasquotank.  Goddaughter  Mary  Wallace,  John 
Cla»k,  Ann  Askins,  Ann  Grey,  wife  of  Richard  Grey;  February  17, 

John  Edy.  July  26,  1727;  probated  July  26,  1727;  daughter, 
Daniel  E'ly,  brother  Henry  E  iy. 

Prter  E  igel.     Godson  William  Moore;  Decembpr  18,  1722. 

Richard  Evans,  of  Perquimans.  Se[)tember  7,  1692;  probated 
October  2,  1093;  wife  Elizihetli,  four  children,  Jonathan,  Richard, 
Rebecca,  and  Ann  Evans;  wiftj  and  Alex.  Lillington  executors. 

G  orge  Ellis,  of  Pasquotank.  January  30,  1721  ;  probated  May 
11,17*21;  brother  Thomas  Palin,  daughter  Ann  Ellis,  child  in  esse, 
wife  Hannah. 

Governor  Charles  Edpn.  Decpmber  26,1721;  probated  April  2, 
1722 ;  dear  niece  Mrs.  Margaret  Pough,  youngest  daughter  of  Robert 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  43 

Popgb,  deceased,  dear  friends  John  Holloway,  Daniel  Richardson, 
James  Henderson,  John  Lovick;  John  Lovick  executor. 

Samuel  Edmunds.  November  3,  1720;  probated  April,  1721; 
80D  Henry,  daughters  Ann  and  Sarah,  daui^hter  Ann  Smiih,  dnugh- 
ler  Elizabeth  Middleton,  late  wife  of  Henry  Middleton,  wife  Mary  ; 
John  Edwards  executor. 

William  Eson.  January  20,  1718-'9;  probated  July  30,  1719; 
80DS  Williiam,  Thomas,  and  George,  wife  Mary,  daughters  Mary, 
Susannah,  Rachel  and  Jane. 

Humphrey  Edwards,  of  Matchapungo,  Bath.  February  21, 1711- 
12;  daughters  Abigail,  and  Alice  Edwards,  daughter  Elizabeth,  and 
Mary  Edwards;  wife  Elizabeth  Wheal  executrix. 

John  Fort.  August  6,  1745;  probated  March  Court,  1745-'6; 
wife  Mary,  sons  John  and  Moses,  daughter  Terusah's  son  Denby, 
Arthur  Fort. 

Robert  Foster, of  Bertie.  Probated  May  Court,  1746;  grandson  John 
Brown,  granddaughter  Ann  Brown,  granddaughters  Jemima  and 
Susanna  Cotton,  daughter  Ann  Cotton's  child  in  esse,  granddaughter 
Mary  Boon,  wife's  grandson  Wm.  Knight. 

John  Fendall,  of  Perquimans.  December  17,  1695;  probated 
April  8, 1696;  brother  Robert  Fendall,  wife  Elizabeth,  father-in-law 
Alex.  Lillington. 

James  Fisher.     August  13,  1702;  Wm.  Wilkinson. 

Robert  Fendall.  November  30, 1711;  Isaac  Wilson;  Thos.  Levy 

♦James  Fewox,  of  Tyrrell.  May  5, 1711 ;  son  Robert,  John  Lawson, 
Mary  Lawson,  Jr.,  Samuel  Hardy  son  of  Wm.  Hardy,  wife  Anne, 
Mary  Lawson,  widow  of  Nathaniel  Lawson. 

Thomas  Fletcher.    April  Court,  1734;  wife. 

John  Fourre.  March  13,  1730-'l;  probated  April  Court,  1732; 
son  Isaac,  daughter  Elizabeth  Foure,  daughter  Martha  Foure,  son 
Nathaniel,  sister  Mary  Corey  ;  wife  and  son  executors. 

John  Freeman.  February  19,  1729-'30;  probated  May  6, 1732; 
eons  John,  James  and  Matthew,  wife  Mary,  daughters  Hannah  and 

Hannah  Foster.  June  27,  1727;  probated  July  Court,  1728; 
grandson  Samuel  Kit,  granddaughter  Comfort,  daughterin-law  Je- 
mima Kit,  granddaughter  Comfort  Kit;  Thomas  Tweedy  and  George 
Gordon  executors. 

James  Farlee,  of  Chowan.  Wife,  James,  son  of  SarahlBently ; 
Edward  Moseley  executor;  May  1,1727;  probated  May  15,  1727. 

James  Foster.  October  2 1, 1725;  probated  March  29, 1727;  Samuel 
Kite,  son  of  old  Samuel  Kite,  wife  Hannah  Foster. 

Humphrey  Felts,  of  Perquimans.  Son  John,  daughter  Elizabeth ; 
Wm  Long  executor;  July  12,  1726;  probated  July  14,  1726. 

♦Note. — WDliam  Hardy  married  a  daughter  of  James  Pe  wox.  William  Hardy 
was  the  brother  of  John,  William  and  Jacob  Hardy  of  Bertie. 

44  North  Carolina  Historical 

Franc's  Farrow.  February  1,  1722-3.  Wife  Barbary,  and  all 
my  children. 

Cornelius  Fiizpalrick.  Anpnst  1, 171^;  wife  Elizibelh,son  Bryan, 
daughter  Ellendvr,  *h\ughter  Mary,  dauo[it(-r  JSanih,  George  Whed- 
bee,  Jr.,  daugljter  Eiizubeih,  cousin  Elizabeth  Whedbee,  Richard 

George  Fort.  May  15, 1719 ;  probated  Octobrr  20, 1719;  son  Elias 
Fort,  eon  Geor^je  Fort,  sons  John  and  Samuel  Fort,  danghter  Phillis 
Fibath,  daughter  Catharine  Fort,  wife  Eiizibeth ;  Ehas  Fort  ex- 

WilliMin  Frost.  May  ?0,  1717;  probated  January  23,  1718;  son 
James  Frost,  ye  son  of  Jean  Frost,  alias  Burt,  son  William  Frost, 
daughter  Mary  Jackson. 

Brvan  Fiizpatrick,  of  Alligator.  March  2B,  1709;  son  Cornelius, 
son  Veruey's  child  John  Fiizpatrick,  sou  Dennis,  daughter  Elizabeth, 

Richard  French.  December  17,  1712;  wife  Elizabeth  plantation, 
now  in  possession  of  John  Old  and  Susannah  his  wife;  probated 
April  13,1716. 

Richard  Falk,  March  15,  1712-3;  sons  Jonathan,  William, 
Ricliard  and  John  Falk,  each  of  my  daughters,  wife  Elizabeth. 

George  Fordyce,  of  Chowan.  Is  dead;  5  Oclober,  1713;  Wm. 
Haughlon  right  of  his  wife,  being  nearest  of  kin,  administrator. 

Richard  Faviel.  January  30,  173S-'9;  son  Erasmus,  son  Johni 
all  my  children. 

Allen  Gray,  of  Onslow.  January  Court,  1755;  daughters  Janet, 
Mary,  Ellinor  and  Sarah,  sons  William,  John,  Hugh,  Thomas  and 
James,  wife  Mnry. 

Nathaniel  Gordon.  July  14, 1755;  probated  January  Court,  1756; 
sons  Gf  orge  and  Nathaniel, daughters  Elizabeth  and  Tamer,  wife  Ann 
(Perquimans  County). 

Jolin  Gordon,  of  Perquimans.  April  25,1754;  sons  John  and 
George,  daughter  Mary,  daughter  of  George,  Sirah,  daughter  of 
George  Gordon,  Jacob  Gordon,  son  of  John,  grandson  Marmaduke 
Norfleet,  wife. 

Margaret  Gregory, of  Pasquotank.  July  Court,  1753 ;  son  Richard 
and  his  children  by  his  first  wife,  sons  James,  John  and  Caleb, 
daughter  Mary  Humphries,  daughter  Margaret  Barber,  daughter 
Sarah  Grande,  granddaughter  Sarah  Humphries. 

William  Gregory,  of  Pasquotank.  Son  John,  daughter  Mary, 
daughter  Barbara,  wife  Sarah  ;  June  4,  1748;  July  Court,  1753. 

Richard  Gregory,  of  Currituck.  (First  wife's  children  Griffith, 
Cornelius  and  Judah  Sawyer,  Easter  and  Bridget  Sawyer,  Ruth 
Giascoe),  sons  Robert,  Joseph  and  William,  daughters  Ann  and 
Charity,  brother  James  Gregory,  brothers  in-law  Isaac  and  Willie 
Bright;  October  7th,  1757;  December  Court,  1758. 

Martin  Gardner,  of  Bertie.  Wife  Ann,  son  J  dm,  daughter  Ann, 
Anne  and  Jane,  son  William,  daughter  Citrin,  daughter  Elizabeth, 
son  Martin, son  James;  January  Court,  1760. 


AND  Genealogical  Register.  45 

Mary  Gollaurl,  of  Wilrain^^on.     October  10, 1766;  John  Burgwin. 

John  Gray,  of  B^rrie.  J745;  probated  Nnueiiiber  lr»,  17."'0;  tHest 
ion  John,  son  William,  daughters  Ann,  Barbara,  daughter  Janet 
MfKeiizie,  grandson  John  McKeuzie,  daugliter  Lucreiia,  daugliter 
Amelia,  daughter  Louisa. 

Joshua  Grainger,  of  Wilmington.  June  20,  1741;  wife  Eh'za- 
belli,  daughter  Ann,  son  Joshua,  grandson  Wilmington,  son  of 
Joshua,  son  Caleb. 

Thomas  Gregory,  of  Pasquotank.  Probated  July  23,  1740;  eon 
Nathan,  sons  Sampson,  Jaciib,  Job,  Richard  and  William  Grtgory, 
daughter  Elizabeth  Godlrey,  daughter  Priscilla  Gray,  grandson 
Fre<lerick  Gregory. 

Edmund  Gale  December  6,1737;  probated  January  27, 1738; 
wife  Mary,  fous  Edmund  and  Hoger;  wife  Mary  executrix. 

Arthur  Gaffis.  November  29,  1729;  Juoe  Court,  1737;  friend 
James  Winwright. 

Susannah  Green,  of  Bath.  June  29,  1732;  September  17,  1735; 
ion  John  Biggs*  children,  daughter  Mary  Morris,  grandilMUghter 
Susannah  Morris,  granddaughter  Mary  Biggs;  son  jJlin  Biggs  exec- 

William  GriflSn.  Wife  Mary;  December  10,  1735;  February 
Court,  1736. 

Zichariah  Gilliam,  in  city  of  London.    May  27,  1»*>78. 

Thos.  Gough.  December  18,  1694;  son  Robert,  daughter  Sarah, 
wife  Sarah. 

Pt-ter  Ganlitt.  Dead  ;  no  will ;  Thos.  Pollock  administrator;  May 
12,1702.    (Indian.) 

Gregory  Garfoot.     1703;  uncle  Wm.  Pargiter. 

Patrick  Germack.  September  19,  170S;  wife  Eliziheth,  John 
Cruikshank,  children  of  Patrick  Cruikshank,  John  Robinson.     --IjJ 

*  Christopher  Gale.  February  17, 1734;  probated  M^irch  12, 1734; 
born  at  York,  Great  Britain,  54  years  old  ;  wife  JSnrah,  Catharine, 
brother  Edmund;  debts  due  from  the  estate  of  my  wif's  former  hus- 
band, J(du)  Ismay,  son  Miles  Gale,  daughter  Penelope  Little,  Mary, 
dauo;hter  of  Mrs.  Elizibeth  Clavton,  granddaughter  Sarnh  Clnyt<m, 
nephew  and  godson  Edmund  Gale,  granddaughter  Penelope  Little. 

Thomas  Garrett.  January  30,  1733;  probated  Jiuuary  31,  1735; 
wife  Jane,  son  Thomas,  daughter  I'atrin,  daughter  Ann  Las-iter, 
children  Humphrey,  Mary,  Lettis,  Thomas  and  Prudence  ;  (Chowan). 

William  Garrett.  March  27,  1735;  wife  Mary  Garrett,  Thomas 
Hard  ison. 

John  Galley.  October  6,  1729;  friend  Patrick  Laughler;  pro- 
bated November  6, 1729. 

*NoTE. — Christopher  Gale  married  first  the  widow  of  Governor  Thomas  Har- 
rey :  she  was  Sarah  Laker  before  her  marriage,  the  danj^hter  of  Benj  Laker,  of 
PerquiinaDS  County.  Mr.  Gale  was  Chief  Justice  of  the  Colony  ;  he  Hved  and 
died  on  his  plantation  adjoining  the  town  of  Edenton  ;  the  place  of  Ins  bnrial  is 
unknown  ;  a  marble  tablet  in  the  court-house  at  Edenton  p^rnetuaies  his  name 
and  serviceH  to  his  country.     William  Little  married  his  daughter  Penelope. 

46  North  Carolina  Historical 

Richard  Grey,  of  Perquimans,  Wife  Ann,  son  Richard,  daugh- 
ter Ann  Grey,  Louis  Markham;  October  6, 1729;  probated  Novem- 
ber 25, 1729. 

Ann  Gray.  March  4,  1731;  April  Court,  1732;  son  William 
Wallis,  daughter  Sarah  Wallis,  son  Valentine  Wallis,  daughter  Jane 
Wallis,  daughter  Anne  Kinnecum,  daughter  Mary  Wallis;  Wm. 
Wallis  executor. 

John  Griffith.  July  1,  1727;  probated  July  13,  1727;  wife  Je- 
mima, sons  Arthur,  Edmund  and  John,  daughter  Mary. 

Edward  Gailin.  January  3,  1725-'6;  March  15,  1725-'6;  wife 
Elizibeth,  son  John  ;    (Craven  Countv). 

Francis  Gilbert.  December  30, 1725;  July  Court,  1726;  wife  Eliza- 
beth, sons  Francis  and  Henry;  wife  executrix. 

William  Grosvenor.  November  5,  1702;  probated  July  26,  1721 ; 
daughters  Susanna,  Elizabeth  and  Esther;  wife  Sarah  executrix. 

Richard  Grills.  February  1,  1719-'20;  probated  April  4,  1720; 
sons  Richard  and  John,  issue  of  my  present  wfe;  (Beriie). 

John  Goreham.  September  30, 1717;  July  15, 1718;  wife  Elenor. 
plantation  on  Queen  Anne's  Creek,  nephew  John  Goreham,  son  oi 
Alexander  Goreham ;  in  case  of  his  death,  to  his  two  sisters. 

Martin  Gr:iffin.  June  3,  1718;  probated  October  3,  1718;  sons 
Edward,  John  and  William,  son  Martin,  daughters  Sarah  and  Eliza- 
beth; wife  Elizabeth  executrix. 

Joseph  Glaister.  January  27, 1718-'9;  probated  March  12, 1718-'9; 
daughter  Ruth,  daughter  Sarah,  cousin  Thomas  Pailin. 

Thomas  Gregory.  Division  of  estate  April,  1712-13;  Mary,  Sarah, 
Luke  and  Samuel  Gregory  distributees. 

Elinor  Gibson.  Is  dead,  without  a  will;  John  Blish  is  guardian  to 
her  eldest  son  Thomas  Gibson;  April  7,,  1716. 

Henry  George.  December  2,  1711;  my  sister's  eldest  son  John 
Gatlin,  l)er  two  daughters  Susannah  and  Elizabeth,  sister's  youngest 
son  Will  Mitchell,  Jr.,  Ann  Balchelder,  John  Browninor, Sarah  Brown- 
ing Jane  Browning;  Will  Mitchell  extcutor;  December  2,  1711. 

Gilbert  Goodale.  September  9, 1712;  Elizibelh,  Hosea,  John  Win- 
bury's  children,  William  Colson,  Nathaix  Nicliolson's  child,  Sarah 
Whedbee,  Charles  Barclift,  son  John,  George  Durant,  Sr.,  Richard 
W  bed  bee. 

Alexander  Goodlat.     Wife  Elizabeth;  October  12,  1710. 

Farnifold  Green,  of  Bath.  October  26,  1711 ;  sons  Thomas,  John, 
Farnifold  and  James  Green,  daughters  Elizabeth  and  Jane  Green, 
wife  Hannah,  daughter-in  law  Ann  Smithwick;  wife  Hannah  execu- 

Mathias  Giles.  October  28, 1713;  Richard  Davenport  during  his 
natural  life,  then  to  his  grandson  Richard  Davenport,  son  of  John; 
Thomas  Gales,  Jt»hn  Longall,  Thomas  Stacey,  Robert  Harmon,  James 
Minge  and  Richard  Davenport. 
John  Glisson.  Wife  Jean;  S'^ptember  20, 1731 
John  Godly.  January  22,  1731-2;  May  ('ourt,  1732;  sons  Na- 
than, John  and  Thomas,  daughter  Amy,  wife  Katharine. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  47 

Richard  Gregory,  of  Pasqnotank.  May  17, 1719;  Spptember  15, 
1720;  eldest  son  Richard,  sons  James  and  J.»hn,  wife  Margaret. 

Charles  Haughton,  of  Chowan.  October  4, 1754;  sons  Jeremiah 
aDfl  Charles,  daughters  Elizabeth  and  Ann. 

John  Harvey,  of  Hyde.  1758;  probated  September  4, 1759;  wife 
Frmces, grandson  John,  son  Richard, son  John  Mark  Harvey, daugh- 
ter Mary  Martin,  daughter  Rebecca,  sons  Arthur  and  Joshua. 

*John  Hardy,  of  Bertie.  Brothf  rs  William  and  Thomas,  brother 
Jacobs,  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Mary,  wife  Rebecca;  brother 
William  Hardy,  Robert  West  and  Tho?.  Pollock  and  wife  Rebecca 
executors;  January  15,  1719. 

t  Lemuel  Hatch,  of  Perquimans.  November  17,1776;  3rd  Feb- 
rtiary  17i7;  sons  Lemuel,  John,  Edmund,  Edward,  Durant,  son 
ADthony  and  sod  Joy,  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Mary,  wife 

Richard  Harvey,  Wilmington.     175S ;  wife  Sarah. 

Isaac  Hunter,  of  Chowan.  April  17, 1752;  April  Court,  1753;  pods 
Elisha,  Jesse,  Isaac  and  Daniel,  daughter  Alee  Perry,  daughter  Han- 
nah Riddick,  daughter  Elizabeth  Perry,  daughter  Rachel  Walton, 
daughter  Sarah  Hunter,  grandchildren,  son  and  daughter  of  mv 
daughter  Jane,  namely,  Jesse  Phillips,  and  Mary  Perry  and  Sarah 
Field,  Zilpha  Parker,  daughter  of  Jonathan  Parker,  children  Elisha, 
Jacob,  Jesse,  Isaac,  Daniel,  Alee,  Hannah,  Elizabeth,  Rachel  and 

tJohn  Hopkins.  Wife  Mary,  child  in  esse;  Jno.  Halsey  executor; 
1753  (Chowan). 

John  Haywood,  of  Elgecorabe.  Son  William,  daughter  Mary, 
daughter  Deborah,  son  Egbert,  son  John.     (No  date). 

Ann  Hall,  of  Perquimans.  October  9,  1741;  January  1741-2; 
8on  Samuel,  granddaughter  Ann  Jennett,  daughter  Sarah  Warren, 
daughter  Mary  Jennett. 

§Robprt  Hunter,  of  Bertie.  3rd  June,  17^3;  probated  Au2:ust 
Court,  1753;  daughter  Sarah  Docton,  Sr.,son  Henry,  daughter  Mary 
Gordon,  daughter  Judith  Perry,  daughter  Susannah  Benton,  daugh- 
ter in-law  Elizabeth  Williams  wife  of  William  Williams,  property 
of  my  late  wife  Elizabeth  Whiimell,  son  Moses;  son  and  Thomas 
Whiimell  executors. 

•Query. — Who  was  John  Hardy's  wife  Rebecca  before  her  marriage?  His 
daof^hter  Elizabeth  married  in  1722  Nathaniel  HiU,  son  of  Isaac — whom  did 
Hanha  marry  ? 

t  Note.— Would  be  pleased  to  correspond  with  some  descendant  of  this  family 
who  has  the  family  record  back  to  Anthony  Hatch. 

t  Note.— The  child  referred  to  received  the  name  of  Joseph.  He  was  half 
brother  to  John  Mushrow. 

§  Note. —Robert  Hunt*»r  married  for  his  last  wife  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Whitmell, 
widow  of  Thomas  WhitmeU  and  daughter  of  Lewis  Bryan  and  his  wife  Elizabeth 
Honter.  Henry  Hunter,  the  son  of  Robert  Hunter  by  a  former  marriage,  mar- 
ried Thomas  Whitmell^s  daughter,  Sarah  Whitmell. 

48  North  Carolina  Historical 

♦Benjamin  Hill,  of  Bertie.  1758;  daughter  Mary  Campbell, 
daughter  Sarah  McCalloek,  daughter  Priecilla  Hiil,  Mirgaret 
Cock  ran,  sou  Henry  ;  s  »n  Henry  and  Thomas  Jones  ex^cuior.^. 

Nicholas  Hunter,  of  Beaufort.,  February  3,  1749;  probated  Mirch, 
1749;  son  Stephen,  daughter  Esther,  grandson  George  Mnchell, 
daughter  Tillary,  (laut>hler  R  ichel,  daughter  Kesiah  Mitchell,  grand- 
son George  Fore,  sons  Ezekiah,  Libbeus  and  William,  daughter 
Sarah,  dniighter  Ruih,  wife  Rebecca. 

J«»hn  Holbrook,  (»f  Bertie.   Apnl  20, 1740;  son  John,  wife  Dorothy. 

George  Henderson.  February  13, 1735- U;  probated  April  3, 1737; 
Rohort  Irving,  George  Pi»well. 

tVines  Harrison, of  Chowan.  February  25, 1738;  probated  Mirch 
24,  1738;  brothers  Joshua.  William  an«l  Elniund,  si-ter  Sirah  Fitte. 

Thomas  Houston,  of  Onslow.  March  29,  1733;  probated  July  3, 
1733;  sons  Willis,  Moses,  James  and  Thomas,  daughter  EliZibeth, 
wife  Mary. 

Thomas  Horth.  October  29,  1735;  January  Court,  173G;  grand- 
daughter Mary  Ming,  Sarah  and  Thomas  Ming,  my  daughter's  chil- 
dren, daughter  Marilia  Ming. 

John  liall.     November  6,  1G90;  wife  Catharine  Hall. 

John  Harrison.  February  18,  1G93;  sons  William  and  John, 
daughter  Elizabeth. 

Thomas  Hawkins.  Is  dead  in  1G96  without  a  will;  his  widow, Eliza- 
beth, wife  of  Nicholas  Smith,  administratrix. 

Luke  Hollowell.  1731-5;  probated  Anril  21,  1735;  third  son 
Joel  Hollowell,  son  William,  eldest  John  Hollowell,  fourth  son  Reu- 
beii,  wife  EIiz:ibeth. 

*NoTE.— Benjamin  Hill  was  born  in  1607;  married  Miss  Latham.     His 

daughter  Mary  married  John  Campbell,  of  Lnzy  Hill.  Bertie  County.  N.  C. ;  his 
will  IS  recorded  in  Bertie. executed  in  1777,  and  mentions  the  following  persons: 
Wife  Martha,  grandson  John  CampbeU,  son  of  James  Campbell,  Kr^nHson  Thos. 
Brownrigg.  granddaughters  Mary  Jane  and  Sarah  Bmwnrigg.  Daughter  Sarah 
Meredith,  son  James  (>ampbelL  son-in-law  Capt.  David  Meredith.  James  Leslie, 
of  Halifax.  Benjamin  McCulIoch  and  Robert  Hardy,  of  Edenton,  executors, 
trustees  and  guardians. 

Wife  Martha  was  evidently  John  Campbell's  second  wife.  His  issue  were  all  by 
his  first  wife  Mary  Hill. 

Sarah  Hill,  second  daughter  of  Benjamin  Hill,  married  Alexander  McCulloh, 
of  Halifax, 

Priscilla  Hill,  youngest  daughter  of  Benjamin  Hill,  married  Joseph  Montford, 
of  Halifax. 

Henry  Hill,  we  have  no  record  of  him.  Would  be  glad  if  some  member  of  the 
family  would  furnish  it.  as  it  is  our  purpose  to  give  a  lenu'thy  history  of  the  Hill, 
Campbell  and  Brownrigg  families  at  some  future  time.  Would  also  like  to  have 
the  history  of  John  Campbells  s«»n  James'  family.  James  died  in  Bertie  about 
the  year  1800.  In  his  will  he  mf»ntions  sons  George  and  James,  daughters  Sarah, 
Elizabeth.  Mary  and  Martha,  wife  Mary,  but  makes  no  mention  ot  son  John,  to 
whom  John  Campbell  refers  in  his  will  as  his  grandson,  son  of  James.  '^ 

Richard  Brownrigg  married  Sarah  Campbell ;  one  son  Thomas  was  the  issue  of 
this  union.  Sarah  married  second  Capt.  David  Meredith,  of  Hampton,  Va,  His 
will  is  also  on  record  in  Bertie  County,  executed  in  1795;  mentions  brother 
Louis  Meredith,  half  brother  Edward  Roe  Jiggetts,  nephew  Jack  Hunter,  wife 
Sarah  Meredith. 

fNoTE. — Vines  Harrison  bore  the  name  of  Vines  Cropley,  of  Chowan. 


Daniel  Hnckins.     March  6.  1733;  wife  Ann,  sons  Bartholomew 
aiiH  Valeiiiiue;  probated  June  Court.  1733. 
Betijatuin  iluiidle.     (No  date  )     William  Hondle. 
NaMiatiiei  Hall.     January  31, 1734;  prubattd  February  17, 1734; 
wife  Eilinor,  son  Joseph,  B-nj  imin  11  dl. 

David  Hendefjjon,  ol  Beriie.  Frbiuary  13,  lT3.>-*();  probated 
Maich  9,  1735;  nephew  George  Ileuderfcon,  sister  Gounou  Hcuder- 

Richard  Harvey.  February  22, 1732-3;  probate<l  August  3,  1733; 
sons  John,  Richard,  Peter,  Lemuel,  Jonas  and  James,  daughter 
BriHgft,  wife  Alary. 

Jasper  llirdison.  M*»y  8,  1733;  probated  November  5,  1733;  wife 
Mary,  John  Hirdison.  Judah  Sutton,  S'»n  Jasper,  C  larUs  llardiaon, 
Jo>liuaar.d  Thomas  Hardison,  Richard  and  Jose|>li  Hardi>ori. 

Jnhn  ILiwcott,  of  Chowan.  8ons  Edward,  John  and  Ruhard, 
eldest  daughter  Elizabeth  Branch,  son  Naihauit-I,  daughter  Mary 
H'Wcott,son  Kichardsou, daughter  Mary,  wife  Alary;  July  2(5,  1733; 
September  12,  1733. 

Htz-kiah  Hall.  January  9, 1733-4;  Alarch  Court,  1733-4;  daugh- 
ter Saiah,  wife  Ann;  wife  and  Davi<l  ^hf^pard  Exmmuois. 

Jane  Hambleton.  Alarch  2H,  1733t-*4;  John  Garritt  and  Alary 
his  wife;  probated  April  22,  1734. 

John  Hioks.  2d  November,  1732;  sons  Willaim,  Robert,  Thomas 
and  John,  daughters  Elizabeth,  Alary  and  SHrah. 

*Robert  Hickp,  of  Sandy  Point,  Chowan  Precinct.  November  25, 
17o3;  Januarv  Court,  1734;  8>n  Tbomas,  son  inlaw  Daniel  Hilsey, 
wife  Es  lif  r  Hicks,  my  children. 

friiomas  House,  c»f  Bertie.  July  5,  17.*^3;  probated  Alay  2,  1734; 
sons  George  and  Baylis,  daughteis  Ann  and  E<lith. 

t Tiiotnas  Hoskins.  October  24, 1733 ;  April  ('oiu t,  1734  ;  d  uighter 
Sarah  Charlton,  pon  William,  daughter  Mary ;  William  II  skins  and 
John  B-nbnry  Executors. 

E'imnnd  nojiuwell.     17th  day,  4th  month,  1720;  probate<l  Octo- 
ber 24,  1720;  broihers  J«)hn  and  TliomMs  Ilollowell, 
Daniel  Handworker.     Alarch  11),  l729-*30;  wife  Ca  h^rine. 
§John  Hill,  of  Bith.     S»n^  Joshua  aiirj  J.hii;    March   29,  1721. 
Witnesses,  Thomas  Tison,  Harmon  Hill,  Willuim  Nichols. 

*NoTE.— Rol)ert  Hicks  married  Estlier  Luten.  danjjliter  of  ThoiOHS  Liiten. 
Esther  i«  mentioned  in  the  wiU  of  Mrs.  Ksther  Pnlhx^k  as  a  legatee,  and  possibly 
bore  her  name.  Rol)ert  Hicks  was  Rearisler  of  Chowan  Precinct.  Books  B  and 
Cin  the  Register  of  Deeds'  ofiBce  at  Edenton  are  in  his  iiandwritintr.  He  o\\  lu  d 
the  land  on  which  a  portion  of  the  town  of  Edeuton  is  built.  One  of  tlie  streets 
bears  his  name. 

f  Query  — Can  any  of  his  descendants  furnish  a  record  <»f  tliis  family  ?  Would 
likf»  to  have  it. 

JNoTE. — He  had  other  children,  among  them  son  Thomas.  Who  can  furnish. 

§NoTK. — Give  us  the  name  of  his  father;  it  is  desired  for  use  in  a  record  of  the 
Hill  family. 

60  North  Carolina  Historical 

*John  Hinton.  June  21, 1730;  October  Court,  1732;  sons  IlnHy, 
John,  William  nnd  Msilachi,  dtu^liter  Ann  Alston,  wife  Mary  Iliti- 
ton,  children  Mary,  Jiidah,  Uachel,  liuse,  Sjirah,  Ciiarity,  Hardy, 
John,  WilliHm  and  Malachi. 

Richard  Ilubbandd.  August  16,  1732;  September  5,1732;  wife 
Jane,  sons  Richard  and  John. 

Wdliam  Hunter.  January  4,  1732-3 ;  January  18, 1732-3;  sons 
William,  Ephraim  and  Thomas,  daughters  Judith,  Ann,  E^iher, 
Mary  and  Alice. 

Thomas  Hawkins.  Octobers,  1730;  July  21,  1732;  brother 
James,  wife  E  iziheth,  daughters  Mary,  Ehzubeth,  and  Sarah,  wife's 
eldf^st  daughter  Elizih«-th,  son  TliMmas. 

David  Hicks.  September  9,  1732;  probated  D  cember  23,  1732j 
son-in  law  Thos.  Asliley,  Jr,  dauglrer  Lucretia,  wife  Elizal»eih. 

Henry  Hayman.  May  22,  1727;  probated  July  18,  17^7;  son 
William,  daughter  Ann,  child  in  esse,  brother  Tliomas  Hayman; 
wife  Mary. 

Daniel  Harrison,  of  Chowan.  Wife  Elizibeth,  son  Joseph  Harri- 
son ;   Elward  Paget,  and  my  wife  Executors;  Jmuary  14,  172t>-7. 

John  Henly.  Probated  July  Court,  1728;  wife  Isabel,  son  J. dm, 
daug^hters  Mary  and  Miiiam,  Jesse  Heuly  and  wife  Elizabeth, 
daughter  Eiizibeth. 

John  llambleton.  February  25. 1700-7:  probated  April  2.  1711; 
sons  James,  William  and  S  eward,  riaughterin  law  M  iry  H<»hgood, 
datichter  Marv  llambleton,  pons  John  and  Andrew,  wife  Catharine. 

fRicliaid  Hill,otBith.  Gramld  luorhier  Elizabeth  Hill,  brother 
Francis  Hill,  soniti  Imw  Evan  Junes,  daughter  Ann  Jones;  Craven 
Precinct,  March  18,  1728-4. 

JAnthony  H  itch,  of  Perquimans.  Augu«^t,  1,  1720  ;  November  lOj 
172»);  sons  Edmund  an<l  Lnnb,  wife  Elizibeih,  sou  Anlhony, 
brothers-in-law  George  Durant  and  Richard  Whedbee. 

§George  Hill,  of  Bath.  April  17.  1722;  wife  Mary,  sons  John 
and  George,  fou  Harmon,  daughter  Rjchel ;  sous  John  and  George, 
and  wife  ±.xecutors. 

TlKunas  Hicks.  October  20.  1722;  probated  August  24,  1724; 
Christopher  Sutton,  S'»n  ot  Jo-ef)h  Sutton,  sisters  Hannah  and  Abi- 
gail Hicks,  Parish  of  Brishi!»gton.  Old  Eiiglatul. 

*KOTE. — This  family  has  as  large  a  list  of  connections  as  any  family  among 
the  early  settlers  of  the  colony.  Colonel  John  Hinton  lived,  and  died  in  thai 
part  of  Chowan  Precinct — now  embraced  in  the  Iiiies  of  Uates  County.  Which 
member  of  the  Alston  family  did  daughter  Ann  many?  Any  inform jti<in  will 
be  gratefully  received,  giving  the  history  of  this  family.  We  have  a  part,  bul 
not  sufficient  to  show  fully  the  connections  with  other  families. 

t  Note. — Would  be  very  grateful  for  history  ut  this  family. 

I  Note. —Anthony  Hatch  married  Elizabeth  Dnrant.  daughtprof  John  DuranI 
and  granddaughter  of  George  Duiant,  the  elder.  Richard  Whedbee  married  a 
Fister  of  Elizabeth  Hatch.  Mrs.  Elizab  th  Hatch  married,  s  cond.  Tulley  Wil- 
iiams  whose  first  wife  was  Grace  Sanderson,  daughter  of  Kichard  Sanmrhon, 
of  Little  River.  Their  daughter  Penelope  Williams  married  William  Keed,  800 
of  Christian  Reed  and  grandson  of  Gov.  William  Keed. 

^  Note.— Wanted,  information  relative  to  this  family. 


Sarah  Hawkins,  widow.  October  19,  1719;  probated  November 
21, 1722;  Thomas  Merriday,  property  by  his  uncle's  last  will,  heirs 
of  Elizabeth  Hawkins,  alias  Hubble,  married  Jno  Hubble. 

James  Hodges.  September  23,  1722;  October  11, 1722;  wife  Sa- 
rah Catharine  Hodges,  cousin  Elizabeth  Harrison. 

Ttiomas  Harmon,  of  Pasquotank.  March  9,  1720-'l;  March  30, 
1721 ;  eon  Jo'^eph,  daughters  Sarah  and  Jane,  wife  Satal^ 

Dorothy  Harvey,  of  Pasquotank.  Brother  Ttiomas  Tooke,  of  Isle 
of  Wight  County,  Va.,  and  his  seven  cliildren,  James,  Thomas,  D.^r- 
othy,  John,  Abraham,  Isaac  and  William. 

John  Hopkins.  October  14,  1721 ;  probatpd  November  2,1721; 
Charles  Craddock,  granddaughter  Sarah  Hopkins,  my  two  sons. 

*John  Hecklefieid.  May  30,  1721;  probated  August  Ctuiri,  1721; 
son  John  Hecklefieid;  Edmund  Gale  and  George  Durant  Executors. 

Elenor  Horner.     25,  12  month,  1719-20;  daughter  Amy  SLafford. 

Daniel  Hilsey.  March  3,  1719;  wife  Mary  and  her  children,, 
daughter  Dorothy. 

John  Hawkins.  December  4,  1717;  probated  April  20.  1720; 
cousin  Tliomas  M-'rriday,  wi^e  Sarah,  heirs  of  J<ihn  Hut»blewho 
married  my  sister  Elizabeth  Hawkins  of  High  Wiekham,  county  of 

Robert  Harman.  October  3,  1717;  July  29,  1718;  grandson 
Robert  Harman,  wife  Elizibeth, grandson  John  Harman,  (laughter 
Sarah,  granddaughter  Mary  Harman;  wife  and  John  Wyati  Ex- 

,  John  Hawkins.  February  8,  1716  7;  probated  10  April,  1717; 
sous  Joihua  and  James,daughter  Anne,  Thomas  son  of  Joyce  Harts- 
home;  Joyce  Harishorne  Executrix.  Witnesses,  Thomas  Rogers, 
Frnncis  R  »gers,  .John  Hardy. 

Marv  Haig,  of  Newt>egun  Creek,  Pasquotank  Precinct.  January 
28.  17i8;  probated  January  20,  1718-9;  Gabriel  Newby  and  Joseph 
Glaister  Exfcuiors. 

William  Ilaig,  of  same  place.  January  28,  1718-'9;  probited 
March  2,  1718-'y;  sou  William,  wife  Mary,  daughters  Mary,  Sarah 
and  Ann  Haig. 

Henry  Hay  man.  May  23,  1G97;  probated  July  18,  1727;  son 
William,  daughter  Ann,  child  in  esse,  brother  Tiiomas  H»yman, 
three  children. 

George  Harrington,  of  Chowan.  October  21, 1718;  December  10, 
1718;  wife  Judy  Haughton,  daughter^ Elizabeth;  brother  Tuomas 
Hanghton  and  wife  Ex«^cutors. 

•  William  Hooker.  8  January,  1716-7;  eldestson  William  Hooker, 
son  Waller  or  Wallace,  son-in  law  Sunuel  Siz-^m^re,  grands  »n  Wil- 
liam Lewis,  daughter  Ann  Evans,  daughter  Bridgeit  Mann,  Mar- 

•NoTE.— It  was  at  his  houne  on  Little  River,  in  Perquimans,  where  the  courts 
for  Albemarle  County  were  held  for  several  years. 

62  North  Cakolina  Historical 

g«rft  Lewis.  Juie  Brown  and  E  izabeth  Sizemore,  son  Godfrey 
Ho'iker;    \\  illiMin  !!•  (jk*^  r  Extc-iitor. 

liohert  IleniiHii.  J  iiiu  ny  20,  1714;  proved  April  12, 1715;  sons 
Robert  hihI  Jolm,  d»u<;hier  Mnrv,  wife  Uebec»a. 

J  .bii  ILinisou.  November  10,1710;  brother  Thomas  Harrison, 
sister  11  'tnuih. 

John  Iliiris.  ILirris  son  of  S^r^h  T>  ner,  Willinnr)  and  Sarah 

cbiMien  c»f  Saiwh  Tmer,  wile  MiMted  Harris;  Dr-eeniber  10,  1711. 

Joseph  II»I  Ibroiiuh,  oi  Oo  ober  « 1,  1711;  lrien<i  Alexan- 
der Avers  E  izi»»elh  Avera,  Sauuij  y^anson;  brother  John  Holds- 
broMiili  Exei-nt<»r. 

llunipliiey  Harrington.  N  veniber  2,  1713;  danghter  Anai  Har- 
rii  ut<iii,  (hin^hur  in  hiw  Ann  M  j  nr,  my  wile  E  izaheti)  Mij  ur. 

J  .hn  Htxl^son,  of  Chowan.  Wife  iM  try  llodg  <»n,  my  mill  to 
Rnheii  HeHti.'s  eMest  dan|;hier,  son  Neliemiah,  Thomas  IleMth, 
John  Wood.  Ann  lleatli.  J  iines  ll^^aih,  William  S  oH,  Joseph  Beu- 
neti*.s  S"n  J«»»ii  ;  wife  M  ry  Kxrcinrix;  Anjijost  15.  172 

William  II  Hg.     Ju  y  8.  171J5:  son  Wil  iam.  chihl  in  esue, 

Af'ica  Ili«k'<,  wife  c»f  R»l)ert.  November  7,  1711;  >on8  Patrick 
and  G»>'K*'*'^'  M^Gr*  gory,  hn^hand  Robeit,  Madame  Hunt. 

Rirhaid  Haiidru'k, 'f  Perquimans.  August  8, 1712;  FrancisCar- 
pew,  John  Hincoek,  J 'lin  I'  ine. 

S.mut  I  Hill,  of  Warwirk  Counly.  Va.     1G93. 

♦l-aac  llill,  of  Berne.  M«ich  8,  1710:  8(»n8  M'chael,  T«a9C.  John 
and  Nailuiniei.  dear  daughter  Mir  Iih;  Captain  Robert  We^t  Execu- 
tor, to  hipejire  my  yonii^esi>on  Nathaniel.  Witnesses,  Edward  Bryan, 
William  MiHile,  John  tide. 

flh.  niM!^  Harvey.  Apiil  10.  1720;  probated  November  10  1729; 
wife  Elizibeili  lliirvey,  sons,  J.»hn,  Bt-iijamin  an<i  Miles, 
brother  Mi  fs  Grtle,  ea<h  of  C  •!.  Robert  West's  <laughter8,  to-wit, 
MntliM.  Sindi  Moil  M«ry  \V»sl,  d.uighters  by  his  wi'e,  my  sister 
Marv  Hjirvey;  Elizab*  th  Chiyon,  anil  Penelope  Little,  wife  of  Wm. 
Lil'le;  chil«l?en  of  i  he  wife  <  f  J  nnes  Sittt  rson  and  wife  of  Willi'in 
T<tttrton;  J  hn  Cole,  s  »n  of  J.»lin  Cole  of  N.-msemond  C(»untv,  Va.; 
Joshua  Wloiry,  son  of  Anhoiiy  Wherrv,  E  izubeih,  daus.diter  of 
Aniho!>y  Wheiiy:  bp'lher  MiUsGileol  Bo  ton.  kinsnien  Wm.  L't- 
tle,  C'l.  Kdvvjird  Mosehy,'!  houias  Pvdh  ck,  wile  Eliz*belli  and  Julia 
Lovick  E\'eint<>rs. 

♦Note — I-a^c  Hill  whs  either  the  grandfjither  or  preat-prranrlfather  of  Hon. 
Whilinell  Uill       II  John  Hill  nuirtHHie.l  in  this  will  had  a  son  named  John  Hill, 
then  Isaac  was  his  j^reatfrfandfather.  We  would  he^^lad  to  have  all  the  light  now 
in  existence  with  relerence  to  this  faniilv.     Na'h;oiiel   Hill,  the  youngest  son, . 
marr  ed  in  17*22  Klizjiheth.  daughter  <»f  John  an. I  Rehfcea  Harly. 

fNoTK.  —Thomas  Harvey  was  th»^  son  of  >  iovernor  Tliomas  Harxey.and  married 
Eliz;iheih  Cole,  daughter  of  (U>\.  James  Cede,  of  I'erquimans.  His  n«other  was 
Sarah  Laker,  daughter  of  Henjamifi  Laker,  of  Penjuimans  County  Sarah - 
Laker's  >econd  huslwud  was  -  hii-^t'-ph^^r  (Jale.  Chief  Ju>*iice  of  the  Colony.  Col. 
Rohert  VVe^t.  of  Herti*-.  mairie<i  Maiy  Harvey,  sister  of  Th(»nms  Harvey.  Colonel's  first  wife  heing  a  daughter  of  (iovei  nor  Thomas  Polioek.  As  I  purpose  in 
a  future  numher  to  give  an  extended  history  of  the  Harvey  family,  I  will  not 
add  more  now  to  what  has  been  said. 

AND  Genealogical  Rkgister.  53 

Christian  Wer,  of  Craven.  October  4.  1717;  proHa^ed  N  »v#*m- 
ber  7,  1747;  wife  El  z  iUeLh,sons  J  hiianlW  II  in  in,  daugluer:*  Eliza- 
beth and  S'i<anna,  brothers  F'f^dHrick  atul  J  hn. 

Richard  IlanN.  Mirch7,  1733:  O.Miib-r  (Jourt,  173");  son  R  ibert, 
danjrjiier  J  ifie  Wayne  d  mghter  El  zabeih  Riwlings  wife  E   Zibt^th. 

Il-nry  Irby.  December  J7,  17-^3;  probileil  Mirrli  iJ).  1734;  sons 
Wnliain  ami  Henry,  daughter  Ann,  dau^bier  El  zabeiii  Cv>rD, 
daughter  of  Fortune  ri»lderbv. 

*John  I>may.  July  IJ,  1721);  probated  August 5, 1732;  daughter 
Mary,  wiff*  Sarah. 

Wdl  of  Samuel  Johnston,  of  Onslow  County.  November  13, 1750; 
proha  ed  January  3,  l7oy;  daughters  Je^n,  Peneloj»e,  Isabel,  Ann, 
and  Ilannali.  w»ns  S«muel  and  John.  Wiiness,  Gary  Godbie,  Win. 
Williams,  John  Milton. 

Will  ol  G  V.  Gabriel  Johnston,  of  E  len  ILuise,  Bertie  County,  N.  C. 
16ih  May.  175i;  probated  Af»ril  ]0,  17^3;  wile  Fiances  J  .hnslon, 
daughter  Pc  nelope,  the  jiroperty  which  I  had  by  ber  mother,  in  case 
of  her  death,  to  go  to  my  brother  Samuel's  children,  Henry  Jobn- 
8ton,  now  at  scb'ol  at  Nf  w  Haven,  niece  Penelope's  brothers  two 
sons  Samuel  and  John,  mv  books  to  Wm  Cathcart,  sister  E  iz/ibeth 
Sinclair,  of  File,  North  Britain,  Caroliua  J  hn^ton,  cme  tifih  of  bil- 
ance  of  my  e siate  to  my  wife,  two  filihs  to  Win.  Cathcart,  in  trust  for 
my  biuther,  one  filth  to  sister  Eliza »«eth  Sinclair,  one  fifth  to  H^nry 
Johnston:  Simuel  Johnston  atid  Wm.  Cathcart  Executors.  Djne 
at  Eden  House,  16th  May,  17  >2. 

William  Jones,  of  Halif  ix.  January  3, 1758;  June  Court,  1759; 
s^ns  William,  H^'nry,  and  Briiton,  son  Simon,  daughteis  Sarab, 
Winnifr^'d,  Anne,  and  Siva,  wife  Sarah.  Witness,  Augusiine  Bate. 

J  •hn  Jolinson,  of  Northampton  County.  Granddaughter  Mary 
J'»hnsun  Biidgers,  wife  Mary;  January  27,  1745-'0;  August  Court, 

J.inathan  J«mes,  of  Pasquotank.  April  Court,  1740;  elder  son 
C<»rneliu«,  y<  unger  sou  Junaihan,  daughters  Elizabeth,  Ruth,  and 
Dmah,  wife  Su«an. 

Elizdhth  Jeffries.  5lh  Februarv,  1742;  probated  May  Court, 
1743;  daughter  Elizabeth  Boddie,  dnughter  of  John  Boddie. 

Klizabeih  J«  tfnes.  June  20,  1742;  son  John  Hilliard,son  O-^born 
Jtffiies,  son  Robirt  Ililliard,  granddaughter  Elizibeth  Boddie, 
grandson  Jacob  Holland,  son  of  Jeremiah  Holland,  daughter  Eliza- 
be  h  Bo<l  lie,  son  William  Ililliard,  grandsons  William,  James,  and 
Elias  Ililliard,  sogs  of  William,  sou-iu  law  John  Boddie,  grand-on 
J  hn  B>ddie,  granddaughter  Sarah  Ililliard,  in  care  of  Jolin  Ilil- 

Christopher  Jtfrries.  January  23,  1735,  April  1736;  Elizabeth 
Po»'le,  daughter  of  Joseph  Pottle. 

Williatn  Jones,  of  Bertie.  Wife  Anne  Jones,  son  Ephraim,  child 
incM^e.    M.rch  15   17:^6;  May  Court,  1736. 

*  Note. — Wife  Sai-ah  Catharine,  married  second  Christopher  Gale,  being  his 
Becond  wife.    No  issue  by  Uale. 

64  North  Carolina  Historical 

Henry  Jernigan,  of  Bertie.  August  Court,  173G;  wife,  son  Henry, 
son  Jaci)b,  daughter  Ann  Jones,  son  Jesse,  son  Dempsey.         "^ZL, 

John  Jones.  March  17,  1735;  May  Court,  1730;  son  James,  son 
Frederick  Jones,  wife  Martha, daughter  Mary  Bonner,  second  daughter 
Anne*C<»tten,daughterPrudence  Williams,  grandson  Abraham  Jones, 
grandson  John  Jones,  son  Joseph;  John  Brown,  John  Battle  and 
Wm.  Mears,  Executors. 

Joseph  Jessop,  of  Perquimans.  March  12,  1735-6;  August  25, 
173G;  friend  Stephen  Thomas,  nepliew  Thomas  Jessop,  nephew 
Timothy  Jessop,  brother  Thomas,  brotLer  Jonathan  Jessop,  grand- 
daughter Mary  Moye,  wife  Margaret  Jessop,  cliildreu  Mary,  Thomas, 
Elizabeth  and  Jonathan,  granddaughter  Marv  Mayo. 

William  Jackson.  April  21,1735;  sons  Moses  and  Aaron,  wife 
Margaret,  daughters  Parthenia  and  Margaret. 

Joseph  Jewel^.  December  24,  1736;  sons  John,  Benjamin,  Samuel 
and  James,  wife  Francis. 

John  Johnson.  September  10,  1693;  son-in-law  Lawrence.  Gon- 
salvo,  ^ife  Sarah. 

Charles  Jones.    July  15, 1695;  Sarah  Alford,  Tabitha  Alford. 

William  Jackson,  of  Pasquotank.  February  21,  1695-*ti;  daugh- 
ter Ruth  Davis,  wife  Elizabeth,  sons  David,  Zacbariah,  Daniel  and 

Gabriel  Johnston  and  Penelope  bis  wife;  1741;  deed  to  John 

Jo^^n  Jennings,  of  Pasquotank.  14th  May,  1734;  April  8,  1735; 
wile  Elizabeth;  witness,  Ann  Bryan. 

Elizabeth  Jevins.  3rd  February  1734-5;  deceased  husband's 
nephew  Nathaniel  Chevin. 

Isaac  Jones.  January  31, 1734;  January  7, 1734-'5;  wife  Mary; 
eldest  sor)  John,  son  Isaac,  son  Nehemiah,  eldest  daughter  Dorothy, 
daughter  Mary. 

William  Jones,  of  Chowan.  May  4,  1722;  probated  March  28, 
1723;  son  John  Jones,  his  sons  Ji»hn  and  James  Jones,  his  sons 
David  and  William,  son  Henry;  William  Lyies  100  acres  land 
known  as  Walston  old  field,  son  Charles  lUO  acres  known  aa 
Branch's  old  field,  dflughter  Jean  Liles,  daughter  Elizabeth  Spiers, 
daughter  Dorothv  Walston;  Thomas  Luten,  Jr.,  Executor. 

William  Harding  Jones.  January  2,  1730;  probated  July  27, 
1732;  wife  Ann  Jones,  brother  Frederick  and  Thomas  Jones. 

Willinm  J<irdan.  July  4,  1732;  probated  November  2.  1732;  son 
John,  daughter  Esther,  wife  Sarah;  Nathaniel  •  Everett  Executor 

John  Jernapan,  of  Bertie.  March  2,  1733;  probated  July  10,  1733; 
sons  Hfiirv,  Thomas,  George  and  James,  wife  Temperance;  wife  and 
Benjamin  Hill,  Executors. 

Willinm  Junes,  of  Pasquotank.  Mrty  9,  1733;  probated  May  30, 
1733;  sons  Thomas  and  William,  son  Thomas  Jame^,  daughter  Re- 
becca, daughter  Frances  McKeel,  son  Samuel,  wife  Jane. 


John  J^iies.  May  12,  1727;  probated  May  15,  1727;  grand- 
daughter Elz.iheili.daughtrol  David  Jones,  son  William,  childreo 
John,  E  izabeib,  Thomas  and  David;  Samuel  Pagett  Executor 

Fiedeiirk  Jnne?,  of  Chowan.  April  0,  1722;  March  26,  1723; 
eldest  diUffhWr  J.ine,  daughter  MarUia,  <l.tughter  R^'becca,ehlest  sou 
WiHian)  Harding  Jones,  son  Thomas  Junes,  sou  Frederick  Jones, 
bmthir  Thos.  Jmes,  of  Virginia. 

Richard  Jasf»er.  Ociobtr  30,  1722;  probated  March  30,  1723; 
wife,  dang'iter  Elizibeth,  s<mi  Smiut-b  sori  Jouaihan,  daughter  Anu, 
daughter  II  innah,  s 'nihlaw  John  Leath. 

Saingel  Jones.  September  30.  1723;  probated  April  1,  1726;  sons 
Tl)omas,S.inineI,  William,  Ilezekiah  and  Z>chariah,  daughter  Jane. 

Willinni  Joy,  if  Paj-qnotHnk.  December  17,  1725;  January  1, 
17i5-'G;  S  'himon  Easter,  Sarali  Easter,  wife  MargreTy. 

Eilward  James,  of  P^isqnotank.  Ft-bruary  8,  1720;  April  Court, 
1721';  Cousin  J 'hn  Murpliv,  cousin  Mary  Murffy,  son-in-law  Heze- 
kiah-snn-in  law  D-zier  PiUs,  brother  William  Jones,  son  Edward 
James,  son  Gilbert  James. 

S'l.  mnn  Jordan.  March  3.  1721 ;  probated  April  11,1722;  wife, 
daughfers  Lncreiia  and  Hebecca,  son  Abraham  land  on  north  side 
Casliie  River,  child  in  ease;  brother  Snell,  Robert  West,  and  my  wife 

John  Jo-^dan.  December  21,  1719;  probated  April  23,  1720; 
di.Ui!hter8  Margaret  and  Mary. 

John  Jennings,  of  P,i.-qn.  tank.  August  13,  1718;  probated  June 
16,  17  0;  ^on  VV  illiam  J*  nnings,  wife  Ann,  daughter  Mary  Sawyer, 
dautjhter  E  izibeib  Reding. 

Ann  Jennings,  widow  of  John, Pi«sqno*ank.  February  20. 1719-'20; 
prohateci  May  2,  1720;  son  S  e|  hen  Delamare,  son  Ir-aac  Delamaro, 
dauifhier  Anne  Delamare,  husband  Scarborough,  son  Edward  Pope, 
Uiirv  Read  ng. 

Edwnrd  Jones.  Mirch  13,  1718-MO;  probated  July  15,  1720; 
daughier  Priscilla,  bro  her  James  Jones,  brother-in-law  Winn 
R«  OS,  dangh'er  Abigail,  cou-in  Pii>cilla  Jones. 

Su-annah  Johnson.  Anirnst  13,  1717;  July  29,1718;  son  William 
John.'on,  gran«l-on  Jacob  Pnrrotr,  grandHaughter  Elizabeth  Parrott, 
f'iend  John  Ilaidy,  gc»<Non  Edward  Fr*^<lerick  Razor,  daughter 
France-j  Haz^r-;  dau^diler  Fra!)fes»  Raz>r  Executrix. 

(Hiriieliu<  J  -nes.  Mav  8,  1714;  son  Cornelius,  daughter  Elizabeth, 
dnug'ifer  Ann  Joi^es,  wife  Eiizbeth;  in  describing  land  speaks  of 
fjiio.  Hawkins'  line  and  traet  c  lied  Robin'^on. 

Laac  Jack.^^on,  of  Rath.  September  7,  1716;  April  2,  1717;  son 
Thoina-,  Hjingliier  E  izabeth  ClH»«ter,  daujjhter  Ruchel  Adams, 
dau^htei  Margaret,  wife  Elizibeth  Executiix,my  friend  John  Jordan 

Th'inas  Jonps.  Jannnrv  11,  1712-'3;  wife  E'iznbeth  Executrix 
and  hpihfr  Wm.  Jones  Executor;  sous  Tliomas  and  John,  son  in-law 
Luke  Harmon. 

56  North  Carolina  Historical 

Daniel  Jones,  of  Perqniman«.  Octobpr  10  1713;  wife  Sarwh  Jones 
and  cliiM  in  etine;  my  wife,  brollierAriliur  Jout sand  friend  Tiuiulbj 
Clare  Executors. 

J  lih  Jones,  of  Cashoke,  ChowRn  Precinct.  January  7,  lTn-'2; 
sislerin  law  Susannjih  Daniel,  E  iz»h  th  L-werton  tjaught^r  of  John 
Lewerton,dHughter  Mary  Jonts*  wife  El^z  ibeili  Junes  sole  Exeriiirix. 

Fiancifs  J.mes.  Dead  willioui  a  will,  Novemiier  20,  1713;  Arthur 
Jone"<,  nearest  of  kin,  administrator. 

L<-wis  Johnson,  of  Bath.  Suns  William  and  Richard  Johnson; 
October  9,  1711. 

William  Kinchen,  Jr,of  Edcr^combe  November  6,  1758;  sons 
John  and  WilliMin,  danghters  Martha,  El  Zibelh,  Temperance  and 
Mary;  my  brother  Blake  Buker,  Henry  Dawson  and  son  John  Ex- 

Michael  King,  of  Berlie.  May  20, 17U  ;  wife  Isabel,  sons  Michael, 
Henry  and  J  »hn,  daughters  Catherine,  Isabel,  Peiif-lope  an<l   Mary. 

William  Kitching,  of  Perquimans  May  4,  i736;  pr  bated  May 
20,  17o0;  Josiah  Rogerson,  sou  of  Daniel,  Sarah  Roberis,  widow, 
John  Lilly. 

Joseph  King.  Dead  without  a  will;  Richard  Sanderson  Jr.,  ad- 
ministrator; 6th  Jjinuary,  1704. 

John  Keaton,  of  Perquimans.  February  28,  1734-V5;  October  21, 
1735;  sons  John,  Joseph  and  Lewis,  daughter  Elizibeth  Wiggins, 
wife  Eliz«beth. 

Smith  Kelley.  April  5,  1734;  probated  29th  April,  1734;  son 
Nicholas  Kelley. 

Lewis  Alexander  Knight,  of  P»squotank.  March  17,  1731-*2; 
Apiil  Court,  1732;  wife  Ann,  sons  E  nannel  and  Lwis. 

Tredle  Keefe,  of  Bertie.  November  10,  17*23;  wife  Elenor.  sons 
Tredle  and  John,  Jimes  Bate,  Margaret  Kcele,  Elizabeth  Keefe; 
February  Court,  1724. 

George  Kemp.  January  20,  1723~'4;  October  28,  1724;  sons 
George  and  Allen,  daughter  Sarah,  wife  Marv. 

John  Kent.  September  28,  1711);  April*  23,  1720;  wife  Mary, 
Rirhard  Harvev,  Executor. 

Thomas  Kerby.     May  1,  1715;  July  16, 1719;  eldest  son  Thomas^ 

second  son  Charles,  youngest  son   Edwanl,  eldest  daughter , 

daughters  Mabel  and  Esll)er,  wife  Esther  Executrix. 

♦Tobias  Knight.  June  11,  1719;  pro^mle(l  July  7.  1719;  daugh- 
ter-in-law Elizabeth  Glover,  Catt'arine  Knitiht,  my  wife  Executrix. 

Henry  King,  of  Chowan.  F»-bruary  24,  1714;  sons  Michael^ 
Henry  and  Ciiarles  King,  land  in  Virginia,  Nansemond  C  nnty, 
daughters  Elizabeth  aud  Catharine  King,  daughters  Ann  and  Mary 

Simon  Knight.  Is  dead,  without  a  wmII  ;  Jidin  Porter  greatest  cred- 
itor, granted  administration  upon  his  estate;  Februaiy  11.  1710-7. 

♦  Note.— Tobias  Knight  married  Catharine  Glover,  widow  and  relict  of  Gov. 
William  Glover. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  57 

*  Francis  Kaspw^l I,  of  Alligator.  Diut^hters  Martha  and  Mary, 
youngest  brotljerMatiliewCasewell, loving  wife  Executrix;  January 

Jolm  Little,  of  Anson  County.  D.  cemher  8,  1755;  sons  Thomas, 
WiUiam,  Hnd  John,  gran«ls«»n  Thomas  Liitle,  sun  Architinhl  Lilile, 
daughter  Martha,  wile  of  John  iieed,sou  Jam-s,  daugluer  Mirgaret, 
8on  Alexander,  wife. 

Thomas  Long,  of  Perquimans.  March  7, 1734;  April  Court,  1754; 
wife  Sarah,  sons  J.»shua  Hud  Thomns. 

Jtishua  Long,  of  Tvrrell.  January  7,  1750;  June  Court,  1754; 
dHU^h'ers  Priscilla,  Kesiah,  and  E>ilier,  nephew  Stephen  Long,  wife 

William  Long,  of  Perquimans.  Julv  10,  1758;  wife  Ann,  sons 
Simon,  Thomas,  Reuben,  Jauie<%  and  William,  grandsons  Saniuel 
and  Ichahod,  grandson  Joshua  Wyatt, granddaughter  Mary,  daugh- 
ter 0'  Jacob  Wyatt. 

Thomas  L^^e,  of  Tyrrell.  March  5,  1751  ;  February  Court,  1752; 
wifrt  Mary,  s*ns  Widiam  and  S  evens,  daughter  Priscilla. 

Jam^s  Loi-khart,  of  Bertie.  December  7.  1753;  May  Court,  1754; 
60n8  LillingUm  and  Gt-orge,  all  my  chidten.  son  James. 

Elizabeth  Lillington,  of  Baih.  July  8,1731;  December  Cmrt, 
1741 ;  son  Richard  Barrow,  s  ins  J  »-eph  and  J  .mes  Birrow,  daugh- 
ter in  law  Mary  Bii row,  wife  of  Richard  Btrrow,  dauj^hter  8drah 
Harris, Hanghter  Anna  Campbell, s  >ns  Samuel  and  William  Birrow. 

John  L  werton,  of  B.^rtie.  Augu4  23,  1740;  February  23,  1742; 
nephew  John  Gregory,  sister  Mary  Jones.  allnH  Gregory. 

£lizd>eih  Lattimore,  of  B.rtie.  March  3,  1753;  James  Smith, 
Rirhard  Tomlinson. 

Juliana  Larker,  of  Perquimans.  September  24,  1735;  Jmuary 
Court,  1738;  great  grands  »n  Benjamin  {Scarborough,  son  of  McRorna 
Scrtrhcirongh,  and  my  granddaughter  Ann  Hutson  Worlhen,  or 
Juliana  Worihen.  daughter  of  my  sis  er  N^'Stnania  llutson,daui5liter 
Juliana  Palmer,  Martha  Palmer,  Samuel  P.dmer.  Brick  graveyard  at 
Abraham  Sanders,  where  my  mother's  husband  and  friends  are 

Kichard  Leary,  of  Tyrrell.  April  20,  1738;  probated  September 
6,1738;  sons  Cornelius,  J  ihn,  Thomas  and  Richard,  wife  Sarah, 
daufirhlers  Sarah,  Marv  and  Rebecca. 

J  hn  Ludford,  of  Tyrrell.  February  6,  17*^-T>;  sister  Sarah 
Lu'lfnnl.  sisfer  Hannah,  Isaac  Fuzoitr  ck,  brother  Thomas  Lndford, 

tJnhn  Loviek.  November  27,  1727;  10  li,  1733;  John  Lovick,  son 
of  my  brother  Thomas,  brother  J.»hn  Gilland,  I  leave  all  to  his  sis- 
t<*r  my  wH'e;  wife  Penelone,  uncle  Parrs,  wile,  Christopher  Gale, 
&imund  Gale,  and  Win.  Li'tle,  Executors. 

*X0TE. — This  should  be  spelled  Ca^^weU. 

fNoTE. — J«ihn  Lovick  was  Secretarv  of  the  Colony.  He  married  first  Sarah 
Blount,  da uji;hter  of  John  Blount  and  his  wife  Elizabeth  Davis.  No  issue.  Sec- 
ond married  Mrs.  Penelope  Maule,  relict  of  VVm.  Alaule,  and  daughter  of  Gov, 
Charles  Eden.    No  ibsue. 

58  North  Carolina  Historical 

Thomas  Lilly.  Octobpr  12. 1735 ;  eldest  son  John,  Hmighter  Mar- 
garet, and  her  husband  John  Ri<i(iick,  sons  Thoma'*,  William,  Tim- 
othy and  Joseph,  wife  Sarah,  daughters  Mary  and  Jane. 

Alexander  Lillington,  and  VVm.  SherriU,  nearest  of  kin  to  Thos. 
C!o(»ke.     No  date. 

John  Leary.     Married  widow  of  William  Charles.     N  >  date. 

William  Lawrence.  July  5,  1094;  daughters  Rachel  and  Jane, 
cousin  Rachel  Sneiling,  wife  Margaret,  brother  Israel  JSnelling, 
brother  John  L^iwrenc**. 

James  Loadman.  November  14, 16^4  ;  Jane  Binfield,  Richard 
Bar^field,  l«nd  in  Sumerton,  William  Bvillt-r,  Sarah  B.asley,  Timo- 
thy Clare,  Elizabeth  Phelps,  William  Bogue. 

*Alex.  Lillington,  of  Perquimans.  September  9. 1G97  ;  sons  John 
and  George,  daughter  Ann  Walker,  daughter  Eizabtth  Kendall, 
daughter  Mary  Lillington,  daughter  S  irah  Lihing  on,  wife  Ann. 

fBenjamin  Laker, <»f  Perquimans.  Apiil4,  1701  ;  G-orge  Blayton, 
daughter  Sarah  Harvey,  wife  Juliana,  daughter  Ruth;  wife  Ex- 

William  Lat)^,  Sr.  August  3,1701;  daughter  B.irbara,  grand- 
daughter Mary  Latye,  daughter-in-law  Mary  Latye,  sou  William 

George  Low.  May  3,  1729;  wife  Elizabeth,  sons  John,  George, 
Edward  and  William,  wife  Elizabeth,  daughters  E.izabeih,  Maty 
and  Sarah. 

David  Lawler.  No  date.  Wife  Mary,  father-in-law  Thos.  Homes, 
his  wife  Elizabeth  Homes. 

William  Lacey.  January  17, 1734 ;  probated  29th  January,  1734; 
sons  William,  Thomas  and  Joseph,  wife. 

James  Long,  of  Chowan.  September  1, 1734;  April  Court,  1733; 
eldest  son  James  Long,  second  son  Giles  Long,  hroiher  'i'hos.  Loug, 
John  Long,  Andrew  Li'mg,  son  JosIkh,  daug:hter  Elizabeth. 

Ann  Leigh.  August  9, 1732  ;  April  7,  1733;  Be*iufoit ;  son  Sam- 
uel D.irden,  son  Jacob,  son  James,  their  daugi)ter  Sarah,  daughter 
Ann  Adams,  granddaughter  Sarah  Adams,  son  Jose|»h  Darden, 
daughter  Jane  Walkins,  granddaughter  Mary  Walkius,  son-in-laW 
Abraham  Adams. 

William  Lewford,  of  Pasquotank.  October  2, 1732;  sons  Wil'iam, 
Thomas  and  John,  daughters  Christian,  Martha,  Thompson,  Rachel, 
Sarah  and  Johanna,  wife  Cnristian,  mother  Feare. 

William  Lewis,  of  Bath.  December  Jl,  1731;  probated  August 
5,1732;  wife  M^iry,  daughter  Sarah  Sinclair,  daughter  Mary  Du«Jley, 

*  Note.— Dautfhter  Ann  Walker  was  the  wife  of  Gov.  Hendersofi  Walker.  Sho 
married  second.  Edward  Most'ley.  She  rests  in  St.  Pauls  churchyard,  in  Kden- 
ton.  N.  C.  beside  her  husband.  Hendeison  Walk-r.  'I  hey  weie  buried  at  Mose- 
ley  Point,  but  a  few  years  ago  the  Vestry  of  the  Parish  removed  them  to  the 
cemetery  in  Edenton  to  save  their  remains  from  the  encroachment  of  the  waters 
of  Albemarle  Sjund.  Near  them  rest  also  the  remains  of  Gov.  Thomas  Pollock 
and  wife  Martha.  Gov.  Charles  Eden  and  wife  Penelope. 

f  Note. — Daujifhter  Sarali  married,  first.  Gov.  Thomas  Harvey :  second,  Chris- 
topher Gale.  Daughter  Kuth  married,  first,  James  Ming;  secopd,  Richard  San- 
derson, of  Lit  Je  River,  Perquimans. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  CO 

w>n8  WilHara  and  Solomon,  daughter  Magdalene  Bagford,  daughter 
Bli'li  Benson. 

J.icoh  Leary.  November  1, 1731 ;  eldest  son  Jacob,  youngest  son 
Cliristian,  daughter  Mnry. 

Th'»mas  L  >nir,  of  Perquimans.  S^p*ember  21,1727;  November 
27,  1727;  S)n8  William,  Joshua  and  Thomas,  daugliier  SaraliLeary, 
wife  Kebecca. 

Emanuel  L^w,  of  Pasquotank.  21  day,  first  mon'h,  1720-'l; 
8lli  March,  17 JO-M  ;  dauj^jiiter  Ann  Lelitia  Low,  grandson  George 
Low,  son  of  Nt-vil  Low,  my  cous'n  R»hii)son. 

Palrick  Lnwier.  November  29,  112S;  daughter  Lawley,  son  Dar- 
by, wife  Patience,  son  Diivid  Liwler. 

Francis  Leyden.  Apiil  22,  1728;  wife  El'zibeth,  sons  William, 
Francis  and  George,  daughter  Mary,  son  Isaac,  Cousin  Wm.  Mid- 

Robert  Loyd,  of  Elenton.  December  10  172G;  probated  October 
8, 17'i8;  wife  Sarah  Cathaiine,  my  uncle  Roderick  Loyd,  of  Lin- 
eolii's  Inn,  England. 

Ann  Lillington,  January  2G,  1721;  probated  April  2,  1725; 
danghter  E  izabeth  Lillintrton,  grandson  John  Simcm?,  daughter 
Eliziheih  Lillington,  grandson  John  Sinions  Ex»cu  or. 

William  Lenton,  or  L-^wton,  of  Biih.     Wife  Mnrgaret,  son  , 

two  daughters  ;  January  12,  172G-7;  June  20.  1727. 

William  Lowe,  of  Chowan.  July  31,  1720;  probated  April  17, 
1722;  sons  John  and  Wilbam,  land  in  Pi  it  ce  G  or^re  Coui»ty,  Vir- 
ginia, son  in-law  Robert  Dixon,  daughter  Elizabeth  Pace,  wife  Anne 

Thomas  Lee.  July  23,  1722;  July  30,  1722;  brother  William 
Lee,  daughters  Rachel  and  Jane. 

Luodovick  Lof  in,  of  Chowan.  Sons  Conu lius,  Leonflrd,  son 
Benoni.  daughter  Percolly,  Jane  and  Ji»yce;  April  11, 1720;  January 

TlionTas  Luis,  of  Pasquotank.  July  24,  1720;  wife  Margaret,  son 
Thomns,  Jr. 

8  rah  Long,  of  Perqnimms.  July  8,  171'';  brother  in  law 
Thomas  Long,  brother  Long,  sisi«  r  Miry  Pearce,  sij^ler  Kebt  c<a  Long, 
brother  in  law  Th-inis  Penrce,  C'rneJius  Leary,  son  of  Hichard, 
Sarah  I^arv,  cousin  John  Wiat,  Joshua  Lonjr  and  his  brother  Wil- 
liam, faiher-in-law  Thomas  L'per,  connin  Jamns  Chesson,  Thomas 
Lon^,  son  of  Thomas,  Tlioniis  Long  and  Tlnun^s   Pierce  Ex»cu'o»s. 

*  Thomas  Lee,  of  Chowan.  March  14,  l7M)-*7;  probated  July 
16.  1710;  brother  Wm.  Lee.  plantation  c^il  ed  Cabin  NM-k.  east  si'le 
Knid lick  Creek  ;  cousins  William,  Ehz.ibftii  and  Edward  Lee,  Zd- 
pha  B  ount,  wife  Miry,  son  Stephen. 

*NoTR. — ^Thom>iR  I^e  marHerl  Mary  Blount,  relic^t  of  (>pt.  Th<»ma"*  Blount ;  her 
first  hu.sband  was  Joseph  Srott.  of  IVrqiiiinnns  ;  her  marriage  to  Capt.  Tliomas 
Blount  bears  date  1(585.  Zilplm  hlouMt  was  the  daughter  of  Thomas  Blount  aud 
his  wife  Mary.    She  married  John  Edwards. 

60  North  Carolina  Historical 

Thomas  Leper,  of  Balh.  July  22, 1719;  Ann  Russ,  wife  Ann 

John  Low(len,  of  Pasquotank.  January  21, 1719;  probated  Julj 
21,  1719;  chihlreii  S«rah,  Ann  and  Robert  Lowden. 

R'chanI  Lewis,  of  Chowan.  July  21,  1719;  probated  August  14, 
17l9;  SOLS  John  and  Bigamin  Lewis  daughter  Iluilson  (probably 
witV  of  Jo^'eph  Ilutson,  note),  sou  William,  daughter  Jean,  wife  aou 
John  Lewis,  Executors. 

Henry  Lokny.  Dead,  without  a  will;  Ann  Lewis  (widow)  his 
dauiihter,  Ailinuiistratrix  ;  1715 

Daniel  f^on^lather.  Jolv  28,1714;  Anne  Longlather,  living  in 
King  and  Queen  Conntv,  Virgiui»s  my  wife's  two  s«ons  William  and 
Joseph,  Stewari,  wile  E  izibe  h;  Joreph  Jessop  Executor. 

John  Ligo.  Deaci,  withoiit  a  will;  E^lward  Moseley,  attorney  of 
Th'unas  Carey  (nearest  of  kin  to  deceased),  Administrator;  May  14, 

E,»hriam  Lewerton,  of  C  lowan.  March  3,  1710;  cousin  John 
Lewrrlon,  son  of  J.»hn  L-werion,  cousin  William  Jones,  cousins 
Elizit>eih  and  William  Lewerton,  cousins  Ann  and  Rebecca  Jones, 
Re»Mcca  Hmly;  tru-ty  friend  John  Htnly  Executor. 

John  Liwson.  August  12,1709;  Hannah  Smith,  daughter  Isa- 
bella, her  brother  and  sister  and  child  in  e^e, 

JamesL»fig.  November  15,  1711  ;  sons  Jumes, Thomas  and  John, 
dautjhters  Miry  and  Eiizibelh,  grandson  James,  youngesst  sou  of 
my  daUi^hier  Mary,  wife  Elizibetli. 

William  Long.  June  2,  1701  ;  wife  Sarah  Long,  brother  Thomas. 
Long's  chiUlren  James  and  William,  Sarah  Leary,  Joseney  Long, 
brother  L»»ng. 

Thomas  Long,  of  Perquimans.  September  21, 1721 ;  November 
27,  1721. 

William  Licey.  Jinuary  17, 1734-5;  29th  January,  1734-5;  sons 
William,  Tnomas  and  J  »seph,  wile. 

Jacob  Mullen.  Son?  I-saac.  Ahraliam,  Jacob  and  Thomas,  daugh- 
ter Hannah;  Jinuary  J75S,  Perqnmians. 

John  Mason,  Sr,  of  Hyde.  Fe^»ruarv  15.  1737-*S;  September 
Court,  1741  ;  wife  Mary,  d  lUijhter  Mary,  Jr.,  eldest  son  Roger,  daugh- 
ter Margaret,  youngest  son  Thomas,  grandson  M.ison  Tison.  grand- 
danghier  K^-siah  ilerringtou,  grandson  Johu,sun  of  Roger,  Thomas 
Tison,  Clinch  Herrington. 

Thoma'^  Merriday,  of  Pasquotank.  Wife  Elizibpth,  son-in-law 
Samuel  Davi-»,  daughters  E.izabeth,  Mary  and  Sarah;  March  1, 
1740;  October,  1741. 

♦Arthur  Mahson,  of  Carteret.  Nepliew  Wm.  Cole,  each  of  my 
wife's  chiUIren,  hy  her  former  hu4)an<L  Mr.  G  bble,  <laugliter  E  izi- 
beth,  wile  of  Natlnniel  Smith,  grai.d«on  Waller  Sniih,  daughter 
Sn?ann«,  wif--.  son  Arthur  ap.d  Ids  childrnn  ;  March,  1748. 

♦Note. — Arthur  Mabson's  first  wife  was  a  daughter  of  Levi  Creecy,  of  Pas- 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  61 

*Pa»ri(k\raule.  April  19.  1736;  wifeElizibefh,  drtngh«er  S^rah, 
daughter  Barbara,  diiaghter  Mary;  cousma  Julm  and  Wm.  Gray, 
Ex« tutors;  son  Joliu  Maule. 

Robert  McCr«ry.  of  Brriie.  May  30.  1740;  probated  July  30, 
1740;  Elizibeih  B.rfield,  daughler  of  ThoinHS,  Mjitv,  Elizabeth, 
Prircilla  and  Sarah  Brown,  daugliters  of  Thomas  Brown,  deceastd ; 
Tliomas  Birfield.  execntor. 

Lawrence  McGeeor  McGue,  of  Bertie.  April  26, 1740 ;  May  Ci>urt, 
1740;  my  grandchildren  born  of  D^ce  Bryan  my  daughter,  son  Juo. 
Brvan,  daughter  Elice:  fiiend  Elward  Bry«n  Executor. 

Barnaby  McKinne,  Jr.  13lh  October,  i735-'G;  probated  Novem- 
ber Court,  1736;  dnughter  Patience,  Barnaby  Lane.  8on*  of  Joseph 
Lnne,  daughter  Mary,  Birnaby  McKinne,  son  of  William,  wife 
Mary, "brniiier  Willirtui,  Barnaby  P'|>e,  fon  of  Joim  Pope,  brother 
Robert  and  John  McKiu'ie,  James  H«»well,  cousin  John  Lane. 

Henry  Miildleton.  March  6,  1738-*9;  June  Curt,  1738;  sons 
Jame^,  .John  and  Henry,  daughter  Mary,  wife  Martha,  soaiu-law 
Eiisha  Farley. 

John  Morris.  18,  9th  month,  1739;  January  Court,  1740;  sons 
Joseph,  J.ihu,  Zachariah  and  Isaac,  daughters  Sarah  and  Hannah, 
wife  Mary. 

liebecca  McKeel,  of  Bath.  Sms  Anthony,  Thomas,  John  and 
Joseph,  daughters  Anne  and  Sarah  ;  May  7, 1729;  December  Court, 

James  Moore.  November  28,  1733;  December  11,  1735;  wife 
Susanna, sun  Maurice  Moore,  daughter  Sarah;  John  Dawson  Execu- 

Thomas  Mand.  April  17,1736;  August  Court,  1736;  my  children 
and  grandchildren,  pfrandson  MandueD  »rthry.  granddaughter  Pris- 
cilU  Dorihty.  son  William  Bunn,  da«ighter  Mary. 

William  Mariin.  April  8.  1735-t';  August  Court,  1736;  sons 
Ricliard,  Moses,  Thomas  and  John,  wile  EUie,  daughters  Mary  and 
Eli<e  M.iriin. 

Thomas  Xfuns.     July  5,  1603;  wife  Anne  Mnns. 

Thomas  Man,  of  Bertie.     November  Court,  1735;  wife   Bridp^ett, 

snns  John  ami  Thoma<»,  daughters  Mary  and  Bridgttt, — Grillin, 

grandson  George  Williams. 

*NoTE. — Mary  Maule  married  Mr.  Bonner  near  Wasliington.  N.  C.  John 
Maule  married  Elizaiieth  Hare,  of  Virii^inia.  He  whs  elected  from  Beaufort 
County  to  the  Lejriblature  in  1769;  issue  of  John  Maule  and  Elizabeth  Hare, 
Anne  Hare  Maule.  born  ^larch  22,  ITCo,  married  P.  G.  Koulhac.  Elizabelli  Maule 
married Smith ;  no  issue. 

Jamima  married  John  G.  Roulhac;  lived  in  Martin  County.  N.  C.     Penelope 

married Bryan  ;  lived  near  New  Bern,  N.  C,  and  left  issue.     Mosses  Maule 

died  unmarried  ;  lived  with  P.  G.  Roulhac.  All  born  at  Smith  Point,  ou  Pamlico 
River.  N.C 

Pi4trick  Maule  was  a  brother  of  William  Maule. 

The  above  is  taken  from  "Genealogical  Memoir  of  the  Roulhac  Family  in 
America."  by  Miss  Hc»len  M.  Prescott,  of  Atlauta,  Ga.,  a  descendant  of  the 

62  North  Carolina  Historical 

.   C>r.«mpnr  Messier.    Oclober,  1G96;  probated  May  7,1G97;  son-in- 
law  Richard  Lewis. 

Joseph  Mason.  Is  dead,  no  will;  daughter  Skittlelborpe  Admiuis* 
tr«trix;  M<y  3,  1702. 

Matthew  Mid^ett.  July  Court,  1735;  eMest  son  SamueK  sotii 
John  and  Jo«*pph,  daughiers  Ann,  Citharine,  Ju-ly  and  Diuab 
Midgett,  sons  M  itthew  and  Thomas,  wife  Judy  (Body's  Island). 

Joseph  Mumfonl.  No  dale;  wife  Ann,  daughter  Elizabeth,  son 
Joseph,  son  Edward  (Ooslow  Point)  ^ 

Daniel  McCoy,  of  Norfolk  County.  S  >ns  John  and  William, 
daughter  Lvdia,  wife  Christian ;  December  2, 1731  ;  Oi'tober  8,  1735. 

Elward  Minge,  of  Pasquotank.  27ih  January,  1734-'5;  February 
17,  1734-5;  wife  Mary,  daughter  Mary,  half  sisters  Edzabetb  and 
Sarah,  wile's  father,  Joseph  Jessop. 

John  Martin,  of  Pasfjuotank.  Son  Nathaniel,  daugbter  Elliner 
Bryant, son  Jose|»b,  daughter  Mary  Ann  Jessop,  daughter  Ann,  sins 
John  and  Joshua,  daughter  Jane  Morgan,  sous-inlaw  Johu  MorgaiS 
and  Thomas  Jessop. 

John  Moy,  of  Currituck.  3rd  January,  1735;  daugbter  Jane,.son 
John,  his  ^randlather  Pieders,  wife  Avis. 

E'izjbeth  Marston.  J.muary  2,  1732;  S  ptem^er  11,  1733;  daugh- 
ter Mary.  Mirston  alias  Hamilton,  gnmdson  Wiliiam  Marsion  llol- 
land,  daughter"*  Ann  and  Mourning  (Bith). 

Jol)n  Mnitoik:?.  Oci(»ber  12,  1732;  Septetnber4,  1733;  daughters 
Ann  and  E  izatnth,  wife  Mary. 

George  Martin.  October  6,  1731;  wife  and  children,  brother  in- 
law Ephraim  Vernon. 

Daniel  MiDaniel.  April  10,  1733;  Afay  2,  1731;  sons  Arclibell 
and  James,  daughters  Mary,  Ann  and  S  irah,  wile  Sarah. 

Tl)i)mas  McKeel.  Dcember  13,  1729;  proved  February  13, 
1729-30;  ♦^Idest  son  Beiij  imin,  two  youngest  sous  Thomas  and  John, 
daughters  Eiza belli  and  Mary. 

Thomas  Matthews,  of  Chowan.  October  6,  1732;  October  Court, 
1732;  Thomis  Waters,  grandson  Richard  Ilouck,  wife  Priscilla. 

Ez  kiel  Maudlin,  of  Perquimans.  March  v5, 1732;  April  17, 1732; 
wil*^  Hinnah,  sons  Jeremiah,  Joshua  and  Th«»mas. 

William  Moore,  of  Perquimans  Ct>unty.  Ftbruary  6,  172^-7; 
October  31.  1732;  sons  William,  John,  Joshua, Samuel  and  Truman, 
daughters  Jane  and  Elizabeth,  cousin  Robert  Bogue,  wife  Elizabeth 

Deborah  McClenden.  February  28,  1728-'9;  October  15,  1732; 
god«^on  J  »seph  Sutton,  son  Richard  Whedbee. 

Hfzekiah  Massy,  Sr.  April  15,  1727;  October  13,  1727;  wife 
Elizabeth,  daughters  Sarah  and  Lucy,  sous  Utzekiah,  Richard,  Wil- 
liam and  Jnhn. 

Thomas  M(»ye,  Chowan.  March  20, 1721-*2;  May  14,  1723;  wife 
Eliz«beih,  f^nns  Tliomas  and  John,  William  Phillips,  my  wife's 
daughters  Elizabeth  and  Patience. 

AND  Gekbalooical  Reqister.  63 

Elward  Miyo.  12rhday,8  h  month,  1724;  October  20, 1724;  eon 
Eiw.ird,  ddugli^ers  Ann,  8arah  and  Elizabeth,  sou  Joseph,  wife 
JJarv;  brother  Toina**  Jessop  Executor. 

♦William  Maule.  February  21,  J 725;  March  30, 1726 ;  plantation 
c^lUd  Mount  GolUnrf  wife  Penelope  iManle,  plantation  called  Scot's 
Hall;  brother  Pairick Maule  Executor  and  guardian  to  my  daughter 

II  ury  Mackley.  of  Pasquotank.  February  11, 1720;  April  Court,. 
1721;  daughter  Mary  Macklay,  son-iulaw  Martin  Miller,  wife 

riinothy  McC.irty,  of  Chowan.  July  15,  1718;  probated  same 
dav;  ginlson  William  Gullierer,  wife  Mary. 

Gdorge  Molbee,  of  (Jhow^n.  March  30,  1719 ;  son-in-law  Thomas 
B»»gall,  dau2:hter-iu-law  Elizabeth  Hartshorne,  Ralph  Tyler,  wife 
Catharine  M  >lbpe. 

J»el  Mariin,  of  Bith.  October  4,  1715;  probated  July  3,  1716; 
8ons  Jihnand  William,  daughter  Ann,  grandson  J  »el  Manin,  grand- 
e>m  John  Wood  ward,  ?on  of  ll^nry  Woodward  in  Virginia,  daughter 
EliZibeth  Portnpy,  daughter  Elizib(-th  Penny,  wile  of  John  Penny, 
daughter  Mary  Woodward,  daughter  Frances  Davis,  wile  Elizabeth. 

J»hn  Mjncrief.  Wife  Marv,  youngest  son  George,  fons  Thomas, 
William  and  John,  daughter  Mary;  June  22,  1712;  Henry  McCul- 
loch,  wife  Mary. 

Marmaduke  Norfleet,  of  Halifax.  June  29,  17C2;  November  6, 
1762;  sister  Elizibeth  N.ufl-et,  brother  Lemuel  Hogan,  father-in- 
law  James  Hogan  Executor,  John  Young's  children,  Joshua  Bell's 

Samuel  Newhy.  9  day,  10  month,  1737;  Joseph  Newby  property 
giveu  me  by  my  grandfather  R  chard  Tiiruer,  cousin  Thomas  Over- 
man; Perquimans  Court,  January,  1737. 

Nathaniel  Nicholson.  March  20.  1731-2;  July  Court,  1737;  son 
Jonathan,  wife  Sarnh,  dauglrers  Sarah  and  Elizabeth. 

Mary  Newby.  Daughter  E  izabeth  Wilson,  grandson  John  Wil- 
son, grandson  Elwani  Newby,  grnn<ldaugl)t»*r  Jemima  Newby, 
granddaughter  Isabel  Newby,  niece  Eizibelh  Wiuslow,  son  Joseph 
Mayo,  son-in-law  Samuel  Newbv,  son-iu  law  John  Wilson;  13  day, 
8  month,  1739;  January  Court,  17-10. 

Benjamin  Newhv.  Sons  Ji)se[)li  and  Benjamin,  wife  Susannah, 
daughter  Sarah;  13  day,  9  month,  1739;  Jniuary  Court,  1739. 

Nathan  Newby.  1st  day,  21  month,  1735;  31  Monday  October, 
1735;  sons  Thomas,  Francis  and  Nnthan,  wife  Mary, daughter  Mary  ; 

Thomas  Newby  and  Zachariah  Nixon  Executors; ,  Per- 


Joseph  Newby,  of  Perquimans.  April  21, 1735;  wife  Mary,  child 

♦NofTB. — Winiam  Maule  married  Penelope  EMen,  dau^ter  of  Governor  Charles 
BdfD.    Issue  Peoelope  mitrried  Dr.  Wm.  Cathcart,  hia  fii-st  wife. 

64  North  Carolina  IIistorical 

Gabriel  New>>y.  26  dav,l  month.  1733;  March  1  1735;  sons  Jo- 
seph, Francis,  Je-M-e  and  William,  mod  S.iinuel,  wife  M  ry. 

John  Norcoin.  January  26,  1728;  Seplnmber  30,  17i8;  wife 
»)aiu,s»ns  Stepney  an<l  William,  barah  NorC'»m,  James  Ntircom, 
eMe8i  s  in  Thomas,  (lauurjiters  Miry  an<l  Eliziheth,  sons  Jolin  and 
Cornelius  (Krst  wile's  children  Thumas,  Mary,  Elizabeth,  John  and 
Corni  lius). 

Frances  Nevill.  April  16.  1725;  April  22.1725;  James  Collins 
anil  Lucy  his  wife,  John  Aunour.  old  Mad>im  Britt. 

Siimuel  Niihol«Mn.  22d  <lay,  1st  month,  1727-8;  January  23.  1728; 
wife  Eliza beih,  Elizabeth  Anderson  my  daughter,  daughter  Sarah, 
son  in  law  John  AiMier-^on. 

William  Norri^,  of  Pasquotank.  Wife  Susannah;  Mircli  24, 

Miry  Norcom,  of  Perquimans.  May  19,1718;  November  1  1721; 
daughter  S«rah  Smiih,  daughter  Mary  Bliicheiiden  wife  of  Thomas 
Bliichenden,  sm  Thomas  Norcoin,  grand«iaughter  Mary  Hopton^ 
gr 'U'lson  Ahrah  im  Warr'^t^,  j-on  Jtihn  Noreoin. 

William  N»wl»y.  27.11  month,  17I8-M9;  July  12,  1720;  wife 
Ann.  brother  E  I  ward  Newby  if  child  in  eaue, 

Edward  Nt-wby.     Br.. ther  William  ;  1717. 

Divid  Nutlt-y.  Dead  without  a  will.  James  Nutley  Administrator; 
July,  1714 

B-iJMiiin  Nicholson.  All  to  my  brother  Nathaniel  Nicholson; 
Janujiry  19,  1712. 

Jamts  N  rlleet.  November  28,  1732;  wife  Mary,  pons  Thomas 
and  John,  daughters  Mary,  M  trtraret,  Sarah  and  Phillisliia. 

JulmOlem.  October  27,1740;  October,  1741;  son  Joho,  daugh- 
ter<  Martha.  Ann,  L\dia  and  Edy,  s  »ns  Richard  and  Charl-s. 

J»»'-<  I  h  Overman,  Pa.^quo  auk.  September  22,  1739;  October, 
1739;   Nathaniel  Martin,  brothers  E:»hraiin,  Nathan  ami  J  ss**. 

Chaile.s  Oleon  (O.iom).  Match  11,  173:5- '4;  June  Court,  1736; 
sons  Rich'rd  and  Charles,  wife  E-izibeth,  bro  her  J  »hn. 

Jan)  s  Oat«s.     July  24,  1703;  son  Joseph,  wife  El  zabeth. 

Oharles  O'Xeal.  Aulmisi  10,  1711;  dead  without  a  will;  sister 
D  rcMS  O'N  at,  Mary  ()*N -a!  and  D.m'el  O'Neal  Administrators. 

Eiwa'd  Orendell  November  11,  1732;  January  8,  1733;  wife  Isa- 
bel,sous  Edward, Thomasand  Theophilu-i.  Elizabeth  Leary,  daugh- 
ter KMchei  Orendell,  daughter  Elizabeth  Orendell,  daughters  Mary 
and   K  bMca,  godson  Thomas  Tierce. 

I-anc  Otiiver.  October  28.  1732;  November  5,1733;  daughters 
El'ZibMh  and  Mary,  Ir'^nd  El  ward  Sd'er. 

Mi.liael  ON»'al.  S^^p'embcr  15,  1721;  pon  Charles,  dau2:hter 
Marv,  d  nimbler  E  izibe'h,  da'ngiiter  Sarah  Walker,  dan<;hter  Debo- 
rah p.  ll,s»n  Michael,  daii^hpr  Rebecca  Puiker,  wife  Djborah ;  Cur- 
riinck  C.airt,  Janu^^y  10,  1721-2 

Moses  Olivfr.      Jjiiuiarv  20.  1728;  children  of  Charles  Rickeits. 

Michael  O'Xeal.  March  3  1722-'3;  April  9,  1723;  son  Michael, 
daughters  Thomasin  and  Sarah  O'Ntal. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  65 

Patrick  Oorilby,  of  Edenton.  March  16,  1726-7;  March  21, 
1726-7;  wife  Elizabeth,  sou  John,  daughter  Mary  Charlton. 

*Peter  Payne.  April  Court,  1755,  probated  ;  date  of  will  March 
18, 1754. 

Mrs.  Mary  Sutton,  alias  Payne,  of  London.  Son  Williara,  son 
Michael,  daughter  Sarah  Amelia, daughter  Mary  Caroline  (Chowan). 

Robert  Peyton,  Bath.  January  8,  1733;  September  10,  1754; 
sons  Thomas,  Robert  and  William,son  Ambrose,  wife  Mary,  daughter 
Sarah  Peyton,  daughter  Dorothy  Porter,  speaks  of  land  to  Benja- 
min Peyton's  line. 

Cullen  Pollock.  August  13,  1749  ;  probated  June  Court,  1751 ; 
wife  Frances,  sons  Cullen  and  George,  nephews  Cullen  and  Thomas, 
sons  of  my  brother  Thomas,  daughters  Martha,  Mary,  Frances  and 
Elizabeth,  brother  Col.  Robert  West,  Dr.  Wm.  Cathcart,  Robert 
West  and  Stevens  Lee  Executors. 

William  Prescott,  of  Beaufort.  October  13,  1755;  son  Thomas, 
wife  Amy. 

John  Pratt.     November  4,  1740 ;  wife  Christian,  child  in  esse. 

William  Prescott,  of  Craven.  March  17,  1749 ;  wife  Mary,  sons 
Aaron,  Moses,  John,  William  and  Richard,  daughter  Mary,  grand- 
daughter Elizabeth  Prescott,  son  Job. 

Henry  Pendleton,  of  Pasquotank.  March  18,  1727-8;  April  18, 
1740;  daughter*  Elizabeth  Woodley,  wife  of  Thomas  Woodley, 
daughter  Mary  Brothers,  wife  of  John  Brothers,  daughter  Sarah 
Reding,  wife  or  Joseph  Reding,  daughter  Ann,  wife  of  Thomas  Da- 
vis, grandson  Henry  Pendleton,  son  Thomas  and  son  John. 

Richard  Pickerin.  January  1,  1739-40;  February  Court,  1740; 
Rebecca  Snell,  Ann  Snell,  Jr.,  James  Snell;  Roger  Snell  Executor 
(Bertie  County). 

John  Pu^h,  Bertie.  Wife  Hannah,  brothers  Theophilus  and 
Daniel  Pugh,  son  John  ;  April  14,  1740;  August  5,  1740. 

Robert  Peyton,  of  Bath.     8 ,  1739 ;  sons  Benjamin,  Thomas, 

Robert,  William  and  Ambrose,  wife  Mary. 

Robert  Palmer.  October  5,  1740 ;  wife  Mary  Ann,  sons  Robert, 
Benjamin  and  Joseph,  grandson  Robert  Pendleton,  grandson 
Thomas  Pendleton,  granddaughter  Nancy  Pendleton,  grandson 
Evan  Jones,  daughter  Sarah,  wife  of  Thomas  Pendleton  ;  Pasquo- 
tank, October  Court,  1740. 

fThomas  Pollock.  August  8, 1721 ;  probated  August  Court,  1753 
(Bertie);  daughter  Martha  wife  of  Thomas  Bray,  sons  Cullen, 
Thomas  and  George. 

♦Note.— Married  Hannah  Slaughter,  daughter  of  Michael  Slaughter,  in  1741. 

f Note.— Governor  Thomas  Pollock  married  first  Martha ,  of  Dover.  Eng- 
land;  second,  Esther  Wilkmson,  relict  of  Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson.  Esther's  first 
husband  was  John  Harns.  She  whs  from  Maryland,  Thomas  Pollock  died  in 
1722.  He  was  interred  with  his  « ife  and  other  members  of  his  family  at  *'  Bald 
Orey."  in  Bertie  County,  where  he  lived  and  died.  His  remains  and  those  of  his 
wife  Martha  have  been  removed  by  the  Vestry  of  St.  Paul's  Parish  and  placed  in 
their  cemetery  at  Edenton,  N.  C.  Colonel  Robert  West  married  first  one  of  Gov- 
ernor Pollock's  daughters ;  second,  daughter  of  Governor  Thomas  Harvey. 

66  North  Carolina   Historical 

William  Parish.  January  26,  1735-6 ;  probated  August  Court, 
1736  ;  daughter  Sarah,  wife  Mary. 

Job  Pratt.  December  27, 1736 ;  January  Court,  1737 ;  son  John, 
John  Wilkins,  Joshua  Pratt  and  Luke  Gregory  to -divide  estate, 
wife,  brother  Joshua. 

*George  Pheney.  June  3,  1736;  June  23, 1737;  Elizabeth  Kirk, 
formerly  Houghton  of  London,  my  wife  Penelope  Pheney,  child  in 
€886^  my  nephew  Joseph  Harrison. 

John  Puryer.  June  26,  1725;  Walpolia  Gilbert,  wife  of  John,  at 
her  death  to  John  Simons  and  John  Waxdale. 

George  Pollock.  October  18,  1736;  probated  July  29,  1738; 
brother  CuUen,  nephews  CuUen  and  Thomas,  brother  in-law  Col. 
Robert  West. 

Jacob  Pareot.  November  3,  1733;  November  18,  1738;  wife 
Martha,  children  Mary  and  John ;  Wra.  Fleetwood  and  Edward 
Razor  Executors  (Bertie). 

John  Parish.  October  14,  1738 ;  March  24, 1739 ;  wife  Margery, 
granddaughter  Ann  Barclift,  son  John,  daughter  Anne  Barclift, 
grandson  John  Barclift. 

IJerbert  Pritchard,  of  Edgecombe.  February  23, 1738  ;  probated 
September  23,  1738 ;  sons  John,  William  and  James. 

Solomon  Pool,  of  Pasquotank.  July  30,  1739 L^January  Court, 
1740;  wife  Grace,  sons  Joseph,  Solomon  and  Jacob,  daughter 

Henry  Parker,  of  Craven.  Son  Henry  Green ;  February  27, 
l733-'4;  September  17,  1734. 

Thomas  Plato,  of  Pasquotank.  March  23, 1735;  daughters  Martha, 
Susanna  and  Mary. 

fFrancis  Pugh,  of  Bertie.  July  5,  1733;  probated  May  Court, 
1736;  wife,  son  John,  son  Thomas,  child  in  esse^  if  sons  should  die 
then  their  interest  to  go  to  their  sisters ;  wife.  Col.  Robert  West 
and  John  Montgomery  Executors. 

Joseph  Pierce,  of  Perquimans.    19,  1736;  October  8,  1736; 

son  Thomas,  daughter  Meriam,  wife  Alice,  daughter  Rebecca, 
brother  Thomas  Pierce,  brother-in-law  Peter  Jones  Executor. 

George  Powell,  of  Bertie.  May  Court,  1736;  sous  Kader,  George, 
Lewis  and  Moses. 

Thomas  Pollock.  June  8, 1709  ;  sons  Cullen,  Thomas  and  George, 
daughter  Martha ;  Deed  of  Gift  recorded  in  Secretary  State's  oflBce, 
Raleigh,  N.  C. 

*N0TE. — George  Pheney  married  Mrs.  Penelope  Lovick,  widow  of  John  Lovick, 
and  daughter  of  Governor  Charles  Eden.  George  Pheney  was  Penelope  Eden's 
third  husband.     She  married  fourth  Governor  Gabriel  Johnston. 

fNoTE. — Francis  Pugh  married  Pheribe  Savage,  of  Virginia.  His  widow  mar- 
ried Thomas  Barker,  Esq,,  of  Bertie,  but  afterwards  of  Edenton,  N.  C.  Ono 
daughter  was  the  issue  of  this  last  union,  Betsy  Barker,  who  married  Col.  Wm. 
Tunstall,  of  Pittsylvania  County,  Va.  Francis  Pugh  was  the  posthumous  child 
mentioned  in  his  father's  will.  Dr.  Edward  Williams  Pugh,  of  Windsor,  N.  C,  is 
descended  from  Francis  Pugh  and  his  wife  Pheribe  Savage.  It  is  our  purpose  to 
give  an  extended  history  of  the  Pugh  and  Barker  families  at  an  early  date. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  67 

James  Pollock.     February  23, 1700;  Bilah  Blount,  Wm.  Ward. 

♦Jeremiah  Perry.  8th  October,  1694 ;  Christian  Blount,  daughter 
of  Thomas  Blount,  wife  Jane. 

Thomas  Price.     1689;  wife. 

John  Phillpot.  September  19,  1694;  John  L^wson,  son  of 
Nathaniel,  wife's  grandson,  wife  Mary,  son-inlaw  William  Wool- 

Richard  Pope,  of  Pasquotank.  June  23,1701;  daughter  Ann, 
son  Edward,  daughter  Mary,  wife  Ann. 

Samuel  Pricklove.  January  20,  1702-3;  wife  Peninah,  sons 
Samuel  and  Francis  (Perquimans). 

P^ter  Pearson.  March  15,1735;  probated  April  21,1735;  sons 
Jonathan,  Nathan,  sons  Peter,  John,  daughter  Rachel,  daughter 
Mary,  son  Bailey. 

Joshua  Porter.  January  17, 1733;  probated  September  4, 1734; 
son  John  Peyton  Porter,' (daughter  Elizabeth  Porter,  cousin  John 
Fry,  cousin  Anne  Lillington,  wife  Dorothy  Porter,  cousin  Elizabeth 
Fry,  brother  Edmund  Porter,  brother-in-law  Dr.  Patrick  Maule  and 
Seth  Pilkinton. 

Thomas  Palin,  of  Pasquotank.  August  1, 1733;  sons  Henry  and 
Thomas,  daughters  Ann,  and  Mary  wife  of  John  Ross,  wife  Susanna, 
daughter  Mary  Glaister. 

Robert  Purser.  May  10,  1733;  sons  Richard,  James  and  Benja- 
min, Robert  Purser. 

William  Putnell.  December  17, 1733;  March  29,  1734;  brother 
John  Worrell,  brother  Thomas  Worseley,  son  Aaron,  wife  Mary,  son 

David  Perkins.  March  22,  1733 ;  April  26,1733,  daughter  Eli- 
zabeth Worseley,  daughter  Mary  Putnell,  D.  Africa  Harvey,  daughter 
Ann  Jones,  daughter  Rebecca  Perkins,  sons  James  and  Jonathan, 
daughters  Sarah  and  Dorothy. 

Thomas  Pollock.  April  16,  1732;  January  20,  1783;  wife,  son 
Cullen,son  Thomas,  son  George,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Dickson. 

Robert  Pearce,  late  of  Exeter,  England.  My  wife  living  with 
John  Harris  at  Exon  in  Devon,  Great  Britain ;  probated  3d  Tuesday, 
July,  1729. 

Jonathan  Phelps.  December  4,  1732;  January  23,1733;  sons 
Henry  and  Jonathan,  daughter  Elizabeth,  child  in  e8se,  brother 
Samuel  Phelps. 

Thomas  Pendleton.  February  21,  1732;  April  Court,  1732; 
daughter  Ann  Knight,  sons  Thomas,  Joseph,  George  and  Timothy, 
wife  Sarah,  daughter  Elizabeth;  sons  Thomas  and  Joseph,  Executors 

John  Pace.  March  25,1726-7;  August  Court,  1727;  wife,  sons 
John,  William  and  George,  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Mary 
Melton,  wife.     Witness,  John  Brent. 

*  Query  -  Whom  did   Christian  Blount  marry  ? 

68  North  Carolina   Historical 

Edward  Paget.  February  28,1727-8;  April  18,1728,  wife  Mar- 
garet, brother  Samuel. 

Samuel  Phelps,  of  Perquimans.  April  21, 1728;  July  Court,  1728; 
sons  Jonathan  and  John,  grandfather  Joseph  Smith,  sons  William 
and  James,  wife;  son  Jonathan  and  brother  Jonathan,  Executors. 

Thomas  Parris,  of  Elenton.  April  ]3,  1728;  20th  April,  1728; 
Thos.  Parris  in  Great  Britain,  son  George,  son-in-law  James  Palin, 
daughter  in-law  Christian  Palin,  wife  Susannah,  son  Richard;  Wil- 
liam Williams  and  wife  Susannah,  Executors. 

Joseph  Poyner.  August  19,  1712;  February  27,1721 ;  wife  Eliza- 
beth, sons  William  and  John,  daughter  Margaret  Poyner.^ 

*  Daniel  Phillips,  of  Currituck.  Probated  July  12, 1726 ;  sons  Mi- 
chael, James  and  Daniel,  daughter  Mary  Duke,  daughter  Margaret, 
son  Benjamin,  son  Samuel,  wife' Abigail,  our  children,  wife  Execu- 
trfx.  Witnesses,  John  Marshall,  Wm  Scott,  Andrew  Duke;  speaks  of 
land  bought  of  John  Boon  on  the  Cliffs  of  Maryland. 

John  Pierce.  October  9,  1726 ;  February,  9,  1726-7;  children 
Mary,  Copeland,  Elizabeth,  Thomas,  Hannah,  child  in  esse,  their 
grandfather  Chapman,  brother  in-law  Peter  Jones,  wife  Sarah  Pierce. 

John  Powell.  February  20,  1723-'4;  wife  Ann,  sons  John  and 

Edward  Pope,  of  Pasquotank.  Wife  Sarah  Pope;  January  26, 
172l-'2  ;  probated  April  21,  1722. 

Thomas  Palmer.  January  31, 1720  ;  son  Thomas,  daughter  Mary 

Robert  Pattefson.  June  24, 1717 ;  February  15, 1721 ;  wife  Janet, 
daughters  Elizabeth  and  Janet,  godson  Jno.  P.irks,  son  of  John  and 
Elizibeth  Parks,  Andrew  Ross,  son  of  Andrew  Ross,  of  Nansemond 
County,  Va.,  only  s^n  John  Patterson. 

John  Plowman.  July  1.  1721  ;  September  8,  1721;  John  Plow- 
man,  infant  son  of  Mary  White,  Jno.  Ploughman  Ashley,  Jno.  Plow- 
man White,  cousin  Mary  White;  good  friends  Nicholas  Crisp,  and 
Isaac  Hill,  Executors. 

Peter  Parker.  September  1,  1716;  April  22,  1720;  eldest  son 
John,  sons  Thomas  and  Joseph,  daughters  Mary  and  Ann,  wife 

Aaron  Prescott.  February  24,  1709-MO;  July  12,  1720;  sons 
Moses,  Aaron,  John  and  William,  daughter  Dinah. 

Miry  Porter.  December  1, 1718;  sons  John  and  Edmund,  daugh- 
ter Elizabeth,  son  Joshua,  daughter  Sarah  Lillington,  grandson  John 
Porter,  granddaughter  Sarah  Porter,  granddaughter  Mary  Lilling* 
ton,  granddaughter  Elizabeth  Lillington,  granddaughter  Sarah  Lil- 
lington ;  my  sons  Executors. 

Samuel  Pike,  of  Pasquotank.  August  5,  1719;  wife  Jean  Pike, 
son  Samuel,  daughter  Susannah,  son  Benjamin,  daughter  Ann,  son 
John ;  wife  Executrix. 

*NoTE.~Marrie  I  Abijjjail  Williams.  claug)iter  of  VVm.  Williams  and  wife 
Mary  ;  a  sister  of  Tulle  Williams,  who  afterwards  rf-moved  to  Little  River,  Per- 
quimans, and  married  Grace  Sanderson,  daughter  of  Richard  Sanderson. 


John  Pdtchett,  of  Chowan.  March  19,  1710-11  ;  wife  Eh'zabeth, 
son  John,  land  betwixt  my  father-in-law  and  Henry  Bonner,  three 
daughters.  Witness,  John  Jones,  David  Jones,  Wm.  Tanner ;  father- 
in-law  Executor. 

John  Porter.  July  3,1712;  wife  Mary,  sons  Edmund,  John  and 
Matthew,  son-in-law  John  Lillington  and  wife  Sarah,  daughter  Eliz- 
abeth; wife,  and  son  John,  Executors.     Probated  3d  August,  1713. 

John  Patnal.  February  12,  1711-2;  cousin  William  Busten,  sou 
of  my  brother  Thomas  Busten,  cousin  Thomas  Busten,  brother  Wm. 

Edward  Pagett,  of  Chowan.  February  28, 1727-8;  wife  Marga- 
ret; brother  Samuel  andf  wife  Executors. 

Thomas  Pierce.  11, 12  month,  1732;  sonsThomas,  and  John,  and 
wife  Mary, son  John's  three  children,  daughter  Mary  Jones,  grandson 
Thomas  Pierce,  granddaughter  Mary,  son  Joseph,  daughter  Sarah, 
son-in-law  Peter  Jtmes.     Probated  March  30,  1732. 

*  Humphrey  Robinson,  of  Chowan.  July,  1552;  January  Court, 
1753;  Elizabeth  and  Susannah  Cleland,  daughters  of  John  Cleland; 
John  Cleland  and  John  Wilkins  Executors. 

Joseph  Reding,  of  Perquimans  County.  January  Court,  1753; 
wife,  sons  John  and  James,  daughters  Rachel,  Mary,  and  Charity. 

Matthew  Rowan,  of  New  Hanover.  April  18,  1760;  niece  Rosa 
Rowan,  daughter  of  my  brother  Andrew  Rowan,  Matthew  Rowan, 
son  of  my  brother  Atchison  Rowan,  niece  Ann  Rowan,  daughter  of 
my  brother  William  Rowan,  Mildred  Lyon,  daughter  of  John  and 
Mildred,  Frederick  Gregg,  Esther  Rowan,  wife  of  Robert  Rowan, 
daughter-in-law  Elizabeih  Mi-Lain,  wife  of  Archibald  McLain,  John 
the  son  of  Jnmes  Stubbs,  of  Bath. 

William  Rhodes,  of  Tyrrell.  April  29,  1753;  September  Court, 
1753;  wife  Elizabeth,  son  William,  son  John,  and  daughter  Marga- 
ret Collins,  deceased  daughter  Elizabeth  Garrett's  son  and  daughter 
Wm.  Garrett  and  Sarah  Garrett. 

David  Ryan,  of  Bertie.  January  9,  1762;  November  13,1762; 
brothers  James  and  George  Ryan,  sister  Elizabeth*  Campbell,  sister 
Mary  Lackey,  Cornelius  Camp^^ell. 

Jonathan  Reading.  May  Court,  1754;  son  Joseph,  daughters 
Martha,  Elizabeth,  and  Dorothy. 

William  Redditt,  of  Bertie.  August  24,  1739;  October  24,  1739; 
son  John,  daughters  Martha  and  Margaret,  sons  William  and  Joseph, 
dauj^hter  Mary,  son  Joel,  son  Isiac.  Thomas  Yates,  wife  Susanna. 

Robert  Rogers.  December  13, 1736  ;  June  11, 1739  ;  Thomas  and 
Mary  Galloway,  son  Robert,  grandson  Robert  Daniel,  Wm.  Rogers, 
grandson  Robert  Rogers,  daughter  Elizibeth,  wife  of  Simon  Dmiel. 

Jacob  Rite.  March  23,  1735;  April  8,  1735;  son-in-law  William 
Powers,  daughter  Margaret  Ritiea.  daughter  Miriam,  wife  Phillis. 

♦Note.— Humphrey  Robinson  marriei  Elizabeth  Branch.  dau;;hter  of  Wm. 
Branch,  and  wife  Margaret.  Margaret  Branch  married  for  her  second  husband 
William  Arkill. 

70  North  Carolina  Historical 

Samuel  Ratliflf.  February  3,  1723;  11th  July,  1733;  son  Isaac, 
Partheny  Ball,  daughters  Elizabeth  and  Isobel,  William  Ball,  Anne 
Ball ;  Nathaniel  Hill,  and  Thomas  Ashley,  Executors. 

William  Rodes,  of  Pasquotank.  January  14,  1734 ;  wife  Eliza- 
beth, sons  Thomas  and  William,  daughters  Sarah,  Dorothy,  Eliza- 
beth, and  Mary. 

Churchill  Reading,  of  Bath.  February  14.  1734;  September  19, 
1734;  nephew  Churchill  Caldron,  nephew  John  BJount,  nephew 
Jacob  Blount,  wife  Martha,  brother  Thomas  Reading,  brother-in-law 
John  Caldron. 

*Peter  Rieussett.  February  21,  1734  ;  wife  Ann  Gallabee,  niece 
Jean  Ceila,  nephew  Peter  Rawdon,  niece  Mary  Coult,  son  John  Bell, 
in  London. 

Damaris  RatliflF.  12th  day,  12th  month,  1734;  son  Joseph,  Mary 
Moore,  Sarah. 

Daniel  Rooksakers,  of  Pasquotank.  February  21,  1732;  August 
4, 1733;  daughter  Mary  Ann,  daughter  of  Mary  Michel,  sister  Cath- 
erine Coppersmith,  Sarah  Pendleton. 

Francis  Rountree.  September  30,  1730;  June  27,  1734;  sons 
Francis,  William,  Jesse,  Jethro,  Moses  and  John,  wife,  daughters 
Jane,  Rebecca,  Susanna,  Sarah,  Elizabeth  and  Christian. 

Thomas  Raymond.  June  26,  1730;  July  31,  1730;  daughter 
Eliza  Raymond. 

William  Roper,  of  Chowan.  August  18,  1729;  friend  Jacob 
Butler,  William  Refield,  of  Pasquotank;  August  4,  1722;  March 
23,  1731;  sons  John,  Jemes  t^nd  William,  all  my  children. 

Joseph  Riggens.  April  21,  1727;  October  13,  1727;  son  Joseph, 
wife  Elizabeth;  refers  to  Isle  of  Wight  County  as  former  home;  son- 
in-law  John  Webb,  daughters  Martha  and  Mary,  daughter  Olivia, 
brother  Daniel  Riggens. 

Andrew  Reed,  of  Little  River,  Perquimans.  Grandson  Andrew 
Woodley,to  his  brother  William  Woodley,grandsoiL  William  Wood- 
ley,  granddaughter  Mary  Woodley,  grandson  Jonathan  Keeton, 
daughter  Elizab^h  Keeton;  February  23, 1723-'4;  July  Court,  1728. 

flnventory  of  estate  of  Governor  William  Reed;  division  through 

♦Note. — Peter  Rieussett  was  the  Collector  of  Customs  for  the  port  of  Roan- 
oke (Edenton);  lived  at  Hayes,  just  across  the  creek  from  Eden  ton,  and  died 

f Note.— William  Reed  first  appears  in  Currituck  Precinct  about  1692.  He 
married  first  Christian  ,  second  Jane :  became  a  member  of  the  Gover- 
nor's Council  in  1712,  and  on  the  death  of  Thomas  Pollock  in  April,  1722,  was 
unanimously  chosen  President  of  the  Council  and  ex  officio  Governor  of  the 
Colony.  He  held  this  position  until  the  arrival  of  Governor  (Jeorge  Burrington 
in  1724,  after  which  time  he  remained  a  member  of  the  Council  until  his  death, 
which  occurred  at  his  home  in  Pasquotank  Precinct  (where  he  had  removed 
after  his  second  marriage)  December  11.  1728.  His  son  Christian  married  Mary 
Durant,  daughter  of  George  Durant  and  his  wife  Hagar  Crisp ;  his  brother  Joseph 
Reed  married  Elizabeth  Durant,  a  sister  of  Christian  Reed's  wife  ;  his  son  Wil- 
liam Reed  married  Elizabeth  Hatch.  He  died  in  1738,  leaving  one  son,  William. 
His  widow  married  McRora  Scarborough,  who  died  about  1750 ;  and  in  1752  she 
married  Joseph  Blount  I,  becoming  his  second  wife.  The  late  Rev.  Joseph 
Blount  Cheshire,  D.D.,  of  Tarboro,  N.  C,  and  Ri>iht  Rev.  Joseph  Blount  Che- 
shire, Bishop  of  North  Carolina,  are  among  the  descendants  of  this  last  marriage. 

AND  Genealogical  Registeb.  71 

Mrs.  Jane  Reed,  William  Reed,  Mrs.  Hannah  Reed,  Christian  Reed, 
Joseph  Reed;  child  in  esse;  1729. 

Lionel  Reading.  July  12,  1708;  wife  Mary,  sons  Nathaniel  and 
Churchill,  daughter  Sarah,  her  husband  David  Dupuis,  daughters 
Mary  and  Ann,  son  Thomas;  letters  granted  to  his  widow,  Grace 

John  Rogers,  of  Bertie.     Son  John;  26  July,  1726;  July  27,1726. 

Thomas  Reston.  Wife  Ann  Reston;  March  31,  1723;  December 
17, 1724. 

John  Rigney.  June  14,  1725;  July  6,  1725;  friend  Benjamin 
Slade,  daughter  Elizabeth. 

James  Robins.  November  27,  1725;  July  10,  1726;  Thos.  Boyd, 
and  wife  Executors. 

William  Roose.    September  6, 1722;  GriflBth  Jones,  Jane  Sparrow. 

Benjamin  Ricks.  1719;  November  30,  1721;  Robert  Ricks,  Jr., 
son  of  my  brother  Robert  Ricks,  Sr.,  wife  Sarah,  brother  Isaac 
Ricks,  brother  Abraham  Ricks,  brothers  Robert,  Sr.,  and  James, 
sister  Jane,  Patience,  daughter  of  brother  Abraham,  William  Brown, 
son  of  Heal  Brown. 

Daniel  RichardsDn,  of  Pasquotank.  No  kinspeople  mentioned  in 
his  will ;  February  8,  1723. 

Lucy  Rics.  Widow;  died  May  31,  1721;  proved  June  1, 1730; 
daughters  Mary  and  Bettie,  cousin  Evan  Jones. 

♦Thomas  Relfe,  of  Pasquotank.  April  10,  1704;  September  5, 
1720;  letters  granted  wife  Mary,  daughter  Dorothy,  son  Thomas: 
I  give  to  William  Reed  a  tract  of  land  if  he  remains  with  his  aunt 
until  he  becomes  of  age. 

John  Robinson,  of  Chowan.  Children  Margaret,  George  and  Eli- 
zabeth; October  2,  1717;  August  22,  1720,  probated. 

Thomas  Robeson,  of  Little  River,  Perquimans.  April  2,  1719; 
April  7,  1719;  sons  Joseph  and  John  Robeson,  daughter  Ann 

William  Russell.  Dead  without  a  will;  his  widow  Sarah  Russell 
Administratrix;  December  28,  1717. 

John  Rovely.  August  30,  1707;  John  Bell  heir  and  Adminis- 

Benjamin  Reynaud,  of  Currituck.  April  8,  1712;  son  Moses,  son 
and  daughter,  Susanna  R<>binson,.April  30,  1709;  daughter  Eliza- 
beth Bond,  son  Henry  Grace,  son  Luke  Grace,  son  Henry  Grace 

Thomas  Sutton.  February  3, 1750;  March  2, 1751 ;  sons  Thomas, 
William,  George,  Joshua  and  Jasper,  wife  Elizabeth,  son  John, 
daughters  Parthenia,  Mary,  Sarah  and  Judith. 

*QUKRY — J^hom  did  Thomas  Relfe  marry  ?  It  api)ears  from  his  reference  to 
William  Reed,  son  of  Governor  William  Reed,  that  William  Reed's  mother  was 
a  sister  of  Thomas  Relfe 's  wife. 

72  North  Carolina  Historical 

^Samuel  ScoUey.  February  18, 1752;  Mrs.  Mary  FuUiugton  alias 
Davis,  spouse  of  Robert  D  vis,  deceased;  brother  Jermrtn  Robert 
Scolley  of  Lerwick,  friend  Dr.  Wm.  Cathcart,  Robert  Todd  of  Nor- 
folk, Va.,  beloved  sons-in-law  Cullen  and  Thomas  Pollock.  I  give 
unto  Tully  Williams  his  father's  sword.     (Bertie.) 

George  Stevenson.  August  Court,  1754;  my  brother  William's 
son  Joseph,  Jesse  son  of  my  brother  Charles,  also  Charles'  son  Wil- 
liam, Richard  Smith,  sons  Richard  and  William,  wife  Sarah,  sons 
Benjamin  and  Stephen,  two  children  names  not  given;  December 
17,  1756;  May  Court,  1757. 

Nicholas  Smith.  April  14,  1751;  wife  Mary,  son  Simon,  all  my 

David  Sherrod,  of  Perquimans.  December  1,  1740;  son  Thomas, 
daughter  Mary  Sherrod,  daughter  Elizabeth. 

John  Symons.  12th  month,  1741;  January  Cour^,  1741-'2;  son 
Peter,  land  between  mine  and  Simon  Bryan,  son  Thomas,  daughter 
Damaris.    (Pasquotank.) 

William  StaflFord.  July  16,  1742;  October  14,  1742;  sons  Wil- 
liam and  James,  wife  Frances. 

Samuel  Slade,  of  Beaufort.  March  17,  1746;  December  Court, 
1746;  daughter  Elizabeth*  wife  of  William  Dunbar,  granddaughter 
Mary  Dunbar,  daughter  Hannah,  wife  of  William  Fosgave,  grand- 
son Samuel  Blount,  son  of  James  Blount  and  his  late  wife  Jane, 
granddaughter  Mary  Blount,  daughter  of  James,  and  Jane,  deceased, 
daughter  Susanna  Slade. 

John  Slade,  of  Hvde.  December  Court,  1743;  eldest  sou  John, 
sou  Benjamin,  son  William  Hodges  Slade,  son  Hezekiah,  daughter 
Mary  Jewel,  and  Benjamin  Jewel,  daughters  Sarah  and  Hosea,  wife 

James  Spence.  March  20,  1739-'40;  October,  1740;  son  Alexan- 
der, daughter  Bridget  Spence,  daughter  Bettie  Mardrun,  sons  David 
and  James,  daughter  Sarah,  wife  Sarah. 

Jeremiah  Symons.  January,  1740;  wife  Rachel,  son  Benjamin, 
daughter  Sarah  Reading,  daughter  Ann  Spence,  son  Jeremiah, 
daughter  Hannah  Spence,  wife  Rachel. 

Joseph  Snowden.  November  20,  1740;  January,  1741;  brother 
John,  niece  Thomson  Snowden,  daughter  of  brother  John,  brothers 
George  and  William. 

John  Snead.  June  21,  1743;  sons  Henry,  William  and  John, 
wife  Elizibeth,  daughters  Mary,  Anne,  Elizabeth,  Sarati  and  Ann^ 
father-in  law  Fry,  brolherin-Jaw  William  Martin,  brother-in-law 
Wally  Chancy. 

John   Spence.     March  14,  1735-6;  April   13,  1736;  sons  David 

*NoTE. — Samuel  Scolley  came  into  Carolina  from  Ho4on.  New  Elii gland.  He 
is  of  the  same  family  of  Scolleys  from  vvh<»m  Scolley  Square  in  Boston  takes 
its  name.  He  marrie  1  Mrs.  Elizalu^th  Pollock,  widow  of  Thomas  Pollock  (the 
son  of  Governor  Pollock)  and  daughter  (»f  Richard  Sanderson  of  Little  River  in 
Peniuimans.  Thomas  Jacocks  married  Rebecca  Scf  Hey ,  a  sister  of  Samuel  Scolley. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  73 

and  Alexander,  daughter  Dorothy  Davison,  daughter  Elizabeth, 
granddaughter  Rachel  Sawyer;  Charles  Sawyer  and  John  Davis 

Thomas  Snowden.  February  12.  1727-8;  October  Court,  1736; 
sons  John,  Joseph,  William,  George,  Samuel,  Solomon  and  Lemuel; 
Samuel  Swann  and  son  John  Executors. 

George  Smith.  March  1,  1735;  April  16,1736;  wife  Elizabeth, 
sons  Richard  and  George,  youngest  sons  John  and  Lewis,  daughter 

Alexander  Simpson.  November  29,  1737;  John  Caldrom;  pro- 
bated June  29, 1738. 

Gilford  Silverthorn.  February  5,  1737-8;  March  7,1737-8;  son 
John,  grandson  AbrahamEnlowKi,  granddaughter  Elizabeth  Eolows, 
daughter  Mary,  son  Sawastiu,  wife  Jean. 

Charles  Sowell,  of  Bertie.  November  25,  1738;  February  Court, 
1739;  second  son  Richard,  sons  Thomas,  Lewis  and  Charles,  Jr., 
eldest  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughters  Hannah,  Mary  and  Sarah,  wife 

Patience  Speller,  of  Bertie.  February  3, 1738-9;  February  Court, 
1738-'9;  son  James  Swain,  daughter  Patience,  daughter  Ann  Ward, 
son  Thomas  Speller,  son  Richard  Swain's,  eldest  daughter,  three 
grandchildren  Sarah,  John  and  Elizabeth  Smithwick;  Richard 
Swain's  eldest  son  William,  son  James  Swain,  and  son  Thomas 
Speller,  Executors. 

Thomas  Stubbs.  January  17,  1738;  March  7,  1738;  sons  Wil- 
liam, Thomas,  Basset,  John  and  Richard,  daughters  Hannah  and 

William  Stevenson.  July  18,  1738;  July  Court,  1739;  grandson 
William  Stevenson;  grandchildren  John,  Joseph  and  Thomas,  Ann 
Clark;  son  John  Stevenson,  Executor. 

John  Scott.  13th,  7th  month,  1738;  wife,  daughter  Eliphel  Scott, 
daughter  Hannah,  wife  Sarah,  brother  Stephen. 

Edward  Simmons.  5th  October,  1735;  November  Court,  1735; 
daughter  Jane,  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Jane  Holley,  daughters 
Jomasin  and  Hannah,  grands^on  John  Jackson,  wife  Mary. 

John  Sheckleford.  March  25,1735;  September  C.»urt,  1734;  son 
James,  wife  Ann,  daughters  Mary  and  Elizabeth,  daughter  Sarah, 
wife  of  Joseph  Moss,  grandson  John  Roberts,  grandson  William 
Roberts,  daughter  Hannah,  son  John. 

James  Smith.  Decembers,  1735;  April  Court  1736;  eldest  son 
James,  daughters  Elizabeth  and  Mary,  sons  Solomon  and  John,  wife 
Ann.    (Perquimans.) 

Roger  Snell.  Married  widow  of  John  Hodgson;  November  3, 

Henry  Slade,  was  in  Currituck.     17th  June,  1677. 

Robert  Smith.  February  13,  1692-3;  son  Joseph  Smith,  daugh- 
ter Elizabeth,  son-in-law  Samuel  Woods. 

74  North  Carolina   Historical 

*Seth  Sothel.    20th  January,  1689-'90 ;  wife  Ann  Sothel. 

Joseph  Sutton.  January  20,  1694-5;  April  8,  1696;  sons  Joseph 
and  Christopher,  daughter  Hannah,  son  Nathaniel,  wife  Deliverance. 

Thomas  Stacie.  April  19,  1697  ;  sons  John,  Thomas  and  Charles, 
younger  son  Francis. 

William  Stevens,  of  Chowan.  October  24,  1695 ;  apprentice  John 
Hardy,  Robert  West,  Margaret  Houldbrook,  Thomas  Guillam. 

John  Smithwich.  Wife  one  half,  ye  daughter  Sarah  the  other 
half;  August  8,  1696. 

Richard  Smith.     Dead  without  a  will ;  no  date. 

George  Sutton.  March  11,1699;  son  Richard,  daughters  Eliza- 
beth and  Deborah. 

Alexander  Spence,  of  Pasquotank.  August  2,  1734;  April  8, 
1735  ;  eldest  son  James,  sons  Alexander,  Joseph,  Robert,  and  Tru- 
man, daughter  Jane,  daughter  Catharine  Sawyer. 

William  Steward.  August  11,  1709;  wife  Elizabeth,  daughters 
Patience,  Elizabeth  and  Mary,  sons  William  and  Josiah.     (Chowan.) 

Col.  Thomas  Swann,  of  Pasquotank.  May  7,  1733 ;  probated  Au- 
gust 9,  1733;  sons  Sanjuel,  and  William,  daughters  Rebecca  and 
Elizabeth,  wife  Rebecca. 

fRichard  Sanderson,  of  Perquimans.  17th  August,  1733  ;  October 
15,  1733;  son  Richardson,  of  the  Island  of  Ocrycock,  nephews  Jo- 
seph and  Richard  Sanderson,  son-in-law  Tully  Williams,  and  his 
wife  my  daughter  Grace,  brother-in  law  Henry  Woodhouse,  wife 
Susanna  Erwin,  nephews  Samuel  and  Joshua,  daughter  Elizabeth 
Pollock,  cousin  Elizabeth  Dickson,  nephew  Hezekiah  Woodhouse. 

JRuth  Sanderson.  September  4, 1727 ;  probated  January  29, 1728; 
kinsmen  Thomas  Harvey,  Miles  Gale,  and  kinswoman  Penelope 
Little,  wife  of  William  Little. 

John  Soane,  of  Bertie.  March  16,  1732-'3  ;  August  Court,  1733; 
daughters  Elizabeth  and  Anna,  son  William,  wife  Hannah.  Wit- 
ness, Lewis  Bryan. 

Elizabeth  Stevenson.  August  10,  1730;  Grace,  daughter  of  Rich- 
ard Sanderson,  Tulle  Williams  Executor;  probated  October  22, 
1734.     (Perquimans.) 

Edward  Salter,  of  Bath.  January  6,  1734;  February  5,  1734; 
wife  Elizabeth,  son  Edward,  daughter  Sarah,  daughter  Susannah, 
daughter  Mary,  son-in-law  Miles  Harvey. 

*  Note.— Madam  Ann  Sothel  married  for  her  fourth  husband  Col.  John  Lear, 
of  Nansemond  County,  Virginia.  She  first  appears  as  Anne  Willis,  of  Ipswick, 

fNoTE. — If  any  one  of  his  decendants  have  records  bearing  upon  the  family 
history  of  Richard  Sanderson,  would  be  pleased  if  they  would  send  a  copy  to 
this  office.  Richard  Sanderson  was  a  son  q|  Richard  Sanderson,  who  lived  in 
Currituck  and  died  there  in  1718.  His  widow  Damaris  Sanderson  married  Sam- 
uel Swann. 

^NoTE. — Ruth  Sanderson  was  a  daughter  of  Benjamin  Laker,  of  Perquimans, 
(sister  of  Sarah  Laker  who  married  Gov.  Thomas  Harvey)  married  first,  James 
Minge,  second,  Richard  Sanderson.  From  the  above  will,  there  seems  to  have 
been  no  issue  by  either  marriage. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  75 

John  Smith.    January  30,  1732;  April  19,  1734;  wife  Elizabeth. 

Mary  Sanders.  1734;  probated  August  Court,  1731;  son  Isaac, 
daughter  Mary  Snoden,  grandson  Isaac  Snoden,  godson  John  Wil- 
son, daughters  Christian  and  Elizabeth  Sanders. 

Alexander  Sherrod.  July  10,  1731;  May  2,  1734 ;  daughters 
Esther,  and  Catharine,  sons  Alexander,  Aaron  and  John,  daughter 

Willliam  Smith,  of  Pasquotank.  March  14,  1719-'20;  probated 
May  11,  1734;  son  John,  daughter  Lydia,  father-in-law  John  Avery, 
wife  Elizibeth. 

James  Smiih,  of  Perquimans.  October  2,  1724;  probated  May  8, 
1733;  sons  John  and  Joseph,  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Eliza- 
beth, in  Virginia  bv  a  former  wife,  wife  Leech  Smith. 

Richard  Sylvester,  Sr.  June  11,  1728;  July  10,  1729;  William 
Wormington,  land  in  Virginia  at  the  Bride^etown,  son  Richard  Wil- 
liam Sylvester,  grandsons  Ebenezer  and  Henry  Slade. 

Thomas  Spivey,  of  Chowan.  December  23,  1729 ;  February  7, 
1729-^30;  son-in-law  William  Hill,  daughter  Mary  Hill,  grand- 
daughters Mary  and  Susannah  Hill,  sons  Benjamin,  Jacob,  Thomas 
and  William  Spivey. 

Joseph  Stoakley.  January  3, 1729-30;  wife  Ann,  son  Isaac,  daugh- 
ter Mary,  son  Joseph,  Isaac  Delamare. 

Laurence  Sarson,  of  Bertie,  formerly  of  the  county  of  Suffolk,  G.  B. 
William  Waters  and  his  half  brother  James  Waters,  Katharine 
Arnold.     May  6,  1726;  March  5, 1732. 

James  Speir,  of  Bertie.  December  12,  1731;  February  Court, 
1731-2;  wife  Ann,  son  James,  daughter  Mourning,  daughters  in- 
law Sarah  Staliings,  and  Patience  Stallings,  son  John,  daughter 
Sarah  Averitt. 

John  Symons.  June  2,  1731 ;  probated  July  10,  1732;  sons  John 
and  Argyle;  Francis  Beasley.  and  Edward  Standing,  Executors. 

Rebecca  Sheetes.  May  2, 1732 ;  June  20, 1732 ;  daughter  Rebecca, 
Mary  Earl  and  John  Earl,  mother  Mary  Earl. 

Henry  Speller,  of  Bertie.  Wife  Patience,  son  Thomas,  daughter 
Ann,  brother  Thomas  Parris,  of  Edeuton;  April  5,1727;  January 
9  1727— '8 

'  William  StalBFord,  of  Currituck.  February  16,  1728;  3d  August, 
1728;  sons  John,  Edward  and  William,  daughters  Ann  and  Fran- 
ces, son  Samuel,  daughters  Mary  and  Jane,  wife  Jane. 

William  Strickland.  May  Court,  1728;  sons  William,  John,  Jo- 
seph, Matthew  and  Samuel,  wife. 

Robert  Smith,  of  Bertie.  June  26,  1725;  May  Court,  1726;  wife 
Mary,  son  Robert,  eldest  daughter  Elizabeth,  youngest  daughter 

Joseph  Sutton.  March  26,1724;  son  Christopher,  wife  Rebecca, 
daughters  Hannah,  Sarah  Elizabeth  and  Marv,  daughter  Elizabeth. 
Brothers  Christopher,  George  and  Nathaniel  Sutton. 

Sarah  Smith.     February  22, 1721-'2 ;  October  28, 1725 ;  my  grand- 

76  North  Carolina   Historical 

children  representing  my  son  Edward  Taylor,  my  grandchildren 
representing  my  daughter  Sophie  Nicholson. 

Nath'l  Sutton.  March,  1724-5;  probated  April  2,  1725;  John 
Bird,  Ruth  Glaister,  Joseph  son  of  my  brother  Joseph  Sutton, 
Elizabeth  Whedbee  daughter  of  Richard  Whedbee,  cousin  Parthe- 
nia  Sutton,  James  Andeson,Sr., cousin  Thomas  Sutton's  two  children, 
cousin  George  Sutton  and  Richard  Whedbee's  children  ;  Rebecca 
Oarr*s  children ;  brother  Richard  Whedbee,  and  cousin  Thos.  Sutton, 

Basil  Sanderson,  of  Island  of  Antiqua,  but  now  in  North  Carolina; 
buried  at  Edenton,  in  lot  of  Chrisiopher  Gale.  William  Hill,  of 
Antiqua,  E'izabeth  Sanderson,  wife  of  Barchetone  Sanderson,  sister 
Catharine  Dye  of  London,  sister  Francis  Peate;  January  2,  1721; 
April  2,  1722. 

William  Smith, of  Little  River,  Perquimans.  December  28, 1716; 
November  12, 1724;  wife  Elizabeth;  Jno. McKele  married  the  widow. 

Mary  Simons.  September  19, 1722;  July  14,  1724;  granddaughter 
Sarah  Pierce,  grandchildren  John,  Thomas,  Sarah  and  Joseph 
Pearce,  granddaughter  Mary  Jones,  granddaughters  Sarah  Pettit 
and  Mary  Smith,  grandson  Isaiah  Smith,  son  Thomas  Pierce,  daugh- 
ters Rebecca  Toms  and  Sarah  Pettit. 

Stephen  Swaine,  of  Chowan.  January  24, 1712;  sons  James,  John 
and  Richard,  daughter  Eliza  Spruill,  wife  Patience,  daughters  Mary 
and  Patience. 

Stephen  Scott,  of  Pasquotank.  Ist  month,  12th  day,  1711 ;  probated 
September  10,  1716;  sons  Edward,  John  and  Joshua,  son  Stephen 
Scott,  daughters  Sarah  and  Elizabeth,  wife  Elizabeth,  if  child  in 

6886,  etc. 

Th(>ma8  Stanton.  Wife  Mary  Stanton ;  August  25,  1720;  October 
18,  1720. 

Richard  Stamp.  October  20,  1721;  April  17,  1722;  wife  Mary 
Ann,  sons  Thomas  and  Richard,  daughters,  Mary,  Anne,  Elizabeth 
and  Tamar. 

Mary  Stanton,  of  Pasquotank.  February  2,  1720;  April  Court, 
1721;  son  Elijah,  son  John  Armour,  daughter  Mary  Brothers,  son 
Robert  Armour,  daughter  Ann  Kelley,  Rebecca  Brothers,  grand- 
daughter Mary  Stanton. 

Edward  Standing,  of  Chowan.  July  9,  1718;  January  17,  1721 ; 
wife  Sarah,  youngest  son  John,  and  Samuel,  son  William,  daughter 

Thomas  Steeley,  of  Chowan.  June  4,  1719;  July  17,  1719;  my 
brother  Thomas  Hawkins,  brother  William,  sister  Jane  Addersley, 
brother  William  Steeley. 

Mary  Smith,  of  Chowan.  January  31,  1718-'9;  March  23, 1719; 
daughter  Isabella,  sons  Abraham,  William  and  Francis. 

Thomas  Siwyer,  of  Pasquotank.  July  19,  1720;  sons  Caleb,  Ste- 
phen, Thnmas  and  Richard,  daughters  Mary  and  Ann  Sawyer, 
Hannah  Sawyer,  Dancy  McDowell,  wife. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  77 

Dr.  Godfrey  Spraell.  Sons  Samuel,  Godfrey  and  Joseph,  son-in- 
law  Cutlibert  Phelps  and  wife  Susanna,  my  daughter;  Hauyhter 
Anna  Margu^^rita,  daughter  Mary,  grandson  Buttonhead  Boutwell, 
grandson  G»»dfrey  Spruell,  son  of  Sam'l  and  Elizabeth ;  son  Joseph, 
Executor;  August  5,  1718;  July  29,  1719. 

George  Sinnms.  Son  William,  mother  Susanna,  son  George, 
daushiers  Elizabeth  and  Sdr«h;  March  27,  1720;  July  12,  1720. 

William  Stone,  of  Bath.  March  29, 1720 ;  wife  Ann,  son  William, 
mother  Lydia  Dars,  J  no.  Wipgate. 

Jo-^epli  Sparrow,  of  Prtsquotank.  December,  1718;  May  18, 1718  ; 
to  William  Brietuo,  children  William,  and  Ann,  my  little  son  to 
William  Wilson. 

Thomas  Sparrow.  May  20,1717;  probated  May  29,  1717  ;  sons 
Solomon,  John  and  Kinsey,  wife;  brother  Thomas  Harding,  Execu- 

Joseph  Slade.  Dead  without  a  will ;  Edward  Francis  in  right  of 
his  wife  Susannah,  widow  of  deceased,  Administrator;  January  3, 

George  Slade.  January  23,  1710;  wife  Mary,  my  boy  James 
Patkei ;  witnesses  Daniel  Leigh,  Richard  Lawrence,  Will  Newland. 

William  Sadler,  of  Chowan,  November  1,  1711;  wife  Ellinor 
Executrix ;  daughter  Tamer,  Thomas  Luten,  Will  Jones  and  Jno. 

John  Slocumb,  of  Bath.  Brother  John  Slocumb,  brother  Wm. 
Smith,  brother  Sol.  Smith,  mother,  Margaret  Davis,  May  8,  1712. 

Alexander  Smith.  February  15,  1711-'2;  wife  Mary,  son  Fran- 
cis, es»Hte  in  Virginia,  Thomas  Smith,  son  Robert  Smith,  daughter 
Mary  Qaarles,  son  Alexander  Smith,  Francis  Smith,  and  wife  Exec- 

Daniel  Shooke,of  Perquimans,  June  5,  1712;  my  friend  Thomas 
Lilly's  children,  John,  Sarah,  Margaret  and  Elizabeth,  Daniel  Roger- 
son,  wife  Margaret. 

Samuel  Shicumb,  of  Bath.  May  8,1712;  probated  3d  August, 
1713;  brother  John  Slocumb,  brothers  William  and  Solomon  Smyth, 
sister  Isabelle  Smyth,  Margaret  Davis,  my  mother. 

Richard  Smith.     Is  dead  without  a  will ;  no  date. 

Moses  Tyler,  of  Biaden.  June  20,  1762;  August  9.  1762;  sons 
Needham.Owen  and  Moses,  daughters  Penelope,  Elizabeth,  Chris- 
tian and  Lucretia,  wife  Sarah. 

William  Tarkinton,  of  Tyrrell.  September  Court,  174S  ;  wife  Ann, 
sons  John,  Joshua,  Benjamin,  Joseph,  William  and  Zebulon,  daugh- 
ters Sarah,  Anne  and  Juanna. 

John  Townsend.  August  10, 1737;  brother's  youngest  daughter 
Ann  Townsend,  brother  William  Townsend. 

Barnaby  Thomas.  October  5,  1735;  December  11,  1735;  son 
Elisha  Thomas,  child  in  essCj  brother-in-law  John  Dawson,  wife; 
brother  Phillip  Thomas  Executor. 

Joseph  Thomas.  December  10,  1735;  February  Court,  1736; 
£ales  Thomas,  sod  Joseph,  sous  Michael  and  Luke,  sod  James. 

78  North  Carolina   Historical 

Thomas  Taylor,  of  Currituck.  August  20,  1734 ;  July  6, 1736 ; 
sons  Thomas  and  Edward,  wife  Easter,  son-in-law  Cornelius  Jones, 
grandson  John  Taylor,  daughter  Elizabeth  wife  of  Cornelius  Jones, 
daughter  Sophia  wife  of  Peter  Payne,  daughter  Sarah  wife  of  Jere- 
miah Stephens,  granddaughter  Easter  Stephens,  daughter  Bridgett 
wife  of  Samuel  Jarvis,  daughter  Bethia,  grandson  Benjamin  son  of 
Edward  Taylor,  grandson  Ezekiel  Payne. 

John  Tomlinson.  14th,  10th  month,  1697,  wife  Elizabeth,  son 
John,  daughter  Elizabeth,  S3n  William,  daughter  Mary,  two  daugh- 
ters Reading. 

William  Temple.  Dead  without  a  will ;  Robert  Temple  and  wife 
Elizabeth  nearest  of  kin;  1696. 

William  Turner,  of  Little  River,  Perquimans.  October  28,  1696; 
son  William,  daughter  Sarah,  son  John,  wife  Katharine. 

John  Trueblood.  October  28,  1734,  wife  Sarah,  eldest  son  John, 
eldest  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Miriam,  sons  Fisher  and 

Robert  Taylor,  of  Pasquotank.  Wife  Aon,  also  Executrix  ;  Sep- 
tember 17,  1*700. 

Simon  Trumbull.  Is  dead  without  a  will ;  Ann  Trumbull  Admin- 
istratrix ;  6th  January,  1706. 

Edward  Taylor.  December  3, 1710;  daughters  Dorcas,  Sarah  and 
Anne,  wife  Sarah. 

Thomas  Trumbull.  Son  William,  daughter  Sarah,  three  other 
children,  wife  Elizabeth;  October  22,  1733;  November  8,  1733. 

Nathaniel  Taylor,  of  Bertie.  April  3,  1734;  May,  1734;  wife 

Francis  Toms.  September  5,  1729;  October  7,  1729;  daufi:hter 
Mary  Newby,  their  son  Francis  Newby,  N.  Newby,  daughter  Eliza- 
beth Phelps,  daughter  Priscilla  Jones,  daughter  Margaret  Toms, 
daughter  .Pleasant  Winslow,  wife  Rebecca,  son  Francis;  wife  and 
son-in-law  Nathan  Newby  Executors. 

William  Trotter.  28th  day,  1st  month,  1729;  December  16, 1729 ; 
daughter  Dorothy,  sister  Elizabeth  Trotter,  sister  Elizabeth  Newby, 
wife  Mary. 

Joshua  Toms.  March  4,  1701-2;  April  Court,  1732;  wife  Re- 
becca, son  Foster,  daughters  Sarah  and  Hannah,  daughter  Meriam 
Sutton,  son-in-law  Christopher  Sutton,  grandsons  Joshua  and  Wil- 
liam Sherro. 

JaneTully,  of  Pasquotank.  August  4,  1729;  October  11,1732; 
Mary  Rodes,  Daniel  Rodes,  grandson  David  Boles. 

Richard  Turberville.  December  4, 1725;  May  16, 1726;  eldest  son 
John,  second  son  Francis,  third  son  William,  fourth  son  Walter, 
daughter  Elizabeth,  grandson  Daniel  Colson,  granddaughter  Mary 

Phillip  Torksey.  July  18,  1727;  July  26,  1727;  son  William 
Torksey,  son  Robert  Morgan,  son  Henry  Hamman,  son  John  Tork- 
sey, son  Edward  Faircloth,  son  Robert  Torksey;  wife  and  Robert 
Torksey  Executors.  -    - 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  79 

Joseph  Thomas.  9th  day,  Ist  month,  1728;  March  18,  1727; 
brothers  James  and  John,  mother,  Damaras  Ratliff. 

Lemuel  Tavlor,  Sr.,  of  Perquimans.  Sons  Lemuel  and  William, 
wife  Jean  Taylor;  November  3, 1719;  July  12,  1720. 

Tyler  Thomas,  of  Bath.  Friend  John  Jordan;  June  25,  1722; 
July  Court,  1722. 

John  Tomlin.    July  27, 1719;  son  William,  wife,  brother  William. 

James  Took,  of  Pasquotank.  April  19,  1720;  April  22,  1720; 
sister  Joanah  Scott,  James  Took  Scott,  daughter  of  my  sister  Joanah, 
cousins  Mary,  Elizabeth  and  Sarah  Scott,  cousin  James  Took,  cousin 
Mary  Ricks,  brother  John  Scott,  Thomas  Commander,  son  of 
Thomas,  James,  son  of  Thomas. 

Ebenezer  Taylor.  April  21,  1711;  wife  Agnes,  sister  Mary  Tripe, 
cousinsSamuel,  andEliner  Cross,  brother  and  sister  Walker,  brothers 
Samuel  and  Benjamin  Taylor,  Benjamin  Taylor,  son  of  my  brother 
Edward  Walker,  brother-in-law  Gavin  Sowden. 

Robert  Tucker,  of  Currituck.  June  3,  1719;  April  12,  1721; 
James  Martin (illegible) ,  wife  Mary  Martin. 

Richard  Thorp,  of  Currituck.  July  12,  1720;  November  20, 
1720;  wife  Mabel. 

Mary  Toms  (widow).  1  month,  30  day,  1713;  January  15, 
1717-18;  Vesty  Lewis,  Rachel  Lawrence,  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  my 
brother  William  Nicholson,  Joseph  Glaister,and  wife  Mary,  Execu- 

Richard  Turner.  27,  3rd  month,  1719;  April  4,  1719;  son-in- 
law  William  Bastable,  granddaughter  Hannah  Bastable,  grandson 
Samuel  Newby,  daughter  Elizabeth  Newby,  Bridgett  Newby. 

Francis  Toms,  Sr.  6  day,  10  month,  1709;  wife  Mary,  sons 
Francis  and  Joshua,  daughter  Priscilla  Nicholson;  daughter  Mary 
married  Gabriel  Newby,  grandson  Francis  Newby.  Witness,  Wm. 
Boyd,  Matthew  Alberson,  John  Stepney,  father-in-law  John  Nichol- 
son to  daughter  Priscilla  wife  of  John  Kinsey,  and  John  Nicholson 

John  Taylor.  March  19,  17l5-'6;  wife  Martha,  each  of  my 
children;  son  John,  Henry,  and  William  Conner  Executors. 

Francis  Thorogood.  June  8, '1714  (Bath);  wife  Anne,  children 
Francis,  Adam,  Sarah,  Anne  and  Early,  daughter  Rose,  by  a 
former  wife;  April  Court,  1716. 

Walter  Tanner.  August  15,  1713,  of  Perquimans;  daughter-in- 
law  Elinor  Ateway,  wife  Elizabeth  Tanner. 

Henry  Turner,  of  Henrico  County,  Va.  January  17, 1712-'3; 
son  Abel,  daughters  Elizabeth,  Mary,  Hannah,  Jane  and  Ann,  wife 

Morgan  Thomas.     February  19, 1709  ;  cousin  James  Morg:an. 

John  Upton,  of  Pasquotank.  June  30,  1715;  sons  John,  William, 
Joseph,  Thomas  and  Edward,  daughters  Mery  and  Ruth,  wife. 

William  Vann,  of  Chowan.  Probated  August  7,  1740;  son  Ed- 
ward, grandson  William,  son  of  Edward,  daughter  Sarah  Hogh, 
daughter  Ann,  wife  Sarah. 

80  North  Carolina   Historical 

Christopher  Vanliver.     Wife  Elizabeth  ;  Nov.  4,  1732. 

Thomas  Vendermullen,  of  Currituck.  Pn)bated  March  30, 1720; 
Vendf^rmuUen  Leary,  son  of  William  Leary,  Willoughby  Merchant 
and  Elizabeth  his  wife,  Thomas  Old,  cousin  Elizabeth  Oorprew,  wife 
of  Thomas  Corprew. 

Lovick  Worley,  of  Tvrrell.  January  24, 1754;  March  Court,  1754; 
daughter  Ann  Gray  Worley,  wife  Ann,  brother  John,  hrother-in  law 
William  Gray,  uncle  James  Blount,  friend  Thomas  Whitmell. 

Peter  West.  July  31,  1749;  May  Court,  1751;  daughter  Sarah, 
daughter  Elizabeth  Cotton,  son  Peter,  grauHs»»u  William  West. 

Thomas  West,  of  Bertie.  November  6,  1756;  April  Court,  1757; 
wife  Elizabeth,  son  William,  daughter  Elizabeth;  wife  and  brother 
Robert  Executors. 

Samuel  Williams,  of  Edgecombe.  October  4,  1753;  February 
Court,  1754;  sons  William  and  Solomon,  grandson  Samuel,  son 
Samuel,  wife  Elizabeth,  son  Joseph  John  Williams,  sons  William 
and  Solomon;  friends  Pliillip  Alston  and  Benj.  Wynns  Executors. 

George  Williams, of  Edgecombe.  July  19,1758;  June  Court,  1759; 
wife  ChloePriscilla,  sons  George  and  Samuel, sister  Lucretia  William's 
daughter  Chloe;  brother  William  Williams,  Executor. 

Sarah  Walters,  of  New  Hanover.  April  21,1756;  May  25,  1756; 
brothers  John  and  Joseph  Walters,  sister  Elizabeth  Walters,  sister 
Mary  Grainger,  son  William  Walters. 

William  Wills,  of  Onslow.  January  31,  1742-'3;  July  5,  1743; 
sons  William  and  Nathaniel,  deceased  daughter  Elizabeth,  daugh- 
ter Sarah  Evans,  sons  John,  Joseph  and  Henry,  wife  Ann. 

Henry  West.  August  14,  1752;  December  12,  1752,  probated; 
Bath;  sister  Mary  Sojouer,  sister  Sarah  Peyton,  sister  Ceila  Tvnes, 
niece  Holland  Applewhite,  nephew  John  Peyton;  John  Giles  and 
William  Peyton,  Executors. 

William  West.  Inventory  of  estate  taken  by  Martha  West,  Feb- 
ruary 20,  1754;  Benj.  Wynne,  Clerk,  Edgecombe  County  Court. 

William  West.  December  4, 1744;  daughter  Sarah  Peyton,  grand- 
son Josiah  Sojonner;  wife  Susanna  and  Henry  West  Executors. 

William  Wallis.  December  9,  1748;  November  15,  1749;  Bath; 
wife  Mary,  sons  William  and  John,  daughter  Lydia  Bond;  daugh- 
ter Abigail  Daw. 

Samuel  Whitly,  of  Tyrrell.  21st  January,  1739-MO;  Tyrrell  Court, 
1740;  wife  and  children;  son-in-law  William  Archdeacon,  Samuel 
Whitly  and  William  Kennedy,  Executors. 

Abraham  Warren,  of  Perquimans.  October  6,  1739;  July  Court, 
1740;  wife  Sarah,  Sarah  and  Susanna  Sutton,  son  Henry,  my  five 

Richard  Whedbee,  of  Tyrrell.  November  29,  1739-40;  June 
Court,  1740;  Cudbeth  Phelps,  cousin  George  Phelps. 

Mary  Wade,  of  Pasquotank.  December  14,  1736;  Mary  Wade, 
sister  Magdalene  Wade. 

Alice  Whitehead,  of  Craven.     March  Court,  1742;  brother  Ed- 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  81 

ward,  James  Whitehead,  son  of  my  eldest  brother  William,  Robert 
Whitehead,  son  of  brother  Edward,  his  daughter  Elizabeth  White- 
head, cousin  Tabitha  Smith,  cousin  Ann  Hopkins,  Susanna  Heritage 
wife  of  William  Heritage,  Mrs.  Brice  wife  of  William  Brice. 

John  Worth,  of  Bladen.  August  1.  1743;  September  Court,  1743; 
father  John,  of  New  Jersey,  sister  Elizabeth,  cousin  John  Clark  of 
New  Hanover. 

John  Williams.  July  6,  173G-7;  August,  1737;  wife  Ann,  son 
John,  son  Joshua,  daughter  Mary. 

John  Wiatt.  Daughter  Sarah  Standing,  brother  Joshua  Long, 
80D  William  Wiatt,  daughter  Elizabeth  Oaies,  wife  Rachel;  Jaiiuary 

Edward  Williams,  of  Pasquotank.  October  Court,  1739;  son  Leon- 
ard, daughter  Barbara  Lurry  and  her  husband  Evan  Lurry,  son 
Josiah,  brother  William  Williams,  son  Joseph,  daughter  Sarah  JParse- 
ley,  daughter  Mary  Morgan,  daughter  Jemima  Williams,  wife  Eliza- 
beth, son  Luodovick  Williams,  ?on  Josiah  Williams. 

John  Winn.  December  18,  1739  (Pasquotank);  son  Ezekiel, 
daughter  Elizabeth,  nephew  Daniel  Jessop,  sister  Berty  Winn,  wife 

*Thomas  Whitmell,  of  Bertie.  November  23,  1735;  December  17, 
1735;  son  Thomas,  wife  Elizabeth,  daughters  Sarah  and  Martha,  son 
Lewis,  infant  son  to  be  baptized  William,  daughter  Elizabeth  Pol- 
lock, daughter  Winifred,  daughter  Mary ;  son  Thomas  Whitmell  and 
brother  John  Gray,  Executors. 

Joshua  Whitney.  26th  December,  1735;  January  21,  1736;  wife 
Mathew,  sons  David  and  Jeremiah,  sons  Samuel,  Joseph  and  Francis, 
daughters  Ketring,  and  Keith. 

William  Weaver.  Without  date;  sons  William,  John,  Henry, 
Thomas  and  Edward,  wife,  all  my  children. 

Alice  Wade.  April  25, 1701 ;  grandson  John  Hawkins,  grandson 
Thomas  Hawkins,  grandjron  James  Hawkins,  granddaughter  Eliza- 

*NoTE.--Thoma8  Whitmell  came  to  Bertie  County,  N.  O.,  from  Surry  County, 
Va.,  in  the  year  1713;  he  married  Eliaabeth  Hunter  Bryan,  born  1690,  daughter 
of  Lewis  Bryan  and  his  wife  Elizabeth  Hunter.  The  following  is  from  the  MSS. 
records,  copied  from  his  family  Bible,  now  in  the  possession  of  Mrs.  Burgess  Urqu- 
hart,  of  Bertie  County.  The  names  and  births  of  his  children  are  taken  from  the 
ibove  record.  The  marriages  have  been  copiled  from  the  public  records.  Thomas 
Whitmell  and  Marv.  his  wife,  had  issue.  Thomas  Whitmell,  born  1688,  died  1735; 
married  Elizabeth  Hunter  Bryan,  born  161)0.  issue  (I)  Col.  Thomas  Whitmell  and 
Elizabeth  West;  (II)  Mary  Whitmell,  born  1715,  died  1728;  (111)  Elizabeth  Whit- 
mell, born  1717,  married  (1st)  Maj.  George  Pollock,  (2d)  Thomas  Blount,  (3d) 
Col.  William  Williams;  (IV)  Sarah  Whitmell,  married  Henry  Hunter;  (V) 
Martha  Whitmell,  married  (1st)  Henry  Lawrence  Bate,  (2d)  John  Hill;  (Vl> 
Annie  Whitmell,  born,  1724,  died  1727 ;  (VII)  Janet  Whitmell,  born  1724,  died 
1730  ;  (VIII)  Winifred  WhitmeU.  born  1729.  married  Phillip  Alston  ;  (IX)  Lewis 
Whitmell,  born  1732,  died  young;  (X)  Mary  Whitmell.  married  (1st)  Maj.  Fran- 
cis Pugh  (2d)  Hezekiah  Thompson;  (XI)  William  Whitmell.  born  1735,  died 
^oune.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Wnitmell  married  Robert  Hunter  of  Bertie  County  ;  no 
issue  by  the  last  marriage. 


82  North  Carolina   Historical 

beth  Hawkins,  daughter  Elizabeth  Long,  grandson  James  Long, 
grandson  Thomas  Long,  granddaughter  Mary  Long;  grandson  John 
Hawkins  Executor. 

Robert  Wilson,  Chuckatuck.  20th  day,  2d  month,  1694;  son 
Isaac,  grandchildren  Robert  and  Ann  Wilson,  Sarah  Botena,  and 
Hester  Balman,  wife  Ann,  son  Zack. 

William  West.  April  7,  1735 ;  Robert  West,  Jr.,  and  Thomas 

George  Williams,  of  Bertie.  November  Court,  1735;  wife  Marga- 
ret, daughter  Mary;  father  George  Williams,  and  brother  Richard, 

Inventory  of  estate  John  Whedbee,  returned  6th  June,  1701. 

Robert  Warburton.  Nearest  of  kin  to  John  Warburton,  February 
5,  1680. 

Arthur  Workman.  August  1, 1696 ;  Capt.  John  Hunt,  Mrs.  Eliza- 
beth Hunt,  Anthony  Hatch,  son  to  said  Elizabeth  Hunt,  on  Little 
River,  Richard  Platon,  John  Robinson,  Major  Charles  Sadler,  Mad- 
ame Dorothy  Sadler,  sisters  Mary  and  Millicent  Workman,  in  Ire- 
land, Mrs.  Sarah  Franklin,  wife  of  Henry  Franklin,  Mrs.  Mary  Clark, 
wi'iow  of  John  Clark^ 

Thomas  West,  of  Perquimans..  April  28,  1735;  July  23,  1735; 
brothers  Thomas,  Joshua  and  Wm.  Long,  brothers  Samuel  and  John 

Robert  White.  18  day,  11  month,  1732;  November  6,  1733; 
sons  Jonathan,  Zepheniah,  eldest  son  Joseph,  son  Robert,  daughter 
Ann,  daughter  Elizabeth,  wife  Rebecca,  daughter  Mary. 

John  Williamson.  March  13,  1733-'4;  October  2,  1734;  sons 
Charles,  Zachary  and  John,  wife  Rose,  my  little  children. 

John  Woodward,  of  Bath.  November  21,  1734;  December  10, 
1734 ;  brother  Joel,  son  Henry,  daughter  Mary,  uncles  William  Mar- 
tin, and  Henry  Lucas. 

John  Waxdale,  of  Bath.  Wife  Walposia  Waxdale ;  December 
17, 1734. 

Charles  Wilkins.  January  3,  1733-'4 ;  February  17,  1734 ;  son 
William,  the  land  I  had  of  Nicholas  Crisp,  my  brother-in-law,  son 
John,  daughter  Sarah  Gregory,  wife  of  Luke  Gregory,  wife,  daugh- 
ters Ann,  Elizabeth,  and  Mary.     (Chowan.) 

Robert  Warburton.  Sons  John  and  Smithwick  Warburton,  wife 
Sarah,  daughter  Sarah ;  March  25,  1733 ;  July  31, 1733.    (Bertie.) 

Thomas  Williams.  December  12,  1732  ;  November  3, 1733 ;  son 
Joseph  and  Samuel,  wife  Mary,  daughter  Mary. 

Richard  Wingfield.  April  3,  1733;  June  11,  1733;  daughters 
Susanna,  Elizabeth  and  Mary,  sons  Robert  and  John,  daughters  Ann 
and  Prudence;  son  Robert,  and  wife  Mary,  Executors. 

Arnold  White,  Sr.  24  day,  12  month,  1729;  April  14,  1730; 
daughter  Sarah  White,  youngest  son  Nehemiah,  son  Joshua. 

Joshua  Wherry.  January  28,  1729;  August  18,  1730;  brother 
Anthony  Wherry, sisters  Elizabeth,  Rachel,  Sarah,  and  Mary  Wherry. 

AND  Genealogical  Rbqistbr.  83 

Thomas  Wimberly,  of  Bertie.  October  22. 1732;  February  Court; 
1732-'3;  sons  George  and  Joseph,  daughter  Sarah,  wife  Susannah, 
sons  George,  and  Joseph,  Executors. 

William  Williams,  of  Edenton.  May  7, 1730 ;  December  20, 1732; 
wife  Frances,  sons  William  and  Thomas,  daughters  Sarah,  and 

Henry  Wheeler.  April  5,  1727;  9th  January,  1727;  wife  Ann, 
sons  Emperor,  Henry  and  John,  daughter  Sarah ;  son  Emperor  Ex- 

William  Williams,  of  Currituck.  February  2,  1724-*5;  letters 
granted  January,  1726;  sons  Thomas,  Stephen  and  Tulle,  wife  Mary, 
daughter  Jane  Brent,  grandson  Jonathan  Brent,  granddaughter 
Mary  Brent,  daughter  Abigail  Phillips ;  wife  sole  Executrix.  Wit- 
ness, Wm.  Davis,  Charles  Brent,  Robert  Erwin. 

John  White,  of  Hyde.  Wife  Sarah ;  April  7, 1724 ;  November  5, 

John  Williams.  January  29,  1727-'8;  April  11,  1728;  brother 
Nathaniel,  child  in  ease,  wife  Sarah  Williams,  brother-in  law  Joseph 

Georjge  Whedbee,  of  Alligator.  March  2, 1717-18  ;  July  29, 1718; 
sons  Richard,  George  and  John,  cousin  Richard  Whedbee,  daughter 
Ruth  Whedbee. 

Isaac  Wilson.  October  3,  1724;  December  29,  1724;  brothers 
Robert  and  Benjamin  Wilson,  Joseph  and  Rachel  Wilson,  son  of 
my  brother  Robert,  Isaac  Wilson,  son  of  brother  Robert,  mother  Ann 
Pettiver,  uncle  Ralph  Bozman. 

William  White,  of  Chowan.  December  14th,  1723;  April  14, 
1724 ;  wife  Mary,  daughter  Mary. 

William  Wayman,  of  Pasquotank.  March  18,  1721 ;  July  18, 
1721 ;  sons  William,  Robert  and  John ;  wife  Hannah  Executrix. 

John  Williams.  January  26, 1721 ;  May  18, 1722;  brothers  Theo- 
philus  and  James  Williams,  brothers  Isaac  and  Arthur  WHliams, 
cousin  Anthony  Bering,  cousin  John,  son  of  Theophilus  Williams. 
Samuel  Wilson,  of  Pasquotank.  Unclein-law  John  Scarbrough, 
brother  Daniel  Bell,  father  and  mother,  John  and  Alice  Pritchett ; 
7, 11  month,  1719 ;  January  20, 1719-'20. 

Thomas  Walton.  Wife  Anne,  of  King  and  Queen,  Virginia 
three  sons  and  four  daughters ;  May  8,  1719. 

Edward  Williams.  Son  John,  wife  Mary;  February  9, 1713-'4; 
July  Court,  1714. 

Henry  Warren,  of  Matethapungo  Creek.  February  15,  1716; 
son  Abraham,  daughters  Mary,  Elizabeth  and  Anne;  wife  Elizabeth, 
Executrix,  with  John  Palin  overseer. 

John  West.  July  16, 1712 ;  wife  Elizabeth ;  John  Short,  Lawrence 
Sarson  and  Elizabeth  Rose  witnesses. 

John  Walker.  January  12, 1709 ;  sons  John  and  Benjamin,  wife 
Elizabeth,  sons  Thomas  and  James,  daughter  Sarah,  Elizabeth 
Paull,  Zachariah  Guirken  and  Will  Mitchell  witnesses;  Thomas 
West,  and  Robert  West,  Executors. 

84  North  Carolina   Historical 

William  Williams.  December  9, 1704 ;  wife  Mary,  sole  Executrix, 
sons  Samuel,  John  and  Stephen,  each  of  my  daughters. 

James  Welch.  November  11,  1711 ;  daughter  Mary,  child  in  esse ; 
brother-in-law  Henry  Bonner  Executor. 

AbrnljRm  Warren,  of  Little  River,  Perquimans.  April  23, 1710  ; 
son  Ainaham,  wife  Mary  Norcomb;  wife  Mary  and  son  Abraham 
sole  Executors,  if  child  in  esse,  etc. 

David  Wharton.     Dead  without  a  will  in  1712. 

BeTiJHmin  West.  Died  1695;  John  Mackey  married  Frances,  his 
widens-,  September  30,  1695, and  administered  on  his  estate. 

Thomas  West,  of  Bertie.  November  6, 1756;  April  Court,  1757; 
wife  Elizabeth,  daughter  Elizabeth,  son  William;  brother  Robert 
West  Executor. 



(Compiled  from  Ihe  office  of  Register  of  Deeds,  for  Chowan  County,  at  Eden- 
ton,  N.  C.  These  records  include  all  deeds  and  conveyances  for  Bertie  and  Hert- 
ford Counties  to  1722,  Tyrrell  and  Washington  Counties  to  1729,  and  Gates 
County  to  1778.  The  names  of  the  Bargainor  and  Bargainee  are  given,  the  date 
of  the  conveyance,  number  of  acres  of  land  or  number  of  town  lot,  and  th« 
names  of  the  witnesses  to  the  instrument.) 

Book  W. 

Nicholas  Tiner,  to  James  Curlee.  400  acres  land  SW  side  of 
Chowan  River,  bought  of  Thomas  Hoskins,  called  Hoskins'  Beaver 
Dam ;  April  4,  1699.     Test,  Nath'l  Che vin,  Thomas  Luten. 

George  Pearssay,  and  wife  Magdalene,  to  Nicholas  Crisp.  100  acres 
land  south  side  easternmost  branch  of  Mattacomack  Creek;  March 
8,  1700.     Test,  Richard  Lewis,  Nathaniel  Chevin. 

Elizabeth  GriflBn,  wife  of  Richard  GriflBn,  to  her  son  Joseph  Skit- 
tlethorpe.  A  tract  of  land  in  Rockyhock ;  Ist  April,  1701.  Test, 
Thomas  Gillyam,  Nath*l  Chevin. 

Dave  Perkins,  to  James  Ward.  A  plantation  with  all  the  labour 
thereon;  August  24,  1700.     Test,  Christopher  Butler,  Will  Brothel. 

Dave  Perkins,  to  James  Ward.  August  24, 1700;  240  acres,  for- 
merly Will  Charlton's,  south  side  Yoppim  River.  Test,  Christopher 
Butler,  Will  Brothel. 

James  Ward,  to  Robert  Murray.     A  tract  of  land;  27 ,  1700. 

Test,  Christopher  Butler,  Will  Pergeter. 

Robert  Murray,  to  James  Ward.  Part  of  the  land  of  Richard  Sti- 
ball,  deceased,  now  in  possession  of  James  Ward,  as  marrying  Mary 
Stiball,  daughter  of  said  Stiball ;  March  22,  1701.  Test,  Nath'l 
Chevin,  Christopher  Butler. 

Will  Harris,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Argall  Simons.  250  acres  north 
side  Albemarle  River,  east  side  of  land  of  Jonathan  Harrison.  Test, 
Humphrey  Legg,  Leonard  Loftin. 

Lowis  Williams,  to  John  Markwell,  of  Lower  Parish  of  Isle  of 
Wight  County,  Va.  Registered  July  1,  1701.  Will  Early,  Will 

Nicholas  Crisp,  to  Edward  Smithwick.  Land  bought  of  Dave 
Perkins,  and  wife  Mary,  by  deed  dated  September  26,  1691,  said 
Mary  being  one  of  the  heirs  of  Robert  Walburton,  deceased ;  50  acres. 
This  deed  is  signed  by  Lewis  Williams,  and  wife  Mary,  (possibly 

Sylvester  Sandiford,  to  Cullam  Flynn.  640  acres  near  Coniby 
Creek  and  Morattock  River,  bought  from  Col.  Thomas  Pollock.  July 
1,  1701. 

Jon  White,  Sr.,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  Will  Williams.  Parcel  land 
east  side  Chowan'  River,  250  acres,  being:  granted  to  Lewis  Williams 
May  15,  1697,  and  sold  to  me  by  him,  March  1, 1700. 

86  North  Carolina  Historical 

Elenor  Ibence,  to  Will  Walston.    Tract  of  land  ;  July  1, 1701. 

Jon  White,  Jr.,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Thomas  Everit.  268  acres 
land;  July  19,1701. 

Richard  Fox,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Jon  White,  Jr.  258  acres  land  ; 
November  23, 1700. 

Edward  Smithwick,  to  Nicholas  Crisp.  100  acres  land,  by  pur- 
chase of  Nicholas  Daws,  and  wife  Lydia,  deed  dated  July  5, 1697. 
April  14, 1701. 

♦Alexander  Macfarlane,  to  Thomas  Pollock.  Plantation  where  Pe- 
ter Gansett  now  lives,  lying  on  northwest  mouth  of  Maristice  River, 
commonly  called  George's  Quarters;  640  acres;  October  6,  1701. 

Peter  Gansett,  to  Thomas  Pollock.    Conveys  above  tract  of  land. 

Thomas  Pollock,  to  Edward  Williams.  Assigns  patent  to  said 
Williams;  June  14,1701. 

Peter  Cornelas,  to  Peter  Gansett  (Indian).  Tract  of  land  on  SW 
side  of  the  mouth  of  Cassaya  River  (Cashie),  where  it  enters  into 
Morattuck  River;  100  acres;  September  23,  1701. 

John  Porter,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Leonard  Loftiu,  of  Perquimans. 
Patent  of  298  acres  land;  July  21,  1701. 

William  Duckinfield,  to  Jabez  Alford.  220  acres  adjoining 
Thomas  Jones*  land ;  deed  signed  by  John  Ardeene,  att'y ;  Octo- 
ber 7,  13th  year  her  Majesty^s  Reign. 

John  Slockcum,  and  wife  Jane,  of  Bath,  by  Nathaniel  Chevon, 
attorney  to  Thomas  Waine.  Plantation  heired  from  his  father 
John  Slocumb,  deceased,  said  tract  being  on  Mattacomack  Creek, 
as  by  patent  dated  May  — ,  1684.  Test,  James  Hugoot,  Humphrey 

Dr.  Godfrey  Spruell,  and  wife  Joana,  to  Jon  Stuard,  and  wife  Hen- 
rietta, daughter  of  said  Spruell.  300  acres  of  land  in  Scuppernong; 
May  '^6,  1701-^2. 

James  Welch,  of  Bath,  to  James  Long.  Tract  of  land  on  Welch's 
Creek;  October  13,  1701.  Test,  Wm.  Lillington,  Jon  Hawkins, 
Humphrey  Legg. 

Thomas  Everit,  and  wife  Dorothy,  to  George  White.  Tract  of 
land  ;  October  21,  1701.     Test,  Thomas  Marks. 

Richard  Lewis,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Robert  Sarle.  April  7, 1702. 
Test,  Nath'l  Chevin,  Jon  White. 

George  Chambers,  to  Leonard  Loftin.  Deed  for  land;  April  7, 

George  White, to  Jon  Ballard.  200  acres  of  land;  October  6, 
1701.     Test,  Jon  Jones,  Nath'l  Chevin. 

George  Swain,  and  wife  Esther,  to  George  Chambers.  100  acres 
land;  March  10,  1702.     Test,  Will  Keeton,  Leonard  Loftin.      ,    Jt! 

Richard  Booth, and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Will  Early.  272  acres  west 
side  Chowan  River;  March  17,  1701-^2.  Test,  Will  Duckinfield, 
Daniel  Halsey. 

*NoTE.— Peter  Gansett  was  an  Indian. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  87 

Edward  Smithwick,  to  Thomas  Luten  and  William  Wilkinson, 
church  wardens  of  ye  Precinct  of  Chowan,  in  North  Carolina. 
*  "Seventy  yards  square  of  land  for  to  build  and  arect  a  church,  and 
the  church  to  stand  in  the  middle  of  said  land,  for  the  use  of  said 
Parish,  forever,  the  said  land  to  be  on  the  road  or  the  highway  from 
Thomas  Gylliams  in  the  woods,  joining  on  the  old  field  of  the  said 
Edward  Smithwick  ";  April  7, 1702.    Test,  Thomas  Luten,  Register. 

Will  Early,  and  wife  Elinor,  to  Thomas  Gylbyrd  (Gilbert).  In- 
terest in  land  ;  December  1,  1702. 

Thomas  Marks,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  their  grandchild  Thomas 
Averit,  Jr.  150  acres  in  the  Broad  neck,  on  east  side  Deep  River,  in 
case  of  his  death  to  descend  to  the  next  heir  of  Thomas  Averit  and 
Dorothy  his  wife;  October  6,  1702.  Test,  James  Fleming,  James 

Richt.  Buck,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Will  Early.  164  acres  of  land  on 
Wicacon  Creek,  as  by  draught  of  survey,  6th  April,  1701.  Deed 
dated  August  4, 1702.    Test,  Thomas  Marks,  James  Bush. 

Edward  Smithwick  to  Smithwick  Warburton.  150  acres  out  of 
a  patent  adjoining  Jon  Taillers  (Taylo/);  October  10,  1702.  Test, 
Susanna  Charlton,  Luke  Mesell  (Mizell). 

Roger  Snell,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Jon  Yelverton.  100  acres 
formerly  in  possession  of  Richard  Darling;  December  1,  1702. 
Test,  Jon  Jones,  Henry  Lyels  (Liles). 

Smithwick  Warburton  to  Edward  Smithwick.  Interest  in  a  pat- 
ent of  land  ;  October  10,  1702.  Test,  Susannah  Charlton,  Luke 

Edward  Smithwick,  and  wife  Africa,  to  Jon  Jones.  Tract  of  land 
mentioned  in  patent  assigned  to  me  by  Smithwick  Warburton,  heir 
of  Robert  Warburton;  December  1,  1702.  Test,  Thomas  Garrett, 
Nath'l  Chevin. 

James  Long,  to  Richard  Johnson.  Grant  of  640  acres  east  side 
Coniby  Creek  ;  January  5,  1702-3.     Test,  Daniel  Leigh,  Jon  Boyd. 

Richt.  Johnson,  to  Joseph  Simpson.  For  love  and  affection  to 
said  Joseph,  I  convey  tract  of  land  bought  of  James  Long;  January 

5,  1702-3.     Test,  Daniel  Leigh,  Daniel  Halsey. 

Robert  Sarles,  to  James  Farlow.  Assitinment  of  land  ;  November 
23,  1702.     Test,  Elisha  Jones,  Thomas  Hicks. 

fGoode  Chambers,  to  Henry  Sutton.  Tract  of  land  in  South  Lan- 
caster, 100  acres  on  east  side  of  George  Swain's  plantation  ;  January 

6,  1702-3.     Test,  Jon  Early,  Thomas  Paringham. 

Will  Duckingfield,  to  Thomas  Jones.  Interest  in  a  plantation 
called  Cosshoke;  February,  1712-3.  Test,  Joseph  Skittlethrope, 
Elizabeth  Griffing.     (In  Bertie  County.) 

*NoTE. — Here  was  built  the  first  church  in  North  Carolina.  The  question  is 
where  is  the  exact  location  ?  It  was  certainly  in  Chowan  County,  and  either  at 
Edenton  or  contiguous  thereto. 

f  Note. — South  Lancaster  lies  in  Washington  County. 

88  North  Carolina  Historical 

Elizabeth  Grifl5ng,  to  Henry  Lilse.  200  acres  west  side  Casshoke 
Creek,  adjoining  my  son  Joseph  Skittlethorpe,  given  him  by  his 
father-in-law  Richard  Griffing;  2d  February,  1702-'3.  Test,  Wm. 
Jones,  Thomas  Jones.     (Bertie.) 

Will  Duckinfield,  to  Will  Jones.  640  acres  land  called  Coshoke; 
February  1,  1702.     (Bertie.) 

Thomas  Marks,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Will  Early.  150  acres  on 
Deep  Run;  February  2, 1702-'3.  Test,  Will  Jones,  Daniel  Leigh, 
Daniel  Halsey. 

Joseph,  Skittlethorpe,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Henry  Lylse.  100  acres 
given  me  by  my  fatherin-law,  Richard  GriflBng;  2d  February,  1702 
-'3.     Test,  Eliz.  Griffing,  Thomas  Jones. 

Will  Duckinfield,  to  Jon  Arderne.  4,000  acres  land,  known  as 
'*  Salmon  Creek  Plantation  ";  March  4,  1702.  Test,  Jon  Willis,  Jon 

Christopher  Butler,  and  wife  Annarita,  to  Col.  William  Wilkin- 
son. Tract  of  land  on  Yoppim  River ;  July  6, 1703.  Test,  Thomas 
Haughton,  James  Ward. 

Will  Duckinfield,  to  Edward  Moseley.  600  acres  on  southwest 
shore;  February  25,  1702-^,  to  secure  payment  of  <£77.103.6d.  at 
the  house  of  Mr.  Thomas  Walke,  merchant,  deceased,  on  the  east- 
ern branch  of  Elizabeth  River  in  Virginia;  April  2,1703.  Test, 
Jon  Ardene,  Will  Newland,  Jon  Porter.     (Bertie.) 

Charles  Gaffin,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Will  Hooker.  100  acres  on 
Wicacon  Creek,  adjoining  lands  of  Thomas  Mason  ;  March  2,  1702 
-'3.     Test,  Daniel  Leigh,  Edward  Smithwick.     (Hertford  County.) 

Will  Jones,  of  Cashoke,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Thomas  Arnold.  100 
acres  north  side  Cashoke' Crick,  adjoining  lands  of  John  Lewerton  ; 
October  4,  1703.     Test,  Henry  Lylse,  Jno.  Lewerton.     (Bertie.) 

Thomas  Clark,  to  Jon  Harris.  Conveyance  of  land;  October  1, 
1703.     Test,  Daniel  Leigh,  Jon  Byrd. 

Will  Keats,  to  George  Slade,  and  wife  Martha,  his  father-in-law 
and  mother.  Part  of  the  tract  of  land  on  which  I  live;  70  acres  on 
the  west  side  of  George  Swain's  Swamp;  October  5,  1703.  Test, 
Nath4  Chevin,  James  Long.     (Washington  or  Tyrrell.) 

Will  Jones,  and  wife  Mary,  of  Cashoke,  to  Jon  Lewerton.  100 
acres  land  weat  side  Cashoke  Crick;  October  4,  1703.  Test,  Henry 
Lylse,  Thos.  Arnold      (Bertie.) 

Argell  Simons,  and  wife  Lydia,  to  Edward  Norrington;  October 
5,  1703.  Test,  John  Falconer,  Jon  Beotley.  (Tract  of  land  on 
Yoppim  River.) 

James  Blount,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Will  Tanner,  The  planta- 
tion purchased  of  Hannibal  Hoskins,  deceased,  containing  100  acres, 
joining  tract  where  I  now  live,  west  side  Mattacomack  Creek ;  Octo- 
ber 5,  1703.     Test,  Thos.  Arnold. 

Edward  Norrington,  and  wife  Comfort,  to  Jon  Bentley,  assignment 
of  a  patent,  November  30, 1702.     Test,  James  Beasley,  Mary  Beasley. 

Thomas  Garrett,  and  wife  Bethiah,  to  Will  Thomson,  of  Nanse- 

AND  Genkalogical  Rbgister.  89 

mond  County,  Va.  106  acres  land  on  Cataren  Creek,  as  by  patent 
dated  September  14, 1701.  Deed  dated  April  24, 1703.  Test,  Rich- 
ard Malpas,  Joshua  Odem. 

Jon  Ballard,  and  wife  Margaret,  to  Thomas  Hicks.  100  acres  on 
Chowan  Crick  ;  December  30, 1702,  adjoining  land  of  Edward  ,Wil- 
liams.     Test,  Edward  Williams.     (Chowan  River.) 

Dennis  McClendoD,  to  Thomas  Everit.  Tract  of  land;  January 
4, 1703-'4.     Test,  Columb  Flyn,  Richard  Ballance. 

Lewis  Williams,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Dennis  Macklenden.  Tract  of 
land  called  Mount  Pleasant,  on  Wicacon  Creek  ;  December  7,  1703. 
Test,  Richard  Billance     (Hertford  County ) 

Thororgood  Pate,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Nicholas  Blackman.  AlLmy 
labour  in  Green  Hall,  called  the  Beach  Neck,  adjoining  upon  land 
of  Will  Sadler,  and  running  up  the  swamp  ;  August  25,  1703.  Test, 
Thos.  Kirkham,  Eleanor  Kirkham. 

Henry  Lyle,  and  wife  Jane^  to  Richard  Burke.  Assignment  of  a 
bill  of  sale ;  9th  April,  1702.     Test,  James  Kirkham,  Henry  Lyle. 

Dennis  Macklenden,  and  wife  Deborah,  to  Jane  Brown.  100  acres 
on  the  head  of  Woodward  Creek,  called  Wixe's  folly;  December  13, 
1703.     Test,  Richard  Bellame,  Charles  Gavin. 

Same,  to  Charles  Gavin.  100  acres  land  lying  at  a  place  called 
Mount  Pleasant,  on  east  side  Woodward  Creek. 

Richard  Burke,  and  wife  Mary,  to  William  Duckinfield.  200 
acres  at  the  mouth  of  Rocky  hock  Creek ;  June  4,  1703-'4.  Test, 
Thomas  Luten,  Stephen  Swaine. 

John  Smith,  to  Col.  Thomas  Pollock.  Tract  of  land,  lower  part 
of  Petty  Shore  old  field,  300  acres ;  December  4,  1703-^4.  Test, 
Thomas  Luten,  Will  Early. 

Jon  Early,  to  George  Chambers.  640  acres  at  head  of  Cushoke 
Creek,  bounded  on  Will  Jones*  land  ;  April  5,  1704.  Test,  Thomas 
Luten,  Will  Early. 

Richard  Sowell,  and  wife  Margaret,  to  Will  Stevines.  290  acres 
on  Sandy  Run ;  November  30, 1703.  Test,  Will  Early,  James  Flem- 

Will  Stevens,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  James  Flemmens.  Interest 
in  above  deed.  Test,  Will  Early,  Margaret  Sowell ;  November  30, 

Francis  Wells,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  James  Beasley.  Plantation 
where  I  now  dwell,  bought  of  Will  Walston,  200  acres;  patent  dated 
February  25, 1696.     Test,  Jon  Porter,  Sr.,  Jon  Porter,  Jr. 

Thomas  Speight,  of  Nansemond,  Va ,  to  Jon  Perry  and  James 
Griffin.  Assignment  of  a  patent,  April  31,  1700.  Test,  Audrew 
Ross,  Mary  Ross. 

Nicholas  Stallings,  to  Robert  Roundtree,  of  Nansemond  County, 
Va.    Tract  of  land  on  Bennett's  Crick;  registered  October  30,  1700. 

John  Odom,  to  Nicholas  Stallings.  Assignment  of  a  patent,  Octo- 
ber 19,  1700.    Test,  Will.  Hunter,  Henry  Hill,  Robt.  Roundtree. 

Cornelius  Bennington,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Jon.  Blount.    Tract 

90  North  Carolina   Historical 

of  land  on  southwest  side  Chowan  River,  adjoining  Thomas  Pollock 
and  William  Duckinfield  ;  February  16,  1703.  Test,  Will  Wilkin- 
son,  Jon  Hawkins,  Ralph  Lewhake. 

Richard  Belvin,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Jon  Byrd.  Plantation 
west  side  Chowan  River,  west  side  Cuskoke  Creek.  Said  Elizabeth, 
my  wife,  being  formerly  the  wife  of  Richard  Griffin;  26th  March, 
1704.    Test,  Nath'l  Chevin,  Frances  Parrott. 

Gift  from  Will  Early,  and  wife  Elinor,  to  Henry  Sutton,  for  love 
and  affection  for  our  son-in-law  Henry  Sutton,  and  our  daughter 
Sarah.  272  acres  west  side  Chowan  River;  July  4, 1704.  Test,  Thomas 
Luten,  Nath^l  Chevin. 

Jon  Hawkins,  and  wife  Mary,  to  George  Slade.  Plantation  in 
South  Lancaster,  150  acres.     Test,  James  Long,  Will  Keator. 

Jon  Hawkins,  to  Capt.  Henderson  Walker;  Jon  Hawkins,  son 
and  heir  of  Thomas  Hawkins,  relinquishes  his  right  as  heir  afore- 
said.    January  15,  1703.     Test,  Jonathan  Ashford,  Jon  Lillington. 

John  White,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  Margaret  Arline,  widow.  Land 
upon  Sloping  Creek;  July  8,  1704.  Test,  James  Flemins,  George 
White,  Nath'l  Chevin. 

Will  Jones,  to  Robert  West.  Plantation  on  Cashoke  Crick,  640 
acres,  less  200  acres  sold  to  John  Lewerton  and  Thos.  Arnold  ;  March 
27, 1704.     Test,  Thos.  Pollock,  Margaret  Eirly,  Jon  West. 

Will  Early,  and  wife  Elinor,  to  Jon  Beverly.  100  acres  lying  on 
the  Indian  path  to  Petty  Shore;  4th  July,  1704.  Test,  Thomas  Lu- 
ten, Nath'l  Chevin. 

Thomas  Arnold,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Jno.  Holbrook.  300  acres 
land  SW  side  Cashoke;  October  2,  1704.  Test,  George  Chambers, 
Daniel  Leigh. 

Patrick  Laughler,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Thomas  Martin,  of  Nan- 
semond  County,  Va.  300  .acres  in  Chowan,  surveyed  by  Thomas 
Luten,  24th  November,  17102.     Deed  dated  October  3,  1704. 

Jon  Jones,  Sr.,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Will  and  Thomas  Jones, 
our  sons,  our  interest  in  a  patent  of  250  acres,  recently  bought  of 
Edward  Smith  wick;  October  3,  1704.  Test,  Silas  Smith,  Nath'l 

Jon  Thomas,  of  Nansemond  County,  Va.,  to  Col.  Thomas  Pollock. 
208^  acres  on  west  side  Chowan  River  ;  right  to  said  land  by  Mary, 
my  now  wife,  daughter  of  Jon.  Lawrence,  deceased ;  November  22, 
1704.     Test,  Frances  Parrott,  Nath'l  Chevin,  David  Henderson. 

Richard  Exum  and  Robert  Lawrence,  to  Col.  Thomas  Pollock; 
also  Robert  Lawrence,  Jr.,  of  Isle  of  Wight  County,  Va.,  by  power 
of  attorney  made  by  Robert  Lawrence,  Sr.,  and  wife  Jane,  and  Jere- 
miah Exum,  and  wife  Ann,  Henry  Sanders  and  Richard  Taylor,  to 
sell  Black  Rock,  containing  300  acres,  formerly  possest  by  Jon  Law- 
rence; 22d  day  of ,  1704.     Test,  Nath'l  Chevin, Endersen. 

Will  Burt,  and  wife  Martha  Burt,  to  Thomas  Marks.  240  acres 
east  side  Rockyhock  Swamp;  January  1,  1704,  Test,  Will  Jones, 
Jon  Early. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  91 

Thomas  Pollock,  to  my  son-in-law  Robert  West.  Tract  of  land 
on  west  side  Moratuck  River  (Roanoke)  and  Cashoke  Creek  ;  1st 
January,  170-.    Test,  Frances  Perott,  Thomas  West,  Henry  Lylse. 

Thomas  Everitt,  to  Dennis  Macklenden.  Assignment  of  a  sale  of 
land  ;  2d  January,  1704.     Test,  Thomas  Marks,  Jon  Early. 

Dennis  Macklenden,  to  Patrick  Lawler.  Assignment  deed  for  land ; 
2d  January,  1704.     Test,  Daniel  Halsey. 

Henry  Bonner,  to  James  Blount.  My  plantation  on  SW  side 
of  Mattacomack  Creek;  June  18,  1704-^5.  Test,  Will  Windley, 
Nath'l  Chevin. 

James  Farloo,  and  wife  Dorothy,  to  John  Jordan.     Assignment  of 

Sant  for  land ;  September  27,  1704.  Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  Jon 

Jon  White,  Sr.,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  Frances  Cambridge,  of  Virginia. 
155  acres  SW  side  Stopping  Creek  ;  January  8, 1704-'5.  Test,  Jon 
Harrod,  James  Flemmins. 

Leonard  Loftin,  to  Jon  Porter.  298  acres  on  Albemarle  River; 
March  3,  1705.    Test,  John  Worley. 

George  Slade,  to  John  Worley.  Assignment  of  deed  for  land  ; 
March  2,  1704.'5. 

John  Dennis,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Will  Branch.  50  acres  land  at  ye 
head  Mattacomack  Creek,  adjoining  Nicholas  Phillbyed ;  4  July, 

Thomas  Luten,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Thorogood  Pate.  Assignment  of 
a  patent,  January  4,  1703-4.     Test,  Henry  Sutton,  Thomas  Everitt. 

Robert  West,  to  George  Slade.  Tract  of  land  on  Cashoke  Creek, 
where  Will  Jones  lately  lived;  September  11,  1704.  Test,  Will 
Keeter;  Jon  Garvey. 

Robert  West,  to  my  father-in-law,  Col.  Thomas  Pollock.  Tract  of 
land  lying  on  south  side  of  Chowan,  called  Black  Rock,  where  now 
lives  widow  Hartshorne;  January  1,  1704.  Test,  Frances  Perot, 
Thos.  West,  Henry  Lylse. 

Patrick  Lawler,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  John  Sweetman,  of  Nanse- 
mond  County,  Va.  Land  adjoining  Indian  bounds;  December  29, 
1704.     Test,  Jon  Hawkinse,  Patrick  Lee. 

Joseph  Skittlethorpe,  and  wife  Mary,  to  John  Byrd.  Land  on 
west  side  of  Chowan  River,  bounded  on  one  side  by  land  of  Henry 

Lylse  and  Mary  Branch, on  the  other ;  September  25, 1704.  Test, 

Richard  Grills,  George  Chambers.  Assigned  by  John  Byrd  to  Jon 
Ardene.     Test,  James  Blount,  Arthur  Kavenaugh. 

Col.  William  Wilkinson,  to  James  Ward.  Assignment  of  a  deed  ; 
1704.     Test,  Nath'l  Chevin. 

Gift  from  John  Harris,  to  my  sister  Jane  Jones,  wife  of  Richard 
Jones.  Land  on  west  side  Mattacomack  Creek ;  August  1,  1703. 
Test,  John  Chevin,  Jon  Wheatley. 

Thomas  Marks,  and  wife  Rebecca  Marks,  to  Jon  Harris.  Assign- 
ment sale  of  land ;  September  4, 1706.  Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  James 

92  North  Carolina   Historical 

Thomas  West,  to  Capt.  David  Henderson.  Tract  of  land  on 
Mo rattuck  River,  adjoining  Wm.  Dackinfield,  220  acres;  25  July, 

1706.  Test  James  Garrett,  James  Coslar. 

Col.  Thomas  Pollock,  and  David  Henderson,  by  prior  will  of 
Jabez  Olfen,  to  Thomas  West.  Tract  of  land  on  Moratluck  Bay, 
220  acres;  July  23,  1706.  Test,  Francis  Perrot,  James  Cailor,  John 

Jonathan  Jones,  of  Bath,  to  John  Jones.  Assignment  of  a  patent 
for  350  acres,  dated  April  1,  1694,  on  Mattacomack  Creek;  October 

Thomas  Jones,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Wm.  Keator.  100  acres  on 
Cushoke;  March,  1706.     Test,  Daniel  Leigh, Slade. 

John  Brogdin,  and  wife  Jane,  to  John  Watson.  Assignment  of 
patent  from  Ballard  to  Hicks  and  by  Hicks  to  Brogdin  ;  no  date. 
Test,  Will  Early, Lawler. 

Jon  Giles,  and  wife  Philanta,  of  Isle  of  Wight  County,  Va.,  to 
Lewis  Williams.  500  acres  of  land  granted  to  Thomas  Woodward, 
by  Right  Hon.  Wm.  Bartlett;  patent  dated  September  16,  1663; 
date  of  this  assignment  April  9,  1701. 

Nicholas  Blackman,  and  wife  Alice,  to  John  Brogdin.     Tract  of 

land  on  south  side  of acomack  Creek,  bounded  by  Wm.  Sadler's 

land;  April  1,  1707.     Test,  Oliver  Chandler. 

Edward  Smithwick,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  Mary  Gregory,  wife  of 
Thomas  Gregory.  Tract  of  land  at  the  head  of  Mattacomack  Creek ; 
no  date  ;  part  of  conveyance  gone. 

John  Worley  to  James  Smith.  Assignment  of  a  deed  ;  March  21, 

William  Wallston,  and  wife  Hester,  to  Francis  Branch.  Assign- 
ment of  a  patent,  on  south  side  of  Little  Deep  Run  ;  8  March, 

Pritchett,  Executor  of  Burnett,  to  Adam  Short.  March  10,1706-7. 
Test,  Samuel  Pritchard,  Roland  Backland,  James  Jones. 

Thomas  Garrett,  and  wife  Bethiah,  to    William  Thompson.     100 

acres  land  south  side  Catharine  Creek  ;  March  28,  1707.    Test, 

Thomas, Ashley.     . 

John  Dawson,  and  Edward  Williams,  to  Frances  Cambridge. 
Done  with  consent  of  my  wife  Mary  ;  assignment  deed,  April  Court, 

1707.  Test,  Thomas  Garrett,  James  Beasley. 

Jon  Brogden,  and  wife  Jane,  to  John  Watson.  Assignment  of 
SL  deed ;  October  1,  1706.     Test,  William  Garly,  Patrick  Lawler. 

John  Lewis,  to  John  Hassell.  Assignment  of  deed  for  a  planta- 
tion; January  7,  1706.     Test,  Thomas  Snoden,  NathU  Chevin. 

Robert  West,  to  John  Morris.  220  acres  on  Cushoke  Creek,  ad- 
joining Thos.  Well—.  10 ,  1706-7.     Test,  Richard  Burk,  Henry 


Nicholas  Tyner,  to  William  Williams.  300  acres  northwest  side 
of  ye  branch,  where  Sarah  Sowells  alias  Thomas  now  lives;  April 
1, 1707.    Test,  Silas  Smith,  John  Solly. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  93 

William  Windley,  of  Bath,  to  Nicholas  Crisp.  Tract  of  land  be- 
tween two  branches  of  Mattacomack  Crepk,  where  my  father  Wil- 
liam Windley  formerly  lived;  July  1,  1707.  Test,  Nath'l  Chevin, 
John  Lillingtou. 

Williann  Windley,  of  Bath,  to  Thomas  Hoskins.  A  tract  of  land 
adjoining  said  Hoskins  land ;  Julv  2, 1707.  Test,  Nicholas  Crisp, 
Nath4  Chevin. 

Kellam  Tyler,  and  wife  Billhah,  to  John  Walker.  200  acres  on 
Kendricks'  Creek  ;    July  2,  1707.     Test,  Nicholas  Crisp,  Jas.  Lenox. 

Robert  Warburton  to  John  Patchett  (Pagett).  50  acres,  part  of 
tract  which  was  my  father's  on  Mattacomack  Creek;  April  4,  1707. 
Test,  Nath'l  Chevin,  Thomas  West. 

Gift  from  Lucy  Rodes,  to  my  daughter  Sarah  Butler,  all  my  estate 
real  and  personal;  June  20,  1707.  Test,  Ephraim  Lawler,  John 
Hold  brook. 

John  Jones,  Sr.,  to  William  Davis,  of  Virginia.  Assignment  of 
patent;  June  24, 1707.    Test,  N.  Chevin,  Dan'l  Halsey. 

John  Jones,  Sr.,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  William  Tanner.  Assign- 
ment of  a  patent,  issued  to  Jonathan  Jones,  and  by  him  conveyed 
to  John  Jones;  2d  June,  1707.    Test,  Nath'l  Chevin,  John  Byrd. 

Thomas  Burroughs,  and  Hannah  Burroughs,  to  Thomas  Marks. 
Land  sold  to  us  by  Will  Early;  September  8, 1707.  Test,  Henry 
Sutton,  Henry  Badley,  and  wife  Frances. 

George  White,  and  wife  Frances,  to  Thomas  Parker.  Assignment 
of  deed  ;  7th  October,  1700.     Test,  Thomas  Kirby,  James  Flemmins. 

William  Williams,  of  the  Lower  Parish,  Isle  of  Wight  Co.,  Va., 
to  Peter  Parker,  of  Upper  Parish  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.,  tract  of 
land  on  east  side  of  Chowan  River,  240  acres,  part  of  a  patent  of 
640  acres,  granted  to  Lewis  Williams,  May  1697.  Deed  dated  Oc- 
tober 25, 1706.    Test,  John  Parker,  Robt.  Scott,  Humphrey  Marshall. 

Roger  Snell,  and  Elizabeth  Snell  his  wife,  to  John  Blount.  640 
acres  land,  October  7, 1707.     Test,  John  Lillington,  Edward  Moseley. 

Edward  Williams,  and  wife  Mary,  to  George  White.  Tract  of  land 
on  Indian  Town  Creek,  opposite  plantation  of  James  Harlo ;  October 
7, 1707.    Test,  Thomas  Snoden,  Daniel  Halsey.     • 

George  White,  and  wife  Frances,  to  Edward  Williams.  438  acres 
land  on  Chowan  River,  in  Rockyhock  Neck,  bounded  by  Thomas 
Gilbert  and  Francis  Prigden's  land ;  October  7, 1707.  Test,  Thomas 
Snoden,  Daniel  Halsey. 

Bryan  Fitzpatrick  to  Thomas  Holliway.  320  acres  on  ye  Sound  of 
Roanoke,  and  on  ye  south  side  of  the  same.  August  1,  1707,  Thos. 
Holliway  assigns  same  to  Obadiah  Faine.  Test,  John  Petti ver, 
Wm.  Refield. 

Matthew  Adams,  appoints  James  Farlo,  attorney,  to  acknowledge 
deed  of  sale,  October  16, 1707,  to  Thomas  Pollock,  test,  John  Walker, 
Edward  Benwick. 

Matthew  Adams,  to  Thomas  Pollock.  335  acres  on  Welch's  Creek; 
December  6, 1707.    Test,  John  Walker,  Edward  Penwick. 

94  North  Carolina    Historical 

Jeremiah  Exum,  and  wife  Ann,  of  Isle  of  Wight  Co.,  Va.,  to 
Francis  Branch,  conveyed  by  Thomas  Luten  attorney.  138  acres 
at  the  mouth  of  Mattacomack  Creek,  bounded  on  the  southeast  bv 
land  of  Nicholas  Crisp,  and  on  the  northwest  by  land  of  Nath  1 
Chevin,  as  may  appear  by  an  assignment  of  Dower  from  Thomas 
Cullen;  May  23d,  1687.  Power  of  attorney  dated  Sept.  22d,  1707. 
Deed  dated  January  6,  1707-'8.     Test,  NathU  Chevin. 

William  Fallow,  and  wife  Mary,  to  John  Phillips.  150  acres  on 
Rockyhock  Creek ;   January  6,  1707.     Test,  flBrybent,  John  Harris. 

John  Harris, to  William  Fallow.  Plantation  called  Cypress  Neck; 
December  6, 1707.    Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  John  Watson. 

James  Blount,  of  Bath,  to  Mary  Blount,  widow  and  relict  of  Capt. 
Thomas  Blount.  All  and  every  legacy  bequeathed  to  me  by  will  of 
ye  said  Capt.  Thomas  Blount,  as  well  as  all  interest  as  Executor  of 
said  Thos.  Blount;  October  13, 1706.  Test,  Joo.  Ardern,  Xofer  Gale, 
Tobias  Knight. 

Lewis  Williams,  to  James,  and  Elizabeth  Rutland,  sonin-law  and 
daughter.  For  love  and  affection,  I  do  give  and  grant  to  them  and 
their  heirs,  100  acres  land,  on  ye  pointe  of  highland  on  Katharine 
Creek;  April  6, 1708.     Test,  Richard  Lewis,  John  Bayes. 

Edward  Smithwick,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  Wm.  Charlton.  Planta- 
tion known  as  Dogwood  Neck;  January  1, 1708.  Test,  Thos.  Garrett, 
Stephen  Swaine. 

William  Duckinfield,  to  Jon  Early.  Tract  of  land  on  ye  south- 
west shore,  bounded  between  Isaac  HilFs,  and  Thomas  Daniel.  640 
acres;  April  6, 1708.    Test,  John  Lillington,  Henry  Lilse. 

Thomas  Gilbert,  and  wife  Mary,  to  John  Church.  Tract  of  land 
on  east  side  Chowan  River;  April  5,  1708.  Test,  Thos.  Marks, 
Rebecca  Marks. 

W^illiam  Williams,  to  Thom  Ashley.  100  acres  land;  April  6, 
1708.    Test,  Henry  Lilse,  Thomas  Ward. 

Assignment  of  a  patent  granted  to  William  Waters,  sold  by  him, 
and  assigned  by  Egerton  to  Moody,  now  sold  by  Moody  to  Agerton, 
William  Moody  to  Patrick  Egerton,  the  above  patent;  December 
13, 1707.  Test,  Thos.  Snoden,  James  Welch.  The  above  sale  assigned 
by  Saml  Patchett,  to  Thomas  Hoskins;  29  November,  1707.  Test, 
N.  Chevin,  Wm.  Wallstone. 

John  Harrison,  to  Argyle  Simons.  Plantation  adjoining  on  ye 
northward  Mr.  John  Porter;  Januarys,  1708.  Test,  Thomas  Garrett, 
Stephen  Swaine. 

Chris  Bly,  to  Thomas  Snoden.  Assignment  of  land;  April  Ist, 
1706.     Test,  John  Allcock,  James  Ward. 

John  Hagarty,  and  wife  Ann,  (alias  Haggeiton)  to  John  Harec 
150  acres  where  Phillip  Ward  lives;  September  15, 1708.  Test, 
Thomas  Snoden,  Orlando  Paenie. 

Arthur  Kavanaugh,  and  wife  Mary,  of  Meherrin  River,  to  Robert 
Hicks.  Two  tracts  of  land,  1,280  acres,  on  north  side  of  Meherrin 
River;  patented  17  July,  1706.  Deed  dated  April  20,  1709.  Test, 
Jacob  Gotten,  Ralf  Jackson,  Joseph  Evans. 


Arthur  Kavanaugh,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Ralf  Jackson.  60  acres 
land  north  side  Meherrin' River;  April  4, 1709.  Test,  Charles  Grif- 
fin, Jno.  Lillington. 

John  Hall,  to  John  Haggerton,  alias  Haggerty.  Plantation  at  ye 
head  of  Yoppin  River,  adjoining  lands  of  Thos.  Snoden,  Sr.;.  pat- 
ented by  Wm.  Brethell  March  24, 1708-.'9. 

John  Haggerton,  alias  Haggerty,  to  James  Ward.  Conveys  above 
tract  of  land ;  March  24,  1708-'9. 

William  Tanner  tind  wife  Ann,  to  Thomas  Williams.  100  acres, 
part  I  bought  of  John  Jones;  April  7,  1712.  Test,  Daniel  Halsey, 
John  Warde. 

William  Bush,  Sr.,  and  wife  Martha,  to  William  Hooker.  350 
acres  land  on  Wicacon  Creek;  August  24, 1711.  Test,  John  Hall, 
Robert  Lanier. 

William  Charlton  to  Luke  Mizell.  For  love  and  affection  I  bear 
Luke  Mizell,  and  Sarah  his  wife,  my  son  and  daughter,  I  give  them 
tract  of  land  on  Moratuck  River  (Roanoke  River) ;  between  1706 
and  1711.     Date  is  lost  for  this  deed. 

Charles  Gaffen,  and  Mary  Qaffen,  to  John  Odum.  Deed  for  land ; 
September  30, 1700.    Test,  N.  Chevin,  Judith  Welch. 

William  Windley,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Daniel  Cox.  Tract  of  land  ; 
10th  September,  1705.    Test,  Nathaniel  Chevin,  Daniel  Halsey. 

Francis  Cambridge,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  of  Nansemond  County,. 

Va.,  to  John  Dawsen,  of  North .    75  acres  land   on   Stopping 

Creek,  by  the  Indian  Cabin  landing.  Test,  Andrew  Ross,  Mary 
Ross.    September  25. 1706. 

Same,  to  same.    Lease  of  stock.    Same  date  and  witnesses. 

William  Early,  and  wife  Elinor,  to  Peter  Evans.  255  acres  land 
adjoining  Colonel  Pollock ;  September  7,  1706.  Test,  John  Jordan, 
Thomas  Steela 

Thomas  Marks,  to  his  son  John  Marks.  200  acres  land  west  side 
Rockyhock  Creek,  called  Dogwood  Neck ;  September  16,  1706. 
Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  John  Harris. 

Peter  Gansett,  and  Mary  Lee,  apprentice  to  Robert  West  to  learn 
the  trade  of  a  cooper;  June  29, 1706. 

Lazarus  Thomas,  to  Edward  Williams,  then  assigned  to  Richard 
Odom.  Tract  of  land ;  October  Ist,  1706.  Test,  N.  Chevin,  Daniel 

Edward  Moseley,  and  wife  Ann,  Executrix  of  last  will  and  testa- 
ment of  Henderson  Walker,  deceased,  late  of  the  Precinct  of 

Patrick  Egerton,  attorney  of  Wm.  Egerton,  to  John  Yelverton. 
Tract  of  land  not  described ;  September  20,  1709.  Test,  Thomas 
Blichtenden,  Wm.  Wallston. 

Daniel  Garrett,  to  George  Piercy.  Tract  of  land;  March  31, 
1710-11.    Test,  John  Baley,  Johq  Rising,  Will  Mitchell. 

John  Hassell,  and  wife  Jane,  to  John  Lewis.  300  acres  land ;  July 
Court,  1706.    Test,  Wm.  Hardy,  Thomas  Snoden. 

96  North  Carolina  Historical 

Richard  Giles,  to  Nathaniel  Chevin.   Tract  of  land ;  October  1705. 

John  Yelverton,  and  wife  Elizabeth  (daughter  of  James  Blount 

who  died  in    17 It)),  to .     100   acres   land   on   Mattacomack 

Creek,  bounded  by  lands  of  Thos.  Bonner. 

Edward  Phelps,  to  John  Ainesley.  Assignment  of  land  ;  March, 

William  Walston,  and  wife  Easter,  to  William  Joues.  Warranty 
deed  without  date. 

William  Walston,  and  wife  Easter,  to  Edward  Champioli.  145 
acres  on  ye  Swamp  Mattacomack  Creek  ;  January  14,  — . 

Will  Jones,  and  wife  Frances,  to  Wm.  Jones,  of  Nansemond 
County,  Va.  200  acres  on  Mattacomack  Creek  Swamp,  known  by 
the  name  of  the  Creek  Fork,  Cowhall  Swamp.  Test,  Henry  Lylse, 
Wm.  Jones  ,  January  5, 1711. 

ohn  Lewis,  to  Edward  Phelps.  222  acres  west  side  Scuppernoug 
River,  called  ye  Mockizan,  adjoining  to  John  Hopkins;  July  5, 
1706.     Test,  Edmund  Porter,  John  Lillington. 

Thomas  Galard,  and  wife,  to  John  Phillips.  100  acres  land  at 
Rockyhock  ;  April  15,  1709.    Test,  Henry  Lythe,  Wm.  Jones. 

Samuel  Bout  well,  and  wife  Anaritta,  relict  of  John  Stuart,  de- 
ceased to  our  honored  father,  Godfrey  Spruell.  Tract  of  land  con- 
taining 300  acres  on  Scuppernong;  no  date. 

William  Charlton,  and  wife  Susannah,  to  Patrick  Egerton.  Au- 
gust Court,  1711.     Part  of  this  deed  gone. 

Patrick  Lawler,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Tredle  Keefe.  50  acres 
land  west  side  Bennetts  Creek  ;  July  3d,  1706-7.  Test,  Jos.  Daniel, 
James  Bruddy. 

Edward  Batchelder,  and  wife  Pathelia,  to  Frank  Johnson.  227 
acres  land  two  miles  back  in  the  woods,  from  Scuppernong  River, 
adjoining  Edward  Phelp's  land;  January  4,  1706-7.  Test,  God- 
frey Spruell. 

John  Jones,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Richard  Burk.  100  acres  of  land 
on  north  side  of  Mattacomack  Creek  called  the  Bear  Garden; 
1706-7.     Test, Jones,  — --  Smith. 

John  Corlee,  to  Charles  Gavin.  Land  on  west  side  Chowan  River; 
April  16, 1712.     Test,  Thomas  West,  Thomas  Gilberd. 

Thomas  Harriss,  to  James  Fairly.  Power  of  attorney,  to  convey 
land  known  as  the  Red  Bank,  to  Lewis  Bryan;  15th  January,  1711. 
Test,  Wrn.  Crawford,  Lawrence  McGue. 

Elizabeth  Harris.  Power  of  attorney  to  William  Crawford  to 
acknowledge  above  sale. 

Wm.  Moody,  and  wife  Ann,  to  John  Byrd.  Power  of  attorney  to 
acknowledge  sale  of  land  to  Edward  Smithwick,  Sr. ;  September  16, 
1709-'10.    Test,  John  Smithwick,  William  Reditt. 

Thomas  Barber,  to  John  Jones,  Sr.  Power  of  attorney  to  acknowl- 
edge sale  of  land;  January  11,  1709-'10.  Test,  Henry  Lilse,  John 

Sarah  Bly,  to  John  Ward.     Power  of  attorney  to  acknowledge 

AND  Genealogical  Register,  97 

sale  of  land  by  my  husband,  Christopher  Bly,  to  Thomas  Snoden ; 
no  date.     Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  William  Daws.  BCPIP 

John  Early,  to  John  Rasberry.  200  acres  land  on  Chowan  River; 
*April  16,  1711.  Test,  George,  Smith,  John  Hale,  John  Early,  Rob- 
ert Lanier  (Hertford  County). 

John  Hawkins,  to  Thomas  Lundy.  Tract  of  land  on  Moratuck 
known  as  the  Brickhouse;  17  January,  1711.  Test,  Daniel  Hal- 
sey, John  Worley. 

George  Fearce,  and  wife  Magdalene,  to  Elizal  Walker,  widow.  140 
acres  on  Moratuck  River,  according  to  will  of  John^Walker;  April 
16,  1712.     Test,  Thomas  West,  Richard  Rose. 

John  Phillips,  to  Nicholas  Tiner.  Tract  of  land  bought  of  Thos. 
Gailer;  October  16,  1711.     Test,  John  Mixon,  Prudence  Mixon. 

George  Fox,  of  Surry  County,  Va.,  to  Mary  Godhy.  Land  on 
Salmon  Creek,  adjoining  Col.  Pollock;  January  8,  1710.  Test, 
John  Simmons,  Thomas  Jackson. 

William  Tanner,  and  wife  Ann,  to  John  Turner.  100  acres  land 
adjoining  Samuel  Patchett,  formerly  in  possession  of  James  Blount 
and  John  Yelverton.     Test,  Henry  Lilse,  Wm.  Turner,  Ann  Turner. 

John  Browing,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Elizabeth  Britt.  175  acres,  be- 
ginning at  Moratuck  bridge;  April  16,  1712.  Test,  James  Femins, 
Will  Mitchell. 

Thomas  Hawkins,  to  Thomas  Wiley.  Tract  of  land  on  ye  South 
Shore,  between  Jno.  Swaine  and  the  Tarkill  Branch,  and  bounded 
betwixt  James  Long's  line  and  that  of  James  Smith.  26  January, 
1709-'10.     Test,  Lenoard  Loftin,  James  Long. 

Robert  West,  to  John  Morris.  320  acres  land  on  Coshoake  Creek ; 
February  10, 1706-7.     Test,  Richard  Birk,  Henry  Lylse. 

John  Morris,  to  George  Slade.  Assigns  above  deed;  June  15, 
1710.     Test,  Daniel  Leigh,  Thomas  Jones. 

William  Frost,  to  Edward  Berry.-  Power  of  attorney  to  take 
charge  of  lauds  and  chattels  I  have  given  my  children  Leonard 
Frost  and  Mary  Frost,  for  two  years  and  then  to  deliver  same  to  said 
children;  June  2d,  1711.     Test,  John  Sesshons,  Richard  Sessons. 

Richard  Lewis,  to  Francis  Branch.  166  acres  land  lying  at  Bar- 
rowhole;  July  14,  1712.     Test,  Thos.  Luten,  Thos.  Luten,  Jr. 

John  White,  Sr.,  to  Simon  Knight,  of  Nansymond  Co.,  Va.  50 
acres  land  in  Hogneck,  Bear  Swamp;  25  October,  1711.  Test,  Edward 
Williams,  Jno.  Jordan. 

Henry  Lysle,  and  wife  Jane,  to  Robert  West.  400  acres  where'I 
lived,  adjoining  Mr.  Byrde's  line;  June  15Lh,  1712.  Test,  Richard 
Williamson,  William  Stephens. 

Francis  Branch,  and  wife  Ann,  to  William  Woodley,  of  Nanse- 
mond  Co.,  Va.  166  acres  sold  me  by  Richard  Lewis.  Test,  Thos. 
Luten,  Thomas  Luten,  Jr. 

James  Blount,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  John  Arthur.  125  acres 
north  side  Chowan  River,  upon  ye  lower  side  of  Indian  Town  Creek ; 

98  North  Carolina  Historical 

July  15,  1712.    Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  George  Smith,  William  Rawl- 

Peter  Evans,  to  Charles  Merritt.    One-half  600  acres  lying  unou^ 
Deep  Creek,  and  running  up  Cliowanock  River;  March  10,  1707. 
Test,  Samuel  Sakleman,  William  Stevens. 

Ephraim  Lewerton,  to  Thomas  WfSt.  270  acres  land  adjoining 
lands  of  John  Hardy  on  Salmon  Creek;  July  16,  1712.  Test, 
Daniel  Halsey,  Chas.  Barber. 

Thos  Garrett,  and  wife  Bethiah,  to  Michael  Brinkley.  Sr.,  of  Upper 
Parish,  Nausemond  Co.,  Va.  150  acres  land  on  south  side  Kaihrea 
Creek;  July  3d,  1712.  Test,  Wm.  Thompson,  Thos.  Garreit,  Jr., 
William  Wills. 

William  Duckinfield,  to  Ephraim  Lewerton.  470  acres  mouth  of 
Poplar  River  and  Salmon  Creek ;  no  date.  Test,  Jno.  Falconer, 
Daniel  Halsey. 

*Francis  Branch,  and  wife  Ann,  to  John  Goreham.  130  acres  land 
at  the  mouth  of  Mattacomack  Creek,  bounded  southeast  Ky  lands  of 
Nicholas  Crisp,  which  were  formerly  ye  lands  of  Joseph  Gilbert,and 
northwest  by  lands  formerly  Jolin  Porter,  and  lately  occupied  by 
said  Crisp,  as  per  deed  from  Thomas  Cullen,  of  Dover,  dated  May 
23,1687;  deed  dated  July  15,  1712.  Test,  Thos.  Luteu,  Henry 

Richard  Lewis,  and  wife  Franois  Branch.  166  acres, 
part  of  416  acres  patented  by  me,  known  as  Barrow's  Hole;  July  14, 
1712.     Test,  Thomas  Luten,  Thos   Luten.  Jr. 

John  Hendricks,  to  William  Duckinfield.  Power  of  attorney; 
February  11,  1710.     Test,  Thos.  Arnold,  Edward  Benwick. 

Jane  Lyle?,  wife  of  Henry  Lyles,  to  William  Crawford.  Power  of 
attorney;  July  13,  1712.     Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  John  Levere. 

John  Church,  to  Christopher  Dudley.  Power  of  attorney;  July 
14,  1709.     Test,  Thomas  Garrett,  James  Fleinen. 

Henry  Lvsle,  and  wife  Jane,  to  Tliomas  West.  Power  of  attorn^^y ; 
June  15,  1 7 12. 

Bethiah  Garrett,  power  of  attorney,  to  Wm,  Thompson.  July  14, 

Sarah  Smith,  to  Tredle  Keefe.  .  Power  of  attorney  ;  without  date. 
Test,  Henry  Eman^on,  Nich*  Tyner. 

John  Smith,  to  Thomas  Mande.  Power  of  attorney,  to  acknowl- 
edge deed  to  George  Smi  h,  for  land  on  Wic  c  >n  Creek;  January 
13,  1712.     Test.  William  Wilson,  Rubt.  Patterson. 

George  Smith,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  John  Smith.  145  acres  land 
adjoining  Tim  McCarty ;  October  21st,  1712.  Test,  Robert  Patterson, 
William  Wilson. 

Thomas  Holmes,  to  Argyle  Simons.  120  acres,  being  patent  gran- 
ted to  Leonard  Loftin ;  no  date,  nor  witnesses. 

*  Query.— Did  not  CuUen  Pollock,  son  of  Thomas  Pollock,  take  his  name  from 
this  Cullen  family?  His  mother  Martha  was  from  Dover— possibly  a  daughter 
of  this  Cullen. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  99 

George  Pearsay,  and  wife  Magdalene,  to  John  Baly.  250  acres  on 
Omaby  Creek;  March  8, 1710-'il.  Test,  G.  Smith,  Will  Mitchell, 
Djni^l  Girreit. 

Ji)lm  Yelverton,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Wm.  Everton.  Tract  of 
Ian*)  on  Mattacomack  Creek;  no  date. 

E«lward  Moseley,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Robert  Fendall.  Whereas 
Henderson  Walker  by  his  la-t  will  did  give  all  the  rest  of  his  estate, 
real  and  personal,  to  his  wife  Ann,  doth  convey  to  said  Fendall, 
tract  of  land  whereon  I  live.  650  acres;  January  6,  1706-7.  Test, 
Jno.  Lillington,  Sarah  Lillington. 

Thomas  Gilbert,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Samuel  Woodward.  125  acres 
land  on  north  side  Chowan  River;  without  date.  Test,  Wm.  Craw- 
furil,  George  Gilbert. 

John  Raspberry,  and  wife  Bridget,  to  Andrew  Barron.  635  acres 
on  Meherrin  Creek  ;  October  20,  1713.  Test,  George  Smith,  Arthur 

WilIiam'Daws,  and  wife  Jane,  to  Samuel  Pagett.  200  acres  on 
north  side  Mattacomack  Cretk ;  October  19,  1713.  Test,  Thomas 
Luten,  Richard  Rose. 

Elizabeth  West,  widow,  to  Richard  Rose,  her  father.  Power  of 
attorney;  without  date.     Test,  J.^hn  Hardy,  Thomas  Lee. 

William  Farlow,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Chas.  R'cketts.  100  acres  ad- 
joining lands  of  John  Harris  and  John  Maiks;  October  17, 1713.  Test, 
Henry  Lysle. 

Lewis  Williams,  and  wife  Marv,  to .     300  acres  on  Deep 

Creek;  October  19,  1713.     Test,  Daniel  Halsey. 

William  Farlow,  and  wife  Mary,  to  John  Marks.  125  acres  near 
Virginia  R>ad;  April  18,  1713,  Test,  Constance  Luten,  Mary 

Abel  Turner,  to  John  Hardy.  Power  of  attorney  to  collect  debts 
due  hi-8  father  Henry  Furner ;  September  27, 1713.     Test,  Isaac  Hill. 

*Mrtjor  Thomas  Luten,  to  Elward  Moseley.  400  acres  land  lying 
on  north  side  of  Chowan  River,  bounded  to  ye  eastward  on  ve  land 
now  in  possession  of  John  Urmston,  west  land  of  said  Moseley; 
September  18,  1713.     Test,  William  Tennant,  Thomas  Cook. 

William  WaUton,  to  Arthur  Dugall.  322  acres  on  Kesia  River; 
without  date.     Test,  George  Smith,  Robert  Hickson. 

Samuel  Woodward,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Isaac  Zelinden.  Tract 
of  land  sold  by  John  White,  to  Francis  Canbridge,  on  Sloping  Creek. 
155  acres;  August  4, 1713.     Test,  Wm.  Crawford,  James  Fleming. 

Patrick  Egerton,  to  Charles  Wilkins.  February  3(1,  l708-'9;  140 
acres,  adjoining  lands  of  Joo.  Taylor  and  Edward  Smith  wick;  pat- 
ented in  the  name  of  William  Waters.  Test,  Nicholas  Crisp,  Daniel 
Cox,  Thomas  Snoden. 

Thomas  Gilbert,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Samuel  Woodward.     147  acres 

*NoTE. — Albemarle  Sound:  I  find  it  was  sometimes  called  Chowao  Sound, 
River  Albemarle,  etc. 

100  North  Carolina  Historical 

on  the  side  of  Chowan  River  and  Blue  Pond  ;  September  28,  1713. 
Test,  Daniel  Macfarlane,  Conrad  Eichburn.  ^^..^ 

John  Early,  and  wife  Mary,  to  George^  Smith.  Land  north  side 
Wicacon  Creek ;  January  20,  1713.  Test,  Robt.  Hicks,  Thomas 
Luten,  Jr. 

John  Early,  and  wife  Mary,  to  George  Smith.  625  acres  on  west 
side  Wicacon  Creek;  January  20, 17l3-'4.  Test,  Robt.  Hicks,  Thos. 
Luten,  Jr. 

Ebenezer  Chamberlain,  master  of  sloop  Martha,  to  David  Northey, 
of  Boston,  power- of- attorney;  October  16,  1713.     Test,  N.  Cbevin. 

John  Early,  to  William  Davis.  Tract  of  land  west  side  of  Wica- 
con Creek;  January  20,  1713.     Test,  Robt.  Hicks,  John  Bryan. 

Joseph  Hardy,  to  Thomas  Ball.  240  acres,  adjoining  laud  of 
Capt.  Robert  West,  on  Kesiah  River;  no  date.  Test,  John  Edwards, 
Isaac  Hill. 

Tredle  Keefe,  to  Jonathan  Sears,  of  New  England.  530  acres  be- 
tween Meherrin  River  and  Meherrin  Creek ;  January  20, 1713.  Test, 
Robert  Hicks,  T.  Luten,  Jr. 

John  Jordan,  and  wife  Jean,  to  Moses  Foxworth.  100  acres  land 
on  Hogyard  Branch  and  head  Indian  Town  Creek  ;  no  date. 

Columb  Flyn,  and  wife  Margaret,  to  Argall  Simons.  1,000  acres 
land  on  Coneby  Creek ;  October  4,  1709.  Test,  1  homas  Snoden, 
Daniel  Garrett  (Washington  County). 

Argall  Simons,  to  Daniel  Garrett.  640  acres  land  on  Coneby 
Creek  ;  July  21, 1712.     Test,  Thomas  Luten,  William  Ragdale. 

William  Padgett,  to  Tredle  Keefe.  Power  of  attorney  to  convey 
tract  of  land  north  side  Chowan  River  to  Peter  Parker,  Sr. ;  October 
25, 1712.     Test,  Wm.  Crawford,  Thos.  Mandew. 

Elenor  Keefe,  wife  of  Tredle  Keefe,  to  George  Smith,  or  Henry 
Emerson.     Power  of  attorney  to  acknowledge  sale  of  above  land. 

Tredle  Keefe,  to  Robert  Patterson,  of  the  Upper  Parish  of  Nanse- 
mond  County,  Virginia.  629  acrts  on  Meherring  Creek;  January 
1st,  1712.     Test,  George  Smith,  Hen.  Emerson,  Thos.  Mandew. 

William  Hooker,  to  Robt.  Patterson.  Power  of  attorney  to  con- 
vey 350  acres  to  Wm.  Wilson;  no  date.  Test,  Thomas  Mandew^ 
Uriah  Tiner. 

William  Hooker,  to  William  Wilson.  January  19, 1612-43;  350 
acres  on  Wicacon  Creek.     Test,  Thomas  Mandew,  Nicholas  Tiner. 

George  Smith,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  Timothy  Macarty.  640  acres, 
called  Neton,  on  Broad  Creek  ;  January,  1712.  Test,  Tredle  Keefe, 
Henry  Emerson,  William  Wilson. 

Tredle  Keefe,  to  William  Hooker.  309  acres  south  side  Meherrin 
River;  January  20,  1712.     Test,  Henry  Emerson, Timothy  Macarty. 

James  Hooper,  to  Jolin  Worley.  April  21st,  1713;  150  acres  on 
south  shore  of  Chowan,  adjoining  lands  of  Thomas  Steely  and  Wm. 
Keels.     Test,  E[>hraim  Luerton,  James  Bate. 

John  Worley,  to  James  Hooper.  April  21st,  1713;  188  acres  on 
south  shore,  running  up  Middlentck  Swamp.  Test,  Thomas  Lee, 
Ephraim  Luerton,  James  Bate. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  101 

Thomas  Garrett,  Jr.,  and  wife  Thomasin,  to  Christopher  Dudley. 
April  25,  1713;  250  acres  on  Warwick  Swamp.  Test,  Juhn  Keaton, 
Win.  Crawford. 

George  Morby,  to  Thomas  Bigby,  of  Nansemond  County,  Va. 
Tract  of  land  on  ye  south  side  Bear  Swamp;  April,  1713.  Test, 
John  Byrd,  Laurence  Sarson. 

William  Jones,  and  wife  Frances,  to  Orlando  Champion.  227 
acres  in  Green  Hall,  known  as  Beech  Neck;  April  25, 1713.  Test, 
Daniel  Halsey,  John  Arthur. 

Ephraim  Lewerton,  to  John  Lewerton,son  of  John,  deceased.  100 
acres  at  Bear  Swamp;  April  2l8t,  1713.  Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  John 

Thomas  Williams,  to  Thomas  Jones.  Assignment  of  a  deed  ; 
^  December  9,  1712.     Test,  Henry  Lisle,  John  Jones,  Elizabeth  Lylse. 

Isaac  Wilson,  and  wife  Ann,  of  Perquimans,  to  Richard  Swinson. 
July  13,  1712;  500  acres  in  the  fork  of  Kendrick  Creek,  known  as 
Hrt wkins'  Neck.    Test,  John  Norkom,  Rich'd  Leary,  Edward  Moseley. 

William  Stevens,  to  Edward  Williams.  Assignment  of  a  patent; 
April  21st,  1713.     Test,  Wm.  Crawford. 

Drtniel  Halsey,  and  wife  Mary,  to  John  Arthur.  530  acres  on 
Rockyhock  Branch,  being  part  of  a  patent  dated  March  5,  1712,  on 
a  swnmp  called  Tottering  Bridge  Swamp.  Test,  John  Arthur,  Dan- 
iel Halsey.     October  13,  1712. 

Mildrnt  Arthur,  wife  of  John  Arthur. 

Wm.  Bush,  to  Abraham  Bullett.  200  acres  land  on  Wekin  and 
Chinkapin  creeks;  April  17,  1713.  Test,  Tredle  Keefe,  Henry  Em* 
anson,  Daniel  Dennis. 

John  Baye,  to  Henry  Bonner.  150  acres,  adjoining  John  Slo- 
cumb's  line ;  April  21st,  1713.  Test,  William  Crawford,  Ephraim 

Tredle  Keefe,  and  wife  Elinor,  to  Edward  Moore,  of  Nansemond, 
County,  Va.  150  acres  land  on  Meherrin;  January  20, 1712.  Test, 
John  Smith,  Jack  Lewis. 

David  Jones  to  Thomas  Yates.  200  acres  on  Rockyhock  and 
Deep  Run;  October  17,  1722.     Test,  Wm.  Tanner,  Ann  turner. 

John  Arthur,  to  William  Jones.  125  acres  north  side  Chowan 
River,  binding  upon  Edward  Williams,  and  lower  side  of  Indian 
Town  Creek  ;  April  21,  1713. 

James  Curlee,  to  John  Early.  Assignment  of  a  patent;  July  22, 
1713.     Test,  John  Hardy,  Will  Mitchell. 

Anthony  Williams,  to  Robert  Lanier.  Assignment  of  a  patent, 
except  150  acres  sold  to  John  Beverly,  and  150  acres  sold  to 
George  Winns;  July  21st,  1713.  Test,  James  Boon,  Henry  Eman- 

George  White,  and  wife  Frances,  to  John  White,  Sr.  Assignment 
of  a  deed  of  sale ;  February  9,  1709.  Test,  Wm.  Crawford,  John 

James  Curlee,  to 'John  Early.  516  acres  on  west  side  Chowan 
River;  July  22d,  1713.    Test,  Wm.  Crawford,  Francis  Macklenden. 

102  North  Carolina  Historical 

Jno.  Early,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Robert  Evans.  Above  tract  of  land; 
July  22(1, 1713.     Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  Ji)hn  Brown 

i)  iniel  Garrett,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  John  Ball.  640  acres  on  Con- 
aby  Creek;  April  2d,  1713.     Teat,  Elizibeth  Fi)ster.  John  Foster. 

Thomas  Snoden,  and  wife  Constance,  to  Wm.  Crawford.  Power 
of  attorney;  June  30,  1713.    Test,  Diniel  Hnls-y,  John  Norcuinb. 

Bridgett  Brown,  to  my  son  Isaac  Lewis.     Power  of  attorney. 

Margaret  Ploughman,  to  John  Holbrook.  Power  of  attorney  to 
acknowledge  sale  of  land  made  by  my  husband  John  Ploughman  to 
Phillip  Walston;  July  21st,  1713.  test,  Ed wU  Benwick,  William 

John  Smith,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Thomas  Pollock.  100  acres  on 
southwest  side  Chowan  River;  January  23d,  1712-3.  Test,  Edward 
Smithwick,  Thomas  Kirby. 

John  Ploughman,  to  Phillip  Walston.  350  acre^s  on  Casiah  River 
(Cashie),  known  as  Bear  Islands;  July,  1713.  Test,  John  Hardy, 
Edward  Benwick. 

Wm.  Williams,  of  Isle  of  Wight  Co.,  Va.,  to  William  Crawford. 
Power  of  attorney  to  acknowledge  sale  to  Peter  Parker;  May  19, 
1713.     Test,  Wm.  Brattle,  Peter  Parker. 

John  Conrad  Swann,  to  Lewis  Williams.  Power  of  attorney  ; 
July  18,  1713.    Test,  James  Culse,  James  Wilkinson.  ^ 

Richard  Odom,  upper  Parish  of  Nansemond,  Va.,  to  Daniel  Ma- 
gee.  Power  of  attorney.  Test,  Henry  Hill,  Arou  OJom;  April  7, 

John  Pettiver,  of  Perquimans,  to  Anthony  Hatch,  and  George 
Durant.  510  acres  southside  Albemarle  Sound,  on  S^ih  Phelp's 
line,  and  that  of  Francis  Johnson;  March  27,  1713.  Test,  C.  Gale, 
F.  Knight,  J.  Palin. 

Robert  Herrick,and  wife  Susan,  to  John  Falconer.  52  acre^  Jy^^g 
between  Yoppim  River,  and  Albemarle  Sound,  Drummond's  Point; 
October  24,  1711.     Test,  Alexander  Smith,  Wm.  Privet. 

Francis  Branch,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Thomws  Luten,  Jr.  238  acres 
land  on  ye  N.  W.  side  Mattacomack  Creek,  beginning  at  a  wliitenak 
near  ye  said  creek  and  running  up  ye  creek  swamp,  by  various 
courses  to  a  white  oak  standing  in  ye  swamp,  then  8  10  E.  (56  P. 
to  a  white  oak,  then  S.  70  W.  70  P.  to  a  red  o^k,  then  S.  20  W.  50 
P.  to  a  red  oak,  then  N.  82  E.  48  P.  to  a  red  oak,  then  8.  10  E.  ItiO 
P.  to  1st  station;  July  20,  1713.  Test,  Coubtance  Luten,  EdwM 

Anthony  Williams,  and  wife  Martha,  to  George  Winn;  July  17, 
1713.  150  acres  adjoining  land  of  J  »hn  Beverly,  and  Robert  Lewis. 
Test,  Tredle  Keefe,  James  Curlee.     (Hertford  County.) 

William  Moody,  and  wife  Ann,  to  John  B-ntley.  700  acres  near 
to  Charlton's  Creek,  on  Moratuck  River ;  Sept»  mber  9,  17('9.  Ttst, 
Edward  Berry,  Robt.  Hickson.     (Bertie  County ) 

George  Pierce,  and  wife  Magdalene,  to  Robt.  Herrick.  62  acres 
Drnmmond's  Point;  August  17,  1711.  Test,  Thos.  Hortou,  Alex. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  103 

John  Hawkins,  to  John  Baley.  150  acres  adjoining  Brick  house 
line,  and  Jno.  Walkers;  July  2l8t,  1713.  Test,  Henry  Middleton, 
Will  Mitchell. 

Edward  Williams,  to  John  Smith.  Assignment  of  a  patent,  July 
2Ut,  1713. 

Pfter  Evan«,  to  I-^aac  Lewis.  Assignment  of  a  patent,  July  21st, 
1713.     Test,  James  B  )on,  George  Smith.     (Hertford  County.) 

Thomas  Maur,  and  wife  Bridgett,  to  Edward  Bryan;  21st  July, 
1713.  Tract  of  land  upon  ye  river  side,  joining  upon  Henry  Brad- 
ley's line.  Test,  James  Bate,  Andrew  Salsbury,  James  Boon.  (Hert- 

Thomas  Mann,  and  wife  Bridgett, to  Henry  Barnes.  Assignment 
of  a  patent;  no  date.    (Hertford  County.) 

Charles  Barber,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  John  Plowman.  680  acres 
land  on  Casay  River;  July,  1713.  Test,  John  Hardy,  Edward  Ben- 
wick,     (Cashie  River,  in  Bertie  County.) 

John  Hawkins,  to  his  brother  Thomas  Hawkins.  Land  on  south 
eide  of  Chowan  S»und.  (Washington  County.)  May  22d,  1713.  Test, 
John  Byrd,  Jacob  Hardy. 

Ephraim  Luerton,  to  Charles  Barber.  132  acres  on  Casiah  River; 
July  20, 1713.     Test,  Martin  Griffin,  Will  Jones.     (Bertie.) 

Thomas  J«>nes,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  John  Edwards.  200  acres 
land  on  Charles  Barber's  line,  at  a  place  called  Horse  Spring;  No- 
vember, 1712.     Te.-t, Gardner,  Wm.  Jones. 

Grant  to  Col.  Thos.  Pollock,  for  640  acres  land  at  Old  Town  Creek ; 
April,  K97.  Assigned  to  Edward  Williams,  June  14,  1701.  Test, 
Francis  Perrot,  Thos.  Everit.  Assigned  by  Edward  Williams  to 
Lawrence  McGue;  June  19,1713. 

George  Smith,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  Charles  Jones,  of  Nansemond, 
Va.     Tract  of  land,  adjoining  land  of  John   Early;    October  19, 

1713.  Test,  Tredle  Keefe,  John  Beverly.     (Hertford  County)        ? 
John  Smith,  and  wife  Judith,  lo  George  Smith.     145  acres  adjoin- 
ing land  of  Timothy  McCarty ;  July  18,  1713. 

Francis  MackUnden,  and  Eliner  his  wife,  to  Thomas  Rogers.  150 
a^res  at  ihe  mouth  of  Bear  Branch  ;  patent  to  said  McClenden  dated 
Febiuary  28,  17()4-'5.  Deed  registered  February  8,  1714-'5.  Test, 
Andrew  Salt*bury,  Daniel  McGee. 

Ji)hn  Eiiwards,  and  wife  Dorcas,  to  Solomon  Jordan.  300  acres 
on  Cashokp,  adj  -ining  Robert  West;  April  19, 1714.  Test,  Charles 
Barbee,  Daniel  McGee.      (Bertie.) 

Charles  Barbee,  and  wife  Elizibeth,  to  John  Williams.  Tract  of 
land  on   Horse  Spring,  adjoining  land  of  Thomas  Jones;  April  13, 

1714.  Tfsr.,  Wm  J.»nes,  Jno.  Holbrook. 

John  Smi«h,to  Richard  Church.  290  acres  called  Wetopes ;  July 
20.1714.     T^st.Gef^rgeHoliiday,  Tredle  Keefe. 

William  Bush,  and  wife  M<rtha,  to  Tredle  Keefe.  538  acres  on 
Bouih  sidp  Wecone  Creek;  July  17,  1714.  Test,  James  Wilson, 
Wm.  Downing.      (Wicacon  Creek,  Hertford  County.) 

104  North  Carolina  Historical 

Same,  to  William  Sharp.  200  acres  on  Wickacon  Creek ;  July  17, 
1714.    Test,  James  Wilkeson,  Tredle  Keefe. 

James  Bryant,  Sr.,  to  John  Daw.  320  acres  on  Meherrin  River ; 
July  21, 17i4.     Test,  George  Holaday,  Jno.  Byrd. 

Robert  West,  to  John  Hardy.  205  acres  in  fork  Casia  River, 
called  Wells  Quarter;  July  20,  1714.  Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  Joha 
Jones,  Jr.  (Bertie.) 

John  Yates,  to  Richard  Batchelder.  *  50  acres  land  in  Rich  Neck, 
adjoining  land  of  Wm.  Wilkinson ;  June  22,  1714.  Test,  James 
Gardner,  Wm.  Wilkinson. 

John  Yntes,  to  William  Wilkinson.  100  acres  in  Broad  Neck, 
adjoining  Rich  Neck;  July  10,  1714.  Test,  Richard  Batchelder, 
James  Gardner. 

John  White,  Jr.,  to  Samuel  Bowman.  17  July,  1714;  275  acres 
adjoining  Ballard,  Sewell,  and  Parker.  Test,  John  Daw,  Edward 
Ben  wick. 

William  Hooker,  to  William  Wilson.  640  acres  on  Chinkapin 
Creek ;  May  29,  1714.  Test,  Geo.  Smith,  Eliz.  Hooker.  (Hertford 

George  Winns,  and  wife  Rose,  to  John  Early.  150  acres  on  Wi- 
cacon    Creek;  July  14,  1714.     Test,  Wm.  Crawford,  Robert  Lanier. 

James  House,  to  Jon  White,  Jr.  May  21,  171 4;  200  acres  adjoin- 
ing land  of  Jon  White,  Sr.,  on  >  e  north  part  of  Chowan  River.  Test, 
Anthony  Holladay,  Luke  White. 

Wm.  Coupland,  and  wife  Christian,  to  Peter  Parker,  our  son-in- 
law,  and  heirs  of  my  daughter  Grace,  wife  of  said  Parker.  200  acres 
on  south  side  Sandy  Run  Swamp  ;  Julv  17,  1714. 

James  Curlee,  to  James  Wilkison.  July  18,1714;  tract  of  land 
west  side  Wicacon  Creek. 

Samuel  Woodward,  to  Mary  William?,  widow.  Assignment  of  a 
deed;  April  20,1714, 

Thomas  Garrett,  Sr,  to  Isaac  Z^hhenden.  100  acres  on  Catharine 
Creek  ;  July  20,  1714.  Test,  Thomas  Garrett,  Jr.,  Chri&topher 

Elizabeth  Jone^,  to  Elizabeth  Luerton,  and  Marv  Jones,  Deed  of 
gift ;  for  love  and  affection,  I  bear  my  daughter  E.izabelh,  which  I 
bear  to  my  husband  John  Luerton,  and  Mary  Jones  my  daughter, 
bv  my  late  husband  John  Jones,  deceased,  I  give  and  grant  them 
262  acres  on  Black  Walnut  Swamp;  July  20,  1714.  Test,  John 
Hawkinss,John  Hardy,  Mary  Skittlethorpe. 

•  Richard  Turbeville,  and  wife  Ann,  of  Isle  of  Wight  County,  Va., 
to  Arthur  Kavanaugh,  600  acres  land  on  north  side  Morattuck 
River,  known  by  the  name  of  the  ''Three  Holes'';  July  8, 1713.  Test, 
John  Ward,  John  Green,  Elizi  Magrit. 

John  Burkett,  and  wife  Jean,  to  Matthew  Spivey,  of  Norfolk,  Va. 
100  acres  land  on  Stoping  Creek,  adjoining  land  of  Jenkins  Wil- 
liams; December  1,1714,  Test,  Edward  Benwick,  Gilbert  Holli- 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  105 

Thomas  Cooper,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Thomas  Lee,  Jr.  320 
acres  land  on  south  side  Albemarle  or  Chowan  Sound,  adjoining 
Thomas  Harrison;  July  6,  1714.  Test,  Wm.  Mitchell,  Wm.  Swin- 
son,  Thomas  Darlin. 

John  Bay es,  to  Thomas  Johnson,  and  wife  Ann.  Deed  of  gift; 
100  acres  land,  joining  the  land  where  I  live,  l3Mng  in  the  fork  of 
Deep  Creek  ;  July  19,  1714,    Test,  Robert  Lanier,  George  Winns. 

Richard  Burtenshall,  to  John  Snell.  160  acres  south  side  Albe- 
marle Sound;  July  25,  1714.  Test,  John  Hassell,  Richard  Fewox, 
Edward  Moseley. 

Same,  to  Jonathan  Bateman.  200  acres  land  adjoining  land  sold 
John  Snell ;  January  25, 1714.  Test,  John  Hassell,  Richard  Fewox, 
Edward  Moseley. 

Richard  Brasswell,  to  James  Bryant.  Assignment  of  a  patent; 
March  14,  1708.     Test,  James  Bryant,  Sr,  John  Dew. 

James  Boon,  to  Nicholas  Sessoms.  400  acres  adjoining  line  of 
Abraham  Blewlitt;  October  13,  1718;  Test,  Wm.  Crawford,  Joseph 

Same,  to  same.  575  acres  adjoining  lands  of  George  Winns,  and 
Bear  Swamp;  same  date,  and  witnesses. 

John  Yelverton,  to  Matthew  Bryan.  Power  of  attorney  ;  Septem- 
ber 10,  1717.     Test,  Edward  Wingate,  Thos.  Newborn. 

Richard  Skinner,  Sr.,  of  Perquimans,  to  Abraham  Hill,  Upper 
Parish,  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.  Said  Abraham,  son  of  Henry  Hill.  200 
acres,  beginning  at  a  pine  near  Punch  Bowl,  in  the  meadow,  Wm. 
Woodley's  corner  line,  to  Bear  Swamp,  etc. ;  July  13,1719.  Test, 
John  Geisa,  William  Watson,  Thos.  Roundtree. 

Arthur  Dugall,  to  George  Cockburne.  July  28,  1719;  100  acres 
on  Kesiah  River.     Test,  Nathan  Moore,  Mary  Gray. 

William  Maule,  to  Christian  Brown,  widow.  Behalf  of  her  two 
sons  John  and  Edward  Brown,  upper  half  of  320  acres  at  Petacause 
Swamp;  September  16,  1719.     Test,  Wm.  Dowers,  Thos.  Jones. 

John  Powell,  to  Robert  Calf.  Assignment  deed  for  275  acres  in 
Chowan  Precinct;  August  11,  1719.  Test,  Robert  Hicks,  Esther 

Beale  A.  Brown,  to  Edward  Howcott.  200  acres  north  side 
Ahotskey  Swamp;  October  17,  1719.  Test,  John  Hardy,  Rebecca 

Edward  Howcott,  to  Beale  Brown.  640  acres  at  Melton's  cabin  ; 
October  17th,  1719.     Test,  John  Hardy,  Rebecca  Hardy. 

Robert  Jeffreys,  and  wife  Ellinor,  to  Richard  Fullerton.  Septem- 
ber 18,  1731 ;  160  acres  on  Rocky  hock  Creek.  Test,  Henry  Bonner, 
James  Hunter. 

John  Keeton,  of  Perquimans,  to  John  Keeton,  Jr.  640  acres  in 
Meherrin  Neck;  January  20,  1732.  Test,  Jos.  Anderson,  James 
Craven,  Jere.  Mitchener.     (Gates.) 

John  Keeton,  Jr.,  to  James  Costen.  Conveys  above  tract;  Feb- 
ruary 24,  1732.    Test,  James  Andrews,  Jeremiah  Mitchener. 

106  North  Carolina  Historical 

Media  White,  to  William  Wilson.  300  acres  in  Roekyhock  Neck, 
near  land  of  Benjamin  Small ;  July  21dt,  1732.  Test,  John  Small, 
Benj  Small. 

William  Lewis,  to  John  Lewis.  April  10,  1733  ;  200  acres  in  Tow- 
hall,  in  Chowan  Precinct,  beginning  at  the  moiuh  of  ihe  Little  Fork 
Branch  and  running  Uf)  the  east  tide  Cowhall  Swamp  to  a  birch; 
then  by  a  line  of  marked  trees  to  the  head  of  the  Liitle  Fork 
Branch;  then  down  the  branch  to  the  mouth.  Tt  St,  Thomas  Luten, 
Wm.  Hmton,  Richard  Forster,  Clerk  of  the  Court. 

Martin  Cromer,  to  William  Mackey.  May  3  I,  1733;  assignment 
of  a  deed.  Test,  James  Conner;  proved  April  8,  1733,  before  Wm. 
Little,  Chief  Justice. 

Same,  to  same.  Patent  on  Tranter's  Creek,  registered  30  July, 
1733.    Test,  Eph.  Griffin,  Bryan  Rail,  James  Conner. 

Joseph  Buncombe,  to  George  Burriugton.  Mortgage  on  two 
negrofs.     Test,  J.  Pratt;  no  dale. 

*Same,  to  Miles  Gale.  Conveys  three  negro  slaves,  on  plantation  at 
Kendreeks  Creek  ;  August  4,  1733.  Test,  Joseph  Anderson,  Thomas 

Thos.  Hoyter,  King  of  the  Chowan  Indians,  Jeremiah  Pushing, 
Charles  Beasley,  James  Bennett,  chief  men  of  the  tribe,  to  Michael 
Ward.  300  acres  on  Katharine  Creek;  2d  August,  1733.  Test, 
John  Freeman,  Robt.  Hicks.     (Gates.) 

Same,  to  John  Freeman.  200  ^cres,  part  of  Chowan  town;  Au- 
gust 3d,  1733.  Test,  Robert  Hicks,  Edward  Ilowcoit,  James 

Same,  to  Henrv  Hill  50  acres  land  on  Bennetts  Cref  k  ;  August 
4,  1733.  Test,  John  Freeman,  Michael  Ward,  Wm.  Flemmons. 

John  Vaughan,  of  Upper  Parish,  Nansemond  Co.,  V-^.,  to  Henry 
Holland.  Tract  of  land  called  '*  Caleb  Drnrv's,"  on  enst-ide  Ch"wan 
River  Pocosin  100  acres;  February  8,  1732-3.  Test,  Henry  Hoi- 
land,  James  Holland,  E<lward  Hare,  Mos's  Hare.     (Gale^  County) 

Henry  lledgepath,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Vi.,  lo  Edward  Hare,  TiO 
acres  adjoining  Thomas  S[)eight's  land;  March,  1732,  Test,  John 
Dawson,  Thos.  Speight,  Mose**  Hare.    (Gites). 

Isaac  Williams,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Edward  Hare.  100  acres  on 
Mill's  Swamp;  August  22d,  1732.  Test,  Samuel  Merritt,  Charles 
Gavin,  John  Dawson.     (Gates.) 

Jamts  Womble,  to  Wm.  Pordewell.  As-^ignment  deed  for  200 
acres  land;  September  10th,  1733.  Test,  Elward  Hire,  Isaac  Alex- 
ander.    (Tyrrell  ) 

William  Poplewell,  to  Thomas  S'leradin.  400  acres  land  east  side 
Scuppernong  River;  November  24,  17 H.  Test,  Wm.  Birrett,  God- 
frey Spruell,  Thos.  Vickers.     (Tyrrell  County  ) 

♦  Note.— Kendreek  Creek  is  in  WashiDj2:ton  County,  at  or  near  Roper.  Was 
this  the  father  of  Col.  Edward  Buncombe?  Buncombe  Hall,  where  Col.  Bun- 
oombe  lived,  is  near  Kendreek  Creek. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  107 

Same,  to  8a me.  Assignment  patent  for  200  acres;  24  November, 
1731.    Test,  Wm.  Barrett. 

Nathaniel  Wright,  to  James  Wilson.  450  acres  on  east  side  of 
8arum  Cret-k  and  on  the  north  f*ide  of  Bennetts  Creek,  adjoining 
land  of  James  Cole;  May  22d,  1733.  Test,  David  O'Sheal,  J.  Ba- 
kers,  John  Winburu. 

Thos.  Hubbard,  to  G.  Allen.  A^si^nment  of  a  deed  as  attorney 
for  Wm.  Yates;  February  21st,  1732-3.  Test,  Edward  Champion, 
Joshua  Haughton. 

John  Alston,  to  Richard  Green.  July  7, 1733;  270  acres,  part  of 
a  patent  granted  said  Alston  for  640  acres,  dated  July  12  h,  1725,  on 
east  side  Chowan  River,  adjoining  lands  of  Robert  Riddick  and 
Robert  Rogers.     Test,  John  Milner,  James  Wilson. 

Moses  Odom,  to  Mary  Barnes.  December  14,  1730;  56  acres 
called  *'  Moses'  Old  Field."    Test,  Charles  King,  Alexander  Carter. 

Mary  Barnes,  to  Alex.  Carter.  160  acres  on  Pine  SwHmp;  patent 
granted  to  Richard  Barnes;  29  March,  1733.  Test,  Jno.  Langston, 
Eph.  Hunter,  Wm.  Hunter;  April  17,  1733 

Chowan  Indians,  to  Richard  M'nchew.  November  7,1734;  100 
acres  adjoining  land  of  Aaron  Blanchard,  on  the  edge  of  Piney 
Marsh.     Test,  Bei»j.  Blanchard,  Jnm^s  Taslin,  James  Brown. 

Members  of  the  Cov^-rnor's  Conncil  in  1734  Gabriel  Johnston 
Governor,  Nathaniel  Rice,  E  iwnrd  Most'ley,  Robert  Halton,  Roger 
Moore,  Edmund  Porter,  Cullen  Porter,  Eleaz  Allen,  Robert  Foster, 
Chrk  of  the  Curt  in  1734. 

Francis  Pugh,  to  J«niathan  Parker.  Patent  taken  out  by  said 
Pugh  October  29,  1726;  4U0  acres;  October  18,  1724.  Test,  Abra- 
ham Hill,  I^^aac  Hunter. 

J  »hn  Collins,  lo  J.unes  E'lre.  July  1,  1735 ;  240  acres  in  Scratch 
Hail  Pocot^in.     Test,  Richard   Taylor,  Hohert  Thomas. 

Constanre  Luten,  Robert  Bc^asley,  and  wife  Christian,  to  Thomas 
Luun.  '200  aerfs  known  as  lotierintr  Bridge  plantation  ;  patent  to 
M>«j.  Thomas  Lut»n.  deceased  ;  November  6,  1709,  in  Rockyhock 
Swamp;  Jiily  19   1735.     Te^t,  William  Luten,  George  Lisle. 

Josepli  Hare,  Ui  R  ^heri  Thomas.  June  17,  1735;  grant  by  Gov- 
ernor of  Virginia,  lo  .John  Hare,  fmher  of  Joseph,  and  piven  by  his 
will  to  said  Joseph  ;  patent  dated  June  15,  1714,  and  February  22, 
1722,  on  Cabin  Branch  ;  100  acres.  Test,  John  Thomas,  Ephraim 
Hunter,  Richard  Taylor. 

James  Willlam.<»,  and  wife  Eh'zahe'h,  of  Bertie,  to  Luke  White. 
June  28,  1734;  48J  Mere-  lying  in  Kockyhock,  open  to  the  bay. 
Test,  Winslow  Dn^gins,  Edwnrd  Williams. 

Jimes  Parker,  to  Be  jnnin  Kvan*<.  100  acres  bounded  on  George 
Wliite,  John  Ovrerion,  and  Litihtwood  Knot  Branch;  June  28,  1735. 
Test,  Joseph  Piirker,  John  Parker.  John  Chappen. 

Willinm  Bent)urv,  to  CIihs.  Hiugliton.  Assignment  of  deed; 
April  18.  1731.     Te>t,  Mos»  Ihv  VhiI.  Joseph  HaUey. 

Moses  Hall,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.,  to  John   Hubbard.    95  acres 

108  North  Carolina  Historical 

in  Rich  Thicket;  patent  from  Gov.  of  N.  C;  August  1,  1728.  Deed 
dated  January  20,  1723.  Test,  James  Parker,  William  Parker, 
James  A.  Hubbard. 

John  Bathey,  to  his  son  Tristram  Bathey.  July  16,  1735;  150 
acres  on  Beach  Swamp;  granted  to  Robert  Grain,  of  Nancymond 
Co ,  Va.     Test,  Richard  Taylor,  Sr.,  and  Jr.,  John  Collins. 

Samuel  Woodward,  to  Julius  Bunch.  Assigjnment  of  a  deed; 
April  16, 1735.     Test,  John  Jordan,  Jr.,  Mary  W.  Jordan. 

Robert  Rountree,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.,  to  Gabriel  Lassiter,  of 
same  f»lace.  May  25,  1735;  175  acres  south  side  Bennetts  Creek. 
Test,  Thos.  Rountree,  Robert  Rountree,  John  Rountree,  Elias  Stal- 

Sam'l  Woodward,  to  Paul  Bunch.  640  acres  in  ye  precinct  of 
Bertie,  on  Chinkapin  Creek  ;  September  6,  1735.  Test,  Wm.  Pear- 
sey,  John  Meadoys,  Robert  Robinson. 

William  Egerton,  to  William  Benbury.  175  acres  in  Dogwood 
Neck,  adjoining  lands  of  Thomas  Penrice,  Luke  Gregory,  and 
Charles  Wilkins;  December  16,  1734.  Test,  Samuel  Warren,  Thos. 

Abraham  Odium,  to  Epaphroditus  Boyce.  November  25,  1735; 
290  acres  in  Merry  Hill  Pocosin,  adjoining  laud  of  Thomas  Goff,  on 
Black  Bird  Hill,  and  also  land  of  John  Hambleton.  Test,  Joseph 
Vann,  Christopher  Boyce,  H^nry  Wick. 

George  Spivey,  sou  of  Abraham  Spivey,  to  Thos.  Walton,  Jr. 
100  acres  on  Catharine  Creek,  northeastside;  December  4, 1734.  Test, 
Benj.  S[)ivey.  Wm.  Trevathan. 

Thomas  Walton,  Jr.,  to  my  brother  Wm.  Walton,  before  the  seal- 
ing and  delivery  hereof  by  Wm  Walton,  son  of  William.  100  acres, 
part  of  a  patent  granted  John  Keaton,  Jr., of  Nansemond  Co,  Va.;  28 
October  1702;  on  a  branch  of  Meherrin  Swamp,  called  Stafford's 
Banch;  November  9,  1735.  Test,  John  Walton,  Benj.  Spivey, 
Wm.  Trevathan. 

Richard  H^rrell,  of  Bertie,  to  Christopher  Boyss,  of  Va.  90  acres 
in  White  Pot  Pocosin,  adjoining  land  of  Jonathan  Kitterlin;  Sep- 
tf^mber  23.  1735.  Test,  Thomas  Johnson,  Nicholas  Fairless,  Wm. 
Boys^,  Titus  B.)yss. 

William  Crawford,  to  Gporge  Williams  (Chowan).  61J  acres; 
part  of  a  patent  to  Wm  Crawford,  grandfather  of  said  William; 
April  28,  1711;  given  by  his  will  to  his  grandson  said  William, 
S.  E.  side  Knotty  Pine  Swamp,  where  old  William  Crawford 

W.  Smith,  Chief  Justice  in  1735. 

George  Williams,  to  William  Crawford.  January  2d,  1735;  61 J 
acres  recently  purchased  of  Nathaniel  Wright,  of  Nansemond  Co., 
Va.,  at  the  mouth  of  Hilly  Swamp,  which  runs  into  Bennett's 
Creek.     Test,  John  Benton,  Richard  Baker,  Richard  Taylor. 

Issicher  Branch,  to  E<lmund  Gale.  146  acres  on  Queen  Anne's 
Cretk,  being  one-half  of  the  tract  belonging  to  Wm.  Branch,  de- 

AND  Gbnbalooical  Reqister.  109 

ceased,  beginning  on  Bonner's  Oove  Creek,  then  south  24  poles,  then 
east  100  P.  tlien  N.  down  the  creek  and  up  the  branch  to  first 
station;  December  15,  1735.     Test,  Jeremiah  Vail,  James  Craven. 

Orlando  Champion,  to  Edmund  Gale.  All  that  point  of  marsh 
to  the  south  of  a  direct  line  from  the  middle  of  said  Gale's  house,  to 
the  north  corner  of  a  large  house  in  town,  belonging  to  the  heirs  of 
John  Ismay,  bounded  on  Queen  Anne*s  Creek,  also  one  small  island 
lying  over  against  an  old  house  of  said  Gale,  where  Edward  Wingate 
lived,  containing  about  two  acres,  surrounded  by  a  Gut  and  the  said 
Queen  Anne's  Creek  ;  January  15,  1734-5.  Test,  Robert  Halton, 
T.  Hodgson. 

John  Odom,  to  Andrew  Ross.  50  acres  bequeathed  said  Odom  by 
his  father  Richard  Odom,  will  dated  August  12,  1728,  at  mouth  of 
Mulberry  Licking  Root  Branch,  and  running  up  Cypress  Swamp,  to 
mouth  of  Robert  Rogers'  Branch;  November  25,  iTc5,  Test,  Rich- 
ard Taylor,  William  Wood,  Andrew  Hambleton. 

Thomas  Everenden,  to  Francis  Pettit.  50  acres  on  Yoppim  River, 
adjoining  tract  given  said  Peltii,  by  his  father,  Francis  Pettit's  will; 
1733.  Test,  Thomas  Haughton,  Margaret  Haughton,  Vines  Harri- 

Chowan  Indians,  to  Henry  Bonner.  320  acres  in  the  Miry  Branch, 
running  down  the  Creek  Swamp;  December  15,  1735.  Test,  Nath'l 
Rice,  Clerk  of  the  Court. 

Wm.  Speight,  of  Nansemond  County,  Va.,  to  Moses  Hare.  100 
acres  on  Horse  Pen  Branch,  part  of  John  Hedgepair's  f^alent,  dated 
June  26,  1735.     Test,  Edward  Hare,  Thomas  Speight,  Ann  Speight. 

Jacob  Odom,  to  William  Gatling.  73  acres  in  Mills'  Swamp,  ad- 
joining land  of  Collins,  Mose^  Odom,  and  Moses  Hare;  granted  by 
patent,  to  Jacob  Odom,  August  22,  1714.  Test,  Sarah  Herring, 
Charles  Moore,  Wm.  Gatling. 

Henry  Baker,  to  Wm.  Skinner,  of  Nansemond  County,  Va.  367 
acres  on  Cypress  Swamp,  near  the  Banks  of  Italy;  March  22,  1733. 
Test,  James  Trotter,  J.  Robinson. 

John  Hedgepeth,  Jr.,  and  wife  Mary,  of  Nansemond  County,  Va., 
to  Thomas  Speight,  of  same  place.  100  acres  at  the  Horse  Pen 
Branch,  adjoining  land  of  Wm.  Speight,  it  being  where  John  Melton 
formerly  lived;  November  25,  1717.  Test,  Jas.  Holland,  Culbert 
Hedspeth,  Thomas  Bissell. 

Henry  Hackley,  to  Thomas  Norris,  Jr.,  January  13,  1728;  deed  of 
gift  50  acres  in  a  branch  running  out  of  Sarum  Swamp,  adjoining 
lands  of  James  Files;  also  100  acres  at  Scratch  Hall  Bridge,  adjoin- 
ing Thomas  Duke.     Test,  Abraham  Odium,  George  Otway. 

William  Bird,  of  Nansemond  County,  Va.,  to  Jotin  Walters,  Jr ,  of 
Chowan.  100  acres  bought  by  me  of  James  Homes,  of  Bertie;  on 
Hembry's  Branch ;  July  9,  1735.  Test,  John  Walters,  William  Wal- 
ters, Richard  Taylor. 

Abraham  Odium,  to  his  son-in-law,  Wm.  Walters,  and  daugh- 
ter Sarah ;  July  10, 1735.   100  acres;  part  of  a  tract  bought  by  me  of 

110  North  Carolina  Historical 

Edward  Doughtrey.    Test,  John  Walters,  Sr.,  John  Walters,  Jr., 
Richard  Tavlor. 

Thomas  H  »lladay,  to  John  Small,  of  Nansemond  County,  Va. 
316  acres,  on  Chowan  River,  on  Rooty  Branclj,  an<l  Cyprt-ss  Pond, 
adjoining  land  of  said  Small ;  1735.  Test,  Christopher  Becket,  Rich- 
ard Harris,  Wm.  Lewis. 

William  Ward,  of  Nansemond  County,  Va.,  to  James  Sumner, 
125  acres  at  a  place  called  Oropeake,  p  irt  uf  a  grant  to  James  and 
Uselet  Kelly,  by  patent  in  Virginia,  Ojtober  25.  1689,  beginning  at 
Hunter's  Marsh,  on  Oropeake  t)»vamp;  April  6, 173G.  Test,  Thomas 
Luten,  Joseph  Bordin. 

Thomas  Kirk,  to  Moses  Oliver.  Assiernm^^nt  of  a  patent;  Novem- 
ber 2d,  1722.     Te-t,  C(»n.-tance  Luttn,  El  zabe'h  Luien. 

Samuel  Pagett,  Executor  of  Mts.  El  zabeih  Blount,  to  William 
Lyles;  Ojtober  1st,  1735.  Tract  of  land  known  as  Barrow  Hole,  con- 
taining 631  acres.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Blount,  by  her  last  will, appointed 
John  Lovick,  Samuel  Pagett,  and  Jonathan  Jacobs,  her  Executors, 
and  directed  a  «ale  of  the  nb  »ve  land,  grafited  to  her  late  husband, 
John  Blount,  Mirch  30,  1721  ;  John  Lovick  and  Jonathan  Jacocka 
having  died,  since  the  said  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Blount  executed  her  will, 
this  deed  is  made  by  Samuel  Pagett,  surviving  Executor.  Test, 
Ehzibeth  West,  Thomas  Luteo. 

J  'seph  Ander-ion,  to  John  Boyd,  of  Bertie.  320  acres  where  Paul 
Bunch  now  dwells,  being  part  of  a  patent  to  Col.  Thomas  P.dlock,  and 
given  by  him  to  Thos.  Bray,  3  March,  1716,  as  a  marriage  poriion, 
when  he  married  the  daui^hier  of  said  Pollock,  by  deeddaied  March 
3,  1710;  this  deed  dated  January  31,  1735.     Test,  Willia  u  Badham. 

Aaron  Blanchard,  to  my  kin^man  Absalotn  Blanchard.  2>0 
acres  on  Indian  Swamp,  adjoining  lands  of  Richard  Minchew  ;  1736. 
Test,  Bei  jimin  Blanchard,  Richard  Minshew. 

JoS'ph  Braddy,  to  John  Pipkin.  180  acies  on  Peter's  Swamp, 
mouth  of  Long  Branch,  adjoining  lands  of  Samuel  Merrill  and 
William  Parker;  August  3,  1736.  Test,  Henry  Bonner,  George 

William  Powell,  to  John  Robeson.  100  acres,  part  of  a  patent 
granted  Alexander  Camrill,  March  9,  1717-'8,  bought  by  Richard 
Slavin  and  given  said  Powell;  October  8,1734.  Test,  William 
Perry,  Constance  Lnten,  Will  Tiner. 

Robt.  Wilson,  of  Perquimans,  to  William  Cotteril.  320  acres  on 
head  of  Indian  Town  Creek,  bounded  by  lands  of  William  G<»tteril, 
George  White,  Jonn  Thigpen,  and  Ann  Elliott;  February  6,  1734  ; 
Test,  Paul  Palmer,  James  Titterson,  Thos.  Jessop 

Will  Cotierill,  to  Wm.  Persv.  100  acres  in  the  fork  of  Indian 
Town  Creek;  February  24,1734-5.  Test,  John  Jordan,  Charles 

Samuel  Stallings,  of  Perquimans,  to  Caiharine  Brothers,  of  Nanse- 
mond Co,  Va.  100  acres  on  Middle  Swamf),  j  »ining  land  granted 
to  Henry  King,  said  land  given  me  by  my  father's  will;  January 
15,  1735.     Tebt,  Demsey  Sumner,  Richard  Bond,  John  Sumner. 


Tlioinas  Penrice,  Sr.,  to  John,  Thomas,  and  Francis  Penrice,  sons 
of  said  Thomas;  Heed  of  gift.  HOO  acTes  where!  now  dwell,  in  equal 
pans;  Augu  1 1>,  17-^6.  Test,  Jia'  Vail,  Joseph  Sm  th,  James  Craven. 

J«»hu  GntHn,  to  William  Parker.  5U  acres  N.  W.  side  Bennett's 
Creek,  beginning  at  a  corner  tree  of  John  King's;  March  16th,  1736. 
TfSt.  Humplirey  Griffin,  John  Riddick,  J«)hn  Sumner. 

William  Parker,  to  James  Hubbard.  75acrts,  partofjno.  Small's 
paient  for  175  acres,  dated  July  10,  1719.  Sold  to  Win.  Parker  25 
Noveraber,  1724,  as  by  the  records  of  Ninsemond  Co.,  Va.,  on  Flat 
Branch  an<l  Loosing  Swamp;  October,  1736.  Teht,  James  Benton, 
Thos.  Pnrker,  John  B-nton. 

John  Benton,  to  James  Benton.  1^0  acres  west  side  Bennett's 
Creek,  cmIIs  for  Mount  Mocasin  Pocosin;  September  22d,  1736. 
Test,  \V.  Parker,  Thomas  Paiker,  James  Parker. 

John  Hu»»bard,  to  Wm.  Parker.  Two  tracts  of  land,  given  said 
John,  by  will  of  his  ftiher,  John  Hubbard,  binding  upon  lands  of 
Mos 'S  Hall,  Rich'd  Felton,  and  John  Noifleet,  part  given  to  his  son 
Matthew;  other  tract,  115  acres,  adjoi.  lug  lands  of  Lassiter;  June 
15,  1736.     Test,  Wm.  Paiker,  JameH  Hubbard. 

William  Home,  and  wife  Margaret,  of  Benie,  to  Samuel  Smith, 
of  Nansemond  Co,  Va.  100  acres  patented  by  said  Home,  called 
the  "Bat'ks  of  Iialy,;'  adjoining  lands  of  John  Denby  and  Richard 
Green;  Match  22d,  1736.  Ttst,  Michael  Couldiug,  Will  Smith, 
Robt.  Retldick. 

Richard  Hines,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va..  to  John  Pipkin.  160 
acres  on  Mills' Swami*;  September  19,  1735.  Test,  George  Wilde, 
John  Hiness.  W-n.  Builer. 

John  Powell,  and  wife  Hester,  to  John  Norfleet.  250  acres,  pat- 
entee! bv  said  Powell,  Afiril  4,  173(),  in  the  Thicket  Swamp;  De- 
cember 19,  1734.     Te>t,  Robert  Powell.  John  Powell,  Jesse  Brinn. 

Aaron  B'anchard,to  Amoz  BUnchard  (ehlestson  of  Robt.  Blanch- 
ard),  Aaron  being  great  uncle  to  said  Amoz,  a  milldam  and  house 
builtby  said  BUnchard;  November  10,  1736.  Test,  John  Matthews, 
Wibiam  Urquharr,  Wm   Matthews. 

Richard  Hmes,  of  Nansem-^iul  Co.,  Va ,  to  Moses  Boyce,  of  same 
place.  200  acres  on  the  B  *y  Tree  Branch,  near  the  head  of  Bennett's 
Cretk;  Miy  2S,  1736.  Test,  Sarah  Hines,  Oliver  Morrell,  John 
Hi»«f  s.  Henry  Green. 

B-*iij«min  Simpson,  to  Luke  Gregory.  Assignment  of  a  deed; 
Sefitember  18,  1736.  Test,  W.  Gardner,  Robert  Ringham,  Sarah 

Robert  Halton,  of  New  Hanover,  and  Joseph  Anderson,  to  John 
Boyd,  of  Beriie.  600  acres.lately  in  possession  of  Paul  Bunch  ;  Oc- 
U>ber  12,  173^.     Test,  T.  Hodgson,  Edward  Wetherell,  Sarah  Snoden. 

Samuel  Pagett,  to  W..  Ashlev,  Sr.  100  acres  near  Barrow  Hole 
Branch;  June  14,  1738.     Test,  Thomas  Blount. 

Bridgett  Sumner,  widow,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.,  to  Jethro  Sum- 
ner, and  wife  Margaret.     Her  half  interest  in  200  acres  land,  taken 

112  North  Carolina  Historical 

to  be  in  Nansemond  County  until  after  the  survey,  when  it  appears 
to  be  in  North  Carolina,  said  tracts  being  in  Maiden  Hair  Neck,  sold 
by  John  Keaton,  son  and  heir  of  Jdjn  Keaton,  to  Daniel  Sullivan, 
and  at  his  death  given  to  Daniel  oSllivan,  his  only  son  and  heir, 
and  after  the  death  of  said  Daniel,  became  the  property  of  Margaret 
and  Bridgett  Sullivan,  bis  only  sisters  and  heirs;  December  14, 1736. 

William  Daniel,  to  William  Peele.  200  acres  north  side  Bennetts 
Creek;  May  27,  1727.    Test,  Francis  Pugh,  Will  Ashley. 

Richard  Brothers,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.,  to  George  House,  of 
Berlie.  100  acres,  part  of  patent  granted  to  Will  Sumner,  April  3, 
1723,  on  Fryer's  Pucosin,  adjoining  land  of  Christopher  Gwiu;  Oc- 
tober 2d,  1732.     Test,  John  Sumner,  Thos.  Knight,  John  Hilson. 

Pheribee  Pugh,  widow,  and  Col.  Robert  West,  Executor  of  Francis 
Pugh,  deceased,  to  Daniel  Pugh.  200  acres  head  of  Bennetts  Creek, 
adjoining  lands  of  Daniel  Pugh  and  William  Wright,  purchased  by 
Francis  Pugh  of  Solomon  Alston,  May  31st,  1727.  Also  563  acres 
adjoining  Geo.  Hughes,  at  head  of  Sling's  Branch;  also,adjoins  Mr. 
Alston  as  per  patent  issued  July  30,  1726,  where  Francis  Pugh 
formerly  lived;  also  350  acres  on  Timber  Pocosin;  April  8,  1737. 
Test,  John  Montgomery,  Thos.  Jenkins,  Thomas  Rowan. 

Edward  Vann,  son  of  John  Vann.  Mark  of  stock:  A  cross  and 
half  moon  and  hole  in  right  ear,  cross  and  two  slits  in  the  left. 

Edward  Vann,  Sr.  Swallow  fork  in  right  ear,  half  moon  and  hole 
in  the  left  ear. 

John  Brinkley.  Cross  and  half  moon  in  the  right,  half  moon 
under  and  over,  and  swallow  fork  in  the  end. 

Will  Woodley.  In  right  ear  a  half  moon  under,  and  on  the  left 
half  moon,  one  with  ears  long. 

Will  Goodwin, and  wife  Martha,  to  Luke  White.  48^  acres  bought 
of  James  Williams,  and  Elliner  his  wife,  in  Rockyhock;  April  28, 
1737.     Test,  Joe  Cricket,  Mary  Cricket. 

Littleton  Spivey,  to  John  Benton.  Tract  of  land,  40  acres,  where 
John  Spivey,  father  of  said  Littleton,  lately  lived  and  died,  adjoin- 
ing land  of  his  brother  John  Spivey ;  October  30, 1733.  Test,  Moses 
Conton,  William  Morgan. 

William  Powell,  and  Mary  his  wife,  to  Robert  Robinson.  240 
acres  on  Rockyhock  Branch;  April  18,  1734.  Test,  Geo.  Allen,  T. 

Abraham  Sanders,  and  wife  Judith,  of  Perquimans,  to  Erlward 
Wingate.  273  acres  on  the  Burnt  Pocosin,  at  the  head  of  Mirey 
Branch,  and  joining  upon  lines  of  Jno.  Goodwin  and  Francis  Thurs- 
ton ;  March  4,  1734.  Test,  John  Goodwin,  Robt.  Willson,  Moseley 
Vail,  Clerk  of  the  Court. 

Epaphroditus  Brinkley,  of  Perquimans,  to  Thomas  Ward.  100 
acres  on  S  side  Warwick  Swamp;  November  1st,  1731.  Test,  Thos. 
Garrett,  John  Goodwin,  Edward  Wingate,  Mary  Girdner. 

Christopher  Gale,  to  William  Badham.  50  acres,  being  the  upper 
part  of  a  tract  of  land  whereon  said  Gale  now  dwelleth,  beginning 

AND  Gknkalogical  Rkgister.  113 

at  an  oak,  the  corner  tree  between  said  Gale  and  Badhant),  and  is 
the  corner  tree  <»f  Edenton  Conamons,  formerly  granted  to  said  town 
by  Robert  Hicks,  thence  running  S  74°  east  to  the  line  that  is  be- 
tween the  said  Gale  and  lands  lately  Nicholas  Crisp's,  deceased;  up 
said  line,  various  courses,  to  a  Spanish  oak,  a  corner  tree  between 
said  Badham  and  paid  Crisp;  then  down  said  Badham's  line  to  first 
station;  January  12,  1733.     Test,  Robt.  Foster,  Abraham  Blackball. 

Paul  Burnet,  to  William  Mackey.  140  acres  on  Indian  Town 
Creek,  adjoining  to  said  creek,  and  lands  whereon  Jas.  Farloe  now 
dwelleth,  being  the  plantation  formerly  Thos.  Bray's,  by  him  pur- 
chased of  Col.  Thomas  Pollock,  who  held  the  said  lands  by  patent; 
April  2d,  1734.     Test,  Mary  Ward.  Frances  Williams. 

Edward  Hare,  to  Moses  Hare  30  acres  land  on  the  **  Old  Wom- 
an's Branch";  December  14,  1733.  Test,  Thomas  Spites,  Charles 
Morris,  John  Clack.   (Gates.) 

John  Dawson,  to  Moses  Hare.  380  acres  on  north  side  of  Flat 
Cypress  Swamp,  opposite  Wm.  Hooks,  Jr.;  March  23d,  1733-*4. 
Test,  Thos  Spites,  Charles  Morris.    (Gates.) 

Thomas  Falconer,  to  Thomas  Everenden.  100  acres  south  side 
Yoppira  River,  known  as  Williams;  December  10,  1733-'4.  Test, 
Thomas  Limg,  Sarah  Falconer,  John  Falconer. 

John  Jones,  to  Thomas  Luten.  100  acres,  part  of  a  tract  of  land 
which  belonged  to  my  father,  Wm.  Jones,  deceased,  in  Green  Hall, 
at  the  Tanyard  Branch ;  June  16,  1733.  Test,  Wm.  Hinlow,  John 

John  Willard,  and  wife  Christian,  of  Tyrrell,  to  Robert  Beasley. 
470  acres  binding  ou  Vines  Crop^jloy  headline ;  July  24, 1734  Test, 
Wm.  Gardner,  Jon  Gardner,  C.  Gale. 

Michael  Ward,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Charles  Rountree.  250  acres  on 
Catharine  Cre^k;  April  17,  1734. 

Thomas  Hiter,  Chief  of  Chowan  Indians,  and  other  Indians,  to 
Jacob  Hi nton.    200  acres  land  on  Bennett's  Creek;  November  15, 

1733.  Test,  Thomas  Carman,  Henry  Hill. 

Same,  to  Thomas  Garrett.    400  acres  ou  Gum  Branch;  April  11, 

1734.  Test,  Michael  Ward,  Henry  Hill.   (Gates.) 

Same,  to  James  Hinton.  500  acres  adjoining  Jacob  Hill;  Janu- 
ary 9,  1733.  Test,  John  Alston,  Thomas  Garrett,  Thos  Carman, 
John  Thomas.     (Gates.) 

John  Lassiter,  to  Sam'l  Harrell.  Deed  for  land  not  described,  only 
part  legible.    Test,  Rich'd  Taylor,  John  Harrell,  Rich'd  Taylor,  Jr. 

Abraham  Odiom,  to  Henry  Dillday.  Tract  of  land  given  said 
Abraham,  by  Richard  Odiom,  by  will  made  in  1728;  March  31st, 

John  Lassiter,  of  Nansemond  County,  Va.,  to  John  Williamson. 
146  acres  on  Mare  Swamp;  March  8,  1735.  Test,  John  Harrell, 
Richard  Taylor,  Richard  Taylor,  Jr. 

Francis  Harrell,  of  Bertie,  to  Thomas  Baker.  50  acres  on  Middle 
Swamp ;  May  20, 1734.  Test,  James  Ellis,  Rich'd  Taylor,  Sr.  and  Jr. 

114  North  Carolina   Historical 

Henry  Robinson,  of  Bertie,  to  Thomas  Knox,  of  Chowan.  100 
acres  on  Plumb  Tree  Branch;  February  12,  1734-'5.  Test,  Moses 
Hare,  John  Collins,  Moses  Odom. 

Thomas  Martin,  of  Western  Branch,  Norfolk  County,  Va.,  to  John 
Alston.  50  acres  land  at  Bennetts  Creek  Bridge ;  December  9,  1734. 
Test,  Richard  Nusam,  Phillip  Alston.   (Gatesville,  Gates  County.) 

Thomas  Hoyter,  King,  and  other  Indians,  chief  men  of  the  Tribe 
of  Chowan  Indians^  to  James  Brown.  100  acres  adjoining  Roun- 
tree  and  HiU's  land  ;  January  27,  1734.  Test,  Richard  Minchew, 
Michael  Ward,  Benjamin  Blanchard. 

Same,  to  Michael  Ward.  600  acres  near  new  Poly  Bridge,  and 
John  Freeman's  land  ;  November  7,  1734. 

Same,  to  James  Hinton.  100  acres  adjoining  lands  of  Lassiter 
and  Wm.  Hill;  November  22d,  1734.  Test,  Henry  Hill,  Thomas 

Same,  to  William  Hill.  100  acres  at  the  Fork  of  the  Indian 
Swamp,  adjoining  Lassiter;  November  4,  1734.  Test,  Thos.  Jones, 
Robt.  Forster. 

Same,  to  Jacob  Hinton.  50  acres  head  of  Juniper  Swamp,  and 
up  Mirey  Branch;  November  22d,  1734.  Test,  Henry  Hill,  Wm. 
Hill,  Wm.  Trevathan.    . 

John  Keaton,  to  Richard  Bond.  291  acres  in  Maiden  Hair  Neck, 
south  side  Bennetts  Creek ;  October  28,  1736.  Test,  Wm.  Treva- 
than, Jno.  Lassiter. 

James  Lassiter,  of  Nansemond,  Va.,  to  James  Brown.  150  acres 
on  Bennett's  Creek;  January,  18,  1736.  Test,  Wm.  Trevathan, 
Robert  Griffin. 

William  Crawford,  to  Wm.  Hews.  Manor  plantation  purchased 
of  George  Williams,  on  Bennett  Creek,  61 1  acres;  May  26,  1737. 
Test,  George  Hewse,  George  Hews,  W.  Hews,  Jr. 

Edward  Richards,  to  John  Odium.  Assignment  of  100  acres,  part 
of  grant  to  Henry  Baker;  June  8, 1737.  Test,  Abraham  Odium, 
Andrew  Ross,  Sarah  Ross. 

John  Odom  to  Wm.  Jones.  Assignment  of  above  tract ;  July  19, 
1737.     Test,  John  Montgomery,  Abraham  Odom. 

Abram  Odum,  to  Wm.  Jones.  50  acres  on  south  side  Cypress 
Swamp,  adjoining  lands  of  John  Wiuborne,  Ephraim  Hunter,  and 
Jacob  Odom;  given  by  will  of  Richard  Odom,  to  his  son  Abram 
Odom;  will  dated  August  12,  1728;  deed  dated  May  11,  1737. 
Test,  Richard  Odom,  Sibellah  Odom,  Andrew  Ross,  John  Sumner. 

John  Jenkins,  of  Bertie,  to  Thomas  Hobbs.  100  acres  north  side 
Warwick  Swamp,  part  of  355  acres  granted  Thos.  Garrett;  October 
10,  1712 ;  by  Garrett  sold  to  Richard  Berry  man,  by  him  to  John  Rice, 
and  by  Rice  back  to  Berryman,  and  by  Berryman  to  said  Hobbs,  but 
I  Jenkins  am  the  true  and  lawful  owner.  April  26,  1737.  Test, 
John  Goodwin,  Moses  Hill,  Thomas  Hobbs. 

Thomas  Piland,  to  Stephen  Shepard.  200  acres,  part  of  my  patent 
for  400  acres;  dated  November  20, 1728;  south  side  Mills  Swamp; 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  115 

September  14,  1736.  Test,  Stephen  Chancy,  Will  Gewitt,  Henry 

Patrick  Lawler,  to  his  son  Patrick  Lawler,  Jr.  Tract  of  land  east 
side  Bennett's  Creek ;  July  29,  1724.  Test,  John  Alston,  Phillip 

George  Hews,  son  of  W.  Hews,  to  George  Hews.  70  acres,  part  of 
640  acres,  lately  patented,  by  George  Hews,  Jr.,  adjoining  land  of 
Jonathan  Kitterell ;  July  17,  1737.     Test,  Wm.  Hews,  Henry  Baker. 

William  Cropsley,  to  Thomas  Beasley,  son  of  Robert  Beasley. 
Deed  of  gift;  400  acres  land  on  the  Albemarle  Sound,  in  Chowan 
County,  less  100  acres  sold  to  Wm.  Harrison,  and  50  to  William 
Steward  ;  if  Thomas  should  die  without  issue,  then  to  fall  to  Chris- 
tian Beesley,  wife  of  said  Robert ;  registered  July  15,  1739.  Test, 
Mary  Luteu,  J.  Butler. 

Edward  Moseley,  to  Dr.  Abraham  Blackall.  Sold  by  said  Mose- 
ley  as  trustee  of  Wm.  Rowdon,"and  Chas.  Werbear;  77  acres  a^goin- 
ing  land  of  Maj  Henry  Bonner ;  November  4,1737.  Test,  Jeremiah 
Vail,  John  Benbury. 

Will  Arkill,  to  William  Branch,  Jr.  175  acres  on  the  head  of  a 
branch  of  Queen  Anne's  Creek,  where  the  said  Branch  now  dwells; 
patented  by  Joseph  Gilbert;  March  29,  1726.  Deed  dated  June  18, 
1737  ;  acknowledged  before  W.  Smith,  Chief  Justice. 

Thomas  Jernagan,  of  Bertie,  to  Aaron  Odom.  140  acres,  part*  of 
640  acres  patented  by  Jernagan,  2d  April,  1726,  adjoining  land  of 
Sarah  Mumford,  also  John  Batheys,  and  John  Waters;  May  29, 
1737.     Test,  Will  Robey,  Luke  Rawls,  John  Webb. 

Thomas  Jernagan,  to  John  Webb,  Jr.  Remainder  of  the  640 
acres,  after  deducting  100  sold  John  Waters,  and  140  acres  sold 
Aaron  Odom ;  May  29,  1737.     Test,  Wm.  Ralles,  Ann  Odom. 

John  Freeman,  to  Thomas  Freeman.  100  acres  on  N.  W. 
side  Catharine  Creek  Swamp,  in  Indian  Neck;  August  6,  1737. 
Test,  Richard  Tatem,  Thos.  Rountree. 

James  Ellis,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.,  to  Henry  Baker.  300  acres 
on  west  side  Cypress  Swamp,  part  of  two  patents  granted  to  me  for 
604  acres,  July  28, 1740,  adjoining  lands  of  Richard  Odom,  Edward 
Richards,  William  Price,  and  Elias  Stallings;  July  18,  1736.  Test, 
Thomas  Hoskins,  Wm.  Daniel,  William  Riddick. 

Henry  Baker,  to  Robert  Thomas.  200  acres,  part  of  a  patent  to 
Henry  Baker,  for  640  acres;  dated  July  28,  1733;  adjoining  lands 
of  Richards  and  John  Thomas;  July  31st,  1736.  Test,  Thomas  Hos- 
kins Wm.  Daniel,  Wm.  Reddick. 

William  Ward,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.,  to  Samuel  Harrell.  160 
acres,  part  of  a  patent  to  John  Moore,  dated  November  17, 1700,  and 
by  him  sold  to  John  Whorrel, by  deed  dated  February  28, 1701, and 
by  Whorrel  sold  to  Jos.  Ward,  by  assignment  of  said  deed,  land 
located  at  the  head  of  Oyster  Toug  Branch;  November  18,  1738. 
Test,  John  Rice,  James  Rice. 

Thomas  Knox,  to  William  Jones.     100  acres  on  the  Plumb  Tree 

116  NoHTH  Carolina   Historical 

Branch  ;  July  27, 1737.  Test,  Charles  King,  Elizabeth  King,  Isaac 

Samuel  Merrett,  to  W.  Bentley.  320  acres,  one-half  of  survey  of 
640  acres  patented  by  me  March  5,  1729,  adjoining  lands  of  John 
Ballard  and  John  Drury;  July  7,  1736.  Test,  Edward  Hare,  Mary 
Hare,  Isaac  Williams. 

Same,  to  Isaac  Williams.  38  acres,  bought  of  W.  Bentley,  granted 
to  him  by  patent,  22  February,  17i9.  Deed  dated  July  7,  173i^. 
Test,  Edward  Hare,  Mary  flare,  Mary  Jateliu  (Gatlin,  probably). 

Charles  Gannin,  to  W.  Scott.  100  acres  adjoining  land  of  John 
Pipkin,  Jr.,  and  Mills'  Swamp;  January  26,1736.  Test,  Edward 
Hare,  Isaac  Williams.    (Gates.) 

James  Morgan,  to  Luke  White.  Assignment  of  a  deed;  January 
23,  1737-'8.    Test,  Benj.  Talbot,  Samuel  Dundy. 

*  Fenelope  Little,  widow,  and  sole  Executrix  of  William  Little,  de- 
ceased, to  Joseph  Anderson.  One  full  moiety,  or  half  part  of  the 
grist  mill,  lately  belonging  to  Wm.  Little,  on  the  head  of  Hoskins 
Creek,  near  Edenton;  May  16,  1737.  Test,  Benj.  Hill.  Thomas 
Jones,  R.  Williams. 

John  Lewis,  to  Peter  Adams'  Whole  of  the  remainder  of  the 
tract  of  land  belonging  to  ray  father,  Richard  Lewis,  on  Matta- 
comack  Creek,  adjoining  land  of  Wm.  Luten  and  Samuel  Pagett, 
150  acres;  January  19, 1737.     Test,  Benj.  Talbot,  David  Ambrus. 

John  Odom,  to  Epaphroditus  Jones.  300  acres  on  N.  E.  side  Cy- 
press Swamp,  on  Haw  Tree  Branch  and  Licking  Root  Branch.  Test, 
Wm.  Lanston,  Leonard  Lanston.    (Gates.) 

"Richard  Felton,  to  Thomas  Parker.  75  acres  land,  part  of  a 
patent  to  John  Small  for  150  acres,  November  13, 1721,  and  sold  to 
said  Felton  October  3d,  1722,  adjoining  lands  of  Thomas  Parker 
and  Richard  Bond;  July  21st,  1737.  Test,  James  GriflBn,  Jr.,  John 
S.  Fulks,  John  Summer.    (Gates.) 

Thomas  Milner,  to  James  Knight.  100  acres  north  side  Rich  Neck 
Thicket,  adjoining  lands  of  John  Hubbard;  March  21st,  1737. 
Test,  John  Summer,  Wm.  Hunter,  John  Knight. 

Lemuel  Bass,  to  John  Skeeter.  175  acres,  granted  by  Alex.  Spots- 
wood,  Governor  of  Virginia,  to  Joseph  Thompson,  June  16,  1714, 
on  west  side  Orapeeke  Swamp;  July  10, 1737.  Test,  John  Sumner, 
Henry  Hunter,  William  Speight. 

James  Hedgepeir,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.,  to  Thomas  Speight.  30 
acres,  part  of  a  grant  to  John  Hedgepeir,  adjoining  land  of  Edward 
Hare;  June  11,  1737.     Test,  Charles  King,  John  Drury. 

Margaret  Knox,  and  Thomas  Knox,  to  John  Drury.  70  acres, 
part  of  a  tract  granted  to  Charles  Wicks,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va., 
October  25, 1695,  adjoining  lands  of  Wm.  Speight  and  John  Duke; 
January  20, 1737-8.    Test,  Ann  Speight,  Charles  King,  Moses  Hare. 

*  Note. — The  old  mill  dam  can  still  be  seen,  near  Blount's  Bridge,  on  the  road 
to  Yoppim  church. 

AND  Gknealogical  Rdgister.  117 

B.  No.   I  AND  C.  No.  i. 

General  Biennial  Assembly,  held  at  Edenton,  November  6,  1727. 
Ir.  the  Upper  House:  Sir  Richard  E vera rd,  Captain  General  and 
Commander-in  Chief.  Christopher  Gale,  John  Lovick,  Edward 
Moseley,  Richard  S  mderson,  Francis  Forster,  Thomas  Pollock,  Thos. 
Harvey,  Robert  West,  Edmund  Gale,  John  Worley. 

In  the  Lower  House:  Major  Henry  Bonner,  Wm.  Downing,  Wm.* 
Badham,  Cullen  Pollock,  Jer.  Vail,  Jos.  Jessop,  Samuel  Swann, 
Thomas  Bell,  Richard  Skinner,  Sam'l  Swann,  Sr.,  Thomas  Swann, 
McRora  Scarbrough,  Griffin  Jones,  Rt.  Morgan,  Gable  Burnham, 
Richard  Church,  Jon  Etheridge,  Thomas  Williams,  Thos  Davis,  Mo 
Linton,  Jon  Baptista  Ashe,  Jacob  Blount,  T.  Smith,  Martin  Franks, 
Will  Hancock,  James  Wainwright,  Enoch  Ward,  George  Pollock, 
Isaac  Hill,  Arthur  Williams,  James  Castellaw,  Edward  Howard, 
Will  Little,  MaV  Rowan. 

Act  to  confirm  Orlando  Champion's  title  to  620  acres  land  in 
Cliowan  Precinct. 

Whereas,  Anthony  Slocumb,  grandfather  of  John  Slocumb,  late 
of  Neuse  River,  in  Bath  County,  died  seized  and  possessed  of  620 
acres  of  land  in  Machecomack  Creek  (Chowan),  known  by  the  name 
of  Slocumb's,  and  said  Slocumb,  by  his  last  Will  and  Testament,  did 
entail  same  on  his  s^n  John  Slocumb,  and  the  heirs  male  of  his 
body,  the  said  son  John  entered  and  was  seized  in  fee  simple,  and 
the  said  grandson  sold  to  Francis  Branch,  and  said  Orlando  Cham- 
pion purchased  from  Francis  Branch.  Before  the  said  John,  the 
grandson,  could  perfect  his  title  he  died,  and  his  son  John  entered 
upon  lands  of  his  father  in  Neuse,  in  lieu  of  the  tract  sold  to  Orlando 
Champion,  etc. 

Will  Ambrus,  son  of  David  Ambrus,  was  born  14  September,  1723. 

John  Ambrus,  son  of  David  Ambrus,  was  b^rn  7  May,  1729. 

Israel  Ambrus,  son  of  David  Ambrus,  was  boru  6  December,  1733. 

David  Ambrus,  son  of  David  Ambrus,  was  born  6  January, 

Mary  Marler,  daughter  of  Thomas  Marler,  was  born  11  July,  1730. 

Susanna  Marler,  daughter  of  Thomas  Marler,  was  born  27  October, 

Deborah  Marler,  daughter  of  Thomas  Marler,  was  born  25  No- 
veinber,  1736. 

Sarah  Tiner,  daughter  of  Will  Tiner,  was  born  13  November,  1736. 

Will  Wilson,  and  Sarah  Giriett,  were  married  20  Augus  ,  1734. 

Mary  Wilson,  their  daughter,  was  born  24  December,  173V 

Sarah  Wilson,  their  daughter,  was  born  15  April,  1737. 

118  North  Carolina  Historical 

John  Jones,  sou  of  John  and  Elizabeth  Jones,  was  born  September 
11,  1726. 

Ann  Jones,  daughter  of  John  and  Elizabeth  Jones,  was  born  Feb- 
ruary 14,  1728. 

Anthony  Jones,  son  of  John  and  Elizabeth  Jones,  was  born  Au- 
gust 12, 1731. 

Elizabeth  Jones,  daughter  of  John  and  Elizabeth  Jones,  was  born 
January  15,  1733. 

Will  Jones,  son  of  John  and  Elizabeth  Jones,  was  born  September 
15, 1736. 

^  John  Simpson  and  Mary  BrinU  were  married;  date  blank.  Signed 
by  Henry  Bonner,  J.  P. 

Hannah  Simpson,  their  daughter,  was  born  22  July,  1732. 

Will  Simpson,  their  gon,  was  born  1  December,  1734. 

John  Simpson,  Jr.,  their  son,  was  born  22  November,  1735. 

Wm.  Badham,  and  Martha  Mooney,  were  married  by  John  Boyd; 
date  blank. 

Thomas  Hicks,  son  of  W.  Hick?,  was  born  13  March,  1735. 

Demsey  Simpson  was  born  23d  January,  1738. 

(Items  taken  from  loose  leaves  in  the  Register  of  Deed's  office,  at 
Edenton,  N.  C.) 

Joseph  Blount,  and  wife  Sarah,  Joseph  Reed,  and  wife  Elizabeth, 
to  Christian  Reed;  1745.     Test,  J.  Hull,  John  Willcocks. 

Joseph  Reed,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Tliomjis  Corprew,  one-fourth 
part  tract  of  land  known  as  "Crisp's  plantation,"  526  acres,  which 
said  land,  after  the  death  of  George  Durant,  vested  in  Ann  Corprew, 
alias  Durant,  late  wife  of  Thomas  Corprew,  Sarah  Blount,  alias  Du- 
rant, the  wife  of  Joseph  Bleunt,  Mary  Reed,  alias  Durant,  wife  of 
Christian  R^ed,  and  Elizabeth  Reed,  alius  Durant,  wife  of  Joseph 
Reed,  to  be  equally  divided  among  the  above;  3d  August,  1745. 
Test,  Christian  Reed,  Joseph  Blount. 

Joseph  John  Alston,  to  James  Alston;  7  May,  1745.  300  acreson 
north  side  Bennett's  Creek,  being  an  island  called  Troy.  Test,  Jo- 
seph Blount. 

John  Goodwin,  and  wife  Mary,  to  his  son  Richard  Goodwin;  15 
October,  1744.  70  acres  south  side  Warwick  Swamp,  part  of  720 
acres  granted  John  Burket;  9  October,  1712.  Test,  Wm.  Wingate, 
Richard  Gealle,  Joseph  Goodwin. 

George  White,  to  James  Sumner.     One  acre  land. 

Thomas  Hobbs,  to  his  son  John  Hobbs  10  October,  1745.  165 
actes  on  south  side  of  Cathrine  Creek  Swamp;  part  of  a  grant  for 
430  acres  to  Thos.  Rountree,  4  April,  1720.  Test,  Moses  Rountree, 
Thos.  Rountree. 

Thomas  Walton,  Jr.,  to  John  Hinton,  son  of  James  Hinton ;  21 
April,  1745.  150  acres  in  the  Indian  Neck  on  Catharine  Creek. 
Test,  James  Willson,  Davenport  Gooding. 

William  Lewis,  and  wife  Sarah,  (daughter  of  Francis  Branch),  to 
John  Hodgson;  19th  October,  1745.     124  acres  at  the  head  of  Matta- 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  119 

comack,  beginning  at  a  poplar  on  the  run.  etc.    Test,  Wm.  Luten^ 
Jos.  Anderson. 

Wra.  Norris,  to  James  Eure;  7th  October,  J 746.  109  acres  granted 
said  Norris,  21  March,  1742. 

Wra.  Daws,  to  Isaac  Lewis;  17  January,  1714.  180  acres  on  Wica- 
con  Creek.    Test,  John  Brown,  Jacob  Lewis. 

Wm.  Early,  and  wife  Elinor,  to  John  Beverly.  100  acres  on  the 
Indian  Path,  to  Petty  Shore;  July  4,  1704.  Test,  Thomas  Lut(n, 
Nath'I  Chevin. 

John  Davis,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Wm.  Branch.  50  acres  at  the  head 
of  Mattacomack  Creek,  part  of  the  land  where  I  now  live,  bounded 
by  land  of  John  Wheatley;  4  July,  1704.  Test,  Nath'l  Chevin, 
James  Flemans. 

Joseph  Skittlethorpe,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Henry  Lylse;  2  February, 
1702-3.  100  acres  joining  my  100  acres  on  the  south  of  a  swamp, 
(near  my  mother  Elizabeth  GriflRng)  given  me  by  my  father-in-law 
Richard  Griffing.    Test,  Elizabeth  Griffing,  Thos.  Jones. 

Henry  Johnson,  to  Wm.  Lang,  of  Nansemond  County,  Va.  125 
acres  granted  Clement  Hammond,  5  August,  1733,  joining  lands  of 
Wm  Goodman,  Wm.  Ashlee,  and  Daniel  Pugh;  8  September,  1744. 
Test,  Solomon  Flyet,  John  Parris,  Daniel  March. 

Godfrey  Spruell,  and  wife  Joanna,  to  John  Steward,  and  wife  Hen- 
rietta, our  daughter.  300  acres  on  Albemarle  Sound;  1st  May,  1701- 2. 
Test,  Thop.  Abington,  John  Burkett. 

James  Welch,  of  Bath,  to  James  Long,  of  Chowan.  500  acres  on 
Welch's  Creek,  and  Morattack  River;  13  December,  1701.  Test,  Jno. 
LiJJiDgton,  Humphry  Legg. 

r^O  North  Carolina  Historical 


Book  B,  No.  1. 

Nath'l  Chevin,  to  Richard  Alban.  March  29,  1716;  Act  of  As- 
semcly  passed  November,  1712,  for  the  building  of  a  court-house, 
and  house  to  hold  the  Assembly  in  at  the  Fork  of  Queen  Anne's 
Creek,  and  to  such  persons  as  ^re  minded  tD  build  on  said  creek,  in 

Eursuance  to  said  act,  do  convey  one-half  acre  land  known  as  lot  B, 
e  paying  20  shillings  for  the  same.  Test,  Edward  Moselev,  Tobias 

Same,  to  Charles  Foster.  Lot  A,  on  Queen  Anne's  Creek,  com- 
monly called  Mattacomack  Creek;  September  1,1715.  Tesl,  John 
Mitchell,  Charles  Howell.     Also  lot  C. 

Same,  to  Thomas  Betterly.  Lots  L  and  I,  in  Queen  Anne's  Town, 
being  one-half  acre  each ;  August  2d,  1716.  Test,  C.  Metcalfe,  Fran- 
cis Jones. 

Same,  to  Patrick  Ogilby.  Lot  I,  on  Queen  Anne's  Creek ;  27 
July,  1716. 

Same,  to  John  New.  Lots  Land  M,  on  Queen  Anne's  Creek; 
27  July,  1718. 

Same,  to  Thomas  Henman.  Lot  G,  in  Forks  of  Queen  Anne's 
Creek;  30  May,  1718. 

Same,  to  William  Branch  Lots  B  and  No.  15,  in  Forks  of  Queen 
Anne's  Creek;  27  July,  1718. 

Same,  to  Robert  Calf.  Lots  K  and  20,  in  Queen  Anne's  Creek  ; 
27  July,  1718. 

Same,  to  Robert  Hicks.     Lot  H ;  27  July,  1718 

Same,  to  Richard  Grills.     Lot  C;  27  July,  1718. 

Same,  to  Edward  Wingate.  Lot  No.  14,  Forks  of  Queen  Anne's 
Creek,  west  of  a  lot  belonging  to  Col.  Edward  Moseley  ;  September 
28, 1718.    Tfst,  John  Bonchier,  W.  Alexander. 

Same,  to  Thomas  Matthews.     Lot  No.  13;  September  8,  1718. 

Thomas  Henman,  to  Thos.  Bray.  Assigns  lot  No.  7,  on  Queen 
Anne's  Creek;  December  9,  1718.  Test,  Robert  Hicks,  John  Daf- 

Charles  Foster,  to  Thomas  BeKerly.  One  house  and  lot  in  Queen 
Anne's  Town  ;  September  6,  1718.     Test,  N.  Chevin,  T.  Sweeney. 

Robt.  Hicks,  to  John  Bassett.  Assignment  of  lot  in  Queen  Anne's 
Town ;  31st  July,  1718.     Assigned  by  Bassett  to  Thos.  Bray. 

*  Thomas  Casey,  to  Thomas  Peterson.  Plantation  on  Mattacomack 
Creek,  bought  by  me  of  Nath'l  Chevin;  June  26,  1710  Test,  Ed- 
mund Gale,  Nevil  Low. 

♦  Note.— A  part  of  the  town  of  Edenton  is  built  on  this  tract  of  land.    Peter- 
son Street  takes  its  name  from  Thos.  Peterson. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  121 

Nath'l  Chevin,  to  Patrick  Oi^ilby.  Lot  No.  10,  at  Queen  Anne's 
Creek ;  28 , .     Book  C,  No.  1. 

Book  C,  No.  1. 

NathM  Chevin  and  Tho8.  Petersoi^  <o  Edward  Moseley.  Lots 
Nos.  1  and  2,  at  Queen  Anne's  Town.  Test,  Fred  Jones,  Edward 
Bon  wick. 

Same,  to  Sarah  (-atharine  Hodges.  Lot  No  10,  in  Eden  ton,  N.  C. 
Test,  Geo.  Allen.  Wm.  Bad  ham. 

Lot  No  11,  to  Thos.  Pollock. 

Lot  No.  12,  to  Thos.  Pollock. 

Lot  No.  13,  to  John  Petti ver. 

Thos.  Henraan  to  Christopher  Gale.  Lot  No.  20,  at  Queen  Anne's 
Town;  January  10,  1721.  T^st,  Wm.  Little,  Robt.  Hicks,  Wm. 

Same,  to  Thomas  Matthews.  Lots  14,36  and  37,  at  Queen  Anne's 
Town ;  May  17,  1721.     Test,  Patiick  Ogilby. 

Adam  Cockburn,  to  Wm.  Doisar.  Lots  G  and  H,  town  of  Eden- 
ton,  sold  as  attorney  for  Chas.  Eden ;  March  22d,  172l-'2.  Test, 
Wra.  Badham,  Thomas  HoUs«man. 

Robert  Hicks,  to  Adam  Cockburn.  Assignment  of  a  deed  for  6 
lots,  at  Queen  Anne's  Town,  bought  of  N.  Chevin ;  April  4, 1722. 
Test,  John  Alston,  Joseph  Young. 

Nath'l  Chevin,  to  Jonathan  Barnett,  of  New  England.  One  lot  at 
Queen  Anne's  Town  ;  July  26,  1718.  Assigned  to  Robt.  Hicks,  27 
September,  1719.  Robert  Hicks  assigns  lots  21  and  22  to  Adam 
Cock  bur  ne. 

Jr  Adam  Cockburn,  to  Samuel  Pagett.     Lot  No  9,  town  of  Elenton; 
April  18,  1722.     Ttst,  Edward  Howcott,  Constance  Luten. 

Thomas  Matthews,  to  James  Palin.  of  Edenton.  Lot  No.  13,  town 
of  Edenton;  March  20,  1721-'2.    Test,  Wm.  Badham,  Wm.  Little. 

James  Palln,  to  John  Palin.  Lot  No.  13.  town  of  Edenton;  17 
January,  1723.     Test,  Wm.  Badham,  Charles  Bull. 

Christopher  Gale,  John  Lovick, and  Edward  Moseley, Commission- 
ers of  Edenton,  to  Henry  Clayton.  Lot  No.  21,  town  of  Edenton, 
also  lot  No  22;  7  January,  1722. 

C.  Gale,  E  Moieley,  Nicholas  Crisp,  Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to 
John  Lovick.     Lot  No.  23,  in  said  town,  also  lot  No.  24. 

Same,  to  Edward  Moseley.     Lot  No.  16,  in  Edenton. 

Same,  to  Patrick  Ogilby.     Lot  No.  II. 

Same,  to  Edmund  Gale.     Lot  No.  4. 

Same,  to  Thomas  Matthews.     Lots  Nos.  36  and  37. 

Thos.  HenmMi>,  to  Adam  Cockburn.     Lo's  Nos.  19  and  23 

Daniel  R'chardson,  to  same.     Lots  Nos.  21  and  22. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Edward  Moseley.  Lots  Nos.  25, 
26,  37  and  38. 

Same,  to  Thomas  Harvey.     Lots  Nos.  27,  28,  29,  35,  36,  41,  42. 

122  North  Carolina  Historical 

Same,  to  William  Badham.     Lot  No.  30. 

Same,  to  Robert  Loyd.     Lot  No.  3L 

Same,  to  Francis  Pugh.     Lot  No.  32. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Christopher  Gale.  Lots  Nos.  38 
and  34. 

Same,  to  Richard  Sanderson.     Lots  39  and  40. 

Same,  to  Edmund  Gale.     Cots  43,  44,  45,  46. 

Same  to  Dr.  G  orge  Allen.     Lots  47,  48. 

Wm.  Little,  to  Francis  Pugh.  Lot  No.  20  on  the  land,  late  the 
land  of  Thos.  Peterson. 

Robert,  and  Samuel  Loyd,  to  Wm.  Little.   Lot  No.  10;  29  Decem- 
ber, 1722.     Test,  Samuel  Hazood,  Sarah  Willoughby. 
-    Wm.  Little,  to  Robert  Loyd.     Lot  No.  10;  7  February,  1722. 

Same,  to  same.     One-half  lot  No.  9 

Wm.  Comrie,  to  Thos.  Cook.  Lot  No.  17;  March  27,  1723.  Test, 
Edward  Gale,  Maurice  Moore. 

Daniel  Richardson,  to  Margaret  Branch.     Lots  Nos.  46  and  60. 

Same,  to  Francis  Branch.     Lot  No.  51. 

Cl.ristian  Heidelberg,  to  George  Tate.  Lot  No.  16.  Geo.  Tate  as- 
signs said  lot  to  Margaret  Brancn  (widow  of  Wm.  Branch).  ^^^ 

Thomas  Betterly,  to  Margaret  Branch.     Lot  C.  ^'H 

Commissioners  Moseley,  Gale,  and  Crisp,  to  Wm.  Daniel.  Lot^No. 
23;  lapsed  by  Adam  Cockburne. 

Thos.  Pollock,  to  Richard  Sanderson.     Lots  11  and  12. 

Christopher  Grile,  Eiward  Moseley,  John  Lovick,  Commissioners 
of  Edenton,  to  Wm.  Charlton,  John  Alston,  Wm  Badham,  Heiiry 
Bonner,  John  Crisp,  Joseph  Frailer,  James  Long,  and  Jacob  Blount, 
Justices  of  the  Peace  for  the  Precinct  of  Chowan,  and  their  succes- 
sors, and  in  behalf  of  the  Precinct,  for  their  said  use  for  erecting  and 
building  a  Court  House.  Lots  Nos.  58  and  59;  3d  May,  1723. 
Test,  John  Palin,  Wm.  Badham. 

John  Lovick,  to  Adam  Cockburn.  Lots  Nos.  1  and  2,  new  plan 
Town  of  Edenton. 

Robert  Hicks,  to  C.  Gale,  Jno.  Lovick,  Edward  Moseley,  Commis- 
sioners. Conveys  100  acres  land  patented  by  said  Hicks,  4  March, 
1721,  on  the  back  of  the  land  laid  out  for  a  town,  called  Edenton; 
conveys  one  half  of  said  tract,  that  half 'which  rests  on  the  head  of 
the  Town  land,  the  breadth  of  the  Town  land;  9  August,  1723.  Test, 
Daniel  Richardson,  Thos.  Parris. 

Daniel  Richardson,  to  Thos.  Betterley      Lot  No.  4. 

Jno.  Lovick.  to  Christopher  Gale.  Lot  No.  14,  new  plan  town  of 
Edenton;  7  August,  1723.  i^u^ 

Christopher  Gale,  to  James  Hazood.  Lot  No.  14,  new  plan  town 
of  Edenton. 

Patrick  Ogilby,  to  Wm  Charlton.     Lot  No.  11,  old  plan. 

Wm.  Little,  tc^  Thos.  Cook.     Lot  No.  18,  new  plan. 

Adam  Cockburn,  to  Christopher  Gale.     Lot  No.  1,  new  plan. 

Christopher  Gale,  to  Richard  Sanderson.     Lot  No.  1,  new  plan. 


Thos.  Pollock,  to  John  Ismay.     Lots  11  and  12,  new  plan. 

Edmund  Gale,  to  Adam  Cockburn.     Lots  3  and  4,  new  plan. 

Adam  Cockburn,  to  John  Armour.  Assigns  deed  of  two  lots  in 
old  plan. 

Christopher  Gale,  to  Nath'l  Hall.     Lot  No.  34,  new  plan. 

Same,  to  David  Bailey.     Lot  No.  33. 

Thos.  Matthews,  to  Wm.  Badham.     Lot  No.  36,  old  plan. 

Francis  Pugh,  to  Thos.  Cook.    Lot  No.  20,  new  plan. 

Richard  Sanderson,  to  Jne.  Ismay.     Lot  No.  12,  new  plan. 

Patrick  OgiM^,  to  Jas.  Winbright.     Lot  No.  10,  old  plan. 

Margaret  Branch,  to  Thos.  Cook.     Lot  No.  16,  new  plan. 

Christian  Heidelberg,  to  Thos.  Cook.     Lot  No.  15,  new  plan. 

Thomas  Cook,  to  Margaret  Branch.     Lot  No.  15,  new  plan. 

Commissioners  Lovick,  Mosely,  and  Crisp,  to  Wm.  Badham.  Lots 
36,  37,  new  plan. 

Adam  Cockburn,  to  Robert  Rant.     Lots  6  and  7,  old  plan. 

Commissioners,  to  Patrick  Ogilby.     Lot  No.  23,  old  plan. 

Zach  Eclow,  to  Bartholomew  Scott.     Lot  No.  13,  old  plan. 
-Bartholomew  Scott,  to  Arthur  Mabson,  of  Pasquotank.     Lot  No. 
13,  old  plan  of  the  town. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Wm.  Badham.  Lots  38  and  39,  old 

Same,  to  Wm.  Mackey.     Lot  No.  34,  old  plan. 

Adam  Cockburn,  to  Geo.  Allen.     Lots  Nos.  21  and  22,  old  plan. 

Wm.  Arkill,  to  Martha  Branch,  daughter  of  Wm.  Branch,  and 
Margaret  his  wife.  Deed  of  gift,  for  lots  in  Edenton ;  18  February, 

Wm.  Arkill,  and  wife  Margaret,  to  Elizabeth  Robertson.  Deed  of 
gift,  for  lot  in  the  new  plan  of  towu  of  Edenton ;  18  February,  1724-5. 
Test,  Robert  Hicks,  Francis  Branch. 

Peter  Adams,  to  Wm.  Williams.     Lot  A,  old  plan. 

John  Ismay,  to  Edmund  Gale.    Mortgage  on  lots  Nos  11  and  12. 

Richard  Sanderson,  to  John  Dunston.     Lot  No.  1,  new  plan. 

Thos.  Betterley,  to  Patrick  Ogilby.     Lease  of  lot  No.  4,  old  plan. 

Same,  to  same.  Deed  of  release  to  said  lot  No.  4; February,  1725. 
Patrick  Ogilby. 

C.  Gale,  Jno.  Lovick,  Edward  Moseley,  Commissioners  of  Edenton, 
to  Wm.  Williams.     Lot  to  the  westward  of  Lot  A.  .t;^ 

Robert  Rant,  to  Roger  Ken}  on,  of  Bath.     Two  lots  in  the  old  plan. 

Wm.  Arkill,  and  wife  Margaret,  to  Issachar  Branch,  the  son  of 
Wm.  Branch,  and  his  wife  Margaret,  now  my  wife.  Lot  B;  deed  of 
gift,  in  case  of  his  denth  to  his  sister  Martha  Branch.  *r^^^ 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Hill  Savage.  Lots  100  and  101,  old 
plan.  :       ' 

Same,  to  John  Hannah.     Lot  123  old  plan;  September  28,  1726. 

John  Palin,  to  Thos.  Parris.     Assignment  lot  — . 

John  Lovick,  to  Thos.  Parris.     Lot  No.  14,  old  plan. 

George  Allen,  to  Thos.  Betterly.     Lots.  Nos.  21  and  22,  old  plan. 

124  North  Carolina  Historical 


Thos.  Betterly,  to  George  Allen.  Conveys  in  trust  for  said  Allen's 
wife  Hester,  and  son  Arthur,  the  two  lots  Nos.  21  and  22,  old  plan. 

James  Wiuwright,  to  Thos.  Swann.  Lots  Nos.  9  and  10;  sold  by 
N.  Chevin,  to  Patrick  Ogilby,  and  by  him  sold  to  said  Winwright. 

James  Winright,  to  Jerome  Armour.     Lot  No.    10. 

Edmund  Porter,  to  Edward  Moseley.  Lots  9  and  10;  April,  1727. 

Martha  Dunston,to  Richard  Sanderson,  Jr.  Assignment  of  deed 
for  lot  purchased  of  said  Sanderson. 

Roger  Kenyon,  to  Thomas  Jones.  Lot  in  Edenton  adjoining  the 
Court  House,  50  feet  square,  lying  in  the  uppermost  pSfrt  thereof,  next 
to  the  Court  House;  31st  July,  1727. 

Thos.  Jones,  to  Roger  Kenyon.     Revocation  of  deed  for  one  lot. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Sir  Richard  Everard.  Lots  Nos.  1 
and  2. 

Christopher  Gale,  to  Wm.  Little.     L<>t  No.  20,  old  plan. 

Humphrey  Robinson,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  John  Butterwork  of 
Yorktown,  Va.  Lot  No.  15,  new  plan  ;  August  3d,  1728.  Test, 
Wm.  Williams,  J.  Martyn  Sanderson. 

John  Pailin,  to  Susan  Parris.  Lot  No.  5,  recently  occupied  by 
Robert  Forster;  November  15,  1728. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Christian  Palin  (spinster).  Lots 
100  and  101  old  plan;  20th  September,  1728. 

John  Palin,  of  Pasquotank,  to  James  Palin.  Lots  Nos.  16  and  17, 
new  plan;  April  3d,  1729. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Miles  Gale.  Lots  34  and  35,  old 

Roger  Kenyon,  to  James  Trotter.     Lots  6  and  7,  old  plan. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  John  Hannah.     Lot  124,  old  plan. 

John  Lovick,  to  Christopher  Gale.     Lots  Nos.  30  and  31. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Miles  Gale.  Lot  H.  19th  Janu- 
ary, 1729. 

John  Lovick,  to  Chas.  Westbeen,  and  Wm.  Rowdon  (merchants). 
Lots  22  and  23. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  same.  Lots  35  and  36,  formerly 
granted  to  Thos*  Harvey. 

Jno.  Lovick,  to  Miles  Gale.     Lots  E,  F,  and  G  in  old  plin. 

Same,  Executors  of  Thos.  Betterly,  to  George  Allen.  Nos.  27,  28, 
and  29,  late  Thos.  Betterly,  deceased,  his  will  dated  4th  June,  1729. 
Sold  at  Court  House  door  in  Eienton,  Fridav,  16th  instant;  July 
17th,  1729. 

vVm.  Little,  to  George  Allen.     Lots  44  and  45,  old  plan. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  J4mes  Trotter.  Lois  28  and  29, 
formerly  granted  to  Thos  Harvey,  but  lapsed  for  want  of  building. 

Henry  Clayton,  to  John  L  »vick.     Lot  No.  21. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Martha  Dunston.  Lots  36,  37,  38, 
39;  August  31st,  1730. 

Richard  Grills,  to  Wm.  Badham.     Lot  No.  3,  old  plan. 

Richard  Sanderson,  to  Wm.  Moreton.     Lot  No.  1,  new  plan. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  125 

James  Winwright,  to  Sir  Richard  Everard.     Lots  I  and  10.     As- 
signed by  Sir  Richard  Everard  to  Chas.  McDowell. 

William  Williams,  to  James  Kelly.     Lot  A. 

Commissioners  of  Edeuton,  to  Wm.  Mackey.  Lots  25  and  26,  old 
plan.  . 

Charles  McDowell,  to  Sarah  Catharine  Ismay.  Lots  I  and  10; 
10th  April.  1737. 

Robert  Robinson,  to  James  Connor.  Lot  No.  13,  old  plan.  James 
Connor  assigns  same  to  Lewis  Allear. 

William  Mackey,  to  Sarah  Ismay.  Lois  24,  25,  26,  46, 47,  48,  old 
plan  ;  September  11,  1735.     Test,  J.  Williams. 

Commissioners  of  Eden  ton,  to  John  Lovick.     Lot  No.  14 

Same,  to  Christian  Heidelberg.     Lots  Nos.  15  and  16. 

Same,  to  Wm.  Comrie.     Lot  No.  17. 

Commissioners  of  Edenlon,  to  John  Lovick,  Lots  Nos.  1  and  2,  in 
Edenton  ;  November  1st,  1722. 

Same,  to  Christopher  Gale.     Lot  No.  3;  November  Ist,  1722. 

Same,  to  Thomas  Spiers.     Lot  No.  4 ;  November  1st,  1722. 

Same,  to  Thomas  Cook.     Lot  No.  5  ;  November  Ist,  1722. 

Same,  to  George  Allen.     Lots  6  and  7 ;  November  Ist,  1722. 

Same,  to  Wm.  Little.     Lots  8  and  9;  November  1st,  1722. 

Nath'i  Chevin,  to  Patrick  Ogilby.     Lot  No.  10. 

Same,  and  Thos.  Peterson,  to  Edward  Moseley.  Lots  1  and  2  at 
Queen  Annes'  Creek. 

Comilaissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Sarah  Catharine  Hodges.  Lot  No. 
10  in  Edenton  ;  1st  November,  1722.  Test,  George  Allen,  Wm.  Bad- 

Same,  to  Thomas  Pollock.     Lots  11  and  12;  November  1st,  1722. 

Same,  to  John  Petti ver.     Lot  13;  November  1st,  1722. 

Israel  Sheldin,  to  Charles  McDowell.  Assigns  deed  for  one  lot 
and  one-half  lot  in  Edenton ;  30  October,  1733.  Test,  John  Hannah, 
Robert  Hicks. 

Daniel  Richardson,  of  Pasquotank,  to  Nicholas  Crisp.  Lot  No  12, 
or  Little  M,  in  Edenton,  N.  C;  10  July,  1721.  Test,  Patrick  Ogilby, 
Rt.  Hicks. 

Wm.  Branch,  to  Wm.  Douers.  Lot  in  Edenton;  30  June,  1721. 
Test,  Robert  Hicks,  Henry  Lysle. 

John  Grills,  son  of  Richard  Grills,  and  brother  of  Richard  Grills. 
Lot  No.  3  to  Wm.  Badham;  August  11, 1735.  Test,  Will  Heritage, 
James  Craven. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  John  Richards.  Lots  58  and  59; 
May  26,  1736.     Test,  James  Trotter,  T.  Hodgson. 

John  Lovick,  to  Abraham  Blackall.  One-half  lot  in  Edenton, 
adjoining  lots  of  Sarah  Catharine  Ismay,  and  Dr.  George  Allen ; 
February  2, 1732.    Test,  J.  Hodgson,  Robert  Foster. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  J.  Hodgson,  Will  Smith,  Edmund 
Gale,  to  James  Wallace,  of  New  York.  Lot  52;  February  27, 1737. 
Test,  Thos.  Clark,  Peter  Payne. 

126  North  Carolina  Historical 

Same,  to  James  Potter.  Lots  61, 62,  63, 64,  bounded  east  by  Main 
street;  May  25,  1736.    Test,  James  Trotter,  T.  Hodgson. 

Same,  to  same.     Lot  No.  30,  new  plan  of  said  town ;  May  3d,  1736. 

Same,  to  Joseph  Anderson.  Lots  i51,  and  letters  C,  M,  F,  L,  new 
plan  said  town;  December  9,  1736.     Test,  T.  Pratt,  Peter  Payne. 

Same,  to  Henrv  Bonner.  Lots  31,  33,  and  39,  new  plan  said  town; 
December  29, 1736. 

*  Thomas  Carey,  to  Thos.  Peterson.  A  certain  plantation  on  Mat- 
tucomack  Creek,  bought  of  Nath'l  Chevin;  June  26,  1710.  Test, 
Edmund  Gale,  Nevil  Low. 

Israel  Sheldon,  to  Charles  McDowell.  Assignment  deed  for  lot  or 
i  acre  land;  October  30,  1733.     Test,  Jno,  Hannah. 

John  Grills,  son  of  Richard  Grills,  deceased,  to  William  Badham. 
Lot  No.  3,  old  plan  town  of  Edenton,  bounded  east  by  lot  of  Wm. 
Badham,  west  by  lots  of  orphans  of  Dr.  George  Allen,  said  lot  being 
bequeathed  by  will  of  his  father  lo  said  John  Grills;  August  11, 
1735.     Test,  Will  Heritage,  James  Craven. 

Edward  Moseley,  Edmund  Gale,  and  Wm.  Badham,  Commission- 
ers of  Edenton,  to  John  Richards.  Lots  Nos.  58  and  59,  old  plan 
town  of  Edenton  ;  May  27,  1736.     Test,  James  Trotter,  S.  Hodgson. 

John  Lovick,  to  Abraham  Blackall.  One  lot  and  one-half  lot  in 
town  of  Edenton,  bounded  west  by  lot  of  Mrs.  Sarah  Catherine  Ismay, 
south  by  one  of  the  streets  next  the  water,  east  by  lot  of  Dr.  Geo. 
Allen,  north  by  another  street;  2d  February,  1732.  Test,  J.  Hodg- 
son, Robert  Forster. 

Edmund  Gale,  Wm.  Smith,  and  John  Hodgson,  Commissioners  of 
Edenton,  to  James  Wallace,  Sr.  (merchant).  •  Lot  No.  52,  new  plan 
of  said  town;  27  February,  1737.     Test,  Thos.  Clarke,  Peter  Payne. 

Edmund  Moseley,  Edmund  Gale,  and  Wm.  Badham,  Commis- 
sioners of  Edenton,  to  James  Potter.  Lots"61,  62,  63,  64,  new  plan 
of  said  town  ;  May  25, 1736.    Test,  James  Trotter,  T.  Hodgson. 

Same,  to  same.  Lot  No.  30,  new  plan  of  said  town,  formerly  sold 
to  Wm.  Badham,  and  lapsed  for  want  of  a  building;  May  2d,  1736. 
Test,  James  Trotter,  T.  Hodgson. 

Same,  to  Joseph  Anderson.  6  lots  Nos.  151,  C,  M,  F,  L,  new  plan 
of  said  town.    Test,  T.  Pratt,  Peter  Payne. 

Same,  to  Henry  Bonner.  Lots  Nos.  37,  38,  39,  new  plan  of  said 
town  ;  29  December,  1736. 

Same,  to  John  Pratt.  Lot  R.,  new  plan  said  town;  December  29, 

Same,  to  James  Trotter.  Lots  G,  C,  new  plan  said  town ;  Decem- 
ber 29, 1736. 

Same,  to  Peter  Payne  (merchant).  Lot  T,  new  plan  said  town; 
December  29,  1736. 

William  Mackey,  to  Mary  Jones,  daughter  of  Henry  Jones.     Lots 

♦  Note.— A  part  of  the  town  of  Edenton  is  built  on  this  tract  of  land.  Peter- 
son street  in  Edenton  bears  the  name  of  Thomas  Peterson,  the  owner  of  this 
tract  of  land. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  127 

Hos.  23,  24,  25,  44,  45,  46,  47,48,  old  plan  town  of  Edenton  ;  May  17, 
1736.     Test,  Michael  Slaughter,  James  Craven. 

John  Hanna,  to  Charles  McDowell.  One  lot  in  old  plan  town  of 
;5;denton;  2d  March,  1735-'6. 

Robert  Kingham,  and  wife  Margaret,  to  James  Kelly.  Lots  Nos. 
50  and  51,  new  plan  town  of  Edenton;  Novem*ber  15,  1736.  Test, 
Wm.  Mackey,  W.  Lardner,  Samuel  Bundy. 

Frances  Williams,  Executrix,  and  widow  of  Wm,  Williams,  to 
John  Ross.  Lot  No.  11  in  Edenton,  N.  C;  January  29, 1734.  Test, 
William  Hoskins,  James  Craven. 

James  Potter,  and  wife  Martha,  to  Daniel  Hanman.  Lots  Nos. 
16,  17,  27,  28,  29,  30,  io  new  plan  town  of  Elenton,  N.  C;  23d  Feb- 
ruary, 1736.     Test,  William  Billinjr*',  Sarah  Grasson. 

Edward  Mosely,  Edmund  Gale,  Wm.  Badham,  Commissioners  of 
Edenton,  to  Henry  Hope,  and  Jos  Anderson.  Lots  Nos.  75,  76,  77, 
78,  79,  80,  in  the  old  plan  town  of  Edenton;  May  27.  1736.  Test, 
James  Trotter,  T.  Hodgson. 

Edward  Howcott,  to  Joseph  Anderson.  Lot  D,  old  plan  town  of 
Edenton;  July  19,  1736.     Test,  T.  Barker,  Timothy  Yeates. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Joseph  Anderson  and  Henry  Hope. 
Lots  73  and  74,  old  plan  town  of  Edenton ;  June  4,  1736. 

William  Arkill,  and  wife  Margaret,  and  Issachar  Branch,  to  James 
Kelly.  Lot  B,  in  town  of  Edenton;  March  14,  1737.  Test,  Peter 
Payne,  Edmund  Howcott. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Roger  "Gale,  2d  son  of  Edmund 
Gale.  Lots  6  and  7,  new  plan  town  of  Edenton;  May  Ist,  1738. 
Test,  Jos.  Anderson,  Alex.  Logan. 

Joseph  Anderson,  and  wife  Ann,  to  William  Twigg.  Lot  D,  old 
plan  town  of  Edenton ;  September  30, 1738. 

Will  Watkins,  and  wife  Martha,  to  Joseph  Anderson.  Lot  C,  old 
plan  town  of  Edenton  ;  July  10, 1736.  Test,  John  Johnston,  J.  Rob- 

Miles  Gale,  and  wife  Hannah,  to  Wm.  Twigg.  Lot  E,  town  of 
Edenton;  February  21,1736.    Test,  James  Trotter, Thoms  Jenkins. 

Christian  Chermond,  to  Peter  Payne.  A  certain  house  in  E<len- 
ton  in  possession  of  Thonaas  Meltimore;  November  28,  1738.  Test, 
Pratt,  Jacob  Moore. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  John  Stafford.  Lots  97,  98, 100, 
101,  104, 105,  new  plan  town  of  Edenton;  April  30, 173S.  Test,  Jos. 
Anderson,  Alex.  Logan. 

Same,  to  Miles  Gale.  Lots  32  and  33,  old  plan  of  said  town ;  May 
1,  1738.     Test,  Joseph  Anderson,  Alex  Logan. 

Same,  to  John  Pratt.  Lot  K,  new  plan  said  town  ;  December  29, 

Same,  to  James  Trotter.  Lots  G  and  C,  new  plan  ;  December  29, 

Same,  to  Peter  Payne.     Lot  T,  new  plan  ;  December  29th,  1736. 

Wm.  Mackey,  to  Mary  Jones,  daughter  of  Henry  Jones.     Lots  23, 

128  NoHTH  Carolina   Historical 

24,  25,  44.  45,  46,  47  and  48,  old  plan  town  of  Edenton;  May  17, 
1736.     IVst,  M  chatl  Slaughter,  James  Craven. 

John  Hanna,  to  Charles  McD 'Well.  One  lot  in  Edenton;  March 
March  2,  1735-6.     Wm.  Mathes,  John  Mathes 

Robt.  Kingham,and  wife  Margaret,  to  James  Kelly.  Lots50  and 
51,  new  plan  town*of  Edenton;  November  15,  1736.  Test,  Wm. 
Mackey,  W  Lardner,  Sam^  Bundy. 

Frances  Williams,  widow  and  Executrix  of  Wm.  Williams,  to 
John  Ross.  Lot  No.  11;  January  29,  1734.  Test,  Wm.  Hoskins, 
James  Craven. 

James  Potter,  to  D.  Hammer.  Lots  Nos.  16,  17,  27,28,29  and  30, 
in  new  plan  of  said  town;  wife  Martha  joined  in  the  deed;  Feb- 
ruary 23,  1736     Test,  William  Billings,  Sam'l  Grasten. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Henry  Hope  and  Joseph  Anderson. 
Lots  Nos.  Nop.  7r>,  76,  77,  78,  79  and  80,  old  plan  town  of  Edenton  ; 
May  27,  1736. 

Edward  Howcott,  to  Joseph  Andprson.  Lot  D,  old  plan  ;  Jan- 
uary 10,1736. 

Will  Aikill,and  wife  Margaret,  and  Isaachar  Branch,  to  James 
Kelly.  Lot  B,  old  plan  ;  March  14, 1737.  Test,  Peter  Payne,  Ed- 
ward  Howcott. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Roger  Gale,  2d  son  of  Edmund 
Gale,  Treas.  Lots  6  and  7,  new  plan,  May  Ist,  1738.  Test,  Joseph 
Anderson,  Alex.  Logan. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Paul  Palmer.  ^  Lots  161  and  162, 
old  plan;  May  6,  1738. 

Joseph  Anderson,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Will  Twigg.  Lot  D,old  plan; 
September  30,  1738. 

William  Watkins  and  wife  Martha,  to  Joseph  Anderson.  Lot  C, 
in  Edenton,  N.  C;  July  10,  1736.  Test,  John  Johnston,  J.  Rob, 

Miles  Gale,  and  wife  Hannah,  to  Wm.  Twigg.  Lot  E,  in  Eden- 
ton ;  Test,  Thomas  Jenkins. 

Edmund  Gale,  Wm.  Smith,  and  Jno.  Hodgson,  Commissioners  of 
Edenton,  to  John  StafiFord.  Lots  97,  98, 100, 101  and  104,  new  plan 
of  said  town;  April  30th,  1737.     Test,  Joseph  Anderson. 

Same,  to  Gale.  Lots  32  and  33,  old  plan  town  of  Edenton  ;  May 
Ist,  1738.     Test,  Joseph  Anderson. 

,  to  Peter  Payne.     Lot  No.  13. 

Frances  Williams,  widow,  to  Peter  Payne.  Lot  No.  13,  town  of 
Edenton,  N.  C  ;  April  25,  1739.  Test,  James  Trotter,  Michael 

Arthur  Mabson,  of  Core  Sound,  to  Frances  Williams.  Lot  No.  18, 
town  of  Edenton,  N.  C;  March  13th,  1739.  Test,  John  Richards, 
Wm.  Mackey. 

Jno.  Pratt,  and  wife  Christian,  to  Thomas  Blount.  Lot  No.  5,  new 
plan  of  the  town;  November  1st,  1740.  Test,  Alex.  McCulloch, 
James  Conner. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  129 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Joseph  Blount.  Lots  A,  B,  M,  N, 
new  plan  of  the  town;  January  16,1740.  Test,  Thomas  Blount, 
Henry  Guston. 

Same,  to  Peter  Payne.  Lot  No.  13,  old  plan  of  the  town  of  Eden- 
ton ;  A[)ril,  1740.     Tesf,  Charles  Foster, Jones, Steward. 

Henrv  Bonner,  to  William  Bonner.  Lots  37  and  38;  January  20, 
1743.     Tesi;  Nath'l  Howcott»  Jno.  Luten. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Charlotte  Blackall.  Lot  No.  21, 
new  plan  town  of  Edenton,  N.  C ;  October  20, 1749.  Test,  Abraham 
Blackall,  Jos.  Anderson. 

Daniel  Hanmer,  to  Alex.  Bennett.  December  16,  1742;  six  Lits 
bought  of  James  Potter.     Test,  Alex.  Gillins,  J.  Bennett. 

Same,  to  same.  Six  lots  bought  of  James  Potter  in  Edenton  ;  De- 
cember 15,  1742.  Test,  Nath'l  Gatys,  John  Bennett.  Cerlificate  of 
Robert  Wilmot,  as  to  John  Bennett's  signature. 

Pt)wer  of  attorney,  from  Alexander  Bennett  to  John  Dawson. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Thomas  Blount.  Lot  0,  new  plan 
of  said  town;  January  15,  1740.  Test,  Josepii  Blount,  Henry 

Chas.  McDowell,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  James  Conner.  April 
20th,  1739;  lots  125  and  126,  old  plan  town  of  Edenton.  Test,  J. 
Hodgson,  Wm.  Hoskins. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  James  Craven.  Lots  100, 101,  102, 
103,  104  and  105,  old  plan  town  of  Edenton;  June  6,  1738.  Test, 
Peter  Payne,  Jno.  Donovan. 

Thomas  Blount,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  James  Craven.  Lot  No. 
5,  new  plan  of  the  town;  February  7,  1740.  Test,  Jos.  Blount, 
J.  Halsey,  Edmund  Hatch. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Abraham  Blackall.  Lots  6  and  7, 
new  plan  of  the  town  ;  August  5th,  1741. 

Matthew  Hardy,  and  wife  Penelope,  of  Bertie  Co.,  to  John  Camp- 
bell ;  November 4,  1741.  All  the  lots  in  Edenton  which  Wm.  Little 
bequeathed  by  will  dated  June  5,  1734,  to  his  widow  Penelope  now 
my  wife.     Test,  Peter  Payne,  Isaac  Arthand. 

James  Trotter,  to  Ann  Richards.  December  10,  1741  ;  50  feet 
square,  fronting  the  street  opposite  lot  where  James  Mitchell  now 
lives,  known  as  lot  No.  21,  in  the  old  plan,  adjoining  lot  No.  9  on 
one  side,  and  lot  No.  7  on  the  other,  said  lot  is  however  No.  8.  Test, 
Edmund  Hatch,  Timothy  Yeats. 

John  Ogilby,  son  and  heir  apparent  of  Patrick  Ogilby,  dec'd,  to 
Thomas  Swann.  Lot  No.  4,  old  plan  of  the  town  of  Edenton,  N.  C  ; 
April  6, 1731.     Test,  Isaac  Hill,  Wm.  Gray.  James  Milliken. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Jno.  Lovick.  Lot  No.  14,  town  of 
Edenton;  November  Ist,  1722.    Test,  Geo.  Allen,  Wm.  Badham. 

Same,  to  Christian  Heidelberg.  Lots  15  and  16,  town  of  Eden- 
ton; November  1st,  1722. 

Same,  to  Wm.  Corrie.     Lot  No  17;  November  Ist,  1722. 

Wm.  Luten,  sheriff  of  Chowan  County,  to  James  Craven.  (Exe- 

330  North  Carolina  Historical 

cution  V.  Dr.  Geo.  Allen's  estate,  favor  of  Theophilus  Pugh.)  Octo- 
ber 314,  1741 ;  lot  No.  4,  adjoining  on  the  eastward  court-house  lots. 
Test,  Richard  McClure,  Juo.  Halsey. 

Timothy  Lafitte,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  James  Craven.  Lots  6  and 
7,  adjoining  lot  of  Abraham  Blackall  on  the  west;  August  4,  1742. 
Test,  Richard  McClure,  Peter  Payne. 

James  Craven,  to  John  Hodgson.  Lots  F  and  P,  new  plan  of  the 
town;  August  24,  1742.     Test,  Peter  Payne,  Richard  McClure. 

Samuel  Saban  Plomer,  and  Sarah  Catherine,  his  wife,  to  Sam'l 
Gregory.  Lots  I  and  10,  bought  by  James  Wainwright  of  Patrick 
Ogilby,  and  by  said  Wainwright  to  Edmund  Porter  and  Thos. 
Swann  formerly,  since  sold  by  Wainwrigjht  to  Richard  Everard,who 
sold  them  to  Chas.  McDowell,  and  by  McDowell  conveyed  to  Sarah 
Catherine  Ismay;  August  24,  1741.  Test,  Abraham  Blackall,  John 

James  Hazard,  and  wife  Martha,  to  James  Craven.  Lot  No.  14, 
new  plan  of  the  town  of  Edenton;  March  8,  1742.  Test,  Peter 
Adams,  J.  Hali?ey,.Wm.  Benbury;  bounded  west  by  lot  of  Humphrey 
Robinson  and  east  by  lot  of  Peter  Gray. 

Samuel  Scolley,  to  James  Craven.  Deed  for  lots  in  Edenton,  N.  C; 
December  4,  1742.    Test,  Nathaniel  Ming,  Rjchd.  McClure. 

John  Ogilby,  son  and  heir  apparent  of  Patrick  Ogilby,  deceased, 
to  Thomas  Swann.  Lot  No.  4,  old  plan  of  the  town ;  April  6, 1731. 
Test,  Isaac  Hill,  Wm.  Gray,  James  Milliken 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Israel  Shelden.  Lot  No.  125;  Oc- 
tober 19,  1733.    Test,  George  Allen,  Wm.  Mackey. 

Same,  to  same.  Lot  126,  assigned  to  Charles  McDowell;  October 
19,  1733.  Test,  George  Allen,  Wm.  Mackey,  John  Hannah,  Robert 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Christian  Herkell.  Lots  43  and  44, 
in  new  plan  of  said  town;  March  5,  1742.  Test,  Thos.  Barker, 
Peter  Payne. 

Edward  Moseley,  of  New  Hanover  Co.,  to  John  Richards.  Lots  9 
and  10,  bought  of  Edmund  Porter,  which  formerly  were  sold  by 
Patrick  Ogilby  to  James  Winwright,  who  sold  then  to  said  Porter, 
except  40-feet  square  next  to  the  dwelling  or  lots  of  John  Ross, 
which  is  conveyed  to  John  Hulls;  March  7,  1740.  Test,  Peter  Payne, 
Abigail  Slaughter. 

Commissioners  of  Edenton,  to  Peter  Adams.  Lots  39,  40,  41,  42, 
new  plan  of  said  town;  March  12,  1741.  Test,  Peter  Payne,  Thos. 

Sime,  to  Lawrence  Landraken.  Lots  85  and  86,  new  plan  of  said 
town  ;  March  25,  1742.     Test,  James  Mitchell,  Wm.  Luten, 

Same,  to  Samuel  Scolley.  Lots  99  and  100,  new  plan  of  said 
town;  February  7,  1741.     Test,  Thos.  Barker,  Peter  Payne. 

Same,  to  John  Hull.     Lots  101  and  102,  new  plan  of  said  town  ; 

bruary  25, 1741. 

Same,  to  Samuel  Stillwell.  Lots 47  and  48,  new  plan  of  said  town ; 
uary  5, 1741. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  131 

Same,  to  Wm.  Walton.  Lots  45  and  46,  new  plan  of  said  town ; 
March  25,  1742. 

k  Same,  to  George  Reed.    Lots  146  and  147,  new  plan  of  said  town ; 
March  25,  1742. 

Same,  to  George  Patterson.  Lots  103  and  104,  new  plan  of  said 
town  ;  February  5,  1741. 

John  Hodgson,  to  Timothy  Lafitte.  May  16, 1741;  lot  No.  6,  new 
plan  town  of  Edenton. 

Commissioners  of  Elenton,  to  James  Craven.  Lots  C,  F,  P,  new 
plan  of  said  town ;  March  5,  1742. 

Same,  to  John  Ross.  Lot  11,  old  plan  of  said  town ;  April  2d, 

Same,  to  Dorothy  Sherwin.  Lots  97  and  98,  new  plan  town  of 
Edenton;  February  17, 1741. 

Same,  to  Wm.  Smith.  Lots  D  and  E,  new  plan  of  said  town ; 
November  4,  1741. 

Same,  to  John  Montgomery.  One  lot  in  old  plan,  bounded  one 
side  by  lot  of  Peter  Payne  and  the  other,  lot  of  James  Kelly;  Feb- 
ruary 2d,  1741. 

Same,  to  Joseph  Anderson.  Lots  G,  H,  I,  K,  L  and  150,  new  plan 
of  said  town ;  November  4,  1741. 

Thomas  Swann,  to  George  Allen.  November  10,  1732;  lot  No.  4, 
old  plan  of  the  town.    Test,  John  Benbury,  Jas.  Trotter. 

Thomas  Blount,  of  EdgecombeC  o.,  to  James  Craven.  Lot  No.  5, 
new  plan  of  the  town;  February  22d,  1741. 

Edward  Moseley,  of  New  Hanover  Co.,  to  Michael  Slaughter.  Lot 
No.  16,  old  plan  town  of  Edenton;  February  18,  1739.  Test,  Thos. 
Walton,  James  Sumner,  J.  Hodgson. 

132  North  Carolina  Historical 


(Taken  from  the  oflSce  of  the  Clerk  of  the  Superior  Court  of  Chowan  County.) 

Isaac  Jordan,  of  Bertie  County.  Executed  February  3d,  1790; 
probated  May  Term,  1790.  Sons  Joseph  and  Edward,  brother  Jo- 
seph, daughters  Mary,  Sarah,  Prudence  and  Hannah;  wife  Hannah, 
son  Joseph,  nephew  James  Jordan,  and  friend  Thos.  Collins,  Execu- 

Joseph  Church,  of  Currituck  Co.,  N.  C.  February  2d,  1722-^3 ; 
daughters  Leely  White,  Ann  Church,  granddaughter  Julian  White, 
son  Richard,  wife  Julian.  Test,  Foister  Jarvis,  Asmian  Parker, 
Thomas  Parker. 

Day  Ridley,  of  Hertford  Co.,  N.  C.  March  9th,  1777;  son  Timo- 
thy Sharp  Ridley,  son  Nathaniel,  wife;  wife,  brother-in-law  Timothy 
Sharpe  and  Henry  Taylor  Executors. 

Timothy  Thorpe,  Administrator  of  Peterson  Thorpe,  Phillip  Per- 
son surety.     June  12,  1777. 

Honry  Norman,  of  TyrrelJ  Co.  June  8, 1797  ;  wife  Sarah,  friend 
Fanny  Ray;  wife  Sarah,  John  Bateman  and  Nathan  Hooker  Execu- 
tors.    Test,  Levi  Bateman,  James  Blount. 

John  Harlowe,  of  Chowan.  Wife  Mary,  daughter  Mary,  child 
in  esse,  brother  Thomas  Harlowe;  wife,  John  Charlton,  and  Job 
Charlton  Executors;  April  16,  1762.  Test,  Jos.  Blount,  Jos.  Ben- 
bury,  Ann  Harlowe. 

John  Halsey,  of  Chowan.  Sons  William,  Jeremiah,  Samuel,  Fred- 
erick, and  Edmund,  daughter  Mary;  sons  William,  Jeremiah  and 
Samuel  Executors;  May  7,  1762.  Test,  John  Benbury,  Sarah  Beas- 
ley,  Bridget  Garrett. 

♦John  Blount,  of  Chowan  Co.  Decembers,  1753;  died  February 
10, 1754;  children  James,  Frederick,  Wilson,  Eh'zabeth,  Martha  and 
Mary,  wife  Sarah,  sisterin-law  Mrs.  Mary  Moore,  brothers  Joseph  and 
Charles  Blount;  sons  James  and  Frederick  Executors.  Test,  Jno. 
Halsey,  Jno.  Smith,  Jno.  Beasley,  Richard  Dunbar. 

*  Note.— (a)  John  Blount  married  Sarah  E.  Vail,  daughter  of  Jeremiah  Vail. 
Issue,  (a)  James  Blount  married  Ann  Hall,  daughter  of  Rev.  Clement  Hall. 
Issue,  Clement  Hall  Blount  died  unmarried,  (b)  Sarah  Blount  died  unmarried, 
(c)  Frederick  Blount,  eldest  son,  married  Rachel  Bryan,  nee  Heritage.  Issue, 
among  others,  (1)  Frederick  S.  Blount,  who  moved  to  Alabama  and  left  a  large 
family,  (2)  Alexander  Clement  Blount,  (3)  Heritage  Wistar  Blount,  of  Lenoir 

(b)  Wilson  Blount  died  unmarried. 

(c)  Frederick  Blount,  whose  daughter  Mary  married  Wm.  Shepard,  of  New 
Bern.  Issue,  Wm.  B.  Shepard,  Charles  B.  Shepard,  James  B.  Shepard,  Mrs. 
John  H.  Brvan,  of  Raleigh,  Mrs.  Ebenezer  Pettigrew,  and  others. 

(d)  Elizabeth  Blount  married  John  Baptist  Beasley. 

(e)  Mary  Blount  married  Rev.  Chas.  Pettigrew,  1st  Bishop.elect  of  North  Car- 
olina, and  left  two  sons,  Ebenezer,  who  married  Ann  Shepard,  of  New  Bern. 
Issue,  Rev.  W.  S.  Pettigrew,  Gen.  James  Johnston  Pettigrew,  Charles  L.  Petti- 
grew, and  two  daughters,  one  of  whom  married  Rev.  NeiU  McKay. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  133 

James  Jones,  of  Hertford  Co.  Wife  Ann,  son  Joseph,  child  in 
esse^  to  be  named  James,  all  my  children;  brother  Abraham  Jones, 
and  Mathias?  Brickell  Executors.  John  Brown  and  Eli  Ely  to  see 
will  settled;  October  17,1771.  Test,  John  Brown,  Jr.,  Elizabeth 
Rascoe,  Isaac  Rascoe;  October  17, 1771.  Probated  J^ovember  Court, 

*Edmund  Porter,  of  Chowan.  Wife  Elizabeth,  two  sisters,  Sarah 
Pilkington,  and  Elizabeth  Maule,  nephew  John  Porter,  of  Cape  Fear, 
nephew  John  Fry,  niece  Elizabeth  Fry,  Frederick,  sou  of  Thomas 
Brickell;  wife  Executrix;  April  11,  1737.  Test,  A.  Blackall,  Thos. 
Rowan,  Miles  Gale. 

John  Fonville,  of  Craven  Co.  April  14,  1741 ;  sons  John,  Peter, 
David,  and  Isaac,  wife;  wife  and  son  John  Executors.  Test,  Wm. 
Barrow,  Wm.  Whitford. 

Richard  Bond,  of  Nansemond  Co  ,  Va.  January  15, 1727-'8;  sons 
Richard,  Henry,  Hance,  William,  and  Lewis,  daughter  Mary;  wife 
Executrix.     Test,  John  Perry,  Eliz.  Ward,  Wm.  Haveild. 

James  Ward,  of  Chowan  Co.  Novembar  15, 1743;  wife  Mary,  son 
Thomas,  grandson  Joseph  Ming,  son  of  Joseph  Ming,  and  wife 
Rachel,  grandson  James  Ward,  son  of  Thomas  Ward,  and  wife  Mary, 
granddaughter  Anarila  Ward,  daughter  of  Thomas  Ward,  grand- 
daughter Penelope  Ward,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Mary,  grand- 
daughter Rachel  Ward,  daughter  of  Thos.  Ward,  grandson  James 
Ward,  son  of  Thomas  and  Mary,  daughter  Rachel,  wife  of  Joseph 
Ming;  wife  Mary  and  son  Thomas  Executors.  Test,  David  Butler, 
Tnos.  Jennings,  J.  Butler. 

Daniel  Akehurst,  of  Warwick  Co ,  Va.  Daughter  Filia  Christy 
Akehurst,  estate  to  be  delivered  to  Thos.  Symons  for  use  of  my 
daughter,  wife  Ann  Akehurst;  Thos.  Symons  Executor;  11  October, 
16**3.  Test,  Wm.  Langhorn,  Mary  Carey,  Miles  Carey.  Probated 
in  1700  in  Warwick  Co.,  Va. 

Wm.  Bartlett.  May  14,  1694-'5;  probated  July  26.  1696;  eldest 
son  William,  son  Thomas. 

John  Keaton,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.  Son  John,  wife,  daughter 
Mary  Keaton ;  son  John  Executor.  Test,  Thos.  Milner,  John  Spi vey, 
Peter  Cranberry,  Dan'l  Sullivan;  September  15, 1702;  probated  Oc- 
tober 27, 1702. 

Peter  Arline.  March  14, 1710 ;  probated  November  1st,  1712;  son 
Henry,  daughter  Anne,  S)n  Peter;  Thos.  Pollock  Executor.  Test, 
Lawrence  Sarson,  Robert  West,  John  Jones,  Thos.  Ashley.  (Bertie.) 

John  Norcom.  February  4,  1745;  daughters  Sarah  and  Ann; 
wife  and  John  Halsey  Executors.  Test,  Lovey  IIaught)n,  Mary 
Sheldin,  John  Pierce. 

John  Barber.  April  17,  1762;  son  Joshua,  daughter  Letitia,  wife 
Massinah,  daughter  Sarah ;  brother  Thos.  Fentor  and  Sam'l  B  irnard, 
Sr.,  Executors.    (Chowan.) 

•  Note. — Sarah  Pilkineton  married  Seth  Pilkington,  Elizabeth  married  Dr.  Pat- 
rick Maule,  first  having  been  the  wife  of  Thomas  Fry. 

134  North  Carolina  Historical 

♦Chief  Justice  Wm.  Little.  ExecutedJune  24, 1734;  probated  Sep- 
tember 3d,  1734.  Wife  Penelope,  Christopher  Gale,  Edmund  Salter, 
and  brother  (in-law)  John  Arbuthnot,  Executors.  Mentions  wife 
Penelope,  sons  William  and  George,  and  daughter  Penelope.     Ap- 

f)oints  wife  guardian  of  George,  and  Edward  Salter  guardian  of  Wil- 
iam.  Bequests  to  Robert  Forster,  brother  Isaac  Little,  John  Arbuth- 
not, and  sister  Arbuthnot,  sister  Mrs.  Barker,  John  Lovick,  widow 
Penelope.  Witness,  Rev.  John  Boyd,  John  Crowell,  John  Barker. 
Esther  Pollock  {her  first  husband  being  Jno.  Harris,  second  Col. 
William  Wilkinson,  third  Thomas  Pollock).  May  20,1712.  I  make 
Maj.  Thos  Luten,  and  Thos.  Luten,  Jr.,  my  executors  yt  my  will.  I 
give  and  bequeath  to  Right  Hon.  Edward  Hyde,  one  negro  woman 
named  Cutto.  I  give  and  bequeath  to  Mr.  C.  Stewart  5£,  To  be- 
loved cousin  Marmaduke  Goodhand,  my  plantation,  on  Sasopock 
River,  in  Sizzle  County,  Maryland,  being  given  to  me  by  my  faiher- 
inlaw,  George  Harris,  deceased.  I  give  to  Major  Luten  all  my 
lands,  and  the  plantation,  in  the  Government  of  N.  C,  given  me  by 
my  late  husband  Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson,  in  case  of  his  death,  to  his 
sons  Thomas,  Constance,  and  Henderson  Luten.  I  give  unto  Thos. 
Luten,  Jr.,  my  plantation  where  I  now  live,  called  Sandy  Point.  To 
Constance  Luten  plantation  adjoining  Col.  Edward  Moseley,  planta- 
tion on  south  side  of  Chowan  River  to  Henderson  Luten.  I  give 
Maj.  Thos.  Luten  100£  in  silver,  which  my  husband,  Thos.  Pollock, 
has  given  me  the  liberty  to  dispose  of,  at  my  will  and  pleasure,  and 
also  all  the  residue  of  my  estate,  of  what  kind  and  species  soever,  in 
the  Government  of  N.  C.  or  in  any  other  parts  whatsoever.  I  also 
appoint  my  Executors  to  be  the  Executors  to  all  wills  wherein  I  am 
concerned,  more  especially  the  will  of  Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson,  my  late 
husband,  and  Mr.  John  Harris.  Witnesses,  Robert  Hicks,  James 
Bayboys,  Jno.  Porter,  Jr.,  Conrad  Eichorn,  Sarah  Porter. 

f  Thomas  Luten.  Executed  February  16,1729;  son  William 
Luten,  son  Constance,  daughter  Christian  Luten,  son  Constant  and 
Martha  Holey,  daughter  Rachel  Farlow,  son  Thomas,  daughter 
Anne  Brinn,  daughter  Sarah  Standing,  daughter  Mary  Haughton, 
son  Henderson,  wife  Mary;  wife  Mary  and  son  Henderson  Execu- 
tors; Johp  Lovick,  John  Randolph,  of  Williamsburgh,  Va.,  Wm. 
Little,  Attorney  General  of  the  Province,  son  Thomas,  son-inlaw 
Robert  Hicks  and  son  Henderson  Luten,  Executbrs  of  that  part  of 
my  estate  given  me  by  Madame  Pollock.  Test,  Francis  Beasley, 
Henry  Bonner;  probated  March  31st,  1731. 

*  Note. — I  am  indebted  to  Mr.  Marshall  DeLancey  Haywood  for  a  copy  of  this 
win.  William  Little  married  Penelope  Gale,  daughter  of  Christopher  Gale. 
Mrs.  Penelope  Little  marriei  2nd  Matthew  Hardy  of  Bertie  CJounty,  N.  C. 

t  Note.— Robert  Hicks  married  Esther  Luten,  daughter  of  Thomas  Luten. 



(Complied  fr6m  the  offioe  of  the  Clerk  of  the  Superior  Court  of  Chowan 
County,  at  Eden  ton,  N.  C.) 

Att  a  called  Court,  held  the  15th  July,  1670,  at  ye  house  of  Samuel 
Davis,  for  ye  county  of  Albemarle,  in  ye  Province  of  Carolina. 
Present,  the  Honorable  Peter  Carteret,  Governor  and  Commander-in- 
Chief.  Left,  Col.  John  Jenkins,  John  Harudy,  Major  Richard  Fos- 
ter, Capt.  Thomas  Cullen,  council.  Whereas,  Mr.  John  Culpeper, 
Gent,  attorney  for  Sir  Wm.  Berkeley,  Knight,  and  Capt.  General  of 
Virginia,  petition  to  this  Court  for  letters  of  administration  on  ye 
estate  Capt.  Sara'l  Stephens,  deceased,  he  putting  in  security  to  save 
ye  Court  harmless,  it  is  ordered  yt  ye  said  Culpeper  have  orders  of 
administration  granted  to  him. 

Whereas,  Andrew  Woolward  was  summoned  to  this  Court  of 
Chancery  and  being  required  to  give  his  oath  upon  injury,  of  what 
he  knew  to  be  the  estate  of  Samuel  Stephens,  Esq.,  deceased,  he  wil- 
fully denyed  and  refused  to  give  his  oath,  wherefore  ye  Court  or- 
dered yt  he  remain  a  close  prisoner  till  further  orders. 

Alt  a  Generall  Court,  held  ye  27  September,  1670,  at  ye  house  of 
Sam'l  Davis,  for  ye  county  of  Albemarle,  in  ye  Province  of  Caro- 
lina. Present,  the  Honorable  Peter  Carteret,  Esq.,  Governor  and 
Commander-in-Chief.  Left,  C>1.  John  Jenkins,  Mr.  John  Harudy, 
Mr.  Oliver  Rithd.  Foster,  Mr.  Francis  Godfrey,  Mr.  John  Willoughby, 
Capt.  Thomas  Cullen. 

Jno.  Harudy,  acco.  to  Mr.  Howard,  Mr.  Nixon,  petition  to  have  or- 
der of  administration,  on  ye  estate  of  James  Jolly.  Ordered  yt  ad- 
ministration be  granted  by  putting  in  security. 

Thomas  Hoskins,  petition  for  administration  estate  of  John  Al- 
den,  deceased.     Granted. 

John  Willoughby,  had  an  order  against  Herman  Smewin,  for  bring- 
ing Mr.  Thomas  Easthurt  to  this  Court. 

Mr.  Anto  Slockam.  petition  for  a  hatt  at  Roanok  yt  was  brought 
into  yd  country,  by  Mr.  Witro  Stephen,  wherefore  it  is  ordered  yt  he 
have  his  hatt  delivered  by  yd  fisherman  at  Roanok,  he  paying  ye  fee. 

Whereas  Katharine  Williams,  arrested  Wra.  Voss,  and  not  appear- 
ing to  prosecute  ye  said  Voss,  it  is  therefore  ordered  yt  Voss  have  a 
nonsuit  against  Edward  Haswell,  who  married  executrix  of  Roger 
Williams,  and  costs. 

Samuel  Pricklove,  three  actions  against  Mr.  Smewin  ;  nonsuits. 

Will  Jackson,  petition  ye  Court  yt  Robert  B  mio,  deceased,  gave 
him  all  he  had,  and  having  proved  by  Thos.  Simons,  and  Wra. 
Simons,  there  oath  yt  Wm.  Jackson  is  ye  lawful  Executor,  it  is  or^ 
dered  yt  ye  said  Jackson  is  possessed  of  the  said  Bono  estate. 

John  Outlaw,  against  Sam'i  Pricklove. 

James  Shroosbury,  against  Thomas  Matkie. 

Capt.  Cath  Cone,  against  Jo  Outlaw. 

136  North  Carolina   Historical 

Robert  Risrod,  and  Edmund  Chancy,  commenced  suits  against 
each  other  concerning  a  seat  of  land;  jury,  with  John  Hawkins  as 

Whereas,  Fortaine  Pirkins,  commenced  an  action  of  slander 
against  James  Nokes,  it  appearing  by  ye  oath  of  Capt.  James  Blount 
and  his  wife,  yt  Nokes  faNely  accused  ye  said  Pirkins,  and  he  hav- 
ing acknowledged  it,  etc. 

Edward  Hasevell,  commenced  a  suit  against  Mr.  Hugh  Smith- 
wick;  there  appearing  no  cause  of  action,  ordered  yt  Hugh  Smith - 
wiek  have  a  non-suit  against  Haswell  witli  costs. 

Robert  Ristjd,  commenced  suit  against  Robert  Minty. 

John  B  irrows,  petition  to  have  an  attachment  against  ye  estate  of 
John  Outlaw;  there  appears  due  to  him  200  lbs.  tobacco. 

John  Dye,  petition  to  have  satisfaction  coming  to  Court,  in  Mr. 
Ghancy's  suit  foure  days;  ordered  that  Chancy  pay  Dye  100  lbs.  to- 
bacco and  cots. 

Thomas  Harris,  commenced  suit  against  Herman  Smewin. 

Capt.  Wm.  Crawford,  petition  against  ye  administrator  of  Mr. 
Nicholas  Stevens,  deceased,^ for  ye  hire  and  use  of  a  shallop  a  con- 
siderable time  and  in  his  employ  was  bulgei  and  damnified,  where- 
fore ye  Court  orders  Mr.  Rowden,  administrator  of  yd  estate,  to  pay 
unto  Capt.  Crawford  500  lbs.  tobacco. 

Mr.  John  Culpeper,  atto.  to  Sir  Wm.  Berkeley,  and  administrator 
to  ye  estate  of  Capt.  Sam'l  Stephens,  deceased,  commences  suit  against 
Herman  Smewin. 

Mr.  Jo  Harudy,  petition  against  ye  estate  of  Capt.  Samuel  Stevens. 

John  Culpeper,  atto.  to  Sir  Wm.  Berkeley,  Knight,  and  administra- 
tor of  SamM  Stephens,  against  Andrew  Wellwood. 

Capt.  Thomas  Cullen,  by  warrant  from  ye  Governor,  took  into 
possession  several  goods  of  Mr.  Thomas  Easthurt. 

John  Culpeper,  atto,  and  administrator  est.  Sam*l  Stephens,  de- 
ceased, moved  to  ye  Court  that  there  is  a  son  of  Richd.  Felton,  by 
name  Richard  Felton,  attached  to  said  estate  of  above  Wm. 
Stephens,  and  since  Mr.  Stephens,  deceased,  placed  by  Mr.  John 
Hill,  yt  was  no  will  concerned  in  ye  estate  to  Wra  Luerton,  where- 
fore ye  Court  orders  yt  ye  said  Luerton,  deliver  ye  said  Felton,  to 
said  atto ,  he  paying  yd  fees. 

Hertulus  Gun,  and  Thomas  Sharpman,  stand  ingaged  to  Herman 
Smewin,  1,050  lbs.  tobacco.  Sharpman  being  departed  his  house, 
Hertulus  Gun  proved  an  attachment  against  Sharpman's  estate. 

Laurence  Gunfallis,  obtained  an  order  against  Capt  Jo  Outlaw,  in 
May  Court,  1670,  for  a  bote  of  14  foot,  and  whereas  said  Outlaw  is 
disparted  from  his  house,  and  there  can  be  no  boat  had,  Mr.  Her- 
man Smewin,  and  Abraham  Kimberly,  were  sworn  in  Court,  to  ap- 
praise ye  worth  of  ye  said  bDte,  who  vallowed  said  boat  to  be  worth 
750  lbs  tobacco,  and  cost,  and  cost  of  sale,  wherefore,  it  is  ordered 
yt  said  Gunfallis  satisfy  his  debt  out  of  ye  said  Outlaw's  estate,  where 
it  can  be  found. 

Tes.  Peter  Carteret,  Sec. 

AND  Genealogical  Register  137 

At  a  Court  held  25  May,  1673,  at  the  house  of  Francis  Godfrey. 
Present,  Hon.  Col.  John  Jenkins,  Dept.  Sup.,  Capt.  Thomas  Cullen, 
W.  F.  Crawford,  Wm.  Jenings,  Joseph  Scott,  Ralph  Fletcher. 

Suit  of  Jno  Nixon  against  Matthew  Pendleton.  A  suit  of  scandal, 
it  being  evidently  proved  by  two  oaths  that  ye  said  Pendleton  did 
grossly  abuse  ye  John  Nixon.  Ordered  that  ye  said  Pendleton  pay 
ye  said  Jno  Nixon  1500  lbs.  tobacco  and  costs,  and  the  L  )rd  Pro- 
pretors  500  lbs. 

Mrs.  Ann  Durant,  atto.  for  Andrew  Ball,  petitions  ye  Court 
for  wages  due  to  said  Ball,  from  ye  Barbo  two  brothers,  it  being 
made  to  appear  from  under  ye  master's  hand,  yt  shews  it  10£  14s 
6d,  ordered  that  ye  said  Ball  be  paid  10£  14s  6d,  out  of  said 
Barbo  two  brothers  with  costs.     Alias  exen. 

Att  a  Generall  Court,  held  for  the  County  of  Albemarle,  March  20, 
1680.  Present,  The  Hon.  John  Jenkins,  Governor,  Anthony  Slo- 
cum,  Capt.  Wm  Crawford,  Maj.  Robert  Holden,  Esq.,  Capt.  James 
Blount,  Capt.  John  Varnham,  Deputies  Assistants. 

John  Burnby,  received  the  maid  servant  in  the  Court,  presents  of 
Mr.  Edward  Body,  ordered  that  Mr.  Edward  Body  pay  costs. 

Ordered,  that  John  Morris  pay  to  Christopher  Oldfield,  1500  lbs. 
tobacco  with  costs  of  Sute,  according  to  the  deed. 

Morgan  Rice,  made  complaint  against  Mr.  Culpeper,  for  labour. 

William  Johnson,  Constable.     Precinct  of  Carteret. 

Letters  of  administration  on  estate  of  Francis  Godfrey,  granted 
Wni.  Therrill,  John  Hunt,  appraiser. 

Mrs.  Margaret  Culpeper,  plaintiff,  against  Wm.  Therrill,  defend- 
ant, in  an  action  of  debt,  and  being  put  to  a  jury,  the  jurors  find 
for  the  plaintiff  8426  lbs.  tobacco,  and  costs. 

Thomas  Waller,  plaintiff,  against  Wm.  Therrill,  defendant.  Jury 
find  for  the  plaintiff  1500  lbs.  tobacco,  and  costs. 

Wm.  Crawford,  attorney  of  Samuel  Blogg,  of  New  York,  against 
Samuel  Pricklove.     Action  of  debt. 

March  26,1680.     Same  officers  present. 

Ordered  yt  letters  of  administration  be  graiited  Will  Foster,  on 
the  estate  of  Thomas  Harris,  deceased,  Mr.  Durant,  Mr.  Hinkley, 
Capt.  Crawford  and  Mr.  Thomas  Harvey,  appointed  appraisers. 

Will  Therrill  versus  William  Shute,  nonsuit  for  defendant. 

Solomon  Pool,  being  called  ye  Lords  Bar,  and  demanded  if  he 
ownest  any  human  reverence,  heeaith  hee  ownest  none. 

Administration  granted  to  Capt.  Varnham,  on  the  estate  of  Mr. 
Thomas  Bellewby,  as  he  is  attorney  for  Mr.  Caleb  Lamb. 

March  27,  1680.  Ordered  that  Samuel  Pricklove  stand  in  the 
pillory  Ihree  hours,  and  loose  his  right  ear,  and  be  banished  this 
county  for  ever,  and  to  live  in  prison  without  bayle  in  yrons,  or 
otherwise,  until  hee  shall  bee  shipped  for  his  transport,  and  their 
aboard  kept  in  yrons,  till  at  his  place  he  be  landed  with  costs  and 

Ordered  that  the  counties  petition  be  effected  and  granted  it  being 

138  North  Carolina  Historical 

exhibited  in  open  Court,  and  that  Timothy  Biggs'  Commission  be  sus- 
pended until  further  orders,  and  the  said  petition  be  recorded  and 
that  Robert  Holden,  E^q.,  to  officiate  by  virtue  of  ye  Commission 
now  exhibited,  ordered  that  there  Lordships  letter  be  recorded,  which 
was  now  exhibited. 

Ordered,  that  Samuel  Pricklove,  deliver  the  patent  of  land  pos- 
sessed by  John  Burnby,  and  pay  costs,  that  is  to  say  the  old  patent 
granted  by  Sir  Wm.  Berkeley. 

Ordered,  that  a  probit  be  entered  of  the  will  of  Tho.  Harloe,  de- 
ceased, and  Robert  Inkoson,  administrator  the  same,  and  render  an 
inventory  of  the  said  estate,  at  the  next  General  Court.  Appraised 
by  Caleb  Callaway  and  John  Barrow. 

Ordered,  that  whereas  Richard  Bently,  not  performing  the  order 
of  the  Court  granted  by  ye  Lordships  Justice  of  the  Precinct  of 
Berkeley,  to  his  wife  and  children,  that  it  bee  accordingly  paid  and 

Ordered,  that  commission  of  administration,  be  granted  to  Mr. 
Joshua  Lambe,  and  Mr.  William  Therrill,  of  the  estate  of  Abraham 
Kimberly,  of  this  county,  deceased,  by  returning  an  inventory  in 
six  weeks,  appraised  according  to  law. 

Mr.  Lillington,  Mr.  Wilkinson,  returns  to  ye  estate  of  Shaftesbury 
Precinct,  commission  of  administration  be  granted  to  Mr.  Lillington 
and  Mr.  Therrill,  an  inventory  taken  in  six  weeks,  by  Mr.  Robert 
West,  and  Timothy  Mead  to  appraise. 

March  29,  1680,  at  a  Court  of  Grand  Council  held  about  the 

Ordered, that  Caleb  Calloway  appraise  ye  estateof  Wm.  Lawrence, 
and  make  return  thereof  to  ye  Precinct  Court. 

Ordered,  that  John  Godfrey  choose  his  guardian,  and  the  two 
grandchildren  of  Francis  Godfrey  be  committed  to  ye  guardianship 
of  Mr.  Wm.  Therrill,  the  administrator  to  cleare  the  estate  as  much 
as  he  can  forthwith. 

Ordered,  that  Capt.  Wm.  Crawford  return  inventory  estate  of  Phil- 
lip Evans,  appraised,  he  being  executor,  ordered  that  Wm.  Crawford 
Guardian  of  the  Fon  John,  of  Phillip  Evans. 

Ordered,  that  Mrs.  Culpeper's  inventory  of  the  estate  of  Valentine 
Bird,  be  appraised,  appoints  Wm.  Nowell,  Samuel  Davis,  and  Jno. 
Dye  appraisers. 

Letters  of  administration  granted  Margaret  Culpeper,  upon  ye 
estate  of  Edmund  Chancy. 

Inventory,  estate  of  Wm.  Rostley  returned  by  Wm.  Roswell,  given 
by  Wm.  Rostley  to  his  children  as  underwritten.  William  Rostley 
ten  head  female  cattle,  Eliz  Rostley  4  head  of  female  cattle,  Mary 
Rostley  7  head  female  cattle. 

Ordered,  that  John  Jennings  return  an  acco.  of  the  estate  of  Thos. 
Roelph,  to  ye  Precinct  Court  of  Carteret. 

Ordered,  that  John  Larry  chose  his  guardian. 

Ordered, that  Executors  of  Robt.  Lowry's,  will  return  inventory  of 

AND  Genealogical  Registeb.  139 

his  estate  appraised  to  ye  next  Court,  held  by  the  Grand  Council.     It 
to  be  assigned  to  Wm.  Jordan  and  Thos.  Symons. 

Ordered,  that  letters  of  administration,  be  granted  to  Anthony 
Waters,  upon  ye  estate  of  Lundy  White,  Sr.,  if  he  refuse  to  accept  it^ 
Capt.  Blount  and  Capt.  Varnham  to  assign  one,  ye  wills  the  estate 
can  be  found  to  be  appraised.  Lovey  White  to  be  guardian  to  Jno. 
White,  orphan  of  Lundy  White,  Sr. 

Arnold  White,  to  be  guardian  for  Elizabeth  White,  orphan  of 

Wm.  Symons  proved  5  rights,  Wm.  Symson,  Robert  Smithy 
Emanuel  Altooy,  Maria  a  negro  transport,  Hannah  Symson  freedom 

Elizabeth  Robinson,  reports  of  the  goods  she  hath,  has  4  orphan 
children,  3  sons  and  1  daughter,  7  breeding  cows,  3  steers,  a  bill  of 

Ordered  that  John  Benton,  be  committed  to  the  tuition  of  Mr. 
Robert  Yost,  until  18  years  of  age. 

Ordered  that  Elizabeth  Robinson,  be  committed  to  the  tuition  of 
Mr.  Robert  Yost,  until  15  years  of  age. 

Notes  taken  from  detached  papers,  as  follows: 

February  5,  1686.  ^  of  the  estate  of  Joseph  Scott  delivered  to 
Thomas  Blount,  who  married  the  widow  of  said  Scott. 

William  Glover,  lived  on  Little  River,  in  Berkeley  Precinct  (Per- 

February  5, 1686.  Wm.  Therrill's  daughter  Mary,  married  Wil- 
liam Mara. 

Cornelius  Lurry,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  Exr's  of  Paul  Latham,  who 
intermarried  with  widow  of  Wm.  Leary. 

Isaac  Rowden,  and  wife  Sarah,  daughter  of  George  and  Ann 

From  affidavits  made  in  a  suit  between  Benjamin  Davis,  and 
Joshua  Lamb,  to  whom  tobacco  was  consigned,  the  following  named 
persons  gave  their  ages  in  January,  1680-^1,  as  follows: 

George  Foster,  60  years.  Thos.  Harrison,  34  years. 

John  Willoughby.  60  years.  Peter  Mayfield,  28  years. 

George  Durant,  49  years.  John  Hunt,  36  years. 

Alexander  Lillington,37  years.         Edward  Wood,  38  years. 

William  Wilkinson,  36  years.  Edward  Smithwick,  33  years. 

Anthony  Slocum,  90  years,  one  of  the  Deputies  of  the  Lord  Pro- 

Alexander  Lillington,  Foreman,  Thos.  Harvey  and  Wm.  Well- 
wood,  members  of  the  Grand  Jury,  November,  1680. 

Joshua  Lamb,  juror  in  1684,  2d  April. 

Hannah  Chancy,  orphan  of  Edmund  Chancy,  chose  Matthew 
Toler  her  guardian. 

Thos.  Burnby,  married  Hannah,  daughter  of  Edmund  Chancy. 

Division  of  cattle  between  Mary  Relfe,  and  the  children  of  Thos. 
Keele  by  her  first  marriage.  March  16,  1684. 

l40  North  Carolina  Historical 

Edward  Wells,  and  wife  Johannah,  late  widow  of  John  Stamps, 
to  her  son  Thomas,  and  Richard  Stamps.     March,  1684. 

John  Carver's  daughter  Sarah  Carver. 

Jamee  Harloe,  married  ye  relict  of  Hugh  Barlow.     March,  1684. 

Thomas  Harvey,  asks  for  appraisers  upon  the  estate  of  Col.  Jen- 
kins.    March,  1684. 

Dorothy  Minsy,  widow  and  relict  of  Saint  M.  Wells.  October,  1684. 

Dorothy  Minsy,  deed  of  gift  to  her  son-in-law  Wm.  Benbury.  50 
acres  laud  on  north  side  Chowan  River.     March,  1684. 

'  Bill  of  sale  from  John  Hawkins,  to  Micagar  Jones,  for  130  acres 
land  on  Mattacomack  Creek.     Proved  1st  December,  1682. 

Ann  Gunnell,  from  husband  David  Morgan.  1684. 

Morgan  Jones,  to  Thomas  CuUen.  Deed  proved  for  130  acres  land 
on  Mattacomack  Creek;  14th  March,  1682-3. 

Wm.  Benbury,  to  Alexander  Moore.  50  acres  land  conveyed  to 
said  Benbury  by  Dorothy  Minsy;  1684. 

John  Wingate.    Suit  in  court  in  1687. 

John  Jennings.     Suit  in  court  in  1687  vs.  Thomas  Roberts. 

Wm.  Wood.     Departed  out  of  tlie  county  6  October,  1687. 

John  Harvey.  In  court  in  suit;  March  Court,  1675-'6. 

John  Nixon  proved  his  rights  as  follows,  for  importation,  Jno. 
Nixon,  wife  EUiner,  Edward  London,  Robert  Griffin,  John  Davis, 
Zachariah  Nixon,  John  King,  Lawrence  Rasten,  Griffin  Lawrence, 
Joseph  Jones,  Richard  Bishop,  William  Bodees;  1675-'d. 

John  Watts  proved  his  rights,  Jnx  Watts,  wife  Jane,  daughter 
Sarah;  1672. 

Robert  Windley.     Suit  vs  Hugh  Smithwick  in  1670. 

Joseph  Gilbert  against  Henry  Bonner. 

Richard  Tidmarsli,  proves  rights,  himself,  wife,  sons  Richard  and 
John;  1672. 

John  Hawkins     Suit  vs.  John  Smith;  1690. 

Samuel  Davis  against  Jno.  Outlaw;  1672. 

Peter  Malbone,  administrator  est.  of  Robert  Bransten. 

Anthiiv  Di.vs>a  in  Colony  August  29,  1687. 

George  Matthews,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  daughter  of  Richard  Wil- 
liams; 1693. 

John  Boyd  and  wife  Rebecca,  administrators  of  Jacob  Peterson 

Thos  Harvey,  Ex<^cutor  of  last  will  and  testament  of  John  Harvey 

Capt.  Thos  G)dwin,  and  Major  L^wis  Burrell  and  wife  Grizzell 
Executors  of  Col.  John  Lear,  suit  vs.  Col.  Wra.  Duckinfield. 

James  and  J  >hn  Tooke,  Executors  of  Joseph  Commander,  of  Pas 

Richard  Bryan  and  Richard  Comfert,  sureties  for  Wm.  Slute 
April  26,  1699. 

Henderson  Walker.     40  years  old  in  1693. 

John  Porter.     34  years  of  age  in  1695. 

Mrs.  Susannah  Hartley,  now  wife  of  Wm.  Duckinfield  ;  1695. 

AND  Genealogical  Rkgistkr.  141 

Hannibal  Hoskins  dead  in  1699. 

Francis  Penrice  proved  his  rights,  viz:  Thomas  Penrice,  Puriana 
Penrice,  Temperance  Penrice,  Mary  Penrice,  Elizabeth  Penrice, 
Francis  Penrice,  Mary  Cook,  Francis  Cook  ;  February  4,  1690. 

Thomas  Pollock  in  the  Colony  6th  April,  1687. 

Massegne  and  wife,  the  daughter  of  Thos.  Waller,  against  Thos. 
Durant,  Executor  of  Mrs.  Ann  Durant;  1697. 

Inventory  of  Davis  estate  presented  by  Patrick  Bayley  and  wife 

Robt.  Break  proves  his  rights,  himself,  Elee  his  wife,  son  John, 
and  John  Stephens,  his  servant. 

James  Ddniel,  proves  hivS  rights,  25  October,  1697.  Mr.  Stickey, 
Wm.  Keel,  James  Jt»nes,  Wm.  Jones,  Elizabeth  Evans,  W.  Rig,  Fred 
Jones,  John  Keat,  Adam  Gamball,  John  Wiggins,  Nice  Lynch,  John 
Crumwell,  Jacob  Stephens,  Mary  Stephens,  Mr.  Hughs,  Sr. 

Ordered,  that  Mr.  Foster,  Andrew  Reed,  and  Sam*l  Nicolson  ap- 
praisers estateof  Jacob  Peterson ;  1697. 

W.  Rig  dead  1697. 

Benj.  Massegne,  married  one  of  the  orphans  of  Thomas  Waller ; 
Thos.  Durant  takes  the  other  part  of  the  estate  for  Elizabeth  Waller, 
and  brings  her  up  without  cost;  1697.  Ehzabeth  Waller  was  a 
niece  of  Thos.  Durant,  being  the  daughter  of  his  sister  who  paarried 
Thomas  Waller. 

Will  of  Alexander  Lillington,  proved  by  the  oath  of  Gapt.  Walker, 
Caleb  Galloway,  and  Robert  Herman ;  1697. 

Andrew  Reed,  presents  inventory  estate  of  Joseph  Sutton;  October 
7,  1697. 

Isaac  Hill,  witness  in  Court;  October  8,  1697. 

William  Reed,  a  witness 'in  Court  and  also  a  juror;  October  8, 

Edward  Hill,  appointed  Judge  of  Admiralty;  1697. 

Joseph  Commander,  and  wife  Dorothy  Commander  (Dorothy 
^Teoke),  22d,  12  mo ,  1694. 

John  Hunt,  52  years  of  age  in  1694. 

Patrick  Bayley,  Executor  of  Rich'd  Craige,  in  1694. 

Benjamin  Messenge,  and  Ann  his  wife,  daughter  of  Thomas  and 
Elizabeth  Waller. 

Thomas  Stephens  summoned  to  Court  in  1697. 

Isaac  Rawdon,  and  Sarah  his  wife,  daughter  of  George  and  Ann 
Durant;  1674.  Samuel  Barlow  gave  son  Samuel  SOjC  in  hand  of 
said  George  Durant,  in  trust. 

*  Thomas  Harvey,  Executor  of  John  Harvey,  against  James  and 
John  Tooke,  Executors  of  Thos.  Commander;  7  March,  1695. 

John  Hawkins  attached  estate  of  Isaac  Rowdon ;  7  March,  1695. 

Mary  Beasley,  presents  account  of  Robert  Beasley's  estate,  J  to 

*NoTB. — John*  Harvey  afterwards  probably  married  Dorothy  Commander, 
who  was  Dorothy  Tooke,  of  Isle  of  wight  Ck>.  (See  Dorothy  Harvey's  will  in 
this  number.) 

142  North  Carolina   Historical 

widow,  i  to  children.     Division  to  be  made  by  last  of  March,  1695. 

Robert  Wallis,  and  Mary  Clark  Executrix  of  last  will  and  testa- 
ment of  Arthur  Workman;  1697. 

George  Kimberly,  proves  his  rights.  Self,  wife  Elizabeth,  daugh- 
ters Mary  and  Elizabeth. 

John  Bird,  proves  his  rights,  Mary,  his  wife,  John  Bird,  Matthew 
Andrews,  James  Buesgin,  Richard  Wiggins. 

Robert  Laton  proves  his  rights,  himself,  wife,  James  Laton,  Mary 
Laton,  Ann  Laton,  Olive  Fee. 

Richard  Nowell  proves  his  rights,  for  importation  of  Sam'l  West, 
Mary  West,  Phebe  West  and  Will  West. 

John  Hecklefield  married  Elizabeth,  widow  of  Jno:  Godfrey. 

Col.  Wilkinson,  Executor  of  John  Harvey. 

Sam*l  Pricklove's  will  proved  by  oath  of  Francis  Penrice  and  John 

Frederick  Jones,  of  James  City  Co.,  Va.,  in  the  Colony ;  Febru- 
ary 10,  1702-^3. 

Mary  Cotton  proves  her  rights,  Mary,  and  Francis  Cotton,  and 
John  Thurston.     Assigned  to  Richard  Rose;  February  9,  1702-^3. 

Jonathan  Tailor  proved  his  rights,  himself,  wife  Elizabeth,  Thomas 
Tai'or,  Jonathan  Tailor,  Mary  Tailor,  Thomas  Evalen;  January, 

John  Wilford  proved  5  rights,  himself,  wife  Jane,  daughters 
Sarah  and  Mary  and  John  Wilford. 

Governor  Harvey's  will  proved  by  Henry  Herman,  Robert  Fen- 
dall  and  Wm.  Glover,  Executor  of  Joseph  Commander;  July,  1699. 

^Arnold  White  sells  his  tract  of  land  to  Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson,  ad- 
joining lands  of  Henry  Kants  and  Henderson  Walker. 

Wm.  Duckinfield,  and  wife  Susan  ;  16  February,  1692-'3. 

James  Blount,  to  Mary  Blount.  Deed  for  sale  of  a  mill  proved 

Mrs.  Mary  Clark,  widow,  and  Executrix  of  Arthur  Workman; 

C  List  of  tithables  taken  by  James  Cole  ;  January  30,  1702. 
■**  Richard  Davenport,  and  son  John,  Alexander  Ray,  Archibald 
Homes,  James  Martin,  Edward  Wilson,  and  son  William,  Cornelius 
Lurry,  Jeremiah  Rains,  Christopher  Gale,  Thomas  Robinson, 
Thomas  Jordon  and  his  son  William,  Thomas  Stacey,  John  Long, 
William  Long,  Wm.  Jessup,  Thomas  Long,  John  Wate,  Thomas 
Wate,  Peter  Jones,  Daniel  Hall,  Wm.  Hall,  John  Stepney,  Joseph 
Smith,  John  Pricklove,  William  Comans,  Thomas  Overman,  John 
Hoskins,  Thomas  Hanrok,  Wm.  Hirkman,  James  Gates,  Mr.  Godfrey, 
Richard  Skinner,  John  Payne,  Sam  Lillington,  Justillian  Pettitt, 
Tliomas  Mason,  and  son  John,  Caleb  Calloway, and  son  Joshua, Robert 
Karman,  John  Barrow,  and  son  George,  John  Bennet,  Richard  Wool- 
ard,  Mr.  Laker,  Thos.  Stevens,  Gabriel  Newby,  John  Hare,  James 

*  Note.  —This  tract  is  located  near  Moseley's  Point,  afterwards  Skinner's  Point, 
in  Chowan. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  143 

Fisher,  Wm.  Steward,  James  Cole,  John  Falkner,  Wm.  Harvey, 
Samuel  West. 

Ordered,  that  Mr.  Robert  West  give  account  to  the  Precinct  Court 
of  Carteret  of  the  estate  of  Jane  Manners  given  her  by  her  mother 
Frances  Manners  in  her  widowhood  ;  1674. 

Ordered,  that  Thos.  Rothick  be  under  the  tuition  of  Capt.  Varn- 
ham,  until  21  years  of  age. 

Ordered,  that  Mr.  Hugh  Smith  wick's  will  be  proved  in  Shaftes- 
bury Precinct,  with  all  convenient  speede,  if  noi  will  be  produced, 
the  Court  to  grant  letters  of  administration  to  whom  they  think 

Petition  of  Jno.  Alford  and  Wm.  Owen,  about  their  Bond  for 
Bayle  given  to  answer  an  action  for  debt,  commenced  against  them 
by  Mr.  Biggs,  bee  of  noe  form,  and  are  so  made  by  Act  of  Parlia- 

Capt.  Blounts*  own  proper  rights  in  one  warrant,  Thos.  Blounts 
all  in  one  warrant.  These  rights  of  Thomas  Blount  to  be  put  into 
one  warrant  for  his  brother  James,  that  is,  James,  his  wife,  and  son; 

Thos.  Boyd  brings  ye  audite  account  of  John  West,  Esq. 

John  Hunt,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  acknowledge  conveyance  plan- 
tation to  Ralph  Chapman. 

Court  held  at  ye  house  of  Capt.  John  Hecklefield.  in  Little  River, 
Tuesday  26  March,  1706.  Court  adjourned  to  1st  Tuesday  in  May. 
Court  met  7  May,  1706.  Present,  Wm.  Glover,  John  Porter,  Chris- 
topher Gale. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson  was  proved 
by  the  oaths  of  John  Shaw,  James  Beasley,  and  Kathele  Baker. 

Benj.  Tull  in  Court  in  a  civil  action. 

Wm.  Hardy  juror  in  1707. 

John  Foster's  affidavit,  March,  1703-4,  aged  50  years;  knew  Thos. 
Snoden,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  in  Pennsylvania.  Thomas  died  left 
two  children,  a  son  and  a  daughter— son  Thomas.  His  widow  mar- 
ried Edward  Perkins.  Thomas  Snowden,  aged  24,  says  his  father- 
in-law  left  him  with  Thomas  Hassell  in  Maryland,  who  brought 
him  to  this  colony. 

Christopher  Gale  brings  suit  against  the  estate  of  Thomas  Harvey. 

Edward  Bryant  appointed  overseer  of  the  road  from  the  Middle 
Swamp  to  Richard  Booth's. 

John  Early  from  Richard  Booth's  up  to  Maherring. 

Thomas  Cooper,  from  Kendricks's  Creek  downwards. 

John  Walker,  from  Kendrick's  Creek  to  the  Flat  Swamp. 

Ordered,  that  the  inhabitants  of  ye  lower  district,  on  ye  south 
shore,  maintain  the  bridge  over  Kendrick's  Creek  in  good  repair. 

Ordered,  that  all  the  family  cf  Wm.  Duckinfield,  Peter  Gray,  Ar- 
nold Hopkins,  and  Ephriam  Luerton,  are  exempted  from  the  high- 
ways, for  maintaining  the  bridge  over  Black  Walnut  Run,  and  the 
road  up  to  George  Sledes. 

144  North  Carolina  Historical 

James  Farlow,  overseer  of  the  road  (upper  part)  to  Terrapin  Hill. 

Henry  Bonner,  from  Terrapin  Hill  down  to  James  Welch's. 

Thomas  Hoskins,  from  James  Welch's  to  the  lower  part  of  the 
usual  limits. 

James  Blount,  Sr.,  acknowledges  deed  to  James  Blount,  Jr. ;  or- 
dered recorded. 

Mr.  Tho8.  Leegh  and  his  family  are  exempted  from  the  public 
highways,  for  men-ling  the  ways  so  far  as  his  land  goes. 

Constables  apfiojnted  for  the  year  ensuing: 

John  Heale,  from  Salmon  Creek  to  Wicacon  Creek. 

Lazarus  Thomas,  from  Wicacon  Creek  so  far  as  ye  inhabitants  of 

Archibald  Mitchell  for  the  south  shore. 

John  Yelverton  for  Mattacomock  Creek,  from  Mr.  Halsey's  to 
Thomas  Hie  kins'. 

William  Crawford  for  the  Indian  Town. 

William  Jones  from  Salmon  Creek  to  Cashoke. 

John  Walker,  one  of  the  Justices',  comes  into  Court  and  takes  the 

Ehzabeth  Sessions  prays  letters  of  administration  upon  the  estate 
of  Thomas  Sessions,  dec'd. 

Wm.  Daws  proves  nine  rights. 

Robert  Lanier  proves  eleven. 

William  Williams  proves  eight. 

Ordered,  that  Edward  Fitman,  bound  to  William  Branch,  be  re- 
turned to  bis  mother,  Jean  Daws;  ordered,  that  Wm.  Daws  pay  said 
Branch  25  shillings  for  the  boy's  clothes. 

Francis  Branch,  and  wife  Ann,  Exr's  of  John  Wheatly,  pray  that 
the  said  Ann  may  exhibit  to  this  Court  a  full  inventory  of  said  es- 
tate.    Granted  as  prayed.     Court  adjourned. 

Court  Records,  taken  from  Book  B,  No.  1 — Register  of 

Deeds  Office. 

At  a  Court  held  at  the  house  of  John  Hill,  18  January,  1714; 

5 resent:  Leonard  Loftin,  John  Bird,  Thomas  Garrett,  R'd.  iLanier, 
ustices.  B2P|p 

A  Commission  of  the  Peace  for  ye  Court,  with  Dedimus,  &c.,  is 
layed  before  ye  Court,  which  being  received,  ye  Justices  qualified 
ymselves  by  taking  and  subscribing  the  oath  appointed  by  law.fR    < 

David  Collins,  and  Elizabeth  his  wife,  acknowledged  conveyance 
of  land  to  Wm.  Jones.     Ordered  recorded. 

A  power  of  attorney  from  Wm.  Daws,  to  Robert  Lanier,  proved 
by  oath  of  Jacob  Lewis. 

Robert  Lanier,  attorney  of  Wm.  Daws,  acknowledged  a  deed  of 
sale  to  Isaac  Lewis. 

Henry  Bradley,  and  Katharine  his  wife,  acknowledged  sale  to 
Isaac  Lewis. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  145 

Same  parties  acknowledged  deed  of  sale  to  Lewis  Bryan. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Richard  Booth  is  proved  by  ye 
oaths  of  Elward  Bryan,  Henry  and  Katharine  Bradley. 

Mary ,  a  girl  7  years  of  age,  bound  to  Edward  Taylor  and  his 

wife  until  16  years  of  age,  at  expiration  of  service  they  are  to  give 
her  a  cow  and  calf. 

John  Waugh  proves  rights  for  importation  of  himself,  Priscilla 
Jackson,  Deborah  and  Culien  Flynn. 

Ann  Caron  prays  letters  of  administration  upon  the  estate  her 
father  \Vm.  Caron,  dec'd,  which  prayer  is  granted.  Ordered,  that 
Jno.  Dew,  James  Bryan,  Jr.,  Thos.  Brown  and  Wm.  Brown  be  ap- 
pointed appraisers,  etc 

Couit  adjourned  till  to-morrow  morning  8  o'clock. 

January  19, 1714.  The  Court  met.  Saml  Merritt  proves  rights 
for  ye  importation  of  himself,  Mary  Ann,  Mary  and  Elizabeth  Mer- 
ritt, Wm.  Yates,  Phillip,  and  Temsela  Brown. 

Nathl  Chevin,  being  godfather  and  uncle  to  Wm.  Pate,  eon  of  Thoro- 
good  Pate  and  Sarah  Pate,  ye  said  Thorogood  being  deceased,  and 
ye  said  Sarah  unable  to  educate  said  child,  prays  that  he  may  have 
said  child  committed  to  his  care.     Granted. 

Inventory  estate  of  Ephraim  Luerton,  is  returned*  and  proved  by 
oath  of  John  Hardy,  amounting  to  «£98,  17s,  4d. 

John  Hardy  proves  an  account  against  estate  of  Rowlinson,  de- 

Four  boys  to  be  placed  under  tuition;  Alexander  Sheah,  15  years 
of  age,  John  McCorkindale,  10  years,  James  Tyler,  10  years,  John 
Hoi  ley,  9  years. 

A  former  order  against  the  goods  and  chattels  of  John  Barefield^ 
was  granted  by  the  Courts.  Ordered  continued  upon  petition  of 
Thos.  Johnakin. 

Sarah  Smith,  widow  of  George  Smith,  deceased,  prays  letters  of 
administration  on  her  said  husband's  estate.  Granted.  Tredle 
Keefe,  Richd  Lanier,  Edward  Howard,  John  Smith,  and  Jamea 
Curlee,  appointed  appraisers. 

William  Seails  petitions  to  have  certain  goods  delivered  to  him  by 
Henry  Emanson,  who  married  Mary  Gulliver,  daughter  of  Charles 
Gulliver,  dec'd,  in  whose  custody  he  left  ym  in  keeping  for  said  Seailes. 
Ordered  that  they  be  delivered  on  payment  £5,  2s,  with  costs.  Court 
adjourned  to  ye  next  Court  in  course,  at  house  of  Mr.  Henry  King. 

At  a  Court  held  at  the  house  of  Mr.  Henry  King,  April  19, 1715. 
Present,  John  Byrd,  Thomas  Garrett,  Robert  Lanier. 

Ordered,  that  John  Jordan  and  Fras  Smith,  being  appointed  Jus- 
tices of  the  Precinct,  qualify. 

John  Sessions  petitions  for  letters  of  administration  upon  the  estate^ 
of  his  sister,  Mary  Berry,  deceased.    Granted. 

Petition  of  inhabitants  of  Rookyhock  Creek,  praying  a  convenient 
landing  on  ye  said  creek.  Ordered  petition  be  granted,  and  that 
Samael  Patchett  and  John  Jones,  Jr.,  lay  out  ye  most  convenient 

146  North  Carolina  Historical 

place  for  landing  on  ye  said  creek,  with  ye  least  prejudice  to  the 
owners  of  ye  said  lands. 

John  Taylor  petitions  for  administration  upon  the  estate  of  Timo- 
thy Johnson,  deceased.  Ordered  that  Wm.  Charlton,  James  Beasley, 
Wm.  Branch,  and  John  Jones  be  appointed  appraisers. 

Petition  of  John  Williams,  praying  an  order  for  land  on  Deep 
Creek  for  a  water  mill.  Ordered  that  the  petitioner  have  the  en- 
couragement as  ye  law  directs. 

Wm.  Mixon  proves  rights  for  importation  of  himself,  wife  and  3 

Priscilla  Simpson,  aged  7  years,  committed  to  the  care  of  Eliza- 
beth Warburton,  daughter  of  Jo3.  Simpson,  till  she  comes  to  the  age 
of  16;  said  Elizabeth  to  give  her  a  cow  and  calf  at  that  time;  also 
to  take  into  her  possession  all  the  property  she  can  find  given  to  said 
orphan  by  her  mother. 

Ordered,  that  John,  and  Mary  Berry,  children  of  Edward  and 
Mary  Berry,  be  committed  to  the  care  of  John  Sessions,  the  boy  aged 
10,  until  he  becomes  21,  and  the  girl  6  years  of  age,  until  she  is  ye 
age  of  16,  and  the  said  Sessions  to  take  said  children's  estate  in 

Ordered,  that  Daniel  Smith,  Luke  M^azle,  Phil  Ward,  and  Wm. 
Meazle,  be  appointed  appraisers  estate  Mary  Berry,  deceased. 

Thos.  Beale  proves  right  of  importation  of  himself,  wife,  and  one 
child.     Court  adjourned  till  to  morrow  morning  6  o'clock. 

20  April,  17J5.     Court  met  as  adjourned. 

Ordered,  that  Thomas  Averett  be  ye  overseer  of  the  road  in  ye 
room  of  Thos.  Hicks,  Wm.  Haughton  in  place  of  Fras  Smith. 

Wm.  Daws  petitions  to  keep  a  ferry  over  Wicacon  Creek,  from  his 
own  landing.     Granted. 

Ordered,  that  Joseph  Dudley  be  appointed  overseer  of  the  high- 
way in  place  of  Wm.  Thompson. 

Ordered,  that  Nathan  Moore  be  appointed  constable  in  Casia  Neck, 
between  Casia  and  Morattoke. 

Wm.  Wade  proves  rights  for  importation,  William  and  Elizabeth 
Wade,  and  Ann  Perlain  (Palin). 

Jno.  Hardy,  Executor  of  Wm.  Luerton,  petitions,  showing  that  the 
debts  over  amount  the  inventory.  Ordered,  that  debts  due  the  Gov- 
ernment be  1st  paid. 

Sarah  Smith  against  Wm.  Wade.  Jury,  John  Hardy,  John  Alston, 
James  Bite,  Wm.  Crawford,  Gary  Godbe,  Thos.  Rogers,  John  Ros- 
berry,  Edward  Taylor,  John  Council,  James  Boon,  Edward  Howcott, 
Thos.  Hick^  find  for  ye  plaintiff  5  shillings  damage,  and  cost. 

Francis  Dunn  having  lapsed  his  time  as  Administrator  of  the 
estate  of  Thos.  Conglin,  Ordered,  that  Tredle  Keefe  be  appointed 
Adm'r  estate.  Lewis  Williams,  Edward  Howard,  Richard  £vans» 
and  James  Curlee,  be  appointed  appraisers. 

Court  adjourned  till  next  Court  in  course. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  147 

At  a  Court  held  at  the  honse  of  Henry  King,  July  19, 1715,  pres- 
ent, John  Bird,  R*d  Lauier,-Esq.,  his  Majesty's  Justices. 

Court  naet  and  adjourned. 

July  20,  17 1 5.  A  commission  from  ye  Hon'ble  the  Governor,  ap- 
points John  Bird,  Wm.  Charlton,  James  Beasley,  John  Jordan, 
Thomas  Garrett,  Jr.,  Robert  West,  John  Worley,  Edward  Phelps, 
and  Edward  Howard,  Justices  of  the  Peace,  for  Chowan  Precinct, 
being  read  and  published,  then  met  John  Bird,  James  Beasley,  John 
Woriey,  Thomas  Garrett,  Jr.,  and  Edward  Howard. 

Sarah  Smith,  Adm*x  estate  of  George  Smith,  deceased,  delivers 
inventory  of  said  estate,  amounting  to  45£.is.6d. 

Frances  Perrott  prays  administration  of  ye  estate  of  her  husband, 
Francis  Perrott,  deceased.     Granted. 

Patrick  Laughly  proves  rights  for  importation  of  John  Welch,  Sr., 
John  Welch,  Jr.,  Elizabeth  Welch,  E'iward  Welch,  John  Gordon, 
Daniel  Builer,  Thomas  Lamb,  Henry  Lamb,  Richard  Marshall,  Na. 
Tucker,  Matthew  Dyer,  Henry  Clark,  and  Wm.  Pratt. 

Ordered,  that  Henry  King,  Thos.  Ashley, Thos.  West,Cary  Godbe, 
and  John  Hardy,  be  appointed  appraisers  estate  of  Francis  Perrott, 

John  Williams  proves  rights  of  importation  of  himself  and  wife. 

Court  adjourned  till  to  morrow  morning  at  6  o'cltck. 

Thursday,  July  21,  1715     Court  met. 

Tomazen  Wykan  provesrightsfar  importation  of  himself  and  wife. 

Lawrence  Martin  proves  rights  for  importation  of  Lawrence,  Pa- 
tience and  Ann  Martin. 

Matthew  Capps  proves  rights  for  importation  of  Matthew,  and 
Elizabeth  Capps,  Sr.,  Elizabeth,  Jr.,  Mary  and  Ann  Capps,  Mary  and 
Elizabeth  Powell. 

Court  adjourned. 

Friday,  July  22d,  1715.     Court  met. 

Ordered,  that  Vines  Cropsley  be  appointed  Constable  in  ye  Lower 
District  on  ye  North  Shore. 

*That  John  Jones  be  constable  at  Scupernong,  Thomas  Hawkins 
on  SiiUth  Shore,  Juo.  Yelverton  for  the  Middle  District  on  ye  North 

Ordered,  that  John  Manier  be  constable  for  Wicacon  Creek  to 

Ordered,  that  James  Harper  be  Overseer  of  the  Highway  from 
Loftin's  to  Fryerley  Bridge. 

Ordered,  that  Wm.  Fryerly  be  overseer  from  his  own  bridge  to 
Morattack,  and  Nath'i  Everett  from  Moratuck  Bridge  to  the  Flatt 

Upon  ye  petition  of  ye  inhabitants  of  Rockyhock  Creek,  praying 
for  a  convenient  landing  on  said  creek,  Ordered,  that  Richard  Lewis, 

•  Note. — Bertie  and  Hertford  were  known  as  the  West  Shore,  Gatps  as  the 
East  Shore,  Tyrrell  as  Scupernong.  Washington  as  the  South  Shore,  and  Chowan 
as  ihe  North  Shore,  Albemarle  Sound  ana  Chjwan  River  being  the  line  of  Di- 

148  North  Carolina  Historical 

Henry  Lisles  and  John  Marks  lay  out  a  convenient  road  to  a  land- 
ing on  said  creek,  with  ye  least  prejudice  to  the  owners  of  the  land. 

.Ordered,  that  Thomas  Spivey  be  overseer  of  the  highway  from 
Katherine  Creek  to  Piking  Branch  in  Meherrin  Neck. 

Court  adjourned. 

At  a  Court  held  for  ye  Precinct,  September  18, 1715.  Present  the 
worshipful  John  Byrd,  Jno.  Jordan,  Jno.  Worley,  E^qs. 

On  motion  of  Mej.  Thomas  Luten,  Ordered,  that  ye  will  of  Madame 
Esther  Pollock  be  recorded. 

Thomas  Luten  petitions  that  the  road  ye  lyeth  through  his  plan- 
tation is  very  prejudicial  thereto.  Ordered,  that  he  have  liberty  to 
turn  the  said  road  and  ye  overseer  lay  out  the  most  convenient  place 
for  a  bridge  over  Tottering  Bridge  Swamp. 

Ordered,  that  John  Goodin  be  appointed  constable  in  the  room  of 
Wm.  Copeland. 

Ordered,  that  the  road  be  cleared  from  Dr.  Godfrey  SpruelPs  to 
Eliza  Long's,  and  that  John  Davenport  be  appointed  overseer  of  the 

Cited  that  John  Davenport,  R'd  Fexow  and  Cuthbert  Phelps,  in 
right  hereof  lay  out  the  said  road,  and  that  all  the  inhabitants  from 
Clay's  Creek  to  John  Davenport's,  assist  in  clearing  ye  said  road. 

Court  adjourned  till  to-morrow  8  o'clock. 

Whereas,  Edward  Bonwick  is  deceased  and  left  no  will.  Ordered, 
that  John  Jordan  have  letters  of  administration,  and  that  Richard 
Sowell,  John  Jackson,  Thos.  Hicks,  and  Wm.  Copeland,  be  appointed 

Upon  petition  of  Wm.  Wallston,  Ordered,  ye  Hagar  Kingston, 
aged  10  years,  dwell  and  abide  with  ye  said  Wallston,  till  she  comes 
of  age  as  the  law  provides. 

Thomas  Crank  proves  rights  for  ye  importation  of  Thomas  Crank, 
Sr.,  Thomas  Crank,  Jr.,  Ann  Crank,  Sr.,  Ann  Crank,  Jr.,  Elizabeth 
Crank,  and  Daniel  Storey. 

Lewis  Bryan  proves  his  rights  for  importation  of  Symon,  William, 
Edward,  Janette,  Lewis,  Elizabeth,  Mary,  Joanah,  Sarah,  and  Ann 
Bryan,  Lewis  Bryan,  Jr.,  and  Elizabeth  Bryan,  Jr. 

Upon  a  petition  of  ye  inhabitants  between  Chinkapin  Creek  and 
Wicacon  praying  a  convenient  road  from  John  Early's  to  Henry 
Bradley's,  Ordered,  that  petition  be  granted,  and  that  the  inhabi- 
tants be  excused  from  clearing  the  former  road,  that  John  Early  be 
overseer  of  said  road. 

Ordered,  that  John  Sessions  be  overseer  of  the  highway  from  Ed- 
ward Smith  wick's  to  Charleton's  Meadow  in  Sehoikey  Neck. 

Court  adjourned  till  next  court  in  course. 

At  a  Court  held  for  Chowan  Precinct,  at  the  house  of  Robert  Hicks,^ 
at  Queen  Anne's  Creek,  17  April,  1716.  Present  Thos.  Bray,  Jno. 
Bird,  Wm.  Charlton,  James  Beasley,  John  Jordan,  Thos.  Garrett,  Jr., 
Edward  Howard. 

A  Commission  of  the  Peace  from  the  Honble  the  Governor  Charlea 


Eden  appointing  Thos.  Bray,  John  feyrd,  Wm.  Charlton,  James 
Beasley,  Jno.  Jordan,  Thos.  Garrett,  Sr.,  Edward  Phelps,  Edward 
Howard,  Thos.  Pollock,  Jr.,  Justices,  was  read  and  published. 

Thos.  Bray  against  Christopher  Dudley.  Trespass.  Jury  empan- 
elled, James  Williams,  Henry  Brown,  Wm.  Bonner,  John  Howcott, 
Edward  Howcott,  James  Ward,  Francis  Branch,  Orlando  Champion, 
Rich'd  Lewis,  James  Blount,  Jr.,  Josepb  House,  James  Long^  Judg- 
ment for  defendant.     Plaintiff  appeals  to  General  Court. 

Petition  of  Jacob  Blount,  guardian,  to  John  Blount,  praying  that 
his  land  may  be  laid  out  according  to  the  will  of  his  father  Thos. 
Blount,  deceased.  Granted  and  ordered  that  the  Surveyor  General  lay 
out  the  land  according  to  the  will. 

Upon  the  petition  of  Jno.  Williams,  Ordered,  that  Mr.  Edward 
Howard  deliver  to  said  Williams  all  his  portion  of  the  estate  left 
him  by  his  father's  will. 

James  Beasley,  Wm.  Charleton  and  Wm.  Branch  exhibited  an  in- 
ventory of  the  estate  of  Timo  Johnson,  deceased,  amounting  to  6£. 
12s.  6d. 

Matthew  Bryan  brings  before  the  Court  a  boy  named  John  Rod- 
erson,  aged  5  years,  and  prays  that  he  may  be  committed  to  his  care. 

Ordered,  that  Wm.  Fallow,  be  constable  in  room  of  John  Yelver- 
ton,  Tlios.  Wiley  in  room  of  Thomas  Hawkins.  That  Thomas  Vin- 
cent be  constable  above  Meherrin  Creek. 

Ordered,  that  John  Swain  be  overseer  of  the  Highway  in  room  of 
James  Ward. 

Ordered  that  John  Jones  be  overseer  of  the  Highway  in  place  of 
Francis  Branch. 

Thos.  Haughton  overseer  from  widow  Smith's  to  the  Purcells, 
Richard  Canady  in  room  of  Wm.  Fryerley. 

Ordered  that  a  ferry  be  kept  at  Luke  White's,  or  some  other  con- 
venient place  in  Rockyhock,  and  that  a  road  be  cleared  from  thence 
to  Ballard's  Bridge,  with  least  inconvenience  to  the  owners  of  the 

Court  adjourned,  till  to-morrow  morning,  8  o'clock. 

April  18,  1716.   Court  met. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Henry  King,  is  proved  by  the  oath 
of  Stephen  Vanlusin,  John  Hays,  Judith  Fox. 

Ordered,  that  a  convenient  landing  and  road  be  cleared  by  the 
inhabitants  and  owners  of  the  Highway  through  the  lands  of  Thomas 
Bray  in  Indian  Town  Creek,  according  to  direction  of  said  Bray. 

Ordered  that  Elizabeth  Hartley,  said  to  be  servant  of  the  Rev. 
Dr.  Urmston,  be  in  the  custody  of  the  Marshall,  John  Nairn,  until 
the  next  Court,  to  answer  the  complaint  of  her  said  master,  and  if 
no  indentures  appear,  to  be  discharged  from  his  service. 

Court  adjourned  to  the  next  Court  in  course,  to  be  held  at  ye 
house  of  Wm.  Branch. 

At  a  Court  held  for  the  said  Precinct,  at  ye  house  of  Wm.  Branch ; 
17  July,  1716;  present 

150  North  Carolina  Historical 

The  worshipful  Thos.  Bray,  Jno  Byrd,  James  Beasley,  Thos.  Gar- 
rett, Jr.,  Jusiices. 

EpHphroditus  Benton  proves  his  rights,  for  importation  of  Eliza- 
beth Jr.,  Lawrence,  Job,  Sarah  and  Epa  Benton,  and  Wm.  Hardy. 

Epaphroditus  Benton  petitions  to  keep  a  Ferry  on  Chowan  River, 
at  Cow  Landing.   Granted. 

Petition  of  Thos.  Bray,  praying  an  order  to  the  Surveyor  General 
to  lay  out  such  lands,  as  the  law  provides  for  the  building  a  mill  on 
the  run  near  Hogg  Neck  bridge,  and  another  on  the  run  between 
John  Birket  and  Jenkins  Williams.     Granted. 

John  Swain  comes  into  Court,  acknowledges  having  received  his 
portion  of  his  father's  estate,  and  discharges  his  Guardian. 

Ordered,  that  Henry  Speller  take  into  custody  remaining  part  of 
the  estate  belonging  to  the  rest  of  the  children,  of  the  deceased,  he 
giving  security  next  Court. 

The  last  will  and  testament,  of  John  Baley,  proved  by  oath  of 
Henry  Clark,  Jeffry  Lysle,  and  Wm.  Mitchell. 

The  last  will  testament  of  Richard  Swinson,  proved  by  oath  of 
Mary  Swinson  and  Gilbert  Halliday. 

Henry  Hill  prosecutes  his  suit  against  James  Fleming.  Contd  to 
next  Court.     Court  adjourned  to  the  next  court  in  course. 

At  a  Court  held  for  Chowan  Precinct  at  ye  house  of  Wm.  Branch, 
September  16, 1716.  Present,  the  Worshipful  Wm.  Charlton,  Thos. 
Garrett,  Jr.,  and  Henry  Speller,  Justices. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Edward  Smithwick,  is  proved  by 
the  oath  of  Robert  Anderson. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Jno.  Byrd,  is  proved  by  oath  of 
Jno  Crombie  and  Mary  Damarile. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Wm.  Bush,  is  proved  by  oath  of 
Wra.  Crawford. 

Ordered,  that  John  Phillips,  aged  8  years,  be  placed  under  the 
tuition  of  Capt.  Henry  Bonner. 

Upon  the  petition  of  Benj.  Blount,  setting  forth  yt  he  had  re- 
ceived a  most  grievous  wound  in  his  right  hand,  which  being  healed, 
contracted  the  nerves  and  sinews,  yt  all  his  fingers  and  hand  except 
his  thumb  is  useless,  and  that  it  is  with  great  diflBculty  and  |  ain 
that  he  does  the  common  oflBces  of  providing  firewood,  <fec.,  for  his 
family,  and  the  premises  being  duly  considered  by  reason  of  such 
disability,  is  rendered  incapable  from  yt  service  of  the  musket,  and 
working  on  the  public  Highways.  He  is  exempted  from  all  such 
fines  and  forfeitures  as  accrued  for  his  omission,  in  these  services. 

Court  adjourned,  till  to-morrow  8  o'clock. 

Wednesday,  17  8ber,  1716.    Court  met. 

Ordered,  that  Jasper  Hare,  8  years  old,  be  placed  under  the  tuition 
of  Joshua  Porter,  till  he  arrive  at  age  of  21  years. 

Ordered,  that  Wm.  Bonner  take  into  his  care,  Wm.  Hare  an  or- 
phan boy  and  bring  him  before  the  Court  the  3d  Monday  in  June 
next;  said  orphan  is  now  in  the  care  of  Wm.  Phillips. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  151 

Ordered,  that  Joseph  Hare,  6  years  old,  be  placed  under  the  tui- 
tion of  Thos.  Garrett,  until  21  years  of  age. 

James  Bate,  against  J.  Fleming.  Balance  is  found  due  said  Bate 
of  2£.  12s.  5d. 

Adjourned  to  the  Court  in  course. 

At  a  Court  held,  for  Chowan  Precinct,  16  April,  1717,  at  the  house 
of  William  Bon  wick.  Present,  James  Beasley,  Wm.  Charlton,  Thomas 
Garrett,  Jr.,  John  Holbrook,  Henry  Speller,  Thos.  Luten,  Jr.,  Esq., 

A  Commission  of  the  Peace,  directed  to  James  Beasley,  Wm. 
Charlton,  John  Jordan,  Thos.  Garrett,  Jr.,  John  Holbrook,  Edward 
Phelps,  E'lward  Howard,  Thomas  Pollock,  Jr.,  Lewis  Bryan,  John 
Dare,  and  Thos.  Luten,  Jr.,  was  read  and  published.  In  pursuance 
of  which  they  took  the  oaths  of  office. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Wm.  Smith,  proved  by  oath  of 
Wm.  Frost  and  Tim  McCarty. 

Ordered,  that  Phillip  Walson  be  constable  at  Cashoak  District. 

Ordered,  that  John  Bently  be  constable  in  Kesiah  Neck. 

Ordered,  that  Wm.  Hare,  5  years  old,  be  committed  to  the  tuition 
of  Wm.  Bonner  until  21  years  of  age. 

Gerard  Lynch  gave  bond,  with  Wm.  Fryley  and  James  Fleming, 
securities,  for  estate  of  Katharine  King,  Ann  King,  Mary  King,  and 
Charles  King,  children  of  Henry  King,  deceased. 

Ordered,  that  a  ferry  be  kept  over  Kasia  River,  from  Clover  Grass, 
to  Fn)si*8  Plantation. 

C«'urt  adjourned  to  next  Court  in  course. 

At  a  Court  held  for  Chowan  Precinct,  16  July,  1717,  at  the  house 
of  William  Branch,  present,  James  Beasley,  Wm.  Charleton,  Jno. 
Jordan,Thoma8Luten,  Jr.,  John  Dove,  Henry  Speller,  E-qs.,  Justices. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Sam'l  Brevett,  is  proved  by  the  oath 
of  El  ward  Phelps. 

Peliiion  of  Francis  and  Thos.  Rountree,  to  build  a  water  mill  on 
Katharine  Creek  Swamp.  Granted.  Surveyor  General  ordered  to 
lay  out  the  land,  provided  the  mill  is  not  prejudicial  to  the  one  or- 
dered laid  out  for  Thomas  Bray. 

Ordered,  that  Wm.  Charlton,  Sr.,  John  Blount,  Wm.  Steward, 
Thos.  Luten,  Jr.,  Vines  Cropsley, Thos.  Haughton,  George  Haughton, 
Wm.  Haughton,  Wm.  Harris,  Jno.  Falconer,  and  Thos.  Bray,  be 
appointed  a  jury  to  lay  out  a  road  from  Doctor  Urmston's  to  John 
Aiues',  on  Yeopim  River  mouth.  Ordered,  that  Edward  Arrington, 
Thomas  and  Chas.  Stacey,  be  removed  to  the  said  District,  and  west 
on  the  same  road,  and  yt  Wm.  Steward  be  overseer  of  said  road. 

Sarah  Watkins,  aged  13  years,  prays  to  choose  her  guardian,  and 
chose  Wm.  Steward.  Confirmed,  and  ordered  that  he  take  her  por- 
tion of  her  father,  John  Wattkins'  estate,  into  his  custody. 

John  Hardy  exhibited  account  of  estate  of  Wm.  Luerton,  showing 
debts  amounting  to  IOIjG  8s.  6<1.,  and  amount  of  estate  107£.  14s.  2d., 
and  asks  to  be  discharged  therefrom.     Granted. 

152  North  Carolina  Historical 

Ordered,  that  Wm.  Haughton,  Edward  Overton,  and  Wm.  Har- 
ris, divide  the  estate  of  John  Watkins  equally  between  his  two  chil- 
dren, Hannah  and  Sarah  Watkins. 

Henry  Speller  exhibits  inventory  of  the  estate  of  John  Berry, 
amounting  to  25£.  19s.  2d. 

Ordered,  that  Isaac  Hill  be  overseer  of  the  highway  in  the  room 
of  Edward  Bryan. 

Benj.  Foreman  proved  rights  for  importation  of  Benj.  Foreman, 
Sr.,  Venity,  William,  Mary,  and  Benjamin  Foreman,  Jr. 

Thomas  Rountree  proves  rights  for  the  importation  of  Frances, 
Ann,  William,  Joan,  Susannah,  Moses,  John,  Sarah,  Elizabeth,  Jethro, 
and  Christian  Rountree. 

James  GriflBn  proved  rights  for  James  Griffin,  Sr.,. James  GriflBn, 
Jr.,  Sarah  Griffin,  Sr.,  Sarah  Griffin,  Jr.,  John,  Joseph,  Susannah, 
and  Moses  Griffin. 

Moses  Hill  proved  rights  for  importation  of  Moses  Hill,Sr.,  Moses, 
Jr.,  Dorothy,  Elizabeth,  Gray,  and  Susannah  Hill,  and  Thos.  Ful- 

Richard  Grills  proved  rights  for  18  persons. 

Court  adjourned  to  next  Court  in  course. 

At  a  Court  held  for  Chowan  Precinct,  15  8ber.,  1717,  at  the  house 
of  Wm.  Branch.  Present  James  Beasley,  Wm.  Charlton,  John  Jor- 
dan, Thos.  Garrett,  John  Dove,  John  Holbrook,  Henry  Speller, 
Thomas  Luten,  Jr.,  Esqs.,  "Justices. 

Thomas  Hoskins  appointed  Administrator  of  the  estate  of  Thomas 
Coleson,  deceased,  Robert  Hicks,  Wm.  Bonner,  and  Chas.  Wilkins, 
appointed  appraisers  of  said  estate. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Will  Hooker  is  proved  by  the  oath 
of  Wm.  Crawford,  and  Fras  Brown. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Thomas  Parker  is  proved  by  the 
oath  of  Thomas  Parker. 

Ordered,  that  Benj.  Spivey  be  overseer  of  the  Highway  in  place  of 
Thos.  Spivey. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  John  Goreham  is  proved  by  the 
oath  of  Joseph  Young,  and  Robert  Hicks. 

Wm.  Stewart  exhibits  inventory  of  Sarah  Watkins' estate,  amount- 
ing to  44£  Is.  6d. 

Upon  the  petition  of  the  inhabitants  of  Green  Hall,  ordered  that 
a  road  be  cleared  out  from  Evans'  to  John  Jones'  landing,  and  that 
Richard  Lewis,  John  Jones,  Sr.,  Francis  Branch,  Thomas  Jones, 
Henry  Jones,  Richard  Fullinton,  Orlando  Champion,  Wm.  Sadler, 
Jno.  Jones,  Jr.,  Sam'l  Patchett,  Wm.  Fallow,  and  Henry  Bonner,  be 
appointed  a  jury  to  lay  out  the  same.  Ordered,  that  David  Hicks 
be  overseer  of  the  Highway  in  the  district,  from  Middle  Swamp  of 
Salmon  Creek,  to  Cheshoke  Creek  landing. 

Ordered,  yt  the  inhabitants  on  the  north  side  of  Bare  Swamp  Creek, 
and  those  on  west  side  Rocquis  Creek,  may  choose  a  main  road  from 
New  Market,  over  the  head  of  Kesiah  River,  to  Sandy  Point,  at  ye 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  153 

mouth  of  Salmon  Creek,  and  yt  Robert  West,  Martin  Gardner,  Wm. 
Jones,  John  Hardy,  John  Edwards,  Thos.  West,  John  Williams,  Ed^ 
ward  Moore,  Richard  Fryer,  Thomas  Williams,  Chas.  Barber,  and 
Samuel  Herring,  be  a  jury  to  lay  out  said  road. 

Ordered,  that  John  Holbrook  take  into  his  custody  the  estate  of 
Luke  Hammond,  John  Hardy  surety. 

Court  adjourned  till  to-morrow  8  o'clock. 

Wednesday,  16,  8ber,  1716.     Court  met. 

Ordered,  that  upon  the  departure  of  Wm.  Tanner,  out  of  the  Gov- 
ernment, he  commit  the  orphan  Jno.  Chandler,  now  in  his  care,  to 
Henry  Bonner,  together  with  his  estate. 

Court  adjourned  to  Court  in  course. 

At  a  Court,  held  for  Chowan  Precinct,  21  July,  1717,  at  the 
bouse  of  Wm.  Branch.  Present,  James  Beasley,  Wm.  Charlton, 
John  Jordan,  Thos.  Garrett,  Edward  Howard,  John  Holbrook,  Thos. 
Luten,  Etrqs.,  Justices. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Madame  Mary  Porter  is  proved  by 
oath  of  John  Lovick. 

Inventory  estate  of  Thomas  Coleman  is  exhibited  by  Robert  Hicks, 
amounting  to  11  £.  17s.  2d.  Thomas  Hoskins  proved  an  account 
against  the  estate  for  11£.  17s.  2d. 

Margaret  Moore  granted  letters  of  administration  upon  the  estate 
of  her  husband  Wm.  Moore. 

Ordered,  that  Vines  Cropsley  be  constable  in  the  District  of 
Yeopim,  to  Capt.  Jones',  including  Matt  Taylor's  Swamp,  and  Chas. 
Wilkins  constable  to  Ballard*s  Bridge,  and  John  White  from  Bal- 
lard's Bridge  to  the  bounds  of  Virginia. 

Ordered,  that  the  estate  given  by  Richard  Rose,  to  his  daughter 
Sarah,  be  forthwith  delivered  into  the  charge  of  John  Hardy,  Esq,, 
together  with  the  said  child  Sarah  Rose. 

Adjourned  to  the  Court  in  course. 

At  a  Court,  held  for  Chowan  Precinct,  15  April,  1718.  Present, 
James  Beasley,  Wm.  Charlton,  Thos.  Luten,  Jr.,  Esq*?.,  Justices. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Anthony  Williams,  is  proved  by 
the  oath  of  Wm.  Crawford. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Wm.  Frost,  is  proved  by  the  oaths 
of  Wm.  Lattimore  and  John  Stancelle. 

Ordered,  that  John  Smithwick  and  John  Lattimore  take  an  inven- 
tory of  estate  and  return  to  next  Court.  On  motion  of  John  John- 
son a  caveat  was  entered  to  be  heard  next  Court. 

Ordered,  that  letters  of  administration  be  granted  Phillip  Brown, 
on  estate  of  James  Curlee. 

Ordered,  that  Margaret  Davis  an  infant,  4  months  old,  be  placed 
in  the  care  of  James  Brown  until  she  becomes  16  years  of  age. 

Henry  Bonner  prays  to  choose  his  guardian.  Ordered  that  John 
King  be  appointed  his  guardian,  and  take  into  his  custody  his 

Court  adjourned  to  Court  in  course. 

154  North  Carolina  Historical 

At  a  Court,  held  for  Chowan  Precinct,  at  the  house  of  Wm. 
Branch.  Present,  John  Jordan,  E-lward  Phelps,  Henry  Speiler^ 
Thos.  Garrett,  John  Dove,  Thos.  Luten,  E<qs.,  Justices. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Martin  Griffin,  is  proved  by  the 
oaths  of  Thos.  Rogers,  Richard  Pickerin,  and  John  Sinithwick. 

On  motion  of  Thos.  Henraan,  attorney  for  Wra.  Stuckey,  ordered 
that  ye  will  of  George  Malboys  be  recorded,  and  depositions 
of  Thomas  and  Ann  Ashley,  evidences  thereto,  be  also  recorded. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Tim  McCarty,  is  proved  by  oath  of 
Arthur  Dugall; 

Jno.  Hardy  exhibits  inventory  estate  of  Henry  Barnes. 

Ordered,  that  a  main  road  be  cleared  from  Caitawatsky  t^>  a  land- 
ing on  Chowan  River,  by  the  inhabitants  of  Cattawatsky. 

Ordered,  that  Luke  Meazle,  Wm,  Meazle,  John  Bpntley  and  Nath'I 
Moore  be  appointed  appraisers  estate  of  Martin  Griffin,  deceased. 

Ordered,  yt  Lewis  Bryan,  Edward  Bryan,  Lawrence  Mague,  John 
Bryan,  Isaac  Hill,  appraise  estate  of  Henry  Barnes,  deceased. 

JPetition  of  John  Cheshire  to  keep  ferry  on  Meherrin  River. 

Ordered,  that  Wm.  Sharp,  Wm.  Crawford  and  Wm.  Pagett  ap- 
praise estate  of  Wm.  Hooker. 

Ordered,  that  Luke  Meazle,  Phil  Ward,  Wm.  Meazle,  Jno.  Smith- 
wick,  John  Bentley,  Wm.  Lattimore,  John  Sessions,  Fras  Hobson, 
Edward  Smithwick,  John  Hobson,  Robert  Anderson  and  Rt. 
Walburton  be  appointed  a  jury  to  lay  out  the  main  road  down 
Kesiah  Neck. 

Court  adjourned  to  the  Court  in  course. 

At  a  Court,  held  for  Chowan  Precinct,2l8t  8ber,  1718,  at  the  house 
of  Wm.  Branch.  Present,  Wm.  Charlton,  Jno.  Jordan,  Thos.  Gar- 
rett, John  Holbrook,  Jno.  Dove,  Esqs.,  Justices. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Thos  Brown,  is  proved  by  oath  of 
Judith  Perry. 

Inventory  of  the  estate  of  Richard  Moore,  is  exhibited  by  Thos. 
Jernigan,  Wm.  Brasswell  and  Robert  Patterson,  amounting  to  32£. 
2s.  6d. 

Patrick  Egrgerton,  granted  letters  of  administration  upon  the  estate 
of  Thomas  May. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Ch^.  Merritt  proved  by  the  oath  of 
Peter  Evans. 

At  a  Court,  held  for  Chowan  Precinct,  at  the  house  of  Wm. 
Branch,  20  July,  continuing  to  the  22d,  17l9.  Present,  Wm.  Charl- 
ton, John  Jordan,  Thos.  Garrett,  Jr.,  and  Thos.  Luten,  Jr.,  Esqs., 

Thomas  Blitchenden  granted  letters  of  administration  upon  the 
estate  of  Edward  Bon  well,  deceased. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  John  Browne  proved  by  the  oath  of 
Edward  Moseley. 

Henry  Bonner  Executor  of  Edward  Taylor,  deceased. 

Petition  of  Maurice  Moore,  continued  till  to-morrow  morning. 
Ordered,  that  John  Lovick  appear. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  155 

The  Iflst  will  and  testament  of  George  HaugbtoD,  is  proved  by  tbe 
oath  of  Joshua  Porter  and  Charles  Haughton. 

Ordered,  that  Abraham  Jones,  7  years  old,  be  placed  under  the 
tuition  of  James  Ward. 

Ordered,  that  Sarah  Phillips,  aged  9  years,  dwell  and  abide  with 
EJdward  Wingate,  until  she  becomes  16  years  of  age. 

Robert  Walburton  exhibited  account  of  Thos.  Arnold's  estate. 

At  a  Court,  held  for  Chowan  Precinct,  21  September,  1719,  at  the 
house  of  Wm.  Branch.  Present,  Wm.  Charlton.  Adjourned  till  to- 

September  22d,  1719.  Met.  Present,  Wm.  Charlton,  James  Beas- 
ley,  Henry  Speller,  Thos.  Luten,  Jr. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Thomas  Clark,  deceased,  is  proved 
by  the  oath  of  Wm.  Havett 

Samuel  Clark  petitions  that  Charles  Wilkins  be  appointed  his 

Charles  Wilkins,  Executor  of  Thos.  Clark,  petitions  that  the  estate 
be  appraised,  and  divided  according  to  the  will.  Ordered,  that  John 
Porter,  James  Ward,  Wm.  Charlton  and  Robert  Hicks  be  appointed 
to  appraise  and  divide  the  estate. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Arthur  Charlton,  is  proved  by  the 
oath  of  James  Ward. 

On  motion  of  Mary  Skoels,  ordered,  that  Mary,  daughter  of  Wm. 
and  Mary  Skoiles,  flg<d  4  years,  dwell  and  abide  with  Thos.  Mat- 
thews, until  she  arrives  at  the  age  of  16  y^ars, 

Henry  Speller,  guardian  of  the  children  of  Stephen  Swaine,  give 
bond  in  the  sum  of  26()£,  with  James  Ward  and  Patrick  Eggerton 
sureties,  for  estate  commiUed  to  his  trust 

Ordered,  that  James  Beasley,  administrator  estate  Wm.  Privett, 
pay  George  Durant  3£  for  his  burial  expenses. 

Orderd,  that  Henry  Bonner  and  Wm.  Bonner  take  into  possession 
all  the  estate  belonging  to  the  orphans  of  John  Chandler  and  divide 
it  between  said  orphans. 

Ordered,  that  Wm.  Charlton  may  clear  a  road  from  his  house  to 
the  public  landing  at  Queen  Anne's  Creek,  and  that  Wm.  Bonner, 
Thomas  Hoskinsand  Ctiarles  Wilkins  lay  out  the  same. 

At  a  Court,  held  for  Chowan  Precinct,  21  July,  1719,  at  the  house 
of  Wm.  Branch.  Present,  James  Beasley,  Wm.  Charlton,  John  Jor- 
dan, Thos.  Garrett,  Henry  Speller,  James  Holbrook,  John  Dew  and 
Thomas  Luten,  E-qs.,  Justices. 

Ordered,  that  Martha  Tyner,  aged  10  years,  do  dwell  and  abide 
with  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Lee,  until  she  arrives  at  the  age  of  16  years. 

The  la^t  will  and  testament  of  Richard  Lewis,  is  proved  by  the 
oaths  Henry  and  William  Lyies. 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Edward  Smithwick,  is  proved  by 
the  oaths  of  Nathan  and  Mary  Moore. 

Joseph  Manear  is  granted  letters  of  administration  estate  of  Ed- 
ward Matthews,  deceased. 

156         N.  C.  Historical  and  Genealogical  Register. 

Wm.  Ray  acknowledges  indenture  to  Wm.  Charlton,  to  serve  7 

The  last  will  and  testament  of  Wm.  Brown,  is  proved  by  oaths  of 
Thomas  Mandew  and  Thos.  Smith. 

Mary  Drake  granted  administration  upon  the  estate  of  her  de- 
ceased husband,  Arnold  Drake. 

Elizabeth  Williams  granted  administration  upon  the  estate  of  her 
deceased  husband,  Pilgrim  William?. 

Arthur  Williams  granted  permission  to  build  a  water  mill  on 
Turkey  Creek. 

Ordered,  that  a  road  be  cleared  from  Sarum  Road  to  Col.  Maule'a 
landing  place  on  Chowan  River,  by  the  inhabitants  on  the  west  side 
of  Bennett's  Creek. 

Ordered,  that  Wm.  Hardy  be  overseer  of  the  Highway  from  the 
King  Road  to  Sandy  Point,  at  the  mouth  of  Salmon  Creek. 


J.  R.  B.  Hathaway,  Editor  and  Financial  Agent,  Edknton,  N.  C. 

With  this  issue  of  The  North  Carolina  Historical  and 
Gknealogical  Kegister,  we  enter  upon  a  comparatively  new  and 
un  leveloped  field  of  journalism,  in  North  Carolina. 

To  write  history  accurately,  under  tlie  most  favorable  circum- 
etanees  is  a  very  difficult  task,  rendered  much  more  so  when  those 
who  made  it,  have  all  passed  from  the  stage  of  action  to  the  silent 
cities  of  the  dead.  We  may  repair  to  the  cemeteries  and  pressing 
close  to  the  portals  of  the  tomb,  ears  aciitely  tuned  to  catch  the  faintest 
whisper  that  falls  from  human  lips,  ask  the  sleepers  there,  who 
rhiv  are?  Whence  they  came?  What  they  did?  But  alas!  the 
oppressive  silence  is  broken  only  by  the  echo  of  our  words,  wafted 
bavk  by  the  wind,  as  it  sings  through  the  waving  grass  and  rustling 
leaves  a  requiem  for  the  repose  of  those  who  sleep  beneath.  We^ 
must  turn  to  what  has  been  written  to  learn  their  history,  sad  but 
true  it  is,  here  we  find  that  fire  social  convulsions  moth  and  rust, 
the  destructive  agents  of  time,  have  in  many  instances  done  well  their 
work,  and  left  illegible  the  records  onr  ancestors  recorded  with  their 
own  hands,  and  attested  with  their  seals. 

Time  is  a  remorseless  iconoclast.  The  most  sacred  idols  are  ruth- 
lessly broken  in  his  flight,  and  the  tenderest  ties  severed  by  his  stroke. 
He  rules  with  stem  decrees  and  an  iron  hand;  sooner  or  later  all 
things  earthly  must  yield  to  his  sceptre.  The  flower  blooms  but  to 
wither  at  his  touch,  the  sturdy  oak  in  conscious  strength  spreads 
forth  its  branches,  only  to  be  riven  by  his  fiery  bolt,  or  wrecked  by 
the  fierceness  of  his  blast  Man  is  bom  but  to  die,  and  the  epitaph  of 
human  life  may  be  written  in  a  few  brief  words,  first  the  cradle  then 
the  grave,  with  a  short  space  between,  seldom  barren,  often  filled 
with  weeds  and  thorns,  sometimes  laden  with  luscious  fruits  and 
^Iden  grain*  Character  alone  defies  his  keenest  blade,  and  laughs  in 
trinmph  as  the  centuries  march  to  Aeir  inevitable  doom,  for  when 

158  Editorial  Department.      ^ 

all  the  monuments  of  human  greatness  shall  have  faded  into  oblivion, 
yea,  v^hen  the  granite  hills  and  the  firmly-rooted  mountains  shall  have 
waxed  old,  and  melted  upon  the  funeral  pyre  of  time,  character 
adorned  with  all  that  is  pure  and  good,  will  rise  Phocnixlike  from 
his  ashes  to  grasp  immortal  honors,  that  will  shine  with  increasing 
lustre  while  the  cycles  of  eternity  roll  their  successive  roimds. 

It  will  be  our  province  to  glean  from  the  public  records  of  the 
eastern  counties  of  North  Carolina,  as  well  as  from  those  of  the 
adjoining  counties  of  Virginia,  the  history  of  those,  who  severed  the 
ties  of  friendship,  blood  and  home,  in  the  old  world  to  brave  the 
perils  of  the  deep  and  greater  perils  of  the  wilderness,  to  lay  the 
foundations  of  a  social  fabric,  that  has  become  the  pride  of  every 
North  Carolinian,  and  the  admiration  of  her  sister  States,  in  the 
great  constellation  which  forms  the  American  Union. 

To  the  rude  log  houses  scattered  here  and  there  on  the  banks  of  the 
watercourses  along  the  Atlantic  seaboard,  may  be  traced  not  only 
the  genealogy  of  the  State,  but  that  also  of  the  Kepublic.  In  the 
rebellion  against  unjust  taxation  and  oppressive  laws,  shortly  after 
the  establishment  of  the  Colony  in  North  Carolina,  were  sown  the 
seed  which  fruited  in  1776,  in  the  successful  struggle  for  liberty  and 
independence,  out  of  which  sprang  the  Republic  full  panoplied, 
ready  to  take  her  place  among  the  nations  of  the  earth.  From  a  nar- 
row strip  of  land  on  the  Atlantic  Ocean,  it  has  developed  into  a  vast 
empire,  extending  from  where  perpetual  winter  locks  all  nature  in 
its  icy  embrace  to  where  perennial  spring  infuses  its  genial  breath 
into  bursting  bud  and  opening  flower;  from  where  the  first  rays  of 
morning  light  gild  the  towering  spires  of  our  eastern  cities,  to  where 
the  evening  shadows  fall  upon  the  golden  gates  of  the  far-distant 
west,  whose  varying  climate  and  rich  domain  invite  the  oppressed  of 
every  nation,  to  come  and  dwell,  whe^e  bounteous  harvests  reward  the 
toil  of  the  diligent,  and  labor  finds  a  competency  for  the  "winter 
of  old  age,"  and  above  all,  where  all  the  blessings  of  "Civil  and 
Keligious  Liberty*^  can  be  enjoyed,  abridged  only  in  social  enjoy- 
ments by  laws  designed  to  elevate  to  a  higher  plane  and  destiny  her 

We  shall  tell  of  the  birth  of  their  children,  the  marriage  of  their 
sons  and  daughters,  the  successes  and  distinctions  they  achieved  in 

Editorial  Department.  159 

life,  silently  cover  with  the  mantle  of  charity  their  faults,  and  speak 
reverently  and  respectfully  of  the  fall  of  the  curtain  in  the  last  act 
of  the  drama  of  life,  remembering  that  the  foundations  of  our  present 
civilization  so  well  and  solidly  laid,  is  and  will  ever  continue  to  be 
the  credit  of  those  who  laid  them,  while  posterity  can  alone  claim  the 
credit  for  the  improvement  and  development  of  the  rich  legacy  they 

The  solid  sturdy  characters  of  those,  who  wrought  well  in  life  will 
be  elevated  to  inspire  with  a  laudable  ambition,  the  youth  of  the 
State,  to  emulate  their  virtues  and  write  upon  history  a  name  that 
will  go  down  to  the  latest  period  of  time.  The  foundation  of  char- 
acter is  laid  in  the  early  years  of  life,  by  careful  pruning  and  by 
<5onstant  and  diligent  cultivation.  The  shattered  dreams  of  youth, 
the  ruined  hopes  of  manhood  and  blasted  fortunes  of  maturer  age,  left 
in  the  wake  of  time  in  his  onward  sweep,  like  gruesome  wrecks,  warn 
of  neglected  opportunities  and  a  failure  to  improve  the  moments  as 
they  swiftly  fly. 

We  place  the  inspiration  before  the  youth  of  the  country,  to  bum 
its  way  deep  into  their  minds  and  hearts  and  shoot  through  every 
nerve  and  fibre  of  their  being,  a  flame  of  intense  and  earnest  desire 
to  achieve  that  success  in  life  commensurate  with  the  opportunities 
and  possibilities  by  which  they  are  surrounded,  and  present  to  the 
world  a  solid  substantial  manhood  reflecting  credit  upon  their  sires 
and  themselves,  and  leaving  a  heritage  to  posterity  more  to  be  desired 
than  great  riches. 

With  these  words  of  introduction,  we  cast  upon  the  tide  of  time 
the  fruits  of  our  labor,  to  be  borne  by  its  current  to  the  homes  of  a 
generous  public,  upon  whose  appreciation  we  confidently  rely  for  a 
patronage  sufficiently  liberal,  to  make  a  success  of  the  work  we  have 

160  Editorial  Department. 

Fortitude  is  perhaps  one  of  life's  most  useful  lessons,  certainly 
one  of  the  most  difficult  to  learn.  It  is  taught  so  beautifully  and 
impressively  by  the  ferns  as  they  bloom  in  the  glens  and  dells  of  the 
forest,  their  leaves  are  brightest  when  the  wind  blows  coldest,  and 
where  the  shadows  fall  the  thi)3kest.  Fortitude  is  an  essential  con- 
stituent in  the  development  of  a  vigorous,  sturdy  manhood. 

A  correspondent  is  in  quest  of  a  copy  of  the  MSS.  records  of  John 
Hill's  Family  Bible.     He  lived  and  died  in  Bertie  County,  1762. 
Was  the  father  of  Hon.  Whitmell  Hill.     We  will  thank  any  of  our  - 
readers  for  information  as  to  the  present  ownership  of  the  Bible,  and 
the  person's  address. 

We  are  also  requested  to  advertise  for  the  records  of  the  Southwest 
Parish,  later  known  as  St.  Thomas  Parish,  in  Bertie,  the  records  ante- 
date 1722  and  probably  extend  to  1840  or  1850.  If  they  can  be 
found,  they  will  be  very  valuable  in  writing  up  the  personal  history 
of  Bertie  County,  and  throw  much  light  upon  the  history  of  families 
that  can  be  obtained  from  no  other  source.  We  hope  our  readers 
will  institute  an  enquiry  that  will  lead  to  their  recovery.  A  large 
number  of  our  subscribers  are  directly  interested  in  these  records. 

The  Nohth  Caholisa  Historicai.  and  Genkalogioai>  REaisTKR, 
will  be  published  quarterly,  beginning  in  January,  1900.  It  will 
contain  J  an  abstract  of  the  public  records  ooin  piled  from  the  origi- 
nals, in  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of  Stjit-e,  aif  Raleigh,  K  C-,  and 
those  of  the  counties  of  (liowau,  Peniuioiiui^,  Pasquotank,  Camden, 
Currituck,  Tyrrell,  Washington,  Beau  lor  t,  Berti<^,  Northampton, 
tnd  Halifax,  in  North  Carolina,  and  the  e4^tunties  of  Surry j  and  Isle 
of  Wight,  in  the  State  of  Virginia. 

In  addition  to  it,^  valnablc  liistorieal  lore^  it  will  be  of  great 
assistance  to  those  desirous  of  tracing  tbeir  family  history^  togethi^T 
with  the  collateral  branc4ieri  of  their  family,  back  U\  tlje  early  settle- 
ment of  the  country.  There  will  he  uo  nect^i^sity  to  investigate  tlie 
public  records  of  the  counties  named,  for  thia  purpose,  by  the  suh- 
scriliers  to  this  publication,  as  it  will  contain  evtTV  item  Lliat  can  be 
found,  relating  to  the  personal,  as  well  as  the  public  history  of  the 
counties  above  mentioned.  It  will  contain  articles  from  the  pens 
of  eminent  writers  througliout  the  State,  well  auquainted  with  the 
historical  events,  that  have  trans]>ired  within  North  Can>lina. 

ItA  ciidujimg  will  \^.  open  to  rec4^i%'ej  collate,  and  preservx^  tiie  his- 
tory of  the  State- 
There  will  bo  also  a  department,  tlirough  which  enquiries  can  be 
made  relative  to  families,  find  their  genealogy,  by  this  meauj^  informa- 
tion can  be  securedj  that  could  mA  be  otherwise  obtained, 

letters  of  enquiry  relative  to  family  histuvy,  must  contnhi  a  ^>elf- 
addressed  stamped  envelope,  to  secure  a  prompt  repl \ .  The  period- 
ical will  contain  160  pages  of  remliii^  muttir,  15;tO  vim  mWd  small 
pica,  and  brevier,  to  the  page. 

Arrangements  have  been  made  to  supply  back  uumlK-rh.  Ternia 
of  aubscription,  $t,00  per  single  copy,  t$3.00  per  annum. 

In  remittingj  please  do  so,  either  by  regl steered  letter,  or  postofBoe 
money  order,  as  the  cost  of  collecting  othei-Vini*,  is  too  heavy  to  bo 
borne  by  the  publisher. 

AddresSj  J.  R.  B.  Hathaway, 

Bdiior  and  Financial  Agent,  Eden  ton,  N.  C. 









f    A''3    r   -i 



c^prth  1900 

J.  R.  B.  HATHAWAY  J*  Editor  and  Ftaancial 
Jt*)ljt  Agent,  ^  Edentcm,  North  Caroliiu  ^i>>J( 



Abstract  op  Wills  Probated  Prior  to  1760 163 

Taken  from  originals  in  the  office  of  the  Secretary  of  State,  at  Raleigh.  N.  C. 

Marriage  Bonds 235 

On  file  in  the  office  of  the  Clerk  of  the  Superior  Court  of  Chowan  County  at 
Bdenton,  1 741- 1800. 

The  First  Church  Built  in  North  Carolina  and  its  Location 256 

Copy  OP  Oath,  WITH  Signatures  267 

Required  of  all  persons  upon  their  qualification  to  office. 

LiTTLEJOHN  Family 268 

Copy  from  a  family  circle,  made  by  Maj.  Roger  Pleasants,  and  added  to  by  his 
niece,  Miss  Mary  Sumner  Kingsbury. 

The  Earliest  Baptist  Congregation  Organized  in  North  Carolina,     283 
Abstract  op  Conveyances 284 

Compiled  from  the  records  in  the  office  of  the  Register  of  Deeds  for  Chowan  County, 
at  Kdenton.  N.  C. 

MISCELLANE0T7S    ITEMS ..,      301 

Takca  ham  loose  piipets  umoui;  the  Records  of  Albemarle  County  at  Bdenton,  N.  C. 

Editorial  Department .,- 307 

Queries  and  Answers 814 

Vol.  I  April,  1900  No.  2 


Historical  and  GenealogicauRegister 


J.  R.  B.  Hathaway,  Editor  and  Financial  Agent 




**  Like  leaves  on  trees,  the  race  of  man  is  found. 
Now  green  in  youth,  now  withering  on  the  ground ; 
The  foU'wing  spring  another  race  supplies, 
They  rise  successive  and  successive  fall ; 
So  generations  in  their  course  decay, 
So'flourish  these,  when  those  are  passed  away." 

—Pope'*  T^'anatation  Homer*a  Iliad. 



Vol.  I.  April,  1900.  No.  2. 


{Executed  and  probated  prior  to  1760.    Compiled  from  the  originals  in  the  office 

of  the  Secretary  of  State  at  Raleigh,  N.  C.    The  later  date  indicates 

the  day  of  probate.    Alphabetically  arranged  for  the 

convenience  of  the  reader.) 

♦Alston,  John.  February  20,  1755;  December  2,  1758.  Sons 
Solomon,  William,  and  Phillip,  daughter  Mary  Seward,  daughter 
Elizabeth  Williams,  daughter  Sarah  Kearney,  daughter  Charity 
Daw8)n,  wife  Mary,  grandson  John  Alston  son  of  Solomon,  Eliza- 
beth daughter  of  W.  M.  Alston,  granddaughter  Patlie  daughter  of 
Joseph  John  Alston,  grandson  William  son  of  Phillip  Alston,  John 
Alston  son  of  James,  son  James.  Test,  Seasbrook  Wilson,  Thomas 
Byrd,  Joseph  Parker. 

Allen,  Hugh,  Chowan.  July  5,  1752.  Wife  Elizabeth,  sons 
Joshua  and  John,  daughters  Elce,  Mary  and  Sarah ;  wife  and  her 
brother  Joshua  Spivey  executors.  Test,  Richard  Bond,  Richard 
Stallings,  James  Bond. 

Arnold,  Joseph,  Perquimans.  November  30,  1751.  Daughter 
Mary;  brothers  Lawrence  Arnold  and  William  Arnold  executors. 

Adams,  Margaret,  Newberu.  July,  1765.  Bernard  Parkinson, 
whom  I  also  appoint  executor.  Test,  Mary  Hawks,  Ambrose  Bay- 
ley,  Perigan  Cox. 

Allen,  Eleazer,  New  Hanover.    January  1, 1742.     Wife,  nephews 

*NOTE. — John  Alston  first  appears  in  Chowan  Precinct  in  1714.  He  probably 
came  with  his  wife  from  Surry  County,  Va.  His  son  Solomon  was  of  age  in 
1727 ;  he  is  found  conveying  real  estate  at  that  time.  John  Alston  settled  at  or 
near  Gatesville  in  Gates  County,  it  being  at  the  time  a  part  of  Chowan.  Son 
Phillip  married  Winnefred  Whitmell,  daughter  of  Thomas  Whitmell  and  wife 
Elizabeth  Hunter  Bryan,  daughter  of  Lewis  Bryan  and  wife  Elizabeth  HuDter 
of  Bertie  County.  N.  C.  Daughter  Mary  married  first  Henry  Guston  of  Edge- 
combe; second,  William  Seward  of  Isle  of  Wight  County,  Va.  Daughter  Eliza- 
beth married  William  Williams,  who  lived  in  Martin  County.  Daughter  Sarah 
married  Phillip  Kearney.  Charity  Alston  married  John  Dawson.  Wife  Mary 
was  Mary  Clark  before  her  marriage.    Solomon  Alston  married  Ann  Hinton. 

daughter  of  Col.  John  Hinton.    James  Alston  married Chancy,  related 

to  Ruth  Chancy,  who  married Baker.    Our  readers  can  possibly  complete 

the  record  by  furnishing  names  of  their  husbands  or  wives.     We  would  be  glad 
to  have  the  information.     (Chowan.) 

164  North  Carolina  Histokical 

and  nieces  William,  Daniel,  and  Catharine  Willard,  children  of  Jo- 
siah  Willard  of  Boston,  sister  Catharine  Willard,  mother  Sarah 
Trott  of  South  Carolina;  wife  Sarah  sole  executrix.  Test,  SuFanna 
Hassell,  James  Hassell,  E.  Moseley.  James  Hassell  and  Nath'l  Rice 
assistant  executors. 

Alford,  Ann,  Little  River,  Perquimans.  April  16, 1691.  Father- 
in-law,  Chas.  Jones,  Tabyther  Alford,  Sarah  Alford,  my  children  ; 
Chas.  Jones,  executor.  Test,  John  Huntt,  William  Pindor, Hannah 

Armour,  John,  Pasquotank.  April  3,  1729.  Son  John,  wife  Eliz- 
abeth,* daughters  Ann  and  Mary. 

Anderson,  John,  Perquimans.  January  27,  1744-45.'  Friend 
Christopher  Sutton,  Jane,  Mullen,  Abraham  Mullen's  children; 
Christopher  Sutton  and  Abraham  Mullen  executors;  Mary  Mullen, 
daughter  of  Abraham.  March  5,  1740.  Test,  Geo.  Wood,  Ellender 

Adams,  John,  Bath.  February  17,  1733-'4.  Sons  Abraham, 
James,  Emanuel,  John,  and  Thomas,  daughters  Rachel,  Martha,  and 
Mary;  sons  Abraham  and  James  executors.  Test,  Olive  Blackburn, 
John  Aldershire,  Robert  Sharpies. 

Alligood,  Richard,  Beaufort.  January  22,  1755;  September  19, 
1755.  Son  Hilery  Lytea  Alligood,  son  William,  Matthew  Bauer; 
sons  William  and  Hilery  executors.  Test,  Geo.  Jenkins,  Martha 
Jenkins,  John  Alligood. 

Addison,  Richard,  Scuppernong,  Tyrrell.  August  2,  1720;  Janu- 
ary Court,  1724.  Wife  Sarah,  whom  I  also  appoint  executrix.  Test, 
Sam'l  Spruell,  Robert  Fewox,  Chas.  Craddock. 

Anolyne  or  Aredine,  Peter,  Bertie.  March  14, 1710.  Son  Henry, 
daughter  Ann,  son  Peter;  Jno.  Anolyne  or  Aredine,  and  Thos.  Pol- 
lock executors.  Test,  Lawrence  Sarson,  John  Jones,  Robert  West, 
Thos.  Ashley. 

Armstrong,  James.    22 ,  1685.    Friend  Richard  Graye.  Test, 

Henry  White,  William  Jarson.     November,  1685. 

Ambrose,  David,  Chowan.  July  14,  1745;  August  1, 1745.  Wife 
Susanna,  sons  David,  Jesse,  and  Israel,  daughters  Mary,  Susannah, 
and  Mourning;  speaks  of  plantation  where  David  Bush  lives,  and 
bequeaths  it  to  sons  Jesse  and  Israel;  son  William;  wife  executrix. 
Proved  before  Enoch  Hall,  Chief  Justice.  Test,  Jacob  Previtt,  David 
Bush,  James  Craven. 

Adams,  Matthew,  Chowan.  August  9, 1703 ;  November  26, 1708. 
Son  Matthew,  daughter  Ellinor;  wife  Sarah  executrix.  Test,  Thos. 
Blount,  James  Bonner. 

Alexander,  Anthony,  Tyrrell.  July  29, 1746.  Sons  Anthony  and 
Joseph,  daughter  Ann,  sons  Samuel  and  Benjamin,  daughters  Rachel 
and  Priscilla,  son   Isaac,  daughter  Sarah,  son-in-law  Thomas  Bate- 

*  Note.— Wife  Elizabeth  was  the  daughter  of  David  Bailey.    She  married 
second  Simon  Bryan,  being  his  second  wife. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  165 

man,  sons  John,  Josias  and  Gideon,  daughter  Jane,  my  four  young- 
est daughters  Naome,  Casiah,  Jane  and  Selah;  son  Joshua  executor. 
Test,  Benj.  Bidgood,  Thos.  Best,  Christian  Alexander. 

Arthur,  John,  Craven.  January  7,  1750-1;  March  2,  1750-1. 
Eldest  son  John  in  Maryland,  son  James  in  Craven,  wife  Bridget, 
sons  Matthew  and  William,  daughters  Ann  and  Mary;  wife  and  son 
Matthew  executors.  Test,  Cdas.  Evitt,  Robert  Moore,  Amacy  Moore. 

Adams,  Charles,  Newbern.  March  20,  1757;  April  20, 1757.  All 
my  estate  to  my  wife  Margarett,  whom  I  appoint  executrix.  Test, 
J.  Vail,  Nath'l  Richardson,  Vinyard  Bond. 

Aldlridge.  John,  Bath.  December  28,  1705;  April  2,  1706.  Wife 
Dorothy,  whom  I  also  appoint  executrix.  Test,  A.  Slocumb,  Rich'd 
Sdoith      Probated  at  Court  held  at  the  house  of  Wm.  Barrow. 

Amblers,  William,  Perquimans.  April  7,1745;  3d  Wednesday, 
July,  1745.  Brother  Richard  Ambler  of  Yorktown,  Va.,  John  Ste- 
venson of  this  county  for  his  son  William,  Zachariah  Nixon  and  his 
wife,  Eliza  and  Henrv  Phelps,  Jonathan  Phelps,  John  Barclift  for 
his  son  Demsey,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Williams,  Benj.  Baptist,  Elizabeth 
wife  of  Zachariah  Nixon,  Joseph,  Thomas  and  Sarah  Stevenson. 
John  Stevenson  executor.  Test,  Sam'l  Scolley,  Wm.  Harold,  Francis 

Alderson,  Simon,  Beaufort.  No  date.  Son  Levi,  daughter  Sarah, 
Thos.  Cooper  and  his  wife  Jenny,  son  John,  daughter  Elizabeth, 
wife  Elizabeth  Roben.  Test,  Robert  Howard,  William  Martin,  James 

Adams,  Roger.  Lucy  Green,  property  bequeathed  me  by  her  late 
father,  John  Green;  wife  Frances  executrix;  Gov.  Gabriel  Johnston, 
Sam'l  Woodward,  Robt.  Hamilton,  James  Merry,  and  James  Jones 
assistants.  Test,  Robert  Knowles,  Jas.  Menzies.  Probated  August, 
1739.    County  not  stated. 

Albertson,  Albert,  Sr.,  Perquimans.  February  10,  1701 ;  April  14, 
1702.  Sons  Peter,  Nathan,  Albert,  and  Esau,  son  Peter's  wife  Ann, 
son  Nathaniel;  sons  Peter  and  Nathaniel  executors.  Test,  John 
Falconer,  Nath'l  Nicholson. 

AUford,  Joseph,  Albemarle.  December  18,  1689.  Wife  Ann, 
whom  I  appoint  executrix.  Test,  Charles  Jones,  John  Barbee, 
Ludford  Juy. 

Anderson,  George,  Granville.  July  6,  1757.  St.  John's  Parish. 
Wife  Mary,  daughter  Eave  Anderson,  George  son  of  my  brother 
William  Anderson,  son  George,  Elizabeth  daughter  of  John  Under- 
wood; wife  Mary  and  Osborne  Jeflfreys  executors.  Test,  John  Bra- 
zer,  William  Anderson,  Thomas  Smith. 

Anderson,  Carolus,  Northampton.  Daughter  Rachel  Warren; 
land  bought  of  Capt.  Wm.  Baker,  grandson  Carolus  Warren,  daugh- 
ter Mary  Anderson,  daughter  Sarah  Anderson;  wife  executrix.  Feb- 
ruary 10, 1752;  February  Court,  1753.  Test,  Nicholas  Boon,  Wil- 
liam Boon. 

Abington,  Thomas,  Pasquotank.     November  13, 1707;  December 

166  North  Carolina  Historical 

28,  1707.  Mary  Pope  daughter-in-law  to  Francis  Delamare,  grand- 
daughter Mary  Tully,  George  Ellis,  Charles  Griffin,  Tobias  Knight, 
John  Palin,  Thos.  Palin,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Hecklefield;  Tobias  Knight, 
John  and  Thos.  Palin  executors.  Test,  John  Hecklefield,  Francis 
Gilbert,  Mary  Cookoo. 

Aheir,  John,  Onslow.  Wife  Elizabeth,  son  William,  daughter 
Elizabeth;  wife  executrix.  Test,  Stephen  Howard,  Stephen  How- 
ard, Jr.     January  19, 1744-45;  October,  1746. 

Allday,  Thomas,  Bertie.  Son-in-law  Wm.  Coward,  his  brother 
Benj.  Coward,  William  and  Thomas  Highman,  Mrs.  Dianah  Sander- 
lin;  Henry  Hunter  and  John  Smith  executors.  March  16, 1754; 
May  Court,  1754.    Test,  Thos.  Hyman,  Moses  Hunter,  John  Brogden. 

Arenton,  Christopher,  Chowan.  April  22,  1753;  July,  1753. 
Daughter  Abigail  Hubberd,  son  William,  wife  Sarah,  my  six  chil- 
dren ;  Robert  Beasley,  Thos.  White,  and  Thos.  Pierce  to  divide  estate. 
Test,  Mary  Creecy,  Thos.  Pierce,  John  Fennele. 

Anderson,  Elizabeth,  widow  of  John  Anderson,  Perquimans. 
May  25,  1757;  January  Court,  1760.  Son  John,  daughter  Abigail 
Charles,  son  Samuel,  granddaughter  Elizabeth  Henbe,  grandson 
William  Arnold,  granddaughter  Sarah  Henbe,  grandson  Joshua 
Albertson  son  of  Elihu;  William  Arnold,  son  John,  and  Wm.  Al- 
bertson  executors.  Test,  Sam'l  Anderson,  John  Bos  well,  Joseph  Bos- 

Anderson,  James,  Perquimans.  February  13,  1741-42;  Decem- 
ber 14,  1742.  Sons  James  and  John;  my  friend  Richard  Skinner 
and  son  John  executors.     Test,  Thos.  Jessope,  Thos.  Bateman. 

Arlow,  James,  Wilmington.  December  27,  1757 ;  February  Court, 
1758.  Nephew  John  Arlow,  wife  Bridgett;  Benj.  Morrison  and  wife 
executors.    Test,  Ben.  Wheatley,  Arthur  Mabson,  John  Jones. 

Arnell,  Edmund,  Chowan.  April  Court,  1752.  Wife  Pleasant, 
daughter  Hannah  Stallings, grandchildren  James  and  Hannah  Stal- 
lings;  son  Edward  executor.  Test,  John  Sumner,  Richard  Brothers, 
Abscilla  Webb. 

Anesley,  Solomon,  Tyrrell.  Daughters  Sarah,  Mary,  Elizabeth, 
and  Ann,  sons  John  and  Joseph,  daughters  Rachel  and  Easter,  wife 
Sarah.  August  27, 1750;  March  Court,  1751.  Test,  Samuel  Spru- 
ell,  Matthew  Carswell,  Sam'l  Spruell,  Jr. 

Andrews,  Warren,  Tyrrell.  May  4,  1772;  February  28,  1774. 
Son  Edmund  for  use  of  my  daughter  Millie  Blount  and  her  children 
during  the  life  of  her  husband  Thomas  Blount,  grandson  Benj. 
Blount,  daughter  Martha  Pearse  and  her  son  Lovick  Pearce^,  daugh- 
ter Elizabeth  Andrews,  sons  Etheldred  and  Levi,  wife  Sarah;  sons 
Edmund,  Etheldred,  and  Levi  executors.  Test,  Wm.  Ellis,  John 
Sherrod,  Ruben  Sherrod. 

♦Note. — Lovick  Pearce  mentioned  in  this  will  was  probably  related  to  the 
ancestor  of  Rev.  Lovick  Pearce,  D.  D.,  of  Georgia.  The  name  or  Pierce  is  spelled 
differently,  but  in  former  years  the  spelling  was  phonetic.  Bishop  George  F. 
Pierce,  son  of  Rev.  Lovick  Pierce,  D.D.,  was  born  in  Halifax  County,  N.  C. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  167 

Allen,  James,  Edgecombe.  December  4,  1733;  February  Court, 
1733-4.  James  KeUy;  John  Nairne  executor.  Test,  William  Cell, 
Ann  Stone,  John  Stone. 

Anderson,  Joseph,  Edenton.  Daughter  Mary,  wife  Ann*,  daugh- 
ter-in-law Lucy  Martin,  Ann  infant  daughter  of  my  daughter-in-law 
Agnes  Martin,  brother  Rev.  James  Anderson  at  or  near  Lundy, 
sister  Margaret  Anderson  in  Bonnetown  near  Leith.  December  24, 
1750;  third  Thursday,  January,  1750-51.  Test,  Peter  Payne,  John 

Ashley,  John,  Anson.  February  19, 1759.  Sons  John  and  Fran- 
cis, daughter  Mary  Ann  Franks,  Euliner  Sutton,  daughter  Rose 
Touchstone,  son  William,  daughter  Sarah  Ashley,  son  Turden;  wife 
Mary  executrix.    Test,  Richard  Yarbrough,  Christopher  Touchstone. 

Adams,  Peter,  Chowan.  December  13,  1745.  March  31,  1746. 
Brother  John  Adams  and  his  children,  sister  Mary  Mounie  of  Credi- 
ton  in  Devonshire,  Great  Britain,  wife  Sarah,  son  John  brother 
John  of  Wrentham,  New  England;  Wm.  Hoskins,  Henry  Bonner, 
and  John  Lewis  executors.    Test,  Wm.  Luten,  Wm.  Lewis. 

Albertson,  Isaac,  Pasquotank.  February  12, 1759;  March  Court, 
1759.  Wife  Jemima,  daughter  Ruth.  Test,  Thomas  Craghill,  Isaac 
Litton,  Sarah  Martin. 

Ansell,  John,  Currituck.  April  6, 1753;  March  Court,  1755.  Son 
John,  wife,  son  William,  grandson  James  Ansell,  son  Nathan,  daugh- 
ter Sarah's  children,  son  Caleb,  daughter  Lebasta,  daughter  Mary; 
son  John  executor.    Test,  Caleb  White,  Joshua  White,  Paul  Elison. 

Abercrombie,  Hannah,  Pasquotank.  August  12,1754;  January 
Court,  1755.  Daughter  Catherine  Chamberlain,  granddaughter  Lucy 
Chamberlain,  grandson  Jeremiah  Chamberlain,  grandsons  Jeremiah 
Everton  and  William  Everton,  granddaughter  Hannah  Everton, 
grandsons  Edwin  Everton  and  James  Everton,  granddaughter  Court- 
ney Chamberlain,  granddaughter  Aby  Chamberlain;  daughter  Cath- 
erine Chamberlain  executrix.    Test,  Thos.  Taylor,  William  Coale. 

Adams,  John,  York,  Massachusetts  Bay.  June  6, 1750.  Joseph 
Balch,  John  Gewel,  Francis  Stringer,  William  Heritage,  wife  Mary, 
my  children;  wife  and  Jos.  Balch  executors.  Test,  Jer.  Vail,  Ger- 
shon  Spear,  Rd.  Lovett. 

Albertson,  Joshua,  Perquimans.  Son  Francis,  wife  Mary,  daugh- 
ters Elizabeth,  Mary  and  Penelope;  wife,  brothers  Aaron  and  Wil- 
liam Albertson  executors.  5th  day,  8th  month,  1758;  October 
Court,  1753.  Test,  Phineas  Nixon,  Nathaniel  Albertson,  Jno. 

Armstrong,  John,  Currituck.  Wife  Afiah  and  her  children  ;  wife 
executrix.  March  28,  1753;  March  Court,  1755.  Test,  Thomaa 
Williams,  Joshua  Brent,  Lucy  Putt. 

Allen,  Andrew,  Newbern.  October  29, 1762;  November  15, 1762: 
Thos.  Wallton  son  of  John  and  Hannah  in  the  county  of  Kent, 

♦Note.— Wife  Ann  was  Mrs.  Ann  Martin  of  Bertie  County. 

168  North  Carolina  Historical 

Md.,  Grace  Meers  wife  of  Elisba  Meers,  Grace  being  the  daughter  of 
Stephen  Walton  of  Accomack  County,  Va.,  wife  Priscilla  daughter 
of  Jacob  Van  Pelt  in  Craven  County,  N.  C;  friends  Joseph  Parker 
and  Gilbert  Ker,  brother-in-law  John  Van  Pelt,*  Jacob  Van  Pelt, 
wife,  and  Gilbert  Ker  executors.  Test,  Anthony  Van  Pelt,  Freder- 
ick Gibble,  Ann  Gibble. 

Anderson,  Joseph,  Perquimans.  23d,  7th  month,  1761;  October 
Court,  1751.  Daughter  Elizabeth,  child  in  esse;  wife  and  Zachariah 
Nixon  executors.    Test,  Silvanus  Henbe,  Samuel  Anderson. 

Arthur,  John,  Chowan.  May  29,  1735;  October  Court,  1735. 
William  Falaw,  Jacob  Privit,  John  Hanah;  Thomas  and  Constant 
Luten  executors.  Test,  William  Goldsberry,  Humphrey  Webb, 
Edward  Howcutt. 

Adams,  Abraham,  Sr.  October  3, 1733;  March  13, 1733-34.  Sons 
Abram,  Richard,  Willowby,  and  William,  daughter  Abia;  wife 
Bathia  executrix.    Test,  Phillip  Shute,  Mary  Shute,  John  CoUison. 

Arenton,  William,  Craven.  Wife  Mary,  children  Rebecca,  Mary, 
and  Leah;  Henry  Sheppard  executor.  January  23,  1761.  Test, 
Edmund  Hatch,  Martin  Sheppard. 

Albertson,  Nathaniel.  February  13,  1752;  January  Court, 
1752-53.  Sons  Joshua  and  William,  William's  grandfather  Samuel 
Nicholson,  daughter  Hannah,  grandsons  Benj.  and  Chalkley  Albert- 
son,  sons  of  William,  daughter  Elizabeth  Newby,  son  Aaron,  daugh- 
ter Lydia  Trueblood ;  sons  Joshua,  William,  and  Aaron  executors, 
Test,  Joshua  Perisho,  James  Henbe,  Mary  Morris. 

Avent,  Thomas,  Northampton.  April  15, 1751 ;  February  Court, 
1752.  Brother  William  Avent,  wife  Volla,  my  children.  Test, 
Richard  Moore,  John  Davis. 

Avery,  John,  Hyde.  October  27,  1740.  Wife  Jane,  Martha 
Smith,  Agnes  Slade  wife  of  Ebenezer  Slade^  Thomas,  William  and 
Samuel  Smith,  sons  of  John  Smith,  Sr.,  Lydia  Russell  wife  of  Benj. 
Russell,  Elizabeth  Smith  widow,  Elizabeth  Smith  daughter  of  John, 
Dorcas  Smith  daughter  of  John,  Dorcas  Worldly,  John  Smith  son  of 
John,  Sr.,  James  Avery,  Gilbert  McNary,  cousin  Kezia  Hadley, 
Elizabeth  Collins  daughter  of  Uriah  Collins,  Foster  Jervis,  John 
Smith  son  of  William,  Lydia  Cartright;  James  Avery  of  Virginia, 
Jno.  Smith,  Sr.,  and  Jr.,  and  Foster  Jervis  executors.  Test,  Uriah 
Collins,  William  Silvester,  William  Giddens. 

Arrington,  Williani,  Northampton.  July  11,  1750;  February 
Court,  1752.  Sons  Briggs  and  William,  James  Ross  son  of  Sarah, 
friend  Nathan  Williams,  Elizabeth  Riggin  daughter  of  Daniel ;  Col. 
John  Dawson  and  Nathan  Williams  executors.  Test,  Henry  Daw- 
son, John  Pitman,  John  Brock. 

Allen,  Sarah,  widow  of  Eleazer,  Wilmington,    Thomas  Frank- 

*  Note.— Were  John,  Jacob,  and  Anthony  Van  Pelt  related  to  Capt.  John 
Van  Pelt  of  Bertie  County  ?  The  latter  settled  there  about  1720,  coming  into  the 
Ck>lony  from  New  York. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  169 

land  of  South  Carolina,  niece  Mrs.  Sarah  Franklacd,  niece  Mrs. 
Mary  Jane  Dry,  my  nieces  daughters  of  my  sister  Moore,  viz,  Mrs. 
Sarah  Smith  of  Charleston,  S.  C,  Mrs.  Harlston  of  the  same  place, 
and  Mrs  Anna  Swan  of  Cape  Fear,  my  grandnieces  Miss  Mary 
Frankland  and  Harriet  Frankland,  my  grandniece  Miss  Rebecca 
Dry,  grandniece  Miss  Susanna  Hassell,  grandniece  Mary  Hassell, 
Mrs.  De  Rossett,  Sr.,  friend  William  Dry,  James  Murray;  William 
Dry  and  Henry  Hyrne  executors;  in  case  of  death  of  either,  Fred'k 
Jones  to  be  substituted  and  next  Benj.  Hyrne.  William  Bamp- 
field  executor  of  that  parf  of  my  estate  in  South  Carolina.  January 
5,  1761 ;  April  1, 1761.  Test,  George  Moore,  Elizabeth  De  Rossett, 
James  Colson. 

Arnold,  John,  Perquimans.  April  11, 1735;  July  1, 1735.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  son  John,  child  in  esse,  daug:bters  Elizabrtb  and  Sarah; 
wife  and  Samuel  Parsons  executors.  Test,  James  Gibson,  William 

♦Alston,  Joseph  John,  Halifax.  January  5,  1780;  August  Term, 
1781.  Sons  John  and  Philip,  daughter  Pattie  Merony,  son  William, 
son  Willis,  grandsons  John,  Joseph  and  William,  sons  of  William, 
grandson  Joseph  John,  son  of  William,  his  brother  William,  son 
Henry,  daughter  Mary  Palmer,  John  Cooper,  daughter  Uphan  Wil- 
son dooper,  son  Joseph  John,  grandson  Joseph  John  Alston  sou  of 
John,  grandson  John  Alston  son  of  Phillip,  sons  John,  Phillip,  Wil- 
liam, Willis,  and  Henry,  daughters  Patiie  and  Euphen  Wilson 
Cooper,  Wesley  Jones,  Solomon  Williams,  William  Alston  son  of 
Phillip,  James  Alston ;  John  Jones  and  son  Joseph  John  Alston 
executors.    Test,  Robert  Green,  John  Green,  Wiley  Green. 

Bond  Vinyard,  Beaufort.  March  5,  1762;  November  5,  1762. 
Wife  Sarah,  son  Sweeting,  daughter  Sarah,  sisters  Sarah,  Mary,  and 
Margaret ;  wife  and  her  brother  John  Caruthers  executors.  Test,  Wm. 
Peyton,  Wm.  Trippe,  Henry  Lacy,  Thos.  Lea. 

Benbow,  Gershon,  Bladen.  January  12,  1751.  Sons  Powell, 
Richard,  and  Evans,  daughter  Susanna ;  son  Powell  and  brother 
Charles  Benbow  executors.  Test,  Abraham  Sanders,  Richard  May, 
John  Jones. 

Bateman,  Jonathan.  January  27,  1694-95.  Wife  Elizabeth, 
children  Jonathan,  John,. Thomas  and  Mary;  son  Jonathan  execu- 
tor.    Test,  Thos.  Hassold,  John  Twigger,  Diana  White. 

Beveret,  Benjamin,  New  Hanover.  October  25, 1749 ;  August  24, 
17r3.  Son  Benjamin,  wife  and  four  children ;  Henry  Carter  and 
Thos.  Kennan  executors.     Test,  Hugh  McCanne,  William  Savage. 

Brown,  Jonas,  Northampton.  January  25, 1741 ;  August  Court, 
1743.  Godson  Jonas  Brown  son  of  brother  William,  wife  Eveith, 
whom  I  appoint  my  executors.     Test,  W.  Boddie,  Mary  Boddie. 

Browne,  Walter,  Bertie.  October  17, 1 735;  February  Court,  1735-36. 
Son  Josiah,  cousin  Jane  Drake,   wife  Mary,  land   south   of  Cata- 

*NoTE. — Son  of  John  Alston,  of  Chowan. 

170  North  Carolina  Historical 

watsky;   wife  executrix.    Test,  John   Battle,  Jpsse   Brown,  John 

Brown,  William,  Beaufort.  September  9, 1751;  Bath  Court,  De- 
cember, 1751.  Wife  Elizabeth,  son  John,  daughters  Mary  and 
Sarah;  wife  and  son  John  executors.  Test,  John  Linton,  John 
Chester;  Lemuel  Corkson. 

Brown,  James,  Beaufort.  November  13,  1736;  July  20,  1750. 
Wife  Dorothy,  her  late  husband  Rowland  Porter  Finch,  children 
Mary  and  Anna  Brown,  William  son  of  my  last  wife;  Mitchell  Cou- 
lanch  and  Abraham  Duncan  executors.  .Test,  Daniel  Blirz,  Rich- 
ard Bassett,  Jr.,  James  Rigney. 

Brown,  James,  Edgecombe.  March  6,  1773;  March  25,  1774. 
Daughter  Milly  Brown,  daughters  Rachael,  Catharine,  and  Sally, 
son  James,  daughter  Ann ;  Benj.  Amason  executor.  Test,  James 
Amason,  Jesse  Amason,  William  Amason. 

Brown,  Francis,  Sr.,  Bertie.  November  7, 1748 ;  November  Court, 
1750  Sons  Francis,  William,  and  John, daughters  Anna, Mary,  Sarah, 
Jane,  and  Elizabeth,  youngest  son  Benjamin,  John  Wynns  overseer 
of  my  will.    Test,  Isaac  Hill,  Daniel  Van  Pelt,  Geo.  Riviet. 

Brown,  John,  Halifax.  March  13, 1758  ;  June  Court,  1759.  Son 
Nathan,  wife  Patience,  Patience  Pope,  Elizabeth  Edwards,  Priscilla 
Brown,  Hardy  Brown,  Henrietta  Brown,  Sarah  Brown,  Olive  Brown, 
grandson  Biiral  Shelton;  son  Nathan,  Nathan  Brown,  Samuel  Ed- 
wards, and Ladoma:n  executors.  Test,  John  Pope,  Geo.  Crudup, 

Nicholas  Dixon. 

Brown,  Phillip,  Bertie.  December  10,  1725.  John  McFarlin, 
wife  Tomsin;  wife  and  John  McFarlin  executors.  Test,  William 
Maule,  John  White,  Benjamin  Sanders. 

Brown,  James,  Carotuck.     April  5,  1721.     Wife  Mary,  plantation 
where  Trueman  McBride  lives,  son  William,  grandson  to  Gov.  Mar 
cum  ;  wife  Mary  executrix.     Test,  James  Adams,  Jos.  Sanderson 
Elizabeth  Sanderson. 

Brown,  John,  Chowan.  November  28,1718;  October  21,1718. 
Wife  Anne,  Jacob  Pritchard,  son  of  my  wife;  wife  executrix.  Test, 
James  Robertson,  Elizabeth  Swann,  Edward  Moseley. 

Barefield,   Richard,   Bertie.     November  22,  1728.     Wife   Mary 
sons  Richard,  William,  James  and  Solomon,  Barsheba  Melton,  grand 
son  Richard  Barefield,  son  Thomas.     Test,  William  Jones,  Thomas 
Whipple,  Alexander  Cotton. 

Barefield,  John,  Onslow.  November  4,  1742.  Daughter  Mary 
Edwards  by  my  first  marriage,  daughters  Sarah  Jones  and  Rose 
Barefield,  son  Luke,  wife  Elizabeth  mother  of  Luke,  daughter 
Judith,  two  youngest  children  by  my  second  marriage;  wife  and 
brother  James  Barefield  executors.  Test,  John  Gourley,  James 
Barefield,  Richard  Johnston. 

Bridgers,  Samuel,  Northampton.  Daughters  Mary  and  Patience; 
Wm.  Boon  executor.  December  12,  1748;  February  Court,  1756. 
Test,  John  Bardin,  Jesse  Bardin,  Jos.  Bridgers,  Jr. 


Bridgers,  William,  Bertie.  March  11,  1728;  November  Court, 
1729.  Son  William,  daughter  Sarah,  sons  Joseph  and  John,  brother 
Benjamin,  father  John  Dew ;  wife  Sarah,  William  Bryant,  and  John 
Dew  executors.    Test,  John  Danson,  Wm.  Bryant,  Mary  Haise. 

Bridgers,  William,  Bertie.  November  16, 1729;  May  Court,  1730. 

Sons  Joseph  and  Benjamin,  daughter ,  daughter  Elizabeth  ;  son 

Samuel  executor.  Test,  John  Woodvil,  John  Bardin,  Edmund 

Briggers,  William,  Johnston.  September  30,  1751 ;  December 
Court,  1751.  Joel  Martin,  Lucrese  Martin ;  Phillips  Jones  executor. 
Test,  James  Bryant,  James  Jacocks,  James  Gooding. 

Bell,  William,  Edgecombe.  December  1, 1752;  May  Court,  1754. 
Sons  Arthur  and  Joshua,  daughter  Mary  Pyrent,  daughter  Anne, 
granddaughter  Sarah  Pyrent;  sons  Arthur  and  Joshua  executors. 
Test,  James  Atkinson,  Wm.  Cain,  Rebecca  Cain. 

Bell,  Thomas,  Chowan.  December  11,  1733;  January  Court, 
1733-34.  Cousins  William,  Thomas,  Anne,  and  Jane  Bell  children 
of  my  brother  John,  cousin  William  Mackey ;  wife  Elizabeth  and 
William  Mackey  executors.  Test,  Samuel  Durrance,  William  Down- 
ing, Hannah  Girkin. 

Bell,  John,  Pasquotank.  1720-21;  November  29,  1721.  Son 
James,  land  at  Alligator  and  in  Maryland,  sons  George,  John,  Wil- 
liam, and  Nathaniel,  daughter  Mary,  sons  Henry,  Joseph,  and  Ben- 
jamin ;  wife  Mary  executrix.  Test,  Wm.  Willson,  Samuel  Cock, 
Darby  Twilenant. 

Bell,  Elizabeth,  widow,  Tyrrell.  June  16,  1750;  November  30, 
1750.  Sister  Margaret,  daughter  in  London,  South  Britain,  brother- 
in-law  James  Turnbull,  William  Mackey,  my  deceased  husband's 
nephew  ;  Cullen  Pollock  executor.  Test,  Thos.  Lee,  John  Gomen, 
Bedford  Fagan. 

Bell,  William,  Currituck.  August  27, 1721 ;  August  31,1721.  Son 
William,  wife  and  children.  Test,  Thomasin  O^Neal,  Deborah 
Pell,  Sarah  Walker. 

Bell,  George,  Edgecombe.  February  18, 1755  ;  May  Court,  1755. 
Sons  George,  John,  and  David ;  wife  Sarah  and  son  John  executors. 
Test,  Arthur  Bell,  Geo.  Bell,  Rose  Channel. 

Bell,  Joseph,  Carteret.  March  12,  1744-45;  June  Court,  1745. 
Wife  Margaret,  son  Thomas,  John  Nelson  ;  son  Thomas  and  John 
Nelson  executors.  Test,  Thomas  Harris,  Richard  Booth,  Matthew 

Bell,  George,  Edgecombe.  December  21,  1752;  February  Court, 
1752.  Son  Arthur,  daughter  Elizabeth  Floyd,  son  William  Wil- 
liams, daughters  Martha  and  Mary;  Francis  Floyd  and  Arthur 
Bell  executors.    Test,  Wm.  Portis,  Thos.  Bell,  Thos.  Floyd. 

Bell,  Thomas,  Edenton,  August  28, 1751;  October  Court,  1751. 
My  cousins  the  children  of  Robert  McRee,  and  James  Car,  Anne 
Dennam,  Capt.  Wm.  Mackey;  br6ther-in-law  Alex  Stuart  and 
James  Waddell,  executors.  Test,  James  Trotter,  Jemima  Allen, 
James  Campbell. 

172  North  Carolina  Historical 

Bell,  Cornelius.  August  1,  1729 ;  December  Court,  1729.  Wife, 
sons  Jonathan,  Cornelius,  and  George,  daughter  Mary,  John  Sothey 
Bell;  son  Cornelius  executor.  Test,  Edward  Hadley,  Thomas  Ful- 
ler.   (Currituck.) 

Beverly,  John,  Bertie,  Sons  John  and  Robert,  daughters  Sarah 
Cox  and  Mary  Peck,  granddaughter  Rachel  Beverly,  granddaughter, 
daughter  of  Sarah  Burnby.  grandson  William  Cox,  grandsons  Wil- 
liam and  Henry  Beverly,  wife  Margaret;  John  and 'Joseph  Jones 
executors.  December  2,  1737;  February  Court,  1737-38.  Test, 
James  Douglas,  Eliza  Douglas,  John  Sutton. 

Byrd,  John,  Chowan  Precinct.  September  13,  1716;  October 
Court,  1716.     Eldest  son  John,  sons  Edward,  William,  and  Richard, 

wife  Rebecca  Bayard,*  Anne,  Richard,  and  Bayard,  child  in 

esse;  wife  Rebecca  Bayard  and  John  Hardy  executors.  Test,  John 
Crombie,  Susanna  Williams,  Mary  Pamvell. 

Bird,  Thomas,  Bertie.  Sons  Thomas  and  Henry,  wife  Elizabeth, 
son  Edmund,  daughters  Hannah  Baker,  Elizabeth  Jones,  Margaret 
Holloman,  Sarah  Bird,  and  Ann  Bird  ;  wife  executrix.  December 
14,  1742;  February  Court,  1742.  Test,  Chas.  Holloman,  Thos. 
Baker,  Antho'  Webb. 

Barrow,  William,  Hyde.  Sons  John,  Thomas,  George,  and  Moses, 
youngest  sons  Zachariah  and  Shadrach,  brother  John  ;  son-in-law 
James  Cakes  and  Shiprite  Chismore  executors.  April  5,  1746. 
Test,  Nath'l  Eborn,  Martha  Eborne,  John  Barrow. 

Barrow,  William,  Edgecombe.  October  20,  1758 ;  December 
Court,  1758.  Son  William  executor ;  wife  Priscilla,  daughter  Anna 
Fort,  granddaughter  Elizabeth  Fort.  Test,  James  Barnes,  Drew 
Smith,  William  Barnes. 

Barrow,  Joseph,  Perquimans.  13th,  2d  month,  1753;  April  Court, 
1753.  Wife  Sarah,  child  in  esse^  son  William  ;  wife  executrix.  Test, 
Joseph  White,  Mary  Sherwood.  , 

Barrow,  William,  Hyde.  January  8,  1715;  October  23,  1716. 
Sous  WilHam,  John,  Richard,  Samuel,  Joseph,  and  James,  daughters 
Anne  and  Sarah  ;  wife  Elizabeth  and  son  William  executors.  Test, 
Thos.  Bonner,  Thos.  Martin,  John  Carter. 

Barrow,  John,  Perquimans.  Sister  Sarah  ;  Zachariah  Nixon  and 
Francis  Toms  executors.  February  17,  1742-43 ;  March  5,  1742-43. 
Test,  James  Skinner,  William  Jones,  Joseph  Barrow,  Jr. 

Barrow,  John,  Hyde.  August  23,  1748;  probated  1748.  Brothers 
Zachariah  Barrow,  Moses,  Thomas,  George,  and  Frederick  Barrow, 
sisters  Rebecca  Barrow  and  Ann  Downing;  uncle  John  Barrow  ex- 
ecutor.    Test,  Nath'l  Eborne,  John  Harvey,  Thos  Simons. 

Barrow,  James,  Chowan.  June  11,  1718;  October  11,  1719. 
Brother  Joseph,  sister  Joana  Williams,  Francis  Pettitt,  wife  Sarah, 

♦Note.— John  Hardy's  wife  at  the  time  of  his  death  in  1719  was  named  Re- 
becca ;  was  she  his  second  wife  and  the  widow  of  John  Byrd  ?  Who  can  answer 
the  query? 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  173 

daughter  Sarah,  cousia  Sarah  daughter  of  John  Barrow,  Jr.;  wife  ex- 
ecutrix.   Tesr,  Francis  Smith,  Thos.  Pierce,  Jr.,  John  Anderson. 

Barrow,  John,  Perquimans.  June  11,  1718;  August  12,  1719. 
Wife  Rachel,  son  John,  children  Sarah,  Rebecca,  Elizabeth,  Marga- 
ret, Joseph  Barrow  to  take  Francis  Pettitt  in  his  care;  wife  and 
brother  Joseph  executors.  Test,  Francis  Smith,  John  Williams^ 
James  Barrow,  John  Lendiow. 

Barrow,  Joseph,  Beaufort.  June  19, 1752.  Sons  James,  John,  and 
Joseph;  wife  Jean  and  brother  John  executors.  Test,  John  Ber* 
geron,  Robt.  Flake,  Wm.  Michall. 

Barrow,  Joseph,  Perquimans.  17th  day,  3d  month,  1752;  Janu- 
ary Court,  1755.  Sons  John  and  William,  daughters  Ann  and  Or- 
pah,  wife  Sarah,  daughters  Elizabeth  Bundy  and  Jane  Jones,  grand- 
son William  Barrow,  my  four  children  by  my  last  wife,  sons  Josiah, 
JoliD,  and  William  Barrow;  Ann  and  Orpah  Barrow  executrix. 
Test,  Thomas  Pierce,  John  Swain,  Joshua  Long. 

Barrow.  Edmund,  Northampton.  March  22,  1758;  July  Court, 
1758.  Sons  John,  Benjamin,  and  James,  daughters  Elizabeth  and 
MaVy,  wife  Mary.     Test,  John  Turner,  James  Gary,  Jr. 

Barrow,  Rebecca,  Perquimans.  January  13.  1721.  Sister  Sarah 
Barrow,  whom  I  appoint  my  executrix.  Test,  J.  Butler,  Christopher 

Brady,  Joseph,  Chowan.  November  19,  1752;  July  Court,  1753. 
Daughter  Elizabeth  Hartlock,  grandson  John  Dickins,  his  mother 
Suflfrah,  granddaughter  Tamer  Brady,  son  John,  daughter  Mary, 
James.     Test,  Jacob  Rogers,  Joseph  Brady,  Tamer  Brady. 

Brady,  James,  Chowan.  Augu^t,  1750;  January  Court,  1750-51. 
Sons  Joshua,  James,  and  Joseph,  grandson  James  Conner;  wife 
Grace  and  son  James  executors.  Test,  Ed.  Warren,  Mary  Powel, 
Henry  Goodman. 

Bobbitt,  John,  Bertie.  May  7,  1736;  November  Court,  1736. 
Eldest  son  William,  son  Thomas,  daughters  Frances,  Mary,  and 
Amy;  William  Bobbitt,  Robert  Green,  John  Massey,  and  James 
Brogden  executors,     lest,  James  Bekes,  Richard   Massey,  Francis 

Barclift,  Joshua,  Perquimans.  November  29,  1755;  January 
Court,  1756.  Sons  William  and  James,  daughters  Miriam  and  Ann, 
son  Blake,  wife  Mary,  child  in  esse;  cousin  John  Barclift,  Joseph 
Robinson,  and  nephew  Wm.  Trumbull  executors.  Test,  James  Gib- 
son, Tulle  Williams,  George  Lee. 

Barclift,  John,  Perquimans.  July  Court,  1759.  Wife  ElizMbeth 
part  of  my  brick  house,  daughter  ELzabeth  Sanderson,  sons  John, 
Demsey,  Asa,  Benjamin,  and  Noah,  daughter  Mary  Barclift;  Sam*l 
Sutton  and  Thos.  Stevenson  executors.  Test,  James  Gibson,  Samuel 
Barclift,  Mathias  Johnson. 

Barclift,  Thomas,  Perquimans.  November  14,  1750;  January 
Court,  1750-51.  Daughter  Sarah  Bidgood,  sons  Thomas,  William, 
and  Joseph,  daughter  Elizabeth  Wright,  daughter  Mary  Jackson, 

174  North  Carolina  Historical 

daughter  Anne  Gordon;  wife  Elizabeth  executrix.  Test,  James  Gib- 
son, John  Barclift. 

Barclift,  William,  Perquimans.  March  2, 1747-48;  January  Court, 
1748-49.  Sons  Joshua,  Samuel,  Joseph,  Thomas,  and  John,  daugh- 
ter Mary  Gibson,  grandson  William  Barclift  son  of  Joshua;  cousin 
John  Barclift  and  Edmund  Hatch  executors.  Test,  John  Nichols, 
John  Barclift,  Edmund  Hatch. 

Burnby,  Thomas,  Pasquotank.  May  12,  1687.  Wife  Hannah, 
brothers-in-law  Edmund  and  William  Chancy,  father  John  Burnby, 
brothers  John  and  William  Burnby,  sister  Sarah  Burnby;  wife  ex- 
ecutrix. Test,  Rich'd  Paddock,  Elizabeth  Mabry,  John  Bull,  Doro- 
thy Still. 

Beels,  Jacob,  Pasquotank.  May  15,  1746;  July  Court,  1746. 
Daughters  Tabitha,  Mary,  Barbary,  and  Elizabeth;  brother  John 
Beels  executor. 

Blanchard,  Ephraim,  Chowan.  July  27,  1745;  April  Court,  1749. 
Sons  Aaron,  Ephraim,  and  Micajah,  granddaughter  Mary  Griffin, 
her  sister  Sarah  Griffin;  wife  Isabel  and  son  Ephraim  executors. 
Test,  Thomas  Rountree,  Sr.,  Charles  Rountree,  Thos.  Rountree. 

Bright,  Henry,  Currituck.  May  23,  1749;  July  Court,  1749. 
Daughters  Bridget,  Mary,  Ann,  and  Lucy,  sons  Caleb,  Silas,  John, 
and  Henry,  daughter  Courtney;  son  Henry  executor.  Test,  James 
Buruham,  Samuel  Bright,  Ann  Bright. 

Bright,  William,  Craven.  January  12,  1754;  November  6, 1754. 
Son  Stockwell,  daughters  Susanna,  Ann  Nelson,  Eleanor,  and  Mary, 
granddaughter  Sarah  Bright,  grandson  Harmon  Geiskins,  grand- 
daughter Mary  Bright,  daughter  Hannah,  wife  Ann.  Test,  James 
Arthur,  Sarah  Arthur,  Wm.  Carruthers. 

Bright,  Simon,  Dobbs.  November  23,  1775;  January  15,  1777: 
Wife  Mary,  sons  Simon,  Graves  and  James,  daughters  Mary,  Sally, 
and  Elizabeth  Bright;  Richard  Casswell,  John  Cooke,  and  brother 
James  Bright  executors.  Test,  E.  Cooke,  Richard  Casswell,  J.  Glas- 

Bright,  Solomon,  Currituck.     February  4, ;  June  Court,  1755. 

Sous  Hance  and  Solomon,  wife  Mary,  all  my  children;  wife  execu- 
trix.    Test,  Thomas  Williams,  William  Williams,  Thomas  Davis. 

B)oth,  James,  Newton,  Cape  Fear.  February  12,  1737-38;  Feb- 
ruary 18, 1737-38.  Jonathan  Ogden,  Roger  Rolfe,  Richard  Ogden, 
Sr.,  whom  I  also  appoint  my  executors.  Test,  Richard  Ogden,  Ann 
Shirley,  Ann  Rolfe. 

Booth,  George,  Knott^s  Island.  February  12, 1729;  July  7, 1730. 
Sons  John  and  George,  daughter  Hannah  Simmons. 

Booth,  John,  Carteret.  December  14,  1751;  December  17,  1751. 
My  wife  and  children.    Test,  George  Bell,  John  Simpson. 

Bould,  George,  Craven.  July  12,  1745;  September  Court,  1745. 
Brother  Joseph  Bould,  Francis  Stringer,  John  Snead,  James  Maule- 
wein,  George  Powell  son  of  John ;  wife  Mary  executrix.  Test,  Thos. 
Fox,  Mary  Coor,  Fielder  Powell,  James  Coor. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  175 

Burtonshall,  Richard,  Tyrrell.  September  15,  1740;  September 
Court,  1743.  Wife  Margaret  executrix,  grandson  Richard  Burton- 
shall,  daughter  Susanna  Loften,  daughters  Dorcas  Watts,  Elizabeth 
Wes-t,  and  Priscilla  Smith.  Test,  Mary  Rogers,  Mary  Turner,  Joshua 

Bundy,  David,  Perquimans.  January  22, 1749 ;  April  Court,  1750. 
Brothers  Jeremiah,  Moses,  and  Caleb;  brother  Caleb  and  uncle 
Josiah  Bundy  executors.  Test,  Richard  Skinner,  Abraham  Sanders. 

Bundy,  William,  Perquimans.  12th  day,  10th  month,  1749; 
May  22,  1752  Daughter  Sarah  Barrow,  wife  Mary;  son-in-law 
Joseph  Barrow  executor,  also  Joseph  Robinson.  Test,  Thos.  Over- 
man, Charles  Overman,  Peter  Munden. 

Bundy,  Ann,  Pasquotank.  16th  day,  9th  mouth,  1743.  Sons 
Gideon  and  Abraham,  granddaughter  Lydia  Bundy ;  sons  execu- 
tors.    Test,  Jacob  Overman,  Abraham  Hendricks,  Thomas  Weekes. 

Blackledge,  Richard,  Craven.  February  20, 1776 ;  October  Court, 
1777.  Wife  Ann,  sons  Richard,  Thomas,  and  William,  son-inlaw 
John  Jones  husband  of  my  daughter  Elinor,  daughter  Ann  Black- 
ledge,  Mrs.  Mary  Neal,  Miss  Betsy  Baker,  my  father  Benj.  Black- 
ledge,  Sr.,  Jacob  Blount,  Christopher  Neale  ;  son  Richard,  and  son- 
inlaw  Spiers  Singleton  executors.  Test,  J.  Blount,  Henry  Cannon, 
Reading  Blount. 

Bryan,  Thomas.  December  1,  1760  Wife  Rachel,  daughters 
Sarah  and  Ann  Bryan,  child  in  esse;  wife,  brother  William,  and 
John  Laundon  executors.  Test,  Sarah  Bryan,  Hardy  Bryan,  Wil- 
liam White. 

Bryan,  Anne,  Craven.  October  25,  1767 ;  March  9,  1773.  Sons 
William,  John,  and  Jesse,  daughters  Mary  Cook  and  Elizabeth  Daw- 
son, grandson  Joseph  Stockley,  grandson  John  Dawson ;  sons  Wil- 
liam, John,  and  Jesse  executors.  Test,  James  Carraway,  Ann  Carra- 
way,  Elias  Justis,  Gideon  Carraway. 

Bryant,  William,  Edgecombe.  September  21,  1749 ;  February 
Court,  1749-50.  Diughter  Patience,  grapdsou  James  McDaniel, 
daughter  Sarah,  sons  Joseph  and  William,  Thos.  Henry  Audine, 

friend  Sarah ,  daughter  Rachel  McDaniel;  Abraham   Dew  and 

Edward  Brown  executors.  Test,  Thos.  Pope,  William  Andrews, 
James  Myhand. 

Bryan,  Hardy,  Craven.  February  28,  1760  ;  May  6,  1760.  Sons 
Thomas  and  William,  brother  Lewis,  sons  Hardy,  Nathan,  and 
Isaac,  daughter  Mary,  wife  Sarah  ;  sons  Lewi?,  Thomas,  and  William 
executors,  and  wife  executrix.  Test,  James  Reed,  Shadrach  Allen, 
Matthew  Arter. 

Boyce,  John,  Perquimans.  February  12,  1748-49;  July  Court. 
1749.  Sons  John,  Isaac,  and  Moses,  daughters  Jean,  Elizabeth,  and 
Rachel,  grandson  Job  Boyce;  wife  Susannah  and  son  Isaac  execu- 
tors.    Test,  Nicholas  Staliings,  Wm.  Eason,  Henry  Stallings. 

Boyce,  William,  Perquimana  June  11,  1703.  Mother  Mary  of 
Yarmouth,  County  Norfolk,  England,  brother  Robert,  Mrs.  Juliana 

176  North  Carolina  Historical 

Laker,  Robert  Bradley  of  Prince  George  County,  Md. ;  Col.  Win. 
Wilkinson,  wife,  and  Mrs.  Joanna  Taylor  executors.  Test,  David 
Harris,  Elizabeth  Stuart. 

Boyce.  Isaac,  Perquimans.  15th  day,  11th  month,  1750;  July 
Court,  1750.  Son  Job,  uncles  Nicholas  and  Elias  Stallings,  sons 
Joseph  and  Benjamii),  wife  Jude;  Nicholas  and  Elias  Stallings  exec- 
utors. Test,  Abraham  Sanders,  Jr.,  Joseph  White,  Elizabeth  Sanders. 

Burkett,  John,  Sr.,  Perquimans.  February  4, 1728-29 ;  March  7, 
1728-29.  Son  John;  son  Joseph  executor.  Test,  Chas  Denman, 
Jane  Aimes,  Josiah  Gilbert. 

Bridgen,  Samuel,  Ludlow  Castle,  New  Hanover.  Job  Howes,  Sr., 
Job  Howes,  Jr.,  daughter  Jane  Bennett,  land  on  "  Old  Town  Creek," 
land  called  "Bridgen's  Hall,"  **  Ludlow  Castle,"  and  "  Bridgen's 
Pastime,"  son  Edward  Bridgen  of  London,  daughter  Eliza heth 
Catharine  wife  of  Armond  De  Rossett,  wife  Sarah  Bridgen  of  Lon- 
don, brother  Rev.  John  Bridgen,  nephew  William  Bridgen  an  Al- 
derman of  London  ;  Job  Howes  executor.  Test,  John  Mott,  Hannah 
Mott,  Arthur  Howes,  Ja.  Moran  clerk  of  the  court. 

Braske,  Laurence.  June  1,  1687.  Margaret  Brown,  Elizabeth 
Craddock,  both  of  whom  I  also  appoint  my  executrix.  Test,  John 
Browne,  C.  Wood,  John  Wilson.    July  2,  1687. 

Boval,  James,  Bertie.  Son  in-law  John  Early,  son-in-law  Cul- 
liner  Sessuras,  grandson  Geo.  Augustus  Wynns,  daughter  Mary 
Wynns,  daughter  Elizabeth  Early,  graudson  James  Early,  James 
Burk,  sonin-law  John  Wynns,  William  Burk,  John  Askew,  god- 
daughter Martha  Davis,  wife  Elizabeth;  sonsinlaw  John  Wynns 
and  John  Early  executors,  June  8,  1733  ;  March  21,  1735.  Test, 
John  Willson,  Thos.  Lee,  James  Martin. 

Briggs,  Richard,  Chowan.  July  Court,  1754.  Wife  Elizabeth, 
children  Solomon,  Zilpah,  and  Rachel,  my  four  sons  and  their 
daughters;  John  and  Job  Harris  executors;  sons  James,  Moses,  and 
Richard,  daughter  Christian  Briggs.  Test,  John  Batcheler,  Job 
Harris,  Jesse  Eason. 

Batcheler,  Edward,  Newbern.  November,  1777;  December  4, 
1777.  Wife  Frances,  eldest  daughter  Elizabeth,  sons  John  and  Ed- 
ward, daughter  Frances,  Thomas  Asheton,  John  Chevalear,  partner- 
ship of  Asheton  and  Batcheler  to  be  settled  ;  Thomas  Asheton  of 
Philadelphia,  Dr.  Thomas  Harline  of  Newbern,  and  wife  Frances 
executors.     Test,  Richard  Cogdell,  Michael  Gorman. 

Batcheler,  Edward,  Tyrrell.  September  21 ,  1706.  Wife  and  child 
in  esse;  Robert  and  James  Fewox  executors.  Test,  Samuel  Brevitt, 
John  Gate. 

Bun,  John,  Bertie.  January  20, 1727.  Eldest  son  John,  second 
son  David,  wife's  youngest  ?on  Benjamin,  daughter  Ann,  wife  Ever, 
all  my  children.     Test,  Wm.  Rice,  Richard  Horn,  William  Bun. 

Blackman,  Nicholas,  Bertie.  August  20,  1730.  Son-in-law  George 
Smith  and  William  Smith  ;  wife  Allison  executor  ;  George  and  Wil- 
liam Smith  are  sons  of  my  wife.  Test,  Edward  Collins,  Richard 
Moore,  James  Baker. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  177 

Blackman,  John,  Bertie.  November  19, 1736;  November  Court, 
1736.  Wife  Sarah,  sons  John,  Arthur,  Bennett,  and  Joseph,  all  my 
children ;  sons  Bennett  and  Theophilus  Williams  executors.  Test, 
William  Taylor,  Arthur  McDaniel,  Phebe  Jernagan. 

Brewer,  George.  January  25, 1767 ;  August  Court,  1767.  Wife 
Mary,  sons  Rawle.  George,  Matthew,  and  John;  wife  executor. 
Test,  John  Scouls,  Elizabeth  Whitington,  Wm.  Clapham. 

Brewer,  Jane,  Newton,  New  Hanover.  August  18,  1739;  Sep- 
tember 25, 1739.  Daughters  Catharine  and  Hannah  in  Cape  Fear ; 
Daniel  Dunbibbin  and  my  son-in-law  Richard  Hog  executors. 
Test,  Rufus  Marsden,  James  Brown,  Roger  Rolfe. 

Blount,  Thomas.  December  3, 1701 ;  March  28, 1706.  Tyrrell. 
Son  James,  tract  of  land  called  "  Cabin  Neck,"  wife  Mar^r  and  her 
children,  daughter  Billah  who  married  Kellum  Tyler,  daughters 
Sarah  Pearce,  Christian  Ludford,  and  Ann  Wilson ;  sons  John, 
Thomas,  and  James  executors.  Test,  William  Wilkinson,  John 
Blount,  Thomas  Green. 

Blount,  Edmund,  Tyrrell.  February  12, 1754;  June  Court,  1754. 
Son  Edmund,  wife  Elizabeth,  all  my  children;  wife  and  Benj. 
Blount  executors.    Test,  Benj.  Blount,  Jacob  Blount. 

Baptist,  Benjamin,  Chowan.  March  24,  1752;  April  Court,  1752. 
Wife  Mary  Clark,  son  Edmund;  wife,  son  Edmund,  and  Edmund 
Hatch  executors.    Test,  J.  Plomer,  Sarah  Arnold,  Edmund  Hatch. 

Barbe,  Rachel,  administratrix  of  William  Barbe.  March  15, 
1758.    Test,  William  Reed,  Joseph  Pearce,  Micajah  Ricketts. 

Beasley,  Samuel,  Chowan.  November  13,1735.  John  Beasley, 
Mary  Beasley,  my  grandmother,  brother  James,  Thomas  Huttson, 
James. Beasley,  Jr.  Test,  William  Cropsley,  Thomas  Bently,  Eliza- 
beth Wells. 

Beasley,  James,  Bertie.  January  2,1758;  January  Court,  1758. 
Wm.  Bentley  son  of  John;  godson  Luke  Smith  wick  ;  Jon.  Smith- 
wick  and  John  Ward  executors.  Test,  Jon.  Smithwick,  Edmund 

Beesley,  Thomas.  April  15, 1733.  Only  son  and  wife  Elizabeth. 
Executor,  Thos.  Owens.    Test,  John  Frederick,  John  King. 

Biddle,  Jacob,  Onslow.  February  4,  1755 ;  April,  1758.  Son  Ja- 
cob, Abram  Simson,  Anthony  Charlescraft,  wife  Anne,  Isaac  Biddle, 
William  Biddle  son  of  Isaac  ;^  wife  and  son  Isaac  executors.  Test, 
Samuel  Pierson,  William  Gibson,  James  Alkins. 

Benone,  John,  Pasquotank.  February  15,  1698-99;  October  17, 
1699.  Sons  Daniel  and  Peter,  daughters  Margaret  and  Jeane;  wife 
Margaret  executrix.    Test  Daniel  Akehurst,  William  Reed. 

Busby,  Cathron,  Bertie.  February  22. 1738-39.  Theophilus  Wil- 
Hams  and  his  daughter  Hester,  Jesse  Page,  Theophilus  Williams' 
children;  said  Williams  executor.  Test,  Needham  Bryan,  H.  L. 
Bate,  Susan  Bryan. 

Bangs,  Jonathan,  Newbern.  October  7, 1743;  December  22, 1743. 
Wife  Abiab,  sister  Thankful  Covell,  daughter  Betty  Bangs;  uncle 

178  North  Carolina  Historical 

Tbos.  Caruthers  executor.  Test,  Francis  Bailey,  John  Carutbers, 
Richard  Hickson. 

Bangs,  Abiah,  Craven.  June  3,  1755;  December  Court,  17 — . 
Cousin  Elizabeth  Hobbs,  daughter  Betty  Bangs,  sister  Elizabeth  and 
Mary  Carruthers,  brother  John  Carruthers ;  brother  William  Car- 
ruthers  and  Robert  Jones  executors.  Test,  Job  Ives,  William  Creek- 
more,  Reuben  Hammentree,  Wm,  Carruthers,  Sr. 

Bradley,  Richard,  Currituck.  April  13, 1756;  June  Court,  1756. 
Sons  Hener,  William  and  Abel,  daughter  Alidea  Corbell,  son  John, 
daughter  Mary,  Elizabeth  Bradley,  son  Runero;  wife  Dority  and  son 
William  executors.  Test,  Kedar  Merchant,  Josiah  Dough,  Elizabeth 

Bradleyt  John,  Craven.  October  11, 1753 ;  November  Court,  1753. 
Wife,  Jeremiah  Rhane,  all  the  children.  Test,  Daniel  Perkins,  Jere- 
miah Rhane. 

Bennett,  Edward.  November  13,1687.  Albemarle.  Wife,  friends 
Jeremiah  Wilkes  and  Richard  Spruell,  my  daughter.  Test,  Thomas 

Boge,  William,  Perquimans.  June  29, 1744 ;  October  Court,  1745. 
Wife  Sarah,  son  William,  son  Dak  or  Dick;  wife  executrix.  Test, 
John  More,  Thomas  Bagley. 

Boge,  Josiah,  Perquimans.  1st  day,  3d  month,  1732.  Sons  Jesse, 
Joseph  and  Job,  daughters  Mary,  Miriam,  and  Lidy ;  wife  Deborah 
executrix.    Test,  Joshua  Parish,  Joshua  Haskett,  Thos.  HoUowell. 

Bugnion,  Ralph,  New  Hanover.  February  25,  1752.  Wife  Eliz- 
abeth, sister  Margaret  Bugnion.  December,  1751.  Test,  Caleb 
Grainger,  John  Davis,  Jr. 

Barlow,  Robert,  Hyde.  November  24,  1751;  March  Court,  1752. 
Foster  Jervis,  Dinah  Smith,  Martha  Smith  daughter  of  John  dec'd, 
William  Silvester,  sister  Hannah  McWilliams;  William  Silvester  ex- 
ecutor.   Test,  Benj.  Russell,  Joel  Bartie.* 

Blin,  Daniel.  September  23, 1742;  March  15,17.53.  Wife  Mourning, 
also  my  executrix.  Test,  Mary  Smith,  John  Riensset,  Patrick  Brahan. 

Blye,  William.  November  29,  1748;  May  Court,  1749.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  sons  William  and  Thomas,  daughters  Sarah  and  Eliza- 
beth; wife  and  son  William  executors.  Test,  John  Thomas,  Nath'l 
Williams,  Timothy  Williams. 

Banks,  William,  Craven.  April  27.,  1772;  May  27,  1772.  Wife 
Ann,  brother  Jonathan  Banks,  son-in-law  John  Moore,  William 
Moore,  daughter-in-law  Susanna  Moore  and  Fielding  Moore.  Test, 
James  Coor,  Benj.  Fordham,  John  Moore. 

Blackall,  Dr.  Abraham,  Edenton.  February  17,1739-40;  Jan- 
uary Court,  1749.  Infant  Penelope  born  of  Sarah  Roudon,  Sr.,  my 
wife,  daughter  Charlotte,  William  and  Sarah  Roudon  children  of 
my  wife ;  wife  executor.  Test,  Robert  Foster,  James  Potter,  Jas. 

Bateman,  William,  Currituck.  March  1,  1703;  April  25,17,04. 
Daughters  Mary,  Elliner,  Isabel,  sons  Joseph  and  William,  daughter 
Elizabeth,  son  Samuel ;  wife  executor.    Test,  Robert  Smith. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  179 

Bateman,  John,  Perquimans.  Febraary  4,  1747-48;  July  Court, 
1750.  Nephew  Thomas  son  of  brother  Thos.  Bateman,  his  son  Wil- 
liam, Mary  Hawkins  daughter  of  my  nephew  John  Hawkins,  Eliza- 
beth Phelps  daughter  of  my  brother  Jonathan  Bateman,  Mary 
Phelps  daughter  of  my  brother  Thomas,  Sarah  Butler  daughter  of 
brother  Jonathan  ;  brother  Thomas  Bateman  and  his  son  William 
-executors.    Test,  Samuel  Swann,  Francis  Leyden,  Catharine  Davise. 

Bateman,  Jonathan,  Albemarle.  January,  1694-95.  Wife  Eliza- 
beth, children  Jonathan,  John,  Thomas,  and  Mary;  son  Jonathan 
executor.    Test,  Thos.  Hassold,  John  Twigger,  Diana  Whit«. 

Blitchenden,  Thomas,  Perquimans.  April  12,  1744;  July  23, 
1745.  Sons  John,  William,  and  Abraham,  eldest  child  of  my 
daughter  Sarah,  wife  Mary;  sons  William  and  Abraham  executors. 
Test,  Mac.  Scarbrough,  Nath'l  Carruthers,  Zach.  Chancy. 

Bentley,  John,  Perquimans.  April  15, 1695.  Brother  Richard, 
•cousin  Elizabeth  Leary  daughter  of  Cornelius  Leary,  wife  Ann ; 
Jonathan  Ashford,  brother-in-law  William  Barrow,  and  wife  execu- 
tors.   Test,  John  Barrow,  George  Barrow. 

Bentley,  John,  Moratuck  River,  now  Roanoke.  December  15, 
1728;  July  16,  1741.  Sons  John,  William  and  Jeremiah,  my 
"  Quitsnia  plantation,"  sons  James  and  Joseph,  daughters  Mary, 
Lydia  and  Sarah,  granddaughter  Hannah ;  wife  Sarah  and  son  John 
executors.    Test,  Will  Lattimer,  W.  Qroome,  Elizabeth  Lattimer. 

Bentley,  Richard.  April  6, 1697 ;  May  27, 1697.  Diana  White, 
whom  I  appoint  my  executrix.    Test,  James  Oates,  Alex.  Lillington. 

Bentley,  John,  Bertie.  March  12,  1754;  May  Court,  1754.  Sons 
William  and  John,  sister  in-law  Ann  Bentley  ;  Richard  Tomlinson 
executor.    Test,  John  Hyman,  John  Ward,  Rebecca  Ward. 

Bentley,  John,  Tyrrell.  March  21, 1754;  June  Court  1754.  Wife 
-Sarah,  son  Isaac,  mother,  brothers  William  and  James ;  William 
Gardner,  Jr.,  and  Isaac  Gardner  executors.  Test,  Luke  Mizell,  Mary 
<}ardner,  Sarah  Mizell. 

Bender,  Martin,  Craven.  Wife,  sons  Daniel  and  John,  daughters 
•Salome  and  Mary  Bender;  John  Simons  and  John  Grande  execu- 
tors. October  19,  1750;  December,  1750.  Test,  Benj.  Simmons, 
Elizabeth  Motley. 

Bailey,  Joseph,  Pasquotank.  June  19,  1749;  August  4,  1749. 
Daughter  Anne,  David  Bailey  son  of  brother  Robert,  brother  Simon 
Bailey,  sister  Thamer  Bailey,  sister  Sarah  Snowden ;  Robert  Bailey 
and  Patrick  Pool  executors.  Test,  Patrick  Bailey,  David  Bailey, 
Henry   DeLon. 

Bailey,  David,  Pasquotank.  October  6,  1745;  March  29,1746. 
Wife  Thamer,  daughter  Elizabeth  Bryan,  sons  Joseph  and  Benjamin, 
-daughter  Sarah  Snowden,  sous  Robert  and  Simon,  daughter  Thamer, 
my  second  wife's  daughter  Miriam  Overton,  also  her  son  David 
Wallis;  son-in-law  Simon  Bryan  and  son  Joseph  executors.  Test, 
Thomas  Weeks,  Patrick  Bailey,  John  Bailey. 

Bailey,  John,  Hyde.    July  23, 1749;  March  Court,  1750.  Thomas 

180  North  Carolina  Historical 

Barlow  son  of  Elizabeth  Kelly,  daughter  Margaret  Bailey,  whom  I 
appoint  my  executrix.  Test,  Thomas  Leath,  John  Smith,  William 

Berry,  Cornelius.  April  17,  1751;  March  18,  1734-35.  Wife 
Comfort,  Littleton  Berry,  Cornelius  Berry,  John  Berry ;  wife  execu- 
trix.   Test,  Thomas  Miller. 

Ballentine,  George,  Bertie.  January  14,  1723 ;  May  12,  1724« 
Wife  Dinah,  whom  I  appoint  executrix.  Test,  Alex.  Ballentine, 
Elinor  Watford,  Aaron  Oliver. 

Burkley,  Elinor,  Albemarle.  February  26,  1704  Son  Henry, 
son-in-law  Geo.  Taylor,  daughter  Elizabeth;  David  Pritchard.  exec- 
utor. April  17,  1705.  Test,  William  Simson,  Mary  Simson,  Joanna 

Brasswell,  Robert,  Bertie.  September  14,  1736;  November  Court, 
1736.  Daughter  Sarah  Daughtrey,  sons  John,  Richard,  Robert, 
and  Valentine,  daughters  Jean  and  Mary,  godson  Demsie  Sumner 
and  his  mother  Elizabeth  Sumner,  wife  Sarah ;  James  Bryant  and 
Joshua  Daughtrey  executors.  Test,  Thos.  Bryant,  Nicholas  Bagot, 
Panonea  Bryant. 

Blake,  David,  Currituck.  October  9,  1714;  January  13, 1714-15. 
Sons  Thomas  and  David,  Mathias  Towler,  daughter  Matthew  Blake, 
daughters  Sarah  and  Elizabeth  ;  Ralph  Matham  and  John  Mason 
executors.     Test,  Thos.  Evans,  John  Evans. 

Brack,  George,  Onslow.  September  25, 1750;  April  Court,  1751. 
Elflest  son  George,  son  Eliazer,  wife  Jean,  son  Richard,  daughter 
Elizabeth,  son  William,  grandson  John  Lewis,  granddaughter  Sarah 
Lewis,  son  in-law  Matthew  Lewis.  Test,  Lionel  Bout  well.  Mourning 
Lewis,  Susanna  Morris. 

Barnes,  Joseph.  July  4,  1755.  Son  Hezekiah;  wife  and  Jonathan 
Melton  executors.    Test,  John  Chapman,  Margaret  Morton. 

Barnes,  Joseph,  Northampton.  April  17,  1751  ;  August  Court, 
1751.  Sons  Jacob,  Mycha,  Demsey,  and  Jethro,  wife  Elizabeth. 
Test,  Henry  Gay,  Charles  Skinner,  Julian  Whiteley. 

Boyd,  William.  August  30, 1688.  Wife  Ann,  also  my  executor. 
Test,  Paul  Latham,  John  Barber,  Jacob  Fielder. 

Boyintone,  Joseph,  Chowan.  September  25, 1738  ;  January  Court, 
1738-39.  John  Richards,  brother  Benjamin  of  Gloucester,  New 
England,  heir  and  executor.  Test,  Abram  Blackall,  Thos.  Morti- 
mer, James  Mitchell. 

Bass,  Edward,  Northampton.  July  5, 1748 ;  August  Court,  1750. 
Sons  Benjamin,  Joseph,  and  Sampson,  grandson  Elijah  Bass,  sons 
John,  Edward,  and  James,  daughters  Catharine  Anderson,  Dinah 
Bass,  Kesiah,  and  Mary,  wife  Lovewell;  son  Benjamin  executor. 
Test,  William  Bass,  Dinah  Bass,  John  Sutton. 

Brothers,  John,  Pasquotank.  November  28,  1733;  April  18, 1735. 
Sons  Joseph,  William,  John  and  Samuel,  wife  Mary,  daughter  Eliza- 
beth, sons  Tbomasand  Richard;  wife,  son  Joseph,  and  brother  William 
Brothers  executors.  Test,  Thos.  Woodley,  James  Craven,  Mary 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  181 

Brothers,  William,  Pasquotank.  January  11,  1711.  Sons  Wil- 
liam, Richard,  Thomas,  and  John,  daughter  Elinor  Corps,  daugh* 
ters  Elizabeth,  Mary,  Hannah,  Sarah,  Ann,  and  Rebecca,  son  Ben- 
jamin ;  wife  executrix.    Test,  Joseph  Peggs,  Howell  Brown. 

Ballard,  Abraham,  Perquimans.  November  9,  1753;  April  17, 
1754.  Sons  Jethro  and  Kedah,  daughters  Absilla  and  Bathsheba ; 
wife  Elizabeth  and  John  Samner  executors.  Test,  Sarah  Norfleet, 
Philisia  Norfleet,  John  Sumner. 

Borden,  William,  Carteret.  February  10,  1749;  August,  1749. 
Son  William,  wife  Susanna,  children  of  my  daughter  Alice  Stanton, 
daughters  Catherine  and  Hannah  Borden,  son-in  law  Henry  Stan- 
ton, daughter  Sarah,  nephew  William  Borden  son  of  Joseph  in  Rhode 
Island,  brother  Thos.  Borden's  children,  sister  Amy  Chase's  children, 
brother  Benjamin,  Sarah  married  William  Pratt;  brother  Benjamin 
and  Henry  Stanton  executors.  Test,  Sarah  Newby,  Jos.  Robinson, 
Jos.  Newby. 

Bosworth,  Joseph,  Carteret.  Wife  Mary,  sons  Joseph,  Ephraim, 
and  Robert;  wife,  Joseph  Wickes  and  Solomon  Bacon  executors, 
June  18, 1734,  June  3, 1735.  Test,  James  Ball,  William  Waldron- 
Ephraim  Chadwick. 

Boswell,  George,  Perquimans.  30th  day,  10th  month,  1741 ;  Jan- 
uary 7, 1741-42.  Sons  George  and  Isaac,  daughter  Ezibell,  sister- 
in-law  Hannah  Morgan;  Chas.  Overman  and  Thos.  Hollowell  exec- 
utors.   Test,  Thos,  Nicholson,  John  Boswell,  Josiah  Bundy. 

Bond,  Robert,  Craven.  January  6, 1737;  June  Court,  1738.  Son 
Francis,  daughters  Mary,  Sarah  and  Elizabeth,  daughter  Martha; 
wife  Sarah  executrix.    Test,  J.  Dawson,  John  Good. 

Bond,  John,  Bertie.  Wife  Katharine,  brother  Thomas  Bond  of 
Philadelphia  son  of  Katharine  Dew,  cousin  John  Bond  son  of  Sam 
Bond,  deceased,  son  Charles,  wife;  Godfrey  Lea,  Edward  Bunce,  and 
John  Dawson  executors.     May  18,  1738;  August  25, 1738. 

Bond,  Richard,  Chowan.  January  23,  1727.  He  died  January 
23,  1723,  at  5  o'clock  p.  m  Sons  Richard,  Hance  and  Henry,  sons 
William  and  Lewis,  daughter  Mary  ;  wife  executrix :  speaks  of  land 
in  Maiden  Hair  Neck  (on  line  Nansemond  County,  Va.). 

Bond,  William,  Beaufort.  November  6,  1757.  Sons  John  and 
William,  daughter  Rebecca,  Kniga  Cokman,  William  Smith,  James 
Bond;  Richard  Bond  and  Samuel  Davis  executors.  Test,  Fras  Gil- 
bert, Ann  Mayo. 

Bond,  John,  Beaufort.  July  8, 1749;  September  Court,  1749.  Sons 
William,  Robert  and  Richard,  wife,  cousin  Martha  Spring,  son  James, 
daughters  Sarah,  Anna  and  Mary,  son  John;  wife,  sons  William, 
John  and  James  Bond  executors.  Test,  Abraham  Pritchett,  John 
Turner,  Phillip  Pritchett,  Joshua  Pritchett. 

Bartram,  Elizabeth,  Bladen.  December  27,  1771;  August  Court, 
1772.  My  late  husband  William  Bartram,  deceased,  daughter  Mary 
Robeson ;  Thomas  Browne  and  wife  Sarah  executors. 

Bumham,  Ezebel,  Currituck.    January  5,  1749.    Son  Solomon 

182  North  Carolina  Historical 

Bennett;  son  Nathaniel  Bennett  executor;  daughters  Ariter  and 
Sufias,  granddaughter  Esebel  Miller,  daughter  Abiar,  grandson  Ben- 
jamin Miller. 

Bray,  Henry,  Pasquotank.  September  20,  1745.  Sons  William, 
Christopher,  John  and  George,  sons  Daniel,  Jeremiah,  Jacob  and 
Henry,  daughter  Mary  Shall  Daily,  daughters  Sarah  Squires  and 
Elizabeth  Forbes;  wife  executrix.  Test,  James  Forbes,  William 

Black,  Michael,  Newbern.  January  16, 1760.  Joseph  Willis,  also 
appoint  him  executor.   Test,  Jacob  Miller,  Geo.  Fisher,  James  Willis. 

Black,  Isaac,  Wilmington.  June  22,  1754;  August  Court,  1754. 
Sisters  Elizabeth  Wood  and  Jane  Black ;  brother  John  Black  execu- 
tor.   Test,  Will  Gregory,  James  Campbell,  Mark  Gibbin. 

Bishop,  George,  Jr.,  Onslow.  December  20,  1743;  October  15^ 
1744.  Brother  Stoakley  Bishop,  sister  Betty  Dudley,  cousin  Bishop 
Dudley,  cousin  Easter  Dudley, brother  James  Sidbury,  brother  Word- 
man  Stoakley  Sidbury,  cousins  Comfort  and  Moses  Sidbury,  Jane 
Morgan,  mother  Elizabeth  Bishop;  father  Geo.  Bishop  executor. 
Test,  Rice  Morgan,  James  Small  wood. 

Bevins,  Mary,  Hyde.  July  27,  1753.  Daughters  Elizabeth  and 
Mary,  son  John,  daughter  Ann,  granddaughters  Mary  Artry  and  Ann 
Dickson,  son  Robert,  James  Chapman ;  sons  Robert  and  John  exec- 
utors.   Test,  Absalom  Cox,  Thos.  Mack  Williams,  Sarah  Matthews. 

Berans,  Richard,  Hyde.  Wife,  Baptism  Ministers,  Richard  Arter 
son  of  James,  all  my  children  ;  Robt.  Spring  executor.  Test,  Timo- 
thy Allen,  Part  Bartlett,  Nathan  Davis. 

Boyd,  John,  Chowan.  October  9,  1737;  July  Court,  17,38.  Wife 
Lydia,  children  William,  Anne  and  Marion;  wife,  Phillip  Aylett  of 
Virginia,  and  Edward  Silk  executors.  Test,  James  Williams,  Ed- 
ward Silk. 

Byer,  Richard,  Perquimans.  James  Loadman,  sons-in-law  Robert 
Boge  and  William  Boge,  William  Moore,  Hannah  Burd,  Margaret 
Boge,  wife  Joana;  Thomas  and  Christopher  Nicholson  executors* 
Test,  Peter  Gray. 

Beard,  Richard,  Perquimans.  July  3,  1692.  Calvin  Clark's 
daughter  Jean  Loadman,  Hannah  Barden,  wife  Jane,  William  Moore, 

Boge,  James  Larnel,  John  Lilly,  Wm.  Boge,  William  Larnell. 

Test,  Charles  McDaniel,  Richard  Stickney,  Hannah  Hille. 

Blish,  John,  Pasquotank.  November  17,  1718.  Martha  Foster 
daughter  of  Thomas,  Elizabeth  Flemen,  Elizabeth  Gibson,  Edward 
James,  John  Bell,  Sr. ;  William  Wilson  executor.  Test,  Joseph  Cary, 
Mary  Miller,  John  Bottlinor. 

Burnett,  George,  Bertie.  Wife  Susanna,  also  appointed  her  exec- 
utrix.    1722.     Test,  Joseph  Minton,  William  Carter. 

Benton,  John,  Chowan.  February  25, 1748-49 ;  May  Court,  1750. 
Sons  Epaphroditus,  Elijah  and  Jethro,  daughter  Judith  Rabey,  sons 
Moses  and  Elijah,  grandson  Wm.  Parker  son  of  my  daughter  Mary, 
grandson  James  Parker  son  of  my  daughter  Charity  Parker;  sons 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  183 

John  and  Jeibro  executors.  Test,  Henry  Morgan,  John  Weever, 
William  Parker. 

Barton,  Valentine,  Chowan  Precinct.  March  6, 1685-86 ;  March 
29,  1686.  Hannah  Ford,  Lidy  Harrison,  brother  in-law  Wm.  Fyam, 
or  Tyam,  brother-in-law  Joseph  Williams;  Hannah  Barton,  brother- 
in-law  Geo.  Fordyce  executors.  Test,  Ann  Symons,  Richard  Foun- 
tain, William  Wilkinson. 

Bonner,  Mary,  Chowan.  January  30,  1759;  July  Court,  1759. 
Sister  Deborah  Thompson,  my  two  brothers  and  sisters.  Test,  John 
Lewis,  John  Lewis,  Jr. 

Bonner,  Thomas,  Chowan.  March  26,  1685.  Wife  executor;  son 
Thomas,  child  in  esse,  wife  Mary.  Test,  Thomas  Bonner,  Sam'l  War- 
ren, Wm.  Bonner.     November  24, 1685. 

Bonner,  John,  Chowan.  November  11,  1753;  January  Court, 
1754.  Godson  Thos.  Eccleston,  brother  Thos.  Bonner,  cousin  Wil- 
liam Howcott,  his  sisters  Elizabeth  and  Mary  Howcott,  cousin  Edward 
Howcott,  sister  Sarah  Howcott,  sister  Martha  Howcott;  brother 
Thos.  Bonner  executor.  Test,  Jeremiah  Michener,  John  Smith, 
George  Liles. 

Burnap,  John,  Onslow.  March  11,  1741-42.  My  six  children; 
John  Starkey  executor.  Test,  John  McGrath,  Jacob  Biddle,  Isaac 

Boon,  Nicholas.  Without  date  or  probate.  Sons  Nicholas,  Wil- 
liam and  Joseph,  daughters  Mary,  Martha  and  Ann,  wife  Mary ; 
brothers  William  and  Thomas  executors.  Test,  John  Strickland, 
John  Ford,  Nathaniel  Cooper. 

Boon,  Joseph.  October  19, 1728.  Sons  James,  Joseph,  Thomas, 
and  RatliflF,  sister  Martha  Baley,  daughters  Mary  and  Elizabeth ; 
wife  executrix.    Test,  Thos  Boon,  Nathl  Cooper. 

Baker,  Moses,  Chowan.  February  26, 1723 ;  January  Court,  1724. 
Sons  Moses,  Bennett,  and  William,  my  three  daughters;  Richard 
Minshew  executor.  Test,  Aaron  Blanchard,  Wm.Hill,  Wm.  Wesson. 

Byrom,  Thomas,  Pasquotank.  Friend  Benjamin  West;  John 
Palin  and  Benj.  West  executors.  March  13,  1709-10.  Test,  Antho' 
Hatch,  Bartholomew  Hewitt. 

Baggett,  Nicholas.  January  9.  1753 ;  April  Court,  1755.  Bertie. 
Sons  Nicholas,  Abraham,  and  Hardy,  Joseph  Barnaby,  daughters 
Mary  West,  Martha,  Elizabeth,  and  Sarah  Baggett,  wife  Mary ;  sons 
Joseph  and  Thomas  executors.     Chas.  Home,  Chas.  John  Hooks. 

Boykin,  Thomas,  Sr.,  Norlhampton.  April  23,1745;  February 
Court,  1750.  Wife  Mildred,  son  Thomas,  Ann  Crawford,  Martha 
Thornton,  Elizabeth  Strickland,  Patience  Strickland ;  son  Thomas 
executor.    Test,  John  Simpson,  Joseph  Rogers,  John  Reynolds. 

Boykin,  Edward,  Northampton.  June  8,  1743;  August  Court, 
1743.  Sons  Thomas,  Solomon,  and  Hardy,  daughter  Martha, 
grandson  Drury  Boykin,  wife,  grandson  Henry  Boykin,  sons  Ed- 
ward and  Benjamin,  daughters  Rachel  Herron  and  Martha  Coward, 
son  of  my  first-born  Edward  Boykin ;  wifeJudeth  and  son  Solomon 
executors.  Test,  Oliver  Campbell. 

184  North  Carolina  Historical 

Balch,  Joseph,  Craven.  December  18, 1752 ;  February  13, 1753. 
Friend,  John  Sharkey,  wife  Susanna  and  her  daughters  Phebe  and 
Mary  Lister,  nephew  Joseph  Balch  son  of  brother  Benjamin ;  John 
Sharkey  executor.    Test,  Richard  Moore,  John  Snead,  Chris.  Neale. 

Brook,  John,  Currituck.  July  19, 1707  ;  April  27,  1708.  Son-in- 
law  William  Scott,  wife  Mary,  son  John,  daughters  Elizabeth,  Fran- 
ces, and  Mary;  wife  executor.    Test,  William  Swain,  James  Ibetts. 

Bargeron,  Judeth,  Beaufort.  November  14,  1742;  December 
Court,  1742.  Daughters  Judeth  Wilkins  and  Jean  Barrow,  sons 
John  and  Elias,  daughter  Margaret  Geddins ;  son  Elias  executor. 
Test,  Michael  Ward,  Jacob  Mercer,  Thomas  Mercer. 

Birote,  Peter.  January  15, 1742;  April  21, 1742.  Son  Benjamin, 
Mary  Guston;  Peter  Payne  executor  and  guardian.  Test,  Benj. 
Talbot,  Humphrey  Robinson,  Wm.  Arkill. 

Boferdt,  John,  Pasquotank  Precinct,  Albemarle.  October  30, 
1703;  April  14,1704.  David  Pritchard,  also  appoint  him  execu- 
tor.   Test,  Wm.  Vernon,  Wm.  Joy,  Margre  Joy. 

Burleigh,  Robert,  Wilmington.  September  12, 1737 ;  September 
12,1751.  Wife  Sarah,  sons  Robert  and  James;  Daniel  Dunbibin 
and  Cornelius  Harnett  executors.  Test,  Samuel  Green,  Thomas 
James,  Thos.  Newton. 

Butler,  Jacob,  Chowan.  May  24,  1745.  Wife  Mary,  daughters 
Ann  and  Sarah,  son  Christopher,  grandson  Jacob  Simons;  wife  and 
sou  Christopher  executors.  David  Butler,  brother  of  Jacob,  45  years 
old  in  1745.    Test,  Christopher  and  David  Butler. 

Burt,  Mary,  widow  of  William,  probably  Bertie.  February  10, 
1724;  September  10, 1724.  Son  James  Glisson,  Ego  Glisson,  Mary 
Glisson,  whom  I  appoint  my  executors.  Test,  Joseph  Hudson,  James 
Keeter,  Joyce  Hawkins. 

Bromley,  George,  Bertie.  March  26,1726;  September  20,1728. 
Friend  Thomas  Belterley  of  Edenton.  Test,  G.  Allen,  Will  Wil- 
liams,  John  Matthews,  William  Biggs. 

Brockett,  Benjamin,  Craven.  July  9,  1758;  August  Court,  1758. 
Wife  Sarah,  also  appoint  her  my  executrix.  Test,  Mary  Gardner, 
Mary  Pringell,  John  Granade. 

Bumpass,  Job,  Johnson.  May  5,  1746;  October  Court,  1746. 
Sons  David,  Cornelius,  and  John,  daughter  Abigail  Lewis.  Test, 
Elmer  Anderson,  Tabas  Bumpass,  Ann  Hall. 

Brodrick,  Thomas,  late  of  Island  of  Granada  but  now  of  Wilming- 
ton. Mr.  Parmer  a  Priest  of  the  Roman  Catholic  Church  in  Phila- 
delphia, Mr.  Hardin  of  the  same  profession.  Christian  Cain  of  Wil- 
mington, Andrew  Brodwick  of  Philadelphia;  Cornelius  Harnett 
executor.  May  6,1760;  May  16,1760.  Test,  James  McCan,  Tho. 
Lloyd,  Anth'y  Ward. 

Butler,  David,  Chowan.  April  15,  1742 ;  October  Court,  1749. 
Wife  Mary  and  all  my  children ;  wife  executrix.  Test,  Nath'l 
Ming,  Martha  Ming. 

Beaton  or  Becton,  John,  Craven.    January  13, 1753;  May  Court, 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  185 

1753.  Wife  Ann,  sous  Frederick,  George,  Edmund,  and  Michael, 
daughter  Mary ;  Frederick  Esler  and  son  Frederick  executors. 

Bush,  William,  Chowan.  April  5,  1716;  October  Court,  1716. 
Sons  William  and  John,  daughters  Mary  Early,  Rose  Wynns,  Eliza- 
beth Bush;  wife  Martha  executrix.  Test,  William  Crawford, 
John  Smith. 

Blanchard,  Benjamin,  Nansemond  County,  Va.  June  5,  1719. 
Sods  Robert  and  Benjamin,  son  William  Weston  and  wife  Catharine, 
son  Absalom;  wife  Catharine  and  son  Robert  executors.  Test, 
Aaron  Blanchard,  Will  Hill,  Joseph  Grifing,  Thos.  Rountree. 

Bondford,  Nathaniel,  Edgecombe.  October  2,  1756 ;  February 
Court,  1757.  Sons  John  and  Nathaniel,  daughters  Mary  and 
Patience ;  John  Bondford  and  Joseph  Lain,  Jr.,  executors.  Test, 
Samuel  Harvey,  Jemima  Simmons. 

Blening,  Hugh,  Bladen.  May  10,  1751 ;  March  Court,  1752. 
Sister  Sarah  Starr,  wife's  son  William  Hall,  her  daughter  Elizabeth  ; 
wife  Elizabeth  and  Matthew  Rowan  executors.  Test,  Thomas  Hall, 
Robert  Down. 

Buxton,  Samuel,  Northampton.  February  11, 1743-44;  February 
Court,  1743-44.  Sons  Samuel,  William,  George,  and  Jacob,  daugh- 
ters Ann  and  Petronelia,  son .  Lewis ;  wife  Ann  executrix.  Test, 
Elizabeth  Edwards,  Isaac  Edwards,  J.  Edwards. 

Birnie,  William,  New  Hanover.  September  28, 1752;  December 
14,  1752.  Wife  Illian  and  Moses  John  DeRossett  executors.  Test, 
John  Campbell,  Mary  Mason,  John  Maultsby,  Jr. 

Boozman,  Ralph,  Perquimans.  January  1,  1744-45;  January 
Court,  1750.  Sister  Mary  Bullock,  children  of  Joseph  and  Thomas 
Bullock,  Sarah  daughter  of  my  sister  Mary  Bullock  ;  Joseph  and 
Thomas  Bullock  executors.  Test,  Joshua  Hobart,  James  Sitterson, 
Hannah  Sitteson. 

Ball,  James,  Onslow.  November  10, 1749 ;  March  Court,  1749-50. 
Wife  Magdalene,  son  Steven,  daughters  Sarah  and  Rachel,  sons 
James  and  Nathan  ;  wife  and  Samuel  Noble  executors.  Test,  David 
Janear,  Francis  Egleton. 

Butler,  John,  Tyrrell.  Grandson  Andrew  Butler  son  of  James, 
granddaughter  Elizabeth  Cherry,  daughter  Pheribee  McHenry,  sons 
William,  John,  and  James,  wife  Elizabeth,  granddaughters  Sarah, 
Ann,  and  Susanna  McHenry,  granddaughter  Winnifred  McHenry, 
grandson  James  Cherry  son  of  Martha  Cherry,  grandson  James 
Gkirner  son  of  Arthur  and  wife  Sarah,  daughter  Mary  Leggett, 
granddaughter  Elizabeth  Cherry  daughter  of  Arthur  Garner  and 
wife  Sarah,  daughter  Elizabeth  Johnson,  sonin-law  George  Augus- 
tus McHenry,  grandson  Simon  Butler  son  of  John,  grandson  John 
Butler  son  of  James;  wife,  sons  John  and  James  executors.  March 
5, 1773.    Test,  Edmund  Andrews,  John  Whitehurst,Sele  Wilson. 

Bennett,  Nehemiah.  April  Court,  1753.  Sons  John  and  Josiah, 
daughter  Ufan  ;  wife  Elizabeth  executrix.  Test,  James  Burnham, 
George  Davis,  Solomon  Bennett  (Currituck.) 

186  North  Carolina  Historical 

Bennett,  Solomon,  Currituck.  Sons  Moses  and  Benjamin,  daugh- 
ters Rebecca,  Mary,  and  Betsy ;  wife  Dorcas  executrix.  Test,  Phillip 
Northern,  Mary  Etheridge,  Timothy  Etheridge.   March  Court,  1755. 

Bennett,  Joseph,  Currituck.  March  9, 1721-22;  April  9, 1723-24. 
Sons  Joseph,  William,  and  Samuel,  daughter  Mary  Sayre8,son  John^ 
daughter  Alice,  wife  Ann.    Test,  Joseph  John  Wilson,  Edward  Cox. 

Carlile,  William.  March  14, 1694-95.  Eldest  son  William,  son 
Thomas;  wife  executrix.  Test,  Gilbert  Goodale,  John  Northrote,^ 
Thos.  Tweedie. 

Charles,  Daniel,  Perquimans.  August  17,1687.  Brothers  John  and 
Samuel,  Margaret  Rogers,  sister  Joanna  Charles;  father  Francis 
Tomes  and  Christopher  Nicholson  executors.  Test,  David  Blake^ 
David  Sherrod,  Peter  Grey. 

Charles,  John.  Sisters  Jane  and  Elizabeth,  Samuel  Charles,  Mary 
Tomes,  William  Boge.  Test,  John  Bateman,  John  Harlow,  Francis 
Tomes,  my  father-in-law.     Date  gone. 

Charles,  Samuel,  Pasquotank.  March  12,  1727-28.  Sons  John 
and  Joshua,  Sarah  Maudlin,  granddaughter  Elizabeth  Overman, 
daughter  Liddy,  wife's  daughter  Sarah,  daughter  Mary  Overman^ 
daughter  Hannah ;  sons  Samuel  and  John  executors.  Test,  John 
Keaton,  Natha'l  Alburt,  Edward  Maudlin. 

Charles,  William,  Perquimans.*  April  7,  1687;  September  23, 
1687.  Wife  Elizabeth,  daughter  Jane,  brother  John ;  father  Francis 
Tomes  and  Jonathan  Phelps  executors.  Test,  James  Hogg,  Daniel 
Dan  brow. 

Charles,  Joana.  11th,  1st  month,  1688.  Hannah,  Mary  Tomes, 
Halden  Apden,  Andrew  Gilberd,  Priscilla  Tomes,  John  Stepney, 
Aunt  Mary  Stephney.    Test,  Thos.  Steel,  John  Steel,  John  Harlow. 

Charles,  Hannah,  Perquimans.  October,  1750;  July  Court, 
1752.  Son  Edward  Maudlin,  grandson  John  Maudlin,  daughter-in- 
law  Elizabeth  White,  son-in-law  Robert  Cox,  daughter  Mary  Maud- 
lin daughter  of  John,  grandson  John  Cox,  daughter  Sarah  Perry 
and  Ann  Cox ;  John  Perry,  grandson  John  Maudlin,  and  son-in-law 
Robert  Cox  executors.  Test,  Jacob  Morgan,  Hannah  Maudlin, 
Davenport  Gooding. 

Chew,  Henry,  Carteret.  May,  1753;  March  Court,  1753.  Son  Henry, 
daughter  Sarah  Deall,  Caleb  Maryland,  son  Joseph,  daughters  Eliz- 
abeth Hunt  and  Jane  Parker;  Joseph  Chew  and  Elizabeth  Hunt 
executors.    Test,  Ann  Reade,  Mary  Ludford,  George  Read. 

Campbell,  Hugh,  Wilmington.  January  28,  1734;  February  20, 
1734.  Roger  Moore;  Eleazer  Allen  and  wife  Magdalene  executors. 
Test,  Cornelius  Harnett,  Richard  Shaw. 

Campbell,  James,  Wilmington.  October  10  1759;  probated  in 
Brunswick,  July  20,  1759.  Brother  William,  brother  Thomas,  de- 
ceased, my  mother,  brother  Robert,  younger  brother  Samuel ; 
mother  and  brother  William  executors.  Test,  Marmaduke  Jones, 
Caleb  Grainger,  Moses  Jno.  DeRossett. 

Campbell,  John,  Wilmington.    Februar;^  7,  1770.    Wife  Mary, 

AND  Genealogical  Rkgistee.  187 

daughters  Mary,  Rachel,  and  Ann  ;  wife  and  Henry  Toomer  execu- 
tors.    Test,  Thos.  Henderson,  Robt.  Weir,  David  Ross. 

Cavenal,  Charles,  Edgecombe.  February  Court.  1757.  Daughter 
Memorial  Pollard,  son  David, daughter  Mary,  sons  Needham,  Aquila, 
Nicholas,  Arthur,  Cliarles,  and  Henry.  Test,  John  Fountaine,  John 
Murphree,  Abigail  Pitman. 

Coleman,  William,  Anson.  May  1,  1750.  Eldest  sons  William, 
Thomas,  and  John,  youngest  sons  James  and  Samuel ;  wife  Eliza- 
beth and  Joseph  White  executors.  Test,  John  Lanier,  Mary  Cole- 
man, Anthony  Hutchins. 

Coleman,  William,  Edgecombe.  November  29,  1749.  Sons 
Samuel  and  Samson,  daughters  Sarah  and  Susannah ;  wife  Jane  and 
Robert  Coleman  executors.  Test,  Moses  Coleman,  Cornelius  Jor- 
dan, Ellen  Jordan. 

*  Corbin,  Mrs.  Jean,  widow  of  Francis  Corbin  of  Edenton,  New 
Hanover.  February  10, 1775 ;  April  3, 1775.  John  Rutherford,  Jr., 
William  Gordon  Rutherford  and  Francis  Rutherford  children  of 
my  friend  John  Rutherford;  Thomas  Holloway,  Lewis  Henry  De- 
Rossett,  and  John  Rutherford  executors.  Test,  Sam'l  Ashe,  Daniel 
Morgan,  David  Morgan. 

Conway,  Mary,  Newbern.  August  17,  1755 ;  August  26,  1774. 
Margaret  Gordon  daughter  of  Mrs.  Mary  Gordon,  Susannah  Wren- 
ford  wife  of  Edward  Wrenford,  daughter  Elizabeth  Elmsley,  son 
William  Conway;  E<lward  Wrenford  and  John  Hawks  executors. 
Test,  John  Bonner,  Joseph  Dowse,  Henry  Tyron. 

Cowen,  Garrett,  Albemarle.  July  6,  1720;  April  Court,  1721. 
Son  Daniel ;  wife  Hannah  executrix.    Test,  Elizabeth  Kenan. 

Cowand,  John,  Bertie.  March  8,  1737 ;  August  Court,  1737. 
Sons  William,  John,  and  Edward,  wife  Elizabeth  ;  Joseph  Wimberly 
executor.    Test,  Edward  Vann,  Henry  Vann,  Jonathan  Talor. 

Corrie,  Thomas,  Bertie.  October  22,  1750;  •May  Court,  1754. 
Wife  Mary,  James  Curry  son  of  Mary  Walker,  sons  David  and  John, 
daughters  Margaret  Curry,  Janet  Curry,  Jacob  Curry ;  Thomas  Whit- 
mell  and  wife  Mary  executors.  Test,  Fordham  Jordan,  Hester 
Broadwell,  Arthur  Williams. 

Corey,  John,  Pasquotank.  February  18,  1757 ;  March  Court, 
1759.  Sons  Thomas,  John,  and  Joseph ;  wife  Luca  and  son 
Thomas  executors.     Test,  Ann  Cook,  John  McKeel. 

CoUey,  Robert,  Craven.  April  15,1744;  June  20,1744.  Wife 
Katharine,  son  James;  Dr.  Francis  Stringer  executor.  Test,  Wil- 
liam Brice,  Edward  Wamsley,  Andrew  Bass. 

♦Note. — Mrs.  Jean  Corbin  was  the  widow  of  James  Innes  of  Wilmington  at 
the  time  of  her  marriage  to  Francis  Corbin  of  Edenton,  Deputy  of  Earl  Gran- 
ville. The  old  Cupola  house  on  Broad  street,  in  the  town  Edenton.  built  in 
1758,  was  intended  for.the  occupation  of  Francis  Corbin  and  his  wife  Jean,  but 
he  died  before  its  completion,  and  it  was  sold  and  became  the  property  of  the 
ancestor  of  the  lady  who  now  occupies  it.  An  erroneous  opinion  has  been  current 
relative  to  this  house ;  it  has  been  stated  that  it  was  built  for  Gov.  Charles 
Eden,  who  died  36  years  prior  to  its  construction. 

188  North  Carolina  Historical 

Cane,  Hardy,  Edgecombe.  December  21, 1754 ;  May  Court,  1755. 
Daughters  Isabel  and  Purity,  child  in  esse;  wife  Rachel  executrix. 
Test,  Wallis  Jones,  James  Carrol. 

Cain,  John,  Edgecombe.  February  9,  1755;  February  Court, 
1757.  Son  Jonathan  executor;  son  Abijah, daughter Zipparah, and 
wife.    Test,  Jas.  Dehoety,  Jno.  Tanner,  Rebecca  Dehoety. 

Chancy,  William,  Pasquotank.  July  1,  1746;  August  4,1749. 
Grandson  William  Chancy  son  of  Jeremiah,  deceased,  grandsons 
William  Boyd  and  Wm.  Chancy  Commander,  daughters  Ann 
Whedbee,  Mary  Commander,  and  Deborah  Bailey,  grandchildren 
Joseph  and  Deborah  Sutton,  Winnefred,  Elizabeth,  and  Thomas 
Boyd,  Ann  and  Mary  Bailey ;  sons-in-law  Joseph  Bailey  and  Jos. 
Commander  executors.  Test,  Wm.  Brothers,  Dorcas  Brothers, 
Robert  Lowry. 

Champion,  Edward,  Chowan.  January  6,  1718;  April  Court, 
1718.  Sons  Joseph,  Thomas,  and  Edmund,  daughters  Elizabeth 
andMary  ;  wife  Mary  executrix.  Test,  James  Jones,  Wm.  Sadler, 
Henry  Lilse. 

♦Champion,  Orlando.  December  18,  1744;  April  19.  1745. 
Chowan.  Mary  Richards  wife  of  William  Richards,  Ann  wife  of 
Joseph  Anderson,  daughter  Elizabeth  Neale,  brother  Eidward  Cham- 
pion, brother  Wm.  Richards;  Jos.  Blount  and  Jos.  Anderson  execu- 
tors.   Test,  Nath'l  Matthews,  John  Verlin,  Jos.  Sinneson. 

Champion,  John,  Chowan.  October  10,  1749;  April  Court,  1751. 
Grandson  Champion  Spivey  son  of  Nathaniel  and  wife  Martha, 
grandson  William  Bly  son  of  William  Biy  and  wife  Elizabeth, 
grandson  Peter  Copland  son  of  William  and  wife  Sarah,  daughter 
Margaret  Ward;  wife  Sarah  and  son-in-law  Natha'l  Spivey  execu- 
tors.   Test,  John  Arlin,  Mary  Arlin,  Robt.  Elliott. 

Carruthers,  Robert,  Newbern.  March  14,  1758;  March  27, 1758. 
Wife  Unice,  her  daughter  Lydia  Pbalie ;  wife  executrix.  Test,  Mi- 
chael Smith,  Thos.  Hasler,  Rd.  Cogdell. 

Carruthers,  John,  Craven.  September  20, 1751 ;  February  Court, 
1752.  Daughter  Rocksolanah  Witherinton,  daughter  Frances 
Hodges,  sons  John  and  Joseph,  daughter  Sarah  Rice,  sonsinlaw 
Francis  Hodges  and  John  Witherinton,  wife  Content,  Rebecca 
McCarthy,  son  William;  sons  John  and  Joseph  executors.  Test, 
Sarah  Beckwith,  Abiah  Bangs,  Sol  Rew. 

Carruthers,  John,  Perquimans.  February  2,  1751  ;  April  Court, 
1752.  Wife  Elizabeth,  brothers  Jame?,  Jacob,  Nathaniel  and  Robert; 
wife  and  John  Wilkins  executors.  Test,  J.  Halsey,  Deborah  Wil- 
kins,  James  Brinkley. 

Carruthers,  Nathaniel,  Perquimans.  June  22,  1745;  January 
Court,  1750.  Wife  Twenty,  sons  James,  Jacob  and  John ;  sons  James 
and  John  executors.  Test,  John  Stepney,  John  Rousham,  Jacob 

♦  Note.— Orlando  Champion  came  into  Chowan  from  Isle  of  Wight  County, 
Va.,  about  1715. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  189 

Cleare,  Timothy,  Perquimans.  November  10,  1724;  November 
17,  1724.  Wife  Ha«nan,  daughter  Mary  Mayo,  grandsou  Joseph 
Winslow,soD-iD-law  James  Winslowand  his  sms  Timothy  and  Jesse 
Winslow,  daughter  Elizabeth  Winslow,  daughter  Jane  and  sonin- 
law  Thomas  Jessope,  daughters  Sarah  White,  Elizabeth  Lowry  and 
Hannah  Cleare,  grandson  John  Robinson  and  his  father  Joseph 
Robinson,  grandchildren  John,  Sarah  and  Mary  Ratlifif,  grandsons 
Thomas  and  Timothy  Winslow;  Thomas  Jessope  and  Thos.  Wins- 
low  executors.    Test,  Thomas  Bagley,  Smith  Colla,  J.  Jessop. 

Cook,  William,  Northampton.  April  3, 1758 ;  October  Court,  1758. 
Wife  Neomy,  son  James,  son  Elimelech,  son  John,  daughter  Eliza- 
beth, Mercurias  Cook,  son  Lazarus,  son  Daniel,  daughter  Mary,  son 
Henry,  son  Ephraim.  Test,  Emelius  Daring,  Thomas  Williams, 
Richard  Worrell. 

Cook,  Samuel,  Bertie.  October  2,  1756.  Wife  Mary,  eldest  son 
John,  sons  Benjamin  and  William,  children  Frances,  Jesse,  Mary 
and  Elizabeth  Cook;  wife,  son  John  and  Edward  Bryan  executors. 
Test,  John  Burn,  John  Perry,  Robert  West,  Jr. 

Cook,  John,  Bertie.  November  24, 1744 ;  January  30, 1745.  Sons 
Samuel  and  Isaac,  son  David  son  of  Anne  Felton,  wife  Anna,  daugh- 
ters Sarah,  Elizabeth  and  Anna;  wife,  sons  Samuel  and  Isaac  exec- 
utors.   Test,  Thos.  Bryan,  William  Ball,  Isaac  Ratliff. 

Cook,  John,  Yawpim  River,  Chowan.  August  16,  1696;  April 
10, 1697.  Son  Thomas;  wife  Elizabeth  executrix.  Test,  Henderson 
Walker,  Ann  Walker,  Argell  Simons. 

Copeland,  William,  Chowan.  Eldest  son  William,  wife  Sarah, 
eldest  daughter  Anne,  son  Jesse,  daughter  Judath;  wife  executrix. 
Test,  Edward  Garrett,  Thomas  Small,  Chas.  Copeland.  Without 

Copeland,  William,  Chowan.  October  3,  1720.  Sons  William, 
John, -James  and  Charles,  daughters  Christian  and  Sarah;  wife 
Christian  executrix.  Test,  John  Cordain,  George  Turnedge,  Eliza- 
beth Turnedge. 

Copeland,  James,  Chowan.  March  3, 1752.  Son  James,  daughter 
Mary ;  wife  Diana  executrix.  Test,  James  Fallaw,  Isaac  Williams, 
John  Thach. 

Chesson,  John,  Bertie.  January  24,  1728;  February  Court,  1728. 
Daughters  Elizabeth,  Mary  and  Sarah,  son-in-law  James  Folk ;  wife 
Elizabeth  executrix.    Test,  Joseph  Darden,  William  Smith. 

Chesson,  James,  Perquimans.  Wife  Ann,  sons  John  and  James, 
child  in  esse;  wife  and  Wm.  Egerton'  executors.  May  19,  1727. 
Test,  Jeremiah  Pratt,  William  Egerton,  Job  Pratt;  also  mentions  in 
his  will  "all  my  children." 

Cbeasten,  Richard,  Perquimans.  Wife  Ann,  son  Richard ;  Joseph 
Jessope  and  son  Richard  executors.  Test,  Anthony,  Tabitha  and 
Anne  Haskit. 

Car,  Patrick,  Bertie.  November  7, 1742;  February  Court,  1742-43. 
Wife  Tamer,  son  Jonathan,  daughter  Margaret,  son  Thomas ;  wife 
and  Richard  Williams  executors. 

190  North  Carolina  Historical 

Carr,  William,  Duplin.  December  5, 1753;  October  Court,  1754. 
Wife  Hannah,  son  Archibald,  daughter  Jane,*  child  in  esse.  Test, 
John  Dickson,  William  McRee,  Susanna  McAlexander. 

Chapman,  John,  Carteret.  November  2, 1770;  December  10, 1770. 
Sister  oarah  Chapman  ;  brother  Samuel  Chapman  executor.  Test, 
Micajah  Frazer,  Job  Calloway. 

Chapman,  Charles,  Northampton.  August  19,  1753;  November 
Court,  1753.  Wife,  sons  Charles,  Henry  and  William,  son  Daniel 
Hawkins.  Test,  Daniel  Hawkins,  Charles  Chapman.  Frances. 
Chapman  executrix. 

Chapman,  Mary,  Pasquotank.  September  2,  1728;  December  9, 
1729-80.  Granddaughter  Mary  Davis,  eldest  daughter  Elizabeth 
Loadwell,  daughter  Sarah  wife  of  Robert  Davis;  Robert  Davis  ex- 
ecutor.   Test,  Abraham  White,  Jon  Simons. 

Crawford,  William,  Onslow.  October  4, 1743;  April  Court,  1745. 
Eldest  son  James,  son-in-law  James  Finsinger,  wife  Catharine,  son 
John;  wife  and  James  Finsinger  executors.  Test,  Thomas  Roberts, 
Richard  Melton,  Robert  Melton. 

Calloway,  Joshua,  Perquimans.  February  23,  1741 ;  July  Court, 
1742.  Sons  Thomas  and  John,  daughter  Elizabeth  Hariman,  daugh- 
ter Elizabeth  daughter  of  my  son  Caleb  Calloway ;  wife  Elizabeth 
and  son  John  executors.  Test,  William  Wyatt,  Thomas  Long,  John 

Calloway,  Caleb,  Perquimans.  June  10,  1706;  July  13,  1706. 
Son  Joshua,  daughter  Rachel  and  her  husband  John  Wiatt,  grand- 
daughter Elizabeth  Wiatt;  wife  Elizabeth  and  son  John  executors. 
Test,  Thomas  Long,  John  Barron,  Anthony  Wherry. 

Chalkhill,  John.  November  17,  1757 ;  July  Court,  1758.  Wife 
Dorcas,  daughters  Mary  and  Lidia,  child  in  esae,  wife's  daughter 
Rachel  Howison;  George  Moore  and  Wm.  Dry  executors.  Test, 
Richard  Hardy,  David  Brown,  Margaret  McCorkhill.  (Probably 
New  Hanover.) 

Crocker,  Peter,  Edgecombe.  Xber  24,  1752;  August  Court, 
1753.  Wife  Sarah,  my  children.  Test,  James  Williamson,  Thos. 
Barron,  Joseph  Bridgers. 

Commander,  Thomas,  Pasquotank.  August  25,  1739;  February 
10, 1742.  Sons  John,  Samuel  and  Benjamin,  daughters  Mary  and 
Sarah;  sons  Joseph  and  Thomas  executors.  Test,  Simon  Bryan, 
Jer.  Sweeney. 

Commander,  Thomas,  Pasquotank.  February  7, 1741-42;  April 
Court,  1742  Wife  Elizabeth,  son  Joseph,  brothers  John  and  Samuel, 
sisters  Sarah  and  Mary;  brother  Joseph  and  wife  executors.  Test, 
Robert  Lowry,  Ann  Overman,  Simon  Bryan. 

Corp,  John,  Pasquotank.  March  10,  1753;  April  Court,  1753. 
Brother  William  Knight;  wife  Elizabeth  executrix.  Test,  Thos. 
McKeel,  Emanuel  Knight. 

Clemens,  George,  Bertie.  February  2,  1725;  May  Court,  1730. 
Wife  Susanna,  sons  Benjamin  and  George,  daughter  Elizabeth;  wife 
executrix.    Test,  Thos.  Casle,  Wm.  Smith,  Geo.  Trench. 

AND  Genealogical  Registek.  191 

Canaday,  Richard,  Tyrrell.  April  20,  1744;  October  23,  1749. 
Son  John,  wife  Catharine,  daughter  Kesia;  son  John  and  Steven 
Lee  executors. 

Gotten,  Sarah,  Northampton.  December  7,  1753 ;  December  30, 
1753.  Sons  William  and  John  Bridgers,  Sarah  Gotten  wife  of  James 
Gotten,  Patience  Gotten  wife  of  Thomas  Gotten,  son  Joseph  Bridgers, 
daughter  Priscilla  Wills,  Mary  Gotten,  Martha  Scott;  sons  Gharles 
and  Robert  Gotten  and  son  William  Bridgers  executors.  Test,  Jno. 
Dawson,  Rich'd  Wills,  Jno.  Scott. 

Gotten,  Samuel,  Northampton.  January  16, 1774;  May  18, 1774. 
Wife  Lydia,  son  Samuel,  wife's  children  Elizabeth  Gotten  Ewell, 
Sally  Gotten  Ewell,  and  Roderick  Gotten  Ewell,  daughter  Euridioe 
Gardiner,  son  John,  Thomas  Thomas,  John  Franklin  my  appren- 
tice, Mary  Barnes;  wife  and  Robert  Hilliard  executors.  Test,  G.  E. 
Taylor,  M.  Barnes,  Sarah  Josey. 

Gotten,  John,  Northampton.  January  17,  1741;  May  Gourt, 
1742.  Sons  John  and  Benjamin,  daughters  Mary  Bruele,  Anne,  and 
Sarah  Gotten;  wife  Anne  and  brother  William  executors.  Test, 
Richard  Barefield,  Thos.  Gowman,  John  Dawson. 

Gotten,  James,  Bertie.  January  14,  1758;  April  Gourt,  1758. 
Sons  James  and  Henry,  daughter  Ghristian,  son  Theophilus,  wife 
Sarah,  son  Solomon  ;  wife,  brothers  Arthur  and  John  Gotten  execu- 
tors.   Test,  Samuel  Gotten,  Thos.  Rothe,  Mary  Rothe. 

Crosslow,  John,  Ghowan  Precinct,  Albemarle.  May  7, 1673.  God- 
daughter Constant  Stiver,  wife  Ann  Stiver,  father  Richard  Stiver, 
Johanna  Stiver;  wife  executrix.  Test,  Jane  Brofit,  Arthur  Garleton. 

Gourtneys,  Robert,  Onslow.  January  17,  1750;  April  2, 1751. 
Wife  Hannah,  sons  Robert,  Jonathan,  and  Rowland,  son  John, 
daughter  Phebe  Gurtis ;  son-in  law  Richard  Gurtis  and  Benj.  Eason 
to  divide  estate ;  sons  Robert  and  Jonathan  executors.  Test,  Mat- 
thew Lewis,  John  Sturges,  Benj.  Eason. 

Gherry,  Lemuel,  Beaufort.  Daughters  Mary,  Rebecca  Hodges, 
and  Gourtney  Gherry,  sons  John,  William,  and  Gado,  and  Gharles, 
children  Gharles,  Elizabeth,  Samuel,  Solomon,  Abigail,  Lemuel, 
George,  Willis,  and  Patience.  Test,  Griffin  Floyd,  William  Willis, 
Peter  Floyd. 

Goker,  Galeb,  Edgecombe.  June  11,  1748;  November  Gourt, 
1748.  Wife  Mary,  son  Thomas,  Mary  Warren,  Richard  Goker,  son 
James, daughter  Ann  Bruer,  daughter  Frances  Wallner's  young  son, 
daughter  Elizabeth  Spier,  daughters  Sarah  and  Agnes ;  wife  and 
James  Spier  executors.    Test,  Margaret  Goker,  Jas.  Goker. 

Goker,  Richard,  Beaufort.  March  6, 1756.  Wife  Margaret ;  wife 
and  William  Spiers  executors.  Test,  John  Spier,  William  Spier, 
Elizabeth  Spier. 

Grump,  Joseph,  Northampton.  Wife  Gassandra,  son  Josias,  son 
Richard  in  Virginia,  son  Robert,  daughters  Patty  and  Katy,  son 
Joseph ;  son  Gharles  and  wife  executors.  May  5,  1758 ;  October 
Court,  1759.    Test,  William  Hall,  Glement  Lanier. 

192  North  Carolina  Historical 

CoDgleton,  William,  Beaufort.    July  1,  1755;    December  Court, 

1755.  Sons  James  and  William,  daughter  Elizabeth,  80d&  John, 
Henry,  David,  and  Abraham,  wife  Sarah;  sons  James  and  William 
executors.    Test,  James  Berever,  Thos.  Bonner,  Jr.,  Wm.  Phelps. 

*  Corprew,  Thomas,  Chowan.  August  18,1748;  January  Court, 
1748-49.  Wife  Sarah,  child  in  esse,  sons  John  and  George  Durant 
Corprew,  Mary  Buncombe  my  daughter-in-law,  poor  of  St.  Paul's 
Parish,  one  negro  man  ** Dublin"  to  work  for  them  for  life;  wife 
Sarah,  brother  Joshua  Corprew,  and  Benj.  Peyton  executors.  Test, 
Clement  Hall,  John  Kimbrough.  I  desire  two  monuments  placed 
over  my  grave  and  that  of  my  former  wife. 

Cooper,  Joseph,  Pasquotank.  April  Court,  1754.  Eldest  son 
Joseph,  youngest  son  James,  eldest  daughter  Sarah,  youngest  daugh- 
ter Mary,  wife  Sarah  Ann.  Test,  Jarvis  Jones,  Anthony  Forehand, 
Bridgett  Jones. 

Col  ton,  John.  1st  day,  1st  month,  1691-92.  Son  Humphrey, 
Thos.  Symons,  Jeremiah  Symons;  Joseph  Commander  executor; 
executor's  children.  '  Test,  Caleb  Bundy,  Jane  Bundy. 

Ceilings,  William,  Pasquotank.  April  8, 1706 ;  July  19,  1709. 
Wife  Elizabeth,  cousin  Thomas  Woodley.  Test,  John  Hunt,  Samuel 
Davis,  Elizabeth  Davis. 

Collins,  John,  Craven.  February  28, 1748-49.  Wife,  sons  Joseph 
and  Samuel,  granddaughters  Elizabeth  Ives  and  Vine  Ives ;  wife 
Mary  and  son  Samuel  executors.  Test,  William  Smith,  George 
Barber,  Jacob  Taylor. 

Collins,  Luiese,  Perquimans.  April  18,  1730;  May  19,  1730. 
Son-in-law  William  Collins,  son  Thomas,  daughter-in-law  Allie 
Collins;  Joseph  Jessop  and  William  Collins  executors.  Test,  Sarah 
Smith,  Martin  Aspill,  Elizabeth  Ferrill. 

Collins,  Uriah,  Hyde.  January  3,  1751 ;  March  Court,  1752. 
Son  Henry,  daughters  Elizabeth  and  Hannah ;  Timothy  Gradless 
executor  and  guardian ;  wife.     Test,  Jacob  Bertie,  Richard  Ward. 

Cambril,  Anne.  February  16,  1726;  February  21,  1726.  My 
daughter.   Test,  Robt.  JeflFreys,  Thos.  Smith. 

Cowell,  Benjamin,  Currituck.     October  5,  1752;   March  Court, 

1756.  Sons  Benjamin,  Solomon,  William,  and  Butler,  wife  Sarah, 
daughter  Rebecca,  sons  Edmund,  John,  and  Thomas,  daughters 
Elizabeth  and  Mary,  wife,  daughter  Dorcas;  wife  and  son  Solomon 
executors.    Test,  Jos'a  Campbell,  John  Woodhouse,  Jordan  Rogers. 

Conner,  Andrew,  Bath.  January  4, 1754;  March,  1754.  Roger  and 
Henry  Ormond  sons  of  Whyriot  Ormond,  daughter  Sarah  Ormond  ; 
Whyriot  Ormond  executor.  Test,  James  Ellison,  Thos.  Williams, 
William  Ormond,  William  More. 

♦  Note. — Thomas  Corprew  married  first  Ann  Durant,  daughter  of  Geo.  Durant 
and  his  wife  Hager  Crisp  ;  issue,  John  and  George  Durant  Corprew.  His  last 
wife  was  Miss  Sarah  Vail.  Ann  Durant  first  married  Joseph  Bimoombe,  uncle 
of  Col.  Edward  Buncombe,  issue  Mary  Buncombe  married Sutton. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  198 

Gamerlin,  Daniel,  Northampton.  January  7, 1747 ;  May  Court, 
1752.  Daughter  Rachel,  wife  Ann,  grandchildren  Beleson,  Jos. 
Godwin,  daughters  Ann  Whiteley,  Bridget  Godwin,  Eleyin  Tewe, 
Mary  Best,  son  Phillip,  Alex.  Cammerlin ;   wife  and  son  executors. 

Cartwright,  Grace,  Pasquotank.  December  30,  1728;  June  3, 
1729.  Daughter  Elizabeth  Trueblood,  Joshua  Trueblood,  John 
Trueblood,  grandchildren  John  and  Elizabeth  Trueblood  daughter 
of  John,  granddaughter  Miriam  Trueblood,  Elizabeth  Murden 
daughter  of  Jeremiah,  Mary  Murden,  daughter  Eliph  Trueblood, 
grandson  John  Murden,  Job  Cartwright,  Sr.,  Benjamin  Cartwright 
son  of  Joseph,  and  Joseph's  daughter  Elizabeth,  Thomas  Cartwright 
son  of  Thomas ;  son  Joseph  Cartwright  executor.  Test,  Benj.  Mil- 
ler, Wm.  Lewis,  Matthew  Lewis. 

Cartwright,  Thomas,  Pasquotank.  March  5,1705-6;  April  15, 
1707.  Daughters  Catrin,  Mary,  and  Elizabeth,  eons  Job,  Robert, 
William,  and  Thomas;  wife  Grace  and  son  John  executors.  Test, 
Thomas  Purde,  George  Harris,  William  Warren. 

Cartwright,  John,  Pasquotank.  April  23,  1714.  Brother  Job, 
John  Murden  son  of  Jeremiah,  brothers  Thomas  and  Joseph  Cart- 
wright, sisters  Elizabeth  and  Cath.  Cartwright ;  brothers  Thomas 
and  Job  Cartwright  executors.  Test,  Grace  Cartwright,  William 

Cartwright,  Robert,  Pasquotank.  2d  month ;  April  15,  1746. 
Wife  Martha,  son  Joseph,  granddaughter  Magdalene  Cartwright, 
son  Hezekiah,  grandson  Claudias  Cartwright,  son  John,  daughter 
Sarah  Palmer,  grandson  Mallaro  Palmer,  son  Ezekiel,  daughter 
Martha  C,  son  Joslah  ;  wife  Martha  and  son  Hezekiah  executors. 
Test,  Samuel  Pike,  Edward  Tadlock,  Joseph  Martin. 

Carver,  James,  Bladen.  February  27,  1753 ;  June,  1753.  To  our 
Society  of  Quakers  two  acres  of  land  for  a  Meeting  House  and  grave- 
yard, wife  Elizabeth,  son  Job,  daughter  Elizabeth;  brother  Samuel 
and  wife  executors.  Test  Richard  Mullington,  Patrick  McConkey, 
George  Willis. 

Carver,  Samuel,  Bladen.  April  23,  1758;  July  Court,  1758. 
Wife  Arcadia,  son  Samuel,  daughters  Sarah  and  Mary,  son  James, 
brother  William  Maultsby.  Test,  Samuel  Millhouse,  Charles 
Benbow,  Richard  Mullington. 

Carver,  James,  Sr.,  Bladen.  May  7,  1738 ;  June  7, 1739.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  sons  James  and  Samuel  \  of  my  sawmill,  daughters  Mary 
Benbow  and  Ann  Carver;  Wife,  sons  James  and  Samuel  executors. 
Test,  Richard  Hollier,  Ann  Hollier. 

Craddock,  Richard,  Pasquotank.  January  9, 1685.  Wife  Eliza- 
beth whom  I  appoint  my  executrix.  Test,  Anthony  Hatch,  Law- 
rence Broske,  John  Brown. 

Colson,  Mary,  widow  of  Jacob.  July  20, 1732 ;  May  2, 1734,  Ber- 
tie.  Son  William,  daughter  Sarah  Lundy  wife  of  James  Lundy ; 
John  Gray  and  Thomas  Whitmell  executors.  Test,  John  Leggett, 
Thomas  Kearney. 


194  North  Carolina  Historical 

Coleson,  William,  Bertie.  February  9, 1736.  Thomas  Whitmell 
and  Edward  Collins  executors;  Brothers  Abraham  and  Joseph, 
sister  Sarah  Lundy,  John  son  of  John  Coleson.  Test,  Edmund  Col- 
lins, James  Ward,  Thos.  Falconer. 

Cheek,  Richard.  September  29, 1743 ;  April  30,  1744-5.  Wife 
Jane,  son  Randolph,  daughter  Ann,  son  William,  sons  James,  John, 
Robert,  and  Richard,  daughter  Elizabeth  Burney ;  Jane  Cheek, 
Anne  Cheek,  William  Cheek,  Richard  Cheek,  and  John  Burney 
executors.  Test,  William  Hix,  Robert  Cheek,  John  Thigpen. 

Clark,  Robert.  December  12, 1752;  August  Court,  1753.  Edge- 
<;ombe.  Daughters  Ann  Tatum  and  Jean  Clyburn,  son  Robert, 
daughter  Mary  Duglis,  daughters  Rachel  Etheridge,  Agnes  Etheridge, 
and  Hannah  Underwood,  wife  Jean,  sons  William  and  Moses,  sous 
Aaron  and  Luies;  Thos.  Tatum  executor.  Test,  William  Wiggins, 
Mary  Wiggins. 

Clark,  Thomas,  Bertie.  April  12, 1728.  Wife,  children  Thomas, 
Elizabeth,  Mary,  Lewis,  William,  John,  Matthew,  Grace,  and 
Bridgett;  mentions  Thos  Boykin's  line ;  wife  and  son  Thomas  exec- 
utors.   Test,  Nehemiah  Joyner,  Ellis  Bradey. 

Clark,  John,  Pasquotank  or  Perquimans.  May  30,  1689;  July 
^7,  1689.  William  Currey,  Daniel  Akehurst,  John  West,  and 
Edward  Smith  overseers  of  my  child  or  children;  daughter  Mary, 
wife  Mary,  if  child  in  esse.  Test,  Henry  Palin,  John  Hawkins, 
John  Cafey. 

Cricket,  John,  Sr.,  Bertie.  October  1753.  Sons  John,  Thomas, 
and  Charles;  speaks  of  Mrs.  Gould's  line;  wife  Mary  and  son  John 
executors.    Test,  Robert  Lenox,  Alex.  Ford,  Ed  Rasor. 

Cox,  Charles,  Duplin.  November  24,  1752.  Wife  Franesina, 
daughter  Anne;  wife  and  Joseph  Wilson  executors.  Test,  Am- 
brose Dudley,  Aaron  Hodeson. 

Cox,  Edward.  December  26, 1748;  July  Court,  1751.  Currituck. 
Sons  Thomas,  Absalom,  and  Elijah,  daughter  Jemima  Parker. 
Test,  William  Shergold,  Nathl  Wilson,  Malachi  Wilson. 

Cox,  Robert,  Little  River,  Perquimans.  February  20, 1725-26 ; 
November  25, 1730.  Wife  Elizabeth,  son  Robert,  daughter  Sarah, 
slaughter  Ann  Weeks;  wife  and  son  Robert  executors.  Test,  Mary 

Cruik,  Lawrence,  Perquimans.  January  13,  1690.  Daughter 
Mary ;  Thos.  Clark  executor.  Test,  Wm.  Mirnet,  David  Perkins, 
Jno  Boswell. 

CoflBn,  Mary,  Perquimans.  June  7,  1707.  Daughter  Hannah 
Thurston,  granddaughter  Sarah  Ross;  Edmund  Modlin  executor. 
Test,  Gilbert  Smith,  Derby  Bryan. 

Cropley,  John,  Chowan.  January  25, 1685-86.  Son  Vines;  wife 
Ann  executrix.  Test,  William  Wilkinson,  Geo.  Fordyce,  Edward 

Cannon,  Edward,  Bath.    June  10, 1729.    Son  Edward,  daughter 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  195 

Margaret,  daughter  Sarah  Woodward,  daughter  Jane,  sod  David, 
daughter  Mary,  daughter  Alis,  son  William,  daughter  Ruth,  son 
John;  wife  executrix.  Test,  John  Knowls,  John  Lawton,  Richard 

Carraway,  James,  Craven.  March  9,  1773.  Wife  Ann,  son 
Joseph,  children  Joseph,  Gideon,  Francis,  Nancy,  and  Fanny.  Test, 
Thos.  Nelson,  Thos.  Carraway,  Jesse  Bryan. 

Caulepe,  Michael,  Craven.  October  1, 1743.  Godson  John  Fon- 
ville,  Sr. ;  also  my  executor.    Test,  Jos.  Hannis,  John  Martin. 

Caldwell,  Robert.  March  24, 1749-50.  June  Court,  1750.  Wife 
Sarah,  brother  Joshua  Caldwell  of  Somerset  County,  Md.,  my  two 
sons;  William  Neale,  brother  Joshua  and  Joseph  Clarke  executors; 
speaks  of  William  Lilses.  Test,  Gershon  Ben  bow,  John  Leary, 
Samuel  Neale. 

Carleton,  Arthur,  Chowan.  January  19, 1717-18;  April  22, 1719. 
Wife  my  whole  estate,  whom  I  appoint  executrix.  Test,  James 
Ward,  William  Houghton,  Wm.  Grosvenor. 

Chad  wick,  Samuel.  October  4,  1749.  Carteret.  Wife  Mary,  son 
Thomas,  son  Isaiah  land  adjoining  lines  of  Col.  Thomas  Lovick, 
son  Gayer,  daughter  Sabra  Davis,  daughter  Tamer  Chadwick, 
daughter  Sarah  Chadwick,  daughter  Mary  Chadwick;  friends  Sam- 
uel Whitehurst,  Thos.  Chadwick,  and  Isaiah  Chadwick  executors. 
Test,  Joseph  Bray,  Rebecca  Chadwick,  Rachel  Young. 

Croker,  Anthony,  Granville.  July  28, 1754;  September  Court,  1754. 
Sons  Thomas  and  Arter,  rest  of  my  children ;  sons  Arter  and  Jacob 
executors.     Test,  Jas.  White,  Edward  Tommas,  John  Brantly. 

Croften,  Henry,  Beaufort.  October  6,  1756 ;  October  10,  1756, 
codicil.  Daughter  Elizabeth,  sons  Thomas,  Theopbilus,  William, 
and  Ambros,  daughters  Mary  and  Martha;  brother  John  Boyd, 
Edward  Salter,  and  John  Slade  executors.  March  Court,  1757. 
Test,  Jas.  Dunbar,  Robert  Phillips,  Elizabeth  Crofton. 

Cross,  Joseph,  Carteret.  October  30,  1728;  December  3,  1728. 
David  Shepherd,  Jr.,  wife  Elizabeth.    Test,  Thomas  Dudley. 

Combs,  Winefred,  Tyrrell.  October  1, 1749;  March  Court,  1750. 
Sons  Robert  and  Samuel,  daughters  Mary,  Elizabeth  Brady,  and 
Ann  Wren,  grandson  James  Combs;  son  Robert  executor.  Test, 
David  Duncan,  John  Ward,  John  Combs. 

Cliflford,  Thomas,  late  of  Charleston,  New  Hanover.  All  my 
estate  to  my  wife  Mary,  whom  I  appoint  my  executrix.  October  9, 
1735.    Test,  M.  Moore,  Eliza  Swann,  E.  Moseley. 

Cawdrey,  Thomas,  Craven.  December  Court,  1748.  Friend  John 
Brown,  whom  I  appoint  my  executor.  Test,  Peter  Glain,  Patterson 

Crumpton.  Henry,  Bertie.  January  11,  1733;  February  Court, 
1735.  Sons  Henry  and  William,  daughters  Susanna,  Elizabeth, 
Jane,  and  Anne  ;  friend  Samuel  Peacock  executor.  Test,  Abraham 
Buxton,  Jethro  Williams. 

Carmen,  William,  Perquimans.    August  2,  1725;  November  1, 

196  North  Carolina  Historical 

1727.  Granddaughters  Ann  Carmen,  Sarah  Linington;  wife  Eliza- 
beth executrix.    Test,  Timothy  Winslow,  Gilbert  Scott. 

Chester,  Samuel,  Wilmington.  October  10,  1758;  November 
Court,  1758.  All  my  children;  wife  Martha  executrix.  Test,  Wm. 
Vaughan,  William  Wilkinson,  Robert  Freeman. 

Core,  Thomas,  Northampton.  October  6,  1751 ;  May  Court,  1752. 
Son  Thomas,  daughter  Margaret  Cropper,  daughter  Mary  Holland, 
daughter  Elizabeth  Core,  daughter  Grace  Core;  wife  Margaret  and 
son  Arthur  executors.  Test,  James  Bryte,  John  Night,  William 

Cromen,  Martin,  Bertie.  May  1,  1733;  August  Court,  1733. 
Daughter- in-law  Elizabeth  West,  daughter-in-law  Elenor  West,  son- 
in-law  Thos.  Copeland,  Jonathan,  Reding,  Michael  Ellis,  Wm  Ken- 
nedy, Francis  Kennedy;  William  Kennedy  and  John  Gray  execu- 
tors.   Test,  Michael  Ellis,  Grace  Kennedy. 

Clapham,  Joseph,  Bertie.  March  25,  1733.  Sons  Samuel  and 
Josias;  son  Josias  executor.    Test,  Henry  Walker,  John  Nairne. 

Gamble,  William,  Beaufort.  October  8,  1743;  March  Court, 
1743.  Wife  Ann,  son  William,  son-in-law  John  Lewinton;  wife 
Ann  executrix;  brother-in-law  John  Barrow  assistant.  Test,  John 
Luerton.  Robert  Howard,  Mary  Howard. 

Chambers,  Edward.  December  3, 1693  ;  January  1693-94.  Fran- 
cis Henby.     Test,  Henry  Palin,  Ann  Madren. 

CoUer,  Cornelius,  Beaufort.  September  26,  1741 ;  December  8, 
1741.  Abraham  Gray,  Elizabeth  Gray,  Rebekah  Gray ;  Richard 
Newman  executor.    Test,  Wm.  Barrow. 

Castellaw,  William.  August  Court,  1749.  Bertie.  Mother  Sarah 
Castel law,  brother  John,  sister  Bethiah,  sister  Sarah,  brother  James 
Castellaw,  sister  Catharine,  brother  Thomas ;  mother  and  Thomas 
Whitmell  executors.    Test,  Sarah  Sanderlin,  Hardy  Sammark. 

Currer,  John,  Chowan.  October  18,  1684;  February  5,  1685. 
Daughter  Sarah,  child  in  esse ;  wife  executrix.  May  4, 1681.  Test, 
Thos.  Luten,  Martha  CuUen.  Probate  granted  to  Thos.  Luten  and 
wife  Mary. 

Chamberlin  John,  Pasquotank.  June  10, 1743-44;  April  Courr, 
1753.  Eldest  son  John,  sons  William  and  Jeremiah,  daughter  Mary 
Bright  wife  of  Isaac,  daughter  Ann  Chamberlin,  daughter  Bettie 
Chamberlin,  daughter  Lucy  Chamberlin,  daughter  Amy  and  daugh- 
ter Martha  Chamberlin,  wife;  son  John  and  Isaac  Bright  executors. 
Test,  Samuel  Etheridge,  Robert  Chamberlin,  Benj.  Burnham. 

Connerly,  John.  October  17,  1751 ;  March  Court,  1751-52.  John- 
ston. Wife  Kesiah,  brother  Richard  Jones,  and  Stephen  Herring, 
sons  William  and  Cullen,  daughter  Patience;  wife,  Anthony  Her- 
ring executor.     Test,  Elizabeth  Jones. 

Craven,  James,  Chowan.  September  28, 1755,  October  11, 1755. 
Wife  Penelope,  children  of  John  Hodgson,  my  brother  Dr.  Abraham 
Boulton,  godson  William  Badham,  Dr.  John  Craven,  sister  Mary 
Leeming,  Peter  Leeming;  wife,  Francis  Corbiu,  Whyriofc  Ormond, 


€uid  Wm.  Heritage  of  North  Carolina,  and  John  Watson  of  Suffolk 
executors.  Test,  Sarah  Blount,  Joseph  Harron,  Ann  Williams, 
John  Pindar. 

Capps,  Dennis,  Currituck.  April  4,  1749,  probated.  Sons  Ed- 
ward, Moses,  William,  Henry,  and  Dennis,  grandson  Enoch  Capps, 
daughter  Sarah  Barry,  daughter  Milborough  Bryan,  daughter  Mary 
Stripes,  daughter  Elizabeth  Capps,  son  Phillip. .  Test,  Robert  Sim- 
mons, Vines  Simmons,  Elisha  Cornish,  Dogby  Latter. 

Cannady,  Samuel.  January  2,  1727-28.  Eldest  son  William, 
son  Samuel,  daughter  Elizabeth ;  William  Bonner  and  John  Puf- 
field  executors.    Test,  John  Puffield,  Margaret  Foslands. 

Carter,  Ann,  Onslow.  July  27, 1770.  Mary  Clearey  of  Philadel- 
phia; Abraham  Daws,  William  Joanson,  and  Stephen  Lee  execu- 
tors.   Test,  Edward  Mazey,  Lydia  Gillespie,  James  Lillibridge. 

Davis,  Francis,  Cape  Fear.  February  10,  1747 ;  April  30, 1753. 
Wife  Judeth.    Test,  Benj.  Morison,  Robert  Halten. 

Davis,  Samuel,  Pasquotank.  February  11,  1687-88.  Wife  Eliza- 
beth, all  my  children.    Test,  Robert  Wallis,  John  Billett 

Davis,  John,  Perquimans.  April  26, 1688 ;  May  12, 1688.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  John  Pritchard,  friend  Wm.  Wilkinsgn  in  trust  of  my 
daughter  Elizabeth;  Wm.  Wilkinson  executor.  Test,  Matthew 
Joryes,  Wm.  Elfirk,  Jane  Miller. 

Davis,  William,  Carteret.  June  Court,  1756.  Daughter  Abigail, 
son  Nathan,  sons  Joseph,  Wicker,  Callip  (Caleb),  and  Bokiemine 
{Benjamin),  wife  Mary,  son  Wm.  Rolfe;  wife  and  son  Nathan  exec- 
utors.   Test,  Geo.  Bell,  Riland  Bell,  Timothy  Staford. 

Davis,  Robert,  Pasquotank.  10,  10th  month,  1749 ;  January 
Court,  1750.  Eldest  son  James,  sons  Thomas  and  Joshua,  daughters 
Elizabeth,  Ruth,  and  Mary,  wife  Sarah ;  sons  James  and  Thomas 
Davis  executors.    Test,  Joebua  White,  James  Newby. 

Davis,  John,  Pasquotank.  Brothers  Samuel  and  William,  cousin 
John  Davis;  James  Turner  and  brother  Joseph  executors.  April 
Court,  1754.  Test,  John  Turner,  Theophilus  Leonard,  Joseph 

Davis,  James.  22d  2  month,  1715.  Son  William,  wife  Elizabeth, 
brother  James,  sons  John,  Joan,  Robert  and  Henry ;  wife,  Robert 
White,  John  White,  and  John  Symons  executors.  Test,  Henry 
White,  Arnold  White,  Jr.,  Arnold  White,  Sr. 

Davis,  John,  Pasquotank.  March  28, 1763;  May  12, 1753.  Sons 
Joseph,  William,  and  Samuel,  daughter  Sarah  Gordon,  daughter 
Elizabeth  Wood,  son  John  ;  son-in-law  Wm.  Gordon  and  son  Joseph 
executors.    Test,  Wm.  Symons,  Thos.  Lowry,  Mary  Gart. 

Davis,  Thomas,  Granville.  August  20,  1754;  March  7,  1758. 
Wife  Elizabeth,  daughter  Mary,  sons  John,  Thomas,  Reuben,  and 
Richard ;  wife,  Daniel  Underwood,  and  Richard  Davis  executors. 
Test,  John  Gibbs,  Thomas  Cook,  Thos.  ^icaer. 

Davis,  John,  Newbem.  March  11, 1754  ;  March  28, 1754.  John 
Freeman  of  Bath  son  of  John,  Ann  Nelson,  John  Starkey  in  trust  for 

198  North  Carolina  Historical 

Mrs.  Mary  Dennis  in  Conduit  street  near  Hanover  Square,  London, 
Mary  Migmore's  father  Richard  Lyon;  John  Starkey  executor. 
Test,  Euphemia  White,  Rich'd  Lyon  Cosmas  Farquharson. 

Davis,  Thomas,  Bladen.  October  2, 1761 ;  June  4, 1764.  William 
Davis  and  John  Lucas  executors;  daughter-in-law  Katharine 
Gready,  daughter  Mary  Gready,  John  Mitchell.  Test,  John  Turner, 
Ralph  Miller,  Thomas  Newton. 

Davis,  David,  Bladen.  December  9, 1740 ;  May  22, 1742.  Sister 
Rachel  Davis;  Wm.  Bartram  executor.  Test,  Jonathan  Evans, 
Thos.  Walker,  Thos.  Jones. 

Davis,  John,  Hyde.  December  17,  1751.  Daughter  Jemima 
Ballard,  son  Samuel,  daughter  Temperance,  son  John,  wife  Sarah  ; 
Nathl  Davis  and  Thos.  Smith  executors.  Test,  Thos.  Smith,  Geo. 
Slade,  Richard  Wood. 

Davis,  Solomon,  Pasquotank.  January  Court,  1739.  Daughter 
Margaret  Foucher,  daughter  Dorothy  Daniel,  grandson  Daniel 
Keen,  daughter  Elizabeth  Daniel,  son-in-law  Caleb  Keen,  John 
Sawyer,  Sen,  wife  Sarah  Daniel ;  wife  and  daughter  Dorothy  execu- 
tors.   Test,  Bennett  Morgan,  John  Gray. 

Daves,  Thomas,  J^erqui mans.  December  14, 1745.  Wife  Eliza- 
beth, son  Moses,  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Sarah  Bond ;  wife 
and  son  Moses  executors.  Test,  Wm.  Eason,  Thos.  Eason,  Isaac 

Davis,  Aughton.  January  22,  January  1733-34;  April,  1755. 
Sons  Wrighton  and  Lewis,  son-in-law  William  Fork,  wife  Elizabeth. 
Test,  Samuel  Whorttley,  Stephen  Andrews  (Bertie). 

Davies,  Thomas,  Bath.  February  11, 1711-12 ;  January  4, 1714. 
Wife  Thomasin,  sons  Phillip  and  Thomas,  daughter  Sarah  Davis, 
daughters  Rachel  and  Purity,  daughter  Mary ;  wife  executrix. 

Davey,  Walter,  late  of  Dublin.  Beaufort.  June  23, 1743 ;  Octo- 
ber 24, 1743.  Eldest  son  Samuel,  son  Joseph,  daughter  Mary,  de- 
ceased, daughters  Jane,  Margaret,  and  Rachel ;  Abraham  .  Duncan 
executor.    Test,  Edward  Howcott,  James  Brondey,  Sam'l  Bundy. 

Downer,  William.  December  10, 1745.  Brunswick.  Hugh  Blan- 
ning  and  Capt.  Rich'd  Quince  executors ;  Wm.  Wynne,  Alegate, 
London,  and  his  wife  Ruth,  Benj.  Sandwell  and  wife  Mary  living 
near  Execution  Dock  in  Wapping,  London.  Test,  Hugh  McKay, 
Ralph  Gugnion,  Thos.  Campbell.     Proved  in  New  Hanover. 

Daniel,  William.  December  30,  1740;  March  Court,  1740-41. 
Bath.  Wife  Frances,  William  Daniel  Penket  (wife's  grandson), 
Frances  Jackson  ;  wife  executrix.  Test,  Jas.  Calef,  Thomas  Owen, 
William  Foreman. 

Downing,  William,  Tyrrell.  February  4, 1748 ;  March  17, 1748. 
Wife  Ann,  daughters  Mary  and  Elizabeth,  son  Henry ;  mentions  a 
sawmill ;  John  Hughes,  Stevens  Lee,  and  John  Barrow  executors. 
Test,  Jacob  Blount,  James  Jones,  Mary  Jones. 

Douglas,  David,  Northampton.  March  9,  1753 ;  November  Court, 
1753.      Wife    Elizabeth,  son    William,  daughter    Martha  Carril, 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  199^ 

granddaughter  Elizabeth  Carril,  daughter  Elizabeth  Harwell,  Sou- 
sanna  Douglas;  son  John  and  wife  executors.  Test,  Christmas 
Ray,  John  Douglas. 

Douglas,  James,  Bertie.  October  6,  1750;  July  11, 1752.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  son  Kesia,  daughter  Ann,  son  James,  daughter  Elizabeth  ; 
wife  executrix.  Test,  John  Brown,  Elizabeth  Robertson,  Jos. 

DeRossett,  Moses  John,  Wilmington,  November  30, 1767 ;  March 
1, 1768.  Wife  Mary,  daughter  Magdalene  Mary,  son  Armond  John  ; 
brother  Lewis  Henry  DeRossett,  John  DuBois,  James  Moore,  and 
Marmaduke  Jones,  executors.    Test,  Ann  Moore,  A.  Maclaine. 

DuBois  John,  Wilmington.  September  20, 1767 ;  March  1, 1768. 
Eldest  son  Peter,  sons  Walter  and  John,  daughter  Magdalene  Mar- 
garet, son  Isaac,  wife  Jean,  son  James,  daughter  Margaret,  Caleb 
urainger  son  of  Caleb,  Cornelius  Grainger  brother  of  Caleb,  Jr., 
daughter  Anna  property  in  New  York  in  right  of  my  grand- 
mother; wife's  sons  Peter,  Walter,  and  John,  and  friends  Lewis 
Henry  DeRossett  and  Moses  John  DeRossett  executors.  Test,  J. 
Pustaile,  Edward  Chivers,  A.  Maclaine. 

Dawson,  John,  Edgecombe.  November  22,  1748;  May  Court, 
1749.  Wife  Mary,  children  Martha,  Patience,  John,  Demsey,  and 
Solomon,  if  child  in  esse;  wife  executrix.  Test,  Benjamin  Champion^ 
Francis  Byshall  Haynes. 

Daniel,  Thomas,  Tyrrell.  July  1 1, 1749 ;  September  Court,  1749. 
Wife  Elizabeth,  son  Robert  Lanier  Daniel,  son  Thomas,  daughter 
Sarah  Wilson,  daughters  Elizabeth  and  Mary,  sons  John,  William,, 
and  Aaron,  daughters  Ruth  and  Priscilla ;  wife  executrix.  Test,  W. 
Willis,  John  Wilson,  John  Brown. 

Daniel,  John,  Northampton.  November  13,  1754;  February 
Court,  1755.  Wife  Sarah,  sons  Ezekiel  and  Ephriam,  daughters 
Elizabeth  and  Sarah,  sons  Joseph  and  John,  Abraham  and  Isaac; 
wife  and  son  John  executors.    Test,  Sam4  Parker,  Joseph  Daniel. 

Daniel,  Elizabeth,  Tyrrell.  June  Court,  1752,  Sons  Robert  and 
Thomas,  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Mary  Ward,  sons  John,  Wil- 
liam, and  Aaron,  daughter  Ruth,  son  Josiah,  daughter  Priscilla, 
Jemima  Willis  daughter  of  William  and  Mary  Willis;  sons 
Thomas  and  John  executors. 

Derby,  William.  March  10,  1687.  Daughter  Judeth.  Test, 
Robert  Lindsey,  Jno.  Da  why.     March  13, 1688. 

Dreding,  John,  Craven.  December  22,  1767 ;  February  Court, 
1757.  Joseph  Pringle,  wife  Charity,  Leason  Scott  son  of  William, 
Elizabeth  Little  daughter  of  John  Little;  wife  and  Joseph  Pringle 
executors.    Test,  Sam'l  Slade,  John  Slade,  Sam'l  Slade,  Jr. 

Dinkwater,  John,  Bath.  August  7, 1717 ;  May  30, 1718.  Phillip 
Sbute  son  of  Giles  and  Charity,  whom  I  appoint  my  executors.  Test, 
Patrick  Cavan,  Elizabeth  Ellebar. 

Dunbar,  Dan,  Beaufort.  May  18,1747;  December  Court,  1747-48. 
Son   Samuel,    daughter  Elizabeth,    daughter  Sarah,  wife  Sarah, 

200  North  Carolina  Historical 

daughters  Mary,  Hannah,  and  Esther,  ehild  in  esse;  wife,  Josiah 
Jones,  and  John  Trippe  Exrs.  Test,  Joshua  Pritchett,  Edmund 
Campin,  Robert  Campin. 

Dickinson,  John,  Northampton.  Feby.  4,  1742;  Augt  Court, 
1749.  Wife  Rebecca,  sons  Isaac,  Daniel,  John,  and  David,  d. 
Sarah  Daniel,  d.  Elizabeth  Futrel,  d.  Rebecca  Newsom,  d.  Charity 
Dickinson,  d.  Mary  Dickinson.  Test,  Joseph  Jordan,  Robert  Peele, 
Isaac  Parker. 

Dickinson,  Rebecca,  Northampton.  July  1,  1750 ;  Feby.  Court, 
1753.  Daughter  Sarah  Daniel,  d.  Elizabeth  Futrell,  d.  Rebecca 
Newsom,  son  John,  d.  Charity,  son  David,  d.  Mary  ;  sons  Isaac  and 
John  Exrs.    Test,  Isaac  Parker,  John  Horton. 

Dickinson,  Mary,  Northampton.  Oct.  6. 1753;  Nov.  Court,  1753. 
Brothers  Daniel,  David,  John,  Isaac,  kinsman  Wm.  Rowesum,  sister 
Charity  Peele,  sisters  Sarah  Daniel  and  Elizabeth  Futrel ;  brothers 
David  &  Isaac  Exrs.  Test,  John  Brown,  Susannah  Parker,  Susan- 
nah Horton. 

Dickson,  John,  Dobbs.  Apl.  16, 1769.  Friends  James  Cameron, 
John  Fellow,  uncle  Robert  Gracey  in  Scotland,  father  James  Dick- 
son and  mother  Jennett  Dixon ;  friends  James  Gibson  and  James 
Lindsey  Exrs.  Test,  Anthony  Herring,  D.  Blanchard,  Charles 

Dixon,  John,  Beaufort.  Mch.  22, 1772 ;  Dec.  11, 1773.  Son  Choose- 
well,  wife's  daughter  Biatha  Dixon;  wife  and  son  Exrs.  Test, 
Nicholas  Daw,  Swin  Stanford,  Thos.  Dixon. 

Dudley,  Thomas,  Currituck.  December  15, 1755 ;  Mch.  15, 1757. 
Wife  Mary,  sons  William  and  Thomas,  g.  son  Malachi  Dudley,  d. 
Mary  Williams;  sons  William  and  Thos.  Exrs.  Test,  Chas.  Wil- 
liams, Thos.  Williams,  Solomon  Ashlee,  Oen  Slatter. 

Dudley,  Christopher,  Onslow.  March  19,  1744-45;  Feby.  26, 
1746.  Grandson  George  son  of  Edward  Dudley,  g.  son  Christopher 
son  of  Thos.  Dudley,  sons  Thomas,  William,  and  John ;  wife  and 
John  Starkey  Exrs.    Test,  Jane  Simpson,  John  Simpson,  Mary  Trott. 

Dudley,  John,  Onslow.  Sept.  12,  1748;  April  2, 1751.  Daughter 
Sarah,  sons  John,  David,  and  William ;  wife  Elizabeth,  John 
Starkey,  and  Thos.  Dudley  Exrs.  Test,  John  Wells,  Nathl.  Bumap, 
Richard  Stevens. 

Dudley,  Thomas,  Carteret.  May  13,  1753;  November  22,1753. 
Sons  Christopher,  Elijah,  Jacob,  Stephen,  Abraham,  and  Thomas, 
daughters  Elizabeth  and  Sarah ;  wife  Elizabeth,  John  Starkey  and 
Moses  Houston  Exrs.    Test,  Charles  Cogdell,  Ezekiel  Hunter. 

Dudley,  Edward,  Newbern.  Jany.  22,  1744-45;  Apl.  3,  1745. 
Wife,  child  in  ease,  son  George,  d.  Hannah,  d.  Anne,  d.  Mary,  all  my 
children,  John  Starkey,  John  Dudley.  Test,  John  Henagen,  Wil- 
liam Simpson,  Hannah  Delta. 

Davirson,  John,  Edenton.  Nov.  1,  1773;  December  3,  1773. 
Wife  Elishia,  Christiana  Davirson  of  Kingston,  Jamaica,  brother 
Robert  Davirson,  my  sister's  children  in  Scotland ;  brother  Robert 

AND  Gknealogical  Registkr.  201 

Davirsos,  John  Smith  and  Andrew  Little  Ezrs.  Test,  John  Rom- 
bough,  Charles  BondlBeld,  George  Gray. 

Davison,  John,  Bertie.  Augt.  6,  1752;  Oct.  Court,  1756.  Sou 
John,  g.  son  John  Davison,  g.  daughter  Mary  Davison  ;  wife  Mary 
and  son  John  Exrs.  Test,  John  Freeman,  Aham.  Harrell,  Jacob 
Lassiter,  Thomas  Harrell. 

David,  Phillip,  Wilmington.  Augt.  5,  1747 ;  Dec.  Court,  1747. 
Son  David  David,  d.  Mary  McKeethen ;  son  David  and  James 
Smallwood  Exrs.  Test,  Wm.  Harrison,  Charlotte  Smallwood, 
Joseph  Jones.  » 

Dalrymple,  John,  Wilmington.  Feby.  25,  1742-43;  Jany.  26, 
1767.  2d  son  of  Sir  John  Dalrymple  of  Cowsland,  Suttow,  wife 
Martha,  my  brothers  and  sisters,  viz :  Wm.  Walters  Joseph  Walters, 
John  Walters,  Sam'l  Walters,  Sarah  Lillington,  Elizabeth  Howes ; 
wife  Martha,  Roger  Moore,  William  and  Joseph  Walters  Exrs.  Test, 
John  Swann,  George  Lock  hart,  George  Moore. 

Dews,  John,  Sr.,  Bertie.  Sept.  5, 1740 ;  proved  at  Northampton 
Court,  Nov.  1744.  Sons  John  and  Joseph,  daughter  Patience,  sons 
Spencer  and  William,  wife  Susantsah, Elizabeth  Clements;  wife  and 
son  Joseph  Exrs.  Test,  Edward  Moseley,  Ales  Moseley,  Constant 
D^  w 

Daws,  William.  Jany.  23,  1745-46;  March  Court,  1745.  Wife 
Dinah  Exx ;  sons  Nicholas  and  William,  d.  Diana,  d.  Bethia,  d. 
Biah,  son  John,  d.  Sarah  Dixon,  d.  Lydia  Kee  ;  sons  William  and 
Nicholas  to  assist  their  mother.  Test,  Edward  Campen,  John 

Danbe,  Daniel,  Edgecombe.  August  Court,  1750.  Wife  Eliza- 
beth, son  Isaac,  d.  Mary,  d.  Elizabeth,  d.  Clearemen ;  wife  and 
David  Roser,  Sr.,  Exrs.    Test,  David  Collins,  Reuben  Rosa. 

Douay,  Robert,  Bladen.  Jany.  30, 1756;  Jany.  Court,  1758.  Wife 
Gbatrine  and  John  White,  Exrs ;  sons  James  and  Robert,  d.  Eliza- 
beth. '  Test,  John  Stack,  Henry  Sims,  James  White. 

Dancan,  Abraham,  Beaufort.  Feby.  3, 1749 ;  June  Court,  1751. 
Wife  Mary,  nephews  George  and  Abraham  sons  of  John  Duncan  in 
Londerry,  New  England,  brothers  James,  William,  John  and  Robert 
Duncan,  sister  Hester  Cason,  brother  Qeorge  Duncan.  Test,  Thos. 
Pearson,  Jno.  Simpson,  Jr.,  James  Adams,  Wy  Ormond. 

Duncan,  Alex.,  Wilmington.  May  11, 1767 ;  May  15, 1768.  Brother 
Kobert,  children  of  my  sister  Elizabeth  Ronaldson,  and  Margaret 
Henery,  supposed  to  be  in  Edinburgh,  John  Rutherford,  James 
Moore,  Thos.  Cunningham,  Jr.,  who  has  lived  with  me  with  great 
fidelity,  £400;  to  assist  in  finishing  the  Wilmington  Church  £400, 
Frances  Rutherford  daughter  of  John,  daughter  of  John  Walker  and 
wife  Isabell,  Cornelius  Harnett,  Mary  Grainger  wife  of  Caleb,  Mau- 
rice Moore,  Mrs.  Maurice  Moore,  Alexander  Chapman,  Arthur 
Branning  of  Wilmington,  Robert  Sehaw,  John  Aneram ;  Robert 
SehawExr.    Test,  Elizabeth  Hall. 

Darnell.  Ann,  Carc^ck.    June  17,  1720;  January,  10,  1720-2L 

202  North  Carolina  Historical 

Richard  Dings,  also  appoint  him  my  executor ;  son  William.  Test^ 
Pewr  Dangs,  Susanna  Dangs. 

Daughtrey,  Thomas.  Northampton.  November  Court,  1757. 
Wife  Mary,  son  Samuel,  daughter  Mary  Rooks,  sons  Thomas  and 
John,  daughter  Elizabeth  Williams,  daughter  Sarah  Rice,  daughter 
Martha  Rutland,  daughter  Patience  Monson,  son  Jesse,  daugh- 
ter Pleasants  Daughtrey,  grandson  John  Daughtrey ;  Cousin  Bryan 
Daughtrey  and  Robert  Peele  executors.  Test,  Samuel  Perkins, 
Joshua  Daughtrey,  Alexandria  Daughtrey. 

Doughty,  John,  Wilmington.  June  9,  1749;  August  31,  1749. 
Wife  Marian.    Test,  Thos.  Chinagam,  Joseph  Grainger. 

Duggan,  Thomas,  Tyrrell.  May  9, 1734;  June  Court,  1754.  Wife 
Mary,  son  Thomas,  son  Jesse,  apprentice  John  Seals,  my  wife  and 
children;  John  Hardison  and  Mary  Duggan  executors.  Test,  John 
Bennett,  Higason  King,  William  King. 

Dexter,  Hope,  Onslow.  March  10,  1745-46;  April  1,  1746. 
Brother  Phillip  Dexter,  friend  James  Thompson,  nephew  Hope 
Dexter;  Phillip  Dexter  executor.  Test,  Daniel  Dexter,  John 
Holmes,  Chas.  Stout,  Joshua  James. 

Damorelle,  James.  June  23,  1692 ;  October  3,  1704.  Chowan. 
Wife  Lucy,  daughter  Rachel.  Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  William  Jones, 
Samuel  Armstrong. 

Davenport,  Jacob,  Tyrrell.  July  29,  1746.  Wife  Rachel,  child 
in  ease,  daughter  Anne,  brother  William;  brothers  John  and  Jamea 
Davenport  Exrs.  Test,  Edward  Phelps,  John  Brown,  Jno.  Daven- 
por,  Sr. 

Dicks,  John.  Feby.  10,  1705;  Oct.  2,  1706.  Chowan.  Wife 
Phillis;  son-in-law  Richard  Lewis  Exr.  Test,  Thos.  Luten,  Jon 
Jones,  Sr.,  Jon  Wheatley. 

Dann,  John,  Sr.,  Pasquotank.  Jany.  6,  1696-97;  May  26, 1697. 
WifeJ  Jean,  children  John,  Louisa,  Elizabeth;  wife  Exx.  Test, 
Sarah  Barron,  John  McBride. 

Donoho,  John,  Wilmington.  June  6, 1743;  June  Court,  1743.  My 
friend  William  White,  whom  I  appoint  my  executor.  Test,  James 
Smallwood,  Geo.  Owen,  Ann  Higgins. 

Drake,  John,  Bertie.  Jany.  5,  1728;  May  Court,  1729.  Wife 
Sarah,  son  James;  father-in-law  James  Bryant  Exr.  Test,  John 
Sutton,  Jno  Dickinson,  Richard  Sumner. 

Delohoide,  William,  Wilmington.  Matthew  Rowan  Exr;  eldest 
son,  child  in  esse  in  Cork.  Oct.  3,  1738.  Test,  Mrs.  Elizabeth 

Douge,  Tully,  Currituck.  May  18, 1746.  Brother  James,  sister 
Sarcy,  sister  Susanna  Glasco's  children,  Peter  Sarcy,  Caleb  Glasco 
son  of  William,  youngest  brother  John  Douge.  Test,  Jos.  Camp- 
bell, Henry  Simmons,  Joab  Douge. 

Dupee,  Elias,  son  of  Daniel  Dupee  late  of  Boston,  New  England, 
Newbern.  Father  Daniel  Dupee,  whom  I  appoint  my  executor. 
Augt.  4, 1750 ;  Feby.  Court,  1754.  Test,  John  Mill,  Eras  Fontain, 
John  Foster. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  203 

Dooles,  Thomas,  Edgecombe.  November  28, 1756.  Son  Joseph, 
wife  Patience,  Robert  Furrier,  son  John,  daughters  Sarah,  Catharine, 
and  Bethia;  wife,  son  Joseph,  and  Robt.  Furrier  Exrs.  Test,  Janes 
Myhan,  Moses  Home,  Robert  Furyear,  Jos.  Dales. 

Doleer,  Giles,  Albemarle.  Feby.  25, 1687-88.  Godson  Valentine 
Roe,  David  Fritchett,  Jr.,  Roland  Buckley,  Francis  Henry,  god- 
daughter Mary  Garrett;  Ralph  Garrett  Exr.  Test,  Paul  Latham, 
Francis  Henry,  Rowland  Busby. 

Discorah,  Thos.,  Perquimans.  Jany.  11,  1726-27;  Feby.  2, 
1726-27.  Samuel  Phelps;  James  Siterson,  whom  I  appoint  my 
Exr.    Test,  Ralph  Boozman. 

*Durant,  George.  Oct.  9, 1688.  Son  John,  son  Thomas,  brother 
John  Durant  of  LK)ndon  and  his  son  Henry,  nephew  George  son  of 
brother  John  Durant,  wife  Ann,  daughters  Sarah,  Mattya,  Portemia, 
and  Ann.  Probated  Feby.  6, 1693-94.  Test,  John  Philpot,  Francis 
Forster,  John  Cully. 

♦Note. — George  Durant  was  bom  Oct.  1,  1682 ;  was  married  to  Ann  Marwood 
Jany  4, 1658-59,  by  Rev.  David  Lindsey,  in  Northumberland  Co.,  Va.,  certificate 
being  witnessed  by  George  Cowbough,  a  magistrate  ;  he  came  into  Perquimans 
or  Berkely  Precinct,  Colony  of  Carolina,  in  1661,  where  he  bought  tracts  of  land 
from  the  Indians,  in  what  is  now  known  as  Durant's  Neck,  in  Perquimans 
County ;  thfc  deeds  signed  by  Cisketando  and  Kilconanen,  kings  or  chief  men  of 
the  tribes,  are  still  on  the  records  of  Perquimans  County  at  Hertford,  N.  C. 

The  foUowing  items  are  taken  from  his  Family  Bible,  printed  in  1599,  now  in 
the  possession  of  the  University  of  North  Carolina :  George  Durant  was  born 
Apnl,  1682.  Sarah  Stevens  departed  this  life  Augt.  16,  1717,  in  the  49th  vear  of 
her  age.  John  Durant  departed  this  life  Jany.  15,  1699.  Ann  Durant  died  Jany. 
22,  1694.  Hagar  Durant  died  Jany.  14,  1723.  Geo.  Durant  died  Sept.  12,  1780. 
Elizabeth  Clayton  died  14th  Jany.,  173/.  Sarah  Durant  died  in  1695,  Mch.  29. 
Mary  Durant  died  May,  1698.  John  Barclift,  son  of  Thomas  and  Ann  his  wife, 
was  born  Augt.  9,  1711.  Mary  Reed,  wife  of  Christiau  Reed,  died  Deo.  10,  1746, 
aged  28  years  and  8  days.  Christian  Reed  and  wife  Mary  gave  the  Bible  to  Wil- 
liam Reed  (their  eldest  son).  Ann  Durant,  daughter  of  George  and  Sarah,  was 
bom  July  8,  1714.  John  Durant  was  bom  Sept.  13,  1716.  Mary  and  Sarah  Dur- 
ant (twins)  were  bom  Dec.  2,  1718.  Elizabeth  was  bom  Mch.  12,  1720.  John 
Durant  departed  this  life  Oct.  8,  1721.  George  Durant  was  born  Augt.  20,  1723. 
William  Rieed,  son  of  Christian  and  Mary  his  wife,  was  born  Oct.,  12,  1740.  Pe- 
nelope Reed,  daughter  of  Tulle  Williams  and  Elizabeth  his  wife,  was  born  Nov. 
2,  1745.  William  Reed  and  Penelope  Williams  were  married  Sept.  10, 1761.  Ann 
Reed,  daughter  of  William  and  Penelope,  was  born  Nov.  20,  1764.  Joseph  Reed 
died  May  7,  1765.  Rebecca  Reed,  daughter  of  William  Reed  and  Alice  his  wife, 
was  born  June  29,  1794.  Rebecca  Reed  and  Joseph  Sutton  were  married  July 
31,  1810 ;  she  died  Dec.  28,  1815,  leaving  an  infant.  Richard  Reed,  son  of  Wilson 
Fiances,  was  bom  Oct.  7,  1817.  Frances  Reed  died  Nov.  12,  1817.  Ann  Durant 
was  bom  Jany.  10,  1689.  Elizabeth  Durant  was  born  Jany.  28,  1692.  Sarah 
Durant  was  bora  Mch.  29,  1695.  Mary  Durant  was  bora  Ma;r  19,  1698.  Wilson 
Reed,  his  Book.  Jany.  1,  1800,  given  to  him  by  his  father.  William  Reed.  * 'Wil- 
liam Reed,  his  Bible,  given  to  him  by  his  father  Christian  Reed,  and  he  will  give 
it  to  his  daughter  Rel^cca." 

The  following  items  are  taken  from  the  Records  of  Perquimans  County : 
"George  Durant  and  Ann  Marwood  were  married  4th  Jany.,  1658-59,  by  Rev. 
David  Lindsey,  in  Northimiberland  Co  ,  Va.,  and  signed  by  Gheo.  Cowbough,  Maj- 
istrate."  George  Durant,  son  of  George  and  Ann,  was  born  Dec.  24, 1659.  Eliz- 
abeth Durant,  daughter  of  George  and  Ann,  was  born  Feby.  15,  1660-61.  John 
Durant,  son  of  George  and  Ann,  was  born  Dec.  26,  1662.  Mary  Durant,  daugh- 
ter of  Gteorge  and  Ann,  was  born  Feby.  11, 1665.  Thomas  Durant.  son  of  George 
and  Ann,  was  bom  Augt.  28, 1668.    Sarah  Ehirant,  daughter  of  George  and  Ann, 

204  North  Carolina  Historical 

Denson,  James,  Onslow.  May  3,  1756.  James  Howard,  cousin 
John  Howard,  Luke  Barefleld,  Sarah  Ashburn,  wife  Elizabeth,  Den- 
son  Ashburn ;  wife  executrix.  Test,  Willian^  Royal,  Moses  Ander- 
son, Joseph  Sturges. 

Durrance,  Samuel,  Tyrrell.  November  1,  1756.  Son  William 
Williams  Durrance,  son  Francis,  Elizabeth  Durant,  wife  Elizabeth 
Durant,  Wm.  Swinson,  and  Francis  Ward.  Test,  Alex.  Maclelan, 
Mary  Combs,  Fr.  Ward. 

Dobsen,  William,  Chowan  Precinct,  Albemarle.  August  23, 1690. 
Wife  Kathrin,  son  William.  Test,  John  Lewis,  Thomas  Muns,  John 

Darling,  Richard,  Chowan.  April  8,  1702.  Son  Thomas;  wife 
Elizabeth  executrix.    Test,  Columb  Fflyn,  Daniel  Deens. 

was  bom  Jany,  16,  1670.  Martha  Durant,  daughter  of  Qeorge  and  Ann,  was 
born  August  28,  167S.  Parthenia  Durant,  daughter  of  George  and  Ann,  was 
born  August  1,  1675.  John  Durant,  son  of  George  and  Ann,  and  Sarah  Jooke, 
daughter  of  Thomas  and  Ann  his  wife,  were  married  AprU  9,  1684.  George 
Durant,  son  of  John  and  Sarah,  was  born  last  of  September,  1685.  Ann  Durant, 
daughter  of  John  and  Sarah,  was  born  February  16,  1688.  Elizabeth  Durant, 
daughter  of  John  and  Sarah,  was  born  Jany.  28,  1691.  George  Durant.  son  of 
George  and  Ann.  died  Sept.  18, 1671.  Mary  Durant.  daughter  of  Jno.  and  Sarah, 
was  bom  May  19,  1698.  George,  son  of  Thomas  and  Elizabeth,  was  bora  Nov. 
25,  1696.  Ann,  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Elizabeth,  was  born  Feby.  16,  170^-3. 
William  Stephens  was  married  to  Mrs.  Sarah  Durant,  widow  of  John.  Jany.  1 
1703-4.  Richard  Whedbee  married  Sarah  Durant,  daughter  of  John  and  Sarah, 
Feby.  4,  1709.  John  Whedbee,  son  of  Kichard  and  &rah,  was  born  April  23, 
1715.  Sarah  Whedbee,  daughter  of  Richard  and  Sarah,  was  born  Jany.  23,  1717. 
Joseph  Whedbee,  son  of  Richard  and  Sarah,  was  bom  Mch.  12,  1725-26.  John 
Durant,  son  of  George  and  Hagar,  died  Oct.  8,  1721  Mrs.  Sar^h  Whedbee,  wife 
of  Richard,  died  Apl.  4,  1728;  Hezekiah,  their  son,  was  born  April  1.  1728.  Geo. 
Durant,  son  of  John  and  Sarah,  married  about  1714  Hagar  Crisp,  daughter  of 

Capt.  Nicholas  Crisp  and  his  wife Wilkins.     Issue,  John  Durant,  born  Sept. 

13,  1716,  died  July  8.  1721 ;  Mary  and  Sarah  (twins),  born  Dec.  2,  1717.  Mary 
married  Christian  Reed,  son  of  Gov.  William  Reed.  Sarah  married  Joseph 
Blount,  son  of  John  Blount  and  his  wife  Elizabeth  Davis.  Issue,  only  one 
daughter  Sarah,  who  married  William  Littlejohn  of  Edenton,  N.  C.  Issue, 
Thomas  Blount  Littlejohn,  Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn,  John  Wilson  Littlejohn, 
and  Mrfe.  John  Little.  WilUam  A.  Littlejohn  died  unmarried  in  1802.  Wil- 
liam Littlejohn,  Sr.,  died  in  1817.  Ann  Durant,  born  1719,  daughter  of  George 
.  and  Hagar,  married  Thomas  Corprew  and  died  leaving  two  children,  John  and 
Geo.  Durant  Corprew.  Thomas  Corprew  married  2nd  Sarah  Vail ;  in  his  will  he 
speaks  of  his  daughter-in-law  Mary  Buncombe,  the  daughter  of  his  1st  wife,  Ann 
Durant,  who  first  married  Joseph  Buncombe  of  Tyrrell  Precinct,  a  nephew  of  Col. 
Edward  Buncombe.  Elizabeth  Durant,  daughter  of  George  and  Ha^ar,  married 
Jos*»ph  Reed,  brother  of  Christian.  Issue,  daughter  Mary,  married  Spencer  Rid- 
ley July  27,  1770 ;  sons  Joseph  and  John  ;  son  Christian,  married  Margaret  Jor- 
dan, daughter  of  Joseph  and  Ruth  Jordan,  of  Bertie  Co.,  N.  C,  (the  Peace 
family  of  Kittrells,  N.  C.,  are  descendants  of  Christian  Reed  and  Biargaret  Jor- 
dan) ;  Mrs.  Thomas  and  Benjamin  Reed.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Reed  marri^  for  her 
2d  husband  Thomas  Jacocks ;  no  issue  by  last  marriage.  Thomas  Jacocks  mar- 
ried first  Rebecca  Scolley,  of  Boston.  Mrs.  Rebecca  F.  Dorrance  of  Middleboro, 
Mass. ,  is  a  descendant  of  Thomas  Jacocks  and  his  wife  Rebecca  ScoUey,  through 

their  daughter  Rebecca  Jacocks ;  one  other  daughter constitutes  the  issue 

of  Thomas  Jacocks.  Would  be  glad  to  have  a  copy  of  all  the  records  now  in  ex- 
istence relating  to  Geo.  Durant  and  his  descendants  ;  would  like  to  give  later  a 
full  record  of  the  family. 

AND  Gbnralogical  Reqi&tbr.  205 

*  Durant,  Geo.  May  5, 1730.  Son  George,  daughters  Ann,  Mary, 
Sarab  and  Elizabeth ;  brothers  Zebulon  Clayton  and  Richard  Clay- 
ton Exrs.    Test,  Thomas  Snowden,  Elizabeth  Gibson,  John  Stevens. 

Edmonson,  Joseph,  Craven.  Augst.  4, 1743.  Sons  John,  Thomas 
and  James,  daughters  Mary  and  Priscilla;  wife  Priscilla  and  son 
John  Exrs.    Test,  Richard  Bath,  Elias  Martin. 

Evans,  John,  Chowan.  Augt.  24, 1739;  Jany.  15, 1789-10.  Sons 
John  and  Thomas,  daughter  Jane,  son  Benjamin,  daughters  Mary 
and  Rachel,  wife  Jane,  friend  James  Evans;  wife  and  son  John  Exrs. 
Test,  John  Evans,  Charles  Jordan. 

Evans,  Charles,  8r.,  Edgecombe.  June  1, 1757 ;  Mch.  Court,  1759. 
Daughter  Mary  Bettis,  sons  Benjamin  and  Jacob,  grandson  John 
Evans  son  of  Charles  and  wife  Elizabeth,  granddaughter  Ann  Evans 
daughter  of  Charles  Evans;  youngest  son  Church  Exr.  Test,  John 
Tison,  Charles  Evans,  Jr. 

Evans,  Robert,  Perquimans.  Mch.  20,  1754;  Jany.  Court,  1758. 
Daughter  Sarah,  son  John,  son  Robert,  daughters  Elizabeth  and 
Mary,  grandchildren  Demsey,  Aaron,  Robert  and  Huldah  Blanch- 
ard,  daughter  Sarah  Griffin;  son  Robert  Exr.  Test,  Wm.  Klury, 
Nathan  Cullens,  Davenport  Gt)oding. 

Evans,  William,  Northampton.     Wife  Sarah,  daughter  Mary ;  wife 
and   Daniel   Dunkin   Exrs.    Apl.  10,  1758.    Test,  Gerard  Young," 
Thomas  Wilbern.    July  Court,  1758. 

Evans,  John,  New  Hanover.  June  19,  1743;  May  15,  1744. 
Daughter  Charity  Edwards,  eldest  son  John,  wife  Mary,  youngest 
son  Thomas;  wife  and  Henry  Baron  Exrs.  Test,  Thos.  Hobby, 
William  Stephens,  Henry  Baron. 

Evans,  Burwell,  Beaufort.  Apl.  1,1756;  June  Court,  1756.  Daugh- 
ters Sarah  and  Susanna,  wife  Susanna,  friend  William  Stokes, 
nephews  Jacob  and  Burwell  Evans  sons  of  Benjamin  Evans;  wife, 
brothers  Jacob,  Benjamin  and  Charles  Evans  Exrs.  Test,  George 
Sugg,  Peter  Heck,  Richard  Hinley. 

Evans,  Mary,  Perquimans.  Apl.  8,  1720;  Mch.  9,  1723.  Son 
William  Evans;  cousin  Francis  Penrice  and  Darby  Bryan  Exrs. 
Test,  John  Dick,  Harris  Willoughby,  Francis  Layden. 

Evens,  Richard,  Perquimans.  Sept.  7,  1692;  Oct.  2, 1692.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  children  Jonathan,  Richard,  Rebecca  and  Ann  Evans; 
wife  and  Alex.  Lillington  Exrs.  Test,  James  Sherwood,  Jane  Arnold, 
Benj.  Gidden. 

♦  Note. — Geo.  Durant  was  the  son  of  John  Durant  and  Sarah  Jooke,  and  grand- 
son of  Geo.  Durant  and  wife  Ann  Mar  wood.  His  son  George  seems  to  have  died 
without  issue,  as  we  find  no  trace  of  him,  nor  any  mention  made  of  him  in  the 
deeds  made  by  the  other  heirs  executed  for  the  real  estate  of  the  testator.  Saraii 
Durant  married  Joseph  Blount  I.  Sarah  married  Christian  Reed.  Elizabeth 
married  Joseph  Reed,  brother  of  Christian.  Ann  Durant  married  1st  Joseph 
Buncombe  or  Tyrrell  Precinct ;  (was  the  uncle  of  Col.  Edward  Buncombe :)  issue 

by  1st  marriage  only  one  daughter,  Mary  Bimoombe,  who  married Sutton. 

Married  2d  Thomas  Corprew  ;  issue,  John  Durant  and  George  Durant  Corprew, 
one  of  whom  moved  with  his  uncle  Joshua  Corprew  to  Prmcess  Anne  Co.,  Va. 
lliomas  Corprew  married  2d  Sarah  Vail. 

206  North  Carolina  Historical 

Evans,  Hunt,  Pasquotank.  Dec.  5,  1729;  Jany.  22,  1729-30. 
Brother  Bartholomew,  brother  Thos.  Armoure,  brother  Theophilus, 
cousin  Richard,  father-in-law  Louis  Markham.  Test,  Robert  Keel, 
Elizabeth  Clark. 

Evans,  Thomas,  Tyrrell.  Mch.  14,  1744-5;  June  Court,  1745. 
Mother  Elenn  Evans,  Samuel  Tittertou,  wife  Mary,  children  Elizabeth, 
Mary,  Catharine,  Alee  and  Sarah  Evans ;  wife,  Samuel  Durrance  and 
Mathias  Adams  Exrs.  Test,  John  Nichols,  John  Garrett,  Jno.  Walker. 

Evans,  Richard,  Beaufort.  Dec.  26,  1752;  June  Court,  1753. 
Eldest  son  Richard,  daughter  Mary,  youngest  son  George;  Michael 
Coutanche  and  son  Richard  Exrs.  Test,  Edmund  Baru,  Joshua 
Pearce,  Reading  Blount. 

Ellison,  William,  New  Hanover.  June  3,  1737;  July  2,1737 
Brother  Andrew  Ellison;  James  Murray  Exr.  Test,  Ja.  Paterson 
Thos.  Clark,  Ja.  Murray. 

Eagan,  James,  Bladen.  Oct.  30,  1737 ;  Mch.  Court,  1738.  Wil 
liam.Cary  Exr;  wife  and  daughter.  Test,  William  Bartram,  Ar 
thur  Doanielly. 

Elliott,  Michael,  Orange.  Oct.  25, 1756 ;  Dec.  Court,  1766.  Wil 
liam  Phillips,  whom  I  appoint  my  Exr.  Test,  William  Abill,  Jos. 
Hopkins,  William  Hopkins. 

•  Elliott,  Moses,  Perquimans.  Wife  Judah,  sons  Moses,  Benjamin 
and  Joseph;  wife  Exx.  Test,  Abraham  Haskit,  S^imuel  Bugby. 
Feby.  2, 1756;  Jany.  Court,  Phelps  Point,  1756. 

Elliott,  Thomas,  Perquimans.  April  2, 1729;  Dec.  16, 1729.  Sons 
Caleb,  Joshua,  Isaac,  William  and  Thomas,  daughter  Mary  Brown, 
sons  Abraham  and  Solomon,  daughter  Urseley,  sons  Joseph  and 
Benjamin,  wife  Margaret,  sons  Jacob  and  Moses ;  wife  and  sou  Caleb 
Exrs      Test  Sarah  ^^V^arner 

Eborn,  Nathl.,  Hyde.  Oct.  1, 1753 ;  Mch.  Court,  1754.  Wife  Re- 
becca, sons  James  and  Littleton,  son  William,  daughter  Elizabeth 
Eborn,  son  Aaron,  brother  Littleton  Eborn ;  sons  James  and  Little- 
ton Exrs.    Test,  Israel  Windley,  Elizabeth  Windley,  John  Houren. 

Eborn,  Elizabeth,  Hyde.  May  23,  1745.  Granddaughter  Mary 
Stevens,  daughter  Elizabeth  Macknerol,  sons  Henry  and  Nathaniel 
Eborn,  daughter  Rebecca  Jones;  sons  Henry  and  Littleton  Exrs. 
Test,  Edward  Davis,  Eliz.  Bell,  W.  Harris. 

Eborn,  Littleton,  Hyde.  Apl.  13, 1758 ;  June  Court,  1758.  Broth- 
ers  James  and  William,  brother-in-law  William  Boyd.  Test,  Wm. 
Harris,  Martha  Eborn,  Wm.  Macknerol. 

Eborn,  Rebecca,  Hyde.  Oct.  30.  1754;  June  Court,  1758.  Sons 
Littleton  and  William,  daughter  Elizabeth,  son  Aaron ;  son  Little- 
ton Exr.    Test,  Geo.  Barrow,  Zachariah  Brown. 

Eldridge,  William,  Northampton.  May  Court,  1751.  Wife  Mary, 
Matthew  Moore,  Mola  Moore,  Charity  Moore,  Patty  Peacock  daugh- 
ter of  Elizabeth  Peacock,  brother  Samuel,  sister  Martha  Gay,  Thomas 
Nixon,  Martha  Moore,  Wm.  Kechan,  Sr.;  Jas.  Washington  and  Benj. 
DeBerry  to  appraise  estate,  and  executors.  Test,  John  DeBerry, 
Wm.  Richardson,  Rebecca  Dawson. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  207 

I^gertoD,  James,  Perquimans.  Sods  James  and  William,  daugh- 
ters Mary  and  Ann,  wife  Sarah ;  John  Wilkins  and  John  Halsey 
Exrs.    Sept  11, 1749;  Jany.  Court,  1750. 

Edwards,  Isaac,  Northampton.  Sept.  18,  1758.  Wife  Elizabeth, 
children  Elizabeth,  Thomas,  John,  and  Josiah,  son-in-law  Samuel 
Phillips,  daughter-in-law  Ann  Edwards,  grauddaughter  Elizabeth 
Phillips,  grandson  John  Edwards,  son  William ;  wife,  sons  William 
and  Thomas  Exrs.  Test,  John  Sawkill,  Robert  Dukes,  John  Ed- 

Edwards,  Edward,  Northampton.  Feby.  7,  1758;  July  Court, 
1758.  Wife  Ann;  wife  Exx.  Test,  James  Seay  William  Win- 

Edwards,  Henry,  Edgecombe.  Jany.  14,  1758.  Sons  Nathan, 
Britain,  and  Jesse ;  sons  Samuel  and  Henry  Exrs.  Test,  Arthur 
Bowin,  John  Norwood. 

Edwards,  Catharine,  Bladen.  May  22.  1755.  Son  Robert,  grand- 
sons John,  Samuel,  and  Isaac  Hollings worth,  Valentine  Hollings- 
worth  and  Robert  Edwards,  daughter  Ann  Sutton's  sons;  Robert 
Edwards  and  Valentine  Hollingsworth  Exrs.  Test,  James  Prothro, 
Jeremiah  Prothro.  Ann  D.  Saurenay. 

Ennett,  Edmond,  New  River.  Feby.  24, 1733-34 ;  Apl.  11. 1735. 
Son  John,  daughter  Elliner,  son  Edmund,  Ann  Byrd,  and  my 
children;  Nath'l  Averit  and  John  Warren  Exrs.  Test,  Martha 
Holt,  William  Marshment,  Jonathan  Pike,  Mary  Pike. 

Elise,  Mary.  Feby.  22, 1689.  Thomas  Clarke,  son  Telsel.  Test, 
Elizabeth  Willis,  Ellis  Wilson,  John  Wilson. 

Ellis,  Robert,  Northampton.  Jany.  28, 1740 ;  Feby.  Court,  1743. 
Son  John,  neighbor  Phil.  Smith,  grandsons  Robert  and  John  Ellis; 
Phil.  Smith,  Exr.    Test,  Phil.  Smith,  Moses  Beck,  Elizabeth  Smith. 

Easter,  Mary,  Hyde.  Nov.  4,  1751.  Daughters  Lydia,  Mary, 
Sarah  and  Ann,  sons  Thomas,  Abraham,  John,  and  William  ;  sons 
John  and  Thomas  Exrs.  Test,  John  Mason,  Jacob  Tule,  Ann 

Easter,  Abraham,  Hyde.  Nov.  18, 1751 ;  Dec.  Court,  1751.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  brother  John  and  Thomas,  son  James,  daughter  Mary, 
child  in  esse;  brothers  John  and  Thomas  Exrs.  William  Caron, 
Sabastia  Silverthorn,  Uriah  Collins. 

Easter,  John,  Hyde.  Jany.  1751-52.  Sister  Lydia  Easter  and 
Sedar  Delk,  Catharine  Leath,  Elizabeth  Leath,  brothers  Thomas 
and  William  Easter.  Test,  John  Hanna,  Jno.  Winley,  Israel 

Easter,  John,  Hyde,  Oct.  27, 1732;  Mch.  Court,  1732-33.  Wife, 
daughters  Sarah  and  Dina,  son  Thomas,  child  in  esse ;  wife  and 
son  Abraham  Exrs.  Test,  Edward  Hadley,  Thomas  Gording,  Thos. 

EUegood,  Mathias,  Pasquotank.  Sept.  10,  1773;  Mch.  7,1774. 
John  ^wyer,  Jonathan  Hearing,  wife  Margaret,  all  of  whom  I  ap- 
point my  Exrs.  Test,  Lemuel  Spence,  Thos.  Etberidge,  Thomas 

208  North  Carolina  Historical 

Early,  John,  Sr.,  Bertie.  Oct.  20,  1740 ;  proved.  Wife  Ann,  son 
John,  daughters  Margaret  Mauchenry,  Martha  Thomas,  Mary  Blake, 

Sarah   Keef,  Elizabeth   ,  Bethsheba  Morris,  Rebecca  Morris; 

wife  and  son  John  Exrs.    Test,  John  Williams,  Edward  Williams. 

Ednye,  Robert,  Pasquotank.  ApL  4,  1762;  Dec.  Court,  1758. 
Son  Samuel,  daughters  Ann  and  Ahinoam,  son  Necton,  Reusher 
Ednye,  daughter  Elizabeth  Cartwright;  wife  Ann  and  son  Samuel 
Exrs.    Test,  Samuel  Smith,  Jos.  Spence,  Thomas  Loads. 

Espy,  James,  New  Hanover.  Oct.  3, 1739  ;  Oct.  9, 1739.  Daugh- 
ter Sarah,  wife  Margaret,  son  Usher;  John  Montgomery  and  Wil- 
liam Dry  Exrs.    Test,  James  Hellier,  James  Lyon,  William  Gray. 

Eagles,  Richard,  New  Hanover.  Son  Joseph  son  of  Margaret 
Henrietta  Eagles  my  wife,  formerly  Margaret  Henrietta  Buguion, 
daughter  Susannah,  Elizabeth  Eagles  daughter  of  my  wife  Marga- 
ret Henrietta,  cousin  Jean  and  Elizabeth  Davis;  sister  Elizabeth 
Davis;  James McFarling,  John  Eagleson,  John  Gibbs, Robert  Shaw, 
John  Ancrum,  and  Thos.  Owen  Exrs.  Mch.  23, 1769;  Mch.  31, 
1769.  Test,  John  Walker,  John  Fergus,  Mary  Walker,  Father 
Richard  Eagles. 

Eagles,  Richard,  Wilmington.  Son  Richard,  daughter  Elizabeth 
Davis.     Proved  Mch.  11,  1755. 

Etheridge,  Solomon,  Currituck.  Nov.  7.  1749;  Jany.  Court, 
1749-50.  Eldest  son  Abner,  wife  Mary,children  Solomon,  Absalom, 
Sarah,  Lettisla,  Barbary,  and  Rodah  Etheridge ;  wife  Exx.  Test, 
Willis  Etheridge,  Caleb  Etheridge. 

Etheridge,  John,  Currituck.  Apl.  3,  1744;  July  Court,  1744. 
Eldest  son  Amos,  second  son  Willis,  3d  son  Caleb,  sons  James,  John, 
and  Jonas,  'daughters  Sarah  Biges  and  Dinah  Etheridge ;  wife 
Elenor  Exx.  Test,  Thos.  Williams,  Solomon  Etheridge,  John  Fir- 
kins, Absalom  Legett. 

Etheridge,  Richard,  Currituck.  Feby.  12, 1739-40.  Wife  Sarah, 
sons  Adam  and  Sampson,  daughters  Diana  Dowe,  and  Hellena 
Dowdy,  grandson  Robert  Tucker,  granddaughter  Priscilla  Ether- 
idge; sons  Sampson  and  Adam  Exrs.  Test,  Thos.  Mayo,  Charity 
Sauell,  Louisa  Mayo. 

Elton,  Zachariah,  Perquimans.  Oct.  5,  1752;  Oct.  Court  1752. 
Jonathan  Phelps,  Sr.,  Joseph  White,  Sr.,  Mary  Barker,  William 
Lamb  ;  Jonathan  Phelps,  Sr.,  and  Joseph  White,  Sr.,  Exrs.  Test, 
Wm.  Towsin,  Thomas  Martin. 

English,  Joseph,  Beaufort.  Dec.  Court,  1744.  Mrs.  Mary  Pellee  ; 
Dr.  Peter  Colaxe  Exr.  Test,  John  Brock,  John  Fulker,  Nathan 

Nathaniel,  Everitt,  Tyrrell.  Nov.  2, 1749 ;  Dec.  Court,  1749,  at 
Kendrick's  Creek,  Parish  of  St.  Ann's.  Nathaniel  Everitt  of  New 
River,  Elizabeth  or  Mary  Everitt  of  Maryland,  Nathl.  Everitt  of 
Maryland,  Sarah  Fagan,  Nathl.  Everitt,  plantation  in  Tyrrell ; 
Nathl.  Everitt  born  at  Kendrick's  Creek  in  the  year  1707 ;  Nath'l 
Everitt  Exr ;  speaks  of  bond  at  Court  House  at  Kendrick's  Creek. 
Test,  Thos.  Everitt,  James  Rhoads,  Ann  Beasley. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  209 

Eady,  Heury,  Pasquotank.  Apl  11,  1750;  July  Court,  1750. 
Brother  John  Eady,  wife,  daugbtberinlaw  Mary  Walsoii ;  wife 
Exx.     Test,  Sarah  Wilson,  Peter  Wren,  Saml.  Lowman. 

Edmunds,  Richard,  Northampton.  Sept.  26,  17£0;  Nov.  Court, 
1750.  Wife  Elizabeth,  son  Thomas,  daughters  Mary,  Rebecca,  and 
Elizabeth,  son  David;  B-rabe  Melton  Exr.  Test,  Saml.  Hackney, 
Saml.  Jordan,  Jennings  Hackney. 

Eyres,  Richard,  Perquimans  Precinct.  2d  8  mo.,  1685;  Nov.  11, 
1685.     Charles  Prows.     Test,  Richard  Pooke,  Mary  Nooley. 

Elks,  Richard.  Sept.  21,  1687.  William  Darby.  Test,  Thos. 
Pollock,  Thamer  Harlo,  John  Wolfenden,  John  Lowin. 

Elks,  John.  Jany.  23,  1707-8.  Sons  John^  Thomas,  Amanuel, 
and  Marmaduke,  daughter  Ealce;  wife  Mary  Exx.  Test,  Edward 
Old,  Jr.,  Geo.  Warrenton.Sr.  &  Jr.,  Rebebah  Old. 

Edmonds,  Samuel,  Chowan.  Nov.  3.  1720;  April  Court,  1721. 
Son  Henry,  daughters  Sarah  Edmonds,  Ann  Smith,  Elizabeth 
Moulton  wife  of  Henry  Moulton  ;  wife  Mary  and  John  Edwards,Sr., 
Exrs.  Test,  John  Williams,  Geo.  Eubanck,  Theophilus  Williams, 
Edward  Moore. 

Engel,  Peter,  Craven.  Sept.  22,  1722;  Dec.  21,  1722.  Godson 
William  Moore,  Ann  Fautus,  Susan  More,  Dority  More,  Mary  Lots, 
Adam  More,  George  Mais.     Test,  Peter  Hand,  Matthew  Reasoner. 

Eason,  William,  Bertie.  Jany.  2, 1734-5 ;  May  Court,  1736.  Wife 
Anne,  son  William,  son  George ;  brothers  Thomas  and  George  Eason 
Exrs.     Test,  Henry  Baker,  Samuel  Smith,  John  Hogard. 

Eaeon,  William,  Perquimans.  Jany.  20,  1718-9;  July  14,  1719. 
Sons  William,  Thomas  and  George,  wife  Mary,  daughters  Susanna, 
Rachel  and  Jane  Eson ;  wife  Exx.  Test,  Thos.  Davies,  Elizabeth 
Doners,  Thos.  Speight.  Probated  at  Court  held  at  the  house  of  Mrs. 
Elizabeth  French. 

Elliott,  Charles,  Barrister,  Halifax.  Oct.  15,  1753;  May  Term, 
1757.     John  Rutherford.     Test,  Thos.  Lowe,  John  Lawson. 

Etheridge,  Henry,  Coratuck.  Mch.  10,  1742-3;  July  5,  1743. 
Sons  Samuel,  William,  Richard  and  Henry,  daughters  Ann,  Ledy 
and  Mary,  wife  Lucy.  Test,  John  Ballance,  Wm.  McPherson,  Moses 

Everett,  John,  Tyrrell.  Mch.  16, 1754;  June  Court,  1754.  Brother 
Joshua,  father  Nathaniel  Everett,  brother  Thos.  Everett,  cousins 
John  and  Elizabeth  Everett;  brothers  Joshua  and  Thomas  Everett, 
Nathaniel  Everett  and  brother  Thomas  Exrs.  Test,  Saml.  Durrance, 
David  Garrett,  Nathl.  Smith. 

Fereile,  Richard,  Pasquotank.  Jany.  1, 1738-9 ;  July  Court,  1740. 
Sons  Erasmus  and  John,  all  my  children.  Test,  Thos.  James,  WHIis 

Ferrell,  William,  Coratuck.    Nov.  9,  1742;  Feby.  3,  1742-3.  Sons 
Joseph,  Caleb  and  Samuel,  Salla  Mason,  daughters  Ezbell  Burkett, 
Tamar  and  Mary  Ferrell,  wife  Sarah.    Test,  Geo.  Ferebee,  Joseph 
Ferebee,  William  Ferebee. 

210  North  Carolina  Historical 

Pryley,  William,  Tyrrell.  Mch.  7, 1737;  Augst.  28,  1737.  Wife 
Orace,  grandson  Even  Jones,  daughter  Mary  Jones,  grandson  Fry- 
ley  Jones;  wife,  daughter,  and  Oullen  Pollock  Exrs.  Test,  Stevens 
Lee,  Robert  M.  Bow,  Thomas  Lee, 

Pullingham,  John,  Sr.,  Pitt.  Nov.  11,  1773;  Dee.  22, 1773.  Wife 
Margaret,  sons  John,  Robert,  Samuel,  Jarvis  and  Benjamin,  daugh- 
ter Mary  Hays;  sons  John  and  Robert  Exrs.  Test,  Josiah  Littel, 
Alex.  Stewart. 

Foster,  John,  Newbem.  Oct  9, 1754.  Wife  Elizabeth,  son  Thomas, 
Jeremiah  Vail,  uncle  Zechariah  Sawtell.  Test,  Wm.  Wright,  Chas. 
■Cogdell,  Jr.    Codical.  son  Parker  Foster. 

Foster,  William.  Perquimans.  Oct.  9,  1687.  Son  Francis,  wife 
Diana,  daughter  Elizabeth ;  son  Francis  Exr.  Test,  Jonathan  Bate- 
man,  Wm.  Hughes,  Samuel  Pricklove. 

Fitzgerald,  John,  Johnston.  Augst.  14,  1749;  Sept.  Court,  1751. 
Son-in-law  Arthur  Pierce,  son  John,  wife  Anne,  son  Thomas;  Arthur 
and  Richard  Pierce  Exrs.  Test,  Robt.  Baxter,  Anthony  Fulgham, 
Anne  Pierce. 

Falconer,  Thomas,  Chowan.  Jany.  31,  17i6;  Apl.  Court,  1756. 
Wife  Sarah,  Sarah  Freeman  daughter  of  Thomas,  Richard  Leary,  Sr., 
of  Tyrrell,  John  Beasley  son  of  James,  his  brother  Thomas  Beasley, 
Mary  Paine  daughter  of  James  Beasley ;  John  Halsey  and  Cornelius 
Leary  Exrs.  Test,  Robert  Beasley,  James  Francis,  Edward  Robins, 
Eliz.  Rowsom. 

Falconer,  John,  Chowan.  July  28.  1739;  Aug.  5,  1741.  Son 
Thomas,  daughters  Mary  and  Ann,  Hester  Gravener,  son  George; 
^ife  Sarah  Exx.    Test,  Edward  Arendell,  Patience  Everag. 

Fortsen,  Marv,  wife  of  Frederick  Fortsen.  Jany.  20,  1663;  Nov. 
15, 1665.  To  Frederick  Fortsen  900  acres  land,  son  Theophilus 
Fortsen.  Test,  John  Lawrence,  Wm.  Early,  Elizabeth  Raby.  Thomas 
Harris  Clerk. 

Fry,  Thomas,  Bath.  Mch.  28, 1724-5;  Jany.  Court,  1726.  Mother 
Elizabeth  Fry  of  Milton  in  Soutbton,  England,  wife  Elizabeth"**  and 
her  heirs:  wife  Exx.  Test,  Patrick  Maule,  John  Baptist  Ashe, 
Thomas  Harding,  Sarah  Swann.    (Beaufort  and  Hyde.) 

Flood,  James,  Edenton.  Nov.  15,  1730;  Nov.  30,  1760.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  William  Brasswell,  Mrs.  Sarah  Vaughan ;  James  Craven, 
Thos.  Barker,  and  wife  Exrs.  Test,  Edmund  Hatch,  John  McKildo, 
Richd.  McCleese. 

Flood,  James,  Cape  Fare.  Sept.  13,  1731 ;  June  10,  1736.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  also  my  Exx.  Test,  Tunis  Van  Gelders,  Elizabeth  Har- 
nett, Mary  Parker. 

Flanakin,  Richard,  Beaufort  Precinct,  Bath.  Sept.  5, 1739;  June 
Oourt,  1741.    Sons  James,  Thomas,  Richard  and  William,  daughter 

♦  NoTB.— Dr.  Patrick  liaule  married  Elizabeth  Fry.  widow  of  Thomas  Fry ;  he 
waa  married  twice.  Dr.  Maule  in  his  will  executed  April  19, 1786,  mentions  wife 
Elizabeth.  Miss  Helen  M.  Prescott,  in  her  memoirs  of  the  Roulhac  family,  gives 
the  name  of  Dr.  Maule's  wife  as  Mary ;  she  was  possibly  his  first  wife. 

AND  Genbalogical  Rbgistbr.  211 

Leah,  wife  Katharine;  brother  Abraham  Pritchettand  son  James 
Exrs.  Test,  Rowland  Porter  Finch,  Dorothy  Finch,  Samuel  Gk>odwin. 

Fonville,  John,  Craven.  Jany.  20, 1773;  Jany.  27, 1778.  Sons  John, 
William  Brice,  Francis  and  Frederick,  wife  Mary,  sons  Stephen  and 
Jeremiah,  daughter  Mary  Hatch,  daughter  Elizabeth  Hatcn,  daugh- 
ter Easter,  granddaughter  Elizabeth  d  of  Frederick,  to  the  Church 
in  Newbem  20£;  sons  John,  William  Brice,  and  Francis  Fonville 
Exrs.    Test,  John  Turner,  William  Ballard,  Isaac  Esleck. 

Foscue,  Simon,  Hyde.  Nov.  11, 1751.  Eldest  son  Richard,  sons 
William,  Luke  and  John,  daughters  Mary  Silverthorn,  Sarah  San- 
derson, Barbaric  Bailey;  sons  John,  Bell  and  Luke  Exrs.  Test, 
Uriah  Collins,  Abraham  Easter,  Comfort  Rice. 

Foscue,  John,  Hyde.  Nov.  18,  1761;  Mch.  Court,  1751.  Sons 
Moses,  John  and  William,  daughters  Mary  and  Lydia;  William 
81ade  and  wife  Abigail  Exrs.  Test,  Simon  Foscue,  Uriah  Collins, 
Mary  Hamilton. 

Freeman,  William,  Chowan.  Feby  7, 1736 ;  Augst.  13, 1737.  Sons 
John,  William,  Thomas  and  Richard,  wife  Mary,  sons  Aaron  and 
Samuel ;  wife  and  son  John  Exrs.  Test,  Walter  Draughan,  John 
Freeman,  Jr„  Thomas  Rountree,  Sr. 

Fogg,  Moses,  Craven.  Dec.  3, 1751 ;  Mch.  19,  — .  Grace  daughter  of 
Jonathan  Fogg,  Matthew  Bouston ;  friend  John  Lane  Exr.  Test, 
John  Donear,  Nicholas  Rutledge,  Nathan  Alexander. 

Freeman,  John,  Beaufort.  Dec.  19, 1752;  Mch.  Court,  1758.  Wife 
Mary,  son  John;*  wife  Exx.  Test,  James  Calef,  James  Pilkington, 
Whyriot  Ormond. 

*  Figures,  Bartholomew,  Northampton.  Mch.  16, 1758 ;  Mch.  19, 
1758.  Sons  John,  Richard  and  Bartholomew,  daughters  Rebecca 
Deering,  Mary  Mosson,  sons  Joseph  and  William,  daughter  Eliza- 
beth Lewis;  sons  John  and  Bartholomew  Exrs.  Test,  Joseph  Dew, 
Charles  Dew,  William  Shaacro. 

Fellyan,  John,  Craven.  Augst  1,  1747 ;  Mch.  15,  1747-8.  Son 
John,  wife  Jane,  daughters  Ann  and  Priscilla,  son  Joseph,  daugh- 
ters Mary  Magdelene  and  Rachel,  son  James;  wife  Exx.  Test,  Alex. 
Blackshare,  William  Gray. 

Furbish,  Thomas,  Pasquotank.  Apl.  26,  1732.  Sons  William, 
Thomas  and  Isaac;  wife  Abigail  and  Thomas  Burgess  Exrs.  Test, 
Mary  Jones,  Alice  Furbish,  Juda  Hanbury. 

French,  Richard,  Perquimans.  Wife  Elizabeth  tract  of  land  oc- 
cupied by  John  Old  and  wife  Sus*«nna;  wife  Exx.  Test,  Thos. 
Blitchenden,  Richd.  Skinner,  Sarah  Evens. 

Fletcher,  Curtis,  Currituck.  Mch.  28,  1679;  Apl.  15, 1679.  Wil- 
liam Bray,  Thos.  Tulle,  my  mother,  Benjamin  Tulley.  Test,  Wil- 
liam Boys,  Daniel  Prinhot.    Proved  before  Richd.  Foster. 

Fletcher,  Ralph,  Perquimans.    Son  Ralph,  wife  Mary,  son  Joshua, 

*NoTX. — Evidently  the  ancestors  of  the  late  Bartholomew  Figures  Moore  of 
Raleigh,  N.  C. 

212  North  Carolina  Historical 

daughter  Mary  Ratliff,  daughters  Jane,  Miriam  and  Ruth;  son 
Ralph  and  son-inlaw  Jos.  Ratliff  Exrs,  Test,  Francis  Toms,  Fran- 
cis Newby,  William  Lasey. 

Fletcher,  Francis,  Perquimans.  Nov.,  1743.  Wife  Margaret,  also 
my  Exx.  Test,  Benj.  Baptist,  Jonathan  Longlather,  William 

Fi^tcher,  Ralph,  8r.,  Perquimans.  Feby.  20. 1726-7  ;  Jany.  Court, 
1728.  Sons  Ralph,  George,  James  and  Joshua,  daughters  Jane  and 
Elizabeth,  wife,  Richard  Skinner  and  Richard  Cheasten.  Test,  Eliz- 
abeth French,  Sarah  Skinner,  Thomas  RatliflF. 

Foreman,  John  Riding,  Hyde.  Apl.  1,  1758;  Sept.  Court,  1758. 
Wife  Margaret,  brother  Sanders  Foreman,  son  John;  Sanders  Fore- 
man and  bis  son  Exrs.     Test,  Will  am  and  Saml.  Dunbar. 

Foreman,  John,  Hyde.  Sept.  6,  1744;  Dec.  Court,  1744.  Wife 
Margaret,  sons  Caleb,  John  Ryding,  Alexander,  William,  Joshua  and 
Joseph  Foreman,  daughter  Charity  Lucas,  son  Lazarus;  wife  Exx. 
Test,  Thos.  Loach,  Elias  Loach,  Joshua  Foreman. 

Fourre,  Pierre,  Pasquotank.  Aug.  1697;  Nov.  3, 1697.  Son  John, 
daughters  Nichols,  Margueritt,  Mary  and  Esther;  wife  Catharine 
Exx.  Test,  Anthony  Markham,  Francis  De  La  Mere.  Mrs.  Elizabeth 
Hunt  will  please  take  my  daughter  Esther  in  case  my  wife  should 
die,  she  being  her  godmother. 

Fourre,  John,  Pasquotank.  Mch.  13,  1730-31;  Apl.  Court,  1732. 
Son  Isaac,  daughter  Martha,  son  Nathaniel,  sister  Mary  Correy;  wife 
and  son  Nathaniel  Exrs.  Test,  John  Wills,  John  Corey,  Thomas 

Felthen,  James,  Bertie.  Mch.  15,  1726;  July  21,  1726.  Wife 
Ann,  whom  I  appoint  my  Exx.  Test,  Martin  Fred  Rasor,  Christo- 
pher Vanluson,  Martha^  Hooper. 

Fleming,  Rosannah.  May  20.  1758;  Oct.  Court,  1758.  Daugh- 
ter Sarah  Scrimsher,  daughter  Martha  Fleming,  son  James,  daugh- 
ters Elizabeth  and  Mary ;  son  James  Exr.  Test,  Zachariah  Webb, 
Sr.,  Zach  Webb,  Jr.,  James  Jobson.    (Perquimans). 

Fleming,  George,  Pasquotank.  May  7;  1694;  July  16,  1694. 
Thomas  Elliott,  daughter  Elizabeth;  Simon  Ker  Exr.  Test,  Wil- 
liam Bray,  Isaac  Gilford,  Eliz  Jon^s,  John  Philpot. 

Flovell,  William,  Newton,  New  Hanover.  Dec.  8,  1737;  Mch.  1. 
1737-38.  Two  hundred  pounds,  to  be  paid  by  my  executors,  in  six 
months,  to  build  an  English  Church  in  Newton,  and  my  pews  in 
the  English  Church  of  Charles  Town  to  be  sold  and  the  amount  laid 
out  for  "Communion  Plate"  for  the  said  church  in  Newton;  niece 
Elizabeth  Colleton  now  wife  of  George  Colleton  of  South  Carolina, 
uncle  William  Hale  late  of  Nassau,  New  Providence;  William  Ro- 
per, Elizabeth  Colleton,  Rufus  Marsden,  John  Davis,  and  Jos. 
Wragg  Exrs.  Test,  Roger  Rolfe,  Mich.  Higgines,  Armand  de  Ros- 
sett,  M.  D. 

Freshwater,  John,  Pasquotank.  Apl.  9,  1753;  July  Court,  1753. 
Son  William  Armisted  Freshwater,  son  John,  wife  Elizabeth,  daugh- 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  21S 

ter  Frances :  wife  and  son  William  Exrs.  Test,  Joseph  Pendleton, 
Abraham  Hosea,  Sam  Pendleton. 

Fields,  Richard,  Onslow.  Jane  24, 1742;  Jany.  Court,  1744.  Wife 
Ann,  SODS  John,  Samuel,  Richard,  Smith,  and  James;  Wife  and 
John  Starkey  Exrs.  Test,  Alex  Mitchell,  Abraham  Mitchell,  Jane 

Fields,  James,  Perquimans.  Feby.  15, 1750-51 ;  Apl.  Court,  1751. 
Sons  Reuben  and  Moses,  daughters  Ann,  Christian,  Zebiah,  souin- 
law  James  Price,  wife  Rebecca;  sons  Reuben,  Moses,  and  James 
Price  Exrs.  Test,  Nichlas  Stallings,  Elias  Stallings,  Moses  Rountree. 

Forrester,  James,  Orange.  Sept.  5, 1755;  Dec.  Court,  1755.  Sons 
William  and  James,  son-in-law  John  Manning,  sons  Benjamin  and 
Thomas ;  Wife  Ann  Exx.    Test,  Pate  McCulloch,  Hugh  Wood. 

Farr,  Richard,  Onslow.  Nov.  8,  1757 ;  July  Court,  1758.  Wife 
Hannah,  son  Richard,  and  Titus  Green  Farr,  Richard  Farr  son  of 
Titus  Green  Farr,  sons  James  and  William,  wife,  Steven  Lee,  and 
John  Melton,  Exrs.  Test,  Thomas  Hill,  Robert  Melton,  Daniel 

Franck,  John  Martin,  Craven,  Nov.  3, 1744;  1745.  Wife  Sevil, 
sons  Edward  and  John,  daughters  Susanna,  Sevil,  Barbara,  Cathe- 
rine, Mary  Worsley,  and  Elizabeth  Harrold,  grandchildren  John 
Worseley's  ctiildren,  grandchildren  Thos.  Harrold's  children;  wife, 
son  John,  and  Luke  Isler  Exrs.  Test,  Christian  Isler,  Frederick 
Isl«*r,  Wilcher  Remier. 

Floyd,  John,  Northampton.  Augt.  3,  1756 ;  Nov.  Court,  1756. 
Son  Moruse  land  in  King  William  Co.,  Va.,  son  Thomas,  daughter 
Elizabeth  Corker,  sons  William,  Stephen.  Jesse,  and  John,  wife 
Mary;  sons  Thomas  and  William  Exrs.  Test,  Chas.  Campbell, 
James  Stanton. 

Fussell,  Thomas,  Parish  of  Carter.  June  4,  1735.  Eldest  daugh- 
ter Elizabeth  wife  of  Gilbert  Weaver,  Mary  wife  of  John  Rainwater, 
daughter  Martha  wife  of  John  Arnal,  daughters  Ann  and  Sarah; 
son  Aaron  Exr.  Test,  Thos.  Fussel,  William  Weaver,  Richard 
Head,  John  Cork.  ^ 

Feps,  William,  Beaufort.  Jany.  11,  1753;  June  Court,  1754. 
Sons  William,  Nathaniel,  and  Josiab,  eldest  daughter  Lurainer, 
daughters  Mary  and  Sarah,  wife.  Test,  Robert  Spring,  Chas.  How- 
ard, William  Morris. 

Fox,  James,  Tyrrell.  Aug.  1754.  Daughters  Ann,  Susanna 
Alexander,  and  Mary  Wise;  son  Thomas  and  Ann  Fox  Exrs. 
Test,  Joshua  Alexander,  Abram  Sennett,  Benj.  Chapman. 

FuUerton,  Robert,  Chowan.  Dec.  30,  1749;  Jany.  Court,  1750. 
Daughter  Mary  Thompson,  daughter  Susanna  plantation  formerly 
belonging  to  Wm.  Thompson  in  Green  Hall;  wife  Mary,  John 
Thompson,  and  Mathias  Fullerton  Exrs.  Test,  John  Lewis,  David 
Bush,  Lewis  Jones. 

Fagan,  Enoch,  Tyrrell.  Jany.  16,  1777;  Apl.  29,  1777.  Wife 
Ruina,  daughter  Mary,  mother  Sarah  Fagan;  wife,  Benj.  Blount, 
and  Gray  Judkins  Exrs. 

214  North  Carolina  Historical 

Ferguson,  Mark,  CraveD.  Apl.  16,  1751.  Sons  Adam  and  81o- 
cumb  Ferguson,  wife  Elizabeth,  daughters  Elizabeth,  Joan,  Sarab^ 
and  Dianah,  cousin  Benjamin  Oummings  son  of  John ;  wife  and  son 
Adam  Ezrs.    Test,  Adam  WalHs,  Bobt.  Wallis,  John  Oummings. 

Forehand,  Cornelius.  Feby.  24, 1727-28 ;  July  Court,  1728.  Pas- 
quotank. Wife  Elizabeth,  sons  John,  Cornelius,  and  James,  daugh* 
ter  Elizabeth,  sons  Thomas  and  Richard,  daughter  Mary ;  wife  Ezx. 
Test,  William  Phillips,  John  Light. 

Fisher,  Randolph,  Craven.  'Mch.  1,  1747;  June  Court,  1751» 
Son  Thomas;  son  George  Exr.  Test,  Geo.  Graham,  Thomas 
Matchell,  Richard  Booth. 

Forbes,  John,  Sr.,  Pasquotank.  Nov.  24, 1741;  July  Court,  1750. 
Son  James,  wife  Martha,  son's  wife  Elizabeth ;  wife  Exx.  Test,  Peter 
Brown,  Sarah  Brown. 

Flyn,  Columb,  Bath.  Augt.  28,  1721 ;  Sept.  9, 1737.  Daughters 
Mary  Smith  and  Margaret  Pritchard ;  son  Columb  Exr.  Test,  Mar- 
tin Franck,  Andrew  Psalleam. 

Fear,  Obadiah,  Pasquotank.  June  5,  1719.  William  Ludford^ 
Jr.,  Sarah  Ludford,  Ann  Ludford,  Christian  Ludford,  Jr.,  Mary, 
Martha,  Tomson,  and  Thomas  Ludford;  Wm.  Ludford,  Sr.  Exr, 
wife  Ann  Exx.  Test,  Edward  Linington,  Jasper  Winshipp,  And 

Fort,  Richard,  Craven.  Dec.  Court,  1746.  Brother  Elias  Fort^ 
sister  Mary  Wall,  sister  Mary  Bynum,  brother  William  Fort,  sister 
Hannah  Phillips,  nephews  Arthur  Fort;  brothers  Thomas  and 
Elias  Fort  Exrs.  Mch.  6, 1745-6.  Test,  John  Phillips,  Roben  Hood, 
Ambrus  Pittman,  Benj.  Blackburn. 

Fort,  John,  Johnston.  May  16,  1748;  June  Court,  1748.  My 
mother,  brothers  Arthur,  Moses,  and  Douly,  sister  Jerusha;  father- 
in-law  William  Holmes,  and  brother  Douly  Exrs.  Test,  Robert 
Butler,  John  Pipkin,  Jetbro  Pipkin. 

Frazier,  Samuel,  Newbern.  May  3, 1772.  Wife  Mary,  daughter 
Mary,  sisters  Jane  Frume  and  Elizabeth  Headley,  my  father  and 
mother  Samuel  and  Elizabeth  Trarzen;  John  Hawks  and  James 
Coor  Exrs.  Test,  Cornelius  Groenerdaugh,  Jno.  Turner,  Jr.,  Jos. 

Fish,  William,  Edgecombe.  Augt.  10,  1750;  May  Court,  1751. 
Son  John,  daughter  Ann  Ferrell,  son  William,  his  mother-in-law 
Mary  Fish,  daughter  Mary,  grandsons  Wm.  Fish  and  John  Fish; 
wife  and  son  Jonn  Exrs.  Test,  Sarah  Lee,  Sam'l  Williams,  Mary 

Farlee,  James,  Chowan.  Jany.  12, 1750.  Wife  Rachel,  daughter 
Mary  Parker,  sons  Samuel  and  James,  daughters  Sarah  and  Chris- 
tian; John  Campbell  of  Bertie  Exr.  Test,  William  Boyd,  Jr., 
Amos  Parker,  John  Bacchus. 

Gray,  Griffin.  Oct.  24, 1684.  Son  Griffin  Exr;  sons  and  daugh- 
ters,  wife  Hannah.    Test,  Samuel  Davis,  Thos,  Frinch. 

Gray,  James,  Onslow.    Oct.  27,  1757.    Wife  Hannah,  daughter 


Elizabeth,  Mary  Gray,  son  James  Gray;  wife,  Thomas  Jenkins  and 
Hardy  Rhodes  Exrs.  Test,  Mary  Gray,  Margaret  Jenkins,  Matthew 

Godwin,  Nathan,  Beaufort.  Feby.  27,  1751-52;  June  Court,, 
1752.  Joseph  Barrow,  and  wife  Mary  Exrs;  daughter  Mourniog. 
Test,  Richard  Gotten,  Mary  Williams,  Eliz.  Church. 

Godwin,  William,  Bertie.  May  4,  1762;  May  Court,  1753.  Son 
Barnaby,  daughters  Julia,  and  Silvia,  sons  Willis,  Kearney,  and 
Josias,  daughters  Courtney  and  Martha,  wife  Martha;  John  Brick^ 
ell  Exr.    Test,  John  Brown,  Richard  Roberts,  Gilstrap  Williams. 

Gumbs,  Matthew,  Chowan.  Feby.  9,  1754;  April  Court,  1754* 
Sons  Elisha  and  Abraham,  daughters  Rachel,  Leah,  and  Ruth, 
daughters  Sarah  and  Martha,  daughter  Mary  Patchett;  sons  Elihu 
and  Abram  Exrs.    Test,  Martha  Jones,  Mary  Previtt. 

Gilliam.  Thomas,  Chowan.  Oct.  10, 1702.  Wife  Sarah,  whom  I 
appoint  my  Exx.,  also  Exx.  William  Stephens's  will.  Test,  John 
Tyler,  Margaret  Holbrook,  William  Wilkinson. 

Guilliams,  George,  Chowan.  Sept.  22,  1746;  April  Court,  1747- 
Sons  Isaac  and  Samuel,  wife,  my  seven  children.  Test,  William 
Hughes,  Geo  Guilliam,  Jr.,  Samuel  Guilliam. 

Griffin,  Epenetus,  Tyrrell.  July  30, 1755;  Dec.  Court,  1756.  Sona 
Andrew,  Epenetus,  and  Matthew,  daughters  Sarah  Cockburn,  and 
Elizabeth;  wife  Ann  and  son  John  Exrs.  Test,  Nath'l  Cooper,  Jo- 
seph Hitson  Warren. 

Griffin,  Edward;  Tyrrell.  Apl.  27,  1753.  Sons  Edward  and  Wil- 
liam, wife  Grace,  youngest  daughter  Ann,  daughters  Sarah  and 
Mary,  daughter  Eliza^th  Cooper;  brother  John  and  Edward 
Cooper  Exrs.    Test,  William  Garaner,  John  Griffin,  Edward  Cooper. 

Griffin,  James,  Chowan,  Catharine  Creek.  June  13,  1748;  April 
Court,  1749.  Sons  James,  Joseph,  and  William,  wife  Sarah.  Test, 
William  Hill,  Wm.  Colthree,  Susannah  Overman. 

Griffin,  Richard,  Chowan.  April  8,  1701.  Wife  Exx;  son-in- 
law  Joseph  Skittlethorp.  Test,  Thomas  Jones,  William  Jones,  Mary 

Griffin,  William,  Currituck.  June  23,  1681.  Wife  Lydia,  son 
William,  daughter  Rachel,  son  George.    Test,  William  Bateman. 

Gutan,  Joseph,  Beaufort.  July  30,  1770.  Wife  Rebecca,  wife'a 
grandson  Jacob  Darden,  John  Satchwell,  my  wife's  son;  wife  Exx. 
Test,  Robert  Dixon,  Walter  Dixon,  Why.  and  Roger  Ormand. 

Gillett,  John,  Carteret.  Dec.  29,  1753;  Mch.  Court,  1756. 
Daughters  Bettie  and  Sarah,  brothers  Moses,  Paterson,  and  Ander- 
son; brother  Moses  and  Miles  Houston  Exrs.  Test,  Eml.  Jones, 
Jno.  Pigott,  Ezekiel  Hunter. 

Gillett,  John,  Craven.  May  17, 1749.  Sons  John,  Patterson,  An- 
derson, and  Moses;  Drusilla  Hall  and  John  Harper  Exrs.  Test,^ 
John  Simmons,  Emanuel  Simmons,  Mary  Dudley. 

Godley,  John,  Bertie.  Jany.  22.1731-32;  May  Court,  1732.  Sona 
Nathan  and  John,  daughters  Mary  and  Amy ;  son  Thomas,  wife 

216  North  Carolina  Historical 

Katharine,  and  John  Edwards  of  Roanoke  Exrs.    Test,  Ann  Wil- 
liams, Samuel  Henly. 

Gilbert,  Thomas,  Bertie.  Oct.  14,  1719;  Oct.  20,  1720.  Eldest 
son  Thomas,  sons  William  and  John ;  John  Bryan,  Jr.,  Exr.  Test, 
John  Bryan,  Phillip  Brown,  Tomsin  Brown. 

Gilbert,  Josiah,  Perquimans.  14th  3d  mo.,  1758.  Wife  Sarah, 
sons  Joseph,  Jeremiah,  Thomas,  and  Joel,  daughter  Jemima  Cox  ; 
wife  and  son  Joseph  Exrs.  Test,  Joseph  Whitej  Mary  Stewart, 
Dinah  Gilbert. 

Gilbert  Francis,  Bath,  Beaufort  Precinct.  Dec.  30,  1725;  July 
Court,  1726.  Wife  Elizabeth,  sons  Francis  and  Henry;  wife  Exx. 
Test,  William  Spang,  Sam  Puck,  William  Moor. 

Glovyer,  William,  Northampton.  July  30,  1754;  Augt.  Court, 
1754.  Daughter  Lydia  Harris,  sons  John,  William,  George,  and 
Joseph,  granddaughter  Mourning  Harris,  daughter  Sarah  Parish, 
son  Benjamin,  wue  Mary;  sons  John  and  William  Exrs.  Test, 
John  Day,  Silvester  Eastis,  Samuel  Harris. 

Gregory,  Judith,  Pasquotank.  Oct.  21,  1753;  Jany.  Court,  1754. 
Son  Isaac,  friend  Mary  Loyd,  son  DenriFey,  daughters  Mary  and 
Lucy;  brother  Joseph  Morgan  Exr.  Test,  John  Everigin,  Sam'l 
Suter,  daughter  Appie  Wilson. 

Gregory,  Samuel,  Chowan.     Sept.  6,  1744;  Augt.  4,  1747.     Sons 
Samuel,  Luke,  and  Thomas,  daughter   Elizabeth;  wife   Elizabeth- 
Exx.    Test,  David  Butler,  Joseph  Ming. 

Gregory,  William,  Pasquotank.  Nov.  24,  1751;*  Apl.  Court,  1752. 
Granddaughter  Ann  daughter  of  Willis  Gregory  and  wife  Elizabeth, 
sons  Demsey  and  Mark,  daughter  AfBah,  brother  Richard,  daugh- 
ters Mary  and  Lovey  ;  son  Isaac,  wife  Judith,  son  Mark,  and  daugh- 
ter AflBah  Exrs     Test,  Joseph  Jones,  Thos.  Reding. 

Grainger,  Caleb,  New  Hanover.  Oct.  5,  1765,  main  body  will 
dated  1763;  Oct.  31,  1765.  Wife  Mary,  daughter  Mary  Grainger, 
son  Caleb,  son  Cornelius  Harnett  Grainger,  son  William,  child  in 
ease;  Maurice  Moore,  Cornelius  Harnett,  Sam'l  Ashe,  Alexander 
Duncan  Exrs.  Test,  Mary  Grainger,  Margaret  Douglas,  Edward 
Trogerin,  Sam'l  Gidden,  Anthony  Ward,  Joseph  Stockley. 

Grange,  John,  Bladen.  Jany.  20,  1739-40;  June  4, 1740.  Sons 
James  and  Hugh,  brother  James  Grange;  brothersin-law  John  and 
Jehu  Davis  Exrs.  Test,  William  Forbes,  Charles  Colgan,  Paul  Ga- 
caar,  Elizabeth  Jarred. 

Garner,  John,  Northampton.  Mch.  3,  1746;  Feby.  Court,  1755. 
Son  John.     Test,  Bennett  Smith,  John  Mackcone,  Samuel  Warren. 

Garrett,  John,  Coretuck.  Jany.  27,  1734-35;  July  Court,  1735. 
Wife  Sarah,  sons  John  and  Jonathan.  Test,  John  Howren,  James 
Jervis,  Sam'I  Stevens. 

George,  David,  Pasauotank.  July  Court,  1748.  Son  James,  wife 
Elizabeth,  daughter  Margaret,  son  David :  wife  and  son  Janpes  Exrs. 
Test,  Will  Gregory,  Stephen  Scott,  Sam'l  Scott. 

Gibson,  Thomas,  Cumberland.    Jany.  11,  1762.     Mary  Gibson; 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  217 

brother  Walker  and  wife  Exrs.,  Robert  Smith  also.  Test,  John 
Campbell,  Neil  McNeil,  Catharine  McNeil. 

Godfrey,  Matthew,  Craven.  Dec.  8,  1744.  Sons  Matthew  and 
James,  daughters  Ann  and  Filamer;  friend  Elizabeth  Simons  and 
Joseph  Masters  Exrs.     Test,  Thomas  Master,  David  Ramsey. 

Godfrey,  Thomas,  Perquimans.  Nov.  26,  1748;  Apl.  Court, 
1749  Sons  William,  Thomas,  Francis,  and  Joseph,  daughters 
Sarah  and  Ellinor,  wife  EUinor.  Test,  James  Gibson,  Benj.  Bid- 
good,  Amey  Stafiford. 

Godfrey,  Frances,  Perquimans.  Augt.  20,  1675;  Mch.  25,  1680. 
Sou  William,  son-in-law  Thomas  Hawkins  deed.,  son  John,  grand- 
son John  Hawkins,  granddaug:hter  Mary  Hawkins;  wife  Jeane  Exx. 
Test,  Paul  Latham,  William  Wosterman,  John  Culpepper.  Proved 
before  Ralph  Coates  Clerk  of  the  Court. 

Genen,  John,  Tyrrell.  Mch.  25,  1764;  June  Court,  1764.  God- 
son Godfrey  Gray  son  of  Henry,  wife  Mary.  Test,  John  Pagott, 
Samuel  Norman,  Joseph  Norman 

Glaister,  Mary,  Pasquotank.  9th  day,  4th  month,  1740 ;  Oct. 
Court,  1740.  Cousin  Henry  Palin  son  of  Thomas,  deed,  cousin 
Thomas  Palin,  cousin  Ann  Riding  daughter  of  Thos.  Palin  dec, 
cousin  Mary  Glaister  Palin  daughter  of  Thomas  deed,  and  cousin 
Mary  Palin  daughter  of  John  deed.,  John  Palin  son  of  John  deed., 
cousin  Sarah  Palin,  cousin  Susannah  Pritchard,  daughters  Sarah 
Hunicutt  and  Ruth  Scott,  Elizabeth  Scott  daughter  of  l^tephen, 
Mary  Joans,  Mary  Morris,  Sr,  Sam'l  Newby  son  of  James,  Hannah 
Stafford,  Sarah  Martin  wife  of  Nath'l;  friend  Thos.  Pritchard, 
cousins  Sarah  Palin  and  Mary  Clark  Exrs.  Test,  David  George, 
John  Henby,  Joshua  Scott. 

Gunter,  John,  Beaufort.  Mch.  28, 1722 ;  July  Court,  1725.  John 
Oden.     Test,  Charles  Oden,  Thomas  Oldner. 

Guthrie,  John,  Pasquotank.  Oct.  12,  1748;  Apl  Court,  1750. 
Uncle  Charles  Keel,  cousin  Mary  McKeel,  uncle  in-law  John  Mc- 
Keel;  uncle  John  Keel  and  John  McKeel  Exrs.  Test,  Henry 
Pendleton,  Mary  Pendleton. 

Giddings,  Thomas,  Johnston.  Granddaughter  Elizabeth,  sons 
Jacob,  William,  Isaac.  Benjamin,  and  Abraham.  July  13,  1747. 
Test,  Geo.  Duches,  Thos.  Geesan — Lamberthson. 

Gidings,  William.  Nov.  10,  1757;  Mch.  Court,  1758.  Hyde.  Wife, 
children  Agnes,  John  Jacob,  Lydia,  and  Darkis:  wife  Frances  and 
John  Slade,  Sr.  Exrs  Test,  Timothy  Green,  Benj.  Slade,  Kathren 

Gardner,  John,  Tyrrell.  Apl.  13,  1749;  June  7,  1749.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  son  James  Sraithwick  Gardner,  daughter  Drusilla,  Ann, 
Jemimah  Walbutton,  Elizabeth  Moy,  Ashe  Moy,  and  Rebecca 
Ward.    Test,  William  Gardner,  Sr.  and  Jr.,  Edward  Griffin. 

Gardner,  William,  Tyrrell.  Feby.  11,  1754;  June  Court,  1754. 
Sons  William  and  Thomas,  Samuel  son  of  Thomas  Gardner,  Mary 
CoopeFi  sons  Samuel  and  Isaac;    wife,  son  Samuel  and   William 

218  North  Carolina  Historical 

Gardner  Exrs.  Test,  Thomas  Gardner,  Isaac  Gardner,  Hannah 
Smith  whick. 

Griggs*  Samuel,  Kings  Co.  N.  Y.,  probated  in  New  Hanover  Co. 
Sept.  3, 1749;  June  Court,  1750.  Wife  Elizabeth,  whom  I  appoint 
Exx.,  with  Jeremiah  Vail  Atty.    Test,  Jane  Brown,  Mary  Cogan. 

Gerdin,  Christopher,  Sr.,  Edgecombe.  Apl.  2, 1748 ;  Feby.  Courts 
1749.  Son  Christopher,  grandsons  Lot  Harrell,  Christopher,  and 
Zachariah  Harrell,  grandson  Abel  Harrell,  daughter  Mary  Harrell. 
Test,  James  Boswell,  Benj.  Brasswell,  Abraham  Dew. 

Gourley,  Dr.  John,  Onslow.  Jany.  2, 1746-47 ;  Jany.  7, 1747-48. 
Mother  Elizabeth  if  alive,  brother  George  Gourley,  sisters  Grizzle 
and  Mary;  Sam'l  Johnston  Exr;  40£  to  buy  Bibles  and  New  Tes- 
taments for  the  poor  children  on  New  River,  nephew  John  Gourley. 
Test,  James  Glen,  Geo.  Coheenaw. 

Green,  Richard.  Sept.  13, 1742 ;  Oct.  Court,  1742.  Sons  John, 
Thomas,  Leonard,  Jacob,  William,  and  Richard,  wife  Elee.  Test» 
John  Sparkman,  Henry  Goodman. 

Green,  Jacob,  Bath.  Jany.  9,  1751-52;  April  Court,  1752. 
Cousin  Richard  Green  son  of  brother  Thomas  Green,  brothers  and 
sisters.    Test,  James  Wyatt,  Ann  Evans,  Thomas  Harrell. 

Green,  John,  Bladen.  Apl.  8,  1749;  June  Court,  1749.  Sons 
John,  James,  and  Robert,  daughter  Sarah,  wife,  two  children  not 
named;  James  Grange  and  James  Eer  and  wife  Exrs.  Test,  John 
Ellis,  John  Stubbs,  James  Jones,  David  Morly. 

Gons&lvo,  Lawrence.  Dec.  25,  1687.  Wife  and  children.  Test^ 
William  Privitt,  William  Stewart,  Richard  Williams. 

Gordin,  Nathaniel.  July  14, 1755;  Jany.  Court,  1766.  Son  Na- 
thaniel, daughter  Tamer,  son  George,  daughters  Elezebe  and  Eliza- 
beth ;  wife  Amy  Exx.    Teat,  Thos.  Bartlift,  Emanuel  Davis. 

Gordon,  Patrick,  Craven,  Atty.  at  Law.  Nov.  5,  1773 ;  Nov.  12> 
1773.  Wife  Mary,  whom  I  appoint  my  Exx.  Test,  John  Burnside^ 
Archibald  Nelson. 

Gordon,  George,  Perquimans.  Augt.  14,  1748;  Jany.  Court* 
1748-49.  Sons  Nathaniel  and  William,  granddaughter  Tamer^ 
daughter  Hannah ;  sons  Nath'l  and  William  Exrs.  Test,  Elijah 
Stanton,  William  Tomblin,  Jeremiah  Hendricks. 

Gongalvo,  Lawrence.  May  2,  1698.  My  father-in-law  and 
mother.    Test,  Alice  Chew,  Mary  Norcom.  Sam  Blanck. 

Godbey,  Carey,  Onslow.  Sept.  17.  1758;  Feby.  Court.  1759. 
Wife  Ann.  son  William,  daughters  Sarah.  Elizabeth  and  Rachel^ 
daughter  Mary;.  John  Starkey  Exr.  Test,  Henry  Godbe,  James 

Gaskill,  William,  Pasquotank.  May  4,  1703;  July  30,  1703. 
Sons  William  and  Thomas,  daughters  Jean.  Jane  and  *  Elizabeth 
Durant;  wife  Jean  Exx.  Test,  Thomas  Abington,  Richard  Nete> 
William  Harlow. 

*  Note. — Daughter  Elizabeth  Durant  was  the  wife  of  Thomas  Durant  son  of 
Qeorge  and  Ann. 

AND  Gbhealooical  Rbqistbb.  219 

GaskiDS,  Fisher,  Craven.  Nov.  15, 1757.  Son  Joseph,  daughter 
Add;  wife  Ann  and  brother  Thomas  Gaskins  Exrs.  Test,  Ann 
Bright,  John  Hartly,  Sarah  Arthur. 

Gaskens,  Catharine,  Pasquotank.  Augi  25,  1755;  Sept  Court, 
1756.  Son  Thomas,  daughter  Ann  Cariwright;  son  Thomas  Ezr. 
Test,  Samuel  Davis,  Joseph  Pendleton. 

Gaskins,  William,  Pasquotank.  Nov.  4,  1711.  Son  William, 
wife  Elizabeth.    Test,  Evan  Jones,  Joseph  Pegs. 

Gible,  Dederitfa.  June  25,  1720.  Wiie  Mary,  sons  Frederick, 
and  Dederith,  daughter  Mary;  wife  Exx.    Test,  Fokar  Bankart. 

Graves,  Richard,  Craven.  Wife  Ann,  nephew  Graves  Bright  son 
of  Simon,  my  mother  Mrs.  Sarah  Fonville,  wife  of  John  Fonville, 
Richard  Fonville  son  of  William  Brice  Fonville,  Hon.  Martin  How- 
ard, sisters  Hannah,  Elizabeth,  Mary  Ann,  and  Sarah;  Simon 
Bright  and  Christopher  Neale  Exrs.  Test,  Christopher  Dawson, 
Thoe.  Dilday,  Sarah  Benson,    May  3, 1774  ;  June  4, 1774. 

Groves,  Richard,  Craven.  Son  Richard,  son  Thomas,  daughter 
Mary,  cousin  Richard. 

Grant,  William,  Dobbs.  Sept.  8,  1773;  Nov.  11,  1773.  Jane 
Broddie,  with  Thos.  Scott  Exrs.    Test,  William  Hooks,  John  Tilton, 

Grant,  Alex.,  Onslow.  2ud  Jany.,  1738;  June  5,  1738.  Sons 
Alexander,  John,  and  Solomon,  daughter  Mary;  wife,  John  Star- 
key,  sons  John  and  Alexander  Exrs.  Test,  Jas.  Nobles,  Jos.  Smith, 
Rachel  Nobles. 

Glisson,  John,  Bertie.    20th  7ber,  1737.     Wife  Jane,  whom  I  ap- 

Kint  Exx.  Test,  Theophilus  Williams,  Lazarus  Benton,  Thomas 

Galloway,  Thomas,  Chowan.  July  27,  1753;  Oct.  Court,  1753. 
Jacob  Odom  son  of  Richard  ;  mother  Mary  and  Jacob  Odom  Exrs. 
Test,  William  Fryer,  Thos.  Fryer,  James  Fryer. 

Gough,  Thomas.  Dec.  18,  1694;  Apl.  8,  1695.  Son  Robert, 
daughter  Sarah,  wife  Sarah,  whom  I  appoint  Exx.  Test,  Anthony 
Dawson,  John  Williams,  Juliana  Taylor. 

Gay,  William,  Perquimans,  late  of  Norfolk.  Mch.  17, 1754 ;  April 
Court,  1754.  Wife  Mary,  cousin  John  Gay  son  of  James,  cousin 
James  Gay  son  of  James,  if  child  in  esse,  cousin  Bridget  Gay  daugh- 
ter of  James ;  wife,  Tbomas  and  Christopher  Nicholson  Exrs.  Test, 
Thomas  Craghill,  Sarah  Barrow,  Mary  Kalley. 

Grimes,  Absalom,  Pasquotank.  Jany.  7, 1757;  Mch.  Court,  1757. 
Wife  Luca.    Test,  John  Cox,  J.  Bangs. 

Gambell,  Adam,  of  Glascow,  Scotland.  Nov.  14,  1694.  John 
Land  living  in  London,  Adam  Hill  in  London,  John  Argy  in 
France,  Robert,  Thomas,  and  John  West  sons-in-law  of  Thomas 
Pollock,  John  Hunt,  brother  James  Gambell  of  Glascow;  Thomas 
Pollock  and  John  Hunt  Exrs,  Test,  Henel  Gregory,  Elizabeth 
Hunt,  W.  Lynch. 

Cranberry,  Samuel,  Craven.  Jany.  15,  1760.  Son  John,  wife 
Frances,  son  William,  daughter  Alice,  child  in  esse;  wife  and  Wil- 
liam Speight  Exrs.    Test,  David  Lewis,  William  West  Joel  King. 

220  North  Carolina  Historical 

Gorbe  John.  17th  6  mo.,  1693.  Son  John,  daughter  Sarah,  wife ; 
cousins  Samuel  and  Joseph  Nicholson  Exrs.  Test,  Richard 

Gammidge,  Francis,  Currituck.  Oct.  19,  1719;  Jauy.  6,  1735. 
Cousin  Humphrey  Vines,  whom  I  appoint  Exr.  Test,  Moses  Pry- 
cod,  Isabel  Prycod,  And.  Peacock. 

Glasco,  Robert,  Currituck.  Mch.  26,  1690.  Wife  Jane  Glasco, 
whom  I  appoint  my  Exx.  Test,  John  Crossland,.  Probated  Oct. 
7, 1690. 

Giascow,  William,  Currituck.  Sept  30,  1746 ;  April  7,  1747.  Son 
Caleb,  child  in  esse,  daughters  Sarah,  Abiah,  and  Lowdenner;  wife 
Susannah  Exx.  Test,  William  Shergold,  Peter  Dange,  William 

Grice,  Francis,  Johnston.  April  8,  1750;  Oct.  1;  1751.  Sons 
Thomas,  Robert,  James,  William,  Jacob  and  John,  daughters  Mary, 
Zeltman,  Faith  Grice  and  Elizabeth  Grice;  wife  Elizabeth  and  son 
Robert  Exrs.    Test,  William  Hall,  Samuel  Littman,  John  Sutton. 

Grist,  Richard,  Beaufort.  June  1,  1752;  Mch.  Court,  1753.  Wife 
Frances,  daughter  Frances  Nowell,  son  John,  daughter  Mary,  Eliz- 
abeth Piner,  son  William,  daughter  Elizabeth  Wall,  son  Richard ; 
wife  and  son  William  Exrs     Test,  William  Willis,  William  Lanier. 

Gilford,  John,  Pasquotank.  Jany.  15,  1741;  July  Court,  1743. 
Brother  Joseph.    Test,  Bennett  Morgan,  Peter  Sawyer. 

Gad,  James,  Pasquotank.  July  1,  1699;  July  15.  1701.  Wife 
Sarah,  my  child  in  esse,  sister  Elizabeth  Riggens,  my  brother-in-law 
William  Grandy.    Test,  Daniel  Akehurst,  Stephen  Scott. 

Gainer  William,  Edgecombe.  Mch.  11,  1746-47;  Nov.  Court, 
1750.  Wife  Hester,  daughters  Martha,  Mary,  Lydia,  and  Elizabeth 
Foreman;  sons  William  and  Joseph  and  wife  Exrs.  Test,  John 
Collins,  William  Bell,  Matthew  Lowry. 

Gainer,  Mary,  Edgecombe.  Oct.  1,  1751 ;  Nov.  Courts  1751.  Hes- 
ter Gainer,  brother  William,  sister  Martha,  sister  Lydia  Lassiter; 
brother  William  Exr.  Test,  Arthur  Bell,  Martha  Gainer,  Ester 

Glin,  Richard.  Oct.  5,  1728;  Nov.  4,  1728.  Cousin  William 
Powell  son  of  sister  Elizabeth  Glin,  cousin  John  Thornton;  John 
Cherrett  Exr.    Test,  John  Rennell,  James  Stone,  John  Robertson. 

Gainer,  Samuel,  Tyrrell.  Wife  Ann,  sons  James,  Sanouel,  and 
William,  daughter  Mary  Whitley,  daughter  Elizabeth  GriflBn,  sons 
Thomas  and  Arthur,  daughter  Sarah,  sons  Joseph  and  Benjamin, 
granddaughter  Mourning  Gainer;  wi^e  and  son  Samuel  Exrs.  Oct. 
5, 1751.    Test,  William  Gainer,  Thomas  Gainer,  Joseph  Gainer. 

Gasper,  John;  Craven.  May  21, 1722.  Sept.  1722.  Wife  Lovilla, 
daughter  Mary  Magdalene  Zimmerman.  Test,  Jacob  Miller,  John 
L.  Miller. 

Graves,  Richard,  Craven.  September  16,  1730.  Son  Thomas, 
wife,  daughter  Mary,  cousins  Richard  and  Frances  Graves  children 
of  brother  Thomas,  Farnifold  Green. 


Hill,  John,  Northampton.  June  15,  1747;  Auj?.t.  Court,  1747. 
Sods  Nathaniel,  Daniel,  Lewis,  and  Peter;  sons  Nathaniel  and  Dan- 
iel Exrs.    Test,  William  Floaryday,  Hosea  Tapsley. 

Hill,  William,  Chowan.  IQth  1  mo.,  1750-51.  Grandson  Aaron 
son  of  Mosfs  Hill,  my  father  in-law  Thomas  Spivey,  son  Moses, 
grandson  Robert  Hill  son  of  Aaron,  son  Aaron,  daughter  Rachel 
Hill,  son  William,  daughter  Sarah  Barrow  wife  of  Joseph,  wife 
Mary,  daughter  Mary  Nicholson,  daughters  Susannah  White,  Leah 
Moore, and  Ruth  Davis;  son  Aaron  and  son-in  law  Thomas  Nichol- 
son Exrs.    Test,  James  GriflBn,  Jethro  Rabey,  Ann  Peters. 

Hill,  William,  Northampton.  Sept.  3,  1748.  Wife  Ann,  son 
William,  daughter  Ann  Hill  and  Celia  Phillip.  Nov.  Court,  1748. 
Test,  John  Simpson,  Jacob  Little,  Francis  Beloate. 

Hill,  Harman,  Beaufort.  D^^c.  4,  1752;  Mch.  Court,  1762;  Mch. 
Court,  1755.  Wife  Sarah,  son  Harman,  daughter  Elizabeth  Han- 
cock, her  children  James  and  William,  Sarah  Rice,  daughter  Ann 
Slade,  her  husband  Joseph  Slade,  daughters  Mary  Smith  and 
Rachel  Hill;  wife.  Joseph  Slade  and  John  Barrow  Exrs.  Test,  Ed- 
mund Pierce,  GriflBth  Howell,  Joshua  Pierce. 

Hill,  John,  Bath.  Mch.  27,  1731.  Sons  Joshua  and  John,  friend 
Thomas  Tison,  my  children;  wife  and  Edward  Peads  Exrs.  Test, 
Thomas  Tison,  Harman  Hill,  William  Nicholls 

Hill,  Robert,  Tyrrell.  Jany.  16,  1735-36;  Feby.  5,  1735-36.  Son 
Robert,  daughter  Sarah,  wife  Ann;  Cullen  Pollock  and  Robert 
West  Exrs.    Test,  Samuel  Durrance,  Nath'l  Carruthers,  Paul  Thorp. 

Hilery,  Samuel,  Bath.  Mch.  20,  1712-13.  Samuel  Woodward, 
whom  I  also  appoint  my  Exr.  Test,  Alexander  OUiver,  Henry 

Hogg,  Richard,  Bladen.  June  18,  1768;  Sept.  1,  1769.  My 
eldest  sister  Elizabeth  Hogg  daughter  of  William,  in  Inveresk, 
North  Britain,  Robert  Johnson;  Robert  and  John  Hogg  Exrs.  Test, 
Will  Bartram,  Thomas  Bayley,  Zillah  Johnston. 

Hogges,  Robt.,  Bertie  Mch.  30,  1740 ;  Augt.  Court,  1740.  Wife, 
sons  Elias,  John,  and  Richard,  daughters  Ann  Moor,  Olive  Wigons, 
and  Mathew  Williams.  Test,  Needham  Bryan,  Adam  Rabey,  Wil- 
liam Bryant. 

Hunter,  Ann,  Chowan.  May  4,  1749.  17  8  her,  1751.  Son 
William,  sonin-law  Edward  Arnoll,  whom  I  appoint  my  Exrs. 
daughters  Judith  Blanchard,  Ann  Winborn,  Hester  Knight  and 
Alice  Arnals,  Sarah  Orsbon,  Wm.  Hunter,  Jr. 

Hunter,  William,  Chowan.  Mch.  21,  1749.  Sons  John,  Hardy, 
William,  Job,  James,  anH  Timothy,  wife  Sarah,  my  daughters;  wife 
and  son  John  Exrs.  Test,  Elisha  Hunter,  John  Gourdon,  John 

Hunter  John.  June  13,  1753.  Township  of  Little  Bertain, 
County  of  Lancaster,  Province  of  Pencabraina.  Wife  Agnes,  daugh- 
ters Mary  and  Catrin;  wife  and  William  Lecky  Exrs.  Test,  John 
McBurney,  Adam  Leckey.    Oct.  25,  1756. 

222  North  Cabolina  Historical 

Hollis,  James,  TvrrelL  May  17,  1735 ;  Mch.  Court,  1735.  Son 
Armit  Ormear,  child  in  esse;  wife  Add  and  Thomas  Hubbs  Exrs. 
Test,  Mary  Fewox,  William  Tysar. 

Hart,  John,  Bertie.  Nov.  13,  1741;  May  Court,  1746.  Wife 
Mary,  sons  Benjamin,  Jesse,  John,  and  David,  daughters  Sarah 
and  Lucy;  Thomas  Foxhall,  Etheldred  and  Robert  Ruffin  Exrs. 
Test,  John  Lamon,  Huville  Brown,  John  Davison. 

Hart,  Thomas,  Northampton.  Mch.  6,  1748;  Augt.  Court,  1751. 
Wife  Mary,  son  Henry,  grandson  John  Sanders,  daughters  Jane 
Brown  and  Mary  Sanders,  grandchildren  John,  Sarah,  Euridice, 
Thomas,  Mary  and  Rose  Sanders ;  wife  and  son  Henry  Exrs.  Test, 
Jno.  Simpson. 

Hart,  Mary,  Northampton;  July  12,  1750 ;  Nov.  Court,  1751. 
Sons  Jesse,  John,  and  David,  daughters  Sarah  and  Lucy ;  John 
Lamon  and  Daniel  Green  Exrs.  Test,  James  Wright,  John  Gordon, 
TpoQQ  TTart  6*60  Brace 

Hamilton,  John,  Bladen.  Oct.  22,  1764-1765.  Wife  Esther,  son 
John,  daughter  Esebel;  William  McRee  Exr.  Test,  John  Kenney, 
Lewis  Moor. 

Ham bleton,  John.  Sept.  11,  1757.  Wife.  Test,  William  Wil- 
son, James  Jamison. 

Hambleton,  Jane,  Tyrrell.  Mch.  20, 1734;  Apl.  22,  1734.  John 
Garrett  and  wife  Mary,  my  son  and  daughter,  also  my  Exrs.  Test, 
Samuel  Durrance,  Mary  Skiles. 

Hambleton,  Joseph.  Apl.  1, 1737 ;  Apl.  11, 1737.  Wife  Rachel, 
friend  David  Loyd,  friend  Fred  Hugh  Daulingson,  friends  Ever 
Evans,  Walter  Shewall,  and  Charles  Boyd's  wife ;  David  Loyd  and 
Thomas  Russ  Exrs.    Test,  William  Salter,  Mary  Russ,  Chas.  O'Neil. 

Herrington,  Hezekiah,  of  Duxborough,  County  of  Plymouth, 
New  England.  Bertie.  Nov.  5,  1746;  May  Court,  1754.  Wife 
Hannah,  whom  I  appoint  my  Executrix.  Test,  Silvanus  Curtis, 
Samuel  Weston,  Samuel  Weston,  Jr. 

Huggans,  John,  Onslow.  July  15, 1749;  Feb.  Court,  1750,  Son 
John,  wife  Mary,  brother  Nehemiah  Huggans,  wife's  children  by 
former  husband;  John  Starkey  Exr.  Test,  Sarah  Starkey,  Daniel 
Sherclow,  Joseph  Watts. 

Huggins,  Edmond,  Onslow.  Apl.  12,  1737;  Jany.  6,  1737-38. 
Mary  Hudgins  daughter  of  Nehemiah,  Abraham,  Isaac,  and  John 
Huggins,  Jr.,  Thomas  Hilliard,  Thomas  Oumand,  Edward  Ekiwards, 
son  Phillip;  John  Starkey  Exr.  Test,  Abram  Mitchell,  John 

Huggens,  Ann,  Onslow.  Feb.  24,  1745-46;  May  22, 1746.  Sons 
Charles  and  Benjamin  in  Maryland,  son  Jacob,  Grandson  Jacob  son 
-of  Ann  Hurley,  granddaughter  Lucretia  daughter  of  Matthew  Hug- 
gens; son  Matthew  and  Jacob  Exrs.  Test,  Jno.  Norman,  Catrine 
Pan  11,  R.  Cheastin. 

Huckins,  Daniel,  Bath.  Mch.  26, 1733 ;  April  Court,  1733.  Cra- 
ven.  Wife  Ann  Exx;  and  all  my  children.  Test,  John  Jacob 
flover,  Richard  Scott. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  223 

HoagbtoQ,  James,  Perq^uimans.  Mch.  8, 1758;  Apl.  Court,  1758. 
Son  Joshua,  son  of  my  sister  Easter  Garrett,  Henry,  Edward,  and 
Mary  Hill  children  of  my  sister  Rachel  Hall;  Edward  Hall,  John 
Halsey,  and  Andrew  Knox  Exrs.  Test,  Thos.  Eggerton,  Thos. 
Hin^,  Sarah  Arrenton. 

Haugbton,  Thomas,  Chowan.  Jany.  Court,  1743.  Wife  Eliza- 
beth, daughter  Mary;  wife,  brothers  Joshua,  William,  and  David 
Haugbton  Exrs.    Test,  David  and  Mary  Butler. 

Haugbton,  Charles,  Chowan.  Oct.  4,  1754;  Jany.  1756.  Sons 
Jeremiah  and  Charles,  daughters  Elizabeth  and  Ann ;  sons  Chas. 
and  Jeremiah  Exrs.  Test,  William  Hoskins,  William  Wilkins, 
John  Taler. 

Haugbton,  Richard.  Oct.  19,  1748.  Wife,  son  Richard,  child 
in  esse;  wife  and  Thomas  White  Exrs.  Test,  Christopher  Butler, 
Levy  Haugbton. 

Hall,  William,  Bladen.  Feby.  6,  1764;  Apl.  24,  1765.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  whom  with  Thomas 'JBall  I  appoint  my  Exrs.  Test,  A. 
Green,  James  Henderson,  Mary  Green. 

Hall,  Joseph,  Onslow.  Dec.  16,  1747;  July  5,  1748.  Daughters 
Mary  Bums  and  Jane  Parrott;  wife  Jane,  only  son  Edward,  and 
John  Starkey  Exrs.    Test,  Charles  Sharp,  Mary  Eves,  Ralph  Eves. 

Haughton,  William,  Chowan.  Feby.  28, 1744-45;  July  18,  1745. 
Son  Jonathan,  daughters  Mary  and  Sarah ;  wife  Mary  and  father 
Wm.  Haugbton,  brothers  David  and  James  Exrs.  Test,  David  But- 
ler, Mary  Haughton. 

Haughton,  William,  Chowan.  Nov  17, 1749;  Jany.  Court,  1752. 
Wife  Mary,  son  Joshua,  daughters  Rachel  and  Esther,  sou   James, 

fraud  daughters  Mary  and  Sarah  Penrice,  grandchildren,  Sarah, 
onathan,  and  Mary  Haughton,  goddaughter  Mary  daughter  of 
Thos.  Haughton,  grandson  William  son  of  Djvid,  son  David  ;  John 
Benbury  and  son  David  Exrs.  Test,  J.  Benbury,  Richard  Brown, 
Thos.  Burkit. 

Hull,  John,  Edenton.  Jany.  14,  1747 ;  Mch.  23,  1752.  That 
there  t>e  a  neat  plain  walnut  coflSn  full  large  and  my  body  placed 
therein,  without  either  screws  or  nails,  or  any  other  security  except 
hinges  on  one  side,  and  that  there  be  a  hole  or  vault  made  8  feet 
long,  3^  feet  wide,  and  four  feet  deep,  made  from  ye  bottom  up  with 
bricks,  2 J  feet  above  ye  ground,  with  three  red  cedar  pieces  across 
near  the  bottom,  worked  in  ye  wall  to  prevent  water  coming  into  ye 
cofSn,  which  vault  I  order  and  direct  to  be  made  due  South  thirty 
rods  from  my  house  on  my  Island  calls  Batts  Grove,  otherwise  Hulls 
Island.  I  desire  my  wife  Susannah  Hull  be  taken  up  and  first  put 
in  the  above  vault,  then  my  body ;  the  top  to  be  covered  with  a 
tombstone.  If  there  should  be  any  eminent  Quaker  Minister  in  these 
parts  at  the  time  of  my  burial,  that  he  or  she  be  desired  to  give  a 
discourse,  but  if  none  such  to  be  had,  I  desire  that  no  other  Clergy- 
man of  any  other  persuasion  be  suffered  to  have  anything  to  doe  on 
the  occasion.    Anna  Martin  daughter  of  Agnes  Martin  deed.,  sisters 

224  North  Carolina  Historical 

Catharine  and  Mary  Hull  in  Rhode  Island;  Miles  Gale  and  James 
Craven  Exrs.  Test,  Humphrey  Robinson,  Samuel  Robinson,  Alex 

Herman,  Caleb,  Perquimans.  Oct.  2,  1773.  Sons  Robert  and 
James,  son  Caleb,  daughter  Orpah  Harman,  son  Joshua;  wife  Eliz- 
abeth Exx.     Test,  T.  Caruthers,  Zebulon  Calloway,  Mary  Harman. 

Harman,  Robert,  Perquimans.  Jany.  7,  1758.  Wife  Elizabeth, 
sons  Caleb  and  John,  three  youngest  children  Stephen,  Thomas, 
and  Mary  ;  son  John,  Francis  Toms,  Daniel  Saint,  and  John  White 
son  of  Joseph,  to  divide  my  estate,  and  also  guardians  to  my  chil- 
dren; wife,  son  Caleb,  and  Jon  White  Exrs.  Test,  Thomas  Long, 
Elizabeth  Long,  Joseph  White. 

Hosea,  Abram,  Pasquotank.  May  31, 1771.  Wife  Mary,  daugh- 
ter Lovey  Smith  wife  of  John  Smith,  nephew  Abram  Hosea,  brother 
Robt.  Hosea;  Thos,  Nicholson,  father  John  Pool  and  Jno.  Smith 
Exrs.    Test,  Martha  Pritchard,  Lemuel  Stone,  Peter  O'Shall. 

Hosea»  Rot»ert.  Dec.  17,  1742.  Sons  Abraham  and  Joseph,  wife 
Ann.     Test,  Jacob  Miller,  William  Tomblin. 

Hosea,  Joseph,  Perquimans.  May  10,  1753;  July  Court,  1763. 
Sons  Joseph  and  William;  wife  Mary  and  brother  John  Hosea 
Exrs.     Test,  Ja.  Gibson,  William  Trumbull. 

Handcock,  Elizabeth.  Jany.  20,  1743-44.  Son  Simon  Bright, 
daughters  Mary  Slocumb,  aud  Leadey  Handcock;  sons  Simon  and 
William  Bright  Exrs.  Test,  Walter  Jones,  Francis  Hodges,  Howel 

Handcock,  William,  Craven.  Oct.  13,  1722;  Mch.  16,  1730-31.' 
Grandson  John,  ^ife  Elinor,sou  William,  granddaughters  Elizabeth 
and  Mary  Handcock  ;  wife,  son  William,  Richard  Graves  and  cousin 
John  Slocumb  Exrs.  Test,  James  Leible,  Moses  Thomas,  Thomas 

Hancock,  Hector,  Cartaret.  Oct.  27,  1751;  Dec.  Court,  1751. 
Wife  Ann,  children  Nathaniel,  Benjamin,  Henry,  Joseph,  Mary, 
John,  and  William;  sons  Nath'l  and  Benjamin  Exrs.  Test,  Anenias 
Cavenaugh,  Benj.  Hancock,  Nath^  Hancock. 

Harker,  Elizabeth,  Carteret.  June  1777.  Son  Ebenezar,  daughter 
Sarah  Freshwater,  John  Brooks ;  sons  James  Harker,  and  Zacha- 
riah  Harker  Exrs     Test,  Jos.  Yeomans,  Sarah  Harker,  Elias  Rees.. 

Harris,  John,  Craven.  Jany.  22. 1749 ;  Mch.  20,  1749.  William 
Brice  Fonville,  John  Fonville, apprentice  Willam  Barrow  ;  Jno.  F^n- 
ville  and  Thos.  Graves  Exrs.  Test,  Ann  Crossfield,  John  McGib- 
bons,  Dorothy  Ritton. 

Harris,  Thomas,  Currituck.  Wife  Ellender,  son  Thomas  and  all 
ray  children.     Test.  Stephen  Williams,  John  Lurry,  Levi  Stuart. 

Harris.  James,  Edgecombe.  Jany.  10.  1749;  Feby.  Court,  1749. 
Wife  Cherry,  sons  James  and  Eli;  Matthew  Joyner  and  wife  Exrs. 
Test,  William  Skinner,  John  Blount.  John  Crismysher. 


♦Harvey,  Thomas  Mch.  23, 1698-99;  Nov.  2, 1699.  Wife  Sarah, 
son  Thootas,  daughter  Mary,  nephew  Thomas  Harvey  son  of  brother 
Richard  late  of  London,  nephew  John  brother  of  said  Thomas, 
brother  Robert  of  ye  Heath  in  Snitherfield  Parish  in  Warwickshire, 
in  case  of  his  death  to  my  next  eldest  brother  and  so  on.  Mch.  31, 
1896.  Test,  Henry  Norman,  Robt.  Fendall,  John  Peire,  W.  Glover. 
Wm.  Wilkinson  Exr.  as  I  am  Executor  to  the  will  of  John  Har- 
vev,  deed.    Test  to  codicil,  Richd.  French,  Ruth  Laker. 

Harvey,  Richard.  Feby.  22,  1732-33.  Sons  John,  Richard,  Peter, 
Lemuel  and  Josias,  dangbter  Bridget,  son  James,  wife  Mary.  Test, 
Laml.  Harvey,  John  Mills,  Chas.  Connor. 

t  Harvey,  Thomas,  Perquimans.  Nov.  1 ,  1748;  Jany  Court,  1748-49. 
My  mother,  nephew  Thomas  Harvey,  brothers  John  Benj.  and  Miles, 
sister-in-law  Hannah  Salter,  cou«*in  Sarah  Alderson  of  Beaufort, 
aupt  Hannah  Sitterson  ;  brothers  John  and  Benjamin  Harvey  Exrs. 
Test,  John  Nichols,  Stephen  Martin,  Joseph  Arnold. 

Humphries,  Richard.  1H88.  Mother  Twenty  Bound,  William 
Nichols  Smith  ;  Thomas  Pollock  Exr.  Test,  Elizabeth  Barclift,  John 
Roper,  William  Barclift. 

Humphrey,  Joseph,  Northampton.  Oct.  14, 1742;  Dec.  Court,  1742. 
Cousin  Saran  Roberts  of  Philaaelphia  and  her  children  Jesse,  Ruth 
nud  Lydia  Roberts,  nephew  Joseph  Humphrey  son  of  brother  John, 
Fred.  Evan  Ellis,  Jonathan  Evans  and  Isaac  Jones.  Test,  Alex. 
McConkey,  Thomas  Spiers. 

Humphrey,  John,  Pasquotank.  Dec.  2,  1708.  Daughter  Mary 
Gray,  son-inlaw  Griffith  Gray,  sons  John,  William  and  Christopher; 
William  Humphrey  Exr. 

Hogbin,  William,  Pasquotank.  7tb  3d  mo.,  1692.  Wife  Margaret, 
daughters  Sarah  and  Elizabeth  ;  Thos.  Simons  and  Jeremiah  Simons 
Exrs.    Test,  Patrick  Crally,  John  Roper.    July  4, 1692. 

Harrell,  John,  Jr.  Nov.  8, 1755.  Carteret,  probated  in  Bertie. 
Jany.  Court,  1756.  Sons  George,  Elisha,  Jesse,  Bryant  and  Benja- 
min, daughter  Mary,  wife  Mary ;  son  George,  brothers  Jesse  and 
Israel  Hardy  Harrell  executors.  Test,  Thos.  Williams,  Jno.  Skinner. 

♦  NoTB  —Thomas  Harvey  was  Governor  of  the  Colony.  He  married  first  Mrs. 
Johanna  Jenkins  as  appears  from  the  following  item  taken  from  the  Perquimans 
records :  Thomas  Harvey  son  of  John  Harvey  and  his  wife  living  at  the  Heath, 
in  8nitherfield  Parish,  in  Warwickshire,  England,  and  Joanah  Jenkins,  ye  relict 
of  Hon.  John  Jenkins,  were  married  by  Anthony  Slockem  Apl.  18, 1H82  ;  his  sec- 
ond wife  was  Sarah  Laker  daughter  of  Benjamin  Laker,  issue  (a)  Thomas  Har- 
vey married  Elizabeth  Cole  daughter  of  Col.  James  Cole  of  Perquimans  Precinct,, 
(b)  daughter  Marv  married  Col.  Robert  West  of  Chowan  (Bertie).  Mrs.  Sarah  Har- 
vey married  for  her  second  husband.  Chief  Justice  Christopher  Gale,  issue  (a> 
Miles  Gale,  (b)  daughter  Penelope  Little  wife  of  William  Little,  who  was  also 
Chief  Justice  of  the  Colony,  Elizabeth  married  Henry  Clayton.  Gk)v.  Harvey 
came  into  the  Colony  as  Private  Secretary  of  Gov.  John  Jenkins.  Query :  Was 
he  the  son  or  brother  of  John  Harvey  ?  He  was  his  Executor,  from  the  record 
of  his  marriage  it  would  appear  that  his  father  was  living  at  the  time  of  his 
marriage  in  England. 

f  Note.— Evidently  the  son  of  Thomas  Harvey  and  wife  Elizabeth  Cole,  and 
grandson  of  Gov.  Thomas  Harvey  and  his  wife  Sarah  Laker. 

226  North  Carolina  Historical 

Harrell,  Abraham,  Bertie.  May  5, 1755.  Sons  Able  aud  John, 
daughter  Abigail,  son  Lot,  daughter  Grace,  son  Hezekiah,  daughters 
Sarah  and  Susannah,  son  Christopher,  wife  Mary;  sons  Able  and 
John  Exrs.    Test,  Geo.  House,  Edward  Toole,  Israel  Hardy  Harrell. 

Harrell,  Josiah,  Bertie.  Mch.  30.  1773 ;  Nov.  12,  1773.  Sons  Sol- 
omon and  Josiah,  wife  Ann,  son  William,  daughters  Selah  and  Pen- 
nie;  Edward  Tool  and  Noah  Hinton  Exrs.  Test,  Jonathan  Tool, 
Mary  Tool,  James  Churchwell. 

Harrell,  Edward,  Bertie.  Augt.  17,  1752;  May  Court,  1754.  Sons 
Henry,  Jarusha  and  Thomas,  grandson  Jesse  Harrell,  his  grand- 
mother, daughter  Mary  Andrews,  granddaughther  Rebecca  Sharpe; 
son  Henry  and  son-inlaw  Henry  Andrews  Exrs.  Test,  John  Har- 
rell, John  House,  Geo.  House. 

Harrell,  John,  Bertie.  Nov.  1,1756;  April  Court,  1769.  Wife 
Jesse,  sons  David,  Josiah  and  Ezekiel,  grandson  Esias  Harrell  son 
of  Esias  deed.,  deceased  son  Hardy,  granddaughter  Sarah  Harrell, 
daughter  Esias  deed.,  ray  grandchildren,  children  of  Sarah  Wil- 
liams deed.;  sons  David,  Jesse  and  Josiah  Exrs.  Test,  William  Wil- 
liams, Edward  TooIp,  Jonathan  J.  Toole. 

Hand,  Peter,  Craven.  Feby.  1,  1730-31 ;  Mch.  16,  1730-31.  Wife 
Ann  Exx.;  daughters  Mary  and  Jean,  Richard  Hart.  Test,  Wil- 
liam Fox,  James  Green. 

Hocking,  John,  Duplin.  Mch.  29,  1756.  Eldest  daughter  Mary, 
daughters  Ann,  March  and  Lettice;  daughters,  Benjamin  and 
Jacob  Fussell  Exrs.  Test,  Bsnj.  Fussell,  Jacob  Fusseil,  Thomas 
Davis,  Richard  Perry. 

Hardin,  William,  Currituck.  July  30,  1746  ;  Oct.  5, 1748.  Wife 
Jane,  granddaughters  Jane  and  Elizabeth  Dudley,  daughter  Eliza- 
beth Windley ;  wife  Jane  and  Henry  White  Exrs.  Test,  Wm.  White, 
Thos.  Dudley,  Jr.,  Thos.  Williamson. 

Harding  Richard,  Perquimans.  Dec.  6, 1741.  Thomas  Gilberd, 
wife  Mary  and  Thomas  Pierce  Exrs.  Test,  John  Ashley,  Peter  Jones, 
Thomas  Pierce,  Jr. 

Hatding,  Mary,  Perouimans.  Oct.  22,  1743  ;  Nov.  8, 1744.  Friend 
Sarah  Skinner,  Richard  Skinner,  Sr.,  Zacheriah  Skinner  and  Sarah 
Skinner  daughters  of  James  Skinner.  Test,  Richard  Skinner,  Jr., 
Sarah  Moore,  Sarah  Creecy. 

Harding,  Josiah,  Northampton.  July  31,  1752;  Nov.  Court, 
1756.  Son  Josiah  800£  New  South  Sea  Annuities  left  with  Vincent 
Phipps,  Esq.,  of  St.  Dunstan's  Court,  London,  and  Thomas  Bryant, 
Malster  in  Marshfields,  County  of  Gloucester,  in  1746,  sons  Thomas 
and  James,  wife  Anne  daughter  of  Samuel  Frith  of  New  Providence; 
wife  Exx.     Test,  J.  Edwards,  William  Winborne. 

Holloway,  John,  Perquimans.  No.  3,  1750.  Daughters  Elizabeth 
Barclift,  Rachel  Turnbull,  Ann  Snoden,  Mary  Bateman,  Sarah 
Coupland  and  Upherasha  Holloway,  son  John,  land  falling  to  the 
HoUoways  in  Maryland ;  son  John  Exr.  Test,  James  Gib$on,  Thos. 
Barclift,  Elizabeth  Barclift. 


HoUowell,  ReubeD,  Perquimans.  Jany.  23,  1753.  Brothers 
Louy,  John  and  Abner  Hollowell,  sister-in-law  Ann  Briukley; 
brothers  John  and  Louy  Hollowell  Exrs.  Test,  Nicholas  Stallings, 
Thomas  Riddick,  Josiah  Rogerson. 

Hibbs,  Jonathan,  Pasquotank.  Apl.  5,  1745.  Sons  John  and 
Jonathan;  David  Boler  and  Caleb  Sawyer  Exrs.  Test,  Edward 
Scott,  William  Coole. 

Hendricks,  Solomon,  Perquimans.  Daughters  Mary,  Sarah  and 
Frances,  wife  Mary ;  brother  Jeremiah  Hendricks,  wife  and  daugh- 
ter Sarah  Exrs.  Test,  Michael  Murphy,  Thomas  Overman,  James 

Hendricks,  Francis,  Pasquotank.  May  5,  1714.  Wife  Mary, 
son  Thomas ;  wife  and  son  Exrs.  Test,  Telph  Morris,  Levi  Creasey, 
W.  Relfe. 

•  Hendricks,  Jeremiah.  July  1, 1756;  Jany.  Court,  1766-67.  Wife 
Sarah,  son  George;  son-in-law  Robert  Cocks  and  wife  Exrs.  Test, 
Thomas  Weekes,  Thos.  Craghill,  Thos.  Weekes,  Jr. 

Hendricks,  Francis,  Craven.  Sept.  18, 1734;  Dec.  7, 1734.  Wife 
Elizabeth,  son-in-law  John  Hill,  son-in-law  Moses  Arnal;  wife  Elshe, 
John  Hill  Exrs.    Test,  John  James,  Thos.  Fisher. 

Hardesty,  Thomas,  Carteret.  July  16,  1758;  Nov.  Court,  1768. 
Sons  Thomas,  Robert  and  Joseph,  wife  Dorothy,  son  Samuel,  daugh- 
ters Mary,  Lucy  and  Anna;  wife  Exx.  Test,  Louis  Welch,  Henry 
Chew,  Robert  Welch. 

Hartly,  Francis,  Perquimans.  Dec.  4,  1691-2;  May  2.  1692. 
Elizabeth  Gascoigne,  Elizabeth  Gray,  Jabers  Alford,  Geo.  Buschamp; 
wife  Susanna  and  Thos.  Harvey  Exrs.  Test,  Geo.  Buschamp,  Richd. 
Plater,  Jas.  Jennett,  Ann  Durant,  Thos.  Durant. 

Husbands,  Nicholas,  Cape  Fear.  Augt.  16,  1732;  Sept.  16,  1732. 
Wife  Jane,  son  Richard ;  wife  Exx.  Test,  Elizabeth  Hall,  Eliza- 
beth Brian,  Thos.  Hall. 

Homes,  Edward,  Perquimans.  Wife  Elizabeth,  sons  Thomas  and 

Holms,  Ebenezer,  Onslow.  Feby.  4,  1745;  Apl.  Court,  1746  Wife 
Hnnnah,  sons  John,  Ebenezer  and  Seth,  daughter's  son  Joseph 
Wright,  daughters  Hannah  Williams,  Lydah  Holmes  and  Abigail; 
son  Barnaby  Exr.  Test,  Andrew  Murray,  Jas.  Thompson,  Ann 

Homes,  Edward,  Bertie.  Augt.  9,  1750.  Wife  Lydia,  Anthony 
Couzen ;  William  Bird  and  wife  Exrs.  Test,  Henry  Bonner,  Wil- 
liam Mitchell,  John  Page. 

Holmes,  John,  Edgecombe.  Feby.  8,  1735-^.  Wife  Tamar, 
daughters  Ann  Sanders  and  Charity  Brown,  son  John,  daughter  Devo- 
tion Davis,  sons  Hardy,  Edward  and  Gabriel,  daughters  Rose  and 
Mary;  ^n  Hardy  Exr.  Test,  Edward  Buxton,  William  Davis,  Eliz. 

Haig,  William.  20th  12th  mo.,  1734r-6;  July  8, 1736.  Son  Wil- 
liam, child  in  esse,  wife  Sarah ;  John  Everigin  Exr.  Test,  William 
Kelly,  Joseph  Jordan,  Mary  Jordan. 

228  North  Carolina  Historical 

Hyrne,  Henry,  New  Hanover.  Sept  9,  1772.  Nephew  Henry 
Walters,  father  Col.  Edward  Hyrne,  deed.,  niece  Elizabeth  Walters, 
nephew  Joseph  Walters,  niece  Mary  Britton,  nephews  Henry  Brit- 
ton,  Francis  Britton,  Frederick  Jones  and  Moses  Britton,  my  god- 
daughter Elizabeth  Jones  d.  of  Frederick;  Frederick  Jones  Exr. 
Test,  Saml.  Swann,  Jno.  Buford,  William  Buford,  Benj.  Williams. 

Hicks,  John,  Carteret.  May,  1749;  Sept.  6, 1749.  Wife  Hannah^ 
brother  Thomas  Hicks ;  wife  and  David  Hicks  Exrs.  Test,  Geo. 
McKeon,  Lewis  Lewis. 

Hunt,  John,  Little  River,  Perquimans.  Wife,  granddaughter 
Elizabeth  Evans,  grandsons  John  Hunt  Evans  and  Bartholomew 
Evans,  Elizabeth  Everigin ;  James  Tooke  Exr.  Apl.  7, 1710;  Augt. 
26, 1712.    Test, Everigin,  Joseph  Parese,  Thos.  Commander. 

Hunt,  Thomas,  Pasquotank.  May  7, 1688;  Oct.  2, 1696.  Younger 
brother  Andrew  Hunt,  County  of  Bucks,  England,  also  appoint  him 
my  Exr,  sons  John  Hawkins  and  Thomas  Hawkins  Test,  Edward 
Smith,  William  CoUings,  John  Cafey. 

Hadley,  Edward,  Hyde.  Janv.  22, 1740;  June  Court,  1743.  Wife 
Kena.    Test,  Gilbert  McNary,  Nathl.  Tuly,  Jonathan  Bell. 

Henman,  Henderson,  Boston.  Wife  Mary,  also  appoint  her  my 
Exx.  Feby.  19, 1728;  Feby.  21, 1728.  Test,  Eb.  Youngman,  Ben 
Loper,  George  Williams. 

Hutson,  William,  Craven.  Wife  Frances.  Test,  Josiah  Hart,. 
Elisba  Jaquoks. 

Haywood,  John,  Edgecombe.  Feby.  18, 1758  ;  June  Courf,  1758. 
My  father,  sisters  Deborali  and  Mary,  brothers  Egbert  and  Sherwood. 
Test,  Robert  Wasson,  Joseph  Pope,  Saml.  Pitman. 

Harbret,  Edward.  Jany.  20,  1754.  Son  John,  son  Edward  Exr., 
James  Combs,  Henry  Gibbins,  William  Rigby.  May  Court,  17.54. 
Daughter  Anna  wife  of  Geo.  Lovick,  Sarah  wife  of  Richard  Casswell, 
son-in-law  Richard  Casswell. 

Hardy,  Richard,  Wilmington.  May  20,  1758;  Aug.  6,  175& 
Wife  Sarah  and  uncle  Francis  Beteilhe.  Test,  James  Gregory,  Ho. 
Ruttledege,  Zach.  Weeks. 

Herritage,  William,  Craven,  Apl.  10,  1769.  Sons  Henega,  John> 
William  and  Martin,  daughter  Sarah  Caswell,  daughter  Anna  wife 
of  George  Pheney  Lovick,  daughter  Elizabeth  Heritage,  son  William 
Martin  Heritage,  daughter  Susanna ;  Richard  Caswell,  sons  Henega 
and  John  Heritage  Exrs.  Test,  David  Gordon,  Margaret  Wiggins,. 
Elizabeth  Blount,  Richard  Caswell. 

Hawkins,  John,  Perquimans.  Oct.  14,1744;  Jany.  Court,  1744-45. 
Daughter-in-law  Mary  Trumbull,  wife  Mary,  daughter  Mary,  son  of 
Robert  Hodges,  daughter  of  James  Price;  Robert  Hodges  and  Hart- 
well  Pierce  Exrs.  Test,  Peter  Tomes,  John  Barclift.  Court  held  at 
Phelps' Point. 

Hawkins,  Sarah,  Pasquotak.  » Oct.  19, 1719.  Thomas  Merriday,. 
heirs  of  Elizabeth  Hawkins  alias  Hubble,  who  married  John  Hub- 
ble of  High  Wickham,  county  of  Burke,  Great  Britain,  Mary  Hub- 


ble  daughter  of  Mary  Hubble,  Geo.  Griffing,  John  Cartwright,  John 
King,  Susannah  Tolkley,  John  Everigio,  Jr.,  Emanuel  Low,  John 
Svmons,  William  Everigin,  Sr.;  John  Svmons  and  William  Everi- 
gin  Exrs.    Test,  Garrett  Pursey,  Robt.  Harrison,  Sarah  Harrison. 

Hodgson,  John,  Tyrrell.  May  30,  1745.  Wife,  son  Lewis,  daugh- 
ters Sarah  Nekelles,  Sus^iannah  and  Elizabeth ;  wife  Mary  and  son, 
Joseph  Exrs.  Test,  Benj.  Cartreet,  John  Dugeen,  Jonathan  Bate- 

Henley,  Peter,  Chief  Justice  Province  of  N.  Carolina.  Chowan. 
Nov.  29,  1757  ;  July  Court,  1758.  Just  before  leaving  England  I 
was  on  the  point  of  marrying  Agnes  Tucker,  of  Corvtenmen,  Honi- 
ton  in  county  of  Devon,  said  marriage  was  postponed,  to  be  consum- 
mated at  some  future  time,  I  gave  her  a  bond  for  4()0£  money  bor- 
rowed, which  I  desire  paid  ;  son  John  Henley  and  John  Campbell 
Exr.     Test,  Sarah  McCulloch,  Joseph  Montfort,  Richard  Brownrigg. 

Hodgson,  John,  Brunswick,  New  Hanover  Precinct.  July  6, 1736 ; 
Dec.  Court,  1738.  Daughters  Margaret  and  Mary  Hodgson;  Roger 
Moore  Exr.  Test,  Cornelius  Harnett,  Charles  Hepburn,  John  Mar- 

Henley,  John,  Pasquotank.  1st  mo.  21,  1726-27;  Feby.  Court, 
17^8.  Son  John,  daughters  Mary  and  Miriam,  son  Jesse,  daughter 
Elizabeth,  wife  Isabella ;  son  John  Exr.  Test,  Thos.  Guthrie,  Isaiah 

Henby,  John,  Pasquotank.  June  3.  1753;  Apl.  Court,  1754. 
Wile  Mary,  sons  John  and  Joseph  ;  wife  and  son  John  Exrs.  Test, 
Lemuel  Cook,  Elizabeth  Brothers,  Solomon  Henby  brother  of  James 
Henby,  who  died  in  Perquimans,  administered  on  said  Solomon's 
estate  July  Court,  1752. 

Henby,  Joseph,  Perquimans.  July  Court,  1752.  Daughter  Clarkey, 
sister  Mary  Henby,  father  John  Henby,  brother  James  Henby's 
children,  sister  Elizabeth  GriflBn.  Test,  Jo.  Sutton,  James  Anderson, 
John  Henby. 

Henby,  John.  Perquimans.  5  day  3d  mo.,  1752.  Son  Sylvanus, 
grandson  Dennis  Henby,  son  James,  granddaughter  Clarkey  Henby, 
friend  Zachariah  Nixon,  daughter  Mary  Henby  and  Elizabeth 
Griffin;  wife  Hannah,  son  Sylvanus,  and  Francis  Newby  Exrs. 
July  Court,  1752.  Test,  Nathan  Henby,  Samuel  Anderson,  Eraucis 

Houson,  William,  Bath.  My  mother.  Nov.  13,  1713;  Apl.  5, 
1715.    Test,  Henry  Slade,  William  Cording,  John  Staflford. 

Holladay,  William,  Tyrrell.  Apr.  23, 1754.  Sons  Thomas,  Joseph 
and  Samuel,  all  my  daughters  the  money  due  me  in  James  Ciiy, 
Va.,  wife  Elizabeth.    Test,  John  Bennett,  Wm.  Soane. 

HoUiday,  Thomas,  Chowan.  Augt.  30,  1741.  Thomas  Holliday 
Hutson,  and  Jno.  Holliday  Hutson,  William  Holliday,  daughter 
Elizabeth  Burton;  Mary  Hutson  Exx.  Test,  John  Thach,  John 
NichoUs,  Prudence  Garrett. 

Hilliard,  John,  Northampton.     Nov.  6, 1748;   Nov.  Court,  1748. 

230  North  Carolina  Historical 

Son  Robert,  wife  Mary,  son  John,  daughter  Sarah ;  wife  Exx.  Test^ 
John  Morean,  William  Livingston,  John  Melton. 

Hilliard,  Robert,  Edgecombe.  Apl.  13, 1743 ;  May  Court  1751. 
Cousin  Jacob  son  of  Jeremiah  Hilliard,  bis  brothers  Robert,  Jere^ 
miah  and  Lawrence  Hilliard,  and  his  sister  Mary  Hilliard,  Sampson 
Hilliard,  William  son  of  William  Hilliard,  James  son  of  William 
Hilliard,  wife  Charity.  Test,  Samuel  Holliman,  Wm.  Siggener,  Benj. 

Hilliard,  William,  Northampton.  July  4,  1754 ;  May  Court,  1756. 
Sons  William,  James,  Isaac,  and  Elias,  daughter  Ann ;  wife  Ann  and 
son  James  Exrs.  Test,  Henry  Hart,  Joseph  Bridgers,  Nathaniel 
Nowell,  Charles  Cotton. 

Holland,  Daniel,  Craven.  Mch.  16, 1721.  Wife  Annice,  whom  I 
appoint  my  Exx.    Test,  James  Reed,  Hannah  Reed  John  Holland. 

Hooker,  William,  Bertie.  Oct.  20, 1737 ;  Jany.  Court,  1737.  Sons 
John,  William,  James,  Stephen  and  Nathan,  daughter  Ann  wife  of 
Jacob  Lassiter ;  daughter  Sarah  Hooker  Exx.  Test,  William  Wy  nns, 
James  Wynns,  Benjamin  Baker,  Sr.  and  Jr. 

Hooker,  William,  Chowan.  Jany.  8, 1716-17;  Oct.  Court,  1717. 
Eldest  son  William,  Jr.,  son  Godfrey,  son-in-law  Samuel  Sizemore, 
grandson  William  Lewis,  daughter  Ann  Evans,  daughter  Bridgett; 
son  William  Exr.    Test,  William  Crawford,  Francis  Brown. 

Hooker,  Godfrey,  Bertie.  Sons  Benjamin  and  Symon,  daughter 
Elizabeth ;  wife  Elizabeth  and  Robert  Evans  Exrs.  Test,  Robert 
Evans,  John  Morris. 

Higgins,  Michael,  Craven.  Apl.  8,  1753  ;  May  Court,  1753.  Wife 
Ann,  children  Sarah,  Ann,  Michael,  William,  Hannah  and  Mary 
Higgins;  wife,  son  John  and  Jere  Veil  Exrs.  Test,  William  Wick- 
liflFe,  John  Murphy,  Thos.  Evans. 

Howcott,  Edward,  Beaufort.  Jany.  1749-50.  Wife  Martha,  son 
Nathaniel ;  wife  and  Nathan  Archibald  Exrs.  Test,  Wally  Chan- 
cev,  Stephen  Buckingham,  John  Brown. 

Hern,  James,  Beaufort.  Feb.  22,  1761-52;  June  Court,  1752. 
George  Sugg  and  wife  Mason  Exrs;  son  James,  daughters  Mary, 
EUinder,  Elizabeth,  Sarah  and  Rachel,  son  John,  son  Mason.  Test, 
Mary  Mayo,  Major  Tison. 

Hecklefield,  John,  Perquimans.  Jany.  20,  1716-17.  Elizabeth 
Bartlett  daughter  of  William,  John  Stevenson  son  of  William,  Tobias 
Knight,  son  John,  brother-in-law  Charles  Cox  of  Dublin,  Wm. 
Stevenson  and  William  Barcliff  Gdns.  for  son  John,  also  my  Exrs. 
Sister  Mary  Hecklefield  of  Dublin. 

John  Hecklefield  son  of  above,  Chowan.  Augt.  13, 1739 ;  Oct. 
29,  1741.  Cousin  Sarah  Hoskins,  Thomas  son  of  William  Hoskins 
and  wife  Sarah ;  William  Hoskins  and  John  Benbury  Exrs. 

Halton,  Robert,  Chowan.  Mch.  22, 1748 ;  Apl.  Court,  1749.  Wife 
Mary  in  England,  nieces  Elizabeth  Wilkius  daughter  of  sister  Su- 
sanna Wilkins,  and  Mary  Wilkins  d.  of  same,  sisters  Elizabeth  and 
Mary,  Gov.  Gabriel  Johnston,  Dr.  William  Cathcart,  Thos.  Barker, 


Benj.  Hill,  John  Ash  ton,  Sarah  Graves,  Robert  HaltoD,  Jr.,  sod  of 
Sarah  Graves ;  Gabriel  JohostoD,  Dr.  Wm.  Cathcart  and  Thos.  Barker 
Exrs.    Test,  Samuel  Ormsy,  Wm.  ChurteD,  Daol.  WeldoD. 

HaltoD,  JohD,  Paaquotaok.  Mch.  15,  1697-98 ;  August  16,  1698. 
BeDJamiD  Hewil,  Joho   Kirby,  Elizabeth  Fox.    Test,  Heory  Palin. 

Hobby,  Jacob,  Edgecombe.  Sept.  Court,  1758.  Sod  Matthew, 
daughters  Rhoda,  Sarah  and  FraDces;  wife  Jemima  aDd  JohD 
Baker  Exrs     Test,  Bousswell  Bridges,  Joseph  Kirby. 

HorD,  JohD  Jacob,  CraveD.  Feb.  4,  1744;  Nov.  20,  1744.  Wife, 
SODS  Jacob,  HeDry  aDd  Samuel,  daughters  Mary  aud  Elizabeth 
Slabbach,  daughter  Margaret ;  wife  Mary  Magdalene  aud  Nicholas 
Purefoy  Exrs.    Test,  JohD  GraDad^,  Jas.  Wilcox. 

HorD,  William.  Sept.  10, 1753;  JuDel759.  Sons  William,  Henry, 
Charles,  Thomas,  aDd  Moses,  daughter  Margaret,  son  Michael,  heirs 
of  son  John  deceased  ;  son  Michael  Exr.  Test,  William  Reynolds, 
Joyce  Reynolds,  Ann  Hill. 

Henderson,  George,  Bertie.  Oct.  15, 1736 ;  Nov.  27, 1736.  Rachel 
Nelson,  Andrew  Moore,  Hugh  Scott,  Andrew  Scott  and  George 
Scott  son  of  Andrew  in  Glasgow,  all  due  me  from  estate  of  Capt. 
David  Henderson ;  Hugh  Scott  of  Boston  and  Andrew  Moore  Exrs. 
Test,  John  Ray,  Geo.  Strachan,  Samuel  Cook. 

Henderson,  David,  Bertie.  Sister  Gennett  Henders(m  and  her 
children ;  George  Henderson,  Robert  West,  Cullen  Pollock,  and  John 
Golden  Exrs.     Feby.  13. 173')-36.     Test,  Thos.  Davis,  Simon  Dart. 

Hubbard,  Kane.  Mch.  30,  1714.  William  Everingin  aud  Joseph 
Glaister  Exrs.     Test,  William  Simson,  Mary  Murden,  Mary  Mason. 

Hare,  Edward,  Hertford.  May  16, 1772.  Brother  Thomas,  Mary 
daughter  of  Thos.  Hare,  sister  Mary  Burges,  Luke  Lewis  son  of  John, 
Lucresia  daughter  of  Bryan  Hare,  Edward  Bryan  Hare  son  of  Bryan, 
John  Pipkin  son  of  Isaac,  Bra  Warren  son  of  Joseph,  Eff  Lewis  ^'on 
of  John,  Jno.  Miller,  Edward  Warren,  brother  John  Hare,  Mills 
Lewis  son  of  John.  William  Warren  son  of  Edward,  Phillip  Lewis 
son  of  John,  John  Gattalan,  Isaac  Pipkin,  Jane  Barnes,  Francis  and 
Henry  Speight  sons  of  Joseph,  John  Goodman  son  of  William,  Benj. 
Wynns,  Jr.,  Solomon  King,  William  West  son  of  Peter;  brother 
Thomas  Exr.  Test,  Solomon  King,  John  Lewis,  Isaac  Pipkin,  Ed- 
ward Warren. 

Hoskins,  Hannibal.  Feby.  11,  1698-99.  John  Porter.  Test, 
Humphrey  Leggett,  Archibald  Holmes,  William  Barrow. 

Hoskins,  William.  Feb.  20,  1693.  Martha  Halsh,  brother  Thomas 
Hoskins,  cousin  Daniel  Cox,  Jr. 

HuUbrooke,  Harmanous.  Mch.  6, 1783-84.  Sons  John  and  Joseph, 
Elizabeth  Slocumb  wife  of  Josias;  sons  John  Hawkins  and  Robert 
West  Exrs.     Test,  John  Hawkins. 

Hare,  Edward,  Chowan.  Augt.  7, 1757 ;  Oct.  Court,  1757.  Wife 
Mary,  son  Edward,  daughter  Ann  Scott,  sons  John  and  Brvan, 
daughters  Christian  West  and  Mary  Burges  ;  sons  Edward  and  John 
Exrs.    Test,  William  Skinner,  Joseph  Rooks,  Joseph  Spight. 

232  North  Carolina  Historical 

Hobbs,  John,  Pasquotank.  Oct.  29,1728;  Oct.  29,  1729.  Wife 
Frances;  wife  Exx.  Test,  Jon.  CoUey,  James  Smith,  Patience 

Hatch,  Anthony,  Sept.  30, 1744.  Wife  Elizabeth,  son  Anthony, 
son  John,  wife,  McRora  Scarbrough,  brother  Jermon;  Edmund 
Hatcli  Exr.    Test,  Tulle  Williams,  Geo.  Durant,  Saml.  Scolley. 

Heath,  Nehemiah,  Currituck.  Jany.  2,  1749-50  1750.  Mary 
Crendle,  wife  Elizabeth,  Robert  Heath.  Test,  Willis  Etheridge, 
William  Blount,  Lazarus  Flurry. 

Hodges,  Richard,  Beaufort  Nov.  3.  1747  ;  Aprl.  16. 1751.  Wife 
Sarah,  sons  John  and  Henry,  daughter  Sarah  Hodges;  wife  and 
son  John  Exrs.  Test,  James  Coupper,  James  Singleton,  Thomas 

Hodges,  Thomas,  Wilmington.  Mch.  23,  1745;  Nov.  27,  1746. 
Daughter  Ann,  son  William,  and  Jane  Smallwood  Exrs.  Test, 
Phillip  David,  David  Davis,  Thomets  James. 

Hodges,  James,  Pasquotank.  Feb.  2,  1758.  Son  Josias.  father 
Joseph  Hodges,  son  James,  brothers  Joseph  and  Stephen  Hodges, 
sons  Willis,  Lamuel,  and  Portlock,  daughter  Kesiah  Creslin,  daugh- 
ters Mollie  and  Frances,  son-in-law  Joseph  Stokeley,  daughter  Mer- 
iam  Hodge**,  wife  Meriam.   John  Harris,  Daniel  Koen,  Jno.  Harden. 

Hodges,  Richard.  Currituck.  Mch.  2, 174S-49.  Daughters  Fran- 
ces Bowrin,  and  Sarah  Burnham,  James  Burnham  and  Josiah 
Bowrin,  daughters  Mary,  Elizabeth  and  Uphun  Hodges;  wife  Fran- 
ces Exx.     Test,  Caleb  Wilson,  Geo.  Powers,  Willis  Etheridge. 

Hamblin,  Thomas,  Pasquotank.  Dec.  31, 1757;  Mch.  Court,  1758. 
Wife  Martha,  son  John,  daughter  Elizabeth,  daughter  Martha; 
Charles  Markham  Exr.  Test,  Symon  Spence,  Thomas  Markham, 
David  Sinclair. 

Herring,  Samuel,  Johnston.  Oct.  22.  1750;  December  Court, 
1750.  Sons  Anthony,  Stephen,  and  Michael,  soniii-law  John  Con- 
nerly ;  son  Anthony  Exr.  Test,  Anthony,  Samuel,  and  Joseph  Her- 

Holley,  John.  Feby.  28,  1728.  Wife  Sarah,  son  John,  all  my 
girls  and  boys;  wife  Exx.    Test,  John  Sweeney,  John  Lidley. 

Harrison,  Robert.  Mch.  9,  1713-14.  Son  Robert,  daughter  Sarah, 
daughter  Elizabeth,  wife  Sarah,  son  Joseph ;  wife  and  son  Robert 
Exrs.     Test,  Demsie  Guthrie,  Will  Vaughan,  Eliz.  Jones. 

Harwood,  Edward,  Onslow.  Oct.  21, 1735;  Oct.  Court,  1737.  John 
Starkey  Exr;  wife  Deborah  and  my  child.  I  wish  their  passage  paid 
to  their  home  in  New  England.  Test,  Edward  Huggens,  Jno. 

Houston,  William,  Carteret  May  6,1760;  Jany.  2,  1761.  Son 
William,  his  cousin  William  Noble,  wife  Rachel  and  her  brother; 
Satnl.  and  James  Noble  Exrs.     Test,  Joseph  Mark,  Betty  Noble. 

Houston  Moses,  Carteret.  Jany.  1774;  Jany.  Court.  1774.  Wife 
Margaret,  daughter  Miriam  West,  granddaughter  Jemima  Dudley, 
grandson     Houston    Roberts,    granddaughters    Boneta    Williams, 

AND  Grnbalooical  Registkr.  233 

Fanny  Williams^  and  Sarah  Maddue,  Oapt.  Geo.  Mitchell,  Bazell 
Smith,  Brice  Williams,  and  Micajah  Fraziar.  Test,  James  Wead, 
William  Ramsey. 

Hearsons,  John,  Chowan.  Apl.  Court,  1694.  Son  John,  daughter 
Elizabeth,  son  Thomas;  wife  Exx.  Test,  Geo.  Fordyce,  John  Wat- 
kins,  Wm.  Howesone. 

Hooks,  John.  Mch.  27, 1732.  Sons  William,  Thomas,  and  Robert, 
daughters  Elizabeth,  Mary,  and  Sarah,  wife  Ruth.  Test,  John 
Mackcone,  Nathan  Barnes. 

Humes,  James,  Beaufort.  Feb.  6, 1745-46;  March  Court  1745-46. 
Wife  Elizabeth,  son-in-law  John  Hill ;  Moses  Arnal,  wife  Elishe, 
John  Hill  Exrs.    Test,  John  James,  Thos.  Fisher. 

Hooks,  William,  Chowan.  Feby  18, 1746-47 ;  April  Court,  1751. 
Son  William,  grandsons  William,  Thomas,  and  John  Hooks,  great- 
grandson  John  Hooks  son  of  John,  grandson  William  Hooks  son  of 
John,  grandson  William  Beal;  grandson  John  Hooks  Exr.  Test, 
Martha  Sumner,  Ann  Sumner,  Charles  King. 

Hassell,  John  Tyrrell.  Mch.  5,1734;  June  Court,  1734.  Wife 
Rachel,  sons  John,  Joseph,  Isaac,  and  Benjamin,  daughters  Mary 
Wynne,  Rachel  Ward,  Sieirah  Fox,  and  Esther  Hassell;  wife  Exx. 
Test,  Thomas  Wynne,  Jeremiah  Wynne. 

Hosmer,  Hannah,  Onslow.  Mch.  26,1773;  May  18,1773.  My 
first  husband  John  Spooner,  son  John  Spooner,  children  by  last  hus- 
band, son  Stanton  Spooner.    Test,  Ben.  Grant,  Experience  Grant. 

House,  George,  Bertie.  Sept.  28, 1770 ;  Jany.  3, 1771.  Son  Thomas 
House,  grandson  Geo.  House  son  of  Thomas,  granddaughter  Sarah 
House  daughter  of  Thomas,  grandson  Balis  House  son  of  George, 
granddaughther  Edeth  House  daughter  of  George,  deceased,  heirs 
of  my  son  Thos.  House  and  of  my  son  John,  grandson  James  House 
son  of  John,  grandson  John  House  son  of  John,  grandsons  George 
and  John  Smith,  granddaughters  Mary,  Anne,  and  Elizabeth  Smith, 
daughter  Ann  Averitt,  daughter  Elizabeth  Moore,  my  three  grand- 
children orphans  of  my  son  John  deed. ;  son  Thomas  and  son-in-law 
James  Moore  Exrs.  Test,  Benj.  Peyton,  Lewis  Hales,  William 

Hayman  Henry,  Albemarle.  Augt.  29,  1709.  Sons  Henry 
and  Thomas,  younger  sons  Charles  and  James,  daughters  Eliner 
and  Mary,  John  Lowdon's  children  Mary  and  Sarah  ;  wife  Martha 
Exx.     Test,  James  Forbes,  Alice  Forbes,  Alex.  Lillington. 

Hopkins,  James,  Orange.  Feb.  8,  1759;  Sept.  Court,  1759.  All 
my  children.  Willard  Hopkins,  William  Phillips,  and  John  Hop- 
kins Exrs.     Test,  Alex.  Ferguson,  John  Dobbins,  David  Smith. 

Hannis,  John,  Craven.  June  30,  1745;  Sept.  17,  1745.  Wife 
Catharine,  son  Joseph ;  wife  and  son  Joseph  Exrs.  Test.  Fras. 
Stringer,  William  Thompson,  Joseph  Carruthers,  George  Wiggins. 

Hakens,  John,  Apl.  23, 1673;  Oct.  1, 1673.  Son  John,  balance  of 
mv  estate  to  two  other  children,  wife.     Test,  Frances  Wellwood. 

Harkel,  George,  Craven.    May  2,  1746;    Mch.  17,  1746.    Wife 

234  North  Carolina  Historical 

Elizabeth,  eldest  son  George,  daughters  Miriam,  Margaret,  and 
Mary,  sod  Joseph ;  James  Conaway  and  wife  Ezrs.  Test,  Nicholas 
Harper,  Amos  Cuthril,  Isaac  Branler. 

Hawley,  Meccalb,  Northampton.  Feby.  13, 1735-36.  Sons  Joseph, 
William  and  Christopher,  son  William  Michell,  son  Benjamin, 
daughters  Ann,  Elizabeth,  and  Mary;  son  Benjamin  Exr.  Test^ 
Robert  Harrens,  John  Johnson,  Robt.  Thach. 

Hudde,  Christopher.  July  27, 1714.  Daughter  Elizabeth  ;  daugh- 
ter Elizabeth  Green  Exx;  all  my  children.  Test,  Thomas  Hender- 
son, John  Snead. 

Hale,  John,  Bertie.  Augt.  9,  1736 ;  Feby.  Court,  1736-37.  Wife 
Mary;  John  Gilberd,  John  Stanley  Exr.  Test,  Thomas  Watson^ 
Margaret  Stanley,  Eliz.  Kelly. 

Handel,  Benjamin,  Perquimans,  Feby.  14, 1734.  William  Hun- 
der,  mother  Elizabeth  Handel.  July  Court,  1735.  Test,  Nath'l 
Williams,  Daniel  Rogerson,  Joseph  Riddick. 

Howard,  Charles,  Craven.  1754.  Son  Charles,  son-inlaw  Jacob 
Sharebox,  goddaughter  Sibbe  Brooks.  Test,  Fras.  Fontaine,  Ann 

Howard,  James,  Bertie.  Oct.  6, 1729.  Wife  Sarah,  sons  Solomon, 
Edward,  John  and  James,  brother  Edward  Howard,  daughter 
Sarah  H.,  son  Samuel,  Thomas  Davis  and  his  heirs;  wife  Sarah  and 
son  James  Exrs.  Test,  John  Burkett,  Mary  Burkett,  William  Craw- 
ford, George  Ottway. 

Howell,  Joseph,  Edgecombe.  Jany.  10,1749;  May  Court,  1750. 
Wife  Margaret,  sons  Joseph  and  Thomas,  daughters  Mary,  Murph- 
rey,  and  Martha;  wife,  son  Joseph,  Col.  Dawson,  Sam'I  Ruffin^ 
Thomas  Howell  and  James  Henderson  Exrs.  Test,  Jas  Williamson, 
Jas.  Barron,  Thomas  Barron. 

Hinton,  Micajah,  Bertie.  Oct.  5,1756;  Jany.  Court,  1759.  Son 
William,  child  unnamed,  daughter  Elizabeth.  Test,  John  Hinton, 
Jonas  Hinton,  Hezekiah  Hinton,  John  Harrell. 

Hoskins,  William.  Feby.  20,  1692-93.  Brother  Thomas,  cousin 
Daniel  Cox,  sister  Ann  Cox  ;  Daniel  Cox  Exr.  Test,  Thomas  Mor- 
ris, Nicholas  Daw. 

Innes  James  (Cape  Fear)  Proved  Oct.  9,  1759.  "A  remittance 
made  to  pay  for  a  church  bell  for  the  Parish  of  Cannesbury  in  Cath- 
ness.  100 £  for  the  poor  of  said  Parish.  After  death  of  my  wife  I 
leave  my  plantation  called  Mount  Pleasant,  two  negro  women,  one 
negro  man  and  their  income,  all  my  stock  of  cattle  and  hogs,  one- 
half  my  stock  of  horses,  all  my  books  and  100 £  to  establish  a  free 
school  for  the  youth  of  North  Carolina,  and  to  see  that  this  part  of 
my  will  is  executed,  Col  of  the  New  Hanover  Regiment,  Parson  of 
the  Wilmington  church  and  the  Vestry  for  the  time  being  or  the 
majority  of  them,  as  they  shall  be  from  time  to  time  appointed.'^ 
Wife  loan  Ex'r.    Test,  John  Cashy. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  285 


(On  file  in  the  office  of  the  Clerk  of  the  Superior  Court  of  Chowan  County  at 
Edenton.  For  the  ^ear  look  at  the  top  of  the  column  in  which  you  find  the 
name.  An  original  is  copied  that  persons  now  living  may  see  that  it  required  a 
bond  of  £500  ($2,500)  to  secure  a  marriage  license  by  their  ancestors.) 

NORTH  CAROLINA— Chowan  County. 

Kdow  all  men  by  these  presents,  that  we,  James  Wallace  and 
James  Craven,  all  of  the  County  and  Province  aforesaid,  are  held 
and  firmly  bound  unto  our  Sovereign  Lord  the  King,  in  the  penal 
sum  of  Five  Hundred  Pounds,  to  the  which  payment  well  and  truly 
to  be  made  we  bind  ourselves,  our  heirs,  Exrs.,  Admrs.,and  assigns, 
jointly  and  severally  firmly  by  these  presents.  Sealed  with  our  seals, 
and  dated  this  4th  day  of  September,  1741. 

Whereas,  James  Wallace  hath  applied  for  a  License,  pursuant  to 
An  Act  of  Assembly  of  this  Province  entitled  an  Act  for  preventing 
clandestine  and  unlawful  marriages,  to  be  joined  together  in  the 
Holy  Estate  of  Matrimony  with  Elizabeth  Slaughter,  widow  of  the 
county  aforesaid. 

Now  the  condition  of  this  obligation  is  such,  that  if  there  appear 
no  lawful  cause  to  obstruct  the  marriage  for  which  the  aforesaid 
license  was  desired  pursuant  to  the  true  intent  and  meaning  of  the 
aforerecited  act,  then  the  above  obligation  .to  be  void,  else  to  be  and 
remain  in  full  force  and  virtue. 

Signed  James  Wallace.  [Seal.] 

Witness.  James  Craven.     LS^alJ 


Names  of  Contracting  Parties,  Date,  and  Surety. 

Job  Charlton  and  Elizabeth  Stamp,  widow.  20  Sept.  Wm.  Hoskins, 

Thomas  Leary. 
John  Norcom  and  Ann  Bentley.  2  June.  Thos.  Taylor,  Benj.  Talbot. 
Timothy  Laffitte  and  Sarah  Clayton.    25  Sept.    Peter  Payne. 
William  Wilkins  and  Sarah  Ming.    18  Jany.   Luke  Gregory. 
James  Wallace  and  Elizabeth  Slaughter,  widow.  4  Sept.  James  Craven 


Robert  Hall  and  Ann  Leary.   4  August.   Clement  Hall. 

Peter  Payne  and  Miss  Hannah  Slaughter.  8  Jany.  Richard  McClure. 

John  Simons  and  Ann  Butler.    5  June.    J.  Butler. 

Thos.  Collins  and  Annarita  Ming.  25  Jany.    Nathl.  Ming.    Written 

consent  of  Joseph  Ming  (her  father). 
James  Hazard  and   Martha  Watkins,   widow.    13   Jany.    Issachar 

Joseph  Harron  and  Mrs.  Lydia  Boyd.  10  Apl.  James  Craven. 
Samuel  Stillwell  and  Sarah  Laffitte.    24  March.    Peter  Payne. 

286  North  Cakolina  Historical 


Edmund  Hatch  and  Lucy  Richards.    Mch.  15.    Andre  Richards. 
Edward  Lovell  and  Mrs.  Mary  Mackey.   1742-3.  Henry  Jones. 


John  Loyd  and  Mrs.  Abagail  Hartson.  Augt.  18.  Peter  Payne. 
George  Keed  and  Jemima  Davis,    Apl.  16.    Andrew  Oliver. 
William  Thompson  and  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Sadler.    Augt.  30.    Nathl. 

Howcott,  W.  Fallaw. 
James  Trotter  and  Mrs.  Martha  Potter.    Dec.  2.   James  Craven. 
Timothy  Yeats  and  Mrs.  Rebecca  Youug.    Dec.  12.    John   Rice, 

George  Parris. 


William  Seward  and  Mrs.   Mary    Guston.      Feby.   20.      Orlando 


William   Bonner  and    Sarah  Luten.     Aug.  21.     W.  Luten,  Geo. 

John  Crickell  and  Mary  Nichools.    June  6     Solomon  King. 
John  Hull  and  Ann  Martin.    Sept.  ]2.    Geo.  Parris. 
Walter  Long  and  Mary  Hutson.     Dec.  10.    Timothy  Yeats,  Thos. 

Nathaniel  Matthews  and  Hester  Taylor.     Nov.  10.    John  Campbell. 

Written  consent  of  Edmund  Hatch  Guardian  of  Hester. 
Thomas  Norcom  and  Martha  Harloe.    Aug.  24.     Miles  Gale,  Wm. 

Ben  bury. 
Francis  Penrice  and  Sarah  Harloe.     Apl.  12,    George  Lilse. 
William  Richards  and  Mary  Hood.    July  13.     Orlando  Champion. 
John  Steele  and  Sarah  Richards.     June  27.     Andre  Richards. 
John  Wilkins  and  Mrs.  Deborah  Gray.    Jany.  3.    William  Hoskins. 
William  Wesson  of  Bertie  and  Sarah  Luton.   May  7.  James  Craven. 
John  Thompson  and  Mary  FuUerton.     Augt.  4. 


James  Campbell  and  Mrs.  (name  illegible).     1745.     Charles  Blount, 

Thomas  Kimsey. 
Peter  Adams  and  Mrs.  Sarah  Smith.     June  3.     Peter  Payne. 
John  Carruthers  and   Elizabeth   Wilkins.     Feby.  15.     Jacob  Car- 

ruthers,  William  Wilkins.     Written  consent  of  Elizabeth's  mother 

Miles  Gale  and  Martha  Vail.     Augt.  6.  James  Craven,  John  Alston. 
Francis  Howard  and  Mrs.  Anne  Gear.     June   11.     Thos.   Davis, 

Nich.  CuUington. 
Laws  Predy  and  Mary  Coletraine.    June  27.     Joseph  and  Charles 


AND  Gbnralogical  Reqistbr.  237 

Hezekiah  Singleton  and   Mrs.  Margaret  Ash.     Mcb.  6.     Robert 

James  Trotter  and  Mrs.  Mary  Ward.    Feb.  27.    Abraham  Blackall. 


Gervas  McGratb  and  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Neil.  Sept.  16.  John  Rieusset, 
Jas.  Craven. 

Richard  Nevil  and  Sarah  Reding.  December  4.  John  Rice,  Solo- 
mon King. 

Benjamin  Ricketts  and  Sarah  Simpson.  Aug.  16.  Saml.  Stillwell, 
Solomon  King. 


William   Benburry  and   Elizabeth  (illegible).     May  28.    J. 


Micajah  Bunch  and  Mrs.  Sarah  Adams.     Aug.  10.    William  Lewis. 

Thomad  Corprew  and  Sarah  Gale     July  31.     Miles  Gale. 

John  Rombough  and  Mrs.  Catherine  Mitchell.  May  11.  Hum- 
phrey Robinson. 


William  Arkill  and  Elizabeth  Steward.    Feby.  15.    Jos.  Anderson. 
William  Haughton  and  Mary  Ming.    Apl.  1.    Nathl.  Ming. 
Thomas  Luten,  Jr.,  and   Catharine  Jones.     Feby.   14.    William 

Adam  Raby  and  Judith  BentoD.    Sept.  30.    Lemuel  Powell. 
John  Tbeach  and  Sarah  Standing.    Apl.  27.     Wm.  Luten,  Wm. 

John  Vail  and  Elizabeth  Swann.    Sept.  20.    James  Craven. 


John  Luten  and  Sarah  Worley.     May  13.    Joseph  Blount.    (Consent 

of  her  Guardian.) 
ThomasJones,Sr.,and  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Thompson.  May  5.  John  Jones. 


Levi  Creecy  and  Mrs.  Mary  Haughton.  Relict  of  Richd.  Haugh- 
ton.    Oct  1.    Job  Charlton. 

Joseph  E^Ibeck  and  Sarah  Pagett    Sept.  2.    James  Craven. 

Edward  Hall  and  Mrs.  Martha  Norcom.     July  10.    Job  Charlton. 

James  Luten  and  *Mary  Pugh.    May  81.    Thomas  Barker. 

John  Streeter  and  Mary  Hare.  July  2.  James  Craven.  (Consent  of 
ber  father  Moses  Hare.) 

Saml.  Woodard  and  Mrs.  Sarah  Pursell.    Augt.  2.    Luke  White. 

Arthur  Allen  and  Mrs.  Jemima  Reed  widow  of  Geo.  Reed.  Oct  20. 
Edmund  Hatch,  John  Rombough. 

♦Note. — HsLry  Pugh  daughter  of  Francis  Pugh  and  wife  Pheribee  Savage. 
Mrs.  Pugh  married  2d  Thos.  Barker. 

288  North  Carolina  Historical 


Jacob  Privitt  and   Elizabeth  Jones.     July  4.     Edmund   Hatch, 

Nathl.  Howcott. 
John  Davidson  and  Margaret  Williams.     Dec.  16.     Edmund  Hatch, 

Exum  Jones. 
Peter  Payne  and  Mary  Beasley.    Oct.  18.    James  Craven,  Thomas 


Thomas  Bevans  and  Elizabeth  King.     Augt.  18.     Laws  Predy. 


William  Benbury  and (illegible).  12.  James  Craven,  Ed- 
mund Hatch. 

John  Benbury  and  Mrs.  Ann  Boyd.  Augt.  14.  Joseph  Hanon, 
Thomas  Bonner. 

John  Beasley  and  Sarah  Lilse.  Sept.  30.  George  Liles,  Thos. 

Joseph  Carruthers  and (illegible).  Jany.  29.  Jas.  Campbell,  Ed- 
mund Hatch. 

John  C.  Cleland  and  Rebecca  Wilkins.  Oct.  10.  John  Wilkins, 
James  Craven. 

Saml.  Dunscombe  and  Henrietta  Butler,  nee  Wilson.  Dec.  21.  Mat- 
thew Thomas,  David  Coleman. 

William  Flury  and  Margaret  Haughton.  May  6.  J.  Halsey,  Thos. 

Thomas  Bonner  and  Mary  Standing.     Feby. .     James  Craven, 

William  Luten. 

John  Hopkins  and  Mary  King  2d  daughter  of  Solomon  &  Amy. 
Feby.  10.    James  Owen,  Solomon  King. 

Lewis  Jones  and  Mrs.  Susannah  Ambrose.  Augt.  6.  Charles  Rob- 
erts, Thos.  Gillum. 

John  Messenger  and  Mrs.  Mary  Predy.  Jany.  20.  James  Trotter, 
Elisha  Parker. 

Elisha  Parker  and  Rebecca  Warren.    Nov.  13.    Charles  Blount. 

Joseph  Speight  and  Anne  King.     Mch.  3.     Richard  Bond. 

Richard  Woodward  and  Abigail  White.  Jany.  23.  Luke  White, 
Ed  ward  Wood  ward. 

William  Wynns  and  Zilpha  Blanchard.  Jany.  2.  James  Craven, 
J.  Halsey. 

Lemuel  Wilson  and  Martha  Alston.  Jany.  29.  Joseph  Blount, 
James  Trotter. 

John  Vanderslice  and  Mrs.  Margaret  Briggs.  Nov.  I7.  William 
Lewis,  James  Craven. 

John  Vann  and  Mrs.  Ann  Peterson.     Feby.  25.     Peter  Payne. 


Henry  Bonner  and  Esther  Worley    Nov.  5.    Thomas  Bonner. 
Daniel  Coleman  and  EUiner  Wellwood.    May  23.    John  Artie. 

AND  Genealogical  Reoistbr.  239 

Dauiel  Goldsmith  and  Ellenor  DunstoD.    Apl.  20.    John  Vail. 
Edward  Hall  and  Rachel  HaughtoD.    July  30.    Richard  Harloe. 
James  Hurst  and  Mary  Eingham.     Augt.  7.    Arthur  AUeu,  Johu 

Amos  Hinton  and  Susanna  Walton.    Sept.  6.    Richard  Freeman. 
Johu  Howel  and  Mrs.  Mary  Ming.    Sept.  8.  Jos.  Ming,  John  Arnall. 
Thomas  Ming  and  Mrs.  Sarah  Nixon.    Sept.  5.     Henry  Bonner. 
Joshua  Swain  and  Elizabeth  Blount  daughter  of  John.    Mch.  1. 

John  Walburton. 
Edmund  Standing  and  Annarita  Ward.    Oct.  9.    (Consent  of  her 

father  Thos.  Ward.) 
Tulle  Williams  and  Mary  Potter.    Oct  8.     William  Hoskins,  Chas. 



John    Baker  and   Elizabeth  Wilson.     Sept.  5.    Seasbrook   Wilson, 

Jas.  Craven.    (Consent  of  her  father  James  Wilson.) 
Samuel  Woodward  and  Mary  Coupland.    Sept.  17.     Arthur  Allen. 
Aust.  Elberson  and  Johanah  Davis.    Apl.  7.     Wm.  Halsey,  Arthur 

William   Haywood   and   Charity    Hare.     Mch.  11.     Moses  Hare 

(Charity's  father). 
James  Luten  and  Mrs.  Mary  Hopkins.     Mch.  4.    Solomon  King. 
Abel  Miller  and  Mary  Gardner.     Apl.  4.    John  Bennett. 
John  Lewis  and  Mary  Champion.     Mch.  11.    James  Craven,  Joseph 

John  Robinson  and  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Jones.     Jany.  8.    James  Craven. 
Robert  Wallace  and   Mrs.   Mary  Messenger.    Augt.  1.     Thomas 



James  Luten  and  Mary  Leary.    Jany.  31.     Ephraim  Luten. 
Jonathan  Gibson  and  Sarah  Kingham.    Sept.  9.    John  Bennett 
John  Lewis,  Jr.,  and   Mrs.   Mary  Thompson.     Nov.  19.     William 

Lewis,  Matthew  PuUerton. 
Malachi   Weston  and (illegible).     Wm.  Lewis,  Thomas 

Edward  Underbill  and  Elizabeth  Branch.     Apl  9.     Blake  Baker. 
Jacob  Butler  and  Elizabeth  Penriee.     Dec.  18.    Saml.  Dunscombe. 


Job  Butler  and  Margaret  Wateridge  of  Va.  Jany  29.  Saml.  Duns- 

Jesse  Garrett  and  Rachel  Blanohard.    Jany.  30,    Timothy  Walton. 

Daniel  Garrett  and  Esther  Haughton.  Feby  19.  Thos.  Burkett, 
Thos.  Mine. 

Abraham  Hill  and  Kathrioe  Walton.    Jany.  7.    Thomas  Walton. 

Jeremiah  Haughton  and  Mary  Sylvia.    Jany.  27.    John  Taylor. 

240  North  Carolina  Historical 

John  Hopper  and  Lovey  Martin.    June  16.    . 

William  Lowtber  and  Barbara  Gregory.    Apl.  22.    Thomas  Jones. 
William  Luten  and  Sarah  Benbury.     Dec.  23. 
William  Liles  and  Martha  Perry.    Sept.  11. 
Adam  McKeen  and  Elizabeth  Oldham.    Apl.  80.    John  Ross. 
John  Garrett  and  Bridget  Benbury.    Oct.  19.    Jno.  Halsey,  Wm. 


John  Colson  Bains  and  Katharine  Wilkins.     Mch.  29. 

Jasper  Charlton  and  Abigail  Slaughter.    Jany  14. 

John  CoflSeld  and  Elizabeth  Hoskins.     Mch.  8. 

John  Davison  and  Felichia  Christian  Price.    Mch.  24.  Wm.  Halsey. 

Nicholas  Cullens  and  Mary  Williams.     Oct.  21. 

Loyd  Jones  and  Elizabeth  Young.     Mch.  21.     John  Vann. 

Saml.  Laton  and  Elizabeth  Ford.  .Nov.  19.    Smith  Waflf, 

George  Walker  and  Mary  Jenkins.    Apl.  28.    John  Artie. 

James  Manning  and  Elizabeth  Baker.    Jany.  7.    Thos.  Jones. 


Anthony  Armistead  and  Milly  Rhodes     Dec.  5.    Gilbert  Leigh. 

Micajah  Bunch  and  Mary  Payne.    May  8.     Lewis  Jones. 

Henry  Bonner  and  Elizabeth  Hardy.    Jany.  4. 

William  Badham  and  Mrs.  Mary  Luten.     November  13. 

Everard  Garrett  and  Leah  Speight.    Jany.  30. 

Peter  Leeming  and  Martha  Lewis.     May  20.     William  Lewis. 

Nathaniel  Mathias  and  Elizabeth  Luten.     Mch.  28.    John  Luten. 


Michael  Wilder  and  Prudence  Wilson.     Dec.  29.     William  Wilson. 
Lewis  Jones  and  Ann  Halsey.    June  18.     Miles  Halsey. 
William  Boswell  and  Margery  McMath.     Nov.  5.    Thos.  Bonner. 
Abraham  Hill  and  Rachel  Scott.     May  1.    John  and  Amos  Hobbs. 
Jeremiah  Frazier  and  Penelope  Gregory.     March  8.    Thos.  Jones. 


Thomas  Bishop  and  Ann  Sullivan.     Feby.  26.  Nicholas  Collins, 

David  Meredith. 

Owen  Cromlies  and  Catharine  Rabey.    Jany.  18.  Joseph  Curtice. 

James  Fallow  and  Mourning  Ellis.     Feby.  28.  Hance  Hoffler, 

John  Hoskins. 

Everard  Garrett  and  Sarah  Hurdle.    Augt.  3.    . 

Alexander  Mow  and  Elizabeth  Cleland.    Jany.  6.  G^o.  Walker. 


Francis  Butler  and  Ann  Weston.     Dec.  3.    William  Weston,  DanU 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  241 

Robert  Carlisle  and  Sarah  Snell.    Feby.  10. 
Henry  Dare  and  Mrs.  Margaret  Miller.    Mch.  26. 
Joseph  Hobday  and  Abigail  Miller.    June  13.    Thomas  Hackett 
Benj.  Huflf  and  Elizabeth  McCain.    July  10.     Henry  Done. 
James  Elder  and  Elizabeth  Scott.    Augt.  23.     Henry  Evans. 
Silas  Marsh  and  Mary  Kimsey.    June  19.    Henderson  Luten. 
Isaac  Speight  and  Ann  Montfort.    July  24.  Richard  Brownigg. 
Robert  Sanderlin  and  Mary  Waflf.     May  3.    Smith  WaflF. 


Nehemiah  Bunch  and  Juda  Hill.     Feby.  14.     Micajah  Bunch. 

John  Black  and Carrell.     Augt.  15.    Garrett  Hembey. 

Isaac  Hassell  and  Rachel  Stepney.     Augt.  6.    Saml.  Dunscombe. 
Joy  Purdie  and  Mary  Green.    Augt  28.    Joseph  Chapman. 
Zebulon  Snowden  and  Sarah  Taylor.     Augt.  3.     John  Copeland. 
Edmund  Blount  and  Mary  Hoskins.    Feby.  26. 

James  Smith  and  Elizabeth  Stuart.     Augt  21.    Joseph  Harrison. 


Will  Bateman  and  Mary  Bunch.    June  5.    Daniel  Marshall. 
Thomas  Bonner  and  Margaret  Jones.    May  6.    Thomas  Carroll. 
John  Cole  and  Mary  Wood.    May  27.    James  Woodbine. 
Thomas  Gregorie  and  Mary  Benton.    July  4.    Daniel  Earle. 
William   Halsey   and   Mrs.  Margaret  Miller.     June  27.     Joseph 

William  Jackson  and  Sarah  Hoskins.     Dec.  21.     Daniel  Earl. 
Barnard  Rogers  and  Mrs.  Mary  Vail.     Mch.  5.     Chas.  Bondfield, 

Aurt.  Elberson. 
William  Roberts  and  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Bonner.    Feby.  21.    Nath'l 

Dr.  George  Wells  and  Marian  Boyd.    Feby.  3.    James  Hurst,  Jno. 

Green.     Consent  of  Wm.  Boyd,  Marian's  father. 
Jno.  Wilkins,  Jr.,  and   Mrs.  Rachel   Hassell.    July  10.     Francis 



James  Long  and  Mary  Brown.    June  20.     George  Robertson. 
George  Runell  and  Elizabeth  Collins.    July  20.     Richard  Walker. 
Joseph  Scott  and  Penina  Copeland.     Apl.  12.     Timothy  Walton, 

Aaron  Blanchard. 
John  Wyatt  and  Elizabeth  Scrimpshire.    Feby.  17.    Joseph  Creecy. 
Thomas    Cromartee    and    Sarah    Dowd.     July  23.      Jno.  Brown, 

Ivy  Purdy. 


242  North  Carolina  Historical 


George  Campbell  and  Mrs.  Agnes  Turner.    Jany.  21.    John  Wag- 
Thomas  Dermody  and  Ann  Fleury.    July  6.    Thomas  Blount. 


Samuel  Halsey  and  Zilphia  Bentley.     July  12.    Will  Halsey,  Thos. 

Thomas  Trotman  and  Christian  Harrell.   Feby.  27.   James  Bond. 
Samuel  Wiggins  and  Ann  Hoskins.    June  2.    Thomas  Hoskins. 


Joseph  Blount  and  Mrs.  Sarah  Hoskins.     May  15.    Thos.  'Hoskins, 

Jno.  Beasley. 
Thomas  Hunter  and   Mrs.   Mary  Walton.     June  13.     Jno.  Green, 

Aurt  Elberson. 
Robert  Patterson  and  Elizabeth  Wellwood.    Sept.  19.     Arch'd  Cor- 

rie,  Robert  Smith. 
Cader  Riddiek  and  Elizabeth  Garrett.  Dec.  18.  Thos.  Garrett,  James 

Thomas  Swann  and  Margaret  Chismell.     July  1.    John  Horniblow, 

Jno.  Green. 
Joseph  Whedbee  and  Thomazin  Garrett.    July  27.    Everard  Garrett, 

John  Elliffe. 


John  Darby  and  Kesiah  Purdy.     July  14.    Thos.  Jones,  Ivy  Purdy. 
Nath'l  Jones  and  Mrs.  Millerson  Blanchard.  June  17.  Jas.  Freeman, 

Frederick  Lassiter. 
William  Jones,  Jr.,  and  Sarah   Howcott.    Augt.  31.    Abel  Miller, 

Tinch  Farrow. 
Fred'k  Luten  and  Rachel  Jones.    Sept.   30.     Moseley   Vail,  Wm. 

Fred'k  Lassiter  and  Mrs.  Sarah  Walton.    Mch.  12.    Elisha  Hunter, 

Nat  Jones. 
Robert  Miller  and  Mrs.  Margaret  Finery.    June  27.    Alex.  Gallatly, 

Wm.  Craig. 
David   Mansfield   and   Elizabeth  Wallis.     Mch.  25.     John   Green, 

Nath'l  Jones. 
Jeremiah  Pratt  and  Penelope  Gilbert.  Mch.  10.  Thos.  Jones,  Rich'd 

William  Pearson  and  Elizabeth  Penrice.    Mch.   23.    Thos.  Jones, 

Henry  Vandewater. 
Seth  Riddiek  and  Leah  Hunter.    Jany.  6.     Josiah  Copeland. 
SimeonStallingsandMrs.  Monica  Walton.  June  24.  Joseph  Riddiek. 
William  Speight  and  Ann  Phelps.     Augt.  8.    John  Horniblow. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  243 

Jasper  Wiseman  and  Sarah  Watson.    Augt.  1.   Ivy  Purdie,  Francis 


Jonathan   Boulton   and  Mrs.   Fanny   Williams.     Apl.  8.    Hatten~ 

Joseph  Chapman  and  Mrs.  Frances  Ormond.    June  17.    John  Cun- 
ningham, Kenneth  Cameron. 
James  Carter   and   Leah  Haughton.     June  3.    Henry  Gibbons, 

David  Davis. 
James  Elder  and  Jane  Black.     Mch.  1.    John  Black,  Robert  Hunt. 
James  Garrett  and  Mrs.  Ruth  Cotrel.     Dec.  17.   Thos.  Garrett,  John 

Simeon  Long  and  Mary  Beasley.    June  4.    John  Beasley. 
Lemuel  Long  and  Celia  Copeland.    Sept.  23.    William  and  Joshua 

David  Meredith  and  Mrs.  Sarah  Brownrigg.  June  2.  Michael  Payne, 

Thos.  Jones. 
Daniel  Marshall  and  Christian  Hinton.    June  11.    David   Davis, 

Jas.  Harrison. 
William  Sibbaldson  and  Mrs.  Martha  Robertson.     May  13.    Geo. 

Russell,  Henry  Gibbons. 
James  Thompson  and  Elizabeth  Price.  July  29.   Henry  Thompson. 
William  Ward  and  Mrs.  Mary  Freeman.     Nov.  29.    Joseph  Worth, 

Geo.  Nors worthy. 


Jethro  Ballard  and  Elizabeth  Sumner.     Dec.  30.    Benj.  Sumner. 

Demsey  Bond  and  Rachel  Blanchard.    Mch.  16.    John  EUiff,  Jno. 

Jacob  Eason  and  Mary  Walton.     Nov.  1.     Fred'k  Lassiter. 

-John  Foster  and  Nancy  Williams.     Oct.  1.    Hatten  Williams. 

William  Gaskins  and  Mrs.  Sarah  Robertson.     Apl.  11.    John  Rom- 
bough,  Wm.  Craig. 

Timothy  Hunter  and  Mary  Sumner.     Oct.  22.     Hardy  Hunter. 

Alex.  Hamilton  and  Elizabeth   Sullivan.    June  9.    John  Wyllie, 
Wm.  Craig. 

William  King  and  Kathariue  Cook.    June  15.     Wm.  Craig,  Alex. 

John  Kennedy  and  Mrs.  Ann  Haughton.     Nov.  19. 

James  Norfleet  and  Sarah  Gordon.     Dec.  1.     Benj.  Gordon. 

John  Robinson  and  Kesiah  Elliott.     Dec.  31.     Edward  Benbury. 

John  Ready  and  Euphenia  Brown.     Apl.  5,    Henry  Vandewater. 

Thomas  Wade  and  Mary  Duncan.  Mch.  4.    John  Wilkinson,  David 


-Joseph  Blount,  Jr.,  and  Lydia  Bonner.    July  15.    Joseph   Blount, 
Thomas  Jones. 

244  North  Carolina  Historical 

Mvles  Burk  and  Mary  Powers.    May  10.    Joseph  Wbedbee,  Richard 

Jacob  Boyce  and  Mrs.  Agnes  Eccleston.    Mch.  7.    John  Beasley. 
Robert  Egan  and  Mrs.  Sarah  Dailey.    Mch.  16.    William  Askew. 
Dawson  Hull  and  Celia  Cain.     May  15.    Jonathan  Cain. 
Jonathan  Jordan  and  Mary  Outlaw.    Sept.  20.  Thos.  Garrett,  Jr. 
Jacob  Outlaw  and  Rachel  Garrett.    Nov.  25.    Thos.  Garrett. 
Josiah  Speight  and  Mrs.  Elenora  Bond.    Jany.  11.    Jno.  Mushrow, 

Thos.  Garrett. 
Benjamin  Sanders  and  Mary  Hunter.    Mch.  10.    William  Bennett. 
John  Weir  and  Mary  Harlowe.     Augt.  11.    Thos.  McNider. 


John  Bennett  and  Sarah  Clark.    May  21.    William  Dermody. 
James  Carr  and  Ann  Jones.    Mch.  5.     William  Badham. 
James  Digin  and  Frances  Chapman.    May  13.    Robert  Egan. 
Joseph  Hopkins  and  Elizabeth  Harper.    Apl.  25.    Alex.  Clark. 
Hezekiah  Jones  and  Azenath  Halsey.    Mch.  6.    William  Stewart. 
Job  Leary  and  Rachel  Hoskins.     Jany.  1.    Roger  Pye. 
Doctor  Riddick  and  Elizabeth  Sumner.    Mch.  1.    Josiah  Speight. 
Miles  McSheehey  and  Penelope  Stacy.    Apl.  20.    Joseph  Wortn. 
John  Bond  and  Mary  Mathias.    Apl.  27.    Thos.  Price,  Rich'd  Bond. 


Thomas  Britain  and  Elizabeth  Wilson.   Apl.  1.   Alex.  Montgomery. 
Allen  Clark  and  Henrietta  Dunscombe.    Nov.  10. 
John  Custis  and  Elizabeth  Sarah  Littledale.  Oct.  11.  Edward  Jinker. 
Alexander  Douglas  and  Elizabeth  Webb.  Nov.  20.  John  Blackman. 
James  Griffin  and  Elizabeth  Darden.    Dec.  27.    Willis  Griffin. 
Nicholas  Hunter  and  Susannah  Buchanan.  Nov.  14.  Jno.  Blackburn. 
Edward  Jinker  and  Mrs.  Sarah  Bare.    Oct.  11.    John  Custis. 
William  Knight  and  Sarah  Foster.    Mch.  31.    John  Boggs. 
Matthew  Whiteman  aud  Abigail  Pratt.     Oct.  5. 
William  WaflF  and  Celia  Seward.    Dec.  17.   Pred'k  Vail. 


John  Alberson  and  Mary  Warren.    Jany.  7.    John  Addison. 
John  Barniby  and  Esther  Caroon.    Jany.  24.    J.  Sanderlin. 
John  Hubert  Bory  and  Mary  Randal.    July  22.    Francis  Lafont. 
Robert  Boggs  and  Frances  Billops.    June  5.    Joseph  Wills. 
John  Coffield  and  Ann  Thompson.    Mcb.  20.    Wm.  Jackson. 
John  Charlton  and  Bethiah  Tucker.    June  25.    William  Charlton. 
William  Cowper  and  Mrs.  Chrisnon   Doeber.    Jany.  15.    Thomas 

William  Davis  and  Elizabeth  Stiron.    Nov.  14.    James  Cole. 
Richard  Freeman  and  Christian  Hinton.  Sept.  29.  James  Freeman. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  245 

John  Frazel  and  Mehetebel  Halsey.    April  21.    John  Beasley. 
John  Harvey  and  Elizabeth  Hall.    Mch  11.    Thos.  Benbury. 
William  Leary  and  Leah  Freeman.    Mch.  24.    Thos.  White. 
James  Lester  and  Sarah  Dear.    Mch.  7.     William  Lester. 
Francis  Lafont  and  Mary  Wyatt.    July  16.     Peter  Powers. 
Alexander    Montgomery  and   Sarah    Cromartie.     May  18.    John 

Dominique  Murray  and  Millie  Sullivan.    Jany.  7.     William  Waff. 
John  McGuire  and  Sarah  Bunch.    Dec.  10. 
Charles  Pettigrew  and  Mary  Blount.     Oct  28. 
Peter  Powers  and  Mary  Burk.    June  23.    Jas.  Carter,  Wm.  Forbes. 
John  Robinson  and  Lydia  Brinn.     Mch.  30.    Charles  Hinesley. 
George  Stocker  and  Catharine  Leighton.    Jany.  31.     Uriah  Sinkler. 
George  Stewart  and  Catharine  Wilson.     Nov.  2.     Morris  Buckley. 
James  Sweeney  and  Sarah  Parker.    Sept.  5.    John  Vann. 
Jeremiah  Waters  and  Catharine  Miller,  May  25.  Robert  Thompson. 
Steward  Walker  and  Martha  Rhodes.     May  19.    Thos.  Palmer. 


Henry  Bonner  and  Elizabeth  Williams.    June  14. 

Nehemiah  Bateman  and  Sarah  Streater.     Mch.  22. 

John  Collins  and  Sarah  Hinton.     Feby  6.    George  Russell. 

Bartholomew  Ditchburn  and  Ann  McClennon.     Nov.    29. 

Thomas  Endless  and  Mary  Johnson.    May  9. 

William  Earl  and  Mary  Webb.    Sept.  9. 

William  Floyd  and  Christian  White.     Mch.  10. 

Riehard  Groves  and  Keziah  Waff.    July  8. 

Luke  Gregory  and  Elizabeth  Haughton.    Nov.    29. 

James  Hare  and  Penelope  Jackson.     Dec. 

Thos.  McKoin  and  Elizabeth  Taylor.    May  13. 

Peter  Morrell  and  Lydia  Waff.    Sept.  8. 

Joseph  Pierce  and  Frances  Nicols.    Nov.  24.    James  Carr. 

Thomas  Parker  and  Taresa  Cunningham.     Oct.  3. 

John  Ready  and  Rachel  Jones.     Apl.  23. 

Joseph  Smith  and  Elizabeth  Hardy.    July  21. 

Thomas  Waff  and  Sarah  Jones.     Apl.  7. 

Thomas  Wills  and  Margaret  Swann.    Augt.  26. 

Richard  Chappell  and  Kesiah  Jordan.     May  1. 

John  Harford  and  Elizabeth  Clark.    June  8. 


Hiene  Linart  and  Priscilla  Harrod.     Oct.  9.     Adam  Harrod. 
Solomon  Ward  and  Mary  Simpson.    Sept.    27.     Med  Ashley. 
Peter  Groshon  and  Elizabeth  Williams.    Nov.  31.     Benj.  Hardison. 

246  North  Carolina  Historical 


Maurice  Buckley  and  Elizabeth  Disbon.    Feby.  4.    Micbael  Mc* 

CuUen  Bunch  and  Rhoda  HoUowell.    Dec.  27.     William  Bunch. 
Aaron  Coiner  and  Anne  Liles.    July  7.    Henry  Drake  Watson. 
Joseph  L.  Crisman  and  Margaret  Blount.  Apl.  17.  Joseph  Whedbee. 
Wm.  Story  Dawes  and  Fanny  Jackson.    July  18.    Henry  Flury. 
James  Evans  and  Miriam  Jordan.    Feby.  19.    William  Jordan. 
John  Eccleston  and  Mary  Garrett.    Sept.  22.    William  Rombough. 
John  Farrow  and  Sarah  Glaughan.    Mch.  10.    Tinch  Farron. 
William  Fallow  and  Absallah  Small.     May  12.    Henry  Bonner. 
John  Gasser  and  Mary  Hoskins.     Oct.  29. 
Elisha  Harrod  and  Jenny  Rhody.     Mch.  31.    Adam  Harrod. 
Edward  Haughton  and  Deborah  Gregory.    Feby  20.  John  Beasley. 
Edward   Harvey  and   Rebecca   Nichols.      July  8.    John   Parker 

Joseph  Hindesley  and  Perthia  Gooden.    Nov.  7.    Thomas  Bacchus. 
Malachi  Halsey  and  Esther  Copeland.    Oct  19.     Hezekiah  Jones. 
Colen  Halsey  and  Elizabeth  Boyd.    Dec.  16.    John  Frazell. 
Richard  Humphries  and  Tamer  Caruthers.    Sept.  10. 
Charles  Johnson  and  Elizabeth  Earl.    Feby.  10. 
Bond  Jameson  and  Teresa  Bond,     Feby.  9. 
John  Kale  and  Celia  Parker.     Nov.  8.    Demsey  Kale. 
James  Laquer  and  Nancy  Jennett.    Feby.  28.    James  Jennet. 
Aaron  Lassiter  and  Ruth  Smith.     Jany.  6.     Simon  Stallings. 
Michael  McKeel  and  Nancy  Small.    July  13.    John  Eccleston. 
George  Morgan  and  Sarah  Valentine.    Nov.  20.    John  Eccleston. 
Charles  Moore  and  Elizabeth  Creecy.     Nov.  15.    Thos.  Ming. 
James  Marteri  and  Elizabeth  Walter.     Dec.  20.     H.  Neil. 
William  Parker  and  Catherine  Cowand.    June  4.     John  Clastrie. 
Joshua  Perkins  and  Frances  Pettyjohn.     Jany.     24. 
Thomas  Roberts  and  Christian  Lassiter.     May  4.    Jacob  Eason. 
John  Scott  and  Lydia  Lester.    June  21.     Abraham  Pettyjohn. 
Benjamin  Wood  and  Myriam  Smith.     Nov.  8.    James  Sutton. 
Thomas  White  and  Charity  Gregory.     Dec.  9.    Josiah  Copeland. 
John  Williamson  and  Mary  Simpson.   Nov.  19.  Sam'l  Skinner. 
John  Williams  and  Martha  Collins.    May  19.     Daniel  Marshall. 
LoUderick  Ward  and  Deborah  Ward.    Aug.  19.    Ephraim  Ward. 
Thomas  Williams  and  Elizabeth  Pollock.     June  18. 


Richard  Buckley  and  Lydia  Copeland.     Feby.  3.  Malachi  Halsey. 

William  Bunch  and Jany.  18.    Josiah  Jones. 

Lewis  Dishon  and  Eliz.  Rodda.    Jany.  25.   Maurice  Buckley. 
Thomas  Bacchus  and  Catharine  Means.     Oct.  24.    Richard  Buckley. 
James  Cotton  and  Sarah  Luten.    July  5.    Ivy  Purdie. 
William  Carter  and  Charlotte  Hough.  June  20.   Dominick  Murray. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  247 

Malacbi  Deale  and  Elizabeth  Stacey.  Dec.  4.  Mead  Ashley. 
Winslow  Elliott  and  Mary  Asbern.  Apri.  14.  Exum  Elliott. 
Caleb  Goodwin  and  Priscilla  Hinton.  Oct.  14.  Thos.  Jones, 
l^aac  George  and  Mary  Rhodes.  Dec.  16.  Michael  McKeel. 
William  ilatthewsand  Amelia  Gardner.  Apl.  9. 
Peter  O'Neal  and  Kesiah  Hoskins.  Nov.  20.  Henry  Bonner. 
Peter  Hunter  Phillips  and  Frances  Anderson.    June  7.    Tucker 

Levin  Patterson  and  Kesiah  Evans.     Feby.  14.    John  Powers. 
Stephen  Saunders  and  Ferebee  Right.    Mch.  14.    William  Tow. 
John  Smith  and  Bettie  Cannon.    Jany.  23.    Joseph  Whedbee. 
John  Sinclair  and  Elizabeth  Mund.    Sept.  — .    John  Ready. 
Joseph  Ward  and  Christian  Ward.    Augt.  18.  Ephraim  Ward. 
Isaac  White  and  Sarah  Whedbee.    Sept.  20.    William  Barrow. 
Seth  Wood  and  Mrs.  Mary  Ross.    July.  8.    James  Smith. 
Thomas  Whedbee  and  Sarah  Norcom.    Mch.  11.    William  Simons. 


Joseph  Ashley  and  Sarah  Hall.     Oct.  16.    John  Goodwin. 
John  Brinn  and  Elizabeth  Savage.     July  27.    Josiah  Brinn. 
William  Bacchus  and  Celia  Minchew.  July  28.  Thomas  Bacchus. 
James  Bond  and  Mary  Hoskins.     Oct.  8.    John  CoflBeld. 
William  Callagan  and  Hannah  Carr.     April  14.    Michael  McKeeL 
Josiah  Chappell  and  Mary  Walch.     May  29.    Jacob  Thomas. 
Henry  Boyd  Davis  and  Elizabeth  Jacobs.     Dec.   2.  J.  Harford. 
Stephen  Elliott  and  Frances  Bunch.    June  18.     Jno.  Leeming. 
William  Fisher  and  Mary  Williams.     April  12.    Joseph  Whedbee. 
Henry  Gardner  and  Mary  Badham.     Mch.  13.     James  Hayes. 
George  Grandy  and  Sarah  Lane.     Augt.  30.    Richard  Reeves. 
Thomas  Hankins  and  Elizabeth  Minirva.  Apl.  28.  Wm.  Rombough. 
Hance  Jordan  and  Mary  Ellis.     Oct.  30.    Thomas  Ellis. 
John  Leeming  and  Lewis  Grogan.     Apl.  12.    Joseph  Whedbee. 
Nathan  Mitchell  and  Rachel  Etheridge.   Apl.  30.  James  Dunscomb. 
Elisha  Norfleet  and  Ann  Evans.     Nov.  24.    Thomas  King. 
James  Price  and  Mary  Williams.     June  29.     Josiah  Small. 
Samuel   Popelston   and   Mrs.  Ester  Barnaby.    June  12.    Thomas 

Stephen  Powell  and  Mary  Phelps.     April  14.  Michael  McKeel. 
John  Pou  and  Mary  Schelistain.     Dec.  27. 

Richard  Smith  and  Temperance  Bishop.     May  28.  Richard  Reeves. 
Hugh  Smith  and  Mary  Blackburn.     April  13.     Lemuel  Standin. 
Thomas  Smith  and  Anne  Duncan.     Oct.  15.    William  Newbold. 
Thomas  Simmons  and  Deborah  Creecy.   Jany.  14.  George  Baines,  Jr. 
Gregory  Thach  and  Penelope  Hall.     August  11.   Thomas  Thach. 
Joseph  Thach  and  Rosanna  Ming.     Dec.  10.     Thomas  Ming. 
Harmon  Webb  and  Edy  Jones.     Feby.  8.    Thomas  Waff. 
John  Watkins  and  Deborah  Butler.    Jany.  12.    Edward  Vail. 

248  North  Carolina  Historical 


Thomas  Byrum  and  Rachel  Hobbs.    Dec.  22.    James  Keel. 
Isaiah  Burdick  and  Hannah  Phelps.    May  19.  William  Summers. 
Jeremiah  Coffield  and  Sarah  Banks.    Sept.  27.    John  CoflBeld. 
John  Clements  and  Ann  Perkins.     July  8.     Fred'k  Clements. 
James  Chew  and  Hannah  Homes.    May  3.    Sacker  Savage. 
Robert  Donialdson  and  Rosanna  Stewart.    June  2.    John  Webb. 
James  Dunscombe  and  Sarah  Badham.    June  28.    Thomas  Bent. 
Jeremiah  Fleetwood  and  Elizabeth  Thompson.   Dec.  18.  John  Price. 
Job  Hicks  and  Thamer  Bacchus.     Aug.  1.    J.  Bond. 
Denton  James  and  Mary  Sleep.     May  16.    Dominique  Murray. 
Anthony  Joseph  and  Mary  Williams.    July  23.    Francis  Porrie. 
James  Keel  and  Sarah  Spivey.    Sept.  10.     Edward  Welch. 
John  Leary  and  Sarah  Haughton.    Feby.  28. 
Thomas  Myers  and  Margaret  Wildare.     Nov.  22.    Henry  Bond. 
Nicholas  Newbern  and  Ann  Jones.    July  4.    Reuben  Small. 
Joseph  B.  Pou  and  Zilpha  Woodward.    Sept.  23.    Hardy  Hurdle. 
James  Price  and  Elizabeth  Newbern.     Feby.  4. 
William  Pyle,  Jr.,  and  Eliz.  Wyllie.     Feby.  6.     Robert  Egan. 
John  Pettyjohn  and  Ann  Ming.     April  14.    John  Proctor. 
John  Ryall  and  Lydia  Maines.     Oct.  17.     Michael  Payne. 
Benj.  Small  and  Mary  Humphreys.    Jany.  31. 
James  Spingley  and  Elizabeth  Stewart.    Mch.  17.    Alex.  Hamilton. 
William  Thurston  and  Rachel  Ward.    Aug.  11.    Nicholas  Stallings. 
Jer.  Vernice  and  Mary  Rhoda.     Feby.  12.    Jos.  Valentine. 
Harden  Ward  and  Elizabeth  Wood.     May  24.    Joshua  Copeland. 
Thomas  Wafif  and  Sarah  Liles.    June  26.    Henry  Bond. 


Thomas  Bateman  and  Elizabeth  Elliott.  Dec.  16.  Geo.  Wilkinson. 
George  Bains  and  Sarah  Charlton.    July  30.  Henry  Bond. 
Wilson  Cheshire  and  Sarah  Hoskins.     July  II. 
Thomas  Chambers  and  Mary  Endless.    Sept.  30.   Joseph  Whedbee. 
Job  CoflBeld  and  Mary  Newbern.     Nov.  23.     Reuben  Small. 
William  Carruthers  and  Elizabeth  Ambrose.  May  28.   Henry  Jacobs. 
Stephen  Elliott  and  Elizabeth  Thompson.   June  20.  James  Parrish. 
James  Farrow  and  Penelope  West.   Dec.  26.   Henry  Drake  Watson, 

Wm.  Liles. 
Thomas  Gordon  and  Mary  Liles.    Feby.  13.    Sr.  Savage. 
Jesse  Hassell  and  Elizabeth  Haughton.   Mch.  11.  John  Leeming. 
Joseph  Johnston  and  Mildred  Sanderlin.     Oct.  17.    John  Wilder. 
Thos.  McNider  and  Nancy  Crothers.     Aug.  29.  Sam'l  Simpson. 
Myles  O^Mally  and  Helen  Gray.    July  17.  .  Michael  Payne. 
John  Morris  and  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Savage.     June  17. 
Thomas  Matthias  and  Frances  Bunch.     Feby.  12.    John  Bond. 
John  Pearson  and  Ann  Ormond.     May  26.     Wm.  Callagan. 
Roger  Squires  and  Penelope  Kirby.     Nov.  2.    Will.  T.  Muse. 

AND  Gknealogical  Registbr.  249 

Thomas  Seaman  and  Elizabeth  Smith.    Dec.  29.    Sam'i  Jackson, 

Cornell  Foster. 
William  Satterfield  and  Polly  Hollowell.    Dec.  23.    Thomas  WaflF. 
Thomas  Simons  and  Rachel  Ready.    Mch.  29.    Joseph  Wilkins. 
John  Ward  and  Anna  Small.    Mch.  14.    Jeremiah  Ashley. 


Stephen  Burn  and  Charlotte  Hoff.     Feby.  10.    James  Spingley. 
Thomas  Bacchus  and  Mary  Ashley.     May  21.    James  Parish. 
Henry  Bleaton  and  Deborah  Perkins.    Oct.  23.    John  Frazel. 
James  Brinn  and  Zilpha  Martin.     Jany.  9.     Josiah  Brinn. 
Geo.  Beasley  and  Elizabeth  Bonner.  Oct.  19.    Thos.  Bateman. 
Robert  Beasley  and  Elizabeth  Elliott.     Feby.  9.    Willis  Williams. 
James  D.  Camp  and  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Clarkson.      Jany  2.      Thos. 

John  Cox  and  Mary  Charlton.    Jany.  6.    John  Frazel. 
William  Dadman  and  Happy  Warner.    June  1.     Michael  McKeel. 
Cornell  Foster  and  Elizabeth  Haddichs.  Feby.  12.    Matt.  O'Mally. 
Jeremiah  Fleetwood  and  Mary  Pilkinton.  July  17.  Thos.  Thompson. 
Henry  Flury  and  Eliz  Harris.     Nov.  1.     Will.  T.  Muse. 
John  FuUinton  and  Penina  Welch.     Dec.  7.    Isaac  Welch. 
Demsey  Jordan  and  Lucy  Person.     Feby.  19,    Thomas  Bacchus. 
Elisha  Hare  and  Esther  Norfleet.     Dec.  28.     Elisha  Parker. 
Nath'l  Howcott  and  Sarah  Norcom.    Sept.  11.    Reuben  Small. 
James  Leonard  and  Mary  Halsey.     Mch.  4.     Henry  Flury. 
James  Leonard  and  Sarah  Clark.     Feby.  27.     Henry  Flury. 
John  Murray  and  Elizabeth  Plummer.   Apl.  3.  John  Cameron. 
William  Muns  and  Mary  Eason.    Jany.  5.     Thos.  Bacchus. 
James  Ming  and  Ann  Beasley.     Feby.  23.    Ed.  Haughton. 
William  Parker  and  Sarah  McGuire.    Mch.  24.     Wm.  McDonald. 
Thomas  Parker  and  Mary  Hoskins.    Dec.  2.    John  Powers,  John 

John  Spivey  and  Rhoady  Ward.     May  9.    George  White. 
Henry  Starr  and  Margaret  Muir.    Dec.  25.     Benj.  S.  Simpson. 
Chas.  Sanderlain  and  Catharine  Humphries.  May  17.  Thos,  Collins. 
Amos  Trotman  and  Hannah  Hurdle.    Jany.  12.    Benj.  Hurdle. 
Shadrach  Ward  and  Rachel  Byrum.     May  13.    Nicholas  Stallings. 
Denby  Ward  and  Barbara  Cowan.    June  3.     Humphrey  Ward. 
Isaac  Welch  and  Sarah  Hollowell.     Mch.  8.    John  Fullinton. 
Nathan  Ward  and  Sarah  Wood.    Nov.  27.    Geo.  White. 
William  Webb  and  Mary  James.    Jany.  10.    Edward  James. 
Thomas  Waff  and  Penelope  Bunch.    July  2.    Benj.  Coffield. 

Without  date  as  to  year: 
Chas.  Roberts  and  Nancy  Hoskins.  Apl.  26, 17 — .  Samuel  Hoskins. 

Isom  Boyce  and  Rebecca  Thompson.    Nov.  28.    Thos.  Thompson. 

250  North  Carolina  Historical 

William  Barrow  and  Hannah  Arps.     Nov.  26.    Zachariah  Webb. 
Francis  Beasley  and  Elizabeth  Jones.  Jany.  4.  Tbos.  Bateman. 
Andrew  Crawford  and  Charlotte  Long.    Sept.  23.    John  Beasley^ 

HoUiday  Walton. 
James  Chew  and  Susannah  Etheridge.     May  23.    Robert  Egan. 
David  Currie  and  Esther  Butler.    Feby.  4.  Arthur  Butler. 
Jacob  Deschampe  and  Ann  Rhoda.    Jany.  27.    Aug.  Deschampe. 
John  Dishon  and  Janney  Harrod.    Feby.  15.    Gauston  Visher. 
Charlton  Hall  and  Sarah  Rea.    Aug.  30.    Wm.  Richards. 
John  Harrell  and  Ann  Muns.     May  25.    James  Parish. 
Thomas  Hamilton  and  Martha  Liles.     Mch.  1.    Jno.  Leming. 
Henry  Joiner  and  Susanna  Bunch.     Aug.  11.    Thos.  Waff. 
Joseph  Jordan,  Jr.,  and  Esther  Hobbs.     Oct.  4.    Joseph  Jordan. 
Samuel  Jimson  and  Elizabeth  Martin.  July  11.  Dominique  Murray^ 
Joshua  Johnson  and  Catharine  Bains.    Jauy.  29.    Thomas  McNider. 
William  King  and  Mary  Perkins.    Augt.  12.    Robert  Perkins. 
Phillip  McGuire  and  Amy  Small.     May  6.     Thos.  Bateman. 
Michael  McKeel  and  Mary  Brinkley.    Dec.  29.   Wilson  Mewborn. 
Edward  Norcom  and  Sarah  Sutton.     May  21.  Lemuel  Standin. 
Samuel  Privett  and  Bathsbeba  Benton.    June  8.    James  Garrett. 
Ratliff  Pointer  and  Happy  Deadman.    July  14.   James  Smith,  Jno- 

Abraham  Pettyjohn  and  Susanna  Cale.    Augt.  2.    James  Bently. 
Seth  Parker  and  Elizabeth  Price.    Sept.  28.    Isaac  Parker. 
Michael  Stevens  and  Mary  Ann  Durham.    Oct.  6.    Wm.  Shaw. 
William  Stacey  and  Elizabeth  Ashley.    Dec.  28.    Jer.  Ashley. 
Benjamin .  Swain   Simpson   and  Mary   Wyatt.    Jany.  27.    Samuel 

Silas  White  and  Judah  Wallace.    Dec.  7.    Henry  Bond. 


William   Bains,  Sr.,  and   Elizabeth  Simpson.     May   16.     William 

Baines,  Jr. 
John  Botner  Edwards  and  Catharine  Clark.  Dec.  20.  Evan  Simpson. 
William  Fallaw  and  Elizabeth  Lewis.     Feby.  14.  Henry  Bonner. 
Thomas  Graystock  and  Mary  Joseph.    Augt.  6.    Henry  Rodney. 
Hezekiah  Gorham  and  Ann  Hassell.     Mch.  21.    Benj.  Hassell. 
William  Haughton  and  Mary  Pratt.    Apl.  16.    James  Farrow. 
John  Hall  and  Hannah  Jones.     Aug.  25.    William  Bonner. 
Colin  Halsey  and  Elizabeth  Garrett.    Sept.  11.    Malachi  Halsey. 
Isaiah  Jones  and  Ephraim  Buckley.    Feby.  21.    Rich'd  Buckley. 
Joseph  Morris  and  Mary  Harrell.    Sept.  17.    Joab  Champion. 
Zebulon  Mansfield  and  Elizabeth  Goodwin.  May  4.  Joseph  Good  win. 
Chas.  Powell  and  Sarah  Brickie.    Nov.  10.    William  Rombough. 
Reuben  Small  and  Rebecca  Bond.    Dec.  22.    Benj.  Small. 
Myles  Stallings  and  Christian  Byrum.    May  4.   William  Caruthers. 
James  Simpson  and  Patience  Humphrey.    Dec.  6.  James  Starns. 
Reuben  Simons  and  Mary  Hoskins.    Apl.  9.    Charlton  Simons. 


John  Wilder  and  Sarah  Bond.    Dec.  17.    George  Wilkinson. 
William  Wallis  and  Christian  Bevins.    Nov.  20.    John  Walton. 


Reuben  Arnold  and  Polly  Sanderlin.    Aug.  10.    Thomas  Bent. 
William  Bush  and  Sarah  Jackson.    Dec.  2.  James  Jackson. 
Isaac  Byrum  and  Mary  Jordan.    Oct.  18.    Jacob  Jordan. 
Robert  Beasley  and  Rebecca  Wilkins.    Sept.  13.    Thos.  Seaman. 
Job  Charlton  and  Bathia  Charlton.    Augt.  17.    Will  Wilkins. 
William  Daniel  and  Mary  Sowall.    Oct.  12.    Solomon  Bunch. 
Cader  Felton  and  Prisey  Rouutree.    Mch.  29.   John  Felton. 
Jethro  Hillman  and  Susannah  Stanton.    Apl.  20.    Gilbert  Stanton. 
William  Hall  and  Elizabeth  Hoskins.    June  18.    Myles  Hall,  John 

Jacob  Muns  and  Elinor  Rhoda.    Sept.  11.    William  Muns. 
John  Parish  and  Sarah  Rogers.     Apl.  11.    William  Burnett. 
Jeremiah  Ward  and  Rachel  Hooten.    May  6.    Luodovick  Ward. 
Gteorge  Wilkinson  and  Frances  Myles.   Feby.  12.  Christopher  Miller. 
William  Wilkins  and  Mary  Wilkins.    Augt.  17.    Job  Charlton. 


Elijah  Bunch  and  Ann  Parish.    Aug.  26.    Abner  Bunch. 
Edward  Bunch  and  Sarah  Goodwin.    Mch.  10.    Nath'l  Howcott. 
Lemuel  Burkitt  and  Elizabeth   Middleton.    Jany.  15.     Abraham 

David  Haughton  and  Ann  Savage.    Apl.  24.  James  Satterfield. 
Anson  Hubble  and  Sarah  Reeves.    Dee.  30.    Thomas  Waff. 
Joseph  Jordan  and  Mary  Hicks.    Dec.  8.    Wyke  Newby. 
Joseph  Low  and  Charlotte  Burn.    Aug.  27.    Henry  Gardner- 
John  Moore  and  Hannah  Barrow.     Dec.  27.    James  Cunningham. 
Zebulon  Mills  and  Elizabeth  High  Smith.    Mch.  29.  William  Lester. 
Wyke  Newby  and  Charity  Roberts.     Apl.  30.    Miles  Elliott. 
Moses  Rhoda  and  Celia  Lane.    May  7.    William  Bunch. 
Stephen  Smith  and  Sarah  Boyce.     Nov.  18.    William  Smith. 
Joseph  Ward  and  Esther  Fallaw.     Apl.  9.    Frederick  Gurley. 
Silvanus  Wilson  and  Elizabeth  White.     Nov.  1.  William  Wright. 
William  Williams  and  Eliz.  Watkins.     Apl.  3.    Jas.  Satterfield. 


Thomas  Anderson  and  Susannah  Warner.     May  9.    James  Neill. 
James  Bunch  and  Priscilla  Bunch.     May  14.    Joseph  Bunch. 
Daniel  Barker  and  Axine  Everton.    June  20.    James  Hathaway. 
Moses  Buckley  and  Charity  Goodwin.     July  12.    Wm.  Goodwin. 
Joseph  Brown  and  Lydia  Webb.     Mch.  18.    Jas.  Cunningham. 
Jacob  Boyce  and  Catharine  Jones,     Feby.  9.     Moses  Buckley. 
William  Carter  and  Sarah  Bond.     Oct.  12.    Stephen  Carpenter. 

252  North  Carolina  Historical 

Joseph  Copeland  and  Mary  Boyce.  Nov.  28.    Joseph  Boyce. 
Joseph  Chamberlain  and  Dinah  Bartie.    Nay  12.    Eli  Bartie. 
James  Cunningham  and  Eliz.  Ellis.     April  17.    Michael  McKeel. 
Barnaba  Coffield  and  Siabre  Hix.     Aug.  14.    Fred'k  Simpson. 
Uriah  Daniel  and  Amy  Harrod.    Dec.  23.    Thomas  Bacost. 
Townsend  Elliott  and  Sarah  Simons.    Oct.  22.    Exum  Elliott,  Solo- 
mon Elliott. 
Robert  Edny  and  Mary  Bond.    June  16.    Lem'l  Standin. 
John  Everton  and  Mary  Love.     Apl.  11.    Alex.  Millen. 
William  Floyd  and  Roady  Lane.    June  20.    James  Stearns. 
Phillip  George  and  Deborah  Riddick.    July  25.     Dominique  Murer. 
William  Halsey  and  Elizabeth  Banks.    Sept.  7.    John  McGuire. 
Joshua  Handsay  and  Sally  Davis.    Sept.  8.    Myles  O'Mally. 
James  Hoskins  and  Mary  Norcom.    Oct.  22.    Wm.  Rombough. 
John  Hollowell  and  Penina  Byrum.    May  26.    Nicholas  Stallings. 
James  Harvey  and  Mary  Roberts.    June  20.  James  Hathaway. 
Elisha  Jones  and  Mary  Payne.     Dec.  12.    Hamilton  Waring. 
John  Jenny  and  Barbary  Stanton.    Jany.  8.    Elisha  Parker. 
William  Kirby  and  Mary  Hicks.    June  13.    Barnaby  CoflBeld. 
King  Luten  and  Ann  Hoskins.'   July  13.    Thomas  Hankius. 
Thomas  Liles  and  Mary  Glohorn.     Mch.  26.    William  Bad  bam. 
Thomas  Munds  and  Lidea  Halsey.    Dec.  2.     Myles  Ashley. 
Edward  Moseley  and  Ann  Bateman.    Jany.  16.   Thomas  Whedbee. 
Lemuel  Price  and  Charity  Bonhanon.    Sept.  14.    Seth  Parker. 
Solomon  Perry  and  Esther  Spivey.    Feby.  25.    Amos  Perry. 
Isaac  Parker  and  Betsy  Small.    Mch.  20.    Seth  Parker. 
Thomas  Roberts  and  Mary  Ward.     Aug.  17.    John  Hearald. 
James  Swann  and  Polly  Williams.    Jany.  8.     Elisha  Parker. 
Jacob  Simons  and  Hannah  Wilder.    Apl.  6.    Joshua  Simons. 
James  Satterfield  and  Fanny  Bonner.    Mcb.  5.    Thos.  Satterfield. 
Gen'l  William  Skinner  and  Mrs.  Dorothy  McDonald.    June  26. 
Abram  Small  and  Sarah  Humphries.     May  16.     Reuben  Small. 
Thomas  Satterfield  and  Mary  Stewart.    Oct.  22.    James  Satterfield. 
Dr.  Mathias  E.  Sawyer  and  Peggy  Hosmer.  Dec.  21.  John  Little. 
Josiah  Smith  and  Charity  Woodward.  Feby.  16.  Richard  Woodward. 
William  Thomas  and  Eliz.  Beasley.    May  22.   James  Hathaway. 
John  Taylor,  Jr.,  and  Hannah  Hall.     Mch.  6.    John  Taylor. 
John  Tillman  and  Martha  Hamilton.    Feby.  12.  Henry  Gardner. 
John  Williams  and  Martha  Collins.    Sept.  21.     Nicholas  Newborn. 
George  Wilkins  and  Easter  Simons.     Nov.  2.    Eli  Bartie. 
Zachariah  Webb  and  Sarah  Cheshire.    Apl.  23.     Wm.  Rombough. 


Jonathan  Ashley  and  Delila  Ford.    Oct.  22.    William  Ford. 
William  Bufkin  and  Jemima  Goodwin.    Apl.  22.    Samuel  Lane. 
Jesse  Ballard  and    Elizabeth  Bemburage.     Dec.  8.     James  Jones, 
John  Lester. 

AND  Gbnbalogical  Rbqistbb.  258 

Marquis  Anthony  C.  S.  De  Cla^ny  and  Luisa  Constance  de  Rabie 

Longuet    Mch.  21.    De  Nam. 
Thomas  Chambers  and   Penelope  Pophelston.      Mch.  28.    John 

Fred'k  Coffield  and  Patsey  Collins.    June  13.    Job  Coffield. 
Robert  Donaldson  and  Betsey  Bentley.    June  6.    Edward  James. 
Harmon  Hurdle  and  Tamer  Copeland.    Sept.  12.    Josiah  Hurdle. 
John  Hamilton  and  Elizabeth  Engs.    Jany.  23.    Hend.  Standin. 
Thomas  Hankins  and  Elizabeth  Williams.  May  14.  Myles  O'Mally. 
Jonathan  Haughton,  Jr.,  and  Mary  Sanders.    Nov.  18.    Jonathan 

Aaron  Hill  and  Rachel  Perry.    Aug.  12.    Shadrick  Felton. 
James  Hathaway  and  Elizabeth  Valentine  (2d  wife).    Dec.  6.   Benj. 

Nath'l  Kelley  and  Charlotte  Low.    Aug.  2.    Dominique  Murer. 
Lemuel  Long  and  Mary  Haughton.    Sept.  3.     William  Long. 
John  Lee  and  Elizabeth  Jordan.     Dec.  28.    Joseph  Jordan. 
Jonathan  Maltbie  and  Mary  Miles.    June  9.    Henry  Eelbeck. 
Jacob  Muns  and  Creecy  Jones.    Oct.  12.    William  Muns. 
Jeremiah  Mixon  and  Elizabeth  Wilder.     Nov.  26.    Thos.  Ming. 
John  B.  De  Nard  and  Marie  De  Clugny.    Mch.  21.    Ms.  DeClugny, 

Stephen  Cabarms. 
William  Roberts  and  Mary  Bennett.     May  23.    Thos.  Hankins. 
Thomas  Smith  and  Elizabeth  Smith.     Mch.  21.     Amos  Perry. 
Fred'k  Ward  and  Eliz.  White.     May  11.    Jeremiah  Ward. 
Elijah  Whedbee  and  Sarah  Whedbee.    Mch.  8.    Thomas  Whedbee. 
Thomas  Waflf  and  Sarah  Hall.    Mch.  10.    Wm.  Satterfield. 
Willis  Wilder  and  Mary  Holms.    May  26.    John  Simons,  Jr. 


William  Bains  and  Hannah  Burket.     Feby.  20.    Hend.  Standin. 
Robert  Bartie  and  Elizabeth  Simons.    July  25.    James  Niell. 
Arnold  S.  Burk  and  Sarah  Jordan.    Aug.  9.    John  Mitchell. 
Nathaniel  Brian  and  Mary  Boyce.    Oct.  23.    Jacob  Boyce. 
Emanuel  Burns  and  Nancy  Murrier.    Apl.  1.    Dominique  Murrier. 
John  Eggner  Buff  and   Catherine  Lyons.    Mch.  29.    Dominique 

Solomon  Champion  and  Esther  Halsey  Both.    Nath'l  Wilder. 
John  Evans  and  Eliz.  Asbell.    Aug.  18.    James  Evans. 
Solomon  Elliott  and  Rachel  Gregory.    May  15.    Jno.  Fenterington. 
Jeremiah  Frazier  and  Ann  Holms.    Oct.  7.    Hamilton  Waring. 
John  Hobbs  and  Ann  Asbill.    Jany.  11.    John  Harrell. 
James  Jones  and  Margarett  Randall.    June  22.    Sam'l  Hoskins. 
Thomas  Jones  and  Elizabeth  M.  McCabe.    Feby.  4.  Micajah  Bunch. 
Zachariah  Jones  and  Mary  Simpson.    Oct.  25.    Era's  Beasley. 
George  Liles  and  Thamar  Haughton.    Feby.  15.    James  Satterfield. 
William  Murphy  and  Lydia  Elliott.    Oct.  2.    James  Brinn. 

254  North  Carolina  Historical 

William  Mitchell  and  Nannie  Asbell.    Aug.  22.    John  Mitchell. 
John  Mitchell  and  Sarah  Ashley.    Dec.  23.    Thomas  Bacchus. 
Daniel  Newsom  and  Nancy  Price.   Aug.  22.    Jeremiah  Price. 
John  Roady  and  Nancy  McGuire.    Apl.  6.    Moses  Roady. 
Exum  Simpson  and  Margaret  Bond.    Jany.  4.    Phillip  McGuire. 
John  Sikes  and  Bethiua  Etheridge.    June  6.    Thomas  Garrett. 
Sparkman  Stone  and  Frances  Price.    Oct.  31.    Jeremiah  Price. 
Thomas  Taylor  and  Comfort  Gregory.    Oct.  23.    Eli  Bartie. 
Josiah  Vick  and  Elizabeth  Elliott.    May  10.    Myles  O'Mally. 
Isaac  Ward  and  Gracey  Goodwin.    Jany.  26     Lewis  Goodwin. 
Richard  Webb  and  Delila  Cale.    Aug.  22.    Hampton  Walker. 


Miles  Ashley  and  Mary  Harrod.     Dec.  26.     Reuben  Hobbs. 
David  Black  and  Ealies  Bennett.     Oct.  24.     Josiah  Jordan. 
Isaac  Boyce  and  Nancy  White.     Oct.  12.    Joseph  Scott. 
Solomon  Bunch  and  Sarah  Coffield.    Sept.  6.     Malachi  Bunch. 
Humphrey  GriflBn  and  Absilla  White.   Jany.  2.   Nicholas  Stallings. 
Brinkley  Grifl5n  and  Charity  Newby.     Oct.  29.     Moses  Hobbs. 
Halsey  Harris  and  Sarah  Bunch.     Dec.  18.     Malachi  Bunch. 
William  HoUowell  and  Ann  Price.    Sept.  28.     Dominique  Murrer. 
Jonathan  Humphries  and  Margaret  Pophelston.    Feby.  16.    Moses 

Levi  Jones  and  Rachel  Small.    Nov.  13.     Edmund  Jones. 
Josiah  Jordan  and  Catharine  Bennett.    Oct.  24.     David  Black. 
Robert  Nixon  and  Lovey  Jordan.     Nov.  3.     William  Jordan. 
George  Pugh  and  Lovey  Meekings  of  Currituck.     Feby.  20.     Wm. 

James  Saunders  and  Hannah  Simons.    Jany.  5.  James  Granbury. 
James  Wills  and  Tabitha  Lawrence.     Apl.  6.     Edmund  Hoskins. 
James  Ward  and  Sarah  Bateman.    Jany.  30.    Jas.  Satterfield. 
Jesse  White  and  Eliz.  Brinn.     Aug.  24.     Nicholas  Stallings. 
Ephraim  Wingate  and  Elizabeth  Williams.     Nov.  5.    Jno.  Beasley. 
George  Wilkinson  and  Jeosifat  Miles.    Dec.  20.    Jaa.  Satterfield. 


George  Blair  and  Mary  King.    July  3.    William  Blair. 
Joseph  Beasley  and  Catharine  Gellatly.  Sept.  21.  Hezekiah  Gorham. 
John  Beasley  and  Nancy  Slade.     April  27.    Fred'k  Blount. 
John  Brinn  and  Elizabeth  Butler.     Nov.  29.    Jas.  Cunningham. 
Micajah  Bunch  and  Ann  Boulton.    Feby.  18.     William  Thompson. 
William  Blatony  and  Mary  Murrier.     Dominique  Murrier. 
Richard  Benbury  and  Mary  Blount.    Mch.  16.    John  Blount. 
Job  Chapel  (Perquimans  Co.)  and  Ann  Brinn.   Aug.  22.  Jas.  Brinn. 
Myles  Elliott  and  Miley  Elliott.    Jany.  11.    Caleb  Elliott. 
Henry  Flury  and  Martha  Harris.     Feby.  2.     Benj.  Norfleet. 
John  Goodwin  and  Eliz.  Morris.    Jany.  24.    Thomas  Stacey. 

AND  Genealogical  Rbqistek.  255 

William  Gregory  and  Eliz.  Frazier.    Feby.  11.     Nath'l  Howcott. 
Abner  Hollowell  and  Mary  Goodwin.    Feby.  4.    Isaac  Welch. 
William  Hobbs  and  Rachel  Cullens.     Mch.  11.    Jacob  CuUens. 
Thomas  Ingham  and  Nancy  Liles.    May  16.    George  Beasley. 
William  Jordan  and  Mary  Bunch.     Nov.  29.     Moses  Hobbs. 
Thomas  Jordan  and  Kiddy  Brinkley.    Nov.  29.    Moses  Hobbs. 
Michael  McKeel  and  Miriam  Price.     Dec.  13. 
John  Miller  and  Penelope  Leath.     Feby.  27.     Benj.  Brown. 
Edward  Melson  and  Rebecca  Liles.     May  21.     William  Ross, 
John  Norman  and  Sarah  Whedbee.     Apl.  30.     William  Ross. 
John  Perry  and  Sally  White.     Nov.  29.     Moses  Hobbs. 
James  Parker  and  Eliz.  Lucas.    June  11.    Peter  O'Neill. 
Joseph  Scott  and  Mary  Sinkler.    Jany.  3.    John  Popelston. 
John  Smith  and  Nancy  Thomas.    Sept.  5.     Dominique  Murrer. 
William  Thompson  and  Lydia  Bunch.     Mch.  6.     Micajah  Bunch. 
Fred'k  Whiteman  and  Mary  Core.    Oct.  26.    Matthew  Whiteman. 
Edward  Welch  and  A.  Elsey  Roe.     May  16.    John  Perry. 

1800.     • 

William  Badham  and  Martha  Sanderlin.     Dec.  21.    John  Fife. 
Joseph  Bunch  and  Ann  Wilkinson.    June  11.     Abel  Miller. 
James  Byriam  and  Rachel  Boyce.    July  1.    Isaac  Byriam. 
Ira  Crocker  and  Sally  Leath.     July  22.    James  Hathaway. 
Jacob  Daws  and  Mary  McGuire.     Dec.  20.    Jacob  Boyce. 
Powers  Etheridge  and  Sarah  Gotten.    Oct.  23.    King  Luten. 
John  Felton  and  Eliz.  Jackson.    Apl  5.    James  Jackson. 
Isaac  Gray  and  Mary  Ward.    Mch.  31.    John  Proctor. 
Jenkins  Gregory  and  Sarah  Parks.    Sept.  8.     Edward  Welch. 
Barnabus  House  and  Mary  Smiley.    Nov.  28.     Ira  Crocker. 
John  Harris  and  Barsheba  Privet.     Oct.  25.    Benton  Jones. 
James  Jones  and  Elizabeth  Simons.   Mch.  24.  Richard  Humphries. 
William  Middleton  and  Esther  Haughton.  Mch.  22.  John  Haughton. 
Michael  McGuire  and  Eliz.  Hinesley.    Jany.  1.    James  Starus. 
Wiley  Ming  and  Elizabeth  Roberts.     Oct.  29.    James  Ming. 
John  Norcom,  Sr.,  and  Elizabeth  Sinkler.   Nov.  4.   Jno.  Norcom,  Jr. 
James  Neill  and  Deborah  Smilie.     Aug.  21.     Hend.  Standin. 
James  Pettyjohn  and  Frances  James.    Oct.  18.     Delight  Burkett. 
Joseph  Parish  and  Nancy  Bunch.    May  23.    Benj.  Norfleet. 
Henry  Riddick  and  Sarah  Topping.     Nov.  12.     Sam'l  Topping. 
Stephen  Revill  and  Alsey  Foster.    July  23.     Alfred  Churten. 
George  D.  Reed  and  Mary  Van  Pelt.    May  6. 
Samuel  Rea  and  Martha  Wilder.     Mch.  24.    Jacob  Blount. 
John  Swift  and  Anne  McCowen.    Sept.  25.    Jesse  Hassell. 
ChaJles  Stacey  and  May  Chew.    Sept.  20.    Robert  Stacey. 
John  Simons  and  Mary  Leary.    July  25.    Townsend  Elliott. 
Robert  Stacey  and  Rachel  Ming.     Mch.  11.    Thos.  Stacey. 
William  Topping  and  Elizabeth  Parish.     May  2.    Richard  Skinner. 
Richard  Wood  and  Cynthia  Lassiter.     Aug.  21.     Nathan  Wood. 

256  North  Carolina  Historical 


Lossing,  in  his  "  Field  Book  of  the  Revolution,"  states  that  the 
first  church  erected  in  North  Carolina  was  located  in  Chowan  County 
in  1705.  While  he  is  in  error  as  to  the  date,  he  is  correct  as  to  its 
location.    (Vol.  — ,  page  — .) 

Tradition  has  placed  the  first  church  on  the  site  of  St.  Paul's 
Church,  in  the  town  of  Edenton,  N.  C,  and  we  regret  that  the  tra- 
dition is  not  verified,  by  the  evidence  taken  from  the  records,  as 
given  in  this  sketch.  The  writer  takes  no  pleasure  in  destroying, 
but  would  rather  confirm  them. 

"  At  the  organization  of  the  first  Vestry  of  St.  Paul's  Parish  at  the 
house  of  Thomas  Gillam,  Dec.  12, 1701,"  in  obedience  to  an  Act  of 
Assembly  made  Nov.  the  12th,  1701,  appointing  a  Vestry  for  this 
Precinct  consisting  of  Hon.  Henderson  Walker,  Col.  Thomas  Pollock, 
William  Duckinfield,  Nicholas  Crisp,  Edward  Smithwick,  John 
Blount,  James  Long,  Nathaniel  Chevin,  William  Banberry,  Col» 
William  Wilkinson,  Capt.  Thomas  Leuten,  Capt.  Thomas  Blount, 
present,  it  being  debated  where  a  church  should  be  built,  Mr.  Ed- 
ward Smithwick  undertakes  to  give  one  acre  of  land  upon  his  old 
plantation,  and  to  give  a  conveyance  for  the  same  to  the  Church 
Wardens  hereafter  appointed  for  the  use  and  service  of  the  precinct, 
to  build  a  church  upon,  and  for  no  other  use,  and  to  acknowledge 
the  same  in  open  court."    (Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  page  543.) 

"  It  is  appointed  that  Col.  William  Wilkinson  and  Capt.  Thos. 
Leuten  shall  be  Church  Wardens  for  the  following  year,  who  shall 
agree  with  a  workman  for  building  a  Church  25  ft.  long.  Posts  in  the 
ground  and  held  to  the  Collar  Beams,  and  to  find  all  manner  of  Iron 
work,  viz..  Nails  and  Locks,  &c„  with  full  power  to  contract  and 
agree  with  the  said  workman,  as  to  their  direction,  shall  seem  meet 
and  convenient."    (Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  page  543.) 

"  Ordered,  that  the  Church  Wardens  aforesaid  having  agreed  with 
the  workman  for  the  building  of  a  church  as  aforesaid,  whatsoever 
charge  shall  accrue  for  and  towards  the  building  of  the  aforesaid 
church,  or  any  other  charge  relating  to  the  same  (although  not  here 
particularly  mentioned)  by  the  said  Church  Wardens  be  levied  by 
the  pole  upon  the  Tythables  of  the  Precinct,  the  Church  Wardens 
first  endeavoring  to  raise  the  said  money  by  contribution,  and  in 
case  of  failure  to  raise  it  by  the  pole  as  aforesaid,  to  agree  with  a  Col- 
lector or  Collectors  to  receive  the  same  with  power  to  destrain  in  case 
of  Refusal."    (Col.  Records,  vol.  I,  pages  543  and  544.) 

The  next  evidence  we  introduce  is  a  deed  from  "Edward  Smith- 
wick to  Thomas  Luten  and  William  Wilkinson,  Church  Wardens 
of  ye  Precinct  of  Chowan,  in   North  Carolina."    "  Seventy  yards 

AND  Genbaloqical  Rbgistbr.  257 

square  of  land  for  to  build  and  arect  a  church,  and  the  church  to 
stand  in  the  middle  of  said  land,  for  the  use  of  said  Parish,  forever, 
the  8ai<i  land  to  be  on  the  road  or  the  highway  from  Thomas  6yl- 
liam's  in  the  woods,  joining  on  the  old  field  of  the  said  Edward 
Smithwick.  April  7, 1702.  Test,  Thomas  Luten,  Register."  (Book 
W,  page  30,  Register  of  Deeds'  Office  of  Chowan  County.) 

"  At  a  vestry  held  at  Thomas  Gilliam's,  Oct.  13,  1702,  Present, 
Hon.  Henderson  Walker,  President,  Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson,  Capt. 
Thomas  Luten,  Church  Wardens,  Nicholas  Crisp,  John  Blount,  Capt 
Thomas  Blount,  Edward  Smithwick,  Wm.  Banbury. 

"To  building  the  Chapel  to  Mr.  John  Porter  25£,  the  list  of  Tyth- 
ables  in  the  Precinct  being  taken  is  found  to  be  283."  (Col.  Rec, 
vol.  I,  pages  558-9.) 

**  Ordered,  that  the  vestry  meet  to-morrow  morning  to  view  the 

'Oct.  ye  14th,  1702.  The  vestry  being  met  and  having  viewed 
the  Chappel,  the  major  part  of  the  vestry  do  declare  their  dislike  of 
the  ceiling  of  the  Chappel,  by  reason  of  the  Boards  being  defaced." 
(Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  page  576 ) 

Ordered,  that  Mr.  Edward  Smithwick  and  Mr.  Nicholas  Crisp,  on 
behalf  of  the  vestry,  do  choose  one  indifferent  man  that  is  skilled  in 
building,  and  Mr.  John  Porter  shall  choose  another,  who  shall  meet 
at  the  Chanel  the  second  Saturday  in  November  to  give  their  "judg- 
ment whether  the  boards  be  fit  for  ceiling  such  a  house,  and  if  these 
two  persons  chosen  as  aforesaid  cannot  agree  in  their  opinions,  then 
they  shall  choose  an  umpire,  and  what  opinion  he  the  said  umpire 
shall  give  shall  be  a  full  and  final  determination  of  the  matter  about 
the  ceiling  and  boards,  and  the  agreement  between  the  Church  War- 
dens and  Mr.  John  Porter  shall  be  thence."  (Col.  Reic,  vol.  I,  pages 
558-9  and  560) 

**  At  a  vestry  holden  at  the  house  of  Mrs.  Sarah  Gilliam  ye  15th 
day  of  December,  1702.  Present,  Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson,  Capt.  Thos. 
Leuten,  Church  Wardens,  Mr.  Wm.  Duckinfield,  Mr.  Edward  Smith- 
wick, Mr.  Nicholas  Crisp,  Capt.  Thomas  Blount,  Mr.  William  Ban- 
bury, Mr.  Nath'l  Chevin,  Mr.  James  Long."  (Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  pages 

"The  Chappel  being  this  day  viewed  by  all  the  vestry  here  pres- 
ent, and  are  satisfied  therewith  and  do  receive  the  House  and  Keys 
from  Mr.  John  Porter,  he  promising  to  provide  so  much  Lime  as 
will  wiash  the  ceiling  of  the  Chapel,  and  the  Vestry  to  be  at  the 
charge  of  a  workman  to  do  the  same."  (Col.  Rec,  vol,  I,  pages 

"  At  a  vestry  holden  at  the  Chappel  ye  6th  Oct.,  1703.  .  Present, 
Hon.  Henderson  Walker,  Mr.  Wm.  Duckinfield,  Mr.  Edward  Smith- 
wick, Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson,  Church  Wardens,  Capt.  Thos.  Blount, 
Capt.  Thomas  Leuten,  Mr.  John  Blount,  Mr.  Nicholas  Crisp,  Mr. 
Wm.  Banbury,  Mr.  Nath'l  Chevin."    (Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  pages  576-7.) 

Ordered,  that  the  Church  Wardens  shall,  with  all  possible  speedy 

258  North  Carolina  Historical 

have  the  wiDdows  of  the  Chappell  finished,  and  that  Glass  may  be 
sent  for  or  purchased  here  if  possible."    (Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  page  571.) 

"At  a  vestry  met  at  the  Chapel  the  9th  day  of  March,  1 703-4. 
Present,  Hon.  Henderson  Walker,  Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson,  Mr.  Wm. 
Duckinfield,  Mr.  Edward  Smithwick,  Mr.  Nicholas  Crisp,  Mr.  John 
Blount,  Mr.  Wm.  Banbury,  Mr.  Nath'l  Chevin."  (Col.  Rec.,  vol.  I, 
pages  576-7.) 

"Ordered,  that  the  Church  Wardens  do  speedily  agree  with  a 
workman  to  make  pulpit  and  pew  for  the  Reader  with  Desk  fitting 
for  the  same,  and  in  as  decent  manner  as  may  be,  and  what  they 
agree  for  the  vestry  do  oblige  themselves  to  see  paid.  And  that  they 
put  a  former  order  in  execution  for  the  getting  the  windows  put  up, 
and  to  get  Glass  and  have  it  put  in  forthwith."  (Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  pages 

"At  a  vestry  at  the  Chappell  ye  3d  day  of  Janry.,  1705-6.  Present, 
Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson,  Capt.  Thomas  Luten,  John  Ardern,  Esq.,  Wm. 
Duckinfield,  Esq.,  Capt.  Thomas  Blount,  Mr.  John  Blount,  Mr.  James 
Long,  Mr.  Edward  Smithwick,  Mr.  Nath'I  Chevin,  Mr.  Wm.  Banbury." 

"  Also  debated  the  Payment  of  John  Dicks  for  work  about  the 
pulpit,  the  said  work  not  being  finished,  whether  he  should  be  paid 
before  the  work  be  done.  He  alledging  that  he  could  not  finish  it  for 
want  of  Nails  and  Boards,  and  he  brings  an  acct.  for  his  work  six 

"  Ordered,  that  John  Dicks  be  paid  one  pound,  seventeen  shillings, 
nine  pence,  besides  what  he  has  been  paid,  and  that  he  finish  the 
work,  then  account  with  the  Vestry."  (Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  pages  629 
and  630) 

"  At  a  Vestry  at  the  Chappell  the  18  day  of  April,  1708.  Present, 
Wm.  Duckinfield,  Mr.  John  Ardern,  Capt.  Thomas  Luten,  Mr.  Nich- 
olas Crisp,  Jno.  Blount,  Esq.,  Mr.  Edward  Smithwick,  Mr.  Wm.  Ban- 
bury, Mr.  Nath^  Chevin." 

**  Ordered,  that  Phillis  Dicks,  widow  of  John  Dicks,  be  paid  by  the 
publick  the  sum  of  two  pounds,  besides  what  he  hath  been  allowed 
and  paid  by  the  public  for  his  work  on  the  Chapel.    (Idem,  p.  679.) 

"At  a  Vestry  met  at  the  Chapel  on  Tuesday,  May  11,  1708.  Pres- 
ent, Wm.  Duckinfield,  Esq.,  Edward  Moseley,  Esq.,  Mr.  Edward 
Smithwick.  Capt.  Thos.  Luten,  Mr.  Nicholas  Crisp,  Mr.  Wm.  Ban- 
bury,  Mr.  Thomas  Garrett,  John  Ardern,  Esq.,  Mr.  John  Blount." 

"  It  having  this  day  been  debated  for  the  better  encouragement  of 
a  minister  (for  this  precinct  only)  which  is  the  most  proper  place  to 
purchase  for  a  Glebe,  it's  unanimously  agreed  upon  that  the  planta- 
tion now  belonging  to  Mr.  Frederick  Jones,  whereon  the  church  now 
stands,  is  the  fittest  place  can  be  thought  on  for  that  use:  the  tract  of 
land  in  quantity  containing  five  hundred  acres. 

"  It  is  therefore  the  humble  Request  of  the  Vestry  that  Edward 
Mosoley,  Esq.,  (having  now  business  into  Virginia)  will  please  to 
treat  with  Mr.  Frederick  Jones  concerning  the  purchase  of  the  said 
land  and  agree  with  him  for  the  same,  provided  he  exceed  not  an 
hundred  pounds  in  country  commodities. 


*' Ordered,  that  the  Church  Wardens  endeavor  to  have  the  pulpit 
finished  with  all  possible  speed,  as  likewise  the  Desk,  and  what  other 
things  belong  to  it,  as  likewise  to  have  the  Church  floor  laid  with 
Brick,  but  upon  further  debate  of  the  matter  it's  agreed  upon  that 
the  floor  shall  be  laid  with  plank  as  being  the  cheapest  and  most 
expeditious  way  of  having  it  done."   (Col.  Rec.,  vol.  1,  pages  680-1.) 

The  italics,  "whereon  the  church  now  stands,"  in  the  above  quo- 
tation are  ours;  th^y  are  not  in  the  original  as  italics,  but  written 
as  the  balance  of  the  paragraph. 

From  the  above  evidence  taken  from  the  records,  we  have  the 
<}hurch  commenced  upon  the  land  of  Edward  Smith  wick  in  1702  and 
received  by  the  Vestry  Dec.  15, 1702;  it  was,  however,  not  comple- 
ted as  late  as  1708,  when  it  still  required  a  floor,  at  which  time  we 
find  the  plantation  upon  which  it  was  built  had  changed  from  the 
possession  of  Edward  Smithwick  to  that  of  Fred'k  Jones,  who  seems 
from  the  record  to  have  been  in  Virginia  at  the  time ;  he  had  prob- 
ably just  purchased  it,  and  afterwards  removed  to  it.  In  order  to  lo- 
-cate  the  exact  tract  of  land  "  whereon  the  Church  now  stands"  in 
1708,  we  propose  to  introduce  the  original  grant  to  Edward  Smith- 
wick and  the  deeds  on  record  in  the  office  of  the  Register  of  Deeds 
for  Chowan  County,  and  trace  the  title  to  the  present  date.  Grant 
to  Edward  Smithwich  (recorded  in  B6ok  I,  page  308,  Secretary  of 
State's  Office,  Raleigh,  N.  C.)  reads  as  follows: 

380  acres  lying  on  southeast  side  of  Mattacomack  Creek,  '*  Begin- 
ning at  a  red  oak  at  the  mouth  of  said  creek,  then  down  the  bay  of 
the  said  creek  various  courses  to  a  red  oak,  an  old  marked  corner 
tree;  then  east  6J°  north  300  poles  to  a  white  oak;  then  north  3^ 
^ast  147  poles  to  an  old  marked  hickory  by  the  creek  side ;  then  down* 
the  creek  by  various  courses  to  first  station.    Jany.  1, 1694." 

Smithwick's  deed  calls  for  the  acre  of  land  (given,  the  Church 
Wardens  upon  which  to  "arect  a  church")  to  be  upon  the  road  lead- 
ing from  Thomas  Gilliam's  house  in  the  woods,  and  here  follows  the 
grant  made  to  Thos.  Gilliam  Apl.  16, 1697,  (recorded  in  Book  I,  page 
76,  Office  of  the  Secretary  of  State,  Raleigh,  N.  C.)  for  560  acres  land : 

*' Beginning  at  a  red  oak  standing  by  the  River,  then  N.84^  E.  300 
poles  to  a  Gum,  S.  36°  E,  170  poles  to  a  white  oak,  south  45°  W.  320 
poles  to  red  oak  standing  on  the  Bank  of  the  River,  then  up  the 
River  by  various  courses  to  first  station." 

This  tract  of  land  lies  back  of  the  Smithwick  grant,  and  was  sold 
by  Thos.  Gilliam  to  Edward  Smithwick  in  1702,  and  by  Smithwick 
iK)  Jeremiah  Vail,  and  corresponds  to  what  is  now  called  Cherry's 
Point,  formerly  Collins'  Point.  The  deed  from  Thomas  Gilliam  to 
Edward  Smithwick  cannot  be  found  on  the  records,  but  the  follow- 
ing deed  from  Edward  Smithwick  and  wife  Sarah  to  Jeremiah  Vail, 
dated  July  2, 1709,  (recorded  in  Book  B,  No.  1,  page  367,)  conveys 
^*  a  tract  of  land  containing  560  acres,  which  was  formerly  granted 
by  the  Lords  Proprietors  to  Thomas  Gilliam  as  by  ye  Patent  dated 
Apl.  17, 1697."    Then  follows  the  same  description  as  found  in  Grant 

260  North  Carolina  Historical 

to  Thomas  Gilliam  above.  The  last  call  speaks  of  the  line  dividing 
it  from  land  of  Edward  Moseley. 

The  deed  from  Edward  Smithwick  to  Frederick  Jones  is  also  not 
to  be  found  on  the  records,  but  a  deed  from  Thos.  Jones  and  Hard- 
ing Jones  of  New  Hanover  Co.,  N.  C,  to  John  Rieussett,  dated  Julye 
11, 1757,  (recorded  in  Book  H,  No.  1,  page  274,)  conveys  **  388  acres 
land  more  or  less  (except  one-eighth  part  of  an  acre  of  the  aforesaid 
land,  including  in  the  middle  or  centre  thereof  tlie  burying  place  or 
graves  of  the  Ancestors  or  Family  of  the  said  Thomas  and  Harding 
Jones)  situated,  lying  and  being  near  Edenton,  in  Chowan  County,  on 
the  opposite  side  of  Queen  Ann's  formerly  called  Mattacomack  Creek^ 
beginning  at  a  Red  Oak  at  the  mouth  of  the  said  creek,  running  thence 
down  the  bay  of  said  creek  by  various  courses  of  the  said  bay  to  a 
red  oak,  an  old  marked  corner  tree;  thence  E.  6J°  N.  300  poles  to  a 
white  oak;  thence  N.  3J°  E.  147  poles  to  a  marked  hickory  by  the 
said  creek  side;  thence  bounded  down  by  the  various  courses  of  the 
said  creek  to  the  first  station;  and  also  163  acres  more  or  less  situ- 
ated, lying  and  being  on  the  south  side  of  the  SE  branch  of  Queen 
Ann's  formerly  called  Mattacomack  Creek  in  Chowan  County,  and 
adjoining  the  388  acres  of  land  above  mentioned,  Beginning  Ht  a 
Red  Oak  on  the  northeast  side  of  the  said  branch,  the  corner  tree  of 
the  land  formerly  belonging  to  one  Windley  and  lately  to  Capt. 
Nicholas  Crisp,  dec'd,  running  thence  thro'  the  said  branch  SW  40 
poles  to  a  white  oak ;  thence  south  147  poles  in  the  line  that  divides 
this  from  the  land  first  above  mentioned  to  a  white  oak ;  thence 
S  30°  E  170  poles;  thence  ENE  130  poles  to  the  line  of  the  aforesaid 
Nicholas  Crisp,  formerly  called  Windley's  line;  thence  bounded 
'down  by  the  said  line  NW  276  poles  to  the  first  station.  Which  said 
lands  were  granted  by  Patent  from  the  late  Lords  Proprietors  of 
Carolina,  to  Edward  Smithwick,  dated  in  the  year  1694,  and  were 
sold  and  conveyed  by  the  said  Smithwick  to  Frederick  Jones,  father 
of  the  said  Thomas  and  grandfather  of  the  said  Harding  Jones,  and 
by  the  last  Will  and  Testament  of  the  said  Fred'k  Jones,  bearing 
date  1722,  were  devised  to  his  son  Wm.  Harding  Jones,  and  by  the 
said  William  Harding  Jones  by  his  will,  dated  in  1730,  were  vested 
after  the  death  of  his  wife  Ann  now  deceased,  in  the  said  Thomas 
Jones  and  Frederick  Jones  brother  of  the  said  Thomas,  and  to  whom 
the  said  Harding  Jones  is  heir-at-law,  containing  in  the  whole  543 
acres  of  land."  880  acres  and  163  acres  make  543  acres.  The  880 
acres  tallies  with  the  Smithwick  grant. 

Deed  of  David  Rieusset  of  Jamaica  by  John  Harvey  and  John 
Campbell,  attys.  to  Samuel  Johnston,  dated  Oct.  30,  1765,  (recorded 
in  Book  M,  No.  1,  page  307.)  conveys  "  All  that  plantation  in  Chowan 
County  near  Edenton,  N.  C.  543  acres  whereon  John  Rieusset,  late 
of  the  Province  of  N.  Carolina,  did  lately  dwell,  being  all  those  two 
tracts  of  land  which  the  said  John  Rieusset  purchased  of  Thomas 
and  Harding  Jones,  deed  being  dated  June  18,  1757,  and  the  said 
John  Rieusset  by  his  last  Will  and  Testament,  dated  8th  July,  1763^ 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  261 

beqoeathed  and  devised  to  bis  brother  David  Rieusset  See  Jobn 
Rieosset's  will  (recorded  in  Book  A,  pages  162,  3,  4,  and  5,  OfiQce 
Clerk  of  tbe  Sup.  Court  of  Chowan  County)  in  which  he  says,  "  I  do 
bequeath  and  devise  to  my  said  dear  brother  David  Rieusset  my  plan- 
tation called  Hayse  with  the  appurtenances  lying  and  being  in 
Chowan  County,  containing  by  tbe  Patents  and  Deeds  543  acres." 
Will  bears  date  18  July,  1763.  This  is  the  first  time  we  find  the 
tract  called  "  Hayee."  Gov.  Samuel  Johnston  Deed  of  Gift,  to  his 
son  James  Cathcart  Johnston,  deed  dated  Dec.  9,  1814  (recorded  in 
Book  G,  No.  2,  page  101),  conveys  "  All  my  plantation  in  Chowan 
County  known  by  tbe  name  of  Hayes  with  all  the  lands  and  appur- 
tenances thereto  belonging." 

Will  of  James  C.  Johnston  dated  Apl.  10,  1863  (recorded  in  Book 

D,  pages  57,  58,  59,  60,  61  and  62),  conveys  as  follows:  "  I  give,  de- 
vise and  bequeath  to  my  friend  Mr.  Edward  Wood,  resident  of 
Chowan  County  and  State  of  North  Carolina,  all  my  Estate  both 
Real  and  Personal  of  what  nature  or  kind  soever,  that  I  have  in 
the  connty  of  Chowan  at  the  time  of  my  death," 

Will  of  Edward  Wood  dated  June  3, 1872,  and  recorded  in  Book 

E,  pages  33  to  41  inclusive,  Office  of  the  Clerk  of  the  Superior  Court 
of  c;howan  County,  contains  the  following  bequest:  "  My  Hayes  farm 
with  mills  attached.  I  give  to  wife  Caroline  M.  Wood  during  her  life- 
time, with  all  the  Furniture,  Library,  Riding  Vehicles,  &c.,  stock, 
farming  implements,  &c.,  upon  tbe  irame,  and  at  her  death  to  my  son 
John  Wood,  his  heirs  and  assigns,  and  desire  them  to  keep  and  pre- 
serve the  farm  in  good  order,  and  keep  it  in  my  family  as  long  as 
possible,  in  respect  to  the  memory  of  him  who  gave  it  to  me." 

From  a  careful  review  of  the  facts  produced  from  the  records  of 
both  Church  and  State  in  this  article,  the  conclusion  is  inevitable, 
that  the  first  church  built  in  North  Carolina  was  located  on  the  380 
acre  grant  of  Edward  Smithwick,  dated  in  1694,  the  title  to  which 
has  ^n  traced  down  to  the  present,  when  it  appears  as  a  part  of  the 
Hayes  Farm  now  owned  by  Jno.  G.  Wood,  Esq.  The  exact  spot 
where  it  stood  on  this  tract  of  land  is  not  known,  and  will  probably 
never  be  ascertained  A  presumption,  however,  arises  from  the  na- 
ture of  the  Grant  to  Smithwick,  and  from  the  fact  that  in  1702  the 
bulk  of  the  population  of  this  part  of  Chowan  Precinct  lived  on  the 
road  leading  from  the  Yoppim  road  to  Sandy  Point  or  contiguous  to 
it,  that  tbe  church  was  built  upon  or  near  the  said  road  leading  to 
Sandy  Point.  The  Smithwick  Grant  was  nearly  due  east  from  the 
Bay  300  poles,  not  quite  one  mile,  which  is  about  the  distance  from 
the  bay  to  said  road.  Henderson  Walker,  Nicholas  Crisp,  Edward 
Smithwick,  John  Blount,  William  Banbury,  CoL  Wm.  Wilkinson 
and  Thomas  Leuten,  seven  of  the  eight  members  of  the  Ist  Vestry 
who  lived  on  this  side  of  the  Albemarle  Sound  and  Chowan  River 
lived  on  the  aforesaid  road,  or  contiguous  to  it.  Henderson  Walker 
lived  in  1702  at  Skinner's  Point,  Nicholas  Crisp  lived  on  land  ad- 
joining Smithwiok's,  Edward  Smithwick  resided  near  the  church  on 

262  North  Carolina  Historical 

the  same  tract  on  which  it  was  built,  John  Blount  owned  Mulberry 
Hill,  William  Banbury  was  living  at  Atholl,  later  known  as  Benbury 
Hall,  Col.  Wm.  Wilkinson  resided  at  Sandy  Point,  and  Thomas 
Leuten  owned  land  adjoining  Wm.  Wilkinson.  The  other  vestry- 
man, Nath'l  Chevin,  in  all  probability  lived  on  his  one  hundred 
acre  farm  which  now  constitutes  a  part  of  the  town  of  Edenton 
Thomas  Pollock  resided  in  what  is  now  Bertie  County,  as  did  Wil- 
liam Duckinfield  at  Salmon  Creek,  while  James  Long  and  Thomas 
Blount  were  residents  of  the  South  Shore,  known  as  Tyrrell  and 
Washington  Counties  at  present. 

The  land  on  which  the  town  of  Edenton  was  built  was  owned  by 
three  or  four  persons,  and  there  were  no  settlements  on  the  north  or 
east  immediately  adjoining  its  present  boundaries,  as  early  as  1702^ 
there  were  two  or  three  families  on  the  west  across  Filbyrd's  Creek, 
(named  for  Nicholas  Filbyrd). 

"  At  a  meeting  of  the  Vestry  holden  at  the  Chapel  on  Sunday  the 
25th  July,  1708.  Present,  Edward  Moseley,  Esq.,  William  Duckin- 
field, Esq.,  Capt.  Thomas  Luton,  Mr.  Nicholas  Crisp,  Mr.  Edward 
Smithwick,  Mr.  William  Banbury,  Mr.  William  Charlton,  John  Ar- 
dern,  Esq. 

"  Whereas,  it  had  been  taken  into  our  mature  consideration,  the 
many  and  great  inconveniences  which  attend  the  Chappell  which  is 
already  built,  both  in  respect  of  its  ill  situation,  smallness  and  rough 
and  unfit  workmanship, 

"  We  therefore  to  show  our  true  zeal  for  the  Glory  of  God  and 
propagating  so  good  a  work,  do  unanimously  agree  that  a  church  of 
forty  feet  long,  and  twenty-four  wide,  fourteen  feet  from  tenent  to 
tenent  for  hight,  the  remaining  part  of  the  work  to  be  proportiona- 
ble: the  roof  to  be  first  plankt,  and  then  shingled  with  good  cypress 
shingles,  and  the  whole  to  be  ceiled  with  plank,  and  floored  with 
plank,  for  the  speedy  accomplishment  of  which  said  work  it's  the 
Earnest  Request  of  the  present  members  of  the  Vestry  that  Edward 
Moseley,  Esq.,  and  Capt.  Thomas  Leuten  will  undertake  to  see  the 
same  performed,  they  living  convenient,  and  to  agree  with  Work- 
men at  as  easy  Rates  as  may  be.  It  being  well  and  substantially 
performed."    (Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  page  684.) 

At  a  vestry  held  at. the  Chapell  on  Thursday,  27th,  Feby.  1708-9, 
we  find  only  the  following  items  referring  to  the  church  :  "  Ordered, 
that  the  Collector  of  Precinct  advance  the  sum  of  twelve  pounds  to- 
wards the  beautifying  of  the  Chappell  over  and  above  the  charge 
of  the  collection.  Ordered,  that  the  way  and  method  of  beautifying 
.  the  Church  be  left  to  the  discretion  of  the  Church  Wardens  for  the 
year  ensuing,  viz.,  enlarging,  repairing^  &c"    (Italics  ours.) 

An  item  in  the  account  of  the  Church  Wardens  presented  at  this 
meeting  reads  as  follows:  "  By  600  feet  of  Inch  board  by  Mr.  Smith- 
wick towards  laying  the  fioor,  2£.  10s.  Od."  (Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  page 

From  the  above  excerpts  of  records,  it  appears  that  the  plank  for 

AND  Genealogical!  Rbqistbr.  263 

the  floor  in  the  church  had  been  purchased,  and  that  the  proposi- 
tion to  build  another  church,  gave  place  to  "beautifying  the  church 
by  enlarging,  repairing,  Ac,"  presumptively  the  first  building 
erected.  If  another  church  was  built  prior  to  1730  in  a  different  lo- 
cality, after  diligent  search  no  deed  has  been  found  for  the  land  on 
which  it  was  erected.  The  records  of  deeds  are  silent  on  this  point 
This  forces  us  to  the  conclusion  that  the  first  church  may  have  been 
enlarged  and  repaired.  There  was  no  incorporated  town  in  the  Pre- 
cinct, except  Bath,  until  1712,  at  which  time  the  Legislature  passed 
an  Act  "  to  build  a  Court  House  and  House  to  hold  the  Assembly 
in,  and  for  such  persons  as  were  minded  to  do  so  to  build  in  the  forks 
of  Queen  Ann's  Creek,  the  place  taking  the  name  of  **  Queen  Ann's 
Town,"  and  retaining  it  until  1722,  when  an  Act  was  passed  to  "in- 
corporate the  Town  of  Edenton,"  in  honor  of  Grov.  Charles  Eden. 
The  first  lot  sold  at  "Queen  Ann's  Town,"  was  conveyed  by  Nath'l 
Chevin  to  Charles  Foster,  Sept.  1, 1715,  probably  one-half  acre,  known 
as  Lot  A,  taken  out  of  his  one  hundred  acre  farm  which  be  owned 
on  Queen  Anne's  Creek.  Later  Nath'l  Chevin  and  Thomas  Peter- 
son conveyed  to  Edward  Moseley  Lots  1  and  2  at  Queen  Anne's  Town. 
There  is  no  evidence  among  the  records  thaC  there  was  any  church 
in  Queen  Anne's  Town  or  Edenton,  or  other  place  of  Public  Wor- 
ship, up  to  Mch.  31, 1729,  but  there  is  evidence  to  show  there  was 
none  about  that  date. 

Col.  Wm.  Byrd  of  the  surveying  party  on  the  part  of  Virginia  to  run 
the  "  Boundary  Line"  between  Virginia  and  North  Carolina  visited 
Edenton  March  29,  1729,  and  in  his  Manuscripts,  vol.  I,  page  59, 
states:  "I  believe  this  is  the  only  Metropolis  in  the  Christian  or 
Mohamatan  World,  where  there  is  neither  Church,  Chapel,  Mosque, 
Synagogue  or  other  Place  of  Publick  Worship  of  any  Sect  or  Re- 
ligion." Again,  in  the  same  volume,  page  63:  "Our  Chaplain  re- 
turned to  us  in  the  evening  fronfi  Edenton  in  company  with  the 
Carolina  Commissioners.  He  bad  preaeht  there  in  the  Court  House 
for  the  want  of  a  ^consecrated  place,  and  made  no  less  than  19  of 
Father  Hennepin's  Christians." 

The  following  extracts  from  the  records  will,  however,  clearly 
show  that  the  first  church  was  in  all  probability  not  enlarged,  nor 
was  there  a  new  and  larger  one  built  on  its  site  or  elsewhere  prior 
to  1729.  Of  course  I  do  not  refer  to  the  church  that  was  constructed 
in  that  part  of  Chowan  Precinct  now  within  the  lines  of  Gales 
County,  of  which  we  will  find  a  record  later  on,  to- wit,  "Sarum 

Rev.  John  Urmston  was  the  Missionary  in  charge  of  the  work  in 
Chowan  and  other  Precincts.  In  a  letter  from  him,  dated  July  7, 1711, 
making  a  report  of  his  work,  we  find  the  following  language:  "  We 
had  neither  Church  nor  Chapel  in  3  of  the  Precincts,  and  those  two  we 
have  in  Chowan  and  Perquimans  were  never  finished — ready  to 
drop  down ;  that  in  th^  former  Precinct  hath  neither  floor  nor  seats, 
only  a  few  loose  benches  upon  the  sand,  the  key  being  lost  the  door 

264  North  Carolina  Historical 

has  stood  open  ever  since  I  came  into  the  country.  All  the  Hoggs 
and  Cattle  flee  thither  for  shelter  in  the  summer  and  warmth  in  the 
, Winter ;  they  first  dig  holes  and  bury  themselves,  then  with  the  rest 
make  it  a  loathsome  place,"  &c.    (Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  pages  769-70 ) 

The  expression  in  the  above  extract,  "  only  a  few  loose  benches 
on  the  sand,"  seems  to  indicate  that  the  church  was  located  on  the 
♦shore  of  the  bay,  as  sand  can  only  be  found  upon  the  Smith  wick 
tract  at  or  near  the  water.  However,  as  this  may  be,  it  could  have 
been  hauled  from  the  shore  to  the  church  and  placed  within  it  to 
make  the  dirt  floor  more  comfortable.  Rev.  Mr.  Adams  had  left 
Chowan  and  goiie  to  Coratuck  in  1709,  at  which  time  he  was  suc- 
ceeded by  Rev.  John  Urmstor. 

Mr.  Adams  writes  to  the  Secretary,  his  letter  being  dated  in  Lron- 
dor»  May  13,  1709,  as  follows,  speaking  of  the  Precincts:  "  Chowan 
is  the  westernmost,  the  largest  and  thinnest  settled.  They  built  a 
Church  some  years  "ago,  but  it  is  small,  very  sorrily  put  together, 
and  is  ill  looked  after;  and  therefore  I  prevailed  with  them  to  build 
another,  which  they  went  about  when  I  came  away.  The  plan  of  it 
I  brought  over,  and  was  desired  to  procure  as  much  glass  as  will  be 
necessary  for  the  windows,  which  by  computation  will  amount  to 
Bl5  feet."    (Col.  R-  c,  vol.  I,  pages  711-12 ) 

At  a  meeting  of  the  vestry  held  the  1st  June,  1711-12.  "  Ordered, 
that  Mr.  John  Urmston  be  allowed  for  officiating  in  this  precinct, 
the  year  following  commencing  from  the  25th  Dtc.  last  past,  at  the 
several  times  and  places  hereafter  mentioned,  seventy  pounds  to  be 
levied  and  paid  as  the  Act  of  Assembly  for  establishing  a  Church 
and  making  provision  for  Ministers  doth  appoint  and  direct,  dated 
Mch.  ye  10,  1710-11,  viz.,  One  Sunday  on  the  south  shore,  then  the 
two  next  on  the  western  shore  alternately."  (Col.  Rec,  vol.  I,  pages 

Letter  from  Rev.  John  Urmston  to  John  Chamberlain,  dated  on 
Board  the  Bayly,  James  River,  May  30,  1712:  "  I  intend  to  come  for 
England  God  willing  pr.  the  next  fleet.  The  country  owes  me  100£ 
already,  and  the  longer  I  stay  the  worse  it  will  be."  (Idem,  page  851,) 

In  a  letter  from  Rev.  Giles  Rainford  to  John  Chamberlain,  dated 
Chowan  in  North  Carolina,  July  2*,  1712,  the  following  language 
appears:  "June  the  5th  I  arrived  at  the  Governor's,  where  I  was 
most  kindly  received  bv  him,  as  afterwards  by  Col.  Pollock  and  Mr. 
Duckinfield.  *  *  *  *  Whit  Sunday  *  *  *  *  several  of  the  people 
came  that  day  to  Public  Service,  hut  perfect  strangers  to  the  Method 
of  Worship  of  our  Church.  Mr.  Urmston  and  I  by  a  mutual  agree- 
ment, with  the  approbation  of  the  Governor,  are  to  manage  after 
this  manner.  He  proposes  to  supply  the  North  Shore  at  the  lower 
end  of  Chowan,  together  with  all  Paspetanck,  provided  I  take  care 
of  the  West  Shore  (where  there  is  no  church).     But  since  the  whole 

♦If  this  had  been  a  Baptist  Church,  it  is  reasonable  to  presume  it  would  have 
been  located  **  at  or  near  the  water." 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  265 

coQQtry  is  entitled  to  my  labors,  I  visited  bis  sbore  (wbicb  I  am 
sorry  to  say)  bas  been  a  long  time  neglected.  Mr.  Urmston  is  lame 
and  says  be  cannot  do  now  wbat  be  formerly  bas  done,  but  tbis  lazy 
distemper  bas  seized  bim  by  wbat  I  bear  ever  since  his  coming  to 
tbe  country.  *  *  *  *  Tbere's  a  small  Cbapel  near  an  old  Indian 
Town  wbere  I  preacbed  at  June  5tb,  bad  vast  crowds  come  to  bear 
me,  but  I  observed  they  exprest  very  little  or  rather  no  devotion  in 
time  of  Divine  Service.  June  22d  I  preacbed  at  one  Mr.  Garratt's, 
the  upper  end  of  Chowan,  but  had  such  numbers  that  I  was  obliged 
to  go  under  a  large  Mulberry  Tree.  *  *  *  i  had  several  confer- 
ences with  one  Thomas  Hoyle,  King  of  tbe  Chowan  IiMlians,  who 
seem  very  inclinable  to  embrace  Christianity  and  proposes  to  send 
his  son  to  School  to  Sarum  to  have  bim  taught  to  read  and  write  by 
way  of  foundation  in  order  to  a  further  proficiency  for  the  recep- 
tion of  Christianity.  I  readily  offered  my  service  to  instruct  him 
myself,  and  having  tbe  opportunity  of  sendiug  him  to  Mr.  Garrett's, 
where  I  lodge,  being  but  three  miles  distance  from  this  Town.  I 
found  be  had  some  notions  of  Noah's  flood,  which  he  came  to  the 
knowledge  of  and  exprest  himself  after  this  manner:  My  father  told 
me  I  tell  my  son.  There's  one  Mr.  Mashburn  who  keeps  a  school  at 
*  Sarum  on  the  fronteers  of  Virginia  between  the  two  Governments 
and  neighboring  upon  2  Indian  Towns."    (Col.  Rec,  Vol.  I,  858-9.) 

Letter  of  John  Urmstom  to  the  Secretary,  dated  Nov.  6,  1712, 
says:  "  Mr.  Rainsford  has  proved  another  Alexander.  His  coming  in 
has  been  a  great  detriment  to  me,  and  no  service  to  the  Country.  I 
wish  be  may  stay  in  it  as  long  as  I've  done,  but  very  much  doubt  it; 
never  any  one  could  do  it,  and  had  I  been  able  should  have  long 
ago  taken  me  to  another  place."    (Col.  Rec,  Vol.  I,  page  888.) 

Now,  in  all  these  letters  there  has  not  been  one  word  written  with 
reference  to  tbe  Church  or  Chapel,  nor  have  we  found  in  the  records 
of  the  Vestry  Meeting  for  past  two  years  any  allusion  to  building  or 
repairing.  Rev.  John  Urmstom  speaks  of  the  Chapel  being  "ready 
to  drop  down,  and  a  resting'  place  for  Hoggs  and  Cattle;  they  flee 
thither  for  shelter  in  the  Summer  and  Warmth  in  Winter."  Mr. 
Rainsford's  letter  to  the  Secretary,  dated  Chowan,  N.  Carolina,  17 
Feby.,  1712-13:  "Mr.  Urmatom  has  bought  a  plantation  on  the  con- 
fines of  Virginia."    (Idem,  Vol.  II,  page  17.) 

Rev.  John  Urmstom  to  General  Nicbelson,  North  Carolina,  July 
1st,  1713-4:  "This  is  now  the  time  of  payment,  whilst  people  have  it. 

*  Sarum  was  in  all  probability  located  at  or  near  the  ''Ballard  place,"  about  8 
miles  Northwest  of  Gatesville  at  the  head  of  "Sarum  Creek."  It  was  three 
miles  from  Thos.  Garrett's  on  Catharine  Creek  to  Thos.  Hoyle's  Indian  Town, 
located  on  their  grant  for  11,000  acres  of  land  lying  between  Catharine  Creek 
and  Bennett's  Creek,  making  it  about  5  or  6  miles  distant  from  the  present  Town 
of  Gatesville,  N.  C.  The  other  Indian  Town  referred  to  as  being  convenient  to 
the  School  at  Sarum  was  most  probably  that  of  the  Meherrin  Indians  at  or  near 
the  mouth  of  the  Meherrin  River.  Sarum  being  located  at  the  head  of  Sarum 
Creek  was  about  equidistant  between  the  two  towns.  On  a  recent  visit  to  Gates- 
ville, in  conversation  with  an  old  gentleman  83  years  old.  he  stated,  that  when 
a  boy  there  were  evidences  at  or  near  the  Ballard  place  of  a  very  old  settlement.  ^ 

266  North  Carolina  Historical 

Vestries  have  been  summoDed,  but  to  avoid  payment  would  uot 
meet,  and  thus  they  have  served  me  ever  since  I  came  among  them^ 
so  that  I  fear  I  mpst  retire  into  the  next  Government  for  relief." 

At  a  Vestry  met  at  the  Church  on  the  North  shore  of  the  Sound 
in  Chowan  Precinct  Mch.  ye  2d,  1713-14.  Answer  to  a  letter  from 
the  Honoble  Society  by  the  Honoble  Coll.  Nicholson  were  ordered: 
"  None  of  them  ever  abode  so  long  here  as  Rev.  Mr.  Urmstone  hath, 
done.  Yet  have  not  been  so  happy  in  him  neither  as  we  would  have 
desired,  by  reason  that  for  the  most  part  there  hath  been  no  other  Min- 
ister in  these  parts.  Since  his  arrival  *  *  *  he  hath  made  the  other 
precincts  sharers  with  us  in  his  ministry.  As  for  the  two  years  last 
past  he  hath  been  prevailed  with,  and  indeed  necessitated,  not  being 
able  to  travel  any  longer  about  the  country  to  confine  himself  to  this 
precinct,  *  *  *  pray  the  Honoble  Society  to  continue  or  rather  add 
to  the  Salary  of  Mr.  Urmston  to  the  End  he  may  be  enabled  to  stay 
with  us;  that  they  will  out  of  their  great  Charity  concur  with  our 
honest  but  weak  Endeavors  to  establish  a  Church,  Ministry  and  a 
School."    (Idem,  Vol.  II,  pages  119  and  120 ) 

John  Urmstone's  letter  to  the  Secretary.  Extract:  "  North  Caro- 
lina, Nov.  13,  1716.  There  was  a  Vestry  appointed  for  Chowan 
where  I  have  resided  for  six  years  and  a  half,  several  essays  have 
been  made  towards  a  meeting,  but  there  were  a  majority,  at  least 
we  had  eight,  whereof  two  refused  to  qualify  themselves  as  the  Act 
which  I  sent  the  Society  directs,  and  nowe  they  pretend  without  a 
new  Act  there  is  no  Vestry,  all  to  avoid  paying  me,  hoping  by  that 
means  to  drive  me  out  of  the  Country."  (Idem,  vol.  I,  page  248.) 

♦John  Urmston  to  the  Secretary.  North  Carolina,  May  1,  1717. 
,*My  Parochial  account  is  very  short  *  *  *  I  went  this  winter  7 
times  to  the  church  in  the  neighborhood  {i.  e,  that  is  4  miles  dis- 
tance), and  met  not  a  congregation  ;  so  indifferent  are  our  Gentry 
in  their  Religion  they  had  rather  never  come  to  church  than  be 
obliged  to  pay  me  anything;  they  can  not  endure  the  thought  of 
it."  (Col.  Rec,  vol.  II,  page  279). 

•  John  Urmstone  to  the  Secretary.  Extract:  North  Carolina,  June 
22, 1717.  "  It  was  agreed  that  we  should  hold  a  Vestry  every  first 
Sunday  in  the  month,  but  we  have  never  since  the  first  nor  I  believe 
ever  shall ;  the  first  Sunday  in  the  month  we  had  one  Church  War- 
den and  three  Vestrymen."  (Idem,  page  288.) 

In  his  letter  dated  Oct  23, 1717,  he  speaks  of  Rev.  Mr.  Taylor  ar- 
riving here  about  a  month  ago  (page  294),  after  which  time  Mr. 
Urmston  commenced  his  labors  in  the  lower  precincts. 

We  have  given  the  statements  of  Rev.  John  Urmston,  fully  aware 
that  his  reputation  in  the  Colony  to  say  the  least  was  very  unsavory; 

*  Rev.  John  Urmston  owned  400  acres  of  land  on  tlie  Albemarle  Sound,  either 
covering  a  part  of  Atholl  water  front,  or  on  the  tract  immediately  west  of  it. 
He  gave  Edward  Moseley  a  power  of  attorney  in  1720,  shortly  after  he  left  the 
Precinct,  to  dispose  of  it.  This  paper  is  indexed,  but  on  referring  to  the  book 
and  page,  we  fail  to  find  it  recordea. 


his  statements  when  corroborated  by  other  evidence  are  worthy  of 
credence  and  others  relating  to  minor  details,  where  there  could  be 
no  motive  or  interest  to  prevaricate,  must  likewise  be  received.  We 
nevertheless  leave  the  reader  to  attach  that  weight  to  his  evidence 
the  facts  and  circumstances  may  justify.  The  trend  of  all  the  record 
evidence  is  to  the  Edward  Smitbwick  grant  of  380  acres,  as  being 
the  place  upon  which  was  erected  the  first  church  in  N.  Carolina. 
We  can  not  see  how  a  doubt  of  this  fact  can  linger  in  the  mind  of 
any  person,  after  a  careful  and  thoughtful  investigation  of  the  evi- 
dence collected  in  this  sketch.  A  second  church  (while  the  records 
are  not  in  accord  with  the  thought),  may  have  been  commenced^ 
but  we  can  find  nothing  to  indicate  that  it  was  ever  completed  or 

St.  Paul's  Church  in  Edenton,  N.  C,  was  commenced  after  1729^ 
but  it  is  not  now  our  purpose  to  give  its  history.  We  may  do  so  at 
a  later  date. 


I,  A  B",  Doe  sweare  that  I  doe  from  my  heart,  abhor,  detest,  and 
abjure  as  impious,  etc.  *  ♦  *  this  Damnable  Doctrine  and  position 
that  princes  excommunicated  or  deprived  by  ye  pope  or  any  author- 
ity of  ye  Sea  of  Rome  may  be  deposed  or  *  *  *  by  their  sub- 
jects or  any  other  whatsoever.  And  I  do  declare  that  no  foreign 
prince,  person,  *  *  *  state  or  potentate  hath  or  ought  to  have  any 
jurisdiction,  power,  superiority,  *  *  *  or  authority,  ecclesiastical  or 
spiritual,  within  this  realm,  or  any  other  her  ma'tyes  Dominion  or 
Territory  thereunto  belonging.  So  help  me  God. 
(Signed  by) 

Joell  Martin.  ^j      SJf  ^,      ,,  Wm.  Swann,  Sr. 

h,g  Wm.  W  Charlton.         jr  .. ,,  chev  n 

Thomas  TWWorsely.  j.^nTorter.  Stnis  Slendin. 

Richard  Jasper.  Richard  Sanderson.      John  Byrd. 

John  Porter.  William  Reed.  Cotton  CR  Robinson. 

1  nomas  Eadsmuson.  mark. 

Wm.  Bray. 
There  is  no  date  to  this  paper,  found  among  the  Court  records  of 
Chowan  County  at  Edenton,  N.  C,  but  it  was  evidently  executed 
prior  to  1716,  as  John  Byrd,  one  of  the  signers,  was  dead  at  that 
time.  This  oath  was  required  of  all  oflBcers  upon  their  qualifi- 
cation to  oflBce.  It  remained  a  law  until  the  Convention  of  1835, 
when,  through  the  eflforts  and  influence  of  Hon.  William  Gaston,  it 
was  abrogated.  There  are  three  words  in  the  oath  that  cannot  be 

268  North  Carolina  Historical 


Copied  from  a  family  circle,  made  by  Mai.  Roger  Pleasants  Atkinson,  of 
Greensboro.  N.  C,  and  added  to  by  his  niece,  Miss  Mary  Sumner  Elingsbury.  of 
Wilmington,  N.  C.  (to  whom  we  are  indebted  for  its  possession  and  use). 

William  Littlejohn  emigrated  from  luverness,  Scotland,  before 
1760,  and  settled  in  Edenton,  Chowan  Co.,  N.  C,  where  he  was  a 
shipping  merchant  for  forty  years.  He  married  November  21,  1771, 
Sarah   Blounl,  daughter  of  Joseph  Blount  and  Sarah  Duraut  (d.  of 

*Geo.  Durant  and  Hagar  Crisp,  d.  of  Capt.  Nicholas  Crisp  and 

Wilkins).  He  died  March  4,  1817,  from  injuries  received  by  his 
horse  running  away  and  throwing  him  from  his  chaise;  aged  77 
years.  His  wife,  Sarah  Blount,  was  born  Feby.  14,  1747,  and  died 
Oct.  10,  1807.  They  were  members  of  St.  Paul's  Episcopal  Church 
at  Edenton,  and  are  both  buried  in  the  family  graveyard  of  the 
Blounts  and  Littlejohns  on  Gh<eglair»'s  Hill,  near  the  depot  of  the 

♦NoTK  BY  THE  EDITOR.— George  Durant.  born  Oct.  1,  1633,  married,  Jany.  4, 
1658-9.  Ann  Marwood  of  Northumberland  Co.,  Va  ,  died  in  1694 ;  had  issue,  among 
others,  John  Durant,  born  Dec.  26,  1662,  married  April  9,  1684,  Sarah  Jooke, 
daughter  of  Thomas  and  Ann  Jooke. 

John  Durant  died  Jany.  5th,  1699.  Mrs.  Sarah  Durant  married,  second,  Wil- 
liam Stephens,  who  died  in  1702.  leaving  Thos.  Gilliam  as  his  executor.  Mrs. 
Stephens  died  in  1717.  No  issue  by  her  last  marriage  so  far  ^is  ascertained.  Is- 
sue of  John  Durant  and  Sarah ,  Jooke,  among  others,  George  Durant,  born  April, 
1685,  died  1730 ;  married  about  1718,  Hagar  Crisp,  born  1698.  died  1724,  daughter 

of  Nicholas  Crisp  and  Wilkins.     Issue,  <1)  Ann  Durant.  born  July  18, 1714, 

married,  first.  Joseph  Buncombe  (uncle  of  Col.  Edward  Buncombe),  who  died 
leaving  one  daughter — Mary  Buncombe  married Sutton.  Mrs.  Ann  Bun- 
combe nee  Durant,  married,  second,  Thomas  Corprew  Issue,  (a)  George  Du- 
rant Corprew,  (6)  Thomas  Corprew.  She  died  in  1747,  and  Thomas  Corprew 
married,  second,  Sarah  Vail.  (2)  Mary  Durant,  born  1718,  died  1746,  married 
Christian  Reed,  her  twin  sister.  (3)  Sarah  Durant  married  Joseph  Blount  I, 
born  1716  (son  of  John  Blount  and  Elizabeth  Davis,  daughter  of  John  and  Mary 
Davis  and  granddaughter  of  John  Burton,  of  Henrico  Co.,  Va).  John  Blount, 
born  1669.  was  the  son  of  Jas.  Blount  and  wife,  Ann  ;  Jas.  Blount  died  in  1685-6. 
(4)  Elizabeth  Durant,  born  March  12,  1720,  married  Joseph  Reed,  brother  of 
Christian,  both  sons  of  Gov.  Wra.  Reed.  (5)  Geo.  Durant,  Wn  Aug.  23d,  1728, 
was  living  in  1730,  at  the  time  of  his  father's  death.  As  no  record  of  him  ap- 
pears in  the  division  of  his  father's  estate,  it  is  presumed  he  died  in  his  minority. 
Sarah  Durant,  who  married  Joseph  Blount  I,  died  in  1751,  leaving  only  one 
child,  Sarah  Blount,  who  married  William  Littlejohn.  Joseph  Blount  I  mar- 
ried, second,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Scarborough,  widow  of  McRora  ^k5arborough.  At 
the  time  of  her  marriage  to  Scarborough  she  was  the  widow  of  Wm.  Reed,  with 
one  son,  William  Reed.  (William  Reed  was  the  brother  of  Christian  and  Joseph 
mentioned  in  this  note).    McRora  Scarborough's  will  executed  January  21.  1751, 

Srobated  February  18,  1752,  mentions  the  following  persons :  Wife  Elizabeth, 
[r.  William  Reed,  her  former  husband,  son  Benjamin,  land  given  me  by  Mrs. 
Juliana  Laker  (his  great-grandmother) .  son  MacRora,  son  William,  daughter 
Elizabeth,  cousin  Mary  Atkinson ;  wife,  sons  Benjamin  and  McRora  and  Wil- 
liam Exrs.  Loving  brother,  John  Scarborough,  my  brother-in-law  Edward 
Hatch,  and  Wm.  Burgess,  Sr.  Test,  Walter  Kippen,  Joshua  Hobart,  Cornelius 
Mullen,  Rachel  Avery,  Martha  Ann  Kippen. 

From  the  above  we  infer  his  wife  was  the  sister  of  Edward  Hatch,  son  of 
Anthony  Hatch,  who  married  a  Durant. 

AND  Gbnealoqical  Reqistsr.  269 

Norfolk  Southern  Railroad  in  Edenton.  Mr.  Littlejohn  built,  and 
occupied  to  the  day  of  bis  deatb,  the  bouse  near  the  graveyard^ 
now  owned  and  occupied  by  T.  B.  Bland,  Esq.  They  had  fourteen 

1.  Sarah,  born  April  25th,  1772,  died  Dec.  23, 1792,  aged  20  years. 

2.  Thomas  Blount,  born  Dec.  9, 1773,  married  Elizabeth  Mutter 
Dec.  6  1798. 

3.  Jane,  b.  Feby.  28, 1775,  and  drowned  while  sailing  in  a  yacht  on 
the  Albemarle  Sound,  June  1st,  1791-7. 

4.  Joseph  Blount,  born  Oct.  4.  1776,  died  Jan.  2d,  1852. 

5.  Ann  Blount,  b.  June  27, 1779,  married  John  Little,  a  merchant^ 
at  Edenton,  Dec.  15, 1804,  died  Jan.  13,  1816. 

6.  William  Alexander,  born  May  20,  1781,  died  May  22d,181h 

7.  John,  born  Oct.  2d,  1872,  died  Aug.  5.  1783. 

8.  John  Lemuel,  b.  Nov.  27,  1784.  d.  Dec.  9, 1784. 

9.  John  Wilson,  b.  Mar.  12,  1786,  md.  Elizabeth  Blount,  dau.  of 
Jacob  Blount. 

10.  Helen  Frances,  b.  Mar.  24, 1787,  d.  Aug.  17,  1791. 

11.  Mary  Penelope  Barker,  b.  June  6, 1788,  d.  Sept.  23d,  1790. 

12.  Elizabeth  Margaret,  b.  Oct.  17,  1789. 

13.  Frances  Lenox,  b.  July  23d,  1791,  d.  Sept.  12,  1797. 

14.  Lemuel  Edmund,  b.  Apl.  8, 1797,  died  Oct.,  1797. 

Thomas  Blount  Littlejohn,  eldest  son  of  William  Littlejohn  and 
Sarah  Blount,  born  at  Edenton,  N.  C,  Dec.  9,  1773,  but  went  to 
Granville  Co.,  N.  C,  when  a  youug  man,  where  he  married  Eliza- 
beth Mutter  (dau.  of  Thomas  Mutter,  a  Scotchman,  and  Elizabeth 
Moore)  on  Thursday  evening,  Dec.  6, 1798,  Rev.  Henry  Pattillo  per- 
forming the  ceremony.  Thomas  Mutter  and  his  wife  Elizabeth 
Moore  had  four  children.  (1)  Thomas  Mutter,  father  of  Dr.  Thomas 
Mutter,  of  Philadelphia,  (2)  John  Mutter,  father  of  Mrs.  Fannie 
Macon,  of  Richmond,  Va.,  (3)  Margaret  Mutter,  wife  of  John  Bon- 
ner Blount  and  (4)  Elizabeth  Mutter,  wife  of  Thomas  B.  Littlejohn. 

Thomas  Mutter  died  ,  and  his  wife,  Elizabeth  Moore,  married, 

2nd,  Greorge  Alston,  also  a  Scotchman,  and  she  was  known  among 
her  descendants  as  *' Grandma  Alston."  She  died  at  an  advanced 
age  about  1840  at  her  home  in  Granville  Co.,  where  she  is  buried. 
Her  granddaughter,  Margaret  Littlejohn,  inherited  a  handsome 
Miniature  of  her  (which  is  now  owned  by  a  daughter  of  Maj.  Roger  P. 
Atkinson,  of  Greensboro,  N.  C),  and  a  valuable  breastpin  worn  by  her 
(which  is  now  in  the  possession  of  Mrs.  Theodore  B.  Kingsbury). 

Thomas  Blount  Littlfjohn  was  in  business  with  his  father  at 
Ekienton  before  he  moved  to  Granville  Co.  He  afterwards  lived  at 
Oxford,  N.  C,  where  he  merchandised  and  farmed  for  many  years^ 
and  in  his  old  age  was  "  Clerk  and  Master  in  Equity." 

The  land  whereon  Oxford,  Granville  Co ,  now  stands,  was  form- 
erly the  property  of  Mr.  Mitchell  and  others,  and  was  pur- 
chased of  them  by  Pannele  some  years  before  the  Court  House  was 
located  there.     In  1806  Thomas  B.  Littlejohn,  Esq.,  purchased  of 

270  North  Carolina  Historical 

Pannele,  for  the  sum  of  $1,600,  the  tract  of  land,  but  refused  to  al- 
low a  town  to  be  laid  out  on  it  or  to  sell  any  of  the  property.  Much 
dissatisfaction  grew  up  in  the  county  at  this  monopoly ;  people  had 
DO  shelter  or  other  accommodation  while  attending  court,  and  peti- 
tions were  circulated  in  the  county  to  remove  the  Court  House  from 
Oxford.  To  prevent  this,  Mr.  Littlejohn  consented  to  sell  60  acres 
for  a  town.  Accordingly,  in  1811,  an  Act  was  passed  by  the  General 
Assembly  of  North  Carolina  appointing  Col.  Robert  Burton,  Benj. 
Hiijiard,Col.  Charles  Eaton,  Dr.  John  Hare,  and  Robert  Jeter  Com- 
missioners to  purchase  60  acres  of  land  from  Mr.  Littlejohn  and  sell 
it  off  in  lots.  This  was  accordingly  done,  but  no  corporate  govern- 
ment was  established  until  1816.  In  that  year  an  Act  to  incorporate 
the  town  of  Oxford,  in  Granville  Co.,  was  passed,  and  William  M. 
Snead,  Nathaniel  M.  Taylor,  Dr.  William  V.  Taylor,  Leslie  Gilliam, 
and  Thomas  Blount  Littlejohn  were  appointed  Commissioners.  They 
were  our  first  "City  Fathers,"  and  were  empowered  to  fill  any  va- 
cancy that  might,  from  any  cause,  occur  in  their  body.  The  corpora- 
tion seems  to  have  become  dormant,  for  in  1826  an  Act  was  passed 
relieving  the  Corporation,  and  naming  Thos.  Blount  Littlejohn, 
Thomas  Booth,  Dr.  William  V.  Taylor,  David  Mitchell,  and  Rhodes 
N.  Herndon  Commissioners,  and  providing  for  the  election  of  Com- 
missioners on  the  first  Monday  in  May  of  each  year.  Again  the 
Corporation  died  out,  but  was  revived  in  1830,  and  has  existed  un- 
interruptedly ever  since.  In  1832  and  1844  Acts  were  passed  amend- 
ing the  "  Acts  of  incorporation." 

Thomas  Blount  Littlejohn  remained  in  Oxford  until  he  was 
nearly  eighty  years  old,  when  he  went  to  live  with  his  youngest 
daughter,  Mrs.  Geo.  Field,  at  her  home  "Glen wood,"  in  Warren  Co., 
N.  C,  where  he  died  Jan  29, 1864,  in  his  81st  year,  and  was  buried  at 
Oxford,  N.  C,  in  the  family  graveyard  by  the  side  of  his  wife,  Eliza- 
beth Mutter,  who  died  Feby.  19, 1842,  in  her  44th  year. 

For  forty  years  he  was  an  earnest  and  devoted  member  of  the 
Presbyterian  Church.  Whilst  those  who  knew  him  in  life's  summer 
prime  could  tell  many  things  illustrative  of  his  humanity  and  firm- 
ness, and  punctiliousness,  and  Christian  integrity,  and  inflexible  hon- 
esty, yet  the  present  writer  would  simply  say  that  a  better  man  he 
never  knew,  one  whose  strict  observance  of  the  nicest  proprieties  of 
society  was  more  invariably  scrupulous  and  characteristic  of  the 
gentleman,  or  in  whose  daily  life  were  more  clearly  exemplified  the 
shining  attributes  and  rich  virtues  which  cluster  so  thickly  around 
the  character  of  the  Christian.  As  might  have  been  anticipated 
from  so  pure  a  life,  his  end  was  glorious  and  peaceful — serene  and 
resigned  and  quiet  as  the  setting  of  an  unclouded  sun.  Mr.  Little- 
john appeared  to  them  who  only  knew  him  in  the  last  days  of  his 
life,  when  the  machinery  had  been  well  worn  by  the  service  of  eighty 
years,  as  a  man  of  strong  and  marked  character,  a  character  so  vig- 
orously drawn  and  developed  that  no  portrayal  could  possibly  pre- 
sent him  correctly  or  accurately  unless  the  lineaments  were  drawn 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  271 

by  the  cordial  and  genial  hand  of  an  ADcient  friend  who  knew  him 
when  his  form  was  erect,  athletic,  and  his  eye  beamed  with  the  un- 
dimmed  lustre  of  a  healthful  and  active  manhood.  He  who  now 
writes  only  speaks  of  him  as  he  appeared  in  his  declining  years. 
Some  two  years  and  a  half  before  his  death  he  left  Oxford,  his  place 
of  residence  for  sixty  years,  to  spend  the  evening  of  his  life  in  War- 
ren Co.,  where  the  fondness  of  a  daughter  could  minister  to  his  com- 
fort. So  gentle  and  serene  was  his  death,  it  seemed  like  the  sinking 
of  a  summer  breeze  on  the  sweet  music  of  a  falling  quiet  stream. 
Thomas  Blount  Littlejohn  and  Elizabeth  Mutter  had  12  children. 

(1)  Sallie  B.,  b.  Sept.  16, 1799,  md.Shepard  Kollock,  and  died  July 
26,  1828. 

(2)  Thomas  Mutter,  b.  July  24, 1801,  and  died  in  1867,  in  Louis- 
iana, unmarried. 

(3)  William,  b.  Feb.  8, 1803,  md.  Mrs.  Jane  P.  Patrick,  and  died 
Jan.  10, 1850 

(4)  Elizabeth,  h.  Apl.  7, 1805,  md.  Dr.  Isaac  N.  Jones,  Mar.,  1828 
died  Jany  27,  1867. 

(5)  Margaret  'Mutter,  b.  Apl.  17, 1707,  md.  Rogers  Poythress  At- 
kinson (son  of  Roger  Atkinson  and  Agnes  Poythress  and  grandson 
of  Roger  Atkinson  and  Ann  Pleasants  of  Virginia),  June  29, 1826, 
at  her  father's  residence  in  Oxford,  N.  C,  and  died  July  15,  1874. 

(6)  Anne  Wilson,  b.  Feby.  26, 1809,  md.  Benson  F.  Jones,  June, 
1727,  and  had  one  child  who  died  in  infancy ;  she  died  at  Oxford,  and 
is  buried  in  the  family  graveyard,  by  the  side  of  her  parents.  Her 
husband  married  2d  Maria  Goodwyn. 

(7)  Alexander  Wilson,  b.  Feby.  15, 1811,  md.  Sarah  Ann  Walker, 
died  Apl.  8, 1864. 

(8)  John,  b.  Oct.  12, 1812,  died  Aug ,  1813. 

(9)  Joseph,  b.  July  1,  1814,  md.  1st  Olivia  E.  Bland,  2d  Mary 
A.  Branson. 

(10)  James  Thompson,  b.  June  24, 1816,  md.  1st  Phoebe  Dozier, 
2d  Mrs.  Sophie  Micbean  (his  first  wife's  sister),  and  died  June  4, 
1887,  his  second  wife  died  Oct.  20,  1891,  aged  75  years. 

(11)  Lucinda  Jane,  b.  Apl.  12, 1819,  md.  Alex.  T.  Jones,  and  died 
May  28,  1896 

(12)  Frances  Blount,  b.  Jan.  24,  1822,  md.  Dr.  Geo.  Feild,  and  is 
living  in  1900. 

Sallie  B.  Littlejohn  (daughter  of  Tbos.  Blount  Littlejohn  and 
Elizabeth  Mutter),  md.  Shepard  Kollock  (a  Presbyterian  minister), 
she  died  at  Norfolk,  Va.,  July  26, 1828,  and  is  buried  there.  They 
bad  six  children : 

(1)  Thomas  Littlejohn,  died  young;  (2)  Susan  Anna,  born  Augt. 
30, 1820,  died  Sept  7, 1828;  (3)  Shepard,  died  at  21  vears  of  age;  (4) 
Lydia,  died  in  infancy;  (5)  Elizabeth  Littlejohn,  died  in  infancy;  (6) 
Sarah  Jane,  born  about  1826,  and  was  for  many  years  one  of  the 
Principals  of  Misses.  Nosh  and  KoUock's  school  for  young  ladies  at 
Hillsboro,  N.  C.    She  is  living  at  Hillsboro. 

272  North  Carolina  Historical 

William  Littlejobn  (son  of  Thomas  Blount  LittlejobD  and  Eliza- 
beth Mutter),  md.  Mrs.  Jane  J.  Patrick  (nee  McAlpin),  and  died  at 
Greenwood,  Ceddo  Parish,  La,  Jan.  10, 1850,  and  bis  wife  died  at 
Argenta,  Feby.  23,  lif82;  they  had  four  children  :  (1)  Elizabeth  J , 
md.  J.  K.  Roberts,  no  issue,  she  died  Sept.  6, 1860;  (2)  Robert  Mc- 
Alpin,  md.  Helen  England;  (3)  Sallie  Littlejobn,  died  Oct.,  5, 1859; 
(4)  Thomas  B.  M.,  died  Aprl.  20,  1850. 

Children  of  Robert  McAlpin  Littlejobn  (son  of  William  and  Mrs. 
Jane  J.  Patrick)  and  Helen  England  :    (1)  Sophie  J.;  (2)  Fannie  C; 

(3)  Helen;  (4)  Mary. 

Elizabeth  Littlejobn  (dau.  of  Thomas  Blount  Littlejobn  and  Eliza- 
beth Mutter),  md.  Dr.  Isaac  N.  Jones  of  Arkansas,  Mcb.,  1828,  and 
died  at  Washington,  Ark.,  Jany.  27,  1867.    Thev  had  8  children : 

(1)  Thomas  Littlejobn,  md.  Ella  Simmons;  (2)  Elizabeth  Little- 
jobn, md.  Wm.  T.  Andrews;  (3)  Mollie  Cook,  md.  Thos.  C.  Caswell; 

(4)  Daniel  Webster,  md.  Margaret  Hadley;  (5)  Robert  William,  md. 
Laura  Finley ;  (6)  Ann  Robinson,  md.  Dr.  Alex.  P.  Moore;  (7)  Isaac 
Newton  died  unmarried;  (8)  Sallie  Newton,  md.  Joseph  L.  Stuart. 

Children  of  Thomas  Littlejobn  Jones  and  Ella  Simbaons:  (1)  Isaac^ 
died  young;  (2)  Bettie;  (3)  Thomas  Littlejobn;  (4)  Sallie;  (5)  Robert, 
(6)  Ella;  (7)  Mollie;  (8)  William. 

Children  of  Wm.  T.  Andrews  and  Elizabeth  Liittlejohn  Jones: 

(1)  Mary  M.,  md.  Charles  E.  Royster  and  had  4  children :  (a) 
Stella ;  (b)  Mattie;  (c)  Laura;  (d)  Bessie. 

(2)  Elizabeth  Littlejobn  Jones,  md.  W.  P.  Hart  of  Hampstead 
Co.,  Ark.,  and  had  three  children:  (a)  Wright;  (6)  Frankie;  (c) 

Children  of  Mollie  Cook  Jones  (dau.  of  Isaac  N.  Jones  and  Eliza- 
beth W.  Littlejobn)  md.  Thos.  C.  Caswell:  (a)  Thomas,  died  young; 
(b)  Gertrude,  md.  Clarke  A.Stuart;  (c)  Earl, died  young;  (d)  Robert; 
(e)  Laura;  (/)  Robert  Lee;  ig)  Marion. 

Gertrude  Caswell  and  Clarke  A.  Stewart  have  one  child,  Mabel. 

Children  of  Daniel  Webster  Jones  (Gov.  of  Arkansas  and  son  of 
L  N.  Jones  and  Elizabeth  Littlejobn)  and  Margaret  M.  Hadley: 

(1)  Claudius;  (2)  Elizabeth  Wilson;  (3)  Robbie  Newton ;  (4)  Belle 
Hadley,  died  Nov.  23, 1870 ;  (5)  Josephine  Hart,  d.  July  10, 1874 ;  (6) 
Daniel  Webster;  (7)  Thomas  Hadley;  (8)  Thomas  Daniel.  Mrs. 
Jones  died  in  1875. 

Children  of  Robert  William  Jones  (son  of  Isaac  N.  Jones  and 
Elizabeth  W.  Littlejobn)  and  Laura  Findley:  (1)  James;  (2)|Junita; 
(3)  Noel ;  (4)  Laura,  died. 

Cbildren  of  Alex.  P.  Moore  and  Ann  Robinson  Jones  (da.  of  I.  N. 
Jones  and  Elizabeth  Littlejobn) : 

(1)  Isaac  Newton;  (2)  Mollie;  (3)  Humos  Littlejobn. 

Children  of  Joseph  L.  Stuart  and  Sallie  Newton  Jones  (dau.  of 
I.  N.  Jones  and  Elizabeth  Littlejobn) : 

(1)  Adali,  md.  T.  Edward  Wilson  and  had  two  children :  (a)  Pink ; 
(6)  Robert ;  (2)  Nannie;  (3)  Mildred  ;  (4)  Mollie;  (5)  Bettie;  (6)  Jim- 
mie, died  young;  (7)  Emma,  died  young. 


Margaret  Mutter  Littlejobn  (dau.  of  Thomas  Blount  Littlejobn 
and  Elizabeth  Mutter)  was  born  at  Oxford,  Apl.  7,  1807,  and  md. 
Roger  foytbress  Atkinson  of  Chesterfield  Co.,  Va.,  June  29, 1826^,  at 
Oxford,  N.  C. ;  they  removed  from  Virginia  to  Tennessee  and  shortly 
afterwards  to  Vicksburg,  Miss.,  where  he  soon  established  such  a  rep- 
utation for  honor  and  chivalry  that  his  fellow- citizens  elected  him 
Brigadier  General  (for  then  the  officials  of  high  grade  were  chosen 
by  the  people),  and  a  vacancy  occurring  in  the  division  to  which  his 
Brigade  was  attached,  he  was  raised  to  the  rank  of  Major  General  of 
the  Mississippi  Militia.  He  died  at  his  residence  in  Warren  Co., 
Miss.,  Sept.  3,  1839,  in  his  36th  year.  His  wife  returned  to  Oxford, 
where  she  died  July  15, 1874.     They  had  children  as  follows; 

(1)  Thos.  B.  Littlejobn  Atkinson,  b.  1827,  died  at  Oxford  1827. 

(2)  Roger  Pleasants  Atkinson,  b.  July  14, 1828,  md.  Eliza  T.  Coles 
of  Va. 

(3)  Thos.  Blount  Littlejobn  Atkinson,  b.  May  10,  1830,  in  Hay- 
wood Co.,  Tenn.,  and  died  at  Vicksburg. 

(4)  Sallie  Jones  Atkinson,  b.  May  5, 1832, in  Haywood  Co.,  Tenn., 
md.  Theodore  Bryant  Kingsbury. 

(5)  Elizabeth  Mutter  Atkinson,  b.  Feb.  24,  1834,  in  Warren  Co., 
Miss.,  died  at  Vicksburg. 

(6)  Thomas  Mutter  Atkinson,  b.  March  29,  1837,  at  Vicksburg, 
Miss.,  died  at  Oxford,  N.  C,  April  27,  1854. 

(7)  Margaret  Mutter  Atkinson,  b.  Aug.  13, 1839,  in  Warren  Co., 
Miss.,  and  died  at  Oxford,  N.  C,  Sept.  17, 1849. 

(8)  Child  (not  named). 

Koger  Pleasants  Atkinson  (son  of  Roger  Poythress  Atkinson  and 
Margaret  Mutter  Littlejobn)  was  born  at  Oxford,  N.  C,  July,  1828. 
His  father  died  when  he  was  only  eleven  years  old,  and  he  then 
lived  with  his  grandfather  Thomas  Blount  Littlejobn  at  Oxford, 
and  with  his  uncle  Dr.  Thomas  P.  Atkinson  at  Danville,  Va.  At 
about  18  he  began  his  career  as  a  civil  engineer.  He  was  a  well 
equipped  officer  in  that  department,  and  aided  in  constructing  many 
important  railroads  in  Virginia,  Kentucky,  Georgia  and  North  Car- 
olina. He  entered  the  war  as  a  member  of  the  Wilmington  Light 
Infantry,  "  and  was  Quartermaster  of  the  3d  Regiment,  commanded 
by  Col.  Gaston  Meares,  with  the  rank  of  Major.  He  was  a  man  of 
the  highest  sense  of  honor  and  propriety,  and  was  true  to  every  re- 
lation of  life."  He  married  Miss  Eliza  T.  Coles  of  Pittsylvania  Co.> 
Va.,  and  had  one  child,  Kate  Patton,  md.  N.  J.  McDufBe,  and  has 
children :  (a)  Roger  Atkinson,  (b)  Annie.  He  died  at  Greensboro,. 
N.  C,  Aug.  26, 1889,  and  was  buried  in  the  cemetery  at  that  place,, 
aged  61  years.  He  was  for  many  years  a  member  of  the  Episcopal 

Sallie  Jones  Atkinson  (dau.  of  Roger  P.  Atkinson  and  Margaret 
Mutter  Littlejobn)  was  bom  in  Haywood  Co.,  Tenn.,  May  5,  1832, 
and  married  Theodore  Bryant  Kingsbury  at  Oxford,  N.  C.,  May  1, 
1851.    He  was  born  Aug.  29, 1828.    Tbey  had  nine  children. 

274  North  Carolina  Historical 

(1)  Cora,  md.  Joseph  W.  Shackford  of  King  and  Queen  Co.,  Va./ 
at  Oxford,  N.  C,  Nov.  26, 1875.  She  was  born  in  Warren  Co.,  N.  C,  and 
died  July  3, 1889;  (2)  Mary  Sumner,  born  at  Oxford,  N.  C;  (3)  Roger 
Atkinson,  b.  at  Oxford,  N.  C,  md.  Genevieve  Garland  Bernard  at 
Wilmington,  N.  C,  Oct.  17th,  1889;  (4)  Margaret  Littlejohn,  bom  at 
Oxford,  N.  C;  (5)  Edward  Thome,  died  November,  1864;  (6)  Wal- 
ter Russell,  born  at  Oxford  and  md.  at  Wilmington,  N.  C,  Daisy 
Harrell,  Feb.  4, 1890;  (7)  Theodore  Bryant,  died  Nov.  4th,  1864;  (8) 
Alice  Thome,  born  at  Warrenton,  N.  C,  md.  at  Wilmington,  N.  C.» 
Washington  Dorsey  Lynch,  April  17th,  1895;  (9)  Maude  Madeleine, 
born  at  Oxford,  N.  C. 

Children  of  Cora  Kingsbury  and  Joseph  W.  Shackford : 

(1)  Sallie  Atkinson,  born  in  Warrenton,  N.  C,  md.  Lemuel  Black- 
well  Walker  of  Westmoreland  Co.,  Va.,  and  has  3  children :  (a)  Cora 
Kingsbury,  (6)  Rawleigh  William,  (c)  Julia. 

(2)  John  Walter,  born  in  Virginia;  (3)  Mary  Kingsbury,  born  in 
Virginia;  (4)  Theodore  Bumham,  born  in  N.  C.;  (5)  Isobel  Temple, 
born  in  Va.;  (6)  Joseph  Council,  born  in  Va.,  died  in  1888;  (7) 
Martha,  born  in  Va.,  died  July  29th,  1885. 

Children  of  Roger  Atkinson  Kingsbury  and  Genevieve  Garland 
Bernard:  (1)  Theodore  Bryant  Kingsbury,  (2)  Roger  Atkinson 
Kingsbury,  (3)  Sue  Northrop  Kingsbury,  (4)  Margaret  Stedma:h 

Children  of  Walter  Russell  Kingsbury  and  Daisy  Harrell:  (1) 
Lucille,  (2)  Robert  Bellamy,  (3)  Sallie  Atkinson. 

Children  of  Alice  Thome  Kingsbury  and  Washington  Dorsey 
Lynch:  (1)  Dorsey  Warfield,  (2)  Alice  Kingsbury. 

Alexander  Wilson  Littlejohn  (son  of  Thomas  Blount  Littlejohn 
and  Elizabeth  Mutter),  born  at  Oxford,  Feby.  13,  1811;  md.  Sarah 
Ann  Walker  and  lived  in  Arkansas.  He  died  in  Dallas  Co.  April 
8, 1864.  They  had  eight  children:  (1)  Anne  Wilson,  md.  Alex.  B. 
Wiofield,  of  Okalma  Clark  Co.,  Ark.;  (2)  Joseph  Blount,  md.  Euge- 
nia E.  Drake;  (3)  Elizabeth  Mutter,  md.  Robert  W.  Hunter;  (4^  Sal- 
lie  Priscilla,  md.  William  H.  Foster;  (5)  Alexander  Wilson,  ma.  Lil- 
lie  Harris;  (6)  William  B.,  died  unmarried  at  Yazoo  City,  Miss.,  of 
yellow  fever  in  1878;  (7)  Martha  Frances,  died  at  4  yrs.  of  age;  (8) 
Lucinda  Elliott,  died  at  8  yrs.  of  age. 

Children  of  Annie  Wilson  Littlejohn  and  Alex.  B.  Winfield: 
Sallie  Elizabeth,  md.  James  B.  Ross;  (2)  Augusta  Roberts,  died; 
Alexander  Littlejohn;  (4)  Thomas  Cole,  died  young;  (5)  John 
ver ;  (6)  Robert  Marion ;  (7)  William  S  ;  (8)  Mary  Maud ;  (9)  Edward 

Children  of  Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  and  Eugenia  Elenora  Drake: 
(1)  Alfred  Alexander,  died ;  (2)  Sallie  May ;  (3)  Booker  Shepard ;  (4) 
Cornelia  Adeline;  (8)  Lucinda  Catherine ;  (6)  JosieEliza;  (7)  Mollie 

Children  of  Elizabeth  Mutter  Littlejohn  and  Robert  W.  Hunter,  of 
Round  Hill,  Dallas  Co.,  Ark.:  (1)  Palmira  A.,  (2)  Joseph  Taylor,  (3) 



AND  Genealogical  Register.  275 

Billie  Celeste,  (4)  Robert  Wiley,  (5)  Alexander  Littlejohn,  (6)  Wil- 
liam Thomas,  (7)  Sallie  Caldwell,  (8)  Alsey  High,  (9)  Sue  Dell. 

Children  of  Sallie  Priscilla  Littlejohn  and  William  H.  Foster,  of 
Stanton  Depot,  Hay  ward  Co.,  Tenn.:  (1)  Sallie  Littlejohn,  (2)  Sue 
Bettie  J.,  died,  (3)  Franklin  Saunders,  (4)  Joseph  Alexander. 

Children  of  Alexander  Wilson  Littlejohn  and  Lillie  Harris:  (1) 
*  Thomas  Whitmell,  (2)  Mary  Enella,  (3)  Joseph  Monroe,  (4)  Eliza- 
beth  Glencay,  (5)  Anne  Wilson,  (6)  Alexander  Wilson. 

Children  of  Sallie  Elizabeth  Winfield  (dau.  of  Alex.  B.  Winfield 
and  Anne  Wilson  Littlejohn)  and  James  B.  Ross:  (1)  Winfield,  died : 
{2)  Anne  Eliza,  (3)  Zella. 

Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  (son  of  Thomas  Blount  Littlejohn  and 
Elizabeth  Mutter)  was  born  in  Oxford,  N.  C,  July  1st,  1814,  and  mar- 
ried, 1st,  Olivia  Bland  and  lived  in  New  Orleans,  La.  They  had  3 
children:  (1)  James  B.,  died;  (2)  Elizabeth  Mutter,  died;  (3)  John 
J.,  died. 

He  married,  2d,  Mary  A.  Manson  of  Richmond,  Va.,  and  had  six 
children:  (1)  George  Otis,  md.  Mrs.  Eliza  Ford,  (2)  Elizabeth  Mut- 
ter, (3)  Charles  Manson,  (4)  Thomas  Blount,  (5)  Robert,  (6)  Joseph. 
'*  He  died  in  New  Orleans  on  June  24th,  1887,  in  his  73d  year.  He 
was  a  native  of  Oxford,  N.  C,  but  had  been  a  resident  of  New  Or- 
leans for  nearly  half  a  century.  He  was  all  that  time  identified 
with  its  business  interests.  He  was  a  gentleman  in  the  highest  sense, 
a  member  of  the  Episcopal  Church,  of  remarkable  personal  beauty, 
and  as  gentle  and  lovable  as  any  woman." 

Children  of  George  Otis  Littlejohn  and  Mrs.  Eliza  Ford. 

(1)  Lucille  and  Imogene,  twins. 

James  Thompson  Littlejohn  (son  of  Thomas  Blount  Littlejohn 
and  Elizabeth  Mutter)  was  born  in  Oxford,  N.  C,  June  24, 1816,  and 
md.,  1st,  Phoebe  Dozier,  of  Camden  Co.,  N.  C,  and  had  three  chil- 

(1)  Lydia  Lamb,  tnarried  Charles  M.  Busbee,  of  Raleigh,  N.  C, 
died  Apl,  18, 1887. 

(2)  Elizabeth  Mutter,  married  Frederick  Nash,  of  Hillsboro,  N.  C, 
and  lives  at  Charlotte. 

(3)  Sophie  Dozier  md.  J.  Frank  Brown. 

He  married,  second,  Mrs.  Sophie  Micheau  at  Oxford,  N.  C,  in 
1856.  They  had  no  children  but  an  adopted  daughter,  Maria  Louise 
Kerr,  who  married  J.  A.  Taylor.  He  died  June  4, 1887,  in  his  71st 
year;  17  days  more  and  he  would  have  been  72.  He  was,  in  his 
early  manhood,  the  handsomest  man  we  ever  saw  but  one.  He  read 
law  under  Judge  Badger,  with  whom  he  was  a  favorite,  and  was 
Private  Secretary  to  two  Governors— Gov.  Dudley  being  one.  He 
had  a  decided  legal  mind  and  fine  ability,  and  would  have  risen 
to  distinction  in  bis  profession  if  he  had  applied  himself  to  it.   When 

♦Note.— LiiUie  Harris,  from  the  name  of  her  eldest  son,  must  have  been  a  de- 
scendant of  Thomas  Whitmell  and  wife  Elizabeth  Hunter  Bryan,  of  Bertie  Co., 
N.  C.    Would  like  to  have  her  record  on  this  line. 

276  North  Carolina  Historical 

a  youDg  man  he  represented  Granville  Go.  in  the  Legislature.  He 
was  a  very  refined  gentleman ;  was  Major  in  the  "  Home  Guards  " 
and  served  in  the  War.  He  was  an  enthusiastic  Masou  and  a  mem- 
ber of  the  Episcopal  Church. 

Lydia  Lamb  Littlejohn  (dau.  of  James  T.  Littlejohn  and  Phoebe 
Dozier)  was  born  at  Oxford,  N.  C,  May  7, 1846,  md.  Charles  M.  Bus- 
bee,  July  30, 1868,  and  died  April  21st,  1887.    They  had  7  children. 

(1)  James  Littlejohn  Busbee,  (2)  Perrin  Busbee,  (3)  Sarah  Kollock 
Busbee  died  in  1873,  (4)  Louise  Taylor  Busbee,  (5)  Sophie  Dozier 
Busbee,  (6)  Isobel  Donaldson  Busbee,  (7)  Christine  Busbee. 

Children  of  Elizabeth  Mutter  Littlejohn  and  Frederick  Nash,  mar- 
ried at  Oxford,  Nov.  10, 1873,  formerly  of  Hillsboro,  N.  C,  but  now 
of  Charlotte,  N.  C. 

(1)  Phoebe  Dozier  Nash,  born  Sept.  26,  1874,  died  July  4, 1875. 

(2)  Mary  Armond  Nash.  (3)  Elizabeth  Mutter  Nash,  (4)  Lydia 
Littlejohn  Nash,  (5)  Frederick,  (6)  Abner. 

Children  of  Sophie  Dozier  Littlejohn  and  J.  Frank  Brown,  form- 
erly of  Wilmington,  N.  C,  but  now  of  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

(1)  Emma  Athalie,  died  1876,  (2)  Eliza  Kay  Brown,  (3)  Thomas 
Littlejohn  Brown,  (4)  Samuel  Brown,  (5)  Phoebe  Dozier  Brown,  (6) 
Dorothy  Brown,  (7)  John  Franklin  Brown. 

Lucinda  Jane  Littlejohn  (dau.  of  Thos.  Blount  Littlejohn  and  Eliza- 
beth Mutter)  was  born  at  Oxford,  N.  C,  April  12, 1819,  and  married 
Alex  Strachan  Jones,  of  Mecklenburg  Co.,  Va.,  at  Oxford  on  Apl. 
9th,  1838;  they  moved  to  Warren,  Co.,  N.  C.,  where  he  died.  They 
had  ten  children. 

(1)  Thomas  Littlejohn,  b.  Feby.  4, 1840,  md.  Pattie  Lou  Williams, 
of  Halifax  Co.,  N.  C,  and  now  lives  at  Henderson,  N.  C. 

(2)  John  Tignal,  b.  Feby.  8, 1842,  md.  Sallie  Williams,  a  sister  of 
his  brother's  wife,  granddaughter  of  Gov.  Hutcbings  G.  Burton,  of 
Halifax,  N.  C.    He  died  at  Henderson. 

(3)  Alice  Mutter,  b.  May  1st,  1843,  md.  CoV.  William  H.  Cheek,  of 
Warren  Co.,  N.  C,  (now  of  Henderson)  on  June  9, 1864.  They  had 
nine  children. 

(4)  Alexander  Strachan,  b.  Mar.,  1845,  md.  Belle  Daniel,  grand- 
daughter of  Hon.  Abram  W.  Venable  of  Granville  Co.,  N.  C.  He 
died  at  his  home  in  Warren  Co. 

(5)  Susan  Blackwood,  b.  Dec.  8, 184-,  md.  in  Warren  Co.,  N.  C. 
Waller  Taylor  of  Como,  Mississippi,  and  died  in  1876. 

(6)  Sallie  Kollock,  b.  1849  and  died  in  1869. 

(7)  Joseph  Littlejohn,  md.  Anna  Taylor  of  Como,  Miss.,  and  died 
in . 

(8)  RobertStrachan,  died  Dec,  1878 ;  aged  25  years. 

(9)  George  Feild,  married  Adele  Smith  of  Wilmington,  N.  C, 

Nov.,  1882,  and  died  at  his  home  in  Warren  Co., 25tb,  1890; 

aged  about  33  yrs. 

(10)  Ernest  Victor,  died  in  1890,  aged  about  33  years. 
Children  of  Thomas  Littlejohn  Jones  and  Pattie  Lou  Williams: 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  277 

(1)  Pattie  Lou,  (2)  Sallie  Tignal,  died  in  1898,  (3)  James  Wil- 

Children  of  Alice  Mutter  Jones  and  Col.  William  H.  Cheek: 

(1)  Alexander  Cheek,  Md.  Warwick,  (2)  William  Hayes 

Cheek,  died  July,  1892;  (3)  Frederick  Austin  Cheek,  died  Sept.  6th, 
1892 ;  (4)  Lucinda  J.  Cheek,  md.  Auji^ustus  Bradley  and  has  7  chil- 
dren. Bolivar  LUUejohn.  (5)  Betsy  Cheek,  md.  Augustus  S.  Hall  of 
Oxford  and  has  one  child;  (6)  Wade  Hampton  Cheek,  died  1899; 
(7)  Joseph  Littlejohn  Cheek,  died  young,  (8)  Alice  Cheek,  (9)  Austin 
Haves  Cheek,  (10)  Joseph  Littlejohn  Cheek,  died  young. 

Children  of  Alexander  Strachan  Jones  and  Belle  Daniel: 

(1)  Alexander,  (2)  Abram  Venable,  (3)  Rebecca  Martin,  (4)  Mary 
Grace,  died  1886,  aged,  her  9th  year,  (5)  Isabella. 

Children  of  Susan  Blackwood  Jones  and  Waller  Taylor,  of  Como, 

(1)  Waller,  (2)  Susan. 

Children  of  Joseph  Littlejohn  Jones  and  Anna  Taylor,  of  Como, 

(1)  Alice,  (2)  Rosalie. 

Children  of  George  Feild  Jones  and  Adele  Smith : 

(1)  Hamilton  McRary,  (2)  Geo.  Herbert,  (3)  Pattie  Wiggins,  (4) 
Rowe  Wiggins,  (5)  Ernest  Jones. 

Frances  Blount  Littlejohn  (dau.  of  Thomas  Blount  Littlejohn  and 
Elizabeth  Mutter)  was  born  Jan.  22d,  1822,  at  Oxford,  N.  C,  md. 
Dr.  George  Feild,  of  Mecklenburg  Co.,  Va.  (afterwards  of  Warren 
Co.  N.  C.)  on  Feby.  20th,  1841.  He  died  Dec.  17th,  1877.  She  is 
living  at  "Glen wood,"  her  home  in  Warren  Co.;  aged  78  years. 
They  had  ten  children. 

(1)  Eugenia  Littlejohn,  b.  Nov.  14th,  1841,  md.  Junius  A.  Good- 
wyn,  July  5, 1866. 

(2)  Elizabeth  Mutter,  b.  July  18, 1843,  md.  Conrad  S.  Boyd,  and 
died  May  21st,  1890;  (3)  George,  b.  May  27th,  1845;  (4)  Nannie  B.,  b. 
Feby.  24th,  1848,  died  June  16th,  1863;  (5)  Robert  S.,  b.  Feby.  8th, 
1850,  died  Oct.  28th,  1853;  (6)  Thomas  Littlejohn,  md.  Meta  Armi- 
stead  (dau.  of  B.  A.  and  Meta  Armistead  Capehart,  and  has  two  chil- 
dren, (a)  Armistead  Littlejohn,  and ;  (7)  Lucinda  Jones,  md. 

W.  R.  McLeland  on  May  27th,  1879;  no  issue;  (8)  Blackwood 
Strachan,  md.  Bettie  Collier,  April  16th,  1884;  (9)  Fannie  Boiling, 
died  younc;  (10)  Alexander  Jones,  md.  Louie  Rutledge  Hughes  and 
has  2  children,  (a)  Alexander,  (6)  Rutledge. 

Children  of  Eugenia  Littlejohn  Feild  and  James  A.  Goodwyn:  (1) 
Fannie  Littlejohn,  (2)  Ernest  Morelle,  md.  Willie  Hunter,  (3)  Euge- 
nia Feild,  died  Sept.  28th,  1872,  (4)  Junius  Alexander,  died  Aug. 
11th,  1873,  (5)  Mary  Campbell,  (6)  Junius  Alexander,  (7)  Edwin 
Ashton,  (8)  George  Feild,  (9)  Bettie  Mutter. 

Children  of  Elizabeth  Mutter  Feild  and  Conrad  S.  Boyd:  (1)  Ella 
Bell  Boyd,  md. Sturgis,  (2)  Fannie  Feild. 

278  North  Carolina  Historical 

Children  of  Blackwood  Strachan  Feild  and  Bettie  Coller : 

(1)  Eudora  Belle;  (2)  Thomas  Littlejohn,  died  July  7, 1887;  (3> 
Mary  Bettie ;  (4)  George  Feild ;  (5)  Fannie. 

Dr.  George  Feild  md.,  1st,  Sallie  L.  Jones  (a  sister  of  Alex.  S.  Jones 
who  marri^  Lucinda  J.  Littlejohn)  on  Nov.  12, 1829,  and  had  one 
daughter,  Sallie  Jones,  who  married  Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  (son 
of  Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  and  Anne  Maria  Jones) ;  Mrs.  Feild 
died  Jany.  13, 1831;  her  daughter  Sallie  Jones  was  born  Jany.  13, 
1831,  and  died  Sept.  30,  1883;  Dr.  Feild  married,  2d,  Frances  B. 
Littlejohn,  as  above  stated. 

Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  (son  of  William  Littlejohn  and  Sarah 
Blount)  was  born  Oct.  4, 1776,  md.  Annie  Marie  Jones,  daughter  of 
Willie  Jones  and  Mary  Elizabeth  Montfort,  of  Halifax  Co.,  N.  C, 
(Mary  Montfort  daughter  of  Joseph  Montfort  and  Priscilla  Hill 
daughter  of  Benjamin  Hill  and  Sarah  Latham.)  He  emigrated  to 
Tennessee,  where  he  died  in  1852.  At  one  time  he  lived  at  Oxford, 
N.  C.     They  had  five  children : 

(1)  Mary  E.,  md.  Lewis  P.Williamson;  (2)  Sallie  B.,  md.  1st, 
Robert  Lawrence ;  2d,  Henry  S.  Peyton ;  3d,  Elisha  W.  Harris ;  (3) 
Rev.  William,  md.  Eliza  A.  Chisholm;  (4)  Joseph  Blount  II  md.,  1st, 
Mary  Levenia  Toole ;  2d,  Sallie  Jones  Feild ;  (5)  Willie  Jones  md. 
Margaret  Harris  Chisholm.  (Note  a.) 

Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  md.,  2d,  Mrs.  Anne^Sneed.  No  issue. 
He  died  at  76  years  of  age. 

Mary  E.  Littlejohn  (dau.  of  Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  and  Anne 
Maria  Jones)  md.  Lewis  P.  Williamson,  and  died  June,  1780.  He 
died  Oct.,  1865.     They  had  11  children: 

(1)  Joseph  A.,  died  unmarried ;  (2)  Mary  McCullock,  died  Feby., 
1840,  age  13  yrs. ;  (3)  Benjamin  W.,  died  a  bachelor  at  Memphis, 
Tenn.;  (4)  Martha,  M.  W.,  died  in  infancy;  (5)  Lewis  P.,  died  in  in- 
fancy; (6)  Priscilla  A.  md.  W.  E.  Stainback;  (7)  Annie  Maria  md. 
Calvin  W.  Cherry ;  (8)  Sallie  B.,  md.  C.  W.  Cherry,  his  second  wife; 
(9)  William  L.  md,  Sallie  P.  Taylor;  (10)  Margaret  Eugenia,  md. 
Levin  Lake;  (11)  Edward  W.,  died  in  infancy. 

Children  of  Priscilla  A.  Williamson  and  William  E.  Stainback:     * 

(I)  Child  died  in  infancy;  (2)  Lewis  Ashley;  (3)  LucyE.;  (4) 

Note  A.— W.  H.  Bailey.  Sr.,  LL.D.,  of  Houston,  Texas,  to  the  children  of  J.  B. 
Littlejohn  and  Anna  Maria  Jones  adds  the  following :  (6)  Elizabeth  Montfort, 
died  young ;  (7)  William,  d.  u.  ;  (8)  Martha  A.  M.,  died  in  childhood. 

NOTB  B.— Willie  Jones  and  Mary  Elizabeth  Montfort  had  two  sons,  Willie 
and  Robert,  who  died  unmarried  and  two  daughters,  (1)  Patsy  Burke,  who  was 
the  2d  wife  of  Hon.  John  W.  Eppes  of  Va.  (whose  1st  wife  was  a  daughter  of 
Thos.  Jefferson)  and  his  children  were,  (a)  John  Wayles  Eppes ;  (h)  Dr.  Willie 
Eppes,  who  md.  1st,  Ann  Cox  of  Edenton.  N.  C;  and  8d,  Tempe  Joyner,  a  daugh- 
ter of  Col.  Andrew  Joyner  of  Halifax  Co.,  N.  C. ;  (c)  Maria  Epps,  md.  Phiflip 
Boiling  (Dr.  Bailey  gives  her  name  as  Mary  Montfort) ;  (d)  Sarah  Eppes,  md. 
Col.  Edmund  W.  Hubbard  (M.C.  from  Va.);  (c)  Caroline  Montfort,  diedyoung; 
(/)  Eliza,  D.  u. ;  {2)  Sallie  Jones  md.  1st,  Gov.  Hutching  B.  Burton  of  Halifax 
(grandparents  of  Sallie  and  Pat  Lou  Williams,  who  married  John  T.  and  Thomas 
L.  Jones,  sons  of  Alex.  Jones  and  Lucinda  Littlejohn) ;  married  2d,  (>)1.  Andrew 
Joyner  of  Halifax  Co.,  N.  C.    No  issue. 

AND  Genealogical  Registek.  279 

Mary  W.,  d.  u.;  (6)  William  E.;  (6)  Kate  P.;  (7)  Benjamin  W.; 
(8)  Joseph  P. ;  (9)  Sallie  0.  (Note  c.) 

Children  of  Annie  Maria  Williamson  and  Calvin  W.  Cherry: 

(1)  Ida,  died  in  infancy;  (2)  Sallie,  died  in  infancy;  (3)  Lewis 
Williamson,  lives  at  Memphis  Tenn.  .  Mrs.  Cherry  died  in  1853. 
Calvin  W.  Cherry  md.  2d,  her  sister,  Sallie  B.  Williamson,  and  had 
one  child  Adeline,  died  in  infancy.  (Note  D.) 

Children  of  William  L.  Williamson  and  Sallie  P.  Taylor: 

(1)  William  T.,  lives  at  Mason  Tennessee,  {Note  a);  (2)  Lewis  P., 
died  in  infancy.  William  L.  Williamson  was  killed  by  lightning  in 

Children  of  Margaret  Eugenia  Williamson  and  Capt.  Levin  Lake, 
of  Greenwood,  Balto.  Co.,  Md.  (1)  Levin,  (2)  Lewis  W.,  (3)  Duflf. 

Sallie  B.  Littlejohn  (dau.  of  Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  and  Anna 
Maria  Jones)  md.,  1st,  Robert  Lawrence  and  had  4  children. 

(1)  Annie  Maria  Elizabeth,  md.  Joseph  E.  Moody,  (2)  Sallie  Pran- 
ces, md.  Arthur  Harris,  (3)  Mary  Littlejohn,  d.  u.,  (4)  Mary  Alice, 
d.  u.  On  the  death  of  Mr.  Lawrence,  Sallie  B.  md.,  2d,  Henry  E. 
Peyton  (Note  6),  and  3d,  md.  Elisha  W.  Harris.  No  issue  by  either. 
She  died  at  Luka,  Miss.,  July  28th,  1880. 

Children  of  Aunie  Maria  Elizabeth  Lawrence  and  Joseph  E. 

(1)  Robert  Eppes  of  Meridian,  Miss.,  md.  Dora  E.  Harris  (c),  (2) 
Sallie  Lawrence,  died  young,  (3)  Anne  Hortense,  md.  J.  Monroe 
Jones,  (4^  Matilda  Gertrude,  died  young,  (3)  Anne  Hortense,  md.  J. 
Monroe  Jones,  (4)  Matilda  Gertrude,  died  young.  She  died  in  1857 
and  he  died  in  1862. 

Children  of  Annie  Hortense  Moody  and  J.  Monroe  Jones: 

(1)  Susie  Paine,  (2)  Robert  Lawrence,  (3)  Annie  Irene  (Note  d), 
(4)  Alexander  Williamson  (Note  e). 

Children  of  Sallie  Frances  Lawrence  and  Arthur  Harris : 

(1)  Celestia,  died  young,  (2)  Robert  Lawrence  (Note/),  (3)  Arthur 

Note  C. — Dr.  Bailey  adds  Calvin  C.  Stainbaok  to  this  family. 

Note  D. — Dr.  Bailey  gives  the  family  as  foUows :  by  Ist  marriage,  Ida  and 
Sallie,  both  died  in  childhood ;  by  2d  marriage,  Lewis  "Williamson,  who  married 
Ist,  died  without  issue.  He  then  married  Caroline  Denison.  Adeline,  d.  u. 
Lewis  W.  Cherry  and  wife  Caroline  Denison  have  issue  :  (1)  Lewis  Williamson; 
(2)  Denison  ;  both  very  young. 

William  H.  Bailey,  Sr.,  LL.D.,  of  Houston,  Texas,  in  a  recent  publication  of 
the  Latham-Hill-Montfort-Littlejohn-McCulloch-Campbell  and  Brownrigg  fami- 
lies" gives  the  Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  descendants. 

The  notes  are  taken  from  this  work. 

Note  A.— Md.  Fannie  Maclin;  issue  (1)  William,  (2)  Wilkins. 

Note  B.— "Rev.  Henry  S.  Peyton." 

Note  C— *•  Dora  K. ;  no  issue." 

Note  D.— "  Anna  Irene,  md.  Eklward  W.  Burton;  issue  Edward  W.  Burton. 

Note  E.— Add  children,  **(5)  Calvin,  (6)  Gustavus  Adolphus,  (7)  Whitson 
Harris,  (8)  Thomas  Williamson,  (9)  Mary  Hortense,  (10)  James.  Monroe." 

Note  F. — "Robert  Lawrence,  md.  Christian  Grasser;  issue  (1)  Anna  Law- 
recne,  (2)  Whitson  Grasser,  (3)  Wylie  Grasser,  d.  y." 

280  North  Carolina  Historical 

Hambleton  (Note  g\  (4)  Elisha  Whitson  (Note  h\  (5)  Sallie  Little- 
john,  died  young,  (6)  Celesta  Anna  (Note  i),  (7)  George  Myrick,  d. 
young,  (8)  Cornelia  Lily  {j). 

Rev.  William  Littlejohn  (son  of  Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  and 
Anne  Maria  Jones)  md.  Eliza  A.  Chisbolm  and  lived  at  Marshall, 
Texas.  She  died  at  JeflFerson,  Texas,  1866.  They  had  eight  chil- 
dren, (1)  Sally  Maria,  md.  William  Gatewood  Thomas.  M.D.,  (2) 
Margaret  C,  md.  Robert  Campbell  Martin  (Note  k),  (3)  Mary  Eliza- 
beth, md.  William  Sidney  Coleman  (and  died  in  Harrison  Co.,  Tenn., 
without  issue),  (4)  Joseph  Blount  III.,  md.  Margaret  H.  Gibbs,  (5) 
William  A.,  died  young.  (6)  Wilie  Jones,  died  young,  (7)  Robert 
Paine,  md.  Anne  Poag,  {8)  Angus  C,  md.  Cynthia  M.  Pugh. 

Cljildren  of  Sallie  Maria  Littlejohn  and  Dr.  Wm.  Gatewood 

^1)  Annie  Chisbolm,  md.  George  Israel  (Note  I),  (2)  William  Lit- 
tlejohn (Note  m). 

Children  of  Margaret  C.  Littlejohn  and  Robert  Campbell  Martin, 
son  of  Genl.  R.  C.  Martin  of  Assumption  Parish,  La.: 

(1)  Robert  C.  (Note  n),  (2)  William  Littlejohn  (Note  o),  (3)  Wil- 
liam Whitmell  Pugh  (Note  p),  (4)  Maggie  Ann  Chisbolm,  died  in 
infancy.     Mrs.  Martin  died  in  1879. 

Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  III.,  md.  Margaret  H.  Gibbs  (dau.  of  Dr. 
Robert  Gibbs  of  Mansfield,  La.;  issue  (1)  Robert  Gibbs,  (2)  Mary  E., 
(3)  Maggie  M.,  (4)  William  L.,  died  in  childhood. 

Children  of  Robert  Paine  Littlejohn  and  wife  Anne  Poag  (dau.  of 
Col.  W.  Poag  of  Marshall,  Texas),  (1)  Robert  Paine,  d.  y.,  (2)  Wil- 
liam P.,  (3)  Novie,  d.  y.,  (4)  Anna  Poag,  d.  y.,  (5)  Lewis  L.,  d.  y. 
(Note  q). 

Note  G. — "  Arthur  Hambleton  Harris,  md.  Bessie  R.  Davenport,  issue  (1)  Rob- 
ert Whitson.  (2)  Leon  Hamilton,  d.  y.,  twins,  (3)  Alfred  Whitaker,  1  year  old." 

Note  H. — **  Elisha  Whitson,  married  Rena  Maude  Waldo,  issue  (1)  Frances, 
d.  y.,  (2)  Arthur  Waldo." 

Note  I.—**  Celeste  Anne  Harris,  md.  Dr.  Saml.  C.  Ball,  issue  (1)  Louisa  Fran- 
ces, (2)  Harris  Mitchell  Hartwell." 

Note  J. — "Cornelia  Lily  Harris,  md.  L.  A.  Gkiines,  issue  Le  Grand  Abner." 
Note  K. — Robert  Campbell  Martin  (son  of  Genl.  R.  C.  Martin)  is  a  descendant 
of  Lewis  Bryan  and  wife  Elizabeth  Hunter;  Needham  Bryan  and  wife  Ann 
Rombeau,  also  of  John  Gray  and  wife  Elizabeth  Hunter  Bryan.    These  families 
were  among  the  early  settlers  of  Bertie  Co.,  N.  C. 

Note  L.—'* George  Israel,  md.  Annie  Chisbolm,  issue  (1)  Willie  J.,  (2) 
Maury  J." 

Note  M.—**  William  Littlejohn,  md.  Emma  Warren,  issue  William  Warren, 
d.  y." 

Note  N.— "Robert  C.  Martin,  Jr  ,  md.  Ellen  Young,  issue  (1)  Maggie  Chis- 
bolm, (2)  Charles  Young,  (8)  Littlejohn." 

Note  O.—**  William  Littlejohn  Martin,  md.,  Ist,  Mattie  Twyman,  issue  (1) 
Robert  C;  md.,  2d,  Ethel  DeLorch,  issue  DeLorch." 

Note  P.—"  William  Whitmell  Pugh  Martin,  married  Amy  Williamson. 

Note  Q.— Add  children,  (6)  Frank  Starr,  (7)  Joseph  Blount,  (%)  Maggie  Mar- 
tin, (9)  Angus  C,  (10)  Erick,  (11)  Lake. 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  281 

Children  of  Angus  C.  Littlejobn  and  Cynthia  Margaret  Pugh,  of 
Assuinption  Parish,  La.: 

(1)  Frances,  (2)  James  Kempe,  (3)  Gussie  (Note  r). 

Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  II  (Genl.),  of  Louisburg,  N.  C,  after- 
wards of  Warren  County,  N.  C.  (son  of  Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn 
and  Anne  Maria  Jones),  married,  1st,  Mary  Lavinia  Toole  and  had 
3  children.  (1)  Joseph  G.  d.  u.,  (2)  William  Hubert  md.  Charlotte 
T.  Gary,  of  Petersburg,  Va.,  died  without  issue,  (3)  Robert  Vernon 
died  young.  Mrs.  Littlejohn  died  and  General  Littlejohn  md.,  2d, 
Sally  Jones  Feild  (dau.  of  Dr.  George  Feild,  of  Warren  Co.,  N.  C.,) 
and  had  six  children.  (4)  Mary  Elizabeth  married  Walter  B.  Cook, 
of  Franklinton,  and  died  June  24, 1887,  aged  33  years,  (5)  George 
Feild  lives  at  Baltimore,  Md.,  and  is  unmarried.  (6)  Laura  Mont- 
fort  md.  Robert  A.  Speed,  had  one  child,  died  young.  Mrs.  Speed 
died  at  her  home  at  Kittrell,  Vance  Co.,  N.  C,  Sept.  12, 18—,  (7) 
Edward  Blount  d.  u.,  (8)  Robert  Jones  died  July  3d,  1887,  at  Dr. 
Geo.  Feild's,  aged  23,  (9)  Eugene  Middleton  died  u.  at  Thomas- 
ville,  N.  C,  in  1893,  aged  28. 

Children  of  Mary  E.  Littlejohn  and  Walter  B.  Cook : 

(1)  Thoa  Blacknall,  (2)  Everard  Littlejohn,  (3)  Walter  Beverly 
(Note  a.) 

Willie  Jones  Littlejohu  (son  of  Joseph  Blount  Littlejohn  and  Anne 
Maud  Jones)  md.  Margaret  Harris  Chisholm.  He  died  in  1873.  She 
lived  at  Memphis  Tenn.    They  had  five  children : 

(1)  William  Whitson  (died  at  Decatur,  Ala.)  md.  Mary  Rebecca 
Polk  (dau.  of  Dr.  Thomas  G.  Polk,  of  Columbia,  Tenn,  (2)  Lewis 
Williamson  died  unmarried  of  Yellow  Fever  in  1878,  (3)  Willie 
Jones  md.  Mary  Poston,  of  Memphis  (no  issue),  (4)  Elizabeth  Mar- 
garet md.  Moses  J.  Wickers  (Note  6),  (5)  Arthur  Melville  lived  at 
Friar  Point,  Miss.,  (Note  c) 

Children  of  William  W.  Littlejohn  and  his  wife  Mary  Rebecca 

(1)  Thomas  Polk  (Note  d),  (2)  Margaret  Chisholm  (Note  e.) 

Children  of  Elizabeth  Margaret  Littlejohn  and  Moses  J.  Wicks 
(Dr.  Bailey  says  Moses  L.  Wicks) :    (1)  Moses  J.,  she  died  in  1867. 

Ann  Blount  Littlejohn  (dau.  of  William  Littlejohn  and  Sarah 
Blount)  was  born  June  27,  1779,  md.  John  Little  of  Edenton,  N.  C, 
Dec.  16, 1804,  and  died  Jan.  13, 1816,  aged  36  years,  and  is  buried 
by  the  side  of  her  parents  in  the  family  graveyard  at  Edenton,  N. 
C.    They  had  six  children : 

Note  R. — Add  children*  (4)  Margaret  A.,  (5  and  6)  Angus  and  Cynthia  (twins). 

Note  A.— Add,  (4)  "  Ernest  Stapleton,  (5)  Sallie  Feilds  d.  y.'' 

Note  B.— **Dr.  Bailey  says  "Moses  L.  Wicks;  issue  M.  L.  Wicks,  Jr." 

Note  C. — "  Arthur  Melville  and  Pearl  Miles;"  issue  Arthur  M.,  aged  9  years, 
and  Charles  Wiley,  aged  7  years. 

Note  D. — Married  Margaret  Wallace ;  issue  Margaret  Wallace,  add  to  chil- 
dren of  William  W.  Littlejohn  and  Mary  Rebecca  Polk :  **  (3)  Lavinia  Polk, 
(4)  William  W.  d.  y." 

Note  E.— "Married  W.  R.  Spight ;  died  without  issue." 

282  North  Carolina  Historical 

(1)  Elizabeth,  born  July,  1806,  died  Sept.  5, 1808. 

(2)  William  Andrew,  born  about  1807,  died  July  12, 1816. 

(3)  John,  born  Dec.  6,  1808,  died  Dec,  7, 1808. 

(4)  George  Johnston,  died  at  Oxford,  N.  C,  aged  16  yrs. 

(5)  John,  born  Feby  9, 1813,  died  at  Philadelphia  Augt.  10,  1835. 

(6)  Sally  Blount  md.  Edward  Lee  Winslow,  of  Fayetteville,  N.  0.,. 
and  died  May  24, 1849.    They  had  six  children: 

(1)  Marian  md.  Charles  Beatty  Mallett,  of  Fayetteville,  both  dead^ 
no  issue. 

(2)  Elizabeth  Jones  lives  at  Fayetteville,  N.  C,  (3)  Warren  Do 
Keyser  died,  (4)  John  Little  died,  (5)  Edward  Lee  died,  (6)  Sally 
Blount  md.  Richard  Bradley  Jenelt,  of  Wilmington,  N.  C,  and  had 
two  children : 

(1)  Edward  Winslow  lives  at  Savannah,  (2) . 

John  Wilson  Littlejohn  (son  of  William  Littlejohn  and  Sarah 
Blount)  was  born  March  1st,  1786,  md.  Elizabeth  Blount.     Issue: 

(1)  Josiah  Collins,  b.  Jany.  16th,  1812,  died  Augt.  28,  1812,  (2> 
Jacob  Blount,  b.  May  29, 1816,  died  Aug.  3d,  1816,  (3)  Jacob  Blount, 
born  Oct.  3d,  1816,  died  Oct.  18,  1817,  l4)  John  Wilsojj  died  at  21 
yrs.  of  age,  (5)  William  A.  md.  Mary  Beasley,  (6)  ElizaY^eth  B.  md. 
William  H.  Standin,  (7)  Nancy  Blount,  b.  Feb.  6, 1836,  d.  Augt.  23d, 
1844,  (8)  Nancy  Blount  md.  Genl.  W.  A.  Blount,  no  issue,  (9)  Mary 
M.  C,  born  Dec.  26, 1843,  d. . 

Children  of  William  A.  Littlejohn  and  Mary  Beasley :    (Note  a.) 

(1)  William  A.,  (2)  John  Littlejohn,  (3)  Edward  Beasley,  (4) 
Mary  B. 

Children  of  Elizabeth  B.  Littlejohn  and  Wm.  H.  Standin  reside 
now  at  Utica,  N.  Y. :  (1)  Mary  Littlejohn,  (2)  William  H.,  (3)  John 
Little,  (4)  Frances,  (5)  Hugh  Collins,  (6)  Martha  Collins,  (7)  Eliza- 
beth Blount  died  in ,  (8)  Louisa  Collins  md.  Charles  G.  Irish, 

(9)  Malcolm  Gray,  born  Aug.  10,  1857,  died  May  22d,  1859,(10) 
Mary  Littlejohn. 

Children  of  Elizabeth  Blount  Standin  and  Chas.  G.  Irish : 

(1^  Elizabeth  Standin,  (2)  William  Norman. 

Elizabeth  Margaret  Littlejohn  (daughter  of  William  Littlejohn 
and  Sarah  Blount)  was  born  Oct.  17, 1779,  and  married  General 
William  Walls  Jones,  of  New  Hanover  Co.,  N.  C.  He  moved  to 
Tennessee,  where  both  died.  Issue,  Elizabeth  md.  Col.  James  A. 
Games.    Issue,  8  children : 

(1)  William  md.,  1st,  Kate  M.  Payne,  no  issue;  2d,  Lila  L.  Payne^ 
(2)  Robert  S.  md.  Frances  L.  Payne,  (3)  Elizabeth  Jones  md.  Saml. 
Tate,  (4)  Mary  E.  md.,  1st,  J.  C.  Meason,  2d,  Shepard  Spencer,  (6> 
Samuel  T.  md.  Katie  B.  Karr,  (7)  James  A.  died  of  Yellow  Fever  in 
1878,  (8)  David  B.  died  young. 

Children  of  Capt.  William  Games  and  Lela  L.  Payne: 

Note  A. — Mrs.  Mary  Littlejohn  married,  second,  D.  D.  Simmons,  of  Martin 
County,  N.  C,  and  died  in  1896-7.    No  issue  by  second  marriage. 

AND  Gbnbalogical  Reqistbr.  283 

(1)  Charles  Quintan,  (2)  Kate  Payne,  (3)  Elizabeth  Jones,  (4)  Lela 
L.  Payne,  (5)  James  Alexander,  (6)  Mary  Conley. 

Child  of  Robert  S.  Carnes  and  Frances  L.  Payne:  (1)  Emily 

Children  of  Elizabeth  Jones  Carnes  and  Col.  Samuel  Tate,  of 
Little  Rock,  Ark:    (1)  Ernest  Tate,  (2)  Carnes  Tate. 

Child  of  Capt  Samuel  T.  Carnes  and  Katie  B.  Carr:  (1)  Kate 


To  the  Worshipful  Court  of  Pascotank  Precinct  now  setting: 

The  Honorable  Petition  of  us,  the  subscribers,  Humbly  showeth : 
That  whereas  there  is  a  Congregation  of  the  People  call*  Baptis 
gather*^  In  this  Precinct,  meeting  together  for  Religious  Worship  In 
ye  Dwelling  House  of  William  Burges,  on  the  North  side  of  Pasco- 
tanc,  on  the  head  of  Raymond's  Creek ;  he,  ye  said  Burges,  having 
granted  same  for  use  of  ye  said  meeting,  we  Pray  ye  same  may  b^ 
recorded  and  we  ye  humble  Petitioners  in  duty  bound  shall  pray. 

Paul  Palmer. 

Francis  Brockett. 

Thomas  Herewton. 

William  Jones. 

Phillip  Torksey. 

Robert  Wasson. 

Charles  Lenbrough. 

W.  Burgess. 

The  above  item  is  copied  literally  from  the  original  found  in  the 
office  of  the  Clerk  of  the  Superior  Court  of  Pasquotank  County. 
The  date  is  erased,  but  by  the  aid  of  a  glass  it  was  found  to  be  Sept. 
5th,  1729. 

^  The  house  of  Wm.  Burgess  was  "  on  the  North  side  of  Pascotanc, 
at  the  head  of  Ramond's  Creek."  This  place  corresponds  to  Shiloh 
in  Camden  County,  Camden  County  having  been  formed  out  of  ter- 
ritory formerly  embraced  in  Pasquotank  Precinct  and  County.  If 
any  of  our  readers  could  designate  the  house  and  land  of  William 
Burgess  in  1729,  the  exact  location  could  be  ascertained  where  this 
first  Congregation  was  organized  and  where  they  worshipped. 

284  North  Caeouna  Histoeic4L 


(Compiled  from  the  office  of  Register  of  Deeds,  for  Chowapn  County,  at  Eden- 
ton,  N.  C.  Tiiese  records  include  all  deeds  and  oenveyanoes  for  Bertie  and  Hert- 
ford Counties  to  1712,  Tyrrell  and  Washington  Counties  to  1729,  and  Gates 
County  to  1778.  The  names  of  the  Bargainor  and  Bargainee  4re  given,  the  date 
of  the  conveyance,  number  of  acres  of  land  or  number  of  town  lot,  and  the 
names  of  the  witnesses  to  the  instrument.) 

Book  W. 

Edward  Howcott,  to  James  Potter.  346  acres  in  Green  Hall, 
granted  to  said  Howcett,  adjoining  lands  of  Ellinor  Sadler,  said  land 
sarveyed  by  John  Chandler  and  assigned  to  me.  Test,  Matthew 
Hardy,  James  Trotter,  F.  Vernon. 

John  Pettiver,  late  of  London,  now  of  Perquimans,  nephew  and 
heir-at-law  of  John  Pettiver,  deceased,  late  of  Perquimans,  to  Benj. 
Talbot.  1,145  acres  land  in  Perquimans,  except  310  sold  Col.  Scar- 
brough  ;  also  all  tracts  in  Bertie  and  Tyrrell  Precincts ;  also  tract  on 
New  River,  in  Onslow,  420  acres;  Aug.  24,  1738.  Test,  Mac  Scar- 
brough,  Zack  Nixon. 

George  Privetts,  to  Ann  Martin,  Nathl.  Martin  and  Abel  Martin. 
100  acres,  part  of  a  grant  to  Patrick  Lewler,  deceased,  for  170  acres, 
October  1st,  1732.  Deed  dated  August  28, 1738.  Test,  Henry  Bon- 
ner, Henry  Baker,  Jos.  Green. 

John  Powell,  of  Perquimahs,  to  John  Norfleet.  One  acre  in 
Chowan,  now  occupied  by  said  Powell,  and  binding  on  Orapeake 
Swamp ;  September  2l8t,  1738.  Test,  James  Sumner,  Samuel  Powell. 
(Gates  County.) 

Jane  Parker,  widow  of  Thomas  Parker,  to  James  and  Francis 
Parker,  her  sons.  50  acres  land  adjoining  William  Parker ;  Decem- 
ber 29th,  1738.    Test,  James  Parker,  Job  Cockrill,  James  Farlee. 

Same,  to  her  son  William  Parker.  Tract  of  land  south  side  of 
Poplar  Run ;  June  8, 1738.  Test,  James  Willie,  James  Parke,  Mar- 
tin Nowel. 

James  Sumner,  of  Perquimans,  to  John  Norfleet.  Tract  of  land 
on  Orapeake  Swamp,  west  side  Orapeake  road ;  September  20, 1738. 
Test,  John  Powe,  Lemuel  Pow. 

Treedie  Keefe,  to  John  Alston,  1738;  50  acres  land  west  side  Ben- 
nett's Creek,  at  the  bridge  formerly  conveyed  by  patent  to  said 
Keefe.    (Gatesville,  Gates  Co.,  N.  C.) 

Book  B,  No.  1. 

Nicholas  Blackman,  to  John  Jones,  Jr.  208  acres  land  surveyed 
for  Nicholas  Blackman,  23d  May,  1710,  by  Richard  Leary,  on  ye 
swamp  of  Queen  Anne's  Creek,  called  Mattacomack  Creek,  begin- 

AND  Gbnbalooical  Reqistbr.  285 

ning  at  a  hickory,  the  corner  tree  of  Wm.  Fallow.  (Green  Hall.) 
November  26, 1714. 

Leonard  Loftin,  to  Col.  Thomas  Pollock.  Tract  of  land  where  I 
now  live,  in  South  Lancaster,  bounded  west  by  land  lately  Col. Wil- 
kinson's, east  by  land  lately  Archibald  Metibale,  and  ye  sound  side, 
on  the  north  according  to  a  patent  granted  for  the  same ;  April  4, 
1715.     Test,  Thomas  west,  Thomas  Daniel.    (Washington  County.) 

Peter  Evans,  to  William  Evans.  100  acres  land  on  Catawaske 
Swamp;  April  19,  1715.  Test,  Wm.  Crawford,  Edward  Howard. 
(Hertford  County.) 

*  Robert  Pewox,  of  Scupernong,  to  Wm.  Hardy,  of  same  place. 
100  acres  on  Mohodnett  Swamp,  by  the  river  side;  September  8, 
1714.    Test,  Mary  Lawson,  John  Yates.    (Tyrrell  County.) 

Richard  Williams,  to  Edward  Howard ;  January  12, 1714.  175 
acres  on  the  N.  W.  side  Wicacon  Creek.  Test,  Wm.  Crawford,  Thos. 
Hook.    (Hertford  County.) 

Edward  Smithwick,  Sr.,  to  his  son  John  Smithwick.  Deed  of  gift. 
800  acres  on  north  side Morattock  River;  July  1st,  1715.  Test,  John 
Hobson,  Edw'd  Smithwick. 

Lazarus  Thomas,  to  John  Barefield,  his  friend.  100  acres  land  on 
south  side  Chowan  River,  on  the  south  of  the  Horse  Swamp;  April 
19, 1715.    Test,  Wm.  Mixon,  Richard  Williamson. 

Daniel  Halsey,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Joseph  Hudson.  Little  Island, 
bounded  with  the  main  branch  of  Rockyhock  Creek,  part  of  a 
grant;  2d  February,  1702-'3.  Deed  dated  June  28,  1714.  Test, 
Robert  Hicks,  Mary  Maltby. 

Peter  Evans,  to  his  son  Robert  Evans.  236  acres  land  on  south 
Chowan  River,  at  Petty  Shore ;  April  19, 1715.  Test,  Thomas  West, 
Wm.  Mixon.    (Hertford  County.) 

Daniel  Smith,  and  wife  Asia,  to  George  Molbe.  300  acres  on  east 
side  Cushoke  Creek  Swamp;  April  10,  1715.    (Bertie  County.) 

Peter  Evans,  to  Daniel  Merritt;  April  19, 1715.  100  acres  on  Cat- 
awaske Meadows.    Test,  Wm.  Mixon,  Wm.  Evins. 

Edward  Smithwick,  to  John  Smithwick.  800  acres,  beginning  on 
Reedy  Branch,  below  Moody's  Plantation,  and  running  up  ye  run 
for  breadth  to  Possum  Hill,  and  Wm.  Bentley,  etc.;  April  19, 1715. 

Edward  Smithwick,  Jr.,  to  John  Hobson.  Assignment  of  a  patent ; 
April  19, 1715. 

Louis  Williams,  to  Wm.  Sharp.  Assignment  patent  for  500  acres 
called  Mount  Pleasant;  April  19, 1715.  Test,  Tredle  Keefe,  Richard 
Barefield.    (Hertford  County.) 

William  Hardy,  to  Sam'l  Spruell.  100  acres  in  Scupee,  my  pur- 
chase of  Dr.  Godfrey  Spruell;  April  18, 1715.  Test,  John  Hassell, 
Wm.  Wilkinson.    (Scuppernong,  Tyrrell  Co.) 

John  Tarkinton,  to  Wm.  Hardy.  Power  of  attorney  to  acknowl- 
edge deed  to  Richard  Addison,  and  Matthew  Caswell;  April,  19, 

\ . 

♦  Note. — Wm.  Hardy*s  wife  was  a  niece  of  Robert  Fewox. 

286  North  Carolina  Historical 

1715.    Test,  Mary  Lawson,  John  Yates.    (Washington  or  Tyrrell.) 
John  Tarkinton,  to  Richard  Addison.    15  acres  land;  July  17, 

1714.  Test,  Edward   Phelps,  Francis  Johnson.    (Washington  or 

Margaret  Lewis,  to  John  Mayner.  Power  of  attorney  to  acknowl- 
edge deed  for  480  acres  granted  by  Wm.  Dawson  to  John  Council; 
April  18, 1715.    Test,  Wm.  Keele,  Jacob  Lewis.    (Bertie.) 

Alice  Blackman,  to  George  Smith.  Power  of  attorney  to  acknowl- 
edge deed  for  a  tract  of  land  in  Cypress  Neck  to  John  Jones,  Jr.; 
April  16, 1715.    Test,  Martin  Gardner,  Wm.  Jones. 

Sarah  Smith,  to  Thomas  Bray.  Sarah,  widow  of  George  Smith, 
conveys  her  husband's  estate;  May  12,  1715.  Test,  Abraham  Blew- 
litt,  John  Thackeray. 

Mary  Porter,  to  Joshua  Porter,  her  son.  Conveys  negro  boy  Ly- 
mas;  October  26, 1714.    Test,  Wm.  Shoyler,  James  Long. 

Lawrence  Sarson,  to  Col.  Thomas  Pollock.  My  plantation  called 
Black  Walnut  Neck;  tract  of  land  in  Bear  Swamp  called  Buckles- 
bury;  another  tract  in  Bear  Swamp;  another  tract  on  ye  head  of 
Casayah  River;  another  tract  near  land  of  Capt.  David  Henderson; 
September  29, 1714.  Mortgage  to  secure  £35.  Test,  Thos.  Daniel, 
Thos.  Hill,  Thomas  Stuart. 

Arthur  Kavanaugh,  of  Surry  Co.,  Va.,  to  Thomas  Whitmell,  of 
Surry  Co.,  Va.;  July  13, 1715.  600  acres  on  north  side  Morattuck 
River,  known  as  Hull  Hole,  beginning  on  the  low  grounds  of  the 
river,  as  by  patent  to  said  Kavanaugh  may  more  fully  appear.  Test, 
John  Keeter,  Lawrence  Mague.    (Bertie  County.) 

Same,  to  same.  600  acres  land  in  Province  of  North  Carolina; 
July  14,  1715.    Test,  John  Keeter,  Lawrence  Ma^ue. 

Grant  to  Lewis  Conner  for  640  acres  on  Welsh's  Creek ;  April  11, 

1715.  Test,  Tobias  Knight,  Sec'ty.  (Washington  County.) 
Lewis  Conner,  to  Robert  Richards,  Maria  Richards,  Kate  Ander- 
son, Hester,  Betty,  Lewis,  Sarah,  Peter,  Troy,  Dina  and  Rachel  An- 
derson, Mingo,  George,  Sue  Anderson,  late  of  Norfolk,  Va.,  negroes, 
set  free  by  last  will  of  John  Fulcher,  deceased,  conveys  above  patent; 
September  1, 1715.    Test,  John  Urmstone,  Edward  Moseley. 

Vines  Cropsley,  to  William  Harrison,  Part  of  a  grant  to  me,  and 
my  wife  Sarah,  dated  January  1, 1694,  being  100  acres  lying  ye  west 
side  line  to  ye  "Great  Cove  Swamp";  July  26, 1714.  Test,  Jno.  Fal- 
coner, Wm.  Stewart.    (On  Albemarle  Sound.) 

John  Ward,  to  Thomas  Muns.  150  acres  patented  on  Tottering 
Bridge  Swamp;  March  25,  1714-'5.  Test,  Ro.  Holbrook,  Thos. 

Samuel  Woodward,  to  Phillip  Browne.  375  acres  bought  of  Rob- 
ert Evans,  without  date.  Test,  Ro.  Holbrook,  William  Wade.  (Hert- 
ford County.) 

Same,  to  same.  139  acres  west  side  Chowan  River,  remainder  of 
the  tract  John  Wade  bought  of  Samuel  Woodward;  July  19, 1715. 
Test,  Ro.  Holbrook,  W.  Wade.    (Hertford  County.) 

AND  Genralogical  RsGIST£R.  287 

John  Burkett,  to  his  brother  Thomas  Burkett  Deed  of  gift  for 
100  acres  upon  ye  head  of  Stopine  Creek  Swamp;  July  21, 1715. 
Test,  James  Bates,  Christopher  Dudley. 

John  Hawkins,  to  John  Luerton.  July  18,  1715;  100  acres  on 
Coshoak  Creek.    Test,  Thos.  Ball,  Jno.  Worley.    (Bertie.) 

John  Hawkins,  to  Wm.  Burk.  July  18,1715;  100  acres  north 
side  Cashoke  Creek.    Test,  Thos.  Balls,  John  Worley.    (Bertie.) 

Col.  William  Maule,  to  Abraham  Blulett,  and  Janet  his  wife.  100 
acres,  part  of  Mossy  Cabin,  where  the  said  Maule  now  lives;  July 
16,  1715.    Test,  Sarah  Smith,  Thos.  Culender. 

John  Molton,  and  his  wife,  to  John  Cearbe.  July  16, 1715 ;  200 
acres  on  western  side  Meherrin  Creek.  Test,  Joseph  Rawlson,  Wm. 

Samuel  Woodward,  to  John  Wells.  July  17, 1715 ;  137  acres  west 
side  Chowan  River,  part  of  a  tract  bought  of  Robert  Evans.  Test, 
R.  Holbrook,  Wm.  Wade. 

James  Bryant,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  Wm.  Brasswell.  Assignment 
of  patent  June  23, 1715 ;  Sarah,  gave  John  Dew  power  of  attorney 
to  relinquish  her  right  of  dower.  Test,  John  Mackmihee,  Sarah 

Robert  Patterson,  and  wife  Janet,  to  Henry  King.  Power  of  at- 
torney to  acknowledge  sale  of  land  to  John  Davison ;  April  15, 1715. 
Test,  Thos.  Doiele,  Wm.  Flyn,  James  Woods. 

Robert  Patterson,  and  wife  Janet,  to  Henry  King.  April  15, 1715; 
100  acres  on  a  creek  running  out  of  Meherrin  River,  part  of  a  patent 
to  Tredle  Keefe;  dated  March  15,  1711-'2.  Test,  Thos.  Doiele, 
Leonard  Langston,  Wm.  Fryer.    (Hertford  County.) 

William  Hooker,  and  wife  Ann,  to  John  Davison.  July  22, 1715; 
309  acres  south  side  Meherrin  River;  July  22, 1715.  Test,  John 
Weed,  Jean  Hooker.    (Hertford  County.) 

William  Hooker,  to  John  Dew.  Power  of  attorney  to  acknowl- 
edge above  deed,  being  a  patent  to  Tredle  Keefe;  July  15,  1716, 
Test,  Thomas  Kirby,  Matthew  Capps.    (Hertford  County.) 

William  Braswell,  and  wife  Mary,  to  James  Bryant.  June  21, 
1715;  600  acres  on  the  south  side  of  Youra.  Test,  Joseph  Rowlson, 
John  Molton.    (Hertford  County,  Urah  Swamp.) 

Thomas  Garrett,  Sr.,  and  wife  Bethia,  to  John  Sturdifort.  2(X) 
acres  S.  E.  side  Catharine  Creek,  near  a  little  field  called  Dawson's 
Old  Field ;  July  18, 1715.  Test,  Thos.  Garrett,  Jr.,  Christopher  Dud- 
ley, John  Gooddin. 

Chas.  Ricketts,  to  Matthew  Gwins.  July  18, 1715;  100  acres  land 
on  the  north  side  of  the  head  of  Mjtttacomack  Creek,  joining  upon 
the  lands  of  John  Harris,  Jno.  Marks,  called  the  Fish  Ponds.  Test, 
Thomas  Muns,  Tim.  Macartney. 

Lawrence  Sarson,  to  John  Williams.  220  acres  land  in  Bear 
Swamp.  Test,  Henry  King,  Jno.  Rasberry.  July  19, 1715.  (Bertie 

William  Btaaswell,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Matthew  Capps.    June  27, 

288  North  Carolina  Historical 

1713;  640  acres  granted  to  me,  4  March,  1711,  od  the  west  side  of  a 
cypress  swamp,  issuing  out  of  Moratuck  River.  Test,  Joseph  Rawl- 
son,  Wm.  Gwyn.    (Bertie.) 

Same,  to  John  Steward.  June  5, 1715.  Upper  part  600  acres  on 
Youra  Swamp.    Test,  Wm.  Gunn,  Robert.  Brass  well.   (Hertford  Co.) 

Bethia  Garrett,  to  her  son  Thomas  Garrett.  Power  of  attorney; 
July  18,  1715. 

Thomas  Garrett,  and  wife  Bethia,  to  John  Gooddin.  July  18, 
1715;  100  acres  on  Warwick  Swamp.  Test,  Stephen  Dudley,  John 

John  Goodwin,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Edward  Wood,  of  Upper  Parish 
of  Nansemond,  Va.  July  18,  1715;  50  acres,  part  of  a  patent  to 
Thos.  Garrett,  for  614  acres  adjoining  Christopher  Dudley.  Test, 
John  Standiford,  Christopher  Dudley. 

Thomas  Harrison,  and  wife  Susanna,  to  John  Worley.  297  acres 
binding  on  land  of  Thos.  Corprew;  July  18,  1715.  Test,  Henry 
Clark,  John  Sinspaw.  Power  of  attorney  from  Susanna  Harrison  to 
Zacheriah  Jurkin,  to  acknowledge  above  deed;  July  18,  1715. 

Nicholas  Blackman,  to  George  and  Wm.  Smith,  my  sons  in-law. 
Tract  of  land  on  north  side  of  Kesiah  River,  550  acres  adjoining 
Wm.  Walston's  land;  July  25,  1715.  Test,  Matthew  Gwin,  John 

John  Plowman,  and  wife  Margaret,  to  David  Hicks.  640  acres 
called  by  the  name  of  Norfolk,  and  Merry  Hill,  containing  380  acres; 
July  19, 1715.  Test,  Matthew  Gwin,  Lawrence  Sarson.  640  acres  a 

Henry  Wheeler,  to  Robert  Sharer,  of  Isle  of  Wight  County,  Va., 
April  23, 1715.  200  acres  on  south  side  Meherrin  River.  (Hertford 

William  Downing  (merchant),  to  William  Sharp  (ship  carpenter). 
All  my  rights,  houses,  etc.,  in  the  whole  Government;  July  15,1715. 
Test,  Richard  Malpas,  Thomas  Kirby,  Robt.  Lanier. 

John  Smith,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Wm.  Sharp.  600  acres  west  side  of 
Chowan  River,  formerly  called  Woodward's,  near  Mount  Pleasant; 
March  28, 1715.    Test,  Wm.  Downing,  John  Levison. 

Henry  Sutton,  to  his  wife  Sarah  Sutton.  Power  of  attorney  to  col* 
lect  and  pay  out  all  debts  due  to  or  by  me;  June  13, 1715.  Test, 
Wm.  Curlee,  John  Mande,  John  Brown. 

Richard  Grills,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  Alexander  Marshall.  Power  of 
attorney  to  acknowledge  sale  of  640  acres  on  Salmon  Creek,  to  John 
Hardy;  July  13, 1715.  Test,  David  Liles,  Christopher  Lewis,  John 

Lewis  Dew,  to  John  Hardy.  Power  of  attorney;  June  7,  1715. 
Test,  Lewis  Sarson,  Thomas  Ashley,  John  Brosier. 

John  Holbrook,  to  John  Hardy.  Power  of  attorney;  June  8, 1715. 
Test,  Thomas  West,  Thomas  Daniels. 

William  Duckinfield,  to  Henry  King.  Bond  to  make  title  to  Log- 
house  tract,  patented  by  said  Duckinfield,  600  acres;  December  16» 
1713.    Test,  John  King,  Wm.  Drury. 

AND  Genealogical  Register  289 

Arthur  Kavanaugh,  of  Surry  County,  Va.,  to  Thomas  Hicks.  200 
acres  on  branch  of  Indian  Town  Creek,  as  per  patent  in  my  name, 
dated  August  11,  1707.  Deed  dated  July  19, 1715.  Test,  R.  Hicks, 
Jon  Gordon. 

Wm.  Jones,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Martin  Gardner.  310  acres  on  west 
side  Casiah  River;  July  18, 1715.  Test,  Jno.  Edwards,  Arnold  Hop- 

John  Arthur,  and  Heliner  my  wife,  to  Benjamin  Godson.  100 
acres  on  Rockyhock  Branch,  bought  of  Daniel  Halsey,  part  of  530 
acres,  patented-  March  5,  1712,  by  said  Arthur,  on  Tottering  Bridge 
Swamp.    Test,  Thomas  Muns,  Thomas  Parker. 

Thomas  Brown,  and  wife  Christian,  to  Daniel  McDaniel.  Deed 
of  gift  to  my  son-inlaw,  for  100  acres  land;  July  15,  1715.  Test, 
Jack  Lewis,  Valentine  Bigsule. 

Susanna  Johnson,  to  her  grandchildren,  Jacob,  Susanna,  and 
Elizabeth  Parrott,  son  and  daughters  of  Thomas  Parrott,  all  my  per- 
sonal estate;  April  21,  1715.    Test,  James  Bale,  Thomas  Garrett,  Jr. 

James  Brvant,  to  William  Braswell.  640  acres  on  the  north  side 
Catawasky  Meadows.  July  20,  1715.  Test,  Joseph  Rowlson,  John 

Francis  Thornton,  to  Edward  Mason.  100  acres  binding  upon 
lines  of  John  Brethetts,  part  of  a  tract  surveyed  by  Col.  Wm.  Maule, 
surveyor  general  of  North  Carolina.  Deed  dated  October  15, 1715. 
Test,  Robert  Brown,  John  Nairn. 

Francis  Thornton,  to  Richard  Bacon.  100  acres  adjoining  John 
Birkett  and  Wm.  Copeland's  land,  part  of  a  tract,  surveyed  by  Wm. 
Maule,  surveyor  general,  for  said  Thornton;  October  2, 1713.  Deed 
dated  October  19, 1715.     Test,  Edward  Warren,  John  Nairn. 

Edward  Phelps,  to  Richard  Burtenstall.  220  acres  west  side  of 
Sen pernong  River,  called  the  "Mockison."  adjoining  lands  of  John 
Hopkins;  July  16,  1715.    Test,  Robert  Fewox,  John  Tarkinton. 

Same,  to  James  Singleton.  376  acres  on  west  side  of  Scupernong 
River;  July  17,  1715.  Test,  John  Wingate,  Robert  Fewox.  (Tyr- 
rell Co.) 

Same,  to  Robert  Fewox.  Tract  of  land,  east  side  Scupernong 
River,  and  north  side  Landing  Swamp;  September  18, 1715.  Test, 
Robert  Holdbrook,  John  Nairn.    (Tyrrell  County.) 

Robert  Fewox,  and  wife  Martha,  to  John  Harrell.  Tract  of  land 
given  him  by  his  father,  James  Fewox,  deceased  (as  by  his  will  dated 
May  5,  1711),  on  east  side  Scuppernong  River,  and  on  Mahomet 
Swamp,  150  acres;  October  14,  1715.  Test,  John  Wingate,  Wm. 
Hardy.    (Tyrrell  Co.) 

Thomas  Dyall,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Henry  King.  Power  of  attor- 
ney,  to  acknowledge  sale  to  Leonard  Langston,  100  acres  land  ;  Sep- 
tember  20, 1715.    Test,  Wm.  Whitfield,  John  Core,  John  Dawson. 

Thomas  Warr,  and  wife  Jane,  to  John  Howoott.  300  acres  known 
by  the  name  of  the  Great  Island,  in  the  Forks  of  Rockyhock  Creek, 


290  North  Carolina  Historical 

as  by  patent  Ist  April,  1713.  Deed  dated  July  15, 1715.  Test,  Rob- 
ert Holbrook,  James  HaUey. 

Francis  Macklenden,  to  John  Howcott.  Assignment  for  300  acres 
on  north  side  of  Albemarle  River,  at  Indian  Town;  January  8, 

John  Robinson,  to  John  Gordon.  265  acres  adjoining  lands  of 
Richard  Skinner,  part  of  patent  dated  August  30,  1714,  adjoining 
lands  of  Daniel  Halsey,  and  others;  September  18, 1715.  Test,  David 
Ambrose,  John  Nairn, 

Andrew  Salsbury,  and  wife  Ann,  to  John  Dopson.  100  acres  west 
side  Chowan  River,  binding  upon  land  of  Col.  Thonoas  Pollock, 
known  as  Vixt^s  Branch  ;  December  11, 1714.  On  the  back  endorsed 
I  assign  over  all  my  right  and  interest  to  John  Howcott;  September 
18,  1715.    Test,  Robert  Holbrook. 

Wm.  Wilson,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Francis  Macklenden.  Power  of 
attorney  to  sell  350  acres  land  to  James  Wilkinson,  where  Mr.  Bush 
nov  lives;  September  15,  1715.    Test,  Wm.  Crawford,  Wm.  Wade. 

James  Wilkinson,  to  Wm.  Crawford.  Power  of  attorney  to  receive 
sale  of  350  acres  land  from  Wm.  Wilson,  and  wife  Ann;  September 
15.  1715.    Test,  Wm.  Wade,  Wm.  Willson. 

John  Marks,  to  Wm.  Woodley.  September  18,  1715.  105  acres 
land  in  Chowan  Precinct.    Test,  John  Smith,  Thos.  Luten,  Jr. 

James  Blount,  to  John  Blount,  Jr.  100  acres  adjoining  the  tract 
where  James  Blount  now  lives,  on  east  side  Poplar  Marsh ;  Septem- 
ber, 5,  1715.    Test,  John  Nairn,  Robert  Hicks. 

John  Bailey,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Henry  Clark.  Deed  of  gift  for  100 
acres  on  ye  road  from  ye  south  shore,  to  Morattock ;  April  15,  1715. 
Test,  Jeff.  Lilse,  Wm.  Metthew.     (Washington  County.) 

John  Baley,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Jeff.  Lyles.  Deed  of  gift.  100 
acres  out  of  the  tract  where  I  now  live;  19  August,  1715.  Test, 
Richard  Canady,  John  Worley.     (Washington  County.) 

Sarah  Sutton,  to  Elizabeth  Long,  widow,  said  Sutton  lawful  attor- 
ney of  Henry  Sutton.  100  acres  in  South  Lancaster,  on  east  side 
Georgfe  Leonard's  plantation;  September  19,  1715.  Test,  John 
Worley,  John  Nairn.     (Washington  County.) 

Edward  Smithwick,  Sr.,  to  Daniel  Smith.  Assignment  of  deed  for 
200  acres  patented  on  Kesiah  River;  no  date.    (Bertie  County.) 

Lewis  Williams,  and  wife— ^ — ,  to  Benjamin  Wood.  Assignment 
of  a  patent  for  360  acres  on  Catawaskey  Meadows;  September  17, 
1715.    Test,  Wm.  Mixon,  Richard  Barefield.  (Hertford  County.) 

George  Molbe,  and  wife  Katharine,  to  John  Hering,  of  Isle  of 
Wight  Co.,  Va.  Assignment  of  a  patent  for  360  acres;  September 
18, 1715.     Test,  Robt.  Holbrook,  Thomas  Luten,  Jr. 

John  Robertson,  to  Richard  Taylor.  50  acres  in  Rockyhock  Neck, 
called  Rich  Neck;  June  20,  1715.  Test,  Caleb  Stevens,  Rt.  Hicks. 

Jane  Gaskill,  late  wife  of  Robt.  Windley,  William,  and  Hannah 
Powers,  of  Pasquotank,  to  Nicholas  Crisp.  280  acres  in  Shaftesbury, 
or  Chowan  Precinct,  granted  by  patent  to  said  Windley,  29  March, 


1680.     Deed  dated  February  20, 1707-'8.    Test,  Will  Norris,  Joseph 

John  Brownill,  to  Capt.  Thomas  Lee.  460  acres  on  south  side  of 
Moratuck  River,  adjoining  William  Brady,  as  by  patent  dated  Jan- 
uary 19, 17l5-'6.  Deed  dated  March  15,  1715.  Test,  Nich  Bright- 
man,  Wm.  Fryley,  Edward  Moseley.    (Washington  County.) 

Edward  Howcott,  to  Edward  Moseley.  400  acres  on  North  side 
Chowan  River,  called  Red  Banks,  bought  of  Lewis  Bryan,  bounded 
east  by  land  of  Thomas  Bray;  January  17,  1715.  Test,  Robert 
Hicks,  Elizabeth  Swanh. 

Robert  Hicks,  to  James  Farlow.  237  acres,  assignment  of  patent 
on  Indian  Town  Creek ;  26  April,  1716.  Also  assignment  of  a  patent 
for  190  acres  on  main  branch  of  Rockyhock  Creek;  25  April,  1716. 

Edward  Moseley,  and  wife  Ann,  relict  of  Henderson  Walker,  to 
John  Lillington.  630  acres  on  Kendricks  Creek,  surveyed  4  June, 
1695.  Deed  dated  15  February,  1715.  Test,  James  Leigh,  Joseph 
Cherryholme,  Jr.,  Thomas  Carey.  Acknowledged  before  C.  Gale, 
Chief  Justice.    (Washinjjton  County.) 

John  Lillington,  to  Edward  Moseley.  630  acres  on  Kendricks 
Creek;  March  13th,  1713.  Same  witnesses  as  above.  (Washington 

Robert  Fendall,  to  Col.  Edward  Moseley.  Tract  of  land  whereon 
said  Moseley  now  liveth ;  678  acres,  bounded  south  by  Albemarle 
Sound,  west  by  land  formerly  Thos.  Guilliam's,  and  lately  Edward 
Smith  wick's,  east  by  land  lately  Thomas  Pollock's,  and  north  by  land 
recently  granted  said  Moseley;  August  15,  1708.  Test,  John  Lil- 
lington, Lawrence  Mague. 

Wm.  Charlton.    Presiding  at  Court  held  in  1708. 

Award  of  Nathaniel  Chevin,  and  Thos.  Boyd,  arbitrators,  in  suit 
inter  Edward  Smithwick  Compt,  and  Wm.  Duckinfield,  determine 
that  Wm.  Duckinfield  be  discharged  on  payment  of  £33  9s.  3d; 
Nov.  30, 1713. 

Edward  Smithwick  assigns  award  to  Jeremiah  Vail.  Received 
the  contents.    Jer.  Vail.    Still  due  £7  10s. 

John  Jones,  to  George  Bromley.  190  acres  on  N.  E.  shore  of  Cho- 
wan, in  ye  woodyards  as  by  patent  dated  30  August,  1714.  Deed 
dated  April  16,  1716.    Test,  Robert  Holbrook,  Thomas  Luten,  Jr. 

Edward  Smithwick,  to  Wm.  Charlton.  Power  of  attorney  to  ac- 
knowledge sale  of  200  acres  to  Wm.  Meazle;  April  12, 1716.  Test, 
Phil.  Ward. 

Edward  Smithwick,  to  William  Meazle.  200  acres  on  north  side 
of  Morattuck  River,  at  mouth  Opossum  Hill  Creek;  December  2, 
1714.    Test,  Henry  Speller,  Luke  Meazle,  William  Charlton. 

James  Williamson,  and  wife  Constance,  of  Perquimans,  to  James 
Ward.  200  acres  on  south  side  Yoppim  River;  February  16, 
1715-'6.    Test,  John  Falconer,  Hannah  Bourzous. 

Wm.  Fryley,  and  wife  Grace,  to  Benj.  Blount.  640  acres  on  Haw- 
kins Branch,  and  KendricksCreek ;  April  14.  1716.  Test,  Geo.  Hol- 
liday,  William  Mitchell.    (Washington  County.) 

?9a  North  Carolina  Historical 

James  Blount,  Sr.,  to  James  Blount,  Jr.  200  acres  on  Charles 
Creek,  being  the  upper  part  of  the  tract  where  the  said  James  Blount 
now  liveth. 

Wm.  Charlton,  to  Phil  Ward.  200  acres  on  north  side  of  Morat- 
tuck  River,  adjoining  upper  side  of  land  of  Luke  Meazle.  Decem- 
ber 19,  1714.    Test,  Stephen  Alden,  Luke  Mizell. 

William  Jones,  of  Pamplico,  to  my  friend  Capt.  Henry  Bonner. 
Power  of  attorney  to  settle  up  his  business;  December  27. 1714.  Test, 
Sam'l  Patchet,  Thomas  Jones. 

John  Watson,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Henry  Hill,  of  Nansemond  Co., 
Va.  140  acres  on  Deep  Run,  and  Chowan  River,  adjoining  lands 
of  Daniel  Halsey  and  James  Farlow;  April  17,  1716.  Test,  Nich. 
Stallings,  James  Farlow,  John  Hinton. 

Nicholas  Stallings,  and  wife  Ann,  of  Upper  P,  Nansemond  Co., 
Va.,  to  Joseph  Wright,  of  same  place.  One  moiety  of  50  acres  at 
the  head  of  Bennett^s  Creek,  part  of  a  patent  for  350  acres  granted  17 
April,  1692,  to  John  Odom,  and  by  him  sold  said  Stallings,  adjoin- 
ing Wm.  Rountree  and  John  Hinton;  April  12,  1716.  Test,  Jno. 
Riddick,  Joseph  Stallings,  Edward  Shew. 

John  Swain,  to  Thomas  Swain.  130  acres  at  the  head  o?  Thos. 
Hawkins'  land;  April  14, 1716.  Test,  John  Worley, Thomas  Long, 
Wm.  Fryley.     (Washington  County.) 

Nicholas  Stallings,  to  John  Hinton.  126  acres  south  side  Bennetts 
Creek;  April  17, 1716.     Test,  Henry  Hill,  John  Gordon. 

John  Howcott,  to  William  Doe.  Assignment  of  a  patent;  April 
17,  1716.    Test,  Robert  Hicks,  John  Nairne. 

Thomas  Stacey,  to  Henry  Cogwell.  75  acres,  binding  on  land  of 
Mary  Simons;  April  17,  1716.    Test,  James  Ward,  Patrick  Egerton. 

William  Duckiufield,  to  Thomas  West.  300  acres  on  S.  W.  side 
of  Chowan  River,  part  of  a  patent,  joining  Henry  King.  Test, 
William  Maule,  Benj.  Blount. 

Nicholas  Tiner,  to  John  Nairn.  General  power  of  attorney ;  Oc- 
tober 8,  1715.     Test,  Edward  Pagett,  Robert  Fenley,  Thomas  Kirk. 

Same,  to  David  Ambross.  150  acres  between  Rockyhock  Creek 
and  the  Indian  Road.     Test,  Wm.  Ashley,  Robt.  Hicks. 

Same,  to  same.  300  acres  west  side  of  Rockyhock  Creek,  part  of 
640  acres  given  me  by  ray  father  Nicholas  Tiner;  October  7,  1716. 
Test,  Edward  Pagett,  John  Nairne. 

John  Jones,  Jr.,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Edward  Cockrell.  2.^3  acres 
betwixt  Rockahock  and  Mattacomack  Creeks;  April  16,  1716.  Test, 
Wm.  Sadler,  John  Nairne. 

John  Jackson,  to  Nicholas  Ferrell.  100  acres  land  at. Ballard's 
Bridge;  April  17, 1716.     Test,  John  Holbrook,  Peter  Parker. 

John  Bentley,  to  Alexander  Smith.  November  16,  1711;  200 
acres  on  Yawpim  River,  adjoining  Francis  Petitt  and  Thomas 
Holmes.    Test,  Thomas  Horton,  F.  Smith. 

Thomas  Stacey,  to  Charles  Stacey.  Assignment  of  patent  for  52 
acres;  April  17,  1716.  Test,  Jno.  Falconer,  Wm.  Bonner.  (Drum- 
mond's  Point.) 

AND  Genealogical  Rbqister.  298 

William  Privitt,  to  John  Bennett,  Sr.  100  acres,  part  of  a  patent 
to  me,  dated  August  28 ;  August,  1714. 

Richard  Church,  and  wife  Jane,  to  Edward  Howard.  Power  of 
attorney  to  acknowledge  deed  to  90  acres,  where  I  now  live,  sold  to 
Peter  Parker.  Test,  John  Williams,  Wm.  Crawford,  John  Jordan. 

Richard  Taylor,  to  Caleb  Stephens.  Assignment  of  deed;  Febru- 
ary 11, 1715-'6.    Test,  Samuel  Woodward,  Robert  Hicks. 

Isaac  Zehenden,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Edward  Howcott.  Power  of 
attorney  to  acknowledge  deed  to  John  Champion,  of  Virginia,  for 
land  on  Stoping  Creek;  March  30,  1716.  Test,  John  Ward,  John 
Cake,  James  Fleming. 

William  Downing,  to  William  Sharpe.  Power  of  attorney  in  sale 
made  by  Macklenden ;  March  26,  1716.  Test,  John  Odom,  Alice 

William  Sharp,  to  Tredle  Keefe.  Power  of  attorney;  April  16, 

Robert  Hicks,  to  Moses  Foxworth.  Assignment  of  490  acres  on 
Indian  Town  Creek;  April  18,  1716.  Test,  John  Nairn,  James 

Dennis  Macklenden,  to  William  Downing.  400  acres  on  Wicacon 
Creek;  March  28,  1715.  Test,  William  Sharp, Thomas  Macklenden, 
Dennis  Macklenden. 

Above  assigned  to  Wm.  Sharp.     (Hertford  County.) 

John  Hawkins,  to  William  Ketor.  100  acres  on  north  side  of 
Cashoke  Creek,  part  of  my  patent  adjoining  Daniel  Smith  and  Mary 
Jones;  April  16,  1715.  Test,  John  Byrd,  John  Crombie.  (Bertie 

George  Fordyce,  to  Thomas  Horton.  All  the  land  called  for  by 
toy  patent  except  that  on  the  swamp,  next  to  the  sound,  which  my 
father,  George  Fordyce,  sold  to  Nicholas  Simons,  which  I  do  hereby 
give  to  Mary  Simons;  April  6,  1715.  Test,  Henry  Horton,  Rebecca 

Henry  Bonner,  to  Joseph  Jessop,  of  Perquimans.  200  acres  on 
Mattacomack  Creek,  bounded  by  lands  of  James  Blount  and  John 
Yelverton;  January  17,  1715-16.  Test,  Nicholas  Crisp,  Robert 

Thomas  Clark,  to  his  wife  Mary.  Power  of  attorney  to  collect 
money  due  me  in  Virginia;  April  31,  1716.  Test,  Joshua  Porter, 
John  J.  Bateman. 

Edward  Moseley,  to  John  Barrow,  Sr.,  of  Perquimans.  Assign- 
ment of  a  patent  for  800  acres;  July  5,  1714.  Test,  James  Barrow, 
Thomas  Cook. 

Benjamin  Blanchard,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.,  to  his  brother 
Ephraim  Blanchard.  176  acres  in  Meherrin  Neck;  July  31st,  1716. 
Test,  Thos.  Luten,  Thos.  Luten,  Jr 

Richard  Batchelder,  to  Wm.  Mitchell.  100  acres  lying  between 
land  of  John  Simons  (son  of  Argall)  and  John  Browning;  August 
Ist,  1716,    Test,  John  Garrett,  James  Smith. 

294  North  Carolina  Historical 

John  Davenport,  of  Scupernong  River,  to  Joseph  Spruell.  300 
acres  west  side  Scupernong  River,  adjoining  lands  of  Godfrey 
Spruell;  July  27, 1716.    Test,  Samuel  Spruell,  Wm.  Wilkinson. 

James  Blount,  and   wife  Catharine,  to .    30  July, 

1716.  200  acres  on  south  side  Chowan  River,  beginning  at  Wm. 
Maule's  corner,  running  to  the  head  of  Blount's  Spring  Branch,  part 
of  a  patent  to  said  Blount,  19th  January,  1715-16.  Test,  John 
Turner,  David  Atkins,  John  Robertson. 

Thomas  Rogers,  and  wife  Jean,  to  Richard  Sowell.  100  acres  on 
west  side  Chowan  River,  on  Chinkapin  Branch  ;  July  21, 1716.  Test, 
John  Howcott,  Charles  Gavin. 

John  Davis,  of  Bath,  to  James  Welsh's  daughter  Mary.  200  acres 
on  Slocumb's  Creek,  bounded  by  lands  of  Mrs.  Joannah  Peterson, 
William  Branch  and  Henry  Bonner. 

John  Falconer,  to  John  Showier.  52  acres  called  Drummond's 
Point.    Test,  Jno.  Falconer,  Francis  Smith. 

Richard  Batchelder,  to  Edward  Phelps.  50  acres  on  east  side 
Scuppernong  Road,  called  Rich  Neck;  20  January,  1716.  Test, 
James  Smith,  J.  Watkins.    (Tyrrell.) 

Jonathan  Bateman,  to  Richard  Whedbee,  of  Perquimans.  250 
acres  on  east  side  Scuppernong  River,  adjoining  manor  of  Anthony 
Alexander;  2d  August,  1716.  Test,  John  Williamson,  John  Jennett, 
William  Hale.     (Tyrrell  County.) 

William  Haughton,  to  John  Porter.  90  acres  land ;  April  8, 1715. 
Test,  Thomas  Carey,  John  Lillington,  John  Porter,  Joshua  Porter. 

Daniel  Halsey,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Thomas  West.  200  acres  called 
the  Log-house  tract,  formerly  William  Duckinfield's,  adjoining  Fran- 
cis Parrott;  July  29, 1716.     Test,  Thos.  Averit,  Christopher  Dudley. 

David  Jones,  to  Joseph  Frowel.  120  acres  on  Tindal  Swamp; 
July  31, 1716.    Test,  John  Scolley,  John  Nairn. 

Thomas  Hawkins,  of  South  Lancaster,  to  John  Falconer.  Power 
of  attorney  to  acknowledge  sale  of  land  to  James  Smith.  1 10  acres 
on  Albemarle  Sound.  Test,  George  Holliday,  John  Worley;  July 
21st,  1716.    Test,  Richard  Batchelder,  Thonias  Willey. 

Col.  Thomas  Cary,  of  Bath,  to  Edward  Moseley.  General  power 
of  attorney;  June  9,  1714.     Test,  Daniel  Guthrie,  Richard  Rose. 

Peter  Parker,  Sr.,  to  Richard  Williamson.  250  acres  on  west  side 
Chowan  River,  surveyed  for  Wm.  Pagett  July  3d,  1707,  and  assigned 
to  me  by  said  Pagett  18  March,  1709;  deed  dated  July  16,  1716. 
Test,  Richard  Sowell,  Thos.  Rogers. 

Richard  Lewis,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Henry  Lilse.  150  acres 
known  as  Barrowhole;  July  17th,  1716.    Test,  Daniel  Halsey. 

William  Jones,  and  wife  Rebecca,  to  David  Atkins.  Plantation  I 
bought  of  said  Atkins;  8  July,  1716.  Test,  John  Turner,  Thos. 

Henry  Jones,  to  William  Green.  Tract  of  land  at  Mount  Royal, 
north  side  Morattock  River;  300  acres  being  one-half  patent  to  said 
Jones,  dated  July  3d,  1713;  deed  dated  16  July,  1716.  Test,  Thos. 
Avent,  John  Nairne. 


Matthew  Sturdevant,  to  John  Nairn.  Power  of  attorney.  1  j  ,     .^-i^ 

Sarah  Sturdevant,  to  Robert  Hicks.  Power  of  attorney,  j    ^  y> 

Matthew  Sturdevant,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  John  Green.  640  acres 
on  Morattuck  River;  July  17, 1716. 

Grant,  to  Major  Robert  West,  for  500  acres  on  the  north  side  Albe- 
marle Sound,  adjoining  Sandy  Point.     April  24,  1716. 

Maj.  Robert  West,  and  wife  Mary  (Harvey),  to  Thomas  Luten. 
Assignment  of  above  patent;  July  17th,  1716.  Test,  James  William- 

Orlondo  Champion,  to  Mary  West  and  Thomas  West.  Power  of 
attorney  to  acknowledge  sale  of  land  known  as  Piper's  Old  Field. 

Henry  Bonner,  to  William  Bonner.  100  acres  on  Mattacomack 
Creek;  17  April,  1716. 

John  Molton,  to  Thomas  Vincent.  200  acres  on  Meherrin  Creek, 
adjoining  land  of  John  Corsby;  July  19, 1716.  Test,  John  Keeton, 
John  Dickinson,  Wm.  Brasswell. 

Robert  Douglas,  and  wife  Ann,  to  Arthur  Carleton.  Tract  of 
land  ;  February  15,  1716.     Test,  James  Ward,  James  Williamson. 

Matthew  Capps,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  James  Andrews.  Assign- 
ment deed ;  July  12,  1716.     Test,  Wm.  Brasswell,  Edward  Howard, 

Francis  Beasley,  to  Wm.  Haughton.  250  acres,  part  of  400  acres 
formerly  laid  out  for  Wm.  Charlton,  near  Yeopim,now  in  possession 
of  my  tenant,  Anthony  Charlton;  also  140  acres  adjoining  thereto; 
January  3d,  1715-'6.    Test,  Lawrence  Sarson,  Edward  Mosely. 

John  Molton,  Sr.,  to  John  Johnakin.  100  acres  on  S.  W.  side 
Meherrin  Creek;  April  17,  1716.     Test,  John  Crosby,  Robert  Hicks. 

Nath^  Averit,  to  my  son-in-law,  Thomas  Harrison.  212  acres  at 
the  head  of  Coneby  Creek;  April  23d,  1716.  Test,  Zack  Jurkin, 
John  Nairne. 

Thomas  Kirby,  Sr.,  to  Henry  Wheeler.  125  acres,  part  of  1,200 
acres  on  the  south  side  Meherrin  River,  patented  by  said  Kirby  9 
June,  1712-3,  lying  on  Turkey  Creek.  Test,  Richard  Washington, 
Richard  Home.    (Hertford  County.) 

Thomas  Kirby,  Sr.,  and  wife  Esther,  appoint  their  son  Thomas 
Kirby,  their  attorney  to  acknowledge  above  deed ;  July  14, 1716. 

Thomas  Kirby,  Sr.,  and  wife  Esther,  to  Richard  Home.  120  acres, 
part  of  same  patent  sold  to  Henry  Wheeler  5  November,  1714; 
July  17,  1716.    Test,  Jane  Hoby,  John  Nairne. 

Henry  Wheeler,  to  Richard  Washington.  950  acres  as  by  patent, 
dated  6  May,  1709,  south  side  Meherrin  River;  10  July,  1715.  Test, 
Wm*.  Bryant,  John  Nairne. 

Henry  Bonner,  to  James  Blount.  100  acres  at  Mattacomack 
Creek,  adjoining  James  Blount  and  Joseph  Jessop^s  land;  July  6, 
1716.    Test,  John  Nairne. 

.  Thomas  Avent,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Jacob  Coleson.  270  acres 
at  Mount  Royal,  on  Morattuck  River;  July  16, 1716.  Test,  Richard 
Moore,  John  Nairne. 

Same,  to  Robert  Green.  370  acres  at  Mount  Royal,  on  Morattuck 
River,  patented  29  July,  1712;  deed  dated  July  16, 1716. 

296  NoBTH  Carolina  Historical 

Same,  to  Richard  Moore,  of  Nottoway  River.  200  acres  on  Morat- 
tuck  River;  July  16,  1716.     Test,  Henry  Jones,  John  Nairne. 

Same,  to  same.  240  acres  on  the  north  side  of  Morattuck  River; 
July  17,  1716.     Test,  Robert  Green,  John  Nairne. 

Isaac  Zehenden,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Thomas  Burkett.  100  acres 
on  east  side  Katharine  Creek,  known  by  the  name  of  Old  Town ; 
March  27th,  1716.  Test,  Wm.  Thompson,  Robert  Rountree.  Wit- 
ness to  his  power  of  attorney  to  John  Ward,  Edward  Howcott  and 
John  Cake. 

Receipt  of  Arden  Carleton,  to  Thomas  Braye.  In  full  settlement; 
Mch.  23,  1715-'8.     Test,  Samuel  Woodward,  John  Thackeray. 

Edward  Smithwiek,  and  wife  Jane,  to  Jeremiah  Vail.  560  acres 
land  patented  by  Thomas  Guilliam,  17  Apl,  1697.  Deed  dated 
July  2,  1709.    Test,  Thomas  Garrett,  Sr.,  James  Beasley. 

Samuel  Wentworth.  and  John  Webster,  of  Hampton,  Mariners, 
to  Robert  Calf.  Power  of  attorney  to  collect  money  due  them  in 
Currytuck,  N.  C,  or  Virginia,  either  lately  contracted  or  in  the  term 
of  Joseph  Chase,  having  purchased  his  interest,  as  per  Currytuck 
records;  September  11,  1714.  Test,  Joseph  Glover,  John  Robertson, 
John  Goram. 

Received  of  Robert  Calf  by  Jeremiah  Vail,  201£  due  above  firm ; 
Oct.  23,  1716.     Test,  Edward  Moseley. 

John  Davis,  of  Bath,  to  Thomas  Hoskins.  200  acres  adjoining 
land  of  Edward  Standing;  Augt.  3,  1716.  Test,  Joseph  Glaister, 
John  Falconer. 

James  Gee,  of  Surry  Co.,  Va.,  to  Wm.  Bridges,  of  Isle  of  Wight 
Co.  Va.  640  acres  on  north  side  Meherrin  River;  Sept.  15,  1716. 
Test,  James  Gee,  John  Nairne.  Also  patent  granted  to  Charles  Gee, 
heired  by  me  for  him. 

John  Bently,  to  Constance  Luten.  Power  of  atty  to  acknowledge 
sale  of  land,  dated  23  Sept.,  1710,  to  Thomas  Clark.  Test,  Constance 

John  Falconer.  225  acres  on  N.  west  side  Morattuck  River,  pur- 
chased of  Wm.  Moody;  Oct.  23,  1710.  Test,  James  Citizen,  Thomas 

Henry  Bonner,  to  Thomas  Newbury.  100  acres  on  the  north  side 
of  the  River,  on  the  head  line  of  Mr.  James  Blount,  Sr. 

Samuel  Edmunds,  and  wife  Mary,  to  John  Edwards.  300  acres 
west  side  Turkey  Swamp,  part  of  patent  for  640  acres  on  Kesiah 
River;  Apl.  16,  1716     Test,  William  Jones,  Charles  Barber. 

Charles  Barber,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  John  Edwards.  80  acres 
west  side  Turkey  Creek,  part  of  patent  for  640  acres;  Apl.  17,  1716. 
Test,  Samuel  Edwards,  Wm.  Jones. 

John  Williams,  to  his  daughter  Ann  Hearin,  and  her  heirs  150 
acres  on  which  she  now  liveth,  adjoining  Thomas  Jones,  to  be  for- 
feited, if  she  shall  attempt  in  any  way  to  sell,  or  mortgage  it;  Nov. 
15,  1716.     Test,  Thomas  Brown, 'John  Edwards. 

Solomon  Jordan,  to  William    Nutshell.     400  acres  at  mouth  of 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  297 

Kendrick's  Creek ;  Oct  30, 1716.  Test,  John  Nairne,  Robert  Hicks. 
{Washington  County.) 

James  Hooper,  of  South  Shore,  to  James  Hawkins.  100  acres  at 
South  Lancaster,  patent  granted  to  me  16  Jany.,  1715;  deed  dated 
Nov.  1,  1716.  Test,  George  HoUiday,  John  Edwards,  Thomas 

Ephraim  Blanchard,  and  wife  Isabella,  to  Thomas  Fletcher.  30 
acres  as  by  my  Patent  dated  19  Nov.,  1711,  on  Watry  Swamp;  Oct. 
20,  1716.     Test,  Robert  Hicks,  Richard  Frank. 

John  Marks,  and  wife  Maru^aret.  to  David  Lee.  153  acres  com- 
monly called  the  Wallowing  Root,  bounded  as  the  survey  of  the  said 
land  directs;  Oct  8, 1711.    Test,  Thomas  Luten,  Jr.,  Wm.  Fallaugh. 

David  Lee,  to  Wm.  Fallaugh.  50  acres,  part  of  above  tract  at  the 
west  end ;  Oct.  28,  1716.     Test,  Thos.  Luten,  Jr.,  Daniel  Donnovan. 

Robt  White,  to  Capt.  Henderson  Walker.  Tract  of  land  on  NE 
side  Chowan  River,  adjoining  upon  tract  of  said  Walker,  and  tract 
of  John  Davis,  on  the  north ;  Feby.  9,  1692-3.  Test,  Peter  Gray, 
Richard  Ashwerle,  Stephen  Manwaring. 

Luke  Mizell,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  George  Clark,  of  Perquimans. 
550  acres  on  south  side  Rockyhock  Creek.  No  date.  Test,  Henry 

Nath'l  Moore.  Power  of  attorney  to  Wm.  Charlton,  to  acknowl- 
edge deed  dated  Oct.  13,  1716. 

Nath4  Everitt,  to  Thomas  Lee.  450  acres  between  Coneby  Creek 
and  Morattuck  River,  at  White  Mash  a  landing  on  Coneby  Creek, 
belonging  to  Edward  Moseley,  formerly  belonging  to  John  Baley, 
and  by  him  devised  to  his  wife  Mary,  and  by  her  and  her  husband 
conveyed  to  me;  Jany  10, 1716-7.  Test,  John  Adderly,  Thos. 
nell,  Zach  Gerkin. 

Thomas  Blount,  eldest  son  of  Capt.  Thomas  Blount,  dec'd,  by 
Mary  his  wife,  late  the  wife  of  Joseph  Scott,  of  Perquimans  Precinct, 
N.  C ,  to  Thomas  Lee.  340  acres  on  the  east  side  mouth  of  Ken- 
drick's  Creek,  where  my  father  lived  and  by  him  bequeathed  to  the 
disposal  of  my  mother,  who  by  her  last  will  and  T.  gave  same  to  me, 
in  pursuance  of  the  will  of  my  father;  Jany  24, 1716-7.  Test,  Lyo- 
nel  Reading,  John  Chevier. 

Thomas  Darling,  to  Capt.  Thomas  Lee.  Tract  of  land  on  south 
side  Morattuck  River,  belonging  to  John  Walker,  who  at  his  death 
bequeathed  same  to  his  wife  Elizabeth,  and  her  heirs ;  Dec.  31, 1716. 
Test,  Wm.  Mitchell,  Jervis  Coleman,  John  Edwards. 

Thomas  Lee,  and  wife  Mary,  relict  of  John  Baley,  dec'd,  to  Nath^ 
Eyerett.  450  acres  between  Coneby  Creek  and  Morattoke  River, 
also  640  acres  lying  on  Coneby  Creek,  adjoining  White  Marsh,  be- 
longing to  Edward  Moseley,  both  tracts  were  in  the  possession  of 
John  Bailejr,  late  husband  of  my  wife  Mary;  Jany  9,  1716-7.  Test, 
Zach  Gerkin,  ThomasDarnelle,  John  Adderly. 

Christopher  Gale,  to  Frederick  Jones,  Edward  Moseley,  John  Por- 
ter, John  Drinkwater,  my  living  wife  Sarah,  my  brother   Edmund 

298  North  Carolina  Historical 

Gale.  Power  of  attorney;  Mch.  19,  1716.  Test,  Robert  Hicks,. 
Thomas  Croker. 

Thomas  Bray,  to  Samuel  Omein,  and  John  Wyer.  Assignment 
of  a  Patent ;  20  June,  1716.    Test,  John  Wade,  Henry  Lilsle. 

David  Jones,  to  Thomas  Yeates.  Tract  of  land  on  N.  E.  shore  of 
Chowan  River,  adjoining  lands  of  said  Jones,  and  his  brother 
Thomas,  on  Tindal  Swamp,  also  lands  of  John  Patsteit.  145  acres ; 
Mch.  26, 1717.     Test,  Jno.  Were,  Richard  Frank. 

Thomas  Garrett,  Sr.,  and  wife  Bethiah,  to  Walter  Draughan.  160 
acres  on  south  side  Katharine  Creek,  adjoining  lands  Michael  Brink- 
ley;  8  Jany.  1716.  Test,  Thos.  Garrett,  Jr.,  James  Flemii  g,  Thos. 
Round  tree. 

Wm.  West,  to  Christopher  Vantusen.  Assignment  of  a  Patent  for 
640  acres  on  Coshoak  Creek;  Jany.  1st,  1715-'6.  Test,  Fred  Roger^ 
John  Hayes. 

Wm.  Frost,  to  James  Frost,  ye  son  of  Jean  Burt,  alias  Frost.  Plan- 
tation on  ye  south  side  of  Kesiah  River,  joining  upon  widow  Asia 
Smith's  land  and  land  where  I  dwell.  100  acres;  April  15,  1717. 
Test,  Wm.  Lattimore,  John  Bently. 

Richard  Rose,  to  Col.  Thomas  Pollock;  Oct.  7,  1716.  930  acres 
on  S.  W.  side  Morattic  River,  two  patents,  one  for  63  acres  divided 
by  land  of  Col.  Pollock,  called  Bald  Grey,  binding  easterly  a  line 
dividing  it  from  the  other  tract  of  Rich'd  Rose  of  300  acres.  Test, 
Thomas  West,  Jonathan  Ridings,  James  Tignon. 

John  Hawkins,  to  Richard  Rose.  Assignment  of  a  Patent  for 
300  acres  on  Kesiah  River;  July  14,  1716-7. 

Wm.  Foulk,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.,  to  John,  ye  son  of  Wm. 
Rawls,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.  200  acres  on  north  side  Catawasky 
Meadows;  Jany.  5.  1716.  Test,  John  Home,  Thos.  Jonagen,  Rich- 
ard Taylor 

Same,  to  John  Holmes,  of  Nansemond  Co.,  Va.  200  acres  on  north 
side  Catawasky  Pocosin;  5th  Jany.,  1716.  Test,  John  Rales,  John 
Jonegan,  Richard  Taylor. 

Same,  to  John  Junagan,  all  of  same  place.  200  acres  north  side 
Catawatsky  Meadows;  5th  Jany.,  1716.  Test,  John  Home,  Wm* 
Holmes,  RVl  Taylor. 

Same,  to  Henry  Jornegan,  all  of  same  place.  100  acres  on  Cata- 
watsky Pocosin;  July  14,  1716.  Test, 'ihomas  Jernegan,  Jno.  Jer- 
negan,  R'd  Taylor. 

Same,  fo  Thomas  Jernegan,  of  same  place;  5th  Jany.,  1717.  Tract 
of  land  on  Catawatsky  Meadowns.  Test,  Jno.  Holmes,  William 
Holmes,  R'd  Taylor. 

Same,  to  Edward  Holmes,  Jr.,  of  same  place.  100  acres  on  Cata- 
watsky Pocosin;  Jany.  5,  1716.  Test,  Jno.  Jernigan,  Richard  Tay- 
lor, John  Rales. 

Richard  Rose,  and  wife  Elizabeth,  to  Jonathan  Standley ;  July  16, 
1716.    200  acres  on  Kesiah  River.   Test,  Thomas  West,  John  Nairne. 

Katharine  Molby,  to  John  Cook  and  Elizabeth  Harlshorne;  ApL 

AND  Gbnsalogical  Rboister.  299 

Ist,  1717.  All  my  personal  property.  Test,  John  Grombie,  Wm. 

William  Swinson,  to  bis  wife  Mary.  Lot  of  stock  bougbt  of  Benj. 
Blount,  and  otbers;  April  10, 1716.  Test,  G.  Holliday,  Jno.  Wor- 

William  Fallow,  to  William  Bonner.  Assignment  of  land  called 
Wallowing  Root,  bougbt  of  Dina  Lee;  Feby.  21st.  1716.  Test,  Rob- 
ert Hicks,  John  Howcott. 

Mary  Flemans,  to  Robt.  Hicks.  Power  of  attorney  to  convey  land 
to  James  Bird.  200  acres  sold  by  my  husband,  James  Flemans; 
Apl.  19,  1717.    Test,  Walter  Draugban,  Francis  Pridgeon. 

Jonathan  Lewis,  to  Robert  Patterson,  and  Edward  Moore.  540 
acres  S.  W.  side  Meherrin  River;  Jany.  16, 1716-17.  Test,  J.  Tur- 
ner,  Robert  Hicks,  Jcthn  Nairne. 

William  Duckinfield,  to  Jonathan  Jacocks.  485  acres  adjoining 
Lawrence  Sarson,  near  Black  Walnut  Point,  and  on  Bachelor's  Bay, 
adjoining  lands  of  Col.  Maule,  and  running  to  Black  Walnut  Swamp; 
Augt.  1st,  1717.    Test,  Edward  Moseley,  John  Connfer,  Thos.  Bray. 

Thos.  Darnell,  to  Edward  Moseley.  400  acres  on  Kendricks 
Creek,  adjoining  lands  said  Moseley,  and  lately  John  Walker's. 
Jany.  9, 1716.     Test,  Robert  Hicks,  Thomas  Cook. 

Thos.  Garrett,  Sr.,  to  Riclfard  Berry  man.  350  acres  on  Warwick 
Swamp;  May  30, 1717.     Test,  Thomas  Garrett,  Jr.,  Michael  Ward. 

Richard  Berryman,  to  John  Rice.  100  acres  bought  of  Thos.  Gar- 
rett, Sr.;  July  1*6,  1717.    Test,  Daniel  Halsey,  Henry  Hill. 

Henry  Wheeler,  to  Arthur  Williams;  Jany.  13, 1717.  120  acres 
sold  me  by  Thos.  Kirby;  Jany.  13, 1717.  Test,  John  Nairne,  Rich- 
ard Washington. 

Richard  Washington,  to  Arthur  Williams.  100  acres,  part  of  a 
Patent  for  550  acres  I  bought  of  Henry  Wheeler,  on  south  side  Me- 
herrin River;  Apl.  26,  1717.  Test,  Henry  Wheeler,  Jno.  Williams, 
John  Bay  boys. 

Same,  to  John  Bailey.  300  acres,  part  of  above  grant;  July  22d, 
1717.    Test,  Henry  Wheeler,  Jno.  Williams,  Elizabeth  Williams. 

Same,  to  Lawrence  Hoby.  220  acres,  part  of  tract  bought  of 
Henry  Wheeler;  July  1,  1717.     Test,  Arthur  Williams,  John  Nairn. 

William  BraswelK  and  wife  Mary,  to  Henry  Wheeler.  640  acres 
patented  4th  Mch.,  1711,  on  a  Cyprus  swamp,  on  Morattock  River; 
27th  June,  1715     Test,  Matthew  Capps,  Joseph  Rawlson. 

Henry  Wheeler,  to  Thomas  Kirby.  150  acres,  part  of  above  tract; 
June  3d,  1716.     Test,  Jno.  Dickinson,  Richard  Washington. 

John  Whitemarch,  to  Wm.  Bonner.  One  Indian  Boy;  June  3d, 
1716.    Test,  Richard  Colbros,  Robert  Hicks. 

William  Bush,  to  Dennis  Macklendon.  Tract  of  land  N.  W.  side 
Wicacon  Creek;  July  16,  1717.    Test,  James  Beverley,  John  Nairn. 

Mary  Bush,  daughter-in-law  of  William  Bush. 

John  Milton,  to  Daniel  McDaniel.  200  acres  adjoining  lands  of 
John  Crosby,  and  Thomas  Vincent;  July  17,  1717.  Test,  Robt. 
Hicks,  William  Braswell. 

800  North  Carolina  Historical 

Daniel  McD  miel  assigns  above  tract  to  Thomas  Browu 

John  Jordan,  of  Eastern  Parish,  of  Chowau  County,  to  my  be- 
loved son,  and  daughter,  John  Evans  and  wife  Jean.  50  acres  ad- 
joining lands  of  Samuel  Pagett  on  Ducking  Stool  Branch;  July  15, 
1717.     Test,  John  Dawson,  John  Jordan,  Jr. 

Gerrard  Lynch,  and  wife  Katharine,  relict  of  Henry  King,  and 
John  King,  Guardian  of  Michael  King,  agreement;  Apl.  4, 1717. 
Test,  Thos.  Boyd,  Edward  Moseley. 

Thomas  West,  to  John  Hardy.  370  acres  on  Salmon  Creek,  ad- 
joining said  Hardy's  land  ;  May  6,  1717.  Tast,  Richard  Rise,  Louis 

Thomas  Browne,  to  Thomas  Browne.  185  acres  adjoining  land 
of  Daniel  McDaniel,  and  others;  July  16,  1717.  Test,  Beoj.  Fore- 
man, Isaac  Hill,  Richd.  Washington. 

Luke  Mezle,to  Timothy  Tiuelove.  Assignment  deed  for  550  acres 
called  Hawtree  landing;  July  16,1717.  Test,  Jno.  Falconer,  Wm. 

Vines  Cropley,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  William  Stewart.  50  acres,  be- 
ing the  head  part  of  tract,  whereon  we  now  live;  May  2d,  1717. 
Test,  Wm.  Harrison,  John  Harrison. 

Thos.  Bray,  to  Robt.  Evans.  178  acres  where  Richard  Hayes  now 
lives;  Dec.  27,  1716.    Test,  Richard  Hayes,  Wm.  Sharpe. 

John  Early,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Dennis  Macklenden.  150  acres  on 
Wicacon  Creek;  July  13,  1717.  Tesf,  Wm.  Crawford,  Francis 

William  Bush,  and  wife  Mary,  to  Andrew  Stevenson.  272  acres 
adjoining  lands  of  Wm.  Hooker.  Test,  Richard  Williford,  Peter 
Parker,  Jr. 

William  Brasswell,  to  John  Dickinson.  Assignment  of  Patent  for 
640  apcres  on  north  side  Catawatsky  Meadows;  14  June,  1717.  Test, 
Wm.  Brasswell,  Wm.  Collings. 

James  Wilkinson,  and  wife  Sarah,  to  Thomas  Macklenden.  250 
acres  in  Chowan  Precinct;  13  July,  1717.  Test,  John  Smith,  Wm. 

John  Smith,  to  John  Ware.  Assignment  of  a  Patent  for  250  acres 
adjoining  land  of  Andrew  Salsbury;  July  17,  1717.  Test,  John 
Deir,  .John  Nairoe. 

Thomas  Spivey,  and  wife  Mary,  to  James  Griffin.  200  acres  land 
on  north  side  Catharine  Creek,  called  Meherrin  Neck  ;  July  15,  1717. 
Test,  Abram  Spivey,  Thos.  Rountree. 

Benjamin  Foreman,  Sr.,  to  Matthew  Solear.  50  acres  adjoining 
lands  of  Robert  Sharer;  July  15,  1717.  Test,  John  Deir,  Wm. 

Same,  to  John  Blackburn.  100  acres  adjoining  lands  of  Robt. 
Sharer;  July  15,  1717.     Test,  John  Daw,  James  Smith. 

Francis  Brown,  to  Edward  David.  Part  of  my  tract  of  land  on 
Wicacon  Creek  and  Chinkapin  Creek;  9  July,  1717.  Test,  John 
Bush,  Francis  Macklenden,  John  Dickinson. 

AND  Gbnbaloqical  Registbr.  301 


Letters  of  administration  granted  to  Francis  Whealer  upon  the 
estate  of  Mark  Whealer  at  Court  held  in  Bath  County,  without  date. 

Court  was  held  at  the  house  of  Wm.  Barrow  in  Bath  County,  July, 

Hon.  Robert  Daniel,  Landgrave,  Lieut.  General  and  Vice  Admiral 
and  Deputy  Governor,  1704. 

Commission  to  Thomas  Pollock  as  a  Deputy  in  the  Province  North 
and  East  of  Cape  Fear;  no  date. 

Rent  Roll  of  Land  in  Albemarle  County.    Names  of  parties  and 
their  residence,  without  date,  but  prior  to  1700:  William  Wilkinson, 
south  shore  Chowan,  500  acres;  Samuel  Bundy^  Pascotauk,  110  acres;  / 
John  Jone-q,  Chowan,  200  acres;  Thomas  Hfliryey.  Perquimans,  631  / 
acresT^^njamLa-Lalwr,  Perquimans,  538  acres;  Alex    Lillin^Lou,  ^ 
Yawpim,  Perquimans,  640  acres;  do.,  on  Indyan  Creek,  Perquimans, 
640  acres;  Caleb  Calloway,  on  Yawpim   Creek,  Perqs.,  250  acres; 
John  Bar  row,  on  do.,  300;  John  Gqsbv,  son  of  Hannah  Gosby,  Sut- 
ton's Creek,  Perqs.,  300  acres ;_SaraKjQQaby,  daughter  of  Hannah, 
Sutton's  Creek,  Perqs.,  200  acres;  Thomas  Simons,  Little  River,  Pas- 
co tank,  200  acres;  same,  same  place,  96  acres;  Jese  Simons,  Little 
River,  Pascotank,  150  do.;  Jane  Charles,  Yawpim  Creek,  287 ;  do., 
Thomas  Lepper,  Yawpim  Creek7^470  acres;  John  Wyatt,  Yawpim 
Creek,  288  acres;  Timothy  Cleare, Perquimans  KiverTJT?  do. ;  Peter  ' 
Grey,  Perquimans "^iver,  200^acres;  Edward^SmitJLosdck  Mattaco- 
coack   Creek,  Chowan,  200  acres;  Jonathan^7Jl>Qfls,   Mattacomack  i 
Creek,  Chowan,  350  acres;  William  Jac¥son^on  Little  River,  Pasco., 
234  acres;  Humphrey  Boglton,  l^wVegun  Creek,  Pascotank,  250 
acres;  Thos.Madn£j  Newbegun  Creek,  Pascotank,  150  acres;  Wil- 
liam  Bundy,  Pascotank,  130  acres;  Caleb  Bundy,  Pascotank,  175   // 
acres;  ^JoEn  Snilmaa,  Perquinians,  350~acres ; Tloger  Snell,  in  Per- 
quimans, 250  acres;  Ri>,bert  HerDoan,  Yawpim  Cree^,  92   acres; 
Thpi]ja£Pi£i:ce,  Perquimans,  300  acres";  John  Chesson,  Perquimans,  ^ 
300acresT]^bert_Beagley,  Perquimans  River,  :^^2  acres;  .WilHam 
Lurry,  PerquimansTfiver,  250  acres;  Richard  Cheston,  Perquimans 
River,  200  acres;  Charles  MacdanieK  Perqufmans  River,  143  acres; 
Jane  Bayard,  Perquimans  River,  366  acres;  Patrick  Canaday,  Per- 
quimans River,  210  acres;  Richard.  Fox,.  Peiquimans  River,  200  / 
anvoa-  ^arr\0^  ^nrgn n ,  VnflfiPa  Creek,  Pcrouimans,  300  acres ;  John 
Whitby,  Perquimans,  230  acres;  Robert  Beasley,  Perquimans,  218/ 
tf^res;  feamuel  Nicholson.  Perquimans,  300  acres;  William  B'>gue,  i 
Perquimans  River  200  acres;  J^mes  Loadman,  Perquimans  River, 
143  acres;  Albert  Alburtson.  Perquimans,  290  acres;  Isaac  Wilson^  • 

302  North  Carolina  Historical 

Perquimans,  490  acres;  IJayiiLSherwpod,  Perquimans,  350  acres; 
Ralph  Fletcher,  Perquimans  River,  370  acres;  JenkinjyjJHams,  do., 
317  acres;  George  SuUon, do.,  99  acres;  Lawrence  Gonsalvo,  do.  560 

•/ acres ;  Edwar3.jSmithwick,  Chowan,  350  acres ;  John  Feudally Per- 
quimans'TRiver,  640  acres;  WiUiflnu^artlift,  LittleTliver,  Perqs., 
150  acres;  John  Northcoat,  do.,  116  acres;  John  Tomling.  Jjr.,  Per- 
quimans, 30(racrS7^WUlXajiiJ!Qml^  Little  River.  288  do.;  Wil- 
liam Wilkinson,  Chowan,  412  acres  (Sandy  Point);  Smithwick  War- 

1  burtqn,  Mattacomack  Creek,  Chowan,  300  acres;  jofin'Husjon,  Lit- 
He  River,  Perquimans,  524  acres ;  Richjtrd-^w^JL,  Little  River,  Per- 

\  quimans,  400  acres;  Charles  Taylor^  do.,  132  acres;  Morgan  Thnmfls, 

)  do.,  Pasquotank,  250  acres;  John_P^rce,  Perquimans,  300  acres; 

I  Niohnlfts  SimonSj^Chowan,  360  acrSa;  TEomas^  otacey,  Chowan,  100 

n  acres;  John^Foster,.Yawpim, in  Chowan, 200  acres;  Leonard  Lofiin, 

do.,  I20"acrer;  GeorggJDear,  Chowan,  124  acres;  Vines  Cropesley, 

1  Chowan,  400  acres  (Greenfield);  GeorgePiercy,  Chowan,  T87acrS; 
Argylfi_SijQ5ons,  Yawpim  River,  Chowan,  400  acres;  Ann  Simons, 
aughter  of  WTatthew,  Chowan,  124  acres;  Edward  Smith wick«  Mat- 
tacomack  Creek,  Chowan,  380  acres;  John  Hawlfiins^  Portabunk 
Creek,  Pascotank,  350  acres;  William  CoUjns,  Areniise  Creek,  Pas- 
cotank,  500  acres;  He_nry  Keeton,  Newbe^un  Creek,  Pascotank,  200 
^)  acres;  Henrj^endleton^  do.,  300  acres;  Jon,  and  Amos  Trueblood^ 
Arenuse  Oreek,  in  Pascotank,  600  acres;  Cnah  Cannon  .and  Johji 
Sysbop*  Pascotank,  350  acres;  Wjlliam  Jennings  and  Thomas  John- 

*  son,  Aranuse  Creek,  Pasco.,  600  acres;  John  Pricklove,  Perquimans 

*  River,  400  acres;  Jonatha]:i_Phelps^  Pefqiiimans  River,  310  acres; 
I  Augustine  Sciyrborough,  Pascotank  River,  327  acres;  William  Tem- 
'  plefT^ascotauk  River,  191  acres;  William  Jackson,  Little  River, 

rasco.,  312  acres;  £:ft.bext  Wallis,  Pasco.,  400  acres;  James-JidviSi^ 
do.,  160  acres ;  Rt^lhfiS.Kelly^  Pasco  tank,  360  acres;  Robert  Lowry, 
do.,  260  acres;  William  Man,  Little  River,  Perquimans,  120  acres; 
William  Turner,' Little  River,  Perquimans,  310 ;  Thomas  Tweedy, 
^a;"30D^acres ;  Richard  Cragg,  Pascotank,  500  acres;  Patrick  B^iyTe^ 
Pascotank,  221  acres;  Saml  I)avis  do.,  95  acres;  Richard   Rooks, 

f  I  Deep  Creek,  Perquimans,  150  acres ;  WiJUaui  JSodfrey  do.,  350  acrea ; 
John  Davis,  Pascotank,  150  acres ;  Jno.  Godfrey,  Perquimans,  320 
acres ;  William  Stewart,  Perquimans,  238  acres ;  Jos.  Commander, 
Deep  Creek.  Perquimans,  100  acres;  Capt.  John  Hunt,  Little  River, 
Pascotank,  450  acres;  Elizabeth  Coals,  Newbegun  Creek,  Pasco.,  150 

^  acres;  Edward  Wilson. do.,  250  acres;  John  We^,  Pascotank,  600 
acres;  John  Belman,  Sound,  in  Pascotank,  280  acres ;  Geo.  Fordyce 
Sound,  in  Chowan,  244  acres;  Thos.  Towers,  Pascotank,  160  acres; 

.  Isaac  and  Francis  Delamare,  Pascotank,  125  acres;  Albert  Albert- 
son,  Jr.,  Deep  Creek,  Perquimans,  300  acres;  Stephen  Scott, Pasco- 
tank, 300  acres ;  John  Burnsby,  Jr.,  Flatty  Creek,  Pasco.,  200  acres; 
Peter  Force,  do.,  194  acres;  Cornelius  Lurry,  Perquimans,  150  acres; 
John  Arnold,  Little  River,  Perquimans,  150  acres;  John  TiUmhro— 
sief,  Fhitty  Creek,  Pasco.,  400  acres ;  Ann   and   Elizabeth  ^Waller, 

AND  Genealogical  Register.  303 

Perquimans,  350  acres;  Richard  Stamp,  Flatty  Creek,  Pasco.,  200 
acres ;  Thomas  Millei*,  Pasco.,  640 acres ;  Benjamin  West,  Flatty  Creek, 
Pasco.,  400  acres;  Anthony  Markham,  Flatty  Creek,  Pasco.,  190 
acres;  do..  Little  River,  Pasco.,  560  acres;  Isaac  Rawden,  Pascotank, 
230  acres;  John  Belman,  Pascotank,  314  acres;  Robert,  Thomas 
and  John  West,  Little  River,  Pascotank,  200  acres ;  same.  Flatty 
Creek,  Pasco.,  250;  John  Cooke,  Yawpim,  Perquimans,  300  acres; 
Thomas  Man  waring,  Perquimans,  640  acres;  Francis  Tomes, 
do.,  640  acres;  Francis  Wells,  Chowan,  200  acres;  Wil- 
liam Charlton,  Chowan,  240  acres;  Edward  Holmes,  Per- 
quimans, 450  acres;  Thomas  Pendleton,  Pascotank,  350  acres; 
Richard  Pope,  Pascotank,  314  acres;  Henry  Palin,  Jr.,  Pascotiank, 
334  acres;  do.,  139  acres;  Thomas  Barcock,  Pascotank,  400  acres; 
Stephen  Scott,  S.  W.  Side  Pascotank  River,  274  acres;  Richard 
Madrew,  Pascotank,  150  acres;  John  Hawkins, Pascotank,  252 acres; 
Wm.  Jennings,  Pascotank,  450  acres;  Thomas  Sawyer,  Pascotank, 
450  acres;  do.,  200  acres;  Daniel  Johnson,  Little  River,  Pascotank, 
240  acres;  Richard  Woolerd,  Yawpim,  Perquimans,  300  acres; 
Lawrence  Hunt,  Perquimans,  200  acres;  John  Willough by,  Per- 
quimans, 192  acres ;  James  Gadd,  Pascotank,  200  acres;  William 
Windberry,  Pascotank,  250  acres;  Henry' Sawyer,  do,  190  acres; 
Thomas  Cartright,  do.,  640  acres;  Phillip  Evans,  do,  127  acres; 
Thomas  Stanton,  do.,  424  acres;  Thomas  Speight,  son  and  heir  of 
Capt.  William  Speight.  Perquimans,  320  acres;  Thomas  Speight, 
Chowan, 210  acres;  John  Jones,  Pascotank,  318  acres;  Robert  Tay- 
lor, Pascotank,  640  acres;  Rowland  Berkley,  Pasquotank, 350 acres; 
Francis  Hendrick,  do.,  206  acres ;  John  Upton,  do ,  191  acres;  John 
Mason,  do.,  176  aicres ;  Cornelius  Jones,  do.,  300  acres;  William  Ra- 
mon, do.,  450  acres;  John  and  Robert  Sawyer,  do.,  400  acres;  Wil- 
liam Bray,  do.,  350  acres;  John  Belman,  do.,  198;  David  Pritchard, 
do.,  640  acres ;  George  Harris,  do.,  624  acres ;  Ralph  Garnett,  do.,  250 
acres;  David  Pritchard,  Jr.,  do.,  155  acres;  Col.  Thomas  Pollock, 
Chowan,  640  acres ;  do.,  640  acres ;  Thomas  James,  Pasquotank,  200 
acres;  John  Hopkins,  Yawpim,  300  acres;  do.,  Indyan  Creek,  Per- 
quimans, 300  acres;  Jno.  Porter,  Jr.,  Chowan,  470  acres;  John  Por- 
ter Chowan,  298  acres;  Patrick  Bayley,  Pascotank,  329  acres; 
Thomas  Jones,  Pasquotank,  230  acres;  Sarah  Sherwood,  do.,  250 
acres ;  Henry  White,  do.,  100  acres ;  George  Dear,  Batts  Grave,  27 
acres;  Geo.  Matthews,  Perquimans,  200  acres ;  James  Thigpen,  do., 
330  acres ;  William  Jackson,  Sr.,  Pasquotank,  114  acres ;  John  Tom- 
ling,  Sr,  do.,  534  acres;  James  Fisher,  Yawpim  Creek,  225  acres; 
John  Stepney,  do.,  293  acres ;  Hon.  Thos.  Harvey,  Perquimans,  30U 
acres;  Charles  O'Neal,  Flatty  Creek,  Pasquotank,  500  acres  ;  Thomas 
Luten,  Chowan,  226  acres;  Thos.  Gilliam,  Chowan,  560  acres;  Ed- 
ward Smith  wick,  do.,  270  acres;  William  Walston,  do.,  22i  acres; 
Cotton  Robinson,  Chowan,  300  acres;  do.,  500  acres;  John  King, 
Chowan,  324  acres ;  do.,  150  acres;  Thomas  Garrett,  Chowan,  500 
acres;    James  Blount,  Chowan,  200  acres;  Johanah   Taylor,  Per- 

304  North  Carolina  Historical 

quimans,  164  acres;  Benj.  Laker,  do.,  187  acres;  Wm.  Mowbray^ 
Pasquotank, '200  acres;  James  Hibbius  and  wife  Eliuor.  Yawpim 
River  284  acres;  Johu  Odum,  Chowan,  350  acres;  Henderson 
Walker,  Chowan,  428  acres;  do.,  Escheated  land,  250  acres;  Lewis 
Williams,  Chowan,  650  acres;  do.,  400  acres;  John  Blount, Chowan,